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*le gasp* ;w; does senpai have other characters that i am unaware of?


ive wanted to draw a picture of void for 2 days and i ended up drawing three different ones until i managed to make one that i actually liked i dont know why it was so hard but anyways here is a picture of the world’s most obscure sonic character probably

i was a very proud droid mama today so

this is snuffles, my consular’s trusted seeker droid! he likes long oil baths and high quality replacement parts and is always eager to find things all over the galaxy! tatooine’s deserts? hoth’s glaciers? alderaan’s forests? he’s ready for everything! if he had a tail to wag he absolutely would~

a very good and very loved boy~ <3


headcanon: genji has a lot of boyfriends

The Diary of a Teenage Senator

Being a regular teen girl is hard, but being a teen girl who’s also the senator of Texas?

Hi. I’m Ted Cruz, and this is my story.

Congress is the absolute worst! The speaker absolutely has it out for me. At least I have my best friends, Jeb Bush and John Kasich, with me. I don’t know what I would do without them.

There’s this one boy in Congress who is just sooooo dreamy. His name is Marco Rubio. *sigh* he’s so perfect, but he’s way out of my league. Sometimes, I doodle “Mr. Ted Rubio” in my notebook. I would just about die if anybody found out I did that.

This week, we’re having the presidential election. I’m running for the republican nominee, but guess who else is running? Marco! I hope this means I get to spend a lot of time with him. The new kid is running, too. His name is Donald, and he is so mean to me! He calls me Lyin’ Ted and says that my dad killed JFK. As if! Ugh, being a teenager is so hard.


Ted Cruz

Now that her friends know she’s a girl and Iverson isn’t around, I like to think that Pidge would eventually feel safe to let her hair grow back out since she doesn’t have to hide her identity anymore. She’d probably keep her glasses until she gets her brother back. She does look a lot like him ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

EDIT: I had to shrink her head and flatten the top part of her hair a bit to make her look slightly older because she looked way too young at first. I also deleted the other two versions because I don’t like them anymore :^(

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{ 8tracks } / { playmoss }

{01} make me like you / desmond dennis
{02} fool for love / stefy
{03} kill the director / the wombats
{04} can’t sleep love / pentatonix
{05} daylight / oh land
{06} just impolite / plushgun
{07} heart skips a beat / lenka
{08} lisztomania / phoenix
{09} like or like like / miniature tigers
{10} i’m making eyes at you / black kids
{11} partners in crime / css
{12} bonus track: i won’t say (i’m in love) / andrew samonsky

OKAY SO i made a post!!! about how artists have style challenges, but there doesnt seem to be anything like that for writers? anyways, i figured id make it into a sort of challenge!!!! im afraid im rather shitty at imitating your work, but i tried my best!!!!!! if youre tagged, (or if you just think this is a cool challenge), feel free to do this with any writers whose styles stand out, or you enjoy!!!!! thanks!!!

i picked a kiss scene, because i felt like it was something that i did decently well, and that kind of set me apart!!! feel free to choose any snippet of your work you feel makes your writing special!!!!!!

My Style:

You were long sober by then, the anxiety melting away at the alcohol in your system, but the moment you kissed him, you felt drunk, dizzy, high on power and the taste of his lips. You were unsteady, knees clacking, hands shaking, so you pushed your fingers into his hair, fisted, tugged, and he moaned, mouth falling open.

The taste of him, you were discovering, was quickly becoming your favorite, and you chased it, tongue probing, reaching to greet his like old friends. He wrapped his arms around you, and you were so full of him, and here, this beautiful moment, two stars meeting, passing by for just a moment, and deciding you liked the view.


You watched his eyes dart down to your lips, and you felt drawn to him, sucked in by some weird gravitational pull. He was on you in an instant, surging forward to kiss you passionately. You were trapped, pressed up against the door, and the way he kissed you was fierce, hungry. You responded with equal force, grinding against his thigh as your lips danced.


You grab his tie, and pull him in, mouth meeting his with a sigh. Your arms wrap around him, and you draw him close, groaning when your tongues meet. His teeth nip at your bottom lip, and you whimper, knees buckling. He pulls away, and you feel his lips on your neck, harsh enough to leave a mark.


He kissed you with surprising force, pressing your back against the door in a single, fluid motion. His hands wrapped around your jaw, and you smiled into the kiss, cheeks blazing.


You grabbed him by the collar of his shirt, pulling him close enough to feel his breath on your cheek. In an instant he closed the gap between you, hands running down your sides to fist in your shirt. He hummed into the kiss, body flush against yours, and you sighed.


In an instant, he closed the distance between you. One hand drifted to your hair, the other resting gently on the small of your back. He caught your bottom lip between your teeth, and your fingers reached forwards and tugged at the hair at the nape of his neck.


Your eyelids flutter closed as his lips meet yours. The kiss is hesitant at first, but it quickly turns passionate. He pushes you back until you feel the edges of the desk press into your lower back. His mouth drifts lower, and you feel his hands slide down your hips, lifting you to set on the hard surface.

in addition to the people above, im also tagging @angerybisexual @daveeddiggsit @down4usnavy @exhibits-no-restraint @fragmentofmymind @guns-and-baguettes @hamlltvn @l-nmanuel @manuelmirandamn @ourforgottenboleros @ruth-hamilton-delrio @starboydiggs some more crazy talented folks!!!!!!

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would it be possible for you to stop tagging Lance as "lance mcclain"? that's not his canon last name, and you're such a popular artist in the fandom that you might be able to make it more known? it's just that it's one of the biggest and most common forms of whitewashing Lance and this fandom does it a lot. I'm not sure if you knew that wasn't his name, but it makes me really uncomfortable when I see it and I thought I should let you know

The reason I tag him as “Lance McClain” is because that’s his name from DotU. I do the same with the other characters whose names are unconfirmed.

I’m white, so I don’t have much authority on what is or isn’t whitewashing. I want to try to educate myself on subjects like this, but I’m not sure calling him McClain is whitewashing? I understand anglicizing names is a thing but I’m not sure that’s what this is.

I think in the meantime I’m going to continue to tag him “Lance McClain” because it specifies him as the Voltron Lance, and if it’s contradicted in canon I will 100% replace it to whatever his name is changed to (same goes for any of the other characters)

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Maybe Le Equius or Nepeta cuddle with whoever

i had to shrink the photo a lil bit ri p,, but i think?? this is what you meant :0

Tiny assassins on the loose(along with 2 sneaky templars).
Which one would you take home? :)

NMTD/LLL + Aesthetics: Balthazar Jones


This is Oatmeal ^-^

first off, excellent name, second i have recently found a love for torties after meeting my cat Pumpkin but she is sassy as hell. is oatmeal sassy as hell?? i have a lot of questions about torties. 

ANYWAY oatmeal you have an excellent nose and very nice ears. i love your eyes and you look very interested in the world. 10/10

submit me your cat

The newest update of Check, Please! has me losing it, so here’s some fanfic to tide over everyone else who is currently freaking out. And if you’ve never read Check, Please! drop literally everything and go read it right now

Au pays qui te ressemble
Jack waits.

between the weight of family and the pull of gravity
5 times Jack’s father just didn’t get it, +1 time he absolutely did.

rake the springtime across your sheets
But maybe that is what love is, Eric thinks: You give people the power to spill your secrets to anyone and your guts out on the floor.

just to see that little smile
5 times Jack surprises Bitty, +1 time Bitty gets him first.

Just Take My Hand
Eric imagines Jack in his billet room, studying his ipod with his playbook face on and feels his mouth curl into a fond appalled shape, one that he hadn’t known it made before Jack Zimmerman. “Oh, honey.”
Jack toes at the ground. “I like that one about foxes and boxes.”
“I don’t remember giving you any Doctor Suess. Oh my god, wait, are you… Are you talking about Taylor Swift?”
Of course it is, of course Jack Zimmerman, Canada’s Prodigal Son, likes the song about feeling hunted, scrutinized, about escaping the huntsmen. Eric feels like he may have used up his oh honey too soon.

Like A Brick Wall
Bitty can’t have feelings for Jack and Jack has no idea he has feelings for Bitty and it’s a wonder Shitty hasn’t fallen off the roof yet.

You Never Said You Wouldn’t So Here I Am
Eric just wants to get past this crush, but Jack keeps getting in the way.

on the sidelines wishing for right now
Bitty resists the urge to let out a hysterical laugh because apparently this is just his life now. He tries to call his boyfriend and winds up getting hockey advice from a living legend.
5 times Bitty bonded with Bad Bob + 1 time Jack tries to bond with Coach Bittle.

I never saw the signs
Bitty gets asked out on a date, but he’s already spoken for. It wouldn’t be a problem, really, except he didn’t know he was already spoken for.

bold; over the worst of it
“Spring C,” Jack says, “is full of mystery.”

Hours later, after letting the pie cool and almost having it stolen by a hungry Nursey, Bitty cuts a slice and declares Jack’s work to be “almost as good as his great-aunt’s.” Jack smiles down at his plate.

if there’s anything on my face you put it there
“You don’t have to tell them it was me. I mean, you don’t have to do anything. I’ll stop leaving marks if you want me to. Just…“ He lifts up Jack’s shirt and touches one of the hickeys. When he looks back up, his eyes have gone dark. “I really, really like it. Do you mind?”

To Even Fall
Sometimes Bitty sleeps in Jack’s bed. It’s not a thing, until it is.

live through this and you won’t look back
The worst part about falling in love with a straight boy is definitely not watching him date girls. No, the worst part about falling in love with a straight boy is that you never even had a shot.

Make It If We Can
Jack opens a door he hasn’t walked through in a long time. Bitty holds his hand.

Hockeyed Up
There are many things on Jack’s mind. Namely: hockey, hockey, Bitty, hockey, anxiety, hockey, hockey, anxiety, Bitty, hockey, hockey, anxiety, and hockey.

Comfortable Territory
“Shit, man, you’ve got your eye on someone? Who is it? Do I know her? What’s the hold up?” Shitty asks.
Jack furrows his brow, confused. “Uh, what? Shitty, no, there’s no girl-”
“A guy?” Shitty interrupts, clearly having entirely missed the point. Jack opens his mouth to point his out, but Shitty beats him to it. “Oh, shit. Bitty?”

The grainy cellphone photo on the cover of the magazine is of his own back, his red Samwell t-shirt. He’s got a forearm braced on the wall, his other hand holding the face of someone small and blond, mostly blocked from view, who has his hands on Jack’s chest and a blue hoodie tied around his waist. Emblazoned across the bottom of the cover are the words IS JACK ZIMMERMANN GAY? and it feels like someone just punched him in the stomach. 

of the nature of the wound
His first year in the NHL isn’t easy, but Jack has spent his entire life playing through the hurt.

Positive Feedback
Eric’s never had a postgame breakdown of sex before, but he’s not particularly surprised when, before they’ve even caught their breath, Jack says, “Tell me how I can do better.”

Phone, Please!
"Bits, you live tweeting this?” Shitty asks.

Don’t You Wait
Here’s the thing, in the seconds following that buzzer going off, the first thing that crossed Jack’s mind wasn’t grabbing a hold on the cup. It didn’t occur to him what exactly that first cup, only two years after he had been drafted, was going to mean and what it already meant. He didn’t even consider going in its direction.
Instead, as he’s slammed into and bodies piled around him, foghorns blaring and confetti littering everything in sight, he was thinking of exactly where Bittle might be in that very moment.
(Or, how Jack Zimmermann accidentally came out to the entire NHL a couple of seconds after winning his first Stanley Cup)

Man of Honor
Bitty has to live the rest of his life with the knowledge that yes, Jack Zimmermann cries at weddings, and looks good doing it.

Kent Parson is Not Getting Any Pie
The headline is there as soon as Eric turns on his computer in the morning
“Kent Parson Gay”
Eric puts down his coffee and opens the article, wide-eyed and breathing hard.
“Las Vegas Aces’ star and Art Ross winner, Kent Parson, was caught performing a sex act with an unidentified male at a New York bar last night. When asked for a comment, Parson’s publicist, Jose Flores, said the star wished to apologise to his team for the scandal and would make a statement later today at a press conference.”

Coming Out of My Cage
An unexpected phone call from Kent Parson at five AM doesn’t turn into the disaster Jack would’ve expected. He’s not going to thank him, though. Probably.

Without thinking too hard about anything, Eric gathers Jack’s other hand, places his wrists together, and, slowly, giving Jack time to pull away, pulls them up and over his head to pin them on the pillow.

make this house a home
With the prospect of an empty Haus for Thanksgiving, Jack invites Bitty over to his new place in Providence. As friends, of course.

Step One
Five times Jack Zimmermann came out of the closet.

An Abundance of Pies
Five times Bitty is told not to bake pies for professional NHL players and One time they ask him to.
Alternatively - The story of how Bitty’s pies become an NHL Urban Legend, start locker room fights and cause Patrick Kane to miss a perfectly good shot on goal.

cream and sugar like an optimist
Jack doesn’t actually pick where he wants to live because of proximity to a coffeeshop. Jack would never do that. That would be crazy.

Whistle Down the Moon
Bittle needs a date. A girl date. Lardo volunteers, and Jack isn’t pleased.

I hear symphonies in my head
Eric listens to a lot of music. Life is never so bad that it can’t be fixed with baked goods and the right soundtrack, and he’s really good at providing both, if he says so himself.

Best Laid Plans
“Dude,” said Holster, his eyes huge, “that’s so sad. We gotta get them together.”
“This isn’t a romcom, Holtzy, ” Ransom said, patting his arm. “I’m sure that’s not what Shitty had in mind.”
“Actually,” said Shitty, “that’s exactly what I had in mind. And I’ve got a plan.”

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What if there was a VoltronLD/Transformers prime crossover? I think if there was Pidge would totally geek out over the Cybertrotians. What do you think?

Oh, God, Pidge is like a mixture of Raf and Miko. She and Hunk would both understand Bumblebee right off the bat, and my god she would drive Ratchet nuts. She’d argue with him over human tech and demand to learn about Cybertronian tech, and she and Wheeljack would bond over blowing things up. She’d get the armor to fight and beat up Starscream. She’d get along with Arcee, too, because they’re both small and always ready to fight, and maybe her dad and Matt are missing in this crossover too and so she and Arcee bond over that, as well.

She would absolutely hate Ultra Magnus at first. Lance would have to pull the same stunt he did with Iverson, covering her mouth and drawing attention to himself to keep her out of trouble. Shiro would be the one sent to Cybertron and he and Optimus would get along well. Keith would be so confrontational with them and he’d fight with Ratchet, but he’d probably be partnered with Arcee. It goes wrong immediately, but they figure it out.

Hunk is best friends with Bee and Bulkhead and helps Ratchet around the base with repairs and such. He’s the one that gets paired with Smokescreen to teach him about blending in on earth. He absolutely gets sick the first time he goes through the ground bridge and he backs up Lance when he wants to help find the relic in New York City. Pidge fights to go on that one, as well, and Keith won’t be left out, so Bee and Arcee are stuck with all four of the kids on that mission. Keith tries to fight Knockout all on his own. It goes about as well as expected.

Allura would be Fowler. Or, even better, Allura would be Fowler’s partner, because can you imagine Pidge and Fowler in the same room? Oh, my God that would go so wrong so quickly. Shiro ends up having to carry Pidge out of the room over his shoulder. Iverson is General Bryce. He absolutely is startled with Optimus come to the window and has no idea what to do when OP asks how he is through the window.

God. I will scream about this all day, this is a beautiful crossover, thank you anon.

@des-zimbits You asked for pets? I don’t have a lot of pictures of them together since I’m away from home this semester and I’m reliant on my parents for pics but here’s the two of them napping together. The one on top is Mouse. He’s a Shetland Sheepdog and somewhere around 1 and a half maybe 2 at this point. We named him Mouse cause when we got him he was smaller than our cats. Sadly the cats have passed but Mouse is a good dog for my parents. He’s a hyper little shit sometimes but he’s so pretty we forgive him. Hopefully calm down as he gets older and now that he has a playmate. The other one is his new sister Kitty. She’s I think a yorkie and around 2 and a half. I’m not 100% sure. Her real name is Ellie but my mom likes to call her Kitty because she apparently acts just like a lap cat. I don’t know much about her cause my parents got her a week before I left for school but she’s super sweet and loves to cuddle more than anything in the world. If you sit down she will literally climb on your lap and once an animal is in your lap you have to pet them, that’s the rules right? Half the time when I skype my parents she’s in my mom’s lap just chilling. It’s cute. I can’t wait until I head home in June so I can give both of them love in person. Either way I find it hilarious that we have two dogs named after completely different animals.