Thorin, Thorin, wake up. The eagles…the eagles…the eagles are here.

I know that Luke Skywalker’s commitment to couture fashion is well trodden ground, and there’s a general appreciation for Rey’s desert Aesthetic and Cassian’s Jacket for Every Occasion, but not so much discussion re: Chirrut Imwe. 

The man has faithfully kept up the outfit of his order for 20 years, even when the Empire was surely cracking down on native Jedhan culture. The vibrancy of the colors suggests he’s re-dyed the fabrics. And on top of that, the man is blind. 

Now that is #fashiongoalz

Listen there are going to be so many starry eyed exy players on Kevin’s pro team and Court who are going to be so excited when they find out they finally have the chance to play with The Kevin Day who’s always been such so inspirational and so kind and so genial. And that excitement is going to last all of ten seconds because as soon as the court doors close that publicity mask is going to slip off they’re going to meet actual Kevin Day, exy obsessed perfectionist and asshole.

alec had to admit, when magnus casually mentioned that alec should show him a few things about archery on a sunny tuesday morning in the target range of the institute, alec had felt a kind of smug pride burn in his chest. the sunlight had been filtering through the windows, catching bits of dust and catching at the tips of magnus’s spiked up hair and he looked… breathtaking. but more than that there was this amused kind of darkness around his eyes as he said it so casually, while alec still had an arrow nocked.

“what do you say?” magnus had finished with, tipping his head to the side slightly, leaning against one of the pillars. and alec was pretty sure his grin was blinding as he eagerly responded.

“i’d love to.”

maybe if he hadn’t been so smug he would have seen the mirth twinkling in magnus’s eyes but instead his pride eclipsed him and he turned back to the target, letting his arrow fly. it hit dead center and at that moment he felt entirely invincible if he was honest with himself.

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get to know me: favorite female character → the ‘avatar: the last airbender’ girls
“I’m a warrior, but I’m a girl too.”


It took me long enough, but here’s Aunn!!!! She’s such a cutie with her curly bangs and her swirly ears and her little heart shaped cloud and I just want to hug her forever

EDIT: added version without the lumi+shade layers because I think it still looks pretty nice

Selling kpop

My sister was telling me she was in downtown Dallas, getting gas. There was this guy with a van at a pump with a door open, blasting gangster rap. When people would get out to pump gas, he would yell/ask them “ma'am/sir, would you like to buy some kpop?”

This guy was a huge black dude 😂😂