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Fixing Septiplier

I saw this tweet and, yes, I can kinda agree.

People say its because Mark and Jack aren’t friends anymore, and I think thats not the case.

They still are friends, a lot, there are some parts in the livestream where they smile and talk to each other, but the thing is.

Its done where they’re not in the spotlight.

For example, Mark and Jack were tossing the toilet paper to each other and they were smiling at each other, but the camera men didn’t put them on the spotlight.

Also, Mark told Jack something and a big smile went on Jack’s face, but they were in the background, and the camera weren’t on them the whole time.

Mark and Jack always fueled the Septiplier ship back then and why don’t they do it now?

Well maybe they’re scared too?

Because back then:

The Septiplier ship was smaller, and people didn’t ship it as hardcore as they do now. They used to ship it as Mark and Jack did, in a silly, cute way.

But later on, people shipped it to a level that Mark and Jack never expected/wanted-

What I mean is smut, and people who believe they’re gay and they do love each other romantically.

Shippers who don’t ship it that way, or at least still know Septiplier won’t happen still [smut shippers], don’t worry, this isn’t completely your fault. I’m a shipper myself, so I know.

Like, do you really want drawings of you naked with a friend on the internet, especially when you’re as popular as them?

No, why would you?

Honestly, I think they might actually still wanna make those Septiplier moments keep going like they used to, but maybe they’re scared it’ll blow up and the shippers will take it too far?

It seems likely because,

it has happened.

They do sonething cute, it blows up, and now its madness and nobody can calm down.

Because if you’ve ever noticed, if you look at a Septiplier moment, its clear they’re extremely happy in each and every one.

But now they have to be cautious at every move they do on camera or else things will go nuts.

I don’t think they’re trying to sink the ship, I think they’re trying to make it back to the way it is.

But before you say “Then why don’t they just say they want the ship to calm down so they can be silly again?”

Well of course, THATS going to blow up. It doesn’t matter whether they giggle at each other or they actually do something cute, it’ll blow up either way. Its like some crazy curse. Literally, anything that includes Mark and Jack, there’s always someone going “OMG SEPTIPLIER AWAY, THEY LOVE EACH OTHER!!!” Like, come on dude, these are real people who don’t love each other romantically. Let them be them. Everything doesn’t have to be Septiplier. Why can’t it be just two friends being friends?

And just so people know, thinking Mark and Jack are actually gay, even though having girlfriends, IS NOT AN OPINION. NOT IN THIS SITUATION. ITS JUST WRONG.

There’s a difference between a fact and an opinion. And Mark and Jack being straight is a fact. They have girlfriends, who are each wonderful people, but they ALWAYS, constantly state they’re straight, they are NOT attracted to men. They are straight and have amazing ladies as their girlfriend and if you can’t respect that, then I don’t think you should be here. Think about it. (Thank you to anyone who said about Mark and Jack stating they’re straight constantly)

And if it gets to the point where Mark or Jack have to make a video on this topic, thats it. We can’t fix it then. Because if its so effective on their lives that they have to tell millions about it, is not only dissapointing, but clearly fuckin shows our fandom can’t control ships.

Because Mark and Jack are not the ones changing.

The Septiplier ship is changing, and not in a good way. We fucked up. They didn’t.

And how do we fix it?

Well, Septiplier is huge, A LOT of people ship it. Its literally the second most searched option when you type ‘Sep’ in the YouTube search bar.

And it won’t be something we can do overnight. Its going to be a slow process.

There’s a lot of us and we have to all agree.

We can’t just lay around, waiting until everything gets better. WE need to be that something that brings the ship back to the light.

The Septiplier ship ran into a harsh, big storm and we have to work together to get it out onto the right path.

I want this ship to how it started, where everybody shipped it for fun, and we didn’t attack other ships. Not saying all of us attack other ships, its just some Septiplier shippers actually do attack, I’ve seen it.

Because the more smut and hardcore shippers that join this ship, the more Mark and Jack have to be cautious.


They’re not sinking the ship.

They’re warning us to fuckin fix ourselves and the flaws of this ship, before its too late.

And honestly, Septiplier isn’t just a ship anymore, its a community that needs some fixing. Its also a place where Mark and Jack fans join together. Because Mark and Jack have a beautiful bond thats brought their communities together. And lets not break that bond.

Because Whats better?

Don’t do anything and Mark and Jack grow farther apart on camera.

Or fix our ship, bring it back to the light, and have Mark and Jack be able to have things normal again.

Now, how?

Well, all hardcore [smut, sex related] shippers and people who believe they’re gay have to stop. (Or keep the smut as far away as possible)

Its not right or polite and Mark and Jack wouldn’t appreciate or even consider you a fan at all if you continue.

Ship Septiplier as a bromance, or in a fluffy cute way, nothing too extreme like sex, or kinky shit.

I know this isn’t how Mark and Jack really act with each other, they most likely do a bunch of shit together off camera where we don’t ruin their fun.

We can fix this ship.

We just have to try.

I want Septiplier to become peaceful and happy again.

Because Jack used to be a fan of Mark. He started his channel because of Mark.

And even though they’re on different parts of the world, Mark managed to find a worthy person on YouTube who derserves so much more. And that was Jack.

They’ve been through a lot, from meeting in person for the first time, becoming great friends, to having a happy little ship.

Lets bring it back to those times. Mark and Jack don’t need to change. We need to.

Lets bring the happiness back in Septiplier.

And ships like Jelix or Pewdieplier, don’t become like this ship, don’t go too far. Don’t make YouTubers become seperate by their own fans.

Mark and Jack have done so much for us, now lets do something for them.

I know we can do this.

Lets fix Septiplier.

Update: For Cringemas I wasn’t able to watch the first part but I saw that Mark and Jack agreed Septiplier as a ship was pretty bad this year in that part. And that right there is why we need to fix this ship. They know this ship is getting worse. If 2016 was Septiplier’s bad year, lets makes 2017 Septiplier’s rebirth into the light. Thanks to everybody who wants this ship better, I appreciate it so much! Now I know we can really do this. In 2017, we’ll fix Septiplier. Together. [Lol a PS: I understand the people who say that we should let septiplier die, but remember they’re are still fans and hard-core shippers who will start drama and shit. I wish it can be that easy, but right now, fixing the ship and opening people’s eyes seems like the best option, thank you💕]
  • The fandom: *Introduce you the easy ship, the one that most likely will happen, that has chemistry, a nice storyline and no pain*
  • Me: *Sees only the ship that probably won't have a romantic relationship, has a great chemistry, amazing backstories, angst, are 'just friends', slow build, with lots of pain and are perfect for each other in every way. A ship that is an endless pit of misery that you'll never crawl out of....*
  • The fandom: ...
  • Me: Yep, that's the one! I will ship this till the end of my days!
things I remember from the total drama fandom a long time ago
  • that td “populars” thing 
  • there was actually a td populars blog too it was so cringy
  • hate blogs and people trying to figure out who it was that made them
  • you either hated mal or loved him
  • chris can fuck a plant but we can’t have gay characters
  • i think people fought the FreshTV blog for a bit
  • the whole deal with the cherry chick and luvly girl 
  • duncan and sadie were a bomb ass otp
  • people would say there was a social pyramid in the fandom and would actually map that shit out using real people like damn thats fucking embarrassing lmao
  • sick character and ship playlists
  • character days and ship weeks 
  • that secret santa thing where few people got their gifts
  • everyone just pretends TDAS didn’t happen
  • at one point a lot of people would say they were done with the fandom and people and actually declare that they were leaving and people wouldn’t give a fuck (then they’d return a few weeks or days later)
  • the fandom tbh just started dying in this break of no new content after ridonculous race 
  • a lot of the mutuals people who were in the TD fandom have are probably mutuals they gained during their TD days but there’s only a few you can remember because URLs and fandoms change
  • SELFIE SUNDAY! that shit was actually so cute
  • “it’s called the total DRAMA fandom for a reason lol i’m so different and quirky”

anonymous asked:

Hi! So... can you explain why you don't ship Creek? (It sounds bad. I didn't intended it tho. I love your blog, and basically everything that u're posting! I just want to know what you don't like about this ship, because I'm theirs trash lmao)

no worries, i dont mind explaining!

there’s a lot of things that bug me about creek? first off its origins because it all started with Tweek vs Craig back in 1999 which was literally their only interaction ever. and they were pitted against each other and fought the entire time. but somehow it became one of the most popular ships in the fandom and rivaled style for years. 

and like, i get rival ships, i do, because i love staig LOL and thats what youd expect to come out from that episode, right? but with tweek and craig no one really ships them as rivals? they ship them as like…cute and soft and gentle and loving and it just seems really out of character to me. i dont think id hate creek as much as i do if it was like, done right, you know? ive just never seen someone handle it in a way that appeals to me. (and a lot of the time people dont even get staig right… maybe im just really nitpicky mndfmsdfn)

and the whole Tweek x Craig episode really bothered me, too. i mean the episode was really funny but the thing that didnt sit right with me was…how they were basically forced together. and they kept claiming they weren’t gay, but everyone else was pushing that on to them. and even if they were gay, you should never force someone to come out? like…id want craig and tweek to come out and say it when they were ready not because they wanted to make everyone else happy. like it just made me uncomfortable because…theyre literally only together because of pressure and guilt. 

and even then, the only time they enjoy eachother’s company it seems is when theyre away from everyone else and. you know. being friends. but as soon as they have to act like a couple they just….have a blank expression and arent that into it. i just dont like that LOL

i love craig and tweek as their own characters but, when paired together i just…i dont know. its not something i can get behind, so im sorry creek shippers. 

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My problem with shipping in general is that is distracts from the other elements that make a show great. Yes, I like Starco and do want to see them end up together, but that's only one aspect of the show. There's a lot more like the characters, the lore, the music, the animation, the humor, etc. Point is, as much as we love Starco, we should also focus on all the other great stuff about this show.

Focusing on all the great stuff the show offers is honestly what we’ve been doing since forever (never mind that Star and Marco’s evolving relationship is clearly a pivotal element of the show’s lore/plot anyway). 

People who complain like “ugh! the fandom makes everything about starco/shipping” should browse the tag with more attention and less “what should I get mad about today?” attitude because, even during the hiatus times, every day it’s easy to bump into great posts, theories, fanarts, etc.

NATM masterlist

yoooo i heard there were new people around here so here’s some old fanstuff I remember liking when i was super into this fandom– check it out :))) (disclaimer- most of this stuff is pretty jedtavius centered because thats what i know)


ok so if you’re looking for good artists you’re gonna want to track the jedtavius (if ur into that– its one of the most popular ships and so theres a lot of art for it) and the natm tags- and other little ships like capoleon (and i think there’s a tag out there for ahkmenrah/kahmunrah but i dont remember what its called) and sacagamelia (ok im the only person in the world who ships sacagamelia but like. let me live) and OH YEAH i forgot the ahkmenrah/larry ship tag is tablet guardians

once you’re done that here are some artists who either once posted natm art or still do!!

  • @atomicdangos is super awesome and makes rad jedtavius art and is also just a great person in general??? super nice?? also chill? go be friends
  • @thedoormann hasnt been natm centric in a while but u should go check out their blog for natm fanart – and they also have an entire blog dedicated to natm fanart and fanstuff over at @jedvevo!!! definitely go check them the HECK out- also they are also cool 10/10 would recommend
  • (one more plug for door- they have an ADORABLE ask blog that’s inactive now called @ask-levyelementary, its a kindergarden au and it’s fucking amazing please go give it some love)
  • @jayce-kui does some really cute chibi art, u can always find them in the tags
  • @trashpits is out of the fandom now i think, but they have gorgeous gorgeous art, you can check their natm tag for more of that


ok im a little biased here because ive literally written over 100k of jedtavius total so just

uhh as far as other fics fics go there’s

  • lightning in a bottle - i have never read this one but i have seen a lot of fanart for it and everyone loves it so its probably A+++, over 200k and a WIP, jedtavius

  • @loni0445​ writes cute things and updates in the tag all the time!

  • as for the rest of AO3, the NATM fandom tag has over 500 works (I know, right???) so please please check that out, I’m not familiar with the authors over there but I’m sure there are some real gems!!!

other stuff

  • @imaginejedandocty​ is a little sideblog of mine that runs on submissions so it’s pretty dead for now, but it’s for posting cute HCs of jedtavius, so if you’re interested in that u can check it out also 
  • @asktheminiatures is a cosplay blog that im pretty sure is inactive now but has tons of cute cute cute fucking adorable cosplay stuff up, go give them a look

and if you’re looking for people to follow: @jedvevo, @ahkmemerah, @atomicdangos, @undeniablycandycane, @ampora-evil-incorporated and @tinynightroman are some cool peeps i know off the top of my head, they probably know more cool peeps who know even more cool peeps!! 

have fun!! make friends! make art! enjoy everyone’s art! dont be dicks!! and celebrate the fact that we all love these slightly-shitty ben stiller movies from like 2006 to 2014 (i will still never forgive the writers for including the jonas brothers in natm2 i will never forget and i will never forgive)

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Hey Madara. Is the popular opinion that the Sasusaku fandom only ship them because the characters involved are "hot" and like looking at sexy fanarts? Why is that, Just because Sasuke and Sakura have a lot more "sexy fanarts" than the rest of them? I mean is that a fact?. Hot or not, I really don't see how that's a problem.

Well, it’s one of the popular opinions that anti extremists tend to use to throw shade at the fandom, yet when any SS fan is actually asked why they ship the pairing, the attractiveness of the couple is never mentioned,

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When I was reading the manga without joining the fandom for about a year and half, I thought that I was the only one who ships RivaMika that's why I am so happy to discover this canon-rivamika blog! And I am also happy that other RivaMika shippers exists even if our number is small... I am imagining that all of us will be fangirling/fanboying on RivaMika canon scenes in season 3 lol

Aww nonnie I’m so happy to hear that! I’m glad you decided to join the fandom in the end. Although our number was indeed small a few years ago, we have grown a lot, and our fandom will definitely explode come season 3 and all its animated Rivamika goodness (ര̀ᴗര́)و ̑̑

i've been thinking

okay, i love voltron and all of the characters. the show is great, it has an amazing plot, the characters all work together and help each other and all of them are important to the show in some way. thats why i watch it and i’m pretty sure its the same for most of the people in the fandom. however, i feel like there are still a lot of people who only watch it to see if their ship becomes canon. and i’m not saying youre not allowed to do that, but a lot of the people who watch if for that reason become salty when a character from their ship interacts with another character more often than the other character from their ship. with so many people doing this, it creates all of these ship wars which no one likes at all. i just want everone to be happy and if some of them do end up in a relationship, then that’s great! i’d be happy for them and even if it isnt something you ship, you should be, too. or at least you shouldn’t get mad about it, especially since they are fictional characters. but i just want all of them to be happy and i hope nothing bad happens in the fandom if any of them get into a relationship. (this is honestly way longer than i meant for it to be but oh well)


I’d like to thank each and every thirsty writer out there and even thirstier readers who encourage them with comments and giving kudos! 

♫ Ceeeeeeelebrate good times C’MON! ♫

And to add to that, right now we’re at a whooping 514 fics *high fives all of you*

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