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anonymous asked:

how do you feel about the Aaron "stalking" comment being put with the Killian Situation?

It probably makes me angrier than it should, to be honest. I understand that it was a rather “sketchy" comment and I was hesitant to reblog the gifs of him saying it, but “Facebook stalking" is such common terminology with Facebook users (and those without Facebook) and nothing near the lines of what Killian and co. have done on Twitter today.  Aaron’s comment wasn’t deliberate- I actually think it may have been a poor choice of words that he probably (as I like to think) looked back on later and regretted, haha. While it’s understandable to raise your eyebrows or wonder about the comment, it’s important to remember that not everyone in the world is aware of the power of words, and Aaron definitely meant no harm behind them. So I honestly wouldn’t worry too much about it; Aaron’s a respectable (and respectful) and intelligent guy, and while I’m not saying I know any more about him than any of you or that I know him personally, I really don’t think he’s at the same level as some of his castmates have proven to be today.