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let's say dennis leaves for a while, maybe even 1 or 2 episodes into s13, but can you imagine mac being left behind? alone in their flat, that's just fucking sad. and it would definitely hit mac the hardest if dennis really leaves :(


especially if they do end up pretending to be a couple, and we are actively treated to mac being happy as dennis’ boyfriend

again, I’m not of the opinion that it’ll be a permanent change, if and only if because (1) dennis is one of the main five (2) glenn is one of the big three (3) the show doesn’t make a point to change the game up for good like that; more accurately it makes a point to not make a point of game-changing (although, credit to them for following through on the times they have, like not just handwaving away old black man or their twice burned-down apartment. they put their money where their mouths are at least, I’ll give them that).

but I can see dennis leaving for let’s say one or two episodes into s13, because from a writer’s standpoint, the premise “what does the gang look like minus a member?” sounds really interesting. like, 1301 can open up with reflections of the gang getting along without dennis, focusing on each character doing something they ordinarily would’ve done with dennis, except this time not. I imagine a time-skip would come into play here (but I think they do that anyway with each season), so it could be implied that dennis has been gone for a few months at least.

now, if I were a sunny writer, I’d take the opportunity to explore the gang minus dennis getting over him, in a sense (esp because his relationships with all four of the others are pretty well-explored, even by the show’s standards). and I’d especially relish the opportunity to give mac a lot of growth here, given how dependent he is on dennis. remember, they’ve been a fixture in each other’s lives for about twenty years, maybe a little more; they’ve lived together for just as long and share so many aspects of their lives already. without being hyperbolic, it would crush mac to see dennis go. but it would also be fascinating, again from a writer’s perspective, to see him get over dennis and take steps towards better mental health (at least as far as his codependency is concerned).

and then of course dennis comes back for some reason and the gang isn’t falling over themselves to take him back in. you can easily argue that dennis is one of the gang’s worst influences, like as a dennis stan I’ll readily give you that, so to see mac, dee, frank, and charlie all kind of realize ‘we miss the guy but like not that much, and hey we’re all still alive and kicking’ would be an interesting means of character development, especially if dennis returns and has to confront the gang after they’ve had these realizations.

also mac would totally have a steady boyfriend and dennis would be hella jealous and RCG I’m writing it before you do okay

they’re putting me out of business I swear to god

the st trio as washingtonians


  • cap hill lesbian
  • jacket+shorts all day, every day, regardless of the weather
  • trashy hipster: big fan of beanies, definitely wore fake glasses in high school
  • kayaks at least twice a month and bikes everywhere, usually in the middle of the road, even when there’s bike lanes
  • definitely majoring in CS and praying she finds a career there
  • hates chain cafes but the only regular coffee she can currently afford is starbucks so Oh Well


  • the fashionable one; he coordinates his flannel to his daily mood and has like 50 different scarves in his closet
  • loves craft beer; always asks what’s on tap before ordering and has a fine appreciation for pairings. fuck, he probably took a brewing class at some local microbrewery in redmond bc it’s a fine art
  • currently a line cook trying to make it big in the foodie business; bakes in his spare time, his apartment literally smells like heaven and rosewater
  • probably dabbled in the cascadia movement back in college before realizing that it’s dumb as hell
  • getting bi


  • socks and sandals
  • has a cool jacket he got from some obscure shop on the San Juans three years back that he wears all the time now
  • grew up on the eastside (probably kirkland) so he thinks seattle counts as a big city
  • only beer he ever drinks is mac & jac. occasionally he grudgingly accepts whatever other IPA that’s on tap but he always asks for m&j first. he refuses to broaden his beer palette, it’s disgusting
  • he sometimes plays guitar at local cafes, says he does it for the love of the music but he also gets decent tips
  • gay
Chocobros, Nyx, Cor, Ravus, Titus: Favorite meal/ Dessert

Noctis: Brown Curry

Ever since he was little he avoided vegetables. No one could get him to eat them really. But one time Ignis went in the kitchen and made brown curry. When noctis started eating he saw the Orange carrot everyone braced themselves. Ignis told noctis it was a candy carrot. Noctis tried it and from that point he would eat sweet carrots in curry. This hasn’t changed since Noctis got older.

Prompto: Grill cheese

A man of simple pleasures. He has memories as a kid of his adopted father cooking grill cheese and chicken noodle soup. And sometimes even mac and cheese, he would often reference this to his blonde hair. His father would then bust out laughing. Which was a shocker to most people. “The immortal hardly laughed.”

Ignis: Fajitas

Ignis is capable of making any meal even if he just tastes it once. He prides himself on his cooking. But he enjoys simplicity when he’s alone, he has a strong liking to Hispanic dishes. His all time favorite is Fajitas. He loves the combination of different vegetables and sauces you can add. Sadly though he doesn’t make this dish when he is to cook for noctis…its not worth the disappointment…

Gladio: Habanero Hellfire Chili

Of course Gladio loves Ramen and steak we all know that. He also has a thing for spicy foods. He’ll marinate his meats in hot sauce or peppers then grill them during a camping trip. Also he is a M A J O R
fan of camping favorites such as smores, even breakfast. Ignis isn’t the only chef sometimes… But whenever hes out camping alone and after a good workout he loves to make Habanero Hellfire Chili. Which is then followed by a dip in the lake.

Nyx: Spaghetti

He doesn’t have alot of time to took a big meal and personally he rather not take the time. But his favorite meal is spaghetti.
Becauae thats the meal his little sister loved and he has many good memories of that meal. Every once in a while he’ll cook for libertis and Crowe. And they’ll drink alittle and bring up good memories.

Cor: Mac and Cheese

He loves green bean casserole, and he takes his time to make it when he’s home. But when he’s out in the field he carries easy mac meals with him. People at first thought the Marshall was in hard times. But he cherishes this meal due to a child he once looked after.

Ravus: Cheese cake

After he was taken in by the empire he hardly enjoyed his meaks anymore. It was simply to eat to keep his body going. Though over the last few years he has developed a sweet tooth. He’s extremely fond of Cheesecake and white wine, to be exact Riesling wine.
(He can only handle 2 glasses of wine though, unless you want drunk Ravus)

Titus: Anything sweet

In his past he had a wife and a child. But due to the war he lost his wife but he still had his child. The one thing that would calm his daughter down when he wasn’t home was a cake or pie, especially candy though. So overtime he got used to carrying candy in his pockets in and off work.Though unfortunately over time he lost his daughter. Even stilll Its a habit that still remains to this today, as a reminder of what he’s fighting for.
(One time he handed Crowe candy by mistake…)

This was just for fun, I haven’t played the game yet. I thought of this because i was making dinner and we were having spaghetti.

  • Mac: [reading from a list of questions] You wash up on a deserted island alone. Sitting on the sand is a box. What is in that box?
  • Matty: Machete.
  • Mac: A sat phone so I can call someone to get me off that island.
  • Jack: How big is the box?
  • Matty: Just say the first answer that comes into your mind. What's in the box
  • Jack: Mac.
  • Bozer: That's a hard one. Let me think... the TARDIS.
  • Riley: I want to say my laptop, fully charged. But I don't want to seem subversive, with hacking the NSA and all...
  • Matty: You're overthinking it.
  • Riley: The laptop would be stupid, anyway. There's no wi-fi.

*tw for child abuse, neglect, molestation, drugs, alcohol.


《《none of this is edited so sorry for errors i dont care at the moment》》

Okay so I want to suggest something that I havent heard before. We all know the theory of the Nightman being Uncle Jack and him molesting Charlie (and the big strong sexy hands was something Jack probably made him say since thats his insecurity) anyway, Charlie really wanted Mac to be the Dayman. Mac was Charlie’s childhood friend and even if he never said that he was molested he would have almost definitely been really depressed. He looked up to Mac. When he thinks of the Dayman, fighter of the Nightman, he thinks about him being the master of karate. Its Mac’s thing and it always has been. Dennis, also being very close to Mac, thought of friendship when he hears the karate part. It doesnt really fit together and thats why its so funny but for them it does especially in relation to Mac. Even though he didnt fight Uncle Jack he still wouldve ‘fought’ Charlie’s depression. He would have been the little light of happiness that he had while his mother neglected hin as a child and with Uncle Jack and the bullies at school. As the show goes on Charlie’s illiteracy progresses and his thinking gets more impulsive and he’s more childlike than he already was. He huffs glue and spray paint and gasoline and he drinks paint along with occasional hard drug use and constant alcoholism. Like I said hes a lot more childish as the show progresses and he doesnt really think things through. That does serious damage to your brain and the childish 'its us against the world’ ideas go along with his other views of the world (examples are the waitress one day loving him if he 'protects’ her, winning her love in a disney like song, not thinking if the consequences of his actions, his strange obsessions with birds rats the waitress, his fears of the world being a bad place outside Philly, eating random things, his games that he plays with franks, being almost totally okay with Charlie Work even though its clearly not fair) When he was a kid Mac stood up for him (as best he could) like in the reunion episode when Mac keeps telling him he doesn’t need to do that shit to impress their peers. Charlie gets super jealous when Dennis and Mac have private schemes but he knows Mac always comes back (that whole entire episode on Mac being his best friend) and in a way Mac is his champion for always sticking by him (in his own strange way). To me the Dayman represents Mac’s friendship as a parallel to the Nightman being the personificatiom of Uncle Jack’s abuse. Even though Charlie says he becomes the Dayman I think its because he’s still with Mac and has learned so much from him. I truly think the Dayman is at least influenced by his admiration of Mac.

Ive never heard any other fans say this and I was wondering if anyone else also thought it.

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Ronan being the best boyfriend and being able to tell when something is bothering Adam in a heartbeat, but knowing that Adam still has trouble with his feelings so he takes him out and does stupid childish things with him until Adam feels secure and okay enough to talk about it

AH wait this is the best and i cant stop thinking about it

  • ronan can always tell when adam is feeling down
  • hes not great with like head on approaches to feelings (manibus, the sex dream) so hes just like “okay parrish we’re going out”
  • and adam is like ???? but he goes because ronan distracts him and maybe thats what he needs right now
  • they start driving around and adam just assumes they’re not going anywhere in particular
  • but then they pull up to this starbucks
  • and adam is about to be like “why” but ronan just 
  • “this is the site where on janurary 12th 2011 richard campbell gansey the third spilt an entire mocha-chino on his shoes and almost burst into tears”
  • adam is just …
  • they keep driving 
  • “february 4th, 2012 richard campbell the third, never before having had fast food, tried to order a big mac at this burger king and insisted that they give him one despite their repeatedly telling him they do not in fact sell big macs”
  • “nino’s pizza: where in 2012 richard campbell gansey the third tried to rent out the cook for an entire day for my birthday even they told him they do not cater”
  • adam has caught on at this point and he cracks a smile
  • after a while they’re both just sharing ridiculous gansey stories and laughing
  • “2013: richard campbell gansey the third tries to buy some biker guys motorcycle off him at a gas station because noah said it looked cool”
  • “october 7th, 2013: richard campbell gansey rents out an entire library so he and his friends can study in peace”
  • eventually they drive past the spot where gansey’s car broke down that day
  • ronan says quietly “i’m really glad you stopped to help him parrish.”
  • “me too.”

goodnight i am dead

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I see all these people talking about writing about a trans character, but it's clear that they never ask even a single trans person. They compare us to cross dressers and treat us like we're tortured souls. They won't listen to our problems or what our lives are like. They just go by what they think, usually just a liberal twist on stereotypes.

I’ve literally only just started reading responses to my post about the episode and I’ve already had to lay my own eyes upon this

trans children? Most children don’t have a concept of gender identity. Also, crossdressing is not a trans thing, and saying “Oh a man in a dress is offensive to trans people” makes you look like one hell of a dense motherfucker, because it implies that cisgendered people never crossdress. The MLP staff isn’t making episodes to pander to grown trans people, they’re making episodes for little children. Seriously, grow a fucking abrasive side, stop getting so offended over nothing, and stop your fucking whining.

This is why I left the Brony fandom, because the newer ‘progressive’ fans are fucking crybabies who cry offensive wolf at every little thing that rustles their jimmies. Grow the fuck up, put your big boy pants on, and if the show really bothers you that much, you can just stop watching it. Thats what it comes down to, the simple line of “Don’t like, don’t look”

and this

You realize that in the new MLP episode, one of the judges of the social actually fell for “trans” Big Mac? How is that trans-misogyny? Not only that, but Big Mac isn’t trans. He was dressing up like a girl because he thought he needed to. The episode was about family, not gender, and if you want your grown girlfriend to stop crying then maybe she just needs to grow up.

I wish I was a patient and angelic enough person to have the time to explain simple social political concepts to these numpties but I’m not and their constant defensive dribbling bullshit is tiresome and predictable at best.

My heart goes out to any trans people brave enough to speak about how media affects them because ignorant nerd shit like this is the least they have to put up with because of it. We should be listening to trans members of our communities (including our fandoms) and helping to boost their voices so that media can become more inclusive, and grow into something greater.

Submit Anon: Encounter with weeaboo could have ended worse
First let me tell you about me and my wife. We’re an odd couple; first us being interracial (me Latino and her White), she’s incredibly good looking and was very successful back in high school… i was on the chess team. Although i had a brief weeaboo phase I quickly got out of it as I started hanging out with the “bad crowd” at my church. I was an outcast and hung out with other outcasts which were mainly ex gang members. Plus i joined the military soon as i got out of high school but worked an admin job and nothing badass. because of my past i had a hard time taking shit from people i don’t know. My father in law is an ex cop and trained my wife in self defense. I think you can see where this is gonna go

When me and my wife were dating we decided to attend an Anime con together. This was her first con and my third. I was a little hesitant on taking her as my past experience wasn’t great… being glomped as soon as i entered the con because i was dressed as sasuke, wasn’t a great introduction to the world of cons. My wife likes to go all out when it comes to  cosplay and she’s really good when she does. We got stopped many times the first day when we went as Kaito and Miku the first day. All was going well and she was having a blast… until the second day. We decided to go as a “humanized” big mac and fluttershy from My little pony that way we don’t sweat a bunch. I had to go to the bathroom really quick and when i returned there was a small group of weebs crowding around my wife going YOUR SUCH A KAWAII FLUTTERSHY OMG DESU~~~~~!!!! I could tell my wife was getting uncomfortable because she’s never dealt with weebs b4 so i had to break up the group fast. I made up some excuse like we had to go to a panel or something when on of the guys in the group shouted something sexual to my wife. I stopped in my tracks and turn and got in this guys face. Mind you I’m 5’4 and 150lbs and this guy is twice my size height wise and width wise. I started telling this guy off to never talk to her that way when one of the female weebs said something along the lines of THATS NOT KAWAII BIG MAC ONLY SAYS YUP AND NOPE YOUR NOT BIG MAC and proceeded to flick my hat off my head and say other stupid weeaboo things. Before i could say anything this girl went flying because my wife had punched her square in the face to which i took the opportunity to attack the ham beast in front of me. Now my wife doesn’t fight like a girl, she fights like a guy so the weeb had no chance. I had steel toed boots and they were the closest thing to cowboy boots i had so the ham beast fell rather quick, although i knew if he decided to fight back i’d have no chance. Security showed up separated us and the bloodied up weeb got info on what happened and we got off the hook somehow. rumor has it this group had been in trouble before. We enjoyed the rest of our con without troubles. 

✭ Letter From Home ✭

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hello, whats up? enjoying the spring weather? i havent yet, but hopefully soon huh~ ill put this under a cut since its kinda long & ive noticed u guys r txt haters >:9

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