that's a damn good point

anyways i’m tired of ppl complaining about how selfish/hypocritical/aloof bluestar is in BP and how the erins should have wrote her “this way” instead to make her more sympathetic with the audience like girl!!! the erins wrote her like that in BP as foreshadowing!!!! how are u all so blind 

  • Riverdale Producers: Okay... In the early two thousands, the audience loved Troy Bolton. Maybe that's what we should add to our show's male lead.
  • Riverdale Producers: *gives Archie a Troy Bolton Story* So, audience, what do you think??
  • Audience: .... *doesn't pay attention*
  • Riverdale Producers: Eh? What's wrong? Didn't you like it?
  • Audience: Sorry, what did you say?
  • Riverdale Producers: ... A new Troy Bolton.
  • Audience: Oh, you're talking about Archie... Yeah, sorry, not gonna work.
  • Riverdale Producers: EH!? Why not?
  • Audience: Jughead is in the show.
  • Riverdale Producers: ...Damn it, that's a really good point. Change of plans, give the beanie boy everything he wants. Oh, and give him and Betty more scenes.
  • Audience: Much better. So I guess now you guys know... WHAT TEAM!?
  • Riverdale Producers: JUGHEAD!