that's a real couple

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re: caleb's insta (1) adam buying caleb expensive gifts is my aesthetic #neurosurgeons4parents, (2) i feel like if they had canonical appearanceds/face-actors, caleb's social media would have 1000% more gross couple pictures, which (3) would lead to even more confusion on the part of the football team because "michaels w the Rage thing is posting so many pics of him kissing his bf's cheeks????" and also"yo wasnt that kid peak emo 2 mins ago y is michaels' snap story 14 vids of him w dog filter"

You are 10000000% right. I feel called out right now. Caleb feels called out. Adam feels called out. This is so real. 

i fail to understand how refusing to ship real people because you find it creepy and controlling meshes with also finding it totally ok to drag on celebs real relationships like you know better than them, ye who have never met them and will never know them. Those two things don’t mesh. If you find one creepy and controlling, the other is too. 

All I want is to sit on the porch talking with my lady wearing my big ass sweater and some boy shorts while smoking a fat ass joint when it’s raining

The doctor told me at my appointment today that I should have a hospital bag packed “just in case.” Pretty sure the face I gave her was less than impressed…

im glad my generation is realizing that if youre not happy with someone, then you leave them

fuck staying together because thats “real love” and “real couples have problems” yeah every relationship hits a slump but sometimes its time to certain shit to end

theres no use in trying to ride a dead relationship (OR an abusive one!!!)