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Comic N-006: “Undertale Stresses Me Out Because this  Is the First Time I’ve Questioned Why the Heckle a Character Wasn’t a Mailman pt1.”

My favorite thing about this comic is that I used a “Man talking to child” picture as reference for that last panel. 

(This whole blog is about experimenting and practice. So I wanted to focus on “no background” and “words” on this comic. My little sister is super cool and did Papyrus’s words here. She’s the best)

Hey @mywaay I love your Road to El Dorado AU

  • Shin: How do you think about things!? How does thinking even WORK? It's like... Wizardry. Straight up magic is what thinking is.

The rough sketch and flatcolors I did for my Michalis drawing! I just wanted to post this because you can’t see the hands as well in the final version lmao. And holy crap am I proud of those hands. I usually suck at hands pfft

you know that thing in harry potter where jkr writes out all the accents and it’s super annoying? and one of the accents she writes out is the french one, when the people from beauxbatons speak? in french harry potter they haven’t been doing that at all, which has been particularly nice for reading hagrid’s dialogue.

but the beauxbatons people have just arrived… they’re writing out the accent?? I don’t understand?? you’re speaking french, why would you have an accent in french that’s MORE french than the other people speaking french? it’s either that or you’re actually speaking english, in which case how would the phonetics of french words be altered? but there have been french puns? WHAT IS HAPPENING.

Episode 61, part 2: everything’s gone wrong for the Dark Magicians!

While Pandora is indulging himself with his recital of his backstory, let’s find out what’s happening in the world outside of the Murderdome.

Anzu and Grandpa - having seen Yami vanish impossibly in a circus tent - are literally running around the city hoping to just, like, bump into him or something. The thought that he might be inside a building does not seem to have occurred to them. I guess they don’t know that Kaiba can track the Duel Disks because that would have been a way smarter move. 


Kaiba should be able to track the Duel Disks, but the signal from Yami’s DD is being blocked (Kaiba guesses correctly he’s in a basement) and the Rare Hunters have set up the duel system in the card game shop basement to work without registering an official duel on Kaiba’s system.

But no one uses Seto Kaiba’s systems unofficially without risking the wrath of his army of gynoids. 

The set-up in the murder-basement still has to access KaibaCorp information to run the Duel Disks, so even if it’s not reporting its information, it’s still connected to the system and Kaiba finds it. He doesn’t bother going and looking himself, though, he lets Mokuba do it.

Anzu and Grandpa happen to run into Mokuba (technically, Mokuba runs up to them) and they breathlessly explain their problem as they should have gone and done an episode and a half ago…

Only to receive a lesson in just how thoroughly the Kaibas have their shit together.

“Oh. Well. Okay then! That part where we stopped you and told you our story did nothing but delay all of us. On we go!”

So Mokuba, Anzu and Grandpa are on their way.

Meanwhile, back in the illegal death-match duel, things aren’t going so well for Plum Magician. (Yami’s purple Dark Magician is Plum Magician and Pandora’s red one is Burgundy Magician, btw, if you’re one of those odd people that reads only the second half of one of my two-parters.)

His face is the perfect embodiment of “ugh”.

It’s a card that keeps Plum Magician prisoner so he can’t attack or defend, leaving Yami open for attack.

That’s some dark shit. Mahaad is NOT OKAY WITH THIS.

Of course Yami is too busy worrying about Dark Magician to worry about himself.


And Dark Magician is the one more worried about Yami.


God they’re just so ridiculously protective of each other, it’s beautiful.

Yami takes a Black Magic Attack right to the face, which equalises the Life Point totals; both Yami and Pandora have 1500 LP left.

Yami summons Big Shield Gardna (Gardener? Guarder?) so Pandora can’t hit him directly again, so Pandora uses an alternative strategy and this is where they lose me. He plays a Magic Card where you sacrifice a Monster (it’s sent to the Graveyard) and you get to attack the other player directly with half that Monster’s attack points. And apparently this is just NOT OKAY. 

… Um? 


Yes he is willing to do that? It’s an oft-necessary game mechanic? You yourself summoned Plum Magician earlier this duel by sacrificing two Monsters to the Graveyard? You sacrifice Monsters all the damn time? It’s this whole perfectly normal thing? The Monsters don’t literally die, and their souls definitely don’t, like, go anywhere? 

Burgundy Magician starts getting angsty about it too.

He already “died” twice! He was discarded to the Graveyard, and he was sent on a suicide attack against Plum Magician, but apparently THIS time is too far! He can’t bear the thought of being sent to the Graveyard for what he imagines will be the last ten seconds of the duel. 

This is supposed to show how ~evil~ and ~callous~ he is, but … yes. Yes it is okay. They are cards. They “die”, sometimes repeatedly, in basically every duel. It is a very fundamental part of the game. They have not explained why the Ectoplasm-sacrifice is evil, but sacrificing Monsters to summon other Monsters or using them as bait when you know they’ll be destroyed is not evil.

Anyway Pandora’s summoned a second monster, so he uses that first, Ectoplasming violently at Yami.


And then he Ectoplasms Burgundy Magician and fires it at Yami. And before the dramatic twist, look at Yami:

That’s when the shot is fired and he realises he has nothing to defend himself with.

And this is how he faces his defeat and imminent death. He’s so BRAVE. Now, granted, I’m sure we’re thirty seconds away from a major breakdown as he’s overwhelmed with guilt for getting Yugi’s body dismembered and I would hate to see the fallout if Yugi actually died, but still.

Luckily, we don’t have to, because Monsters do have souls and the soul of a very protective and pissed-off priest is in the only Monster left on the field.

Who dramatically self-immolates to sacrifice himself and save his Pharaoh.

We assume the Blue Ectoplasm Formerly Known As Burgundy Magician is moving really quite slowly (because he’s annoyed with Pandora?) because Yami and Plum Magician react, Plum Magician spontaneously combusts, Pandora gets a “What? This Cannot Be!” line aloud, Yami reacts, and the Yellow Ectoplasm Formerly Known As Plum Magician gets across to Yami in the time it takes Blue Ectoplasm Formerly Known As Burgundy Magician to cross the ring.

To further seal (pun intended) our loyaltyshipping vibes this duel, Yami is just so fucking touched he can’t even form a full sentence.


And he glows with the shining beams of a man whose card-boyfriend has just sacrificed himself as he determines with renewed vigour to take down Pandora!


                  What do you call a Glaive travelling by air?
                                                       Snyx on a plane.

he’s purroud to be an ameowican


“Lamp Shade”

All puns aside, though I love both of these characters, I have a feeling they (or at least my versions of them) wouldn’t quite enjoy each other’s company–hence, this drawing! Plus, it was an excuse to keep drawing nerds in this style.

Art © @ticktocktimepiece 2016

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all aboard the train of bad decisions

au where sans is agender asexual, and papyrus is nonbinary aroace, thats why.

the pun results are disastrous.