that's a perfect nose


I can’t believe he gave those kids alcohol (alas… yes I can) but more importantly I can’t believe Asano missed a great Macbeth opportunity

(insp; No. 6 Beyond, Chapter 4) (fujoshis don’t interact)

Lito and Hernando have what has to be the most well written relationship I’ve seen.

They know exactly why they love each other. They look at each other and smile because they know what happened for everything to click into place, for them to fall in love. They look at each other and see warmth, and a living, breathing home, and they see art, and hernando’s ceviche that isn’t really a ceviche, it’s a mix of sorts, and there’s Lito’s nose thats just the perfect size to kiss.

That’s what Lito’s talking about when he says that line. In Hernando, he saw desire and love becoming one.