that's the dream right there


all y’all: the ship sank!!1111!!111111 the new episode killed gwenvid!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111!!!!!11111

me: listen, gwenvid dies when i die, do you understand me

Keith and the Red Lion <333


strict producer zhang who has the utmost respect for the stage

A really shitty superpower I’d like to have?  Being able to switch chronically ill people into healthy bodies for even a short period of time. 

Because I think we either don’t know or forget what healthy feels like and it would really help when people decide to worry about whether or not they are making this all up. 

Because UGH I WANT TO HELP, but how do you tell someone that YOU are sure what THEY are feeling is abnormal?

“You can dress up like Tron all you want, but he’s still dead.”
                                 “That’s what they tell us.”

Tron Uprising - 1x01 Beck’s Beginning

nct as songs from their birthyear

Taeil: Can You Feel The Love Tonight – Elton John

Johnny: Be My Lover – La Bouche

Taeyong: Wonderwall – Oasis

Yuta: Beautiful Life – Ace of Base

Kun: I Believe I Can Fly – R. Kelly

Doyoung: Killing Me Softly With His Song – Fugees

Ten: Wannabe – Spice Girls

Jaehyun: Viva Forever – Spice Girls

Winwin: Kiss Me – Sixpence None The Richer

Jungwoo: … Baby One More Time – Britney Spears

Lucas: Mambo No. 5 – Lou Bega

Mark: All Star – Smash Mouth

Renjun: Yellow – Coldplay

Jeno: Bye Bye Bye – NSYNC

Haechan: Oops!… I Did It Again – Britney Spears

Jaemin: It’s Gonna Be Me – NSYNC

Chenle: Fat Lip – Sum 41

Jisung: Sk8er Boi – Avril Lavigne

ok so when Zoro and Luffy first meet Zoro’s 2 most important things to him were his swords and his own life like thats it nothing else matters to him thats all he needs. then he joins the crew and becomes the first mate. 

flash forward to Thriller Bark and u’ll instantly remember why that shits so poignant 

Zoro’s sacrificial actions are now basically declaring Luffy to be his literal everything he THROWs away his swords (Most Important Things #1) and offers up his own life (Most Important Thing #2) in exchange for Luffy’s survival. Literally nothing now is as important to him as Luffy and Luffy’s dream is, and thats the kind of relationship that fucks me right UP cuz we started from the bottom now we’re here