that'll be a fun one


You bit down on your bottom lip, smiling as you thought of Cas outside some motel room, phone to his ear just for you.

“Like you do,” you confirmed. “Seven pm on the dot. You’re getting pretty consistent.”

He looked at his watch just as the hour turned. He was in a different time zone but he always kept his watch to yours; it made him feel closer to you.

“And how are things there?” he asked.

“Same as yesterday. Quiet.”

“Did you have a nice day?”

“Nicer now,” you grinned, and heard the quiet breath of his laughter. You closed your eyes and smiled, counting yourself lucky. Not everyone’s guardian angel called them every night to ask how their day was.


Hiiiii I am still here! Just been sick the past couple of weeks with a whole bunch of stuff one after the other. I do not like visiting the doctor TTnTT
I’m on the road to recovery however so bear with me! 

- MH <3