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*le gasp* ;w; does senpai have other characters that i am unaware of?


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On a similar note to the person who just unfollowed you cause their cat died, I came across your blog on the day my 20 year old cat passed away. Your blog has somehow actually helped me get through the loss of a cat that's been around for my whole life, and i feel the need to thank you for that!

i’m very sorry to hear about your cat, but i’m happy that my blog has helped! sending lots of love your way 

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I feel like I'm kinda alone on this, but I hc Keith as having galra short genes. We've seen that a lot of galra in their military are tall, but we've also seen some VERY short galra, so I've been thinking that it's really not that big a thing as fandom makes out for Keith to be the height he is. Whether he turns out to be full galra, half, or whatever, I don't think galra his height are as unusual as it's thought. Ideas of him nyooming up in height an stature make no sense to me & sound painful.

ya thats true!! see the thing i love about the galra is that their level of biodiversity is just completely unlike any other race we’ve seen. They look like they’re from this vast empire that’s expanded across half the universe in 10,000 years, i mean just from an evolutionary standpoint they’ve?? got it all?? I know a lot of people joke about them being “space cats” but while some have fur and other kinda feline features, a lot of them look more reptilian: 

and even if you try to find commonalities, there’s honestly almost nothing beyond the purple skin (which curiously, along with a growth in height, are the only galra attributes a shifting altean would inherit). So like, you could say–well, galra have these facial markings, that’s a distinctly galra thing. But thace doesn’t. Or you might point out that they all have those little frills on their head, but morvok doesn’t. You could try saying they all have the big fuzzy cat–or more so bat–like ears, but ulaz and zarkon don’t. Even the golden eyes, something that seems to be a given for all the galra in the military at least, is a trait that sal lacks. i mean, some galra aren’t even purple, like the guard in beta traz. There’s also galra that have these rare recessive traits you don’t really see elsewhere, like kollivan’s hair and antok’s tail 

so going back to your height headcannon, there’s certainly precedence for that. The mall cop galra looks closer in height to say hunk or lance, while the commander on Traujeer is noticeably very short. Though in the case of the latter, that seems more like some form of dwarfism. Allura gets taller when she shifts into her galra form so, I would assume that means most galra are taller by default, though there are exceptions to the rule. Others include Lotor–who’s already been called a “little fellow”–and the Mystery Galra in the weblum. But Lotor is half-Altean, which would account for his lack of height, and presumably so is MG, because they were digging around looking for scultrite (an outdated altean fuel source).

something else that’s kinda funny, but when keith agreed to his trial, the bom already had a suit in his size. Even though all the other galra there are like, a foot taller than shiro, apparently galra that short aren’t so unheard of that they wouldn’t have a set of armor or two that takes that into account. Either that or hallucinogenic ceremonial cult initiation armor comes in a Child Size or its one size fits all lmao

but anyway ya, i think its totally possible keith and maybe his mom are both on the shorter side. And though he appears more galran, lotor is still referred to as small by galra standards. So even if keith does shift or gain more alien attributes, i don’t think he’ll suddenly grow a few feet like allura (whose growth is based off the height of an average galra rather than a half-blood one). 

Then again, allura might actually not be a reliable source on any of this, since i think much of the galran biodiversity is rooted in expansionism and evolution across the universe (not to mention the introduction of druid experiments and quintessence), and allura’s ability is meant to mimic a galra that predates that empire by over 10,000 years. So maybe being tall and purple was a given back then, but now the galra are a bit more varied in their gene pools. anyway im also just really short so i will defend small galra keith to the grave either way lmao 

i am all for james f potter trying to spoil the fuck out of his wonderful friend and then girlfriend lily evans and she always hated it because people already thought she was just with him for his money and also there is NO REASON TO SPEND MORE THAN 7 POUND ON LITERALLY ANTHING. so here is an incomplete list of shit james did/ got for lily that resulted in at least 30 minutes of arguing 

  • everyone knows lyra and the puffskiens are lilys favorite band so james pulled a few strings and surprised her with a personal meet and greet with the whole band before their show that he also got fRONT ROW TICKETS TO
  • during the summer lily wrote james a letter and briefly mentioned that she missed being around other wizards so he picked her up and tried to take her to the fucking quidditch world cup but she fought him for 2 hours before he finally said, “For merlins sake lils, I already bought the tickets and paid for everything and sirius is waiting for us so take my hand so we can already fucking go” and she finally relented
  • bought lily an OBSCENE about of candy like more than “we’ll take the lot” because she was bummed out about something
  • tried to bribe 4th years to give lily a piggy back home after she got shwasted at a party
  • giving lily 25 large gifts everyday leading up to christmas such as: actual diamonds, A CAT, super good tickets to the ballet, a new violin, hired an orchestra to play to her during their hogsmeade date, ect JAMES THATS NOW HOW ADVENT CALENDERS WORK DUDE
  • literally just buying anything lily looked at for more than 30 seconds

Practicing some shading with Ladybug! Cause I do so love this show and been for it since they announced the concept all those years ago. It changed a lot but I love it all the same!

Jaebum’s Husband Profile

DAY1 Jaebum
here we go ^_^
i hope everyone likes it.
if something is missing them let me know :) 
sorry if a lot seem repetitive, but most topics are similar to the wedding profile.
~ahgase Omma


he’d start to consider marriage after a serious relationship hits a little bump and he realises he can’t live without her. maybe in his early to mid 30s.

  • Proposal- 3-6 years of dating
  • Wedding- within 2 years of proposal 
  • Kids- 2-3 years of settling into their place, their maybe some moving due to work or family.

A classic, but personal outing/surprise proposal, it would see very ordinary, he might seem a little off in behaviour, but otherwise its all normal, until he brings you to that special place (not necessarily the place you first met, but the place you wish you could go to but couldn’t)  then he would turn around to face you and suddenly drop… he would think its so cheesy but its actually very tasteful and classy.

Small, not made public, close family and friends, maybe even the got7 families too, but nothing too big, if he can help it he’ll make sure the company doesn’t make a big deal out of it.

He would be very dutiful around the house, even after the honeymoon period. he would carry on to tidy up, cook when he can, and be the one to suggest taking turns to do the equally hated jobs. 

most cherished moments
he’d be busy, so any time together was everything to him, even if it was 2am and your already sleeping, he’d cherish those moments of himself curling upto you in bed. when he wakes up after a few hours sleep and watches over you for as long as possible, before he has to bolt through the house to get to the studio in time, kissing you and the kids as he leaves. 

They would mostly be about ‘timing’ whether it be related to work, and him not getting free time, or him missing out on the kids life events.

When something has gone terribly wrong, and also when things are going very right and he wants to show his thanks. he would be open to the small things, like the secret kiss in the morning, the little surprise in the fridge, but the bigger the gesture the less frequent it would be. mostly because he doesn’t want to be the cheesy husband but you’ll still get your favourite meal when you least expect it, and surprise outings

How many
2, maybe 3 kids, plus an army of cats… with the way he’s going. he may give his cats to someone for a while when the newborn is in the house for the first time, thats if the post natal centre is strict with not having pets there.

Cat first but then within 1-3 years will be your first child, then a classic 2 years gap. the main problem would be his work taking him to lots of different places, you may settle in seoul first, but then need to move out of seoul, only when things are stable and a home is established will the talk of kids really start.

Superman factor 
He would whenever he can… which isn’t often at home, but when they get past 4 years old, he would bring them to work to play as he partly worked. he would be the one that wakes them in the morning, and make sure they are in bed at the end of the day. the kind of working dad, that the kids dont remember much of in their very early life, but become super proud of because he did work so hard.

the first one would be the most out of the blue romantic thing in the world! he wouldn’t let anything slip, he had to keep it a secret right up until the day. he would do a few small gifts then a bigger evening surprise maybe a long weekend away to jeju-do or busan, because he wants to stroll through the streets and taste all of the amazing sea food there. 

he would try he’s hardest to make the best impression in the first few meet ups, because he knows he’s going to be busy and maybe miss a few. he helps his mother-in-law cook, no matter how much she told him to go sit down again, he would talk about his job and show his diligent side to your father, he’d treat (bribe) siblings. he’d also make a point of remembering their birthdays, so he could organise gifts to be sent to them every year.

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Hey! I just wanted to say that I'm suuuuuper in love with your art! Especially your bokuto and kuroo! Your art style is FANTASTIC and I love when you show up on my dash because it makes me happy!! 💜💜💜💜💜

Oh my, thank you so much!!!!!!!!!! *O* You’re so so so so nice, I hope you’re having the best day, anon!!!

Anon said: Sometimes I discover that another art account I follow is made by an Italian person. Siamo ovunque! Ciao connazionale!!

AHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey!!!!! *O* in realtà devi sapere che noi Italiani siamo bravi camaleonti, mi capita fin troppo spesso di scoprire che gente che conosco da un bel po’ è italiana e non ne avevo la più pallida idea hahaha

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Ok, so, I'm looking for advice. My husbands parents have a female cat that's still intact. I've tried to convince them for about a year now that they should get her fixed(health benefits, EVERYTHING), because they're always complaining about her going in to heat. But they always say it's too expensive, and when I suggest low-cost places, they say those places are shady. Is there anything else I can do to get them to finally get her fixed?

Sort of booking the appointment and taking her yourself, possibly not.

People have lots of potential hurdles to overcome that prevent them from doing something. In this case it may not be just cost if they still don’t want to consider cheaper places. I don’t know what their hurdle is, but if you make it as easy as possible for them to have their cat desexed with minimal effort on their part, it might be simpler to ask them why they still resist having it done.

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19, 21, 26!

19: Have you ever had someone mistake you for a different character?

When Durarara! First came out everyone called my Celty, Catwoman???

21: What’s the biggest con you’ve cosplayed at?

We did SDCC about… 5 years? That’s where we won the Bioware Cosplay Competition. And thats the biggest attended con worldwide. But we stopped going because literally the crowds have gotten so bad that its really not a whole lot cosplay friendly anymore. 

6: If you had a chance to meet your all-time favorite cosplayer, what would you say to them?

I mean we met Spiral Cats and Precious and both times I was like “…hiya.” Cause I was so intimidated. 

OH! I got to meet Kaname too. He said I looked beautiful, I said he looked handsome, and we both giggled. It was amazing. 

Mark’s Husband Profile

DAY2 Mark
seems like its not as popular as i thought it would be
but its nice to see some of you enjoying it :)
let me know what you all think ^_^
~ahgase Omma

we already know he’s expecting to be married by the time he’s 35, and that leave around 10years to fill in. he’s already thinking about it, but is waiting for the right person and timing. it may start to become serious around 29/30.

  • Proposal- 3-5 years of dating
  • Wedding- within 2 years of proposal 
  • Kids- 1-2 years of marriage, ideally he’d like to start a family right away.

Very sentimental, with it planned out weeks in advance. he would make the day obviously special, with not apparent reason, but then at the end of a very long day he would propose then end the day with dessert and a cosy night together.
He would be nervous but bold when proposing, and stay knelt down until you got over your shock and finally answer him.

its not made public, and he’d have no intention of making it too big, but with family and friends it ends up being more than your thought. Also there would be the question of if you have a wedding in korea or america, it would more likely be in america, and this also means that you might end up having two or more ceremonies, a korean modern, an american style, and any other depending on the otherhalf’s background.

He would do plenty around the house, without hesitation, it might die down a little after the honeymoon period but he doesn’t just make you do all the work.
keeping the place generally clean isn’t much his thing, but small things like hovering, random dishes, and of course dog duties are his thing.

most cherished moments
easy! any every time he’s able to just relax at home with you. those moments where everything is quiet and he just looks over at you and thinks how perfect that moment is. he hates being away form home, so every chance he gets to remember his happiness he does.

It would be far and few between, not because there are a few issues, but because he doesn’t make much of a scene out of them, they either naturally sort themselves out or both parties quickly come to an understanding, with no resentment. if things became too much then perhaps voices would be raised but only in times when both of you have very different ideas. not in times where one is doing something small wrong/differently.

it would be at the most random times, when mark just suddenly feels like surprising you. it would vary greatly depending on his chance to prepare for it, from a small gift to a couples weekend. random romance would be his thing! he would be the one to give back hugs whilst you cook, and cuddle when your watching tv, have a bouquet sent to you when he’s away, with the sweetest card ever!

How many

2-3 kids, and a dog. he’s all about having a whole family, pet included, and as soon as possible. he’d love seeing how the dog/s interact with the new born, and have them grow up together, running around, going to dog cafes and kid cafes all the time.

ideally, within the first year of marriage, i also wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up having a ‘shotgun’ marriage. he’d want to have them fairly close together but still old enough to look after each other. he’d like to have his kids by the time he’s in his late 30s.

Superman factor
he’s already in father mode! he’s perfect for the job, at first he might spoil his kids, but then realise that its not really sustainable, and that they need to learn about the value of money. he would play with them every chance he gets! and even ends up sleeping with them all curled up on the couch after playing for so long

he’d remember them all, the main ones at least. birthdays, wedding anniversary. if he could plan anything it would be something simple but sweet. a small cruise down Han river, with dinner and the amazing light show, with a little special something, maybe a light up banner with the wedding date and your names on it, a little cheesy a little cringeworthy but super sweet.

he’s all about those family outings with everyone to the park. a relaxed visit with the whole family, no super important celebration but rather the everyday stuff. he likes to remember those, because they’re the family memories he wants his kids to remember, that sunny day where they played with their dad, and ate mums and grandmas amazing picnic then fell asleep in the car whilst granddad talked about milk costing much less back in the day.

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why is the warrior cats fandom filled with homophobes, transphobes, and misogyny apologists

short answer? 

every fandom is like that

long answer?

this is an animal based fandom, where people dont have to think critically about the shit they’re saying - bc its not a human fandom, there isnt so much of an emphasis on social justice issues or being politically correct, as it were.

think of ur fandoms where u have human or at least human like / characters w/ human characteristics: there is a lot of wake up calls for those ppl who are homophobic, transphobic, racist, or misogynistic. becuase when ur talking about humans, you have to do a reality check on that stuff - you cant just walk into fandoms w/ human characters and say gross shit, bc everyone is aware of why thats fucked up. like, anti-sjw shit in human fandoms has thankfully mostly been declining over the years - a lot of ppl are more aware and starting to like, grow up and fix that shit. you have to w/ a human fandom - and thats a good thing.

but w/ warriors? it’s cats. its about cats, and all those anti-sj ideas sorta……..come back out, bc w/ cats, you dont have to think about it in those terms - ppl think that w/ cats, they can just….say stupid shit, bc “well they’re not humans, how can i be transphobic to a cat.”

and that’s the issue i think??? that bc its cats, people dont really check themselves or dont think they have to. and it sucks bc EVERY fandom is like that, but w/ humans there is more of an urge to like, check urself i guess???

like even the most like, sj people sometimes even say stuff like “come on guys we’re not going to debate gender stuff w/ cats” bc since these characters are cats, a lack of care passes through.


please dont take him from me god

i know hes “just a cat” but he is so important to me. hes the reason i dont self harm anymore. hes the thing that makes me smile when im having a bad day. do you know how comforting it is to know when i get home he will be waiting for me and he will come running to me purring? 

he sleeps by my feet almost every night. he wakes me up with his meows. hes in my lap every little bit snuggling in my hair. he reminds me that i am loved .  he has calmed me down on the verge of panic attacks and i know i wasnt looking for him but a happy accident brought him into my life. he is my life. i would give up nearly anything for that cat. dont you know?

i shouldnt worry. he seems healthy. he is young. the vet gave him a perfect bill of health about a year ago. but he drinks a lot of water and that could be a sign of kidney disease. it happened to our old cat. she got sick fast granted she was ten at the time and he is just over a year. i dont know. wouldnt the vets gave caught that? he is supposed to have an appointment again soon. but he is skinny even though he eats a lot. his sides sink in. i just love him so much. i worry thats what i do.

it may be selfish but god i am begging you to look after him because i really don’t think i could handle losing him. i am more fragile than i care to admit

i know you are busy and youve got more important things to worry about but i believe you sent him to me because you knew that i needed him and god, i still need him.

hes such a good cat. he is my everything. i love you. i love him. please dont take him away from me.. .

the girl who used to end her prayers with two pronunciations of amen xx

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Is taking care of a bird difficult at all? Or do they just need the typical food, water, and attention lol? I'm thinking about getting one similar to yours once I move out on my own, but I'm not sure if they need more vet appointments and whatnot compared to like a dog or cat lol

it really depends on the type of bird you’re getting. we personally take ours to the vet 1-2 times an year just for checkups, idk if thats much different from other animals. they do need a lot of attention though, outside of toys and stuff to chew on, just as dogs/cats do. as for cleaning their cage, we clean his every day (basically taking out the dirty newspaper from below his cage, putting fresh water, and cleaning out the food bowl if needed). 

i suggest you do as much research as possible on the breed you’re planning to get cause theyre all different in one way or another

Hey guys!! I’m Still busy with school, so the best thing I can post for you guys right now is this messy (unfinished) drawing I made a while ago! 

Also I’m gonna have a lot of free time in like a week, so I’ll have time for requests and such!! feel free to send me asks, messages etc. and I might get to drawing (animating?) that!

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Hey :3 I've been wondering about your tattoos. Can you tell a story of them or it's too private?


Thats not too private at all. I just have a lot… lol. So I will just pic a couple I suppose! :D OR after this you can ask about one specifically which I think I would be less awkward at hahaha <3

On either side of my arms I have these cute little cartoon fish cats that are bright orange. I got them because I used to have 2 ginger cats, and they passed away a few years ago so now I have them with me always! I know its sad, but I am okay about it and have wicked memories so don’t be bummed out!!

Uhhh, another one lets see. I have a Buffy piece that’s actually one of the cover arts from the comic book tattooed on my arm because I am obsessed with Buffy!!! I love her a lot. It’s one of my main fandoms. 

Have a bowl of ramen because I love ramen??? Thats literally it lol.

One more for now, (one of these days I will make a video but I am lazy and I literally have like 40) lets go with…. my Bad Wolf. I got this because I love Doctor Who a lot as well. Really relate to Rose too and her story. I also super love 10 and ship them together! (Sorry I’m too lazy to post photos right now but I will do something later I promise lol.)

Thanks for the ask!! <3

i was tagged by the amazing @toble-drawble !!! thank you for the tag!!

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name: corbin :3 (the :3 is included)

nickname:  corb, corbjorn, corn man

gender: bigender (im a dude and a chick, simultaneously. tho i have more masc/fem days.)

star sign: pisces !

height: 5′5″ (the lady who said i was 5′4″ can fight me)

sexuality: lesbiab

hogwarts house: gryffindor, but ive taken the test so many times and gotten them all a lot, so a l l

favourite animal:  cats and birds!! all different types of them!

average hours of sleep:  lately its been about 5-10 so thats pretty LiT

dogs or cats: how many times do i have to tell you people - i have two hands so i can pet both at the same time

blankets you sleep with: the blanket my aunt got me for my bday last year and my comforter

dream trip:  all. i want to go everywhere iN THE UNIVER S E-

dream job:  i wanna be an animator so frickiin bad, but i also want to get into voice acting, aND i wanna get into writing, AND I ALSO want to get into a musical career! so what im saying is that im going to make my own cartoon voiced only by me that’s basically a musical thats full of lots and lots of good rep!

when i made my blog:  i’ve been making so many sideblogs recently asjklhjlkfjs i think i made this one march 2015??

followers:  like 61 i think lemme check nvm it was 63

why i made my tumblr:  i used to be on ths pjo fan group on frikin google plus, and i realized all the reposted fanart was originally from tumblr, and decided to stop supporting reposts that had no credit and werent permitted and support artists themselves!

reason for my url:  i am,,, the emotional support dad,,,,,,

so now that we go tthat out the waY,, i’ll tag @xxprincesslancexx @katskorner @appledicks-prime @alleak @diyamin @sarrart @yikessierra @mrmattias and @madamquacksalot !

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hey :3 long straight black hair, grey/blue/green eyes, 5'1. I coach gymnastics, I did competitive dance for 15 years. I'm at University for Criminology/Psychology. I love playing sports and being outside. I have two cats and one kitten - i'm obsessed with animals. I make a lot of puns, and super sarcastic jokes. I love travelling. looove to cuddle

I would so come to watch you coach gymnastics…. I’m sorta obsessed with you bby


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Nickname(s): Papa Lavi, dad, Lavi cakes

Gender: trans male wew

Star sign: taurus

Height: bout 5′9

Sexuality: ace, but testosterone is like wEW

Hogwarts House: gryffindor heyo

Favourite animals: kitties, bears, and raccoons

Avg Hours Spent Sleeping: HAW idk

Dogs or Cats: cats yaaaay

# of Blankets I Sleep With: a lot i get cold

Dream Trip: to osaka which i’ll be able to do next year YEEEEEAH

When I Made This Account: uh like 2013 i think

Why I Made This Account: peer pressure lol

Follower Count: 830 something ??

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Name: Finn/Finch

Nickname(s): alright think of all the nicknames you can think of using Finn…. ive been called all of those.

Gender: Trans Male (he/him)

Sexuality: Demisexual!

Zodiac: Pisces! 

Height: 5′ even the smallest boy alive

Average Amount of Sleep: 7-9 hours,,, i sleep a lot

Current Time: 8:25 pm

Favorite Animal(s): Birds, dogs of any sorts, hyenas, ball pythons omg 

Dogs or cats?: hmmm…. thats hard for me…. probably bigger dogs,,,,, i love cats a lot too tho

Blog Age?: 6/7 years aaa

Reason Behind Having a Tumblr: uhm i dont remember why i made one but i use it to post art and seeing what my mutuals are about

I TAG: @foxologist @murkurlur thats all im tagging cause fuck that