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✨Opening Full colors Icon commissions!✨

   1 icon= 12 euros (about 14 dollars usd)

• OCs are accepted!

•Contact me at

•Payments via paypal only

Pay What You Want commissions

i’m thinking of doing a few Pay What You Want commissions as exercises, and also because i’m a little short on cash!

they could look any type of way, i might use them for style experiments or color warmups or something, it could be a fully decked out piece, or they could be sketches. it’ll depend on the character/person, and how much you decide to throw my way! 

these’ll only be open temporarily, but if you’re interested, you can shoot me a line at with some refs, and if i’m interested i’ll give you my paypal! don’t be shy! this would help me out w/ money, and stretching my art muscles. 

there’s an art tag on my blog, but if y’all are too lazy, here are some crops from some of my past pieces for examples:

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omg wait bambam pulled the jealous face over yugyeom and jungkook? I NEED TO SEE THIS 😂

so i assume you’re talking about this reblog and my tags.

get ready anon, i know you’ve just asked a question that i could answer simply with a link to what i was talking about (which is here, (x) ), but sadly i don’t have that much self control and this whole interaction is something i think about a lot.

okay so this whole ordeal starts when yugbam walk on stage with the rest of the 97liners and yugyeom goes to greet jungkook. bambam is not having that. 

as you can see above ^ bambam is trying to stop whatever interaction that yugyeom and jungkook are having. no in front of his eyes is he gonna watch some punk snatch up his man right in front him. you bet his ass he’s gonna shove his way through and get in between whatever they think they’re doing. 

here we have bambam ready to fight jungkook’s ass right there on the stage, all while jungkook and yugyeom stare lovingly into each others eyes. 

bambam then tries to tell yugyeom that if he so much as glances jungcock’s way again he’s gonna bite his dick off. jungkook doesn’t give two shits about yugbam and continues to side-eye yugyeom while bambam’s back is turned. 

bambam tries to stake his claim with a totally not possessive and very casual arm around the shoulder, which apparently jungkook decides to ignore because he looks seconds away from pushing bambam off the stage a declaring his undying love for his mushroom haired twin.

the plot thickens when bambam thinks his threats of bodily harm have worked but yugyeom hadn’t even been listening because he was lost in jungkook’s eyes the entire time.

and the whole thing ends with bambam telling yugyeom they’re getting a divorce the second this song is over and he can go ahead and marry jungle book and join behind the scenes for all he cares. 

this is all 100% fact i promise i didn’t make any of this up. im really sorry to whoever asked this question, i know this isn’t probably what u wanted but like i said, no self control. 

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Part 2 witch!au!!! I wanna know more about their deal and why Neil's not Andrews familiar!

Neil is not Andrew’s familiar because he is not a spirit. Familiars are essentially the essence of a witch’s spirit and inner self taking the form of an animal. Gaining a familiar is a complicated process and requires blood magic, and Neil wasn’t summoned to Andrew’s side. It’s kind of hard to explain, but you know *jazz hands* magic.

As for the deal, it went something like this:

  • it’s the beginning of summer and andrew is tired
  • being around annoyances for nine months was exhausting and the only reason andrew is letting kevin inside his car is because of their promise
  • kevin stays in the car when andrew goes out
  • not too far but far enough that andrew can pretend to be alone
  • except there’s a cat in the tree above him that’s practically suffocating in binding magic
  • really, it’s a surprise that the cat’s even keeping himself upright
  • andrew… well, he’s not about to let a cat suffer so he takes the cat and does some magic to dispel the bind
    • side note: binding magic isn’t bad in any way
    • it’s usually used to make teammates/partners stronger
    • it can also be used as a sort of marriage ceremony
    • typically, binding magic isn’t permanent and requires the consent of all parties
    • however, the deal with the cat was that a taboo sort of binding spell was used so that he wouldn’t be able to escape his master without causing pain unto himself
    • that spell is not public knowledge–only the influential are meant to know about it
    • back to the story

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There’s gay country music? Where is it????

YEAH i was surprised too but there are apparently quite a few openly gay artists? chely wright, ty herndon, billy gilman, steve grand (he’s like fusion pop-country), shane mcanally, and brandy clark are all pretty popular!

and some iconic gay country music includes:

All-American Boy (steve grand)
I’m Here, I’m Queer, I’m Country (freddy freeman, also this guy is my idol, his album cover is the bear flag god bless him)
Cowboys Are Frequently Secretly Fond of Each Other (willie nelson, who is not lgbt+ btw, but has very old and outdated concepts of sexuality bc it’s originally from the 80s? so be aware of that)
Cryin’ These Cocksucking Tears (lavender country, this song is from the 70s holy shit)

and the most popular one, Follow Your Arrow by kacey musgraves who got more popularity than any of the songs above because she’s straight and also the line about lesbians is just that: one line. so eh. thanks i guess??? it’s a cute song tho!


[161111] Nature Republic Live Broadcast - Suho Highlights

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How did the first meeting between Alistair and Tabris go?

Not particularly well, actually. Tiny elf crammed with rage and ready to kill any and all humans, not a solid foundation for interpersonal relationships.

Lovers of Roman Emperors Asks

Claudia Acte: Have you ever come into conflict with authority figures? (lover of Nero)

Sporus: Has anyone ever told you that you look like someone famous? (lover of Nero)

Antonia Caenis: Do you do any writing in your free time? (lover of Vespasian)

Berenice of Cilicia: Have you ever experienced a tough breakup? (lover of Titus)

Pylades & Apolaustus: Have you ever acted or been involved in a play? (lovers of Trajan)

Antinous: If you were a god or goddess, what would you be the patron of? (lover of Hadrian)

Galeria Lysistrata: Do you consider yourself to be politically aware? (lover of Antoninus Pius)

Panthea: Can you play any musical instruments? (lover of Lucius Verus)

Saoterus: Do public displays of affection make you uncomfortable? (lover of Commodus)

Marcia: Have you ever been betrayed by a friend? (lover of Commodus)

Philcommodus: Do you prefer baths or showers? (lover of Commodus)

Hierocles: Have you ever been on a sports team? (lover of Elagabalus)

Note: Nero ultimately married Sporus, but Sporus started out as Nero’s lover, and so he has been included in this list.

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if you don't mind sharing, what's the "particular" thing you're looking for?

  • No AUs
  • No OCs
  • No abuse
  • No romance
  • No lava lamps

I’m in the mood for something that’s even remotely in the realm of Undertale’s quirky humor and charm?

Not against any of those bullets on their own generally but I’m needing a palate cleanser of actual canon-based fanfic.

I’m also kind of sick of Sans-centric fics lately. Which… limits things. 

I’ve started trying to write two of my own based on some comic ideas I had just to get the monkey off my back. I’m not a great long-form writer but let’s give it a shot.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Positive reminder

Don’t be afraid to talk about how you feel to someone you trust or who is willing to listen

It can take some weight off your shoulders, knowing that you always have someone to turn to when you feel this way

They say burdens are lighter when carried by two… or more

So don’t be afraid to speak your mind to someone you trust or someone who is willing to listen to you

People will always be there for you no matter what 💜

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im starting uni soon too (T▽T) im really bad at interacting and getting to know people in general so at my orientation camp i didnt talk to anyone and was by myself the whole time ally do you have any tips for approaching people easily

hmmm….i’m quite a sociable/noisy person irl but i used to be really introverted and awkward too, and what really helped me break out of it was just, the simple belief that everyone is just like me? everyone at orientation camp is confused, new, probably scared and excited! everyone appreciates a new, friendly face, confessing that they’re just as confused and tired as i am! (i practically made friends with everyone in my group over mutual complaining lmfao)

another thinking that helped is repeatedly telling yourself that you’re not someone in the spotlight. you’re just a new random person in someone else’s eyes and have the power to shape a brand new image of yourself right then and there. and how would you like a new friend to approach you? using a very casual approach worked all the time for me at camp!

seeing everyone as potential future friends and thinking up of simple questions like “hey, yknow what the facilitator is saying? didn’t catch it..” (even if you DID hear it) could be the very first step towards making new wonderful ties!

Story Time

i just,,,, feel like yall should know that my brothers first experience with Dear Evan Hansen was when we were having a conversation and i had one headphone in and was listening to Sincerely, Me while we were talking and i spaced out at one point and just shouted

“I gotta tell ya life without ya has been hard- ‘Hard?’ Has been bad- ‘Bad?’ Has been R O U G H! ’~k i n k y~” when it came up. he looked horrified.

my brother’s first experience with DEH was me, his little sister, shouting kinky at him.



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okay i’m so so sorry for this but what are some of your favorite cancer crew centric blogs? i just made a side blog and i need active blogs to follow :’) tyty!! (my blog is masssivelegendhere in case u were wondering)

bud don't be sorry and thanks for all the asks!! here are just some of my favourites (if anyone knows other blogs just add on to the list!)

@professional-extrovert @chads-cock @pngofcrab @maxhoemo @pukemax  @sushichin @maxian @fuck-maxian @maxmoehoe69 @2012idubbbz @rattrapboys @cancrcrw @jojojojivlogs @sugarplum-anisa @maxian-hoe @mostlyian @idubbbzgender @idubbbzgames @camboymax @idubbbzoutofcontext @edupesboi

((i can’t guarantee all of them are super active but at least i see them once in a while on my dash lol))

these are more focused on joji (there’s probably plenty of them out there but i don’t follow much tbh)

@purplegirljpg @daydreamm-m @malloe-m @jojibreads @sporadicfiretree @tits4joji @hus-pus @jojimiiller @joji-berries

One of the few holdovers from the Gammas’ Spartan training that Veta would probably wholly approve of is them getting a combined STEM + history undergrad level of education, but since they didn’t fully complete their training on Onyx, they’d have to finish their studies while also doing their Ferret training

Basically I would just like a plausible scenario where Blue Team would be helping them with calc and orgo chem homework and studying for history exams

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What kind of mental illness (if any) do you think 2D has?

Outside of the canon diagnoses, which I believe only Murdoc has, I personally try to avoid assigning specific mental illnesses to cartoon characters even if they meet criteria. With 2D, my own interpretation leans towards depression and anxiety but like, it’s all open to interpretation and I don’t lobby strongly for any particular diagnosis because the writing isn’t consistent enough or responsible enough or knowledgeable enough for me to feel comfortable placing that much faith/support in whatever symptoms they may intentionally or unintentionally give them (and that goes for Murdoc, too). They’ve already proven how little they know about mental illness on numerous occasions and I’m just like…over it.