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Your nice but of snark beneath Emma's picture in the finale review was fun... but also kind of true. OUAT has been on a steadily downward curve for some time and plummeted in the last few seasons, that's a given. Many people blame it on the ships; I blame it on the overly convoluted plots that strangled the characters, which were the main focus in S1. Ships got so much focus because that simply was what they could focus the characters on with the little time that was left. Any thoughts on that?

I think OUAT’s One Big Problem is that they can’t stick the landings on their character arcs because they’re trying to smoosh everybody together into one plot. The show routinely shoves its characters aside to try and create “suspense” through people frantically looking for Random Magical Doodads right up until the finales– but we’re not here for the Dollar Store Glitterpalooza Extras, we’re here for the characters. The doodads only matter as a pretext for getting our faves to have some sort of emotional change and interact with others; it’s the character’s emotional payoff we’re after, and it’s that payoff that the show has trouble executing during the finales and that’s led to the show’s creative downfall.

The Doodad Dilemma ™ first appeared in early S2, where the first third of the show was everyone in FTL running around after a series of Lucky Charms side-quests (magic beans! wardrobe dust! magic compasses! squid ink! hearts! etc.). But of course nobody gives a shit about “sparkly dirt,” as Hook so eloquently put it– we only care about the subsequent Hook vs. Cora subplot; we don’t care about a compass, we only care about how Mulan is willing to fight her friends to save Aurora.

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What did the compass do again? (No, don’t tell me.)

At its best, the show uses these magical props as a device to link the FTL flashbacks and modern-day Storybrooke scenes together, while showing how the characters are changing. For instance, in S2 “The Queen is Dead,” the Death-swapsies Candle was symbolic for Young!Snow’s innocence, the Mills vs. Snow family vendetta through multiple generations, and how Modern!Snow failed the moral test that her younger self passed. When Modern!Snow picked up the candle in Gold’s shop I let out a little gasp because I was shocked Snow was going to whack Cora by proxy. The candle by itself is nothing– how it symbolized Snow’s dark side is what’s important.

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Holy shit, you guys

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Question to you- How would we be able to make a good and LASTING impression on them? Like everyone is so funny and cool and if I ever meet them ill be like "yes. i watch your video sometime" "Oh! that's nice! Do you want a picture?" "yes i like you. yes you are both yesses."

honestly? a lasting impression would be breaking your nose on phil’s collarbone 

fuck google honestly,,,, you type in “_____ reference” for literally any body part to draw and it pulls up 5000 photos of the same boring mayonnaise models with the same body types with the same eye shape and color pulling the same poses where is the D I V E R S I T Y 

I actually had energy today!! ✨⭐

22. accomplished

Title: accomplished

Pairing: Lee Taemin/Reader

Summary: Her biggest accomplishment was getting to know him.

Request: A scenario in which you’re a new SM trainee and dancer.

Note: This picture isn’t mine, the credits go to owners and also, this scenario was requested by @hotterthanhotmail

You felt accomplished of many things in life; even more so when you become an adult. For example, if you just moved in all alone to your new apartment, even the simplest of things were a new discovery. That’s something that happened to her. The first time she cooked a meal that wasn’t instant noodles, she almost felt like tearing up; or that one time that she paid the bills without giggling like a little girl –or crying, in the case that she hadn’t earned much that month-. The transition between being a teenager living under the comforting shelter of your parents’ house and being an adult who supposedly is independent was nice. Something that she might tell her grandchildren, if she ever got married, that is.

However, things were starting to go her way when she finally found a real job. Truthfully, she was tired of wearing big costumes in front of shops to attract people towards it; she had worn smelly costumes for too long and when she saw the audition for being a SM trainee, well, she only thought that it might be fun, she never really thought that she had an opportunity. It wasn’t like she was the most talented singer or rapper out there; rather a good dancer and she had done it for quite a while.

When she saw the acceptance letter on her table, she almost felt like calling her mom and crying on the speaker for hours to no end. A happy kind of crying, that is. A part of her wanted to thank her mother for recording so many embarrassing videos of her when she was young and started to dance, since that pushed her forward to be someone, to have a path in her life.

She tried hard, too hard even. Things weren’t the easiest when she entered; there were some people that even had five years there and were still waiting for debuting, which was saddening, obviously. Yet, her guards weren’t let down as she continued working for the things that she wanted. Her thoughts were filled with determination and expectation; her nights were tiring as she closed her eyes and fell asleep once her body touched the bed –or the couch, for the matter-, but that was the life she chose and that’s how she was going to be for a big part of her life.

A year had gone by quicker than she expected, as if she had just blinked her eyes and new year’s was in front of her. It was January and idols were almost everywhere, trying to plan everything out for the new year, such as comebacks and what not. Most of the time she’d hear her friends talk about the next comebacks and she surely didn’t think much of it. She’d give the songs a listen, at much, but it wasn’t like she was concentrated in what others were doing, rather in what she will do to get there someday.

“You’re not going to believe this!” She looks up from her sandwich as she hears Haeun speaking. Haeun was a year her senior and a very charismatic girl that specialized herself in rapping. She was nice, energetic, surely someone she trusted in, but sometimes she found her a little too excited. The amount of times Haeun had called her at two in the morning to go practice was a lot more than people would think. She chews on her sandwich as she nods her head, telling her to continue. “I thought that Jonghyun was the one to have a comeback early this year, but it’s actually Taemin!” A smile appears on Haeun’s face and she looks at her with a tight lipped smile.

“Yeah, so?” She had heard Taemin’s songs besides his songs as a group and they were pretty good. Catchy, different and so on, but she had never seen him from up close, just passing by the hallway as he had people surrounding him as they directed him on his schedule and so on. He was busy most of the time, yet he managed to keep his smile.

“This is your chance!” Haeun tells her as she sits beside her, putting one of her hands over her shoulder. “Taemin always does these dance routines on his songs and they’ll probably pick you.” This was her time for rolling her eyes and groaning.

You’re finally going insane.” She concludes as she finishes her sandwich, standing up as she puts the empty box on the trashcan. “When you come back from wonderland, remember that we have to go practice for our language test. Last time the teacher told you that you have to practice a lot more.”

“…Sure, mom.” Haeun whines while crossing her arms over her chest and she laughs, ruffling Haeun’s hair as she moves towards the door, opening it so she could go get some water. After all, she was going to be practicing for about five hours more.

Her footsteps resound over the woodened floor as she hums a song that was repeating itself on her head; she hears the music blasting from every room, indicating that this year was going to be hectic for everyone. When she reaches the small kitchen that everyone used in the building, however, she’s surprised to see almost no one, apart from a man that sat on one of the tables, tapping his notebook with a pencil as he bites his plump lips.

Lee Taemin, she recognizes him with his freshly bleached blonde hair and long legs as he hums a soft tune. His face was bare and his beautiful eyes looked like heaven. However, she decides not to bother him, going for the refrigerator instead as she tries to make the least sound possible. She reaches the refrigerator, opening its door and taking out the water bottle; yet, just when she was about to turn her back and go, a voice interrupts her.

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Week 1, day 7

Finally home.

And finally finished! The first week was definitely a challenge to myself, and while it was hard I’m happy with how it worked out. I’ll be posting a full version with all of them at the end of the month, and I’ll do the same (in separate posts) with the other weeks. I won’t be doing one a day for the other weeks, but I’ll definitely put out more than one per week. Hope you guys enjoyed them!

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