that's a real kiss

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Yoongi:</b> *stands underneath the mistletoe ready for his mission*<p/><b>BTS comes in one by one:</b> <p/><b>NJ:</b> "I brought pie though I don't know if-"<p/><b>Yg:</b> *pulls him inside making Namjoon loose his footing* "Jin hyung is in the kitchen!"<p/><b>Jk:</b> "Hey hyung merry christ-"<p/><b>Yg:</b> "Move out of the way!"<p/><b>Jm:</b> "Hyung! I love the decor! Let me tell you about-"<p/><b>Yg:</b> "Ugh not interested, keep walking.."<p/><b>Tae:</b> "Hyung.."<p/><b>Yg:</b> "No fucking way."<p/><b>Tae:</b> "I lost to those two again.. can you please at least help me with the presents I can't feel my arms-"<p/><b>Yg:</b> *gasps because he hears Hoseok down the hallway* "MOVE!!" *shoves Tae inside harshly*<p/><b>Hs:</b> *is about to walk in*<p/><b>Yg:</b> *composes himself and finally stands underneath* "Seok-ah,"<p/><b>Hs:</b> "Hyung! Merry Christmas!"<p/><b>Yg:</b> "Yeah yeah, finally... Look up Seokkie."<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

When Hannibal and Will finally kiss in season 4 (because they will, there’s no other reasonable option for them) it better be a kiss worth 3 seasons of built up sexual tension. There better be hair pulling and blood running down their chins because teeth are knocking into lips and splitting skin, they better be knocking stuff off of the nearest surface and pushing each other down, maybe throw a vase on the floor for dramatic effect.

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re: caleb's insta (1) adam buying caleb expensive gifts is my aesthetic #neurosurgeons4parents, (2) i feel like if they had canonical appearanceds/face-actors, caleb's social media would have 1000% more gross couple pictures, which (3) would lead to even more confusion on the part of the football team because "michaels w the Rage thing is posting so many pics of him kissing his bf's cheeks????" and also"yo wasnt that kid peak emo 2 mins ago y is michaels' snap story 14 vids of him w dog filter"

You are 10000000% right. I feel called out right now. Caleb feels called out. Adam feels called out. This is so real. 


I fell in love with @kiraiki ’s Guardian’s of the Moon and Sun AU and had to do my own version of it. I’m weak for my otp in space. Naruto: The Prince of the Sun and Sasuke: The Prince(ss) of the Moon


When you write SO beautifully that your professor(s) don’t have to correct anything in your compositions (grammar: perf…vocabulary: perf….👑😉)…and they give you the highest grade of the class: A 10/10 💋

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โ You're a virgin, aren't you??? I can tell. โž He could tell.

               virgin—– was such a term meant to oppress this sublime villain beneath the rubble of self-loathing?? how OUTRAGEOUS , an unmistakable premise for laughter!! though the fact behind these matters still remained , that even an ultimate shinobi like sonic possessed his … faults. namely , for being a perfectly healthy young man who has yet to hunt for ’ common ’ achievements irrelevant from murder or illegal sabotage .

               a frenzied blink , comically urgent. then another. the horrific realization occured to sonic in a flurry of mental pyrotechnics , trembling fingers releasing their kunai with an unnerved clatter. ❛ .  .  .Y-YOU FUCKER , TELL ANYONE THAT I’M A VIRGIN AT TWENTY-FIVE AND I’LL GOUGE YOUR FUCKING EYEBALLS OUT!! BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY , DON’T DARE MISUNDERSTAND—– I CAN STOP BEING A VIRGIN WHENEVER THE HELL I WANT !!  

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i followed for the megaman stuff but stayed for the cute art style and a+++ ocs, keep up the good work fam

Aw thank you! Golly x Thats real sweet. Thank you x *big hug and a big kiss!*

Have you ever kissed someone that you truly care for and completely let it all in? I mean like the adrenalin, the increased heart rate, the butterflies. You know, that vulnerable felling. You open your whole heart to them and you can actually feel yourself falling for them. You know when you’re kissing this person that they ultimately have the power to break your heart but you don’t even care because in the moment it’s pure bliss. You can physically feel yourself falling in love.

  • Sylvie: Hi... I am a good girl.
  • Antonio: ( looks confused ) okay?!
  • Sylvie: I say my prayers every night. I give a dollar to a homeless guy.
  • Antonio: That's very generous.
  • Sylvie: I didn't kiss a guy for real until I was 17.
  • Antonio: That's one lucky guy!
  • Sylvie: And Sex... ( gets interrupted )
  • Antonio: Waiting until you get married!?
  • Sylvie: ( opens coat to reveal underwear ) No, no chance in hell!
  • Antonio: Wow!! ( drops beer bottle )
  • TJLC: oh hey we have all this subtextual proof of johnlock what do you have???
  • Sherlolly: um??? a montage of them saying sherlolly isn't real... BUT THEY KISSED AND THAT'S ALL THAT MATTERS!!!!
  • TJLC: yeah... they kissed... in the montage that said sherlolly wasn't real
  • Sherlolly: but they never showed johnlock
  • TJLC: exactly! the montage was only showing things that weren't real
  • Sherlolly: *grumbling in the corner*