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The “Exchange” Program #2

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Summary: To say you were excited was an understatement. Your brother had left for Korea and in exchange you get a replacement, also known as an exchange student. Expecting a smart, nice boy,  practically the boy version of you…you got the complete opposite. A bad boy with bad habits.

Pairing: Jungkook X Reader

Au: Badboy!Jungkook

A/n: Please give me feedback it helps me a LOT

“Really? Poohbear?” he sighed.

First you were confused at the sudden mention of the cute character then it hit you, it literally hit you. You felt the slight cold breeze hit your lower exposed butt cheeks realising that you had just flashed the poor boy.

“Seriously you never fail to entertain me, kitten” he chuckled letting go of your hips.

You scurried off of him and ran to your room leaving him in a chuckling mess, you looked in the mirror and silently cussed to yourself.

“Of all days you had to wear underwear that looked like it belonged to a child” you whispered quickly getting changed into sweats and climbing into your bed grabbing the silver laptop and opening Netflix.

Clicking on the familiar show, you slowly felt your eyes get droopy and heavy. Before you knew you it you were out like a nightlight.

“C’mon you idiot, wake up!” 

You heard a raspy voice yell at you, you felt your sides being shook making you open your eyes to see Jungkook staring at you furiously.

“What!?” you groaned sitting up.

“Your bitch ass cat pissed on my bed whilst I was sleeping!!” he shouted angrily.

Looking at your laptop you realised you had missed two episodes of the show show you were currently binging, groaning to yourself you swung your legs out of your bed and slipped on your slippers.

“Crap, I missed two episodes” you groaned out to him.

“Your cat literally pissed on my face and you’re worried about your stupid show!?” His remark made you burst out into laughter.

“Wait…Fifi actually pissed on your…face?” you laughed pointed at him.

“Ha Ha its all jokes till you get pissed on” he snickered, pushing you into his room

Cleaning up the mess that your cat made, Jungkook collapsed onto his bed. You scratched Fifi on the head and praised her for her actions.

“You’re praising her? After what she did to me?” he questioned.

“Yes, yes I a-” you were cut of by feeling something wet being thrown on your face. You peeled off the paper towel to realise it was the towel you had used to wipe Fifi’s piss.

“YOU FREAK!!!” You shouted throwing the towel on the floor and running to the shared bathroom.

“Not so fun now is it?” Jungkook snickered folding his arms and heading back to his bed.

“Ew Ew Ew”

You opened the door to your car and buckled your seat belt waiting for Jungkook, you were not having a good day. You woke up two hours before you usually do, there was no more coffee since your dad drank it all yesterday and it was the fist day of school.

“What’s got your panties in a twist?” he said as he climbed into the passengers seat.

“Trust me when I say this, you don’t want to mess with me” you retorted, driving off in the direction of your school.

“You drive like my granny” he remarked, sticking his leg up on the dashboard of the car. You reached over and shoved his leg off of it and smiled at him.

 “I’m sorry but is there anyway for you to not be a total pain in the ass?” He put both of his legs up on the dashboard.

“I don’t think thats possible poohbear”

You glared at him because of the sudden use of the nick name that will forever haunt you.

“Can we pretend that never happened?” you pleaded parking the car into the school car park. You looked over to see him exiting the vehicle, you sighed in not getting your answer and got out yourself.

Walking to your locker you spotted your best friend waiting for you, a smile plastered on her face. You see it drop when you reach her, you follow where her eyes are averted to.

I guess he’s going to be a pain in the ass here too.

“Omg” Ally blurts, the smile appearing on her face. Ally wasn’t as intelectual as you were, she was smart and definitely was not one of the burn outs of the year. She was no doubt more popular then you, she was the type to gossip about parties and boys. You didn’t really feel the need to gossip, it was irrelevant to you. She was often asked why she stayed with you, and sometimes you wondered also.

“What?” you asked opening your locker and piled all of your books into it.

“Him. Who is he?” she pointed to Jungkook, watching him intensely as he shoved the black notebooks into the blue locker. You rolled your eyes at the colour of the books.

‘Typical, the bad boy is too bad for colours’ you thought and got out your math text book and English lit note book.

“That is the asshole, also known as Jungkook” you slammed your locker shut.

“He’s my new exchange student, he’s staying with me for a year. Personally it’s too long in my opinion” you smiled at her.

“Hey guys” Mia’s voice rings through your ears, as she gives you and Ally a big smile, she follow’s Ally’s eyes and see what she was staring at. Instantly her mouth gapes a bit.

“Who?” she asks.

“Y/n’s new exchange student. He’s staying for a year” Ally pipes up turning to you and Mia.

“She think’s a year is too much” Ally roles her eyes and smiles at you. 

“What!? Having that hottie living with you for a year is not enough!” Mia shouts causing Ally to laugh and to you frown.

“He’s a complete ass Mia, He threw cat piss on me last night!! Which did not help me sleep at all. There was no coffee, I did not sleep one wink and to top it off HE marked my dashboard in my car!! Do you know how hard it is to get shoe marks off!?!” you shouted at Ally and Mia, causing to get stares from passing students.

You huffed opening your eyes to find Jungkook staring at the three of you, smiling to himself.

“Did he just hear all of that?” you whispered to Ally, she nodded her head and laughed to herself.

“Hey Poohbear” you heard Jungkook laugh, walking towards your friends and you. You saw the girls stand still, afraid to embarrass themselves.

“What?” You huffed the piece of hair that was in your face. 

He grabbed your books and looked at the timetable you had stuck to your laptop cover.

“Hey we have the same classes!” he cheered.

“You’re kidding me? You’re that smart to be AP?” you questioned him, a confused look clearly presented on your face.

“I hope you know apart of being an exchange student, you do have to have good grades” he chuckled lightly to himself. You were speechless.

“C’mon, show me where the classes are” he walked off with your timetable, you ran after him making your friends follow the two of you.

“Why does he call you Poohbear?” Mia asks.

“Long story”

“Alright who can solve this equation?” Mr Clark, spun around on his heel. Your hand instantly shot up.

“Great! A classic showdown, how exciting!?” he clapped his hands clearly feeling ecstatic. You turned to see who you were up against and it was none other then Mr. Bad Boy himself.

“You’ve got to be kidding me” you whispered to yourself, getting up causing the chair to drag out with you.

You got to the board, a red marker in your hand ready to write the answer. You looked over to Jungkook to see a craze look in his eyes.

“And…go!” Mr Clark clapped.

You wrote down your answer faster then lightening…but so did Jungkook.

“Let’s see who takes home the prize” Mr Clark looked at the equations, you smiled to yourself, confident with your answer.

“And the winner is the exchange student!” He shouted.

Everybody hollered and clapped. You’ve never been more embarrassed in your life, you slumped back into your seat. Mia and Ally patting you on the back, you dug your head into your arms wishing the day to be over.

Soon it was lunch. You walked over to where Ally and Mia were, you saw the two familiar boys at your tables. You smiled and ran quickly to the boys.

“Mark!! Jackson!!” You scream, getting taken into Jackson’s arm. “I missed you pup!” Jackson exclaimed hugging you tightly then letting you go to hug Mark.

“I missed you too pup!” Mark shouted lifting you off the ground.

You laughed and sat down with them, you took a bite of your apple and put it down.

“How was China you two?” you asked Mark and Jackson they nodded their heads in unison.

“It was good” Jackson said.

“That’s it? You went to China and that’s all you have to say?” You laugh and sip your orange juice.

Mark laughed, “How were your holidays?” he asked taking a bite of the pizza.

“Oh you know, same old same old. Nothing eventful” you sighed.

“Are you kidding me?” Mia gasped causing Jackson and Mark to turn their heads towards her.

“What?” Jackson pipes

“She got a new exchange student. He’s so hot…and smart too!” Ally pipes up as well.

The door opened to the dining hall showing a handsome man, and you guessed it, it is Jungkook.

All you could hear were giggles and sighs.

“That’s him” Ally announced.

“Thats him!?” Mark exclaims.

“Yeah, Why do you seem so shocked?” You questioned.

“Nothing, it’s just…I know him” Mark whispers to you, leaning closely so only you could hear.

“How do you know him?” you hesitated to ask the question, afraid of the answer that would come.

“Y/n, please be careful around him” Mark warned.

i loved you, then i lost you {2}

a/n: hello this is nashi speaking and i am extremely shook by everything thats happened in the past few days omg ive never been this hyped to type

pairing: taehyung x reader

genre: fluff + angst

summary: you watched and watched as taehyung suffered from his one-sided love, comforting him when he cried, comforting him as he threw up those fucking flower petals. it hurt you whenever he would stare lovingly into that girl’s eyes, giggling and playing with her hair. it pained you when he kept throwing up flowers, pushing the thought that his lover didn’t love him away; he was so dejected, yet he never saw how much happiness he brought to you.

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Oh fuck, oh fuck. Oh fuck. You watched in horror as flowers continued to fall down from your mouth, your continuous coughs seeming to last an eternity. ‘Stop coughing already’ you told yourself countless times - which was useless, your body hated your mind. Every time you tried to muffle your cough and fail, your eyes followed the stairs going upstairs, praying Taehyung couldn’t hear you in his sleep. Sure, he was a deep sleeper - but your coughs were damn loud in your ears. Was this how Taehyung felt when he first got the disease? The suffocating feeling that took place in your throat felt uncomfortable and scary - like you were going to choke. You raised your head towards the ceiling, closing your eyes. A wave of relief washed over you when the flowers no longer came out, wiping the tears away. “I need to clean this up..” You murmured, standing up shakily and walking towards the kitchen to grab a bag. 

When picking up the flowers to dump in the bag, it was surprisingly dry. You’d expect it to be wet, but no - the world really was weird, you thought. After piling them all up into the bag, you threw them in the trash can and wrapped your arms around your waist. “I should see a doctor..” You bit down on your lip. You couldn’t tell Taehyung about this. Snatching your keys and slipping shoes on, you rushed out the house and into your car. Turning the engine on, you gripped the steering wheel tightly to the point where your knuckles became white. “Alright.” You took a deep breathe in, pushing down on the pedal.

The hospital was quite big - well, I mean, of course. How else would they keep patients? You walked in the building quietly, turning around a corner and into a small room. “Seokjin?” You asked quietly, knocking on the door. The well-framed man turned around, his round glasses sliding down his nose. 

“(y/n)! What are you doing here?” Jin smiled, pushing up his glasses and gesturing for you to come in.

“Sorry for the sudden meeting,” you smiled back at him. “I was in a rush.”

“It’s fine.” He tapped his pen on his clipboard, settling himself down on his stool. “What’s up?”

Rolling your eyes, you sat on the bench in front of him and sighed. “You know how Tae has that..disease, right?”

Jin raised an eyebrow, his smile dissolving. “Yeah, why?”

You fiddled with your fingers, looking down. “I think I have it, too, Jin.” 

He leaned back in his chair. “You understand that you just can’t..bam, get the disease right? It develops over time.” You shrugged, taking your time to think about it. Had your feelings for Taehyung been developing over the years the two of you had been friends? 

“I-I swear, I have it, Jin,” you whispered, looking up at him. “The flowers came out today.”

Jin bit down on his lip, clicking the end of the pen a few times before glancing at you. “When did it happen?” He asked, positioning his pen onto the paper on his clipboard.

“ around 1, I think.” You answered softly, butterflies swarming around in your stomach. Scribbling down on the paper, he looked up again.

“Who is the person you’re being involved with?”


His jaw dropped, eyes widened, breathe sucked in. “Are you sure? (y/n), you know he has a girlfriend! Why are you-”

“I wouldn’t call her his girlfriend when she cheats on him everyday!” You retorted sharply, curling your fingers around the edge of the bench. Adjusting his glasses, Jin let out a short sigh.

“That may be true, got yourself involved in something weird.” He murmured, writing something down on his paper again. “Anyways,” he continued, “Do you want to have the surgery?”

“Surgery? What surgery?” Your eyes widened at the thought of surgery - the whole concept scared you. The fact that someone would be opening up your body and going through your organs and shit made you cringe. Jin stared at you with confusion.

“Have I never told you about the surgery?” You shook your head. “Alright, well..basically, in the surgery, it cures the Hanahaki Disease, but you loose the ability to love anyone.” His eyes gazed into yours, expression laced with concern and worry. “That would probably be the best, you know.”

You felt your stomach drop down, shaking your head again. “No.” 

“No? Don’t you know that you’ll be suffering from this disease if you don’t get the surgery?”

“Jin!” You stood up, shoving your hands in your pocket. “It’s not that simple! You can’t just convince me to stop..having the feeling to have affection!” Pinching the bridge of your nose, you let out a groan of frustration. “Never mind. I have to go.” You grumbled, approaching the door to leave the room.

“You’re gonna be in a lot of pain. Mentally and physically, (y/n).” Jin called out, jogging after you and into the lobby. “Wait a sec!” You turned around, taking a step back. 


“Are you going to bring Taehyung here?”

“Why would I have to do that?”

Jin flicked your forehead. “Because he also had the disease, you idiot.” He groaned, rubbing his temple. “He’s been dealing with it for months now. He’s probably going to die if he doesn’t have surgery, (y/n).” His voice softened at your gloomy expression, adjusting the cuffs of his sleeves.

“Look, I’m sure people in the past have died,” you murmured, turning on your heel to walk away. “But I’m sure Taehyung will survive this.” And with that, you exited the building and let out a loud groan. Checking your phone for a quick second, you shuffled over to the bakery across the street and peeked your head inside.

You slammed the car door while entering the vehicle, tucking a piece of hair behind your ear. Letting out a small cough, a tiny flower escaped out and into your hand. You shook it away, roughly running your hand through your hair. “What the fuck am I supposed to do now?” You yelled, slamming your head on the steering wheel. The choices weren’t good at all - if you do let Taehyung get the surgery, he would be free of his pain; but he couldn’t return your feelings. Sure, it was selfish of you, but you couldn’t help it. The next option was for you to have the surgery instead, or both of you could have it. The main problem was that it would make things complicated and awkward between the two of you. If you had to take the surgery, Taehyung would find out you had the disease and pressure you into telling him who you loved. 

“Why me, out of all the people?” You quickly inserted your key in the engine, waiting for the car to warm up and driving yourself back home.

“Tae?” You called out as you entered the house, eyes locating a small note on the counter. 

‘Going out with Suha~~~~ I made ramen for you, enjoy okay bye save some for me BYE’

You glanced at the small pot on top of the stove and crumpled up the note, walking towards it and opening it. “Wow, how fancy.” Inside the pot was instant ramen, which everyone could damn see. Taehyung wasn’t very effective in cooking even after Jin gave him lessons; well, stressful lessons. You grabbed a bowl and chopsticks, pouring the noodles out and glancing at the clock. Six PM. You made your way to the kitchen table, setting your bowl down and grabbing your phone out. Halfway through taking a bite, you felt another cough come up. 

“Shit.” You murmured, covering your mouth to stifle the noise. You just couldn’t get used to the feeling of flowers coming out your body, it was weird. As the flowers continued to scatter, a thought skipped around in your mind - 

Would it be better to leave Taehyung?

You let out a rough cough, standing up from the chair and wiping your nose. Glancing at the clock, your eyes watched the hands tick and tick from minute to minute. Taehyung would be coming home at around ten o’clock - he always did and even  made a curfew for himself. The thought made you smile as your walked upstairs, discarding the noodles and walking into your bedroom. The faint smell of perfume still floated around some places, but thankfully had weakened as time passed. It felt strangely empty in the house without Taehyung bugging you for snacks every five minutes, the only sound you could hear clearly was the faint sound of beeping outside. 

Your fingers tapped on the small icon on your phone, bringing it to your ear.

“HELLO!!” The scream erupted from the other line, causing you to jump away from the phone. 

“Hoseok, I told you not to-”


You laughed and sat on your bed, checking yourself in the mirror. “Taehyung’s out, so I wanted to call you.”

“Ooo! Out where?” 

“Out with Suha,” you grumbled lowly, letting out a sigh and flopping down on the mattress. 

“Suha? That’s his girlfriend, right?”

“Why does everybody think she’s his girlfriend? Am I going crazy?” You kicked your feet up in the air, letting out a screech of frustration. “She is not his boyfriend!”

“Sounds like someone’s jealous~” Hoseok cooed, giggling loudly.

“I am not!”

“I have to go, (y/n)! Your angel has to go to work, ba-byeeeee!” He laughed, hanging up the call. 

“Wa-” You shut your phone off, throwing it on the other side of your bed. “I forgot everyone has jobs..” You coughed, discarding the flowers onto the floor. You had no energy anymore to do anything to prevent it and drifted into sleep, eyes fluttering shut.

Taehyung came back late at night while you were sleeping. His loud knocks jolted you out of sleep. “You’re annoying!” You screamed, stomping out your room and down the stairs, opening the door swiftly. “Why are you knocking on my door at two AM?!” He stared at you blankly, letting out a small sigh and stumbling in. 

“Answe- ohmygodhaveyoubeendrinking.” A strong scent of alcohol slapped you straight across the face, making you stumble back. 

“Yeah,” he let out a deep breath, taking off his jacket.

“Couldn’t you just go back to your own house?!” You whined unhappily, covering your nose with your hand. “I don’t like being woken up.”

Taehyung shot a small smile at you in apology, ruffling up his hair. “Sorry, you were the closest house I could go to.”

“Whatever, don’t come in my room, I don’t wanna die.”

He stared at you again, raising his eyebrows. “But I always do know..” 

Uncovering your nose, you sighed. “..Get a cup of water ready.”

“Actually!” He piped up, his smiling growing wider. “Can we talk about somethin’?”

“Hm? About what?” You asked, stopping halfway between walking to the kitchen. Taehyung jumped up and down like a child, his eyes sparkling with excitement.

“Suha and I are gonna get engaged~~”

You could literally hear your heart shatter into pieces. Your smile disappeared along with the energy you had left in you after you woke up. Inside your mind, you were astonished; did he just really think Suha was working with her co-workers? You had to tell him - or he’d have to live with Suha and suffer even more.

“H-Hey..that’s a bit too fast, don’t you think?” You clenched your sweaty palms into a fist, forcing a small smile. “You’ve only been dating for what, three months now, Tae. You’re twenty two years old, you still have a lot to live up to!” Your voice went wobbly as you took a step towards him, looking hopeless. “A-And! I” Your words trailed off while staring at him, feeling an comfortable feeling spreading to you. Taehyung stared at you with furrowed eyebrows, chewing on his lip.

“She already checked in with her father, I dunno why you’re so worked u-”

“How many other boys is she getting married to?”

His eyes widened at the sudden statement, raising an eyebrow. “What? Other boys? Are you acting like this because you’re tired?”

“No!” You responded quickly and loudly, your hair falling in front of your wide eyes. “Taehyung, listen. Suha’s cheating on you, she’s been doing it this entire time.’re..too naive and you fell for her tricks so easily,” the tap let out a small drop of water as you spoke. “F-For two months, Taehyung, and you never noticed.”

The two of you stared at each other silently. The room was so quiet you thought you could hear your heart thumping against your chest.

“Go to bed, (y/n).” He spoke quietly, looking down at the ground.


“I think I’ll sleep at my house tonight,” His voice whispered softly, gathering his jacket.

“You believe me, right..?” You squeaked quietly, the forced smile dropping. He paused, shrugging his shoulders.


“Taehyung, I swear on my life, don’t do it! Don’t you know you’ll die if you continue this!?”

“I don’t care!” Taehyung spat, rebelling against your words. “God, (y/n). Are you angry that I won’t be over at your house anymore? That I’m growing up?” He glared at you angrily, shoving his jacket on.

You gulped, grabbing his wrist. “Please,” you pleaded desperately, heart pounding and mouth going dry. “I don’t want you getting hurt.”

“Hurt? Suha isn’t going to hurt me.”

“It’ll hurt me!” You screamed at him, your eyes watering up. Don’t go, don’t go, don’t fucking go. You’d go into a dark hole, a hole which you had been scared of your whole entire life. A hole which where Taehyung disappeared from your site, only coming to you when he needed a drink or had a fight with Suha. You’re world was bright with him by your side; and he was leaving without another trace.

“Let go.”


You coughed into your arm, your hand which gripped tightly on Taehyung’s arm trembling. “Oh god, not now..”

He ripped your hand off his wrist, staring at you with slight concern. “I know it’s hard,” he spoke loudly to overcome your coughs. Your hand hid the small flowers, turning around and trembling with fear and pain altogether. “But it’s not like I’ll leave forever.” He opened the door, slamming it closed. Your knees have in, crashing to the ground as the flowers came pouring out. They created a large pile on the wooden floor, more intense than last time. Your heart was broken, and he had left. Left without you, without your thoughts, but had brought your smile with him. Why was he going so fast with her? He should’ve had a few months left before making such a vast decision. Tears poured down your face, loud sobs escaping your shaky lips. “Don’t go..” You whispered, clawing at the ground. “Don’t do it..”

With a shaky hand you reached out for your phone in your pocket, dialing a number quickly. “Hello?”

Barely whispering, you let out a strangled cough. “T-Tae..h-hyung..leave- leaving m-mee..”

“What? Are you crying?”

The words came out butchered and unclear, trying your best to overcome the tears flowing down. “H-He went aw..ay so f-a-s.t,” you choked up, clenching a small flower inside your hand. “He wouldn’t even l-listen to me!” 

A sigh floated into your ear from the other end of the phone as your sobbed into your hand. “Hey, calm down. I’m coming to get you.”

“N-No..don’t do”

“Are you stupid? I am, hang up this call, and don’t move.”

You were left with a quiet beep. Two minutes went by before someone slammed the door open, banging against the wall. “H-hey!” Crawling away from the sudden burst, you stared at the man in front of you, who was panting and wiping the sweat off his face.

“I tol- what the fuck is that,” he stared at the flowers, switching his gaze between the pile and you.

“I dropped a flower vase!” You hiccuped, rushing over to the pile and laughing nervously. You cupped them in your shaky hands, staring down at them with teary eyes. “Fuck, Yoongi..Suha is gonna take Taehyung away from me.”

“What?” Yoongi sat down on a stool near by the kitchen counter, running a hand through his hair half-way. “Aren’t they-”

“No, they are not girlfriend and boyfriend!”

“What the hell is wrong with you? Why are you so jealous?”

“What’s wrong with being jealous when the boy I love is with another woman who doesn’t give two fucking shits about him!” You screamed back at him, clutching the flowers in your right palm. “Girlfriend this, girlfriend that, shut the fuck up!”

Yoongi stood up from the chair, walking towards you and grabbing your collar in his fist. “You better calm your ass down and explain what this is all about.” His icy voice shook you through your body. His glare, not to mention his scolding, would be able to shut anyone down. His hand released the material, standing back and allowing you to cool down. “Explain.” 

You let out a shaky breath, dropping the flowers. “Hanahaki disease.”

“What?” He cocked his eyebrows, folding his arms. “Isn’t that what Taehyung has?” You nodded. 


“So,” he stared at the flower falling down from your hand. “You love Taehyung.”


“And why is he leaving?”

Your knees knocked against each other. “They’re getting married.” 

Yoongi’s jaw dropped open, a small gasped escaping his lips. “Oh shit, really?”

“Yes!” You whined, shoving your hands inside your hair, nails digging into your scalp. “He doesn’t even realize she’s being such a slut!”

“Hey, calm down, don’t go that far.” Yoongi scolded, shooting an icy glare at you. After a few frustrated grumbles and stomps, you calmed down. “It’s weird.” He leaned his body against the couch, looking down at the ground with his legs crossed over each other. “You never act like this. Taehyung must be really special to you.”

“I hate this. I didn’t want to like him that way. The effects of the disease is gonna get worse, too.”

“Wait..what happens if it gets worse?” You shrugged, turning your chin.

“Death or somethin’.” Yoongi shot up, eyes wild.

“Are you fucking insane? Death? Can’t-”

“I will not get a surgery,” you snapped at him, taking a step closer and turning yourself to face him. “As much as I hate having this situation, I just can’t let Taehyung leave my love life this way.”

“Love life, who cares! Your life is fragile, don’t take it for granted!” Yoongi pressed, his hands shooting up in the air. You stood there quietly, avoiding his blazing gaze. Finally, he groaned. “Get in my car, we’re going to the club.”

“Hey! Yoongi!” You clung to his arm, eyes widening at the blasting music in the large building. Everyone swayed their hips, giggling and screaming as the lights blinded you. “Oh fuck-”

“You seriously have never been clubbing before? You really are sad.”

“I just wanted to sleep, it’s five AM!” You protested as you were dragged inside against your will. 

“Yoongi! I missed you!” 

Your head turned towards the source of the silky voice, eyes laying upon a short man with - 

Oh shit.

“Oh my god,” you whispered. “Is that an angel? Did I get run over? Did I-”

“That’s Jimin. I haven’t introduced you to him yet.” Yoongi rolled his eyes, waving at Jimin. “Hey! Come over here, meet (y/n)!”

The man rushed over, extending his hand towards you. “Yoongi has a friend, finally!” He yelped with pain as Yoongi punched him in the shoulder, cursing him out. “Hey, chill, man~” 

“I swear to g-”

“I’m Jimin! You can call me Jimine, Chim Chim, whatever you want!” Jimin smiled while you shook his hand, giving him an awkward smile in return. “Okay! Yoongi! What drinks will we have today? I’m gonna beat you this time.”

Yoongi scoffed, taking your hand off his arm and whacking Jimin up his head. “You wish. We’re doing whiskey today.”

“Hey! You know I wi-”

“Exactly why I chose it, you midget.”

Jimin let out a screech of anger, waving goodbye to you and dragging him to the back of the room. You stood there, trying to avoid everyone bumping into you. “..You forgot me?” You sighed, settling down on the counter stool. 

“Want a drink?” You looked up, locking eyes with a pair of dark, brown eyes. 

“ I don’t drink.”

The young male chuckled, wiping the glass with his towel. “Why are you here, then? This place was made for you to get drunk.”

“I was dragged here against my own will, buddy.” You smirked, leaning your chin against your hand. You studied his facial features, as well as the upper half of his body - he wore a loose tuxedo, which was quite bizarre, paired with a strong frame. His face was lightly tanned, eyes soaked with a deep brown color. His hair was also brown, which was literally shining in your face. 

“Who brought you here?” He asked, sliding over a glass of water over to you. You took a sip of the water, eyeing him. 

“Yoongi, my friend.”

He stared at you, confused. “Yoongi? Like, the Yoongi that can drink almost twenty drinks and still be okay?”

You groaned, setting the cup of water down. “Yep.”

“ don’t look like he’d-”

“I know.” You laughed. “My name is (y/n). Let’s get to know each other, shall we?” You introduced yourself smoothly, extending your hand out to him.

“I’m Jungkook, international playboy.” Jungkook grinned, taking your hand and shaking it roughly.

“International playboy?” You laughed along with him, watching the corners of his eyes crinkle as his smile widened. 

“Yep!” He chuckled, setting the cup he previously cleaned earlier down. “So, you were dragged here?”


“Your eyes are red. Have you been cryin’ or something?”

Your hands shot up to your eyes, leaning back a bit. “Is it that obvious?” Your ears heated up when he nodded, slamming your hand back down on the counter. “I went through something earlier, doesn’t matter.”

“I’m sure it matters, (y/n).”

Your head snapped around, almost choking on your own spit. Taehyung stood there, staring at you with confusion. “W-Wha-”

“Who’s this?” Jungkook asked, obviously alerted by your discomfort by the sudden crash in. The music blared in your ears, staring at Taehyung with wide eyes. 

“Y-Yoongi dragged me here, I swear.” 

“Oh,” was all Taehyung said, sneaking a glance at Jungkook.

“Heyy! (y/n)!”

You turned around, almost stumbling off the stool while Jimin laughed and wrapped his arms around you. “What’s good!”

“Jimin, not now,” you whispered through your teeth, flinching when Yoongi joined the oh so wonderful club.

“Jimin, get your ass back here and finish it like a man!” Yoongi stopped, noticing the problem. “Oh. Taehyung, what are you doing here?”

“I just wanted a drink.” Taehyung responded softly, glaring at Jimin’s drunk actions. “When did you become friends with Jimin?”

You shivered, feeling as if he was pinning your down on the spotlight. His attitude completely changed - his aura felt weird and his gaze wanted to make you shrivel up and die. “A few minutes ago, Tae.”

Just when things couldn’t get any worse and confusing, Suha skipped over to Taehyung and crawled her fingers up his chin. “Hey, what’s taking you so long to get my drink?” Her eyes landed on you, her gaze sharpening. 

“Sorry, Suha.” Taehyung smiled at her weakly, looking at Jungkook. “Whiskey.”

“Hey, don’t order me around, dude!” Jungkook barked, setting his towel down.

“Just do it, Jungkook.” You muttered, standing up. “Thanks for hanging out with me for a bit. I’ll see you whenever.” You shoved Jimin off of you, quickly walking out the club and outside. The air was cold, immediately hitting you and causing you to shriek. 

“It’s cold, why don’t you have a jacket?” Taehyung’s voice called out from behind, you turning around to face him.

You lifted your left shoulder up and down, shivering so mch to the point where it started to make you sore. “’Cause.”

“(y/n), you’ve never went to a club before.” He sighed, shutting the doors to the club closed. “Why are you suddenly shy and..doing all this?”

“I don’t know.”

“How do you not know if what you’re doing are your own actions?”

“Speak for yourself, Taehyung!” You spat, stomping your foot in front of you. “All of sudden, you’re engaged with a fucking slut!”

Taehyung gritted his teeth together, walking towards you. “Don’t say that.”

“It’s true,” you laughed, walking backwards. “She’s been cheating on you, yet you never noticed. Was she there for you when you were on the verge of tears? Was she there for you when you were about to break down?! No! She was always in the background, her lips somewhere on someone else’s mouth!” Your words screamed into his ears, your lips turning slightly numb, as well are your fingers.

“Shut up! She’s not doing any of those things! Can’t you see, (y/n)?!” Taehyung argued, his voice reaching up to level up with yours. “I love her! Why are you being so fucking jealous?!”

“It’s not being jealous, it’s concern!” You stopped walking backwards, allowing him to get closer. “You don’t see it, Tae!”

“Don’t call me Tae.”

“I don’t care!” You sobbed, letting the tears fall out your eyes. The tears that had been holding back ever since Taehyung walked into your life were finally spilling and splattering onto the ground. “Why can’t you just trust me, Taehyung?! Are all our years of friendship just going to go down the drain?” Tears streamed down your face as you yelled at him, voice breaking at how loud you were. Footsteps ran closer to you. 

You raised your hand up in reflex, shutting your eyes closed.


You opened your eyes, shaking with fear. Yoongi held Taehyung back, who was looked angry, as well as pained. 

Jimin grabbed your arm, dragging you away. “Hey..why are you guys arguing?” He had calmed down and didn’t act as drunk, his eyes clouded with tears. 

“He doesn’t trust me. He doesn’ me.” You cried softly, you yourself calming down as well. You fell to your knees, sobbing in your hands. 

You had broken off your relationship with Taehyung ever since that day.

Deleted his phone number, stayed in your locked house. You stared at yourself in your mirror. 

“God, I’m so sorry, Taehyung.”

a/n: that was so messy omg,,

“ill make parts longer”


anonymous asked:

Could I possibly very much ask for you to do the body guard post with got7 please? Not that it will matter lmao but it's my birthday tomorrow so if you do I will literally die of happiness your blog is my life lol but if it's too much of a hassle don't worry about it and keep doing yo thang B)

since it’s your birthday tomorrow, i am honored to accept this request and hopefully it’ll make you smile !!!! here’s bodyguard got7~


  • silent, but the most deadly out of everyone because he’s got a reputation in the business as being one of the most physically skilled and stealthy bodyguards
  • sometimes you’re not sure if you hired a guard or like a secret assassin 
  • enjoys a variety of sports and when you practice he’s always there to lend a helping hand like that time you took up tennis for a while and when your teacher was gone, mark very politely offered to help you with your stance and maybe just maybe having his strong hands maneuver your hips has made you a tinsy bit shy around him now…….
  • but as a guard he’s very reserved and mannered. he doesn’t enjoy the other guards touching you if it isn’t for safety precaution and if anything when bambam starts making jokes and putting his arm on your shoulder mark is always there to keep him in check
  • but unlike jinyoung he’s not a complete downer, you’ll see him laughing at the younger bodyguards antics or when he catches jackson falling asleep during an important meeting
  • and he looks so handsome and perfect that sometimes you can’t concentrate on your work when he’s on solo duty and standing beside you looking….well… That
  • one time mark had gotten to work a little late and you had run into him before he had got to change into the uniform
  • and there he is, in just some grey sweats and a low hanging tank top, hair still sweaty from what you assume was his morning workout
  • and you’re so startled by the sight you drop the pile of papers you’re holding and mark notices you and you’re like ohno oh no o h N o 
  • but he’s already jogging over to help you and when he leans down you can practically see down his tank and you’re like eep and he’s like hmmm
  • and when he looks up you guys are so close, noses practically touching and …… and you’ve gotta be dreaming but is mark tilting his head to lean in and ……
  • jacksons voice echos from somewhere like MARK DUDE JINYOUNGS SO PISSED YOUR LAt- o H AM I inteRRUPtING 
  • and you and mark pull back but it’s too late jackson is giggling his head off and telling you to continue doing whatever but you and mark are bLUShing messes 


  • for the fun of it im giving bodyguard jb a motorcycle in this au 
  • and jinyoung nags that it’s unprofessional for a guard to show up on such a loud bike!!!!! but when you pass by you compliment jb on how cool it is that he’s got a motorcycle and how you’d love to ride on one one day
  • and when you’re gone, jb just turns to jinyoung with the most smug smile like ‘the boss approves’
  • jinyoung stomps away huffing and misses the part where jb has to cover his face with his hand because GOD you just called him COOL he’s gonna be thinking about this all day
  • likes having two guns because he can be extra but also probably because he actually knows how to handle the weapons and tbh he can even spin them and yugyeom keeps begging jb to teach him how to do it but jb is like “you’re too young kid”
  • yugyeom; looks into the camera like he’s on the office 
  • bodyguard!jb has this scar on his back from a motorcycle crash a couple years before and all the guards think it’s badass so when they’re changing they’re all like he’s soooooo tough and chic and WOW
  • in reality jb watches dramas on his phone when you’re all in the car to an event and jackson’s like watcha watching and jb’s like ……nothing im watching a documentary on like. guns. yeah. guns
  • he crying over the new moon lovers episode please
  • there was a situation once at a public charity event you were holding and someone was basically chasing after you and jb since jb had been alarmed at the danger and was trying to get you to safety
  • so you’re running behind him, jb turns around to grab your hand and instead of going all the way to where your car is he tells you he’s parked his bike closer so he hops on, gives you the helmet and tells you to hold on
  • and you grip his waist as he gets the engine started and you yell that he needs to be careful because he doesn’t have an helmet on since he gave it to you, but jb just shakes his head
  • and once you’re far away enough he pulls over to the side of the road and you practically throw yourself into his arms because gOd you were so scared he was going so fast
  • and jb’s like don’t worry! i always go fast, motorcycles are-
  • but you hit his chest and you’re like THATS NOT WHY i was so scared we’d crash and you’d get hurt
  • and jb feels his heartbeat skip as he looks down at you and you’re just like “don’t put yourself at risk like that for me” and you sniffle a bit but he only pulls you into his arms and is like “it’s my job though, but..i promise ill try to be more safe from now on.”


  • acts like a big kid, memes like a big kid, but can snap someones neck with his bare hands
  • doesn’t ever want to resort to violence but he has this really bad impulse control that if someone as much as /looks/ wrong at you he will go at them
  • and that’s why he’s always got scrapes and bruises on his hands and face because he’s always getting into arguments that turn into fights with assholes whether he’s protecting you or even when he’s like off the job
  • like if jackson sees someone being harassed by someone else he has to step in and protect the weaker person 
  • he’s basically a natural protector 
  • but also god does he make you laugh and god does he put himself in embarrassing situation to do so
  • like once he literally backflipped into a meeting room just to introduce you like 
  • he flipped and then got on one knee with his arms out and yelled INTRODUCING MY BOSS
  • and you were laughing hysterically while jinyoung and jb were having heart attacks and youngjae was like “jackson, should i throw the confetti you gave me now or???”
  • jackson loves doing faces @ you during conference calls like you’ll be doing a skype chat with a big lawyer and behind your computer jackson is making faces to help keep you concentrated but all it does is make you want to laugh which would not look good for you rn
  • jackson once was like wanna see my impression of jb and you were like ok and he literally clenched his jaw and drew two dots above his eye with a pen and you were like DYING ……..and then jb walked in and both you and jackson were like cough cough what cough cough 
  • one week you notice that jackson has been taking off like 4 days in a row and you think it’s because of maybe a vacation but then youngjae mentions how he visited jackson in the hospital the other day and you’re like WHAT HES IN THE HosPITAL 
  • and when you find out why you’re like OF COURSE and you literally cancel everything on your schedule to go check on him and when you come into the room jackson almost falls out of the bed trying to get up to greet you and you’re like “WANG JIAER” 
  • and he’s like oh no you’re using my full …real…name and you’re like wHY did you get into another fight and end up breaking your leg- and he’s like i had to this drunk guy was picking on his wife and you know i can’t let things like that go!!
  • and you’re just like GOD WHY ARE YOU SO….SO GOOD AT WORRYING ABOUT OTHERS WORRY ABOut YOuRSELF and he’s like it’s fine!!! my body is my own and im ok with it being-
  • and you like lean over and you’re like “jackson, your body is yours but think about this: im always worrying for you ok -please for me, don’t pt yourself on the line you’re my bodyguard and so a part of you is my responsibility”
  • and jackson kind of maybe blushes for the first time and you’re like,,,,,,ohmy god and he’s like “ok~ my body is also yours from now on” and you’re like asdfaasfdada that’s so—–but ok ill take it


  • bodyguard and moral consultant on just about everything 
  • sometimes you ask jinyoung why in gods name he became a bodyguard he’s so intelligent he could be working for the government or he could be a professor
  • and jinyoung just bashfully declines because ofc he’s not that /smart/ (he is) and plus he enjoys his job because he gets to protect someone as precious to the nation as you
  • and you’re like “wow, you’re so smooth you must be popular when it comes to romance huh” and jinyoung looks away and gets pink like wh-what who has time for romance all he has time for is to think of ways to protect you and maybe enjoy a lengthy classic novel every now and then
  • but in reality jinyoung is one of the more clumsy guards, as in he doesn’t feel comfortable handling a weapon and would lose to mark and jackson in the athletics department 
  • but he’s incredibly detailed oriented and organized so he keeps everything running smoothly and if there’s a problem, all he does is whisper a code into his earpiece and boom - everything is taken care of
  • but his sharp approach scares a lot of people away
  • and so when you smile sweetly at him and thank him for always helping you out whether it be a wardrobe malfunction, keeping you safe from hired hitmen, or just knowing that when you’re pulling all nighters you enjoy earl grey tea and chocolate as snacks like ………. jinyoung thinks he’s falling in love
  • and he knows he’s falling in love when he accompanies you to a children’s orphanage where you’re donating a good sum of money to be able to get school supplies and hire teachers for the kids
  • and the kids all run up to you and hug your leg or ask you to pick them up and jinyoung watches as you glow like the sun, surrounded by all this children who adore you
  • and when one little girl you’re holding points to jinyoung and mumbles that he’s scary, you just turn around and you’re like “he’s not scary at all, he’s my knight in shining armor - he keeps me safe!!”
  • and the little girl giggles and she’s like “if he’s your knight, do you love him?” and jinyoung damn near has a heartattack
  • and when you smile and nod, saying “yes, i love him very much”
  • jinyoung does have a mini heartattack and excuses himself to sit down and you’re just playing obliviously with the children and jinyoung is just: screaming internally with happiness
  • on the way back home he whispers that he loves you too but doesn’t think you hear him but you Do. YOU DO 


  • bodyguard that’s more like your best friend 
  • you’re supposed to be listening to some governor talk about the new building they’re putting up but instead youngjae is like “psst i beat my highscore in farming frenzy yesterday” and you’re like WHAT no show me
  • you guys spend way too much time laughing over bad memes and vines in the car that jinyoung has to remind you to go over your speech like 5 times and then confiscate youngjae’s phone so neither of you can laugh about the mr. krabs spinning meme anymore 
  • he’s seen you do some embarrassing stuff like sing into your brush when ringdingdong came on shuffle or when you accidentally used your chopsticks backwards
  • but like i said, he’s more of a best friend than a bodyguard and he doesn’t judge you at all and never tells any of the guards about the dumb (but cute) slip ups you have
  • like jinyoung, he doesn’t handle guns very well so instead he has like a whistle and a baton and he’s like “i feel like a hall monitor” and jackson’s like “it’s ok, if anything just use bambam as a weapon he’s so light just pick him up and throw him”
  • bambam: i didn’t sign up for this
  • it’s the day of one of your really big presentations and you’re completely shaken because you spent the last week in bed sick and you’re sure you’re going to forget your speech
  • and so you run off and have like a breakdown in a private room somewhere and ofc like the guards go into a frenzy because no one can find you
  • until youngjae stumbles across the room you’re in and he knows you well enough that he knows to check the closets and under the desks and he finds you curled into a small ball and you’ve got tear stained cheeks
  • and he pulls you out gently and holds you and he’s like “you know, you don’t have to do the presentation today - everyone will understand”
  • and you’re just like i can’t let people down like that, i can’t be a failure
  • and youngjae kisses the stains of your cheeks and he’s like “you’re not a failure, you’ve achieved so much and ill stand by your side forever - there’s nothing to be afraid of”
  • and you look up and youngjae like. he really wants to kiss you but it’s obvious he’s holding back and so you take his face in your hands and kiss him first and youngjae falls back in shock but kisses back
  • and you guys return holding hands and jinyoung is about to rant, but mark nudges him and looks at your hand with youngjaes and jinyoungs like…………….im letting it go. onCE


  • no one finds him threatening and that gets on his nerves SO MUCH 
  • like he’ll jump at any chance to protect you JUST to prove to his hyungs that yes - yes he is suitable for this job and he’ll give it his all
  • and when i say any chance i mean it
  • like he jumped in front of a frisbee that got thrown while you were walking through the park and got hit in the head with it instead of catching it and literally passed. out
  • and when he woke up his head was in your lap and he was like “did i do good??? at least it didn’t hit you????? right?????”
  • and jb is like “you passed out because a plastic plate hit your damn head-”
  • but you shush jb and pet bambam’s hair and you’re like “im really glad you were there for me, thanks for keeping me safe~” and bambam gets so smug about it all day he keeps reminding everyone by pointing to the bandage on his head 
  • and some uglys that work with you are always critiquing bambam’s sometimes loud, sometimes bold actions and they’re like “he’s so thin and immature, why do you keep him around?” and you wanna be like “you can shut your dumb ass mouth up because he’s hardworking and loyal and makes me smile” but you’re just like “he’s my bodyguard. don’t speak ill of him if you dont know.”
  • and bambam is cute he shows up to work with a different designer tie and designer cufflinks and he’s like “i wanna look the best in front of my boss~” and yugyeoms like “you have a crush don’t you??” and bambam is like WHAT NO SHUT UP 
  • but he does and when he hears you standing up for him when other people tell you to fire him, it breaks his heart because he doesn’t want to be this burden to you
  • and one day when he requests to talk to you alone he says that he’s considering quitting because he’s done nothing to protect you or make you feel more safe and he’s shit at being a bodyguard isn’t he
  • and you literally slam your pen down and get up and you stand in front of him and you’re like “you’ve done more than make me feel safe, bambam you make me feel comfortable because you never lie. you never hide your intentions, and i love that about you.”
  • you lean in and brush his hair aside and bambam swears he’s looking at an angel (you) and he’s like,,,, im sorry for bringing this up and being weak,,,
  • and you’re like “maybe you’re not as strong physically as jackson or as quick witted as jinyoung but ….. you’re the only one i want to be with all the time.” and when you say this you can literally see the hearts in bambams eyes and he stands up and just throws his arms around you and gives out this long happy sigh and kisses your neck and you’re like bamb- ah bambam!!! not now!!! i have to work and he’s like SORRY SORRY 


  • healing eye smile that probably makes any criminal who even thinks of harming you regret their decision all together and instead of attacking you, leaves to repent their crimes because no. they can’t hurt you…….and they cannot for sure 100% hurt your cute bodyguard kim yugyeom 
  • he isn’t allowed to have a gun or even a baton …….. but it’s like ok because he kinda looms over everyone with his height and broad shoulders and so just having him wear the suit is enough
  • like once some guy cursed at you at a meeting and yugyeom just walked over,  put his arm around the dude and threw him over his shoulder and was like “you’re being mean, so im going to escort you out of the room sir.”
  • jinyoung was like put him down. but mark was laughing and jackson was like thaTS right YUGYEOM you tell that dude off 
  • bought a book on martial arts and tried to teach himself, but got really bored of it and so all he learned was the roundhouse kick but it’s cute once he perfected it he was so eager to show you he was like!!!! look i learned this cool move that’ll help me protect you
  • and then he proceeded to do the kick but his legs are long and so he knocked over a lamp and got really apologetic and tried to fix it, but broke it even more and was like omgomgomgomgomg im sorry please don’t fire me i didn’t mean it
  • and you just giggled and told him it was ok, his kick was cool and if anything you could always get another lamp
  • yugyeom loves it the most when you praise him and when he comes in with his hair smoothed back one day you’re like “woW so cool, so handsome~~” and he literally did the big smile, showing all his teeth like hehehehehe YOU think so,,,,,,anything you like boss ill keep~~~~~ and you were like good because i like everything about you 
  • and yugyeom literally smiled sO BIG at that that his happiness almost blinded you
  • once he was on solo duty to take you to have a lunch meeting with the CEO of a big business and the whole time the sleazy guy was totally trying to flirt with you and you could see from the corner of your eye that yugyeom was starting to twitch and even glare at the guy
  • and usually yugyeoms a happy guy, never taking anything too seriously but the way he was piercing daggers at the guy you couldn’t help but laugh against your palm
  • and when lunch was over you could see how tense yugyeoms shoulders were and you were like is everything ok??? and he was like yeaaaaaaaaaah….no………
  • and he turned to you and scratched his neck and was like “are you and that ceo…more than……you know….or like….do you want to be more………you know it’s not my business.”
  • but you can see the little hints of jealousy and you’re like “yugyeom, lean down i wanna tell you a secret” and he’s like OH OK 
  • but when he leans down you kiss his temple and you’re like “the only person that’s something more to me is you, but shhh ok?”
  • and yugyeom turns red like a cherry but he’s so GIDDY heS like ok!!!!!! ill keep it a secret!!!!!!!!! but hey you know,,,, i like you too!!!!!! keep it a secret tho!!!!!!!!!! hehehehehe 

~MOD SAERAN~Do you mean me CAUSE IM HONESTLY SO CLUMSY ITS SAD this is my first request here I go :) this is really long sorry so just read under the cut 


  • lord Jesus Christ this poor man 
  • He is already paranoid with leaving you alone
  •  Now ADDING THIS give this man some wine
  •  He literally redecorates the whole pent house because he doesn’t want to want there to be any reason of why you would trip 
  • he still doesnt understand its apart of your nature 
  • wants to hire doctors but there is NO CURE 
  •  He doesn’t like to leave you alone for a second because he is scared to death you will somehow knock into the door 
  • Do you think you are going to have privacy ?
  •  Nope not even for one second
  •  Because somehow you manage to trip on top of Elizabeth 3rd
  •  Do you know how confused and conflicted this man was because he didn’t know who to help first
  •  Of course he helped you first…. 
  • Anyways
  •  You felt bad so you decided to go to the nearest market and make Elizabeth 3rd special food
  •  While Jumin was taking care of Elizabeth needs
  •  You sneaked off by yourself and went to the elevator
  •  It was a miracle you didn’t trip on your way there 
  • You hold onto the necklace Jumin gave you so it can give you strength to not eat shit in front of so many people 
  • You finally made it outside
  •  You may of tripped ONCE but it’s a record
  •  You were waiting for the white light man to turn on
  •  And it finally did
  •  You looked both way and proceeded to walk 
  • Jumins senses is tingling
  • he then heard a scream
  •  It was your scream 
  • He ran outside with his guards behind him
  •  And he saw you on the floor and a car nearby 
  • He thought the worst He ran to you frantic, desperate desperate in hoping you weren’t hit 
  •  Lord JESUS CHRIST he was balling his eyes out when he went near you you were okay all you had was a scratch on your face
  •  he was ??? and you were laughing 
  •  you told him you weren’t hit because you were still and then you lost balance and fell forwards 
  •  jumin sued everyone that day he never been happier with your clumsy self since that day

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forbidden love chapter seven {demi lovato fanfiction}

“welcome to US history!!” the teacher shouts scratching her name on the white board. making sure to press extra hard so the marker makes that annoying squeaking sound. she passes papers down each row most likely questions to get to know us like every class will be doing today. “when your done please bring them to me!” she smiles walking towards her colorful desk. “this is going to be an interesting year.” jace comments passing papers to the girl behind him. i nod agreeing grabbing the papers from the boy in front of me. “what do you think demi is up to?” he asks beginning to write his name on the top of the page. “probably pulling her hair out.” i smile thinking about how she is right across the hall from me. “your probably right.” he laughs. 

a hour and a half passes when we fill into the halls. i rush towards the demis class but when i get there all the students including demi are already gone. its not like we planned to meet but it wouldve been nice to see her to get me though this hellish day. “do you want me to show you your next class?” jace asks standing on the opposite side of the hall. students for second period have already started piling in. i nod following him towards my physics class. 

physics passes in a blur i dont even remember what the name of the teacher was or when our first lesson in the book was due. oops. lunch is next finally. i head towards the crowd meeting in the main hall going into the cafeteria. the school in general is huge. but the cafeteria is just too big to be in a school. i skim the large room as much as i can before pulling out my phone and texting her.i wait a few minutes … no answer. is she ignoring me on purpose? is our fling just a fling for the summer? what if she…. “do you want to go outside?” jace asks from behind me shaking me from my overthinking thoughts. looking over the peoples faces and checking my phone i nod. “how do you like the school?” he asks while he holds the door for me going into the garden type lunch area. “its different from what iam used to.” i say finding a table in front of a couple rose bushes. “what are you used to?” he asks finding a place in front of me. “teachers not really giving a shit, just giving us worksheets, not bothering with homework because they know the majority of the class wont bring it back.” i say watching students gather sitting together on the grass. “physics is a pain.” i go on trying to lighten the mood from my old crappy school. “i could come over later and help if you want…” “who takes care of the flowers?” i ask before jace could say anything else. “gardening club.” he says taking a sip of his soup. “of course.” i smirk, “this school has a club for everything.” i laugh. he nods laughing. 

after lunch jace points me in the direction of my english class. hoping to have at least one class with demi iam disappointed as he calls out names from the roaster. demis names is no where to be found. the last class is gym, which is a good thing because i dont have to be sweaty all day long. for the first time all day i dont see jace so finding the gym is going to be hard. heading back inside the school i see my history teacher. “hey miss…” i begin then soon realize i forgot her name. “hey ! how are you?” she smiles looking down to my schedule in my hand. “good i just … umm iam lost.”  i reply . “ what class do you have next?” she asks smiling showing both rows of teeth. “gym.”  “oh thats an easy one!” she kind of shouts and grabs me by my wrist. after going down many halls and a large staircase we make it to the gym although iam already late. stepping in the coach pointing me to the bleachers where everyone is sitting waiting to be assigned a locker. i scan the girls hoping to see demi but again no demi. the coach hands out locker numbers along with school tees and shorts to switch into. i make it to my assigned locker first before anyone. i wait until the girls change out and leave the room before i even think about stripping. my shirt is off and jeans. i place them into my locker then go for the tee and shorts. i feel hands on my bare stomach i jump swinging around to see demi smiling at me. “you look sexy baby.” she smiles. i hug her as if i hadnt seen her in years. “miss me?” she smiles. i playfully hit her on her shoulder. “where were you!?” i say keeping my hands around her waist. “the first period was a joke, they fucked up my schedule it was a freshman class, then my actual first period the bitch took my phone for texting.” she pulls me closer. “i was trying to text you to meet me in the restrooms.” she whispers. i laugh. “then i got lost in the maze trying to look for you during lunch and yeah here we are.”  her hands slide on my ass underneath my undies. “not here.” i smile looking around. “why not?” she teases squeezes my ass. “we can take a shower.” she says pulling me towards the shower area. “what about class?” i say, not actually caring. “okay fine lets go run a mile in the heat outside.” she says pulling away from me. i let her get near the door before running after her. “fine.” i give in. “ my baby.”  she smiles. every time she is near i cant help but smile. she makes me happy. i follow her into the showers. demi is naked in a record time as usual. i unclip my bra hanging them on the hook they give us inside the shower. i begin to pull my undies off until she stops me. “let me.” she says getting on her knees she hooks her fingers on each side of my hips. she kisses down my stomach. she sucks at my skin leaving small marks down. my hand runs through her hair. pulling my undies down to my thigh she exposes my pussy. red marks stop just above my lips. her tongue dips into me playing with my clit. at this point my knees are weak i just want to be back at home so i can be as loud as i want. “fuckk.” i whimper reaching for the water knob. a colder water comes out first which neither of us seem to mind then it turns warmer. “i love this pussy y/n.” she smiles sliding two fingers into me. “i love your tongue.” i moan pushing her face back into me. she hums digging her face into my pussy. “shit!!” i moan covering my mouth. the bell ringings scares us both. girl voices come echoing in from the locker area. we reach for our clothes hurrying as much as we can. we hold both side of the curtain as the girls pass going into neighboring showers. the showers are completely private so the curtain is our main blanket to hide us. we wait 15 minutes for everyone to rush out then we make a run for my things.  

nearly a hour passes before we get home. “stupid buses dont they know i have to finish eating out my baby.” she smiles as we walk into the house. “mom!” i shout. no answer. “dad!?” demi shouts louder. no answer. “all ours.” she smiles grabbing my hand. i head towards her bed shutting the door behind us. “you know what to do with these.” she whispers tugging at my shirt. she walks towards her closet getting our favorite toy. my clothes are thrown in different spots on her floor including my bra and undies. i sit up on the bed spreading my legs wide. my fingers rub my pussy lips, dipping in only fingertips. “demiiii” i moan rocking my hips on my own hand. my juice already leaking out of me ready to be fucked. “please hurryyyy!!” i moan laying back rubbing my clit. demi pokes her head out with her wide smile. she is in the door way with the fake cock standing high from her hips. she slower makes her way towards me focusing on me only me. “rub yourself faster.” she whispers looking down at my pussy. i do as told starting to feel my build up. “harder slide your fingers inside.” she says dragging my hand down slipping three fingers inside myself. “make yourself cum baby.” she whimpers as she moves the toy that is inside her around. “fuckkkk your so hot!!!” she moans grabbing my thighs. “i f-feel it!” i nearly scream. she pulls my hand away pushing the toy inside. “baby!!” i scream wrapping myself around her. “faster!!” i moan. the bed frame knocks against the wall multiple times. she grabs my breast as they match her pounding. “you like it so fucking deep!!” she whimpers closing my legs pushing the toy deep inside me. “yesss fuckkkk!!!! please keep going baby keep fucking me demi!!!!” i moan begging for my high. demi looks towards the door for a second then focuses back on me. iam too focused on cumming to ask. her fingers play with my clit making this feeling so much more amazing. “ride me.” she whispers flipping up over i bounce off the toy nearly sliding off of it from how my juice are all over it. she pushes upward meeting me sending me over. “demii fuckkkk yesssss baby!!” i moan out sliding back and forth on the toy. demi pulls the toy off laying it beside us laying me down. “i need to clean my mess up.” she says licking around my lips then diving into me. “just like that.” i whimper grabbing her hair. “mmmmm.” she hums, while i rock onto her tongue. she looks up to me smiling. “demi you are the sexiest.” i smile letting her finish. we keep our eye contact as i watch her go to work. “you like that?” she asks making small circles inside me. i nod laying back onto the bed. “yess.” i reply looking back down to her to see jace standing in the door way in front of us. 

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

HOW HAVE YALL BEEN!?!?! iam soooo sorry its been such a long time!! please forgive me!! alot as happened. iam not sure how many times a wk i will post but iam going to try at least once a wk. !! love you guys !! missed you!! let me know if you want to see a chapter 8!!!! thanks for reading!!  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Birthday surprise (Grayson)


Y/BF/N = Your best friends name

I was awoken by a lot of yelling and jumping on my bed,“WAKE UP, WAKE UP, IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY!”, my best friend, who was also my roommate and an extraordinary Youtuber, screamed. She, of course, had a camera in her hand and was vlogging the whole thing.“Okay, okay! I’m up.” I mumbled as I swung my legs over the side of my bed, rubbing my eyes. “Today is going to be the best day ever! To kick off your magical birthday I, Y/BF/N, have prepared your favorite breakfast meal. PANCAKES!” She screamed, I jumped back laughing at how ridiculous she was. I grabbed my camera off my dresser and hit record. “Good morning everybody, today is my 17th birthday! To fill you in so far today I was rudely awoken by Y/BF/N jumping on my bed which you can watch in her video. I am about to go into the kitchen where I believe there are lots of pancakes, my favorite.” I walked into the kitchen to see our dining table covered in stacks of different flavored pancakes, helium balloons covering the whole celling and a pile of presents in the corner. “WOW!” I exclaimed, Y/BF/N stood in the corner smiling, I knew how long she must have spent on this. I panned my camera around the room, “Y/BF/N how are we going to eat all of these pancakes?” I said walking over to the table. “Yeah I don’t really know, we can invite some people over for breakfast I guess.” She said giggling at the stupid amount of pancakes. “We would have to invite like all of LA!”. She laughed and pulled me up a seat, I sat down and began the task of eating as many pancakes as I could manage.

After what felt like the longest breakfast of all time, and growing an impressive food baby I was instructed by, Y/BF/N that is was now time for the presents. They were piled in the corner of the room, a selection of small bags and boxes and then one giant box. This was the only present that I had a feeling I knew what it was. I had been eyeing up a hanging egg chair for a while now and Y/BF/N had hinted that she might get it for me for my birthday. I opened up the smaller presents first, as Y/BF/N vlogged for me so we could capture my reactions. She went all out, I was so lucky presents varied from jewelry to perfume to humorous inside joke gifts. I stood up and gave her a massive hug, thanking her for the gifts. It was now time to move on to the big box, I tore the wrapping paper off and saw that there was a picture on the outside of the box of the hanging chair. I squealed in excitement. “I’m going to need a knife t-”, I was cut off mid sentence by Grayson jumping out of the box, “SURPRISE!” he screamed and pulled me into a hug. I couldn’t even hug him back I was so shocked I just stood there with my mouth open staring at him and Y/BF/N. “Wha, oh my God, what are you doing here, what is going on?” I blurted out. They both laughed. “Did you really think that I would miss being with you on your birthday?” He said, tears started to well up in my eyes. I pulled Grayson in for a proper hug, sobbing into his chest before pulling back for a passionate kiss. “I missed you so much.” I said, “Me too.” I took a deep breath and tried to comprehend everything that has just happened. “Wait where is the chair? You have a box with the picture on it. How did you get inside? Is Ethan here?” I had so many questions, again they both laughed and Grayson kissed me on the cheek. “The chair is on the balcony, I took it out of the box this morning.” She said. “Then I came over, got inside the box, Y/BF/N taped and wrapped it up and I waited.” Grayson said taking my hand in his. “Wow. What about tour though?” I asked him, Grayson and Ethan were supposed to be doing the South American leg of their tour. Just at that moment, Ethan bursts through the front door. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY Y/N!” He rushes over to be and wraps me in a bear hug. “Oh my God! Ethan! This is too many surprises I’m going to have a heart attack in a minute!” He laughed and pulled away from the hug. “We finished all our South American shows so before we carry on with the rest of the world tour we are doing a show tonight in LA.” Ethan said, he must have been listening to our conversation in the hallway. I frowned a little, “So you won’t be here for very long then I guess.” I said looking sadly at Grayson. “No not really, but lets not think about that right now, it’s your friken birthday and we are going to make it the best one yet!”, he said. My smile returned before we started to catch each other up on whats been happening in our lives.

After a couple hours of us all talking, Ethan and Y/BF/N left to go do some ‘top secret birthday things’ leaving Grayson and I to properly catch up. “Y/N, do you want to know your birthday present?” he asked me as we snuggled down on the couch together. “Gray you didn’t have to get me anything.” I said looking into his eyes. “I didn’t.” he started, “It’s a different kind of present.” he replied. “Okay, what kind of different?” I asked him, he looked kind of nervous. “Tonight, at the show, I’m going to confirm that your my girlfriend.” he said it so quickly I barely understood. I sat up , “Gray thats really sweet and as much as I want this present I cant accept it. I don’t want to upset your fans or hurt your career. I know you think I hate being kept a secret but I don’t mind, honestly. you don’t need to feel pressure to confirm any of the rumors.” He looked so sad and it broke my heart to knock him down like this. “I have talked to my managers, Ethan, my parents, friends, other Youtubers and they all think that it’s time I confirmed it. We have been together almost a year now, your a huge part of my life. All the sneaking around is becoming so hard and fans are starting to get mad that I won’t clear up the rumors. I’m going to do it, I really wan’t to do it Y/N”. Tears welled up in my eyes, when did i get so lucky, I grabbed his face and pulled him in for a slow, soft kiss. “I love you so much.” I muttered.

I sat back stage at the show with Y/BF/N anxiously waiting for the moment. Grayson came off stage to get me while Ethan announced it. “Today is a very special day, as some of you may know it is Y/N’s birthday today.” The crowd screamed which calmed my nerves a little, at least they didn’t boo me. “You may also know that there have been a lot of rumors going around that the beautiful, Y/N, is dating my brother. So, here to confirm the rumors, please welcome Y/N.” Grayson held my hand and we walked out on stage together. Thankfully the fans seemed happy to see me. I smiled and waved at them until the quieted down a bit. “So, uh I’m just going to say it, this is my girlfriend, Y/N, she has been my girlfriend for almost a year now. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you, we both wanted to be sure this was what we wanted, and I am positive that I want her.” he said as he turned to me. I smiled and looked down at the ground. “have anything to say?” Ethan asked me while handing me the microphone. “Um I just want to say thank you for anyone who has or will support us and our decision to share this with you all. Wow, it feels really good to not hide this anymore you have no idea. This has been the most incredible birthday ever and I love you all so much!” I said, the crowd roared with excitement as Grayson kissed me on the top of my head. He walked me off stage and gave me a hug before finishing his show. 

Best. Birthday. Ever.


I hope you guys are still liking these one-word prompts because I’ve got tons swimming around in my head! As always, you can send in your favorite unusual word and I can base a fluffy fic around it! I simply cannot do angst though haha!


Others I’ve done: Epoch || Epiphany 


(n) The overwhelming urge to squeeze or pinch something very cute

“What is that noise?” came an angry voice from the living room of the flat.

Simon shut the door quickly, shaking his wet curls everywhere, toeing off his rain boots. 

He frantically looked around the hall, trying to find a place to hide what was in his coat. “N-nothing! Nothing, Baz! I have a little cough is all.”

He heard Baz grumble, “Sounded like a whine.”

The puppy in Simon’s coat chuffled and Simon jumped, shushing her softly. I hadn’t thought this through.

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for grimpotato

and Alex made it better:

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Pregnancy Series #19 ~ Nursery

Pregnancy Series Here

Niall ~ As the first dad-to-be in the band, the boys wanted to help him with everything. They were so proud that their Irish man was becoming a father, and couldn’t wait for their niece of nephew arrive. So Niall invited them all to help him with the nursery. 

The day before, you went out with Zayn’s girlfriend, who was also pregnant, and Lou Teasdale and Lux. Decorating a nursery without knowing the gender was harder than you expected, so you needed a bit of help. Lou had helped you plan what you would do, and you found out Lux had an eye for decorating. 

You brought everything home that you could fit in the car yesterday, and today the truck was arriving with the furniture. Niall decided he wanted to put the furniture together with the help of the boys, so once the delivery men brought everything up the stairs he had them leave. 

While they were upstairs, you were downstairs with Zayn’s girlfriend, who was pregnant (only to the knowledge of you, Niall, and of course, Zayn), talking about what she planned to do for her nursery in hushed voices. You could hear them talking as you drank your lemonades on the balcony since the window to the nursery was open and right below you. As time went by, they became louder.

“I don’t think that goes there,” Zayn said.

“It looks like a side piece, see. Look at the picture, dipshits,” Louis pointed out. You laughed at the frustration in his voice quietly, not wanting them to know you could hear them. As the yelling continued, you guessed they were putting together the changing table/bookshelf. 

“What are these?” Harry asked. 

“Thats the screws for the crib, I think,” Liam said, and you heard the crinkle of paper, signaling he was flipping through the instructions. 

“No, I think we were supposed to put those-” Niall began, but was interrupted by a loud crash. You looked to Zayn’s girlfriend with wide eyes, and rushed your way down the stairs, helping each other, to see what was going on. 

When you got to the doorway, you saw the crib half in the box, a big dent in the wall, and the changing table pieces in a pile. “I’m calling the delivery guys back. This is not working,” you said, pulling out your phone. They all nodded frantically with their eyes wide.

“And call a carpenter, too. That hole is pretty huge,” Liam said. The boys began laughing at each other, and trying to figure out who forgot the screws, when Niall made his way over to you. 

“I’m sorry, babe. I didn’t mean for this to happen, I just wanted to help,” he said. You smiled and pulled him in for a hug. You handed the phone to Liam, and went downstairs with Niall to the kitchen to prepare lunch for the boys.

After a day of the carpenters and the furniture store delivery men going in and out of you house, and a few days of you and Niall hanging things on the walls carefully, the nursery was finally finished.

Zayn ~ “Y/N? Are you home?” You heard after the door slammed. You turned your music down and wiped your hands off on a rag. 

“Here!” you yelled, and heard his footsteps making their way down the hall. The door opened and a smile instantly bloomed on his lips. 

“It looks amazing in here,” he said, walking over to the oval shaped crib in the middle of the room. He put his hands on the edge of the wooden structure and looked down at the bedding. You stood back, watching him. He reached down and ran his fingertips over the soft blanket his mum had bought lining the mattress. 

“I love that baby,” he whispered, but you heard him over Frank Sinatra playing softly through the radio. You walked over to him and put your bare feet on the cow skin rug that the crib sat on. 

“I know you do. I know you do now,” you said, placing your hand over his on the edge of the crib. He looked over to you and smiled. “I’m almost done in here, but I don’t know what to put on that wall, there.” 

The wall to your right was bare and white. You didn’t know what to put there. You didn’t want furniture because you didn’t want the room to be crowded, but leaving it bare wasn’t an option. 

“Hang on,” he said as he exited the room. While you waited for him to return, you began stocking the changing table with all the diapers you had bought. Trisha said you should buy enough diapers to last the first few months just to make life easier, so you had bought 25 packages from amazon and had them shipped to your flat. 

Zayn came back, carrying a frame turned so you could only see the back and not the contents. “Close you eyes,” he told you, and you did. You heard him shuffling around, and the frame banging the floor multiple times before he said, “Okay, open them.”

You gasped. It was a beautiful painting of a man, no one you knew- but it was beautiful. It matched the room perfectly, like it was made to fit your style. The colors coordinated with the items you already had in the room, and it was big enough to fill the bare wall without crowding the room. 

“I- I love it. Where’d you get it? It’s so- so, so- It’s amazing,” you rambled. Zayn lifted it up and pushed it against the wall to give you an idea of how it would look once it was hung. “I love it.”

You walked over to him as he put the painting down on the floor leaning against the wall. “I love you,” you whispered as you leaned against his chest and looked out the windows. The room had a view of the London Eye and the Thames river. He reached his hand to your face and brushed your hair away from your eyes. You hands found their way to his sides and you pulled him closer so your lips met his. 

It was the first time you kissed in months. You couldn’t help but cherish every second of contact. You couldn’t deny loving him, and the fact that you had finally forgiven him. No, everything wouldn’t be the same as it had been before your pregnancy, but you were closer than yesterday. 

Liam ~ “Uncle Liam?” Jaeda asked. You turned from where you were standing at the changing table and watched as your husband and niece were looking through the baby books. 

“Niece Jaeda?” he answered, making her laugh. She closed her book and put it onto the bookshelf. Liam had been in here night and day preparing for the baby. He did an amazing job putting the furniture together, and found an amazing crib at an antique store. 

“What’s this circle on the rug?” She asked. You smiled as you folded on of the many blankets you had received and stuffed it into the bottom drawer. 

“That’s a compass. It’s what pirates used to find treasure,” he explained. She nodded and stood on top of it, skipping around on the points. She sat down and traced the shapes with her fingers, singing off key absentmindedly. Liam chuckled, and you tossed a blanket at her. 

“Come help me,” you said, and she nodded. In her summer dress, which she wore over a long sleeved tee and leggings, she twirled over to where you stood. She began trying to fold the blue blanket on the floor beside you, and when she was finished she handed it up to you. You tossed some more down to her, and you refolded the one she just gave you. 

Liam began to hammer a nail into the wall to hang a picture, which Jaeda thought looked like fun. She skipped across the room to him, and pulled on his pant leg. “Uncle Liam, can I try?”

He nodded and handed her the hammer. You watched as he hoisted her up onto the table and held the nail for her to hit, surprisingly, she it the nail instead of the walls or her uncle’s fingers. She eventually got bored and began to play under the crib. But then Lia started using a drill to hand up the blinds, and she got scared, so you took her down to watch a movie. 

She picked out Finding Dory, and halfway through, she looked up to you from your lap and said, “Aunty Y/N, why don’t you have the baby in your belly?” 

“Because,” you simply stated, hoping she would forget and turn her attention back to the movie. But she didn’t.

“But why?” 

“I can’t have a baby in my belly. That’s why Uncle Liam and I are adopting. Remember we told you? Someone else has our baby in their stomach, and when he comes out, we’re going to get him,” you explained, tears forming in your eyes. You turned you head away from your niece’s stare and wiped the water away. 

“Are you crying?” she asked, putting her small hand on your cheek leaning in close so that her nose was almost touching yours. 

“Ya, bug, I am crying.”

“Daddy says that when someone is crying that they are sad about something. What are you sad about?” she asked innocently. You laughed lightly, and kissed her cheek.

“I’m sad that I can’t have a baby in my belly,” you told her. She nodded, and turned back to the movie. 

“I think it’s all set! Just need to put- Are you alright, sweetheart?” Liam said as he walked into the room. He saw my tear-stained cheeks and bent down in front of me. 

“It’s nothing, promise. Jaeda cheered me up,” you smiled and hugged him.

Harry ~ “Okay, I’m ready. What can I do?” you said, clapping you hands together. You looked around at the unfinished nursery as Harry rolled out the rug. 

“It’s alright, love, I can handle it,” he stood up and kissed your lips, “You go have a bath and relax. Maybe take a nap. I shouldn’t be here long.” 

He smiled at you and began pushing the crib to where you had planned to. You shook your head, running your fingertips over the walls he had painted two days ago and then to the wood of the crib he had put together this morning. You felt useless and lazy just standing back and watching him do everything. 

“I really want to help, though. Here, I can just get up here- and, uh- if I could reach,” you struggled to reach the curtain rod that need to have the curtains fed onto it. You put your foot onto the side of the crib when Harry wasn’t looking and hoisted yourself up. While you were trying to reach the top of the windows where the curtain rod was, your foot slipped, and you fell back onto the pile of baby clothes. 

“Jesus, Y/N!” Harry exclaimed when he saw you on the floor. He dropped the hammer he was holding and rushed to your side. He put one hand on the small of your back and held onto your hand with the other as he helped you to your feet. He looked over every part of your body for injuries with his hands resting on your arms the whole time, still shaken from the fall.

“I’m fine, I think. The baby didn’t get hurt,” you reassured him, but he still held onto your forearm as you walked to sit down in the rocker.  

“Are you sure? Is the baby moving? Your butt doesn’t hurt?” he rambled, his palms caressing your cheeks. You laughed, but rubbed you elbow, which hit the edge of the crib on your way down. 

“We’re good. Now, can I help you put the changing table together?”

“No, why don’t you go have a lie down?” he suggested. You shook your head and looked down, feeling the tears forming in your eyes.

“Please, Harry,” you whispered, your pregnancy hormones getting the best of you and making you unreasonably upset. 

“Oh, love, I really don’t mind if you don’t help. But- If you really want to help, you can. Uh, let’s see, here! You can help me put the drawers together for the dresser. That sound good?” you sniffled and nodded, walking over to where the wooden pieces were lied out on the floor. Harry dragged the ottoman over so you could sit. 

As you did, Harry asked, “Comfy?”

You returned his smile and rested your hands on the peak of your stomach. Harry kissed the top of your head before handing you a screwdriver and a few screws. 

Louis ~ “Holy…Oh my God, Lou this looks so amazing!” you said, covering your mouth as you walked in and take in the nursery. It was just how you wanted it. You knew the boys wouldn’t be spending much time in their cribs for the first few months, but you knew they would eventually love it.

“I’m glad you like it…I think they did a really good job.” He said softly, leaning in the doorway. You had hired a crew to paint it, put everything together, and decorate it to your liking since Louis was busy on tour. He was only home because he had shows in London. 

“They did amazing,” you said, walking around the room. You and Louis couldn’t decide on a color theme for the nursery, so you chose traditional colors and designed the perfect nursery from there. 

“Oh, and look! They did use the lamps!” You reached up and toyed with the crocheted lampshades Jay had made. She recently learned to crochet, and you had loads of stuff for the boys she made.

“I can’t wait for them to get here,” he said softly. You turned to look at him as he made his way towards you. You sat down in one of the rockers and Louis copied your actions. 

“I’m going to fall asleep in these,” you laughed. He smiled and took your hand in his. 

“I love you so much, Y/N,” he said. You smiled lovingly at him and placed your hand over your bump.

“I love you too. Thank you for this, Lou. It makes it all seem so real,“ you say as you squeeze his hand. You begin tracing your finger over you stomach. 

"So real…” you hear him whisper.

quiveringbunny  asked:

So delighted you are taking prompts again, my dear! How about...They are no longer living together, so it might be a bit awkward when Oliver finds a cache of Felicity's panties mixed in with his clothes. But now he gets to return them.

Authors note: So I’m posting earlier in the day than usual because it’s the only time I can get on my laptop atm, so I thought I’d update whilst I have a chance! I’m not even sure where my brain went with this, it was supposed to be funny but my brain turned it angsty but I hope you enjoy it regardless and it’s okay for you Lisa!

Awkward Exchange.

Oliver knew that he needed to get used to this place, it was after all his new home. But something seemed to be missing, well someone actually. Felicity had had his belongings sent there after his team in the office found him a new place to live, after he insisted Felicity stay at the loft. He hadn’t needed many possessions in the lair, just a small bag with a selection of his clothes. But now he had an apartment that could fit all the possessions Felicity apparently thought he needed.

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7.000 followers fic prompt: Killian as the President and Emma as First Lady-maybe the first time they have to be apart cause he's off talking to the President of another country? Love you!!

Emma Swan, as one might expect, has dealt with a lot of shit in her political career. The foster-home beginnings, the trouble with the law and petty thefts, the 17-and-pregnant teen mom behind bars (even if not for her own crime) the clawing her way up from the bottom once she got released, earned her GED, fought to prove she was a fit parent for Henry, and got into politics just for the sheer fact that she was tired of having no say and no chance, had experienced the crappiness of the system firsthand. Climbed the ladder quickly, from state to U.S. Senator, and decided she wasn’t stopping now. Got the nomination, and kept on bulldogging. Then sat tensely with her family on Election Night at headquarters in Boston, and watched as the returns came in. As she and her running mate – Regina Mills, the tough-talking, no-bullshit-taking former Secretary of State – pulled off the nearly impossible, and became the first all-female President and Vice President in American history.

As the first woman, and one of the youngest occupants of the office ever (she’s only forty-three) and a blonde, attractive type who could double as a glamour model, Emma has been underestimated and dismissed at every turn. Her political rivals got a lot of mileage guffawing at the idea that she could hold tough talks with the Kremlin or the Iranians or anyone, or deal with the 3 AM phone call when it came, or fix the economy, or basically anything, and she’s spent a lot of time smacking them down on their sexist chauvinist asses. They’ve also had plenty of apparent fun dragging her husband through the mud, as Killian Jones has a similarly checkered past as a troubled, criminal runaway and Royal Navy dropout. America does have a hell of a crush on its handsome, witty, British First Gentleman, though, has preferred to forgive and forget most of this, and Emma supposes wryly that it’s progress that they objectify him as much as they do her; People in particular has run non-stop “Dress Like Madam President!” features to highlight her clothes, jewels, shoes, and any other thing that touches her body. Their young family – Henry, their sons Liam and David, and their daughter Eva – is also an object of press fascination and obsession, so that Emma has had to allow carefully staged release of pictures at varied times so nobody goes too crazy trying to get them. They knew this was coming, they’re willing to support her, but moving into this big white house on Pennsylvania Avenue has still been a change.

Tonight, however, she’s not there. She’s in London, attending a big G20 summit, and as it’s the first official trip of her tenure, she can’t help but feel a little lonely. She’s in her fancy hotel room (nay, suite) with state-of-the-art technology and a thirty-strong Secret Service escort and a pile of papers to read before tomorrow, and yet she’s in sweatpants, heels kicked off, as she grins at the Skype screen showing her family sprawled out for movie night. Eva, the youngest at four, isn’t entirely sure what mommy is doing on the other side of the screen, but is gamely waving anyway, seeing her father and brothers doing the same. “Hi, mama,” she says. “Hi, mama.”

“Hey.” Emma smiles. “What are you watching tonight, guys?”

Independence Day,” her loving husband informs her. “It’s the one where the aliens blow up the place, yeah?”

“You’re going to give her nightmares,” Emma says disapprovingly, tilting her head at Eva. Though she’s sure Henry, Liam, and David couldn’t wait for it. “Can’t you at least put on Hook or something in the background?”

“I’ve seen that bloody movie fifty times in the last week, she won’t stop watching it. One night without it won’t kill her. And Hoffman chews the scenery too much, it gets on my nerves.”

Emma smirks, as Killian has a remarkably finicky taste when it comes to on-screen Captain Hooks for whatever reason. One of his quirks. But he’s still him, the man she married, who’s been remarkably unimpressed by all the pomp and circumstance that comes with his new station (indeed, his first question when they moved in was whether they could still get pizza delivered). It’s already spawned a meme online, with various witty captions affixed to pictures of Killian looking unfazed by whatever important thing is happening in front of him: “[Insert Subject Here]?  First Gentleman Fucks Given: Zero.” Of course, their enemies have seized upon it as proof of Killian’s English elitist snobbery and general disdain for provincial America, but there you go.

“Good luck with the meeting, love,” he says now, smiling at her tenderly. “Can’t wait until you get home.”

“Me too.” She hasn’t spent a night away from him, as much as she can help it, in years, and it feels wrong, like she’s left her other half across the sea. “Cover Eva’s eyes if it gets too scary. That’s an order. Executive order, buddy.”

Killian smirks at her. “Aye, Madam President,” he says, and as always, it becomes a teasing, playful nickname on his tongue, the one thing that gives her belief in it, in them, in everything she’s doing. For him, for them, for the future, for the country that all the kids will grow up in, and not just theirs. “As you wish.”

5 Seconds of Summer Song Preference- Amnesia- 5SOS

This is going to be quite lengthy so just a warning <33

Ashton:  When he says those words that hurt you, do you read the ones I wrote you?

Ice Cream and chick flicks is how I spend my Saturday night.  Thanks to my best friend.  And of course Carter.  I knew our relationship was weakening, I could see it in his eyes.  I could see his annoyance whenever I mentioned going on a date.  I could hear monotone whenever he said “I love you”.  I saw him fucking my best friend on the couch when I came home from the movies. 

He did apologize.  Not for sleeping with her; he apologized for my boring personality.  He told me that he did still love me, but he just saw no reason for us to be together anymore.  He thought the only reason I was dating him was so I had someone to hang on to. 

He quietly packing his things and left through the door.  I stood there in silence until I heard both of their cars leave. 

I angrily scoop another spoonful of ice cream when my phone buzzes.  I see that Amanda tried to text me again.  I unlock the phone and see what she said. 

Y/N I am so sorry hun.  Please forgive me we have been through so much we cant just end it over some stupid little thing!

I lock my phone and take another big bite.  How could Carter to this to me?  I gave him 100% commitment in our relationship.  I never thought about any other man, I always gave him space when he needed it, I did everything write.  Apparently not. 

These movies are starting to make me feel depressed so I go upstairs to re-arrange my closet.  For some reason organizing my clothes has always made me feel better.  Its kind of like starting over and leaving room for another life. 

I start with the top shelf.  Upon the shelf are dusty boxes I’ve stored but never looked at.  Old trophies, some ugly necklaces from my aunt, etc.  I pull down a brown paper package addressed to me.  I brush dust off the top and see a note scribbled on the top. 

I smile when I see who it is from.  Then I remember we haven’t talked in 6 months.

Hey weirdo,

Happy Birthday! 18 years ago I pushed you into a pile of mud and laughed.  Sorry.  I was new and I thought girls had cooties.  But your personality is what made us become best friends, even if sometimes I am tempted to shove you into another mud pile.

Love your stupid head,

Ash xx

I laugh at his ridiculousness.  I don't remember putting it here in the first place.  Actually, I don’t remember receiving it.  Why has it been up here for 6 months? 

I tear open the package and find a bouquet of wilted flowers.  My heart aches when I realize they are Daisy’s.  When we would get together, we would play Mario Cart and I was always Daisy.  He teased me for being such a girly character but he shut up when I beat him. 

Underneath the flowers is a big blue card with my name written in beautiful cursive.  I turn it around and tear open the card.  I open the paper and read the handwritten note from my best friend.

Happy Birthday Y/N!!  Holy balls your (grammatical error on purpose) 18 years old!  I really hope you like the flowers, I knew you would understand the second you got them.  I actually laughed while getting them because I remember the time when I was in first and you bumped me off the edge and you came in first and I came in like, 9th.  

But thats what I love about you, you play dirty.  Yeah, I said love.  Y/N I don’t really know how to write this on paper.  My hand is shaking like crazy and there is a basked filled with drafts of these.  But you see Y/N, I am truly, unconditionally, madly, deeply, desperately in love with you.  I always have been.  

I know that we are like brother and sister and this might make you feel totally awkward, but I want to be the one who kisses you goodnight, not Carter.

I love the way your smile lights up when you successfully accomplish something.  I love how your hands are so tiny compared to mine.  I love that little freckle below your ear.  You say you always hate it but I think it is the most beautiful thing in the world.  

I love how you hate Red Solo cups because you found a spider in one once.  I love how you refuse to sleep with socks on because it feels like your feet are on fire so you settle for freezing feet.  

I love how you end every text message with a heart because I know that you have a place in your heart for everyone.  

I love your sense of humor, and how you make the most awkward situations the most fun.  

I love how on lazy days you wear sweatpants and Carters over sized sweatshirts, even in the summer. 

I love you way more than Carter does or ever will.  And I know somewhere  you’ve known its always been me and not him because I can see it in your eyes every time I say goodbye. 

Y/N this is the hard part.  Carter doesn't want me to see you anymore.  I explained to him I love you and he punched me in the jaw.  He threatened me with a gun Y/N.  

After I send this, I wont be able to see you or talk to you anymore.  I hope you don’t feel bad if I don’t answer your calls or texts.  But I’m not giving up that easily.  Carter has probably stashed this somewhere, you may not even read it until your 30 but I’ll still be waiting for you.  

The second you realize that you love me back, call me.  I’ll know its you because of the gap in time.  Call me and tell me you love me.

And Y/N, just because I didn't answer your calls, doesn't mean I’m not your best friend.

Love always and forever,

Ash xoxo

My heart is beating so quickly when I finish this.  He loves me?  Jesus Y/N how could I not have known?  No, I did know.

Every time he came to my house with flowers and chocolate when I was feeling bad, every time he won me a prize, every time he made sure I had my seatbelt on first, every time he lent me $20, every time he let me cry into his shoulder, every time he showed up at my door in the middle of no where and played Mario Cart with me.  Every time he let me push him off the edge.  

I stand up and walk downstairs, each step coming up with more and more reasons of why I love Ashton.  My heart flutters when I see my phone and I scroll down until I see his name.  I havnt called him in so long so his voice almost sounds foreign when he answers.  But not foreign enough to know that he is still the one. 

“I love you to Ashton.”

Luke:  I wish that I could wake up with amnesia, and forget about the stupid little things; like the way it felt to fall asleep next to you, and the memories I never can escape

His P.O.V

Her laugh appeared in my dream again.  Her hair all messy, eyes bright, smile wide and white.  Her little giggle filled my ears and faded when I woke up.  My eyes are bloodshot and the covers are all disfigured.  I’ve been tossing and turning all night, I just cant seem to get her out of my mind.  Its all driving me crazy. 

I get up and walk over to my dresser.  I pull out my Nirvana T-Shirt and smell it.  At first it was my t-shirt, but then Y/N took it as her own.  We called it her t-shirt and she slept with it almost every night.  Her aroma stayed with the shirt, and when she left she gave me the decency of giving it to me. 

I look at the holes the shirt has from all the uses.  I remember how this shirt looked on her.  The bottom just reached her hips and the sleeves went over her hands, making the perfect tumblr hipster picture. 

I stuff my face in the shirt and cry.  I miss her god dammit.  There is nothing more that I want than to just forget about her.  I cant live like this knowing that I wasn’t there for her when she needed me most and now she is gone.  I want to forget about her.  Her face, laugh, smile, habits, personality, voice, everything.  I need too.

I grab my phone off the dresser and unlock it.  I look through my messages until I reach hers.  I haven’t deleted it after 4 months.  When she left I sent her a bunch of messages on how I love her and I’m sorry and I will try harder and she replied with one simple message:

I’m sorry

The next morning her dad called to say she has passed that night.  they checked her phone and said that I was the last person she texted.  she send that text 8 minutes before she took a handful of pills. 

I will never forgive myself.  I never knew she was in trouble.  I should’ve paid more attention to her, told her she was beautiful in person instead of on the phone.  There are a million things I could’ve done to prevent this. 

But I don’t have a time machine.

Calum:  The pictures that you sent me they’re still living in my phone
I’ll admit I like to see them, I’ll admit I feel alone

His P.O.V

I hear laugher at the front of the tour bus.  I know that they’re all having a really good time talking, and watching movies, and making dumb keeks, and everything that I want to avoid at the moment.

I sit at the back of the bus, scrolling through all her photos.  I have an album full of her smile, laugh, her stupid faces, weird videos we made when we were bored, anything that has her on it, is in this album. 

I take a look at the photo of her I took on Christmas.  She is wearing a Santa hat and her face is joyful from the puppy I got her.  I look at another one and she is still wearing the hat, and she is putting her nose up to the puppy’s. 

I remember that day so perfectly…

“Alright babe, I have one more present for you today.  Luke, please go retrieve the present."  I say.  Y/N puts on the Santa hat and rings the little bell at the top.  She smiles at me as Luke goes into the next room. 

"Close your eyes Y/N!” Luke says and she giggles and closes her eyes. 

“Okay!” she yells.  She smiles ear to ear as she reaches her arms out.  Luke walks in the room with a small German Shepherd puppy.  The puppy tries to get out of his grasp but he sets it in Y/Ns arms before he can.  She takes the puppy and a look of puzzlement comes upon her face but then she gasps and smiles.  She opens her eyes and looks at the puppy in her arms. 

“Oh my god!” she yells in excitement.  She holds the puppy up to her face and I take a picture.  She sets the puppy in her lap and looks at me.

“Calum this is the best present I ever got!  Thank you so much!” she exclaims as she pets the puppy.  “Oh wait take a picture!"  she holds the puppy in front of her face and brings her nose to his.  She smiles and I take the picture…

"Hey mate, we’re ordering some pizza and watching a movie, wanna come?"  Michael tells me.  I am put out of my trance and see him pointing his thumb over his shoulder where I can see Luke and Ashton looking at me. 

"No.  I’ll stay here."  I say.  He looks at me and nods, walking back to the other boys. 

"Told you."  Ashton says.  I don’t want to be with them right now.  I just want to be alone in my misery.  I am nothing without her and I now that.  No amount of pizza or movies is going to fix that.  I swipe to the left and see the delete button next to her album.

"I need to forget.” I think.  My thumb hovers over the button but I turn off my phone instead the throw in across the couch. 

Michael:  Tell me this is just a dream, cause I’m really not fine at all

Your P.O.V

I sit alone at home on Netflix.  A bowl of popcorn sits on my lap as I watch How I Met Your Mother.  I was going to go to the fair with my friend but a storm started so it got canceled.  So this is what a lonely Friday night looks like .  I normally would be with Michael tonight, but I ended our relationship.  He was away on tour too much and would always tell me that when he got home we would do everything together but most nights he would be out the other boys and doing interviews and maybe once a week we would have a special day together, if we were lucky.  Needless to say we was heartbroken.  I prop my feet up on the table and click the next episode.  Before it starts, I hear a knock on the door.  I close my laptop and get off the couch.  I open the door and Michael is standing in the rain.  His green hair is flat against his face and his shirt is drenched and sticking to his chest.  His eyes are red and puffy. 

“Michael what are you-”

“Tell me this is just a dream Y/N.  Tell me I’m not losing my mind every night because of some stupid mistake."  He takes deep breaths as rain drips off his hair and fingertips.  A huge clap of thunder erupts and I jump a little, bringing me back to reality. 

"Michael I’m sorry.  You weren’t with me.  Its like you were somewhere else and I couldn’t tell if you still loved me or not."  Tears start to form in my eyes but I wipe them away and try to be strong. 

"I’m sorry Y/N I really am and it hurts to know that you are not mine and you will someday be in the arms of another man and I cannot live with myself and not being able to call you my girlfriend is heart shattering.  Please take my back Y/N I will make up for all the lost day I promise  please Y/N I love you so much.”

I look at his sullen face and I feel quite sorry for him.  I know that he loved me, and I know that he loves me.  But I cant deal with anymore false promises. 

“I’m sorry Michael.” I say in almost a whisper.  I look down and slowly close the door.  I wait a second then look through the peephole.  He is still standing there looking at the door.  He starts to cry and takes his hands to cover his face.  I begin to cry too.  He takes a deep breath and walks away.  I step back and wipe my tears away.  I throw the popcorn away and run upstairs angrily. 

I walk into the bathroom and fun the water.  I cry while I undress myself.  I step into the hot water, hoping a nice bath will wash my worries away.

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