that's a nice post you have there

  • x: hey how r u feeling today
  • every nct 127 member except winwin: winwin's korean has improved a lot im so proud
  • x: have u eaten already
  • every nct 127 member except winwin: don't you think winwin's korean is really good?
  • x: look at the weather it's so nice
  • every nct 127 member except winwin: ok but what about
  • every nct 127 member except winwin: WINWIN'S KOREAN

it’s that time again. time for me to remind everyone that destiel exists and is canon and u can wear a t-shirt that proclaims it. i ship ‘em super fast. 

$20 with shipping


please reblog this if any of the following things apply to you/your blog, for i would like to follow you and most likely be your friend, thank you have a nice day

• disabilities
-especially eds and pots
• any positive posts or encouragement
• personal posts
• aesthetics (nature or otherwise)
• actresses/fandoms
• support blogs

thats all i can think of but definitely reblog if you are a spoonie, im not following nearly enough people!!!

justannplease  asked:

Hey, I just followed you couple of days ago (from Robin, as you would have guessed), and I just wanted to say that you seem like a really cool person :) And with a good sense of humor too. So keep it up <3

Oh gosh thank you! thats really nice of you to say! :D  hope you enjoy whatever garbage and shenanigans I post here c:


The blue and red thing was unintentional

AAAH you people have such nice Oc’s, it kills me that I can’t draw ALL of them!  A couple of starry headshots, here be Dreadwings owned by princeturts and Sunset owned by dilettante-vigilante.

Thank you everyone for the wonderful (40+!) requests, for now I am Done taking requests.  I will be drawing a few others over the next few weeks, but please, no more.  (I’m not a machine okay)

5sos & The Rolling Stone


So what happened?

5sos dropped this very nice cover of the Rolling Stone magazine on us 

People were very confused because some people said it was fake, however, someone made the connection of the words on Ashtons neck to match the words on the cover:

 giving us enough evidence that it is real, not to mention that the article has been posted on the official Rolling stone page. (x)

Why is everyone so mad?
While the cover was very nice, the contents inside werent. Here are screenshots of reasons why people are upset(i stopped underlining because it was taking to long, its not in order also.)

Has anyone said anything?

Luke deleted his tweeted.

So thats all for now! Message me if you have any questions or comments.


Newt MARRIES Tina so she’s going to be a part of his life indefinitely. It is inevitable that when you search for Newt Scamander that you will stunble across the beautiful Porpentina as well. May as well accept it and go along with your day.


Dont like Newtina? Thats fine. You may not be aware of this little nougat but you possess this amazingly magical ability to SCROLL RIGHT THE FUCK PAST a Newtina post without leaving some negative comment just to show us all you are a bit of a dick.

Have a nice day! 🤗


INTP: *Playing Pokemon Go*

ISTJ: What’s going on?

INTP: I tried to catch it, but I think the app crashed, and now it’s not here anymore.

INTJ: That’s because it’s spending too much energy stealing your personal information to sell to other countries.

INTP: Well, I wish it would hurry up, so I can catch this Weedle.

ISTJ: Oh my god.

I'm trash for...

…this poisoned!Red plot they have coming down the line. I’m basically just scrolling back through the Lizzington tag and reading all those great theories and blurbs and fanfic stuff you wonderful people have posted. I’m so desperate for Liz to care about what happens to Red. 😭

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I hate anon hate so much.

If I could sacrifice all of my followers.

Everything I have done on here. All my posts. Everything, and it meant no one had to suffer anon hate ever again, I would.

I have 14,515 followers at the time of writing this, so thats 14,515 who would be saved from pointless, needless, ridiculous, cowardly hate right?

I know I can’t do that, so instead, each of you go and send anon love to one of your followers. Tell them they look nice, tell them you appreciate them, tell them they’re loved or just say hope they had a nice down.

Down the fuckery out with kindness.

Oosh out
Thank you for existing

  • teacher: yall have to learn to draw realistic human anatomy
  • me: ok
  • teacher: with realistic proportions
  • me: nice
  • teacher: and learn to draw the human skelleton
  • me: p useful
  • teacher: and the structure of the muscles
  • me: thats gon be fun
  • teacher: also you gotta memorize the names of every single bone and every single muscle tissue there exists
  • me: i.. wh a t

i genuinely cannot believe i’m saying this, but i’m super close to 1000 followers, so i wanted to do something nice for y’all! and since my broke ass can’t do a traditional giveaway, i’m gonna write a fic for one of you cuties hell yeah


  • you gotta be following me, since this is a thank you to all you lovely people that put up with me on your dash after all
  • reblog this post so more people have the chance to enter pretty please
  • that’s literally it
  • it helps if you have an idea for a fic though tbh


  • a follow back if we aren’t already mutuals because friends are cool
  • probably a shoutout or something because i’m extra as hell and love all of you a lot
  • a fic of your choice! (see below)


  • literally any pairing except shardo (i just don’t get it so if i tried to write it i would fail miserably sorry fam)
  • i’m the best at writing kent probably so like if you want him in it that’s a plus, but i’ll write any characters you want yay
  • no irl hockey boys please i adore them but i don’t wanna go there
  • you can choose any au you can think of except for alpha/omega or steampunk
  • if you want smut i will give you smut but i am not the best at it also it has to be consensual, much like real life thanks
  • yeah that’s pretty much it i’ll do whatever the fuck you want
  • oh and it’ll be a oneshot probably, at least 2k, but depending on the prompt you give me it may end up way longer than that 
  • who knows? not me. maybe you do

okay have at it kids i’ll choose a winner randomly a week from now, on january 6 at 12am utc. till then, good luck!! you can find my writing here to see if this is even something you want, and if you have any questions hmu x

[Ina/InaGO Tag Game] So I just thought this would be fun

Also it’d be nice to know how many of us are still here. So I made a lil tag game.

- Heya what’s your name:

- Favorite character:

- Favorite arc:

- OTP:

- BroTP:

- Any ships that everyone ships but you surprisingly don’t (please remember the little // in the ship names so it won’t show up in the tags):

- Favorite hissatsu:

- What about combination hissatsu:

- Favorite Keishin:

- Favorite Mixi-max (I bet you were expecting this):

- Favorite Soul (you’re right I don’t have any excuses for this):

- Favorite forward (LOL THERE’S MORE):

- Favorite mid-fielder (I know this is getting old okay):

- Favorite defender (Almost done…):

- Favorite goalkeeper (Not my fault there are so many positions):

- Favorite manager/girl player (actually, all girls in general):

- Favorite team:

- Favorite team uniform:

- Which movie is the best:

- Prettiest character: 

- Most handsome: 

- Best hairstyle:

- Do you think it takes more hairgel to style Tenma’s, Alpha’s, or Tobitaka’s hair:

- Whose hair takes the most time to manage:

- Who would you most want to see with their hair down (sorry for all the hair-relatedness) :

- That OP/ED that keeps replaying over and over again in your mind:

- That character song that is way too catchy for its own good:

- Raimon or Teikoku:

- Ultimate Shining or Ancient Dark:

- IE or IE GO:

- Taiyou or Taiyou (hint: The answer is Taiyou):

- Fubuki post-personality-disorder or merged:

- Hang out with Rika or Touko:

- Yank Tsurugi’s ponytail or Fei’s:

- Kageyama Tobio Reiji or Kuroiwa Ryuusei:

- Quick! Kiss Cliff Marry. Shindou, Kariya, Kinako:

- Which is more amazing, the fact that the ball doesn’t pop or the goal doesn’t get torn through:

- Why don’t they ever get yellow/red cards?????:

- Eat a soda popsicle with Suzuno or plant a tulip with Nagumo:

- Be a forward with a defense technique or a defender with a shooting technique:

- Who do you think Endou should really end up with:

- Yes or No, Afuro Terumi:

- Sacca yarouze?:

- Anything you wanna praise the series for:

- Anything you wanna complain about the series (don’t worry we all know it’s not real hate here) :

- Got any IE merch (yes I’m offering you bragging rights):

- What do you think about Ares no Tenbin:

- 3 things you love about the IE fandom:

- 1 thing you would like to say to the IE community (fandom,producers,etc.):

- What do you think about the creator of this whole post (I know. I’m lame. I’m sorry.) :

and just so you know I’m tagging every single one of you reading this post. (So please someone tag me before I pathetically and awkwardly do it anyway and pretend that I have friends…)

I think the best thing I’ve ever encountered in DA2 is the fight dialogue (which is dicks that they didn’t keep with that in DA:I but that’s for another time) 

because first you have Anders

like thats really sweet and he’s nice to everyone else even Fenris 

but then you have 

like wow anders way to be a total dickhole did u even check his PULSE

ok but then there's Fenris and o boy if this broody lil boy doesn’t have some of the best things to say about everyone 

well ok hes cute with hawke 

but then do anyone else (except isabela)

wow a+ assholery fenris

he sounds bored

but of course then theres PRECIOUS MERRILL

and if you’ve romanced her she tugs at your heartstrings with her beautiful lil fingers 

and then the rest of the party she just 

but of course she has to have an extra one for varric

i just love hawke’s companions so much s o much

So how long have certain stans been derisively calling Daisy ‘flower’ (post identity reveal) instead of her actual name out of spite? Is that a thing that’s actually happening? Am I just coming in super late to this development? Ever since ‘Self Control’ I’ve just noticed an influx of fuckery in the tags under my Daisy gifsets. I can see those, you know…  Honestly, it’s been so quiet and pleasant in my notifications this season, I’ve been lulled into a false sense of security! It was nice while it lasted, I guess. 

The most recent puzzling tag:  #i usually don’t bother with anything that involves flower but

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I guess my question is, why the hell not? I mean, I’m almost positive I know the answer, but why?

i’m mostly back on track with things school / life-wise and i’d like to get some new threads going on, as i’m dropping mostly really old threads for a fresh start, so like this post for a starter. no cap for now, though i might be selective.

as a reminder to those who don’t know zero: he’s not very nice, so if you don’t want him to possibly be mean to your muse then it’s best not to like this ad!

roseshrimp replied to your post “Do you have one of Griffin shoving a griffin amiibo into his mouth? As…”

the mcelroy appreciation discord???

oh yeah! im one of the mods and thats where this whole idea originated! If youre interested, we have a short application to keep out spammers and the like!

(application link)