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Hairstyles and realizations


“The Flower of Joy”, p. 1-9 of 19. p.10-end here
SasuSaku doujin from 2013 by @yomi-gaeru, based on a Japanese fanfic that appears to be no longer available.
Translated by me with permission.

This translation is dedicated to @thelittlechook. :3

Shipping BakuDeku

What people think: “Is an abusive relation ship! So gross! if you ship this you are trash and romanticise abuse!!" 

What I really ship: Bakugou realising that he did wrong, starting to be a better, nice version of himself who can have a nice and healthy relationship, redeeming himself as a human and with deku, the person he hurt the most, showing that even the worst person can change and be good. 


LUNA LOVEGOOD  ➜  ravenclaw

L: ❝ They’re called Thestrals. They’re quite gentle, really, but people avoid them, because they’re a bit… ❞

H: ❛ Different. ❜ 

pink: signifying sensitivity, caring, and emotion