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Few expected this little school from Massachusetts to return for yet another Frozen Four appearance. But Samwell University is yet again in the NCAA Championship after an unbelievable run through the playoffs.

In the magical land of Netflix, they have a separate poster set for Year 2 Spring Semester. 


I didn’t want to mess up the flow of my release dates, so just accept this comes out July 4th. 

Year 1

Year 2 Fall Semester

Year 3 Set 1

Year 3 Set 2

Spin off

anonymous asked:

Vent : just saw a post about these 2 bestfriends graduating from college! And its the sweetest thing!! Theres a person that reblogged it putting #blackexcellence tryna be happy and are proufld of em but another person reblogged it saying "this post is good till op made it political/racist" and im???? How is uplifting black people racost/political???? Is there something i dont understand here?

Ol hatin asses lmao

I cant speak for other black families but in mine graduating college was a big deal. My grandmother ended her education around 5th or 6th grade. My grandfather never learned to read or write. They couldnt pursue more they what they got, but they managed with what they had. The come up for us babies has been significant. It’s absolutely worth celebrating.

We’re only like six decades outta the civil rights movement. Black folks being out here, thriving in the upper echelons of higher education, is still a fresh thing. For families like mine – poor as hell with generations of trauma trailing behind us – this shit wasnt even conceivable until recently. They need to mind their own damn business. >:U

Some Jacked Up Stuff

Jack Facts:
-if he drinks any sort of soda pop it’s microwaved orange soda

-loves any type of physical contact(the weirdo)
Jack Hacks:

[How to have him leave you alone]
-if you wanna distract him for about 10 minutes just give him a lemon

-if you wanna distract him for about 15 minutes, give him a watermelon or apple

-30 minutes, peanut butter, Warning he might get his tounge stuck.

-for about 2 hours, find a certain area on the back of his neck, hard to find and pull back the tight skin for about 30 seconds, he’ll freeze then adventually doze off.

-for about 30mins-4 hours just pet, stroke and scratch under his chin for about 3 minutes.

Once engaged, and later married, Jack starts unconsciously using his wedding ring as a comfort item. If he’s anxious or stressed he no longer clenches his fists, instead he folds his thumb to run over the smooth band on his ring finger while he takes deep breaths.