that's a really cute idea tho

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So your art is amazing. I love the way you use colour, it's just really soft and nice and I probably sound really weird. Could I ask for some Hinanami, and happy Hinanami at that. I don't find many people who actually ship this pair so finding your blog is like I've struck gold. So yeah, cute Hinanami who are smiling and being precious together. If that's not too much trouble.

Do you want Hinanami? I’ll give you Hinanami! :’D
I’m running out ideas tho… 

nghhh I would like to draw more, but at this date I’m super busy with college ;>;
I’ll do all the request, but It will take me longer than before… 

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In a few weeks I'm taking my girlfriend to broa broa and I want to pop the question ask her to marry me but I don't know how to plan this out because I'm really bad things and I'm also nervous as hell. she's my first love and been together for 4 years so I think it's the right time so I don't want to mess this proposal up. Any proposal ideas?

Omg thats so cute i can’t! I wish you all the best tho! But sorry, i don’t know any, i would search somewhere on youtube or etc and combine different elements into smth unique :) 

Maybe our followers can offer smth?

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I am in huge jojo mood from hell u got any hella fics man ?¿ 🌚👀


im gonna give u my fav gyjos since i kno ur into that ?? 

there is weight.” is one of my favorite gyjo fics !! ive read it like 5 times at this point and its jsut . good shit its a good long fic a good solid ~20k. and just so good and cute and jsut so good 

speaking of there is weight, i really love the fics in the “some weird, messy, boring MODERN SBR AU” series by heylins !! the writer is wonderful and their works are wonderful, especially this series !! there is weight is part of it, everything is wonderful . would def recommend

ANOTHER FAVORITE OF MINE IS DEFINITELY “Eight Day Week (Jojo Spotting)” !!!! it’s this ADORABLE one shot thats around ~31k and its jsut v cute and all the joestars are there (its gyjo centric tho) and jsut ahhh its one of my favorites 

Deez Nuts” isn’t exactly gyjo but i dont care its all i could want or need . 

RIDE” is a super interesting fic!! its only got 2 chapters so far but its also at 16-17k so each chapter has a lot of content in it! i rly rly like the ideas and set up and everything so far tho like a+ prime gyjo right there

one of these mornings” is a really really nice 2 part series! It has a mix of gyjo and (primarily past) diejo in it so ?? idk if ur not into diejo then proceed w/ caution but over all i thought it was very nice (also kudos 2 the writer for the music i love the songs they referenced in the titles) 

it’s italian, you fucking idiot” is a blessing of a smut fanfic. 

01:53″ OK THIs is actually a mainly giomis fic w/ gyjo on the side but its also everything i live for in a fanfiction like . ohhh my god so good. a++. another favorite

Fibonacci Sequence” is another favorite of mine! i really love the writing style for it  

Gyro and Johnny - High School Fuckboys” is a blessing of a 3-part highschool au god bless its soul 

some other gyjo fics to scope (all are one-shots/one chapter); 

Dazed and Confused
I’m Not Scared” 
147 Years

  • Boyfriend watches Avatar for the first time.
  • Boyfriend: *Just finished watching'The Cave' episode*
  • Boyfriend: Well, they didn't kiss. But we should.
  • Me: I disagree; they TOTALLY kissed!
  • Me: Like, why else did the cave light up? Why do you think Aang wanted to talk afterwards?
  • Me: It's so obvious, I mean who's side are you on?
  • Boyfriend: ....
  • Me: ...
  • Me: I mean, yeah we could, uh, we could kiss. Sure. I see what you did... that, yeah, that's cute...

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When Yes Man and the Courier go on cute dinner dates (even tho yes man doesn't eat, he enjoys the idea), the Courier makes a big fuss to the waiters about making room for him to be at their table, and Yes Man's just like "NO NO IT'S FINE THIS IS OKAY" but he actually really appreciates it and they have their cute date with all the waiters sitting around grumbling about it IDK

oh my god i love it thats so cute!! 

so romantic [heart emojis]

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What if (for the BatB au) both Dipper and Mabel were cute little inventors? They're both pretty inventive in the show (Dipper with the shrink ray and Mabel with the boombox/light up sweaters she makes) and that's one of the main reasons why they're outcasts from the town?

ahh, I really like that idea!! And McGucket totally encourages their inventiveness!! i bet he’s helped them with their own personal projects and helped them learn and study so they can make more and more inventions on their own.

honestly tho, i imagine they’re less outcasts because they build stuff, and more outcasts because they build things that occasionally wreck the town every so often (which McGucket still totally encourages lmao)