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what are some hamilton ships you like?

im terrible at shipping bc i have strong opinions on maybe 3 ships and then everything else im just like

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lams is my #1 u cant go wrong with a classic (thats a lie u absolutely can)

but i feel like..there are so many ships…. i cant tell which ones 2 give opinions on


a quality shitpost (not mine)

I dont know why im so obsessed with nox, i just am okay?

Upon hearing the news that tog6 was being pushed back I was slightly heart broken but then i read that chaol was getting an entire book and my inner theorist started going wild.
Knowing sarah this book won’t just focus on chaol’s POV and looking at her previous books I’d say she’s a fan of multi-pov.
So we have Chaol who will be our main narrator for this story and we have Nesryn but two POV’s hardly seems enough for a SJM book.
So we’ll most likely be introduced to 2-3 (not including chaol and nesryn obvs) people who will probably have a couple of POV chapters.
The second person (oh why do i love him so much) is more of a hope but its a plausible one.
Nox. Hear me out, sarah has said on multiple occasions that nox will be coming back and she also said that he’d been ‘on adventures of his own’ WHERE BETTER TO HAVE ADVENTURES THEN ON A DIFFERENT CONTINENT! Didnt he also like ditch the competition? So hes on the run? If so heading to a new continent is probably what most people would do in that situation.
(If nox doesnt come back soon i will fucking cut a bitch)
And if another person is introduced my guess is that it will be somone new (probably one of the emperors many sons)
Thats it… it barely makee sense but if you have any cool theories about chaols book, tell me!! I love theories.

Fucking cartoons these days can’t just have a nice, simple fun-filled plot can they?? NOOOO they have to be full of SOUL PROPHECIES and ILLUMINATI TRIANGLES AND HAVE REALLY LONG HIATUS’ THAT MAKE ME DIE ON THE INSIDE.

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Hey so idk if ur still do su theories, and if not that's cool, but there's this one amythest in the zoo who has a very rose quartz esque curl in her hair, its a really specific thing to put in a character design, and to me it implies that 1) there still sympathetic sentiment on homeworld for rose quartz(es) and maybe her cause, at least among this group of quartz soldiers, and 2) this sentiment isn't being actively stamped out even by holly blue agate aka worst boss ever, idk thoughts?

So I did notice that and I do find it interesting, though my take is much less the idea it’s a deliberate style, much less a look of resistance. I think if it was, it would be much more popularized throughout the Famethyst, and honestly…

I think if there was any movement of sympathy towards the bubbled Roses, Jasper would absolutely be on it. She seems to have crowned herself the avenging champion of everything Rose ruined- Earth, the plight of Famethyst, Pink Diamond. If there was any whisper that the other Roses were blameless, Jasper would take up that banner. It fits her attitude and worldview perfectly, would drive her even further.

Rather- my take on that particular ringlet is there’s something very interesting going on, I think, with Gems and the Diamond they follow.

There seem to be hereditary, genetic similarities between Gems of a color category. I’m not… totally sure what to make of it so far yet but I feel like there’s a kind of common genetics to all the purple-pink-red-orange spectrum Gems.

Anyone else notice how that ending scene of Samurai Jack was heavy sexual innuendo?
Like how they can’t figure how to turn “it” on, the monster coming to attack Ashi looking like an incoming dick, the “stripping” off her clothes, him taking his gi off, they both get engulfed with each one calling each other’s name and then both screaming together as they are electrified (orgasms)? Heavy panting afterwards.
And with how we see them kiss once with a jump cut again, I almost think they’re implying it happened twice.

How to Write

Step 1: Be an enthused kid in love with a fandom. Create terrible cliche Mary Sue fanfiction.

Step 2: Grow older and realize how terrible you were. Recoil in horror and shame.

Step 3: Create only gritty and ironic deconstructions because real life is pain and you have been wisened to its ways. 

Step 4: Slowly realize you still actually kind of like some of those ridiculous fantasies and old cliches. Remember how fun it was to boldly mess around.

Step 5: Cautiously approach older ideas. Realize that with some major adjustment, a couple of them are actually pretty decent. And even if they’re terrible, what’s so bad about being occasionally terrible?

Step 6: Be an enthused adult creating adventures.

Step 7: Win forever. 

hello ! earlier today i saw a post about your thoughts on the galra!keith theory and how you don’t think it has enough evidence! my friend is OBSESSED with that theory and has,, so much evidence and points to back up the theory! i’m not rlly trying to change ur mind but i think it’s all really interesting and wanted 2 share!
(my friend is @radioactivesupersonic btw!!! and all of this is ripped from out skype convo so yea)

Evidence for Galra Keith theory:
in no particular order

> Most pressing, Keith is able to operate the hand scanners that lock much Galra technology. The only other times we’ve seen characters do this is Shiro, using his Galra-made prosthetic, and Allura, using her galran form. Keith just put his hand on it and made it work, which was called attention to

> In the first episode when Keith is on the ship, he stops and stares at a Galra symbol for an extended period of time with an odd expression. This would imply that he recognizes the symbol even though formally this is his first interaction with the Galra.

> Also in the first episode, Keith appears riding a strange vehicle that Pidge refers to as a “thing” and which is aesthetically far more similar to alien technology than the futuristic Earth technology we see in episode 1- Keith’s vehicle has antigravity/hovering when none of the others do, and it also has little glowing insets

> The knife. Keith is featured prominently and repeatedly with a knife with a wrapped hilt; in the second episode he’s sitting in bed staring at it intently. In the finale, a Galra soldier, Thace, stabs a drone and retrieves his knife from its back- the screen prominently focuses on the shape of the hilt and the glowing purple symbol on it. While Keith’s knife and Thace’s have very different blades, the shape of the hilt and pommel is virtually identical.

> The “burn”. When Keith fights the Galra druid, he’s thrown into a vat of quintessence which spills onto his hand. The affected skin turns a distinct shade of purple, the color associated with the galra, and when Pidge bails Keith out, the burn disappears before any of the other members of the cast have seen it.

> Legacy: in a prior continuity, Keith was revealed to be of Altean ancestry- technically “Arusian” but this was a continuity where this meant Allura’s people, not tiny salamander friends

> Abilities: Keith has been juxtaposed twice with the galra druids. First in that he was the first to be pitted against one, and second, in the first episode, two people sense the Blue Lion- Keith initially, and then Haggar later in the episode.

Keith is stated to be an excellent pilot who works largely by intuition, which would very easily be foreshadowing that he might have some form of expanded awareness or magic-based perceptions.
Keith was also able to intuitively sense the location of the Red Lion by focusing, while everyone else followed glowing markings that guided them there.

> Symbolism: Keith pilots the right arm of Voltron- Shiro, who pilots Voltron’s head and torso, has a galra-made right arm. Also, while the other Lions besides Black were in locations thematically fitting for their element, Keith’s lion was on a Galra ship.

> Zarkon’s comment in the finale that Keith fights like a Galra soldier.

And, while it’s not the only explanation, most people consider it a motivation for why Thace is betraying his own people.

tldr; There are at least 9 points on why keith could possibly be a galra, based on what “hints” have been presented in the show.
(thank you for reading if u did you don’t gotta post this my dude ;v; it’s cool tho (ovo)b )


I should also probably mention, in the second episode, Keith, Hunk, and Lance are gathered together while (I believe Lance) one of them states that he feels like there’s no secrets between them; Shiro and Pidge are sorted off to the side, and we see both of them having trouble with the mind-opening exercise beforehand.
Someone could use this to suggest Keith could not be deliberately hiding something, which I agree with- but Keith’s official bio also states he was orphaned at a young age and as far as we can tell the only real person in his life before becoming a paladin was Shiro, so he could very easily be effectively a sci-fi changeling and not know it.
(That would also be supported by the Legacy anecdote, because Voltron Force’s Keith was also unaware of his alien heritage, made easier in that verse because the Alteans/Arusians looked identical to humans)

okay so that’S it sorry for not adding it in the last thing i sent you ;v; <3

oh wow i didnt know about a lot of that! thats a really cool theory :0

The Neverending Struggle
  • Me in a science class: That's cool.
  • ...this is the predominant theory? Is there an alternative theory? How did they arrive at that theory? Were there any dead ends on their road to discovery? Could you write a story about this? Would this make a nice painting? Does this have any philosophical implications? Could you use this in a different field? Now you're just using fancy formulas to sound smart, aren't you? I could write a song about this! This book needs more pictures. Could you prove this with anything other than maths? Are there different types of logic? Could aliens deduce this differently? Yeah, you've proven it, but could you go deeper? I mean, what does this really mean? Yeah, but what if ...
  • ...argh, this needs more culture and sophistication! There aren't enough violins and globes and profound existential questions and stuff!
  • Me in a humanities class: That's cool.
  • you have ten theories about how to define a word? Ten scholars have written about this metaphysical theory we aren't completely sure is even its own field? Okay, now you're just making stuff up. Could you actually prove this? Isn't this just conjecture? This book needs more logic. This theory needs some solid ground to stand on. Could you prove this with maths? Now you're just using fancy words to sound smart, aren't you? How many books can you write about this book? Didn't you just say this was an outdated idea? Why are you going deeper when you haven't even proven it yet? How many different phrases with slightly different meanings are you going to use? I mean, what does this really mean? Yeah, but what if...
  • ...argh, this needs more precision and logic! There aren't enough proofs and experiments and profound universal questions and stuff!
Okay so hear me out

So. Lord Hater. Space chimp. I know we’ve all kind of been joking about it since The Waste of Time, but I’d like to think I’m not the only one who’s pretty much adopted the theory as, well. The truth. In a wacky sort of way. Because man wouldn’t that be something? A Lord Hater origin story with that kind of connotation would be amazing. Because you know, earth actually existing in WOY, Hater being a monkey, what’s not to like? 

But. I’ve been thinking about it. Post ‘End of the Galaxy’. About how such a plot would work into a season 3 and how it would match up with the few easter eggs we’ve seen so far.

And well. I’ve realized it doesn’t match.

That space pod we see at the end of the ‘End of the Galaxy’ animatic? I don’t think Hater came from that crash; I think he caused it.

(Explanation complete with pictures under the read more so I don’t take up your dash!)

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“I think this ones my favorite!”

“I think hes her favorite too”

Amethyst wasnt talking about the dance

The way Amethyst looks at him, thats more than just “Cool! A New playmate!”

My first theory, the one that really got me into Steven Universe, and I mean REALLY got me into it and had me started analyzing things was Maximum capacity and the implications between Greg and Amethyst

Now, back then I simply thought she was trying to get with Greg

And I still believe that, despite what others may have said, even the writers

You dont put stuff like this in the show and expect it to play it all off saying “She was just trying to mess with him”. That lie doesent work.

At first, I thought the writers were just covering their asses for the censors, and many people actually agree with me on that.

But NOW… I think they were lying to cover their asses from ruining the surprise. They didn’t want to ruin something that they may be building up to, and dint want people figuring things out too soon, and see coming!

“But the writers said it themselves! She was just trying to get back at Greg for taking Rose away!”

Why would she go so far out of her way to spend time with him?

Why was she trying so hard to keep his attention?

Why would she risk hurting Steven in this way?

Why would she desecrate someone’s image that she loved like this?

What exactly could she have possibly done to upset Greg to the point where he didnt want to be friends with Amethyst anymore?

Why would she blush like this?

The writers are not stupid. They could have easily made it seem like Amethyst wanted to hurt Greg, WITHOUT making it also seem like she was trying to get with him.

The way she looks and acts around him

They were more than just buds

Or at least, she might have seen herself as more than just his bud. Maybe she wanted a replacement for Rose, she probably wanted him to owe up to it.

Or maybe she wanted to be the replacement of Rose for Greg. Maybe she really did want his attentions in that way. That she wanted him to love her the way he loved Rose.

 I sincerely think that she wanted there to be something more between them.

I think she tried to get with him, and he rejected her. It doesent make a whole lot of sense otherwise to me.

If you think otherwise, thats cool, im saying this more for me, and those that may agree with me.

Im at the point where im almost certain this was done intentionally. Im certain theres gonna be another episode about Greg and Amethyst. And I think it will be pretty important, more so than most episodes, and most episodes are important.

When sung by a nation in their respective lanugauge, ‘Marukaite Chikyuu’ and to a lesser extent, 'Hatafutte Parade’ becomes a powerful spell that can destroy landmasses and more. As more nations add their song, the more powerful it grows. There is an agreement among the nations never to use this against one another in petty acts of war It is reserved for higher things than that.

The last time it was used was a joint effort by multiple Ancients to rid of a city that was intending to destroy the Earth. Atlantis was never seen again.