that's a gorgeous shirt by the way

anonymous asked:

#remember when Ricky said she didn't know she was beautiful???#that's a lie#this bitch knows exactly what she's doing = YES! with the amount of hair flips she's doing, and looking down her shirt, making sure it's open, pulling her top, looking up at someone through her eyelashes, SHE DEFINITELY KNOWS. she's an actress for crying out loud. she knows she's beautiful. when people tell her she's gorgeous, she confidently says THANKS. I DON'T BUY WHAT RICKY SAID, I DON'T. THIS GIRL IS SO VERY AWARE.

Sometimes I’m like “yeah…she’s a bean. she doesn’t know” then I see the way she handles herself and I’m like “BINCH STOP PLAYING YOU KNOW WHO YOU TRYING TO KID?!”