that zak

By the sounds of the spoilers Eastieoaks on Twitter got hold of, Aaron is boxing with Zak.
I’m relieved, because I would doubt any serious injury would come of that.

Looks like Aaron will be dealing & his mental health will likely improve.

So I really need the baby to not be Robert’s, so Robert loses it as he has nothing left (because without Aaron in his life the baby has become his whole world) & he’s the one who’s not coping & is sectioned.
Then we may get some focus on Robert’s mental health & issues, so he can also heal.

Hey guys, tomorrow I’ll be launching my new writing blog (finally!). It’s where I put my original stories, usually longer ones because I’ve noticed journals have a maximum word count and they normally encourage shorter works in order to be able to publish more stories. As some of you who are familiar with my writing shenanigans know, I sometimes can’t help make a story longer than I planned but I would like to share them anyway. However, unlike my fanfics, I’ll finish writing the stories first before putting them out.

First and foremost, the stories I’ll be writing will be queer stories. Genre-wise, I lean towards scifi (sometimes serious thinky scifi but mostly corny scifi tropes) and fantasy. I will also intentionally include themes about living with mental illness because well, it’s important for me to be able to share my experiences as a mentally ill person and how despite a certain label we might be diagnosed with, we all have diverse experiences dealing with our mental illness. Also my characters will be almost exclusively Malaysians. In these first few stories, they will mostly be Malays, but eventually I will include characters of other races in Malaysia. 

The following is an excerpt from my first story:

Over the years, Khatijah has convinced herself that her so called crush for Kak Maya wasn’t real, that she had imagined it to fit the narrative she built in her head once she has accepted her sexuality, but as Kak Maya waves at her and her heart once again skips (confirmed by the finger on her wrist), she can’t help but rejoice.

Even if her feelings aren’t accepted, or worse, thrown back into her face with disgust, she will know that they are true and real and no one can take that away from her.

I would really appreciate it if you could visit my blog tomorrow, read the story, and let me know what you think of it. I will release the link tomorrow at 11AM Malaysia time (which is 8PM-12AM at various places in the US) and will be reblogging it again 12 hours later for lands between this side of the Pacific and the other side. 

i would say my guilty pleasure show is ghost adventures but I 100% love 39 yr old zak bagans running his 2006 myspace ass around screaming about poltergeists scratching the living shit outta him w/ his super gelled hair not a centimeter outta place while aaron’s just in the distance crying

self care is coming face to face with a ghost and setting out on a quest to capture what you once saw onto video with no big camera crews following you around joined only by your fellow investigator nick groff and your equipment tech aaron goodwin as you travel to some of the most highly active paranormal locations where you spend an entire night being locked down from dusk till dawn