that's a lot in cat years

i have been on this godless website for 4 absolutely terrible years and let me tell you. if you’re actually complaining about a meme that consists solely of fat cats and praising fat cats, just log off until you’re ready to stop holding the rest of us back. really, you’ve got a lot of nerve coming on here like this. you need to do some serious soul-searching, thats all ive got to say

hello friends it’s that time of the year!! these are all people who made my dash super great this year and i appreciate you all!! thank you for being great people and great friends. i know 2016 has been shitty for a lot of us but i hope that you guys have a great rest of the year!!


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Hey guys!! I’m Still busy with school, so the best thing I can post for you guys right now is this messy (unfinished) drawing I made a while ago! 

Also I’m gonna have a lot of free time in like a week, so I’ll have time for requests and such!! feel free to send me asks, messages etc. and I might get to drawing (animating?) that!

Ok so before tumblr I was very active on deviantART (and by active I mean spending my entire day refreshing the notifications page) and I had a lot of friends there and everything. So there was this one girl that I didn’t talk to a lot, but I followed her. She mainly drew animals and her style wasn’t the best, but she was pretty popular and I liked her.
Then I left dA and completely forgot about all of my friends whoops I am a bad person
So today I was just watching everything that appeared on my reccomended list on youtube and I stumbled upon another animation-vlog video so I was like sure, I’ve watched all of TheOdd1IsOut and JadenAnimations videos, this would be a nice change (i hope this doesn’t sound weird). I watched two videos and I swear to god this girl was something wOAH so I immediately went to subscribe to her and

I already have subscribed to her
I really want to start my youtube career too bc holy shit I now know like two or three youtubers who are kind of popular now and I might sound narcissistic, but I am pretty sure I could be a good youtuber too (not great, heck no, I am a loser). I mean my jokes made some people laugh, I guess I am not an absolute trash in humor (even tho my sense of humor is basically memes, movie/tv show/anime/cartoon references and comebacks).
So yeah
That’s that

Get to know you meme

Rules: tag 20(i dont know enough people sorry)of your followers who you want to get to know better

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Name: Lucy (I aint posting my second name here rip)

Nickname: McHeals, Healies, BarrytheBee(dont ask), Lulu and Queen
Gender: Female

Star sign: pisces

Height: uhh 5″4? idk man i dont keep track of my height

Sexuality: probably a lesbian

Hogwarts house: RAVENCLAW

Favourite animal(s): Birds (especially Owls ^^)

Average hours of sleep: pff sleep is for the weak (probably about 4/5 hours)

Current time: 11:33am

Dog or cat person: boTH pLEase

Blankets you sleep with: this old blue blanket i got from costco some years back

Dream trip: Italy! specifically rome or naples or heck anywhere i just really like italy and wanna learn more about it 

Dream job: Bio-Medical Scientist 

When I made my blog: fuck if i know probably a few years back 

Followers: 230 (wow thats a lot for a blog that doesnt even post? maybe i should do something)

Account peak: I… I dont think ive ever peaked? 

Why I made a tumblr: to read Hetalia “doujinshi’s” but then i came back a year later and followed a bunch of people and from then on I kinda just kept at it

Reason for URL: Im British and Liobean was my username for literally everything so combine the two and BAM there ya go

Thanks for tagging me! this was actually kinda fun

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anonymous asked:

did you know mickey was just a replacement for ozwald AND ortensia was originally a rabbit named bani but was soon changed into a cat named sadey a few years she was renamed ortensia and that name was not changed again btw walt disney was so devastated that he did not own the rights to ozwald the lucky rabbit he was owned by charles mints who was the owner because he named him so micky will never be as good as ozwald - history anon

“thats a lot of info buddy”

“i just fixed him dont break him again”



this is kiki, my sweetest bean. she needs a home. my current situation doesn’t allow me to keep my cats and i have exhausted all my options. i will NOT take her to a shelter and she’s too healthy to be put down. i WILL be picky with who takes her. im looking for someone to either foster her long term or adopt her. she’s 16 years old and has all her original papers. up to date on shots and flea treatments. spayed and declawed. her last appointment was a few months ago and the vet couldn’t even tell she was that old! she’s super healthy and has lots of years left. i wish i could spend them with her. thats why im asking for someone to love her as much as i do to give her a good clean place to stay. she tolerates other cats and dogs as long as they mind their own business and don’t chase her. she loves to be left alone but will warm up to you quick if you left her come to you. i live in the RALEIGH/CARY/APEX area in NC and im willing to drive if she’s going to a permanent home. ideally someone would foster until my situation allows me to take her back. i can provide everything she needs and continue to if she’s fostered. if someone is happy to adopt her there will be a fee so i ensure she’s going to a home that really wants her and is willing to spend the time to care for her. she has no special needs and nothing wrong. please REBLOG if you see this post thank you so much for reading this and spreading it.

My child just came upstairs waaaaaaay past her bedtime sobbing because she was sneaky reading a book and the cat dies. I’ve never seen a book hit Pippa this hard? But she’s just now getting into bigger chapter books with complex plots, so I guess it’s too be expected.

Poor baby girl.

I’ve reached over 800 followers here on Tumblr! Thats not only a feat but its asthonishing that not just new ones have come around but that the old ones have stayed this long.

It truly means a lot to me. To have that many people following this silly blog, that I barely update art on. But in turn, this year, I really want to change that. Give you all a real reason to keep coming back. And give myself the chances I’ve been missing out on.

So thank you all, from the bottom of my heart; and I hope to do you all proud. AND to start things off in the right direction I went a step further and made a video of this being made for you all.  –>  watch here

Thanks again,