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Why do you say you have tin hats, even if not wearing them? :-D Of all folks in the fandom, you actually AREN'T tinhatting because your beliefs about gillovny are based on the first hand knowledge of a source you trust completely. You're being perfectly rational, really lol!!

True. 👽😇😃

Things about BTS Bon Voyage ep 1

- Hobi’s cute ‘cahMEHrah’ (camera)
- An insight on BTS’s dorm
- A peek at Jungkook’s unlimited supply of white T-shirts
- Jimin calling Taehyung handsome
- The photo of Jimin in the kitchen
- Jungkook’s arm veins while he checks his camera
- The boy floundering about the self check in machine
- Jungkook burning Tae’s ability to complete it by himself (we all know you trust him)
- the beautiful scenery
- Jimin loosing his luggage
- Hobi becoming one with the flowers
- Namdaddy’s English
- Namjin being domestic while grocery shopping
- Hobi telling Jungkook to just hit ‘enter’ on the freaking washing machine

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God I can't get over how much I love Namjoon's body. I've been into Kpop for 3 and half years and like, I always thought my other biases have amazing bodies, but Namjoon, man. Oh god Namjoon has completely destroyed me. I feel bad when I fawn over someone's appearance like this, but I would give anything just to know what it's like to hug Namjoon.

trust me when I say, I completely understand what you are talking about. like you I’ve always thought my biases had great bodies but there is something about him that’s just so satisfying 

and less we forget

Galatians 3:1-14 (TLB)
Oh, foolish Galatians! What magician has hypnotized you and cast an evil spell upon you? For you used to see the meaning of Jesus Christ’s death as clearly as though I had waved a placard before you with a picture on it of Christ dying on the cross. Let me ask you this one question: Did you receive the Holy Spirit by trying to keep the Jewish laws? Of course not, for the Holy Spirit came upon you only after you heard about Christ and trusted him to save you. Then have you gone completely crazy? For if trying to obey the Jewish laws never gave you spiritual life in the first place, why do you think that trying to obey them now will make you stronger Christians? You have suffered so much for the Gospel. Now are you going to just throw it all overboard? I can hardly believe it!

I ask you again, does God give you the power of the Holy Spirit and work miracles among you as a result of your trying to obey the Jewish laws? No, of course not. It is when you believe in Christ and fully trust him.

Abraham had the same experience—God declared him fit for heaven only because he believed God’s promises. You can see from this that the real children of Abraham are all the men of faith who truly trust in God.

What’s more, the Scriptures looked forward to this time when God would save the Gentiles also, through their faith. God told Abraham about this long ago when he said, “I will bless those in every nation who trust in me as you do.” And so it is: all who trust in Christ share the same blessing Abraham received.

Yes, and those who depend on the Jewish laws to save them are under God’s curse, for the Scriptures point out very clearly, “Cursed is everyone who at any time breaks a single one of these laws that are written in God’s Book of the Law.” Consequently, it is clear that no one can ever win God’s favor by trying to keep the Jewish laws because God has said that the only way we can be right in his sight is by faith. As the prophet Habakkuk says it, “The man who finds life will find it through trusting God.” How different from this way of faith is the way of law, which says that a man is saved by obeying every law of God, without one slip. But Christ has bought us out from under the doom of that impossible system by taking the curse for our wrongdoing upon himself. For it is written in the Scripture, “Anyone who is hanged on a tree is cursed” (as Jesus was hung upon a wooden cross).

Now God can bless the Gentiles, too, with this same blessing he promised to Abraham; and all of us as Christians can have the promised Holy Spirit through this faith.

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A headcanon of jealous dazai pls

Technically, I’ve already done this a lot of times; but since I haven’t posted in forever and I know you guys love jealous headcanons, I’ll do it. Hope you enjoy!(:

Osamu Dazai

  • I’ve said this like a million times, but I genuinely believe that Dazai isn’t really the jealous type. Like, he has complete faith in your relationship and trusts you with all his heart; not to mention his generally easy-going personallity. But everyone has their limits, and hun, you do not want to test his. Jealous Dazai would interfer with whatever interaction that was making him jealous and give the poor a venomous smile. He’d make regular conversation, but the menacing air as well as his malicous intentions would be clear. The tone of his voice alone would be so terrifying and vicious that it’d send whoever the sorry perpetrator running, peeing their pants in the process. When he’s about to leave, he’ll subtly threaten them, making damn sure that they know, there won’t be a next time.
  • If it were a situation where his s/o does something that makes him jealous, he wouldn’t jump to conclusions. He’d calmy ask you, face to face, to explain it. Afterwards, he’d go back to being his usual childish self, pouncing on you and exclaiming, “I knew my y/n would do no such thing!” with lots of hugs, neck nuzzles, and pecks all over your face.
  • If this was mafia Dazai, things would get NSFW. (;
You want loyalty, yet you talk to other girls behind her back. You want faithfulness and complete trust when you secretly flirt with other girls. You think you’re such a badass for not getting caught. Yet you controlling, and calculating and jealous. You expect her to not look at other guys, and to not to talk to anyone else but you, you tell her she can’t hang out with her guy friends. You don’t trust her, but you don’t even deserve her. You’re a hypocrite. & sooner or later, she’s going to see right through you and realize she deserves better.
—  Rasco Cortez

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Never trust a man who says that if you were completely infertile, he'd "turn you into his own personal cum-bucket".

This is so disgusting I’m just speechless

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What's the scariest thing about being in love? How do you maintain a relationship through hardships?

The scariest thing about being in love to me was always fearing that I’d fall so deeply in love with someone that it’d destroy me or I’d be lost when/if the relationship ended for whatever reason. As you actually fall in love though that fear lessens. You learn to trust that someone on a completely different level, you gain a lot of wisdom as well, when you’ve been dealing with someone for an extended amount of time. You learn to appreciate every good or bad moment the two of you share, and see everything as a learning experience. You learn that even if the relationship does end, that life always goes on and that just because one good thing ended doesn’t mean that nothing else good will ever come your way. 

On maintaining a relationship through hardships:

I feel like this is so cliche but COMMUNICATION. Both of you should make what you want from the relationship and each other very clear. This little gem in itself can save you from a shit load of arguments/disagreements.  

Hardships are always going to come. As you start to feel seriously about your relationship, I feel that it’s important to know and understand this. Especially when you and your significant other live together or share responsibilities (whether it be a house, a car, a child etc.). The second thing you need to understand and never forget is that both of you are HUMAN. With humanity comes imperfection. Mistakes will be made and disagreements will be had. Learn to admit when you’re wrong and be willing to apologize. Be UNDERSTANDING and PATIENT.  Though the two of you are in a relationship and do a lot together, you both are still individuals with two different sets of life experiences. Being understanding and patient will grant you with the greatest capacity for forgiveness and resolution (even if the resolution is a breakup, that’s okay too if it’s for the best). Never keep yourself in a relationship with longevity as your focus. Be in a relationship that really contributes to the quality of your life, be with someone who motivates and inspires you to be good to yourself. All of this applies the other way around as well. Offer everything that you want to receive because at the end of the day the goal is for both of you to be happy and fulfilled. 

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Is it wrong to have one person you think you'll kind of have feelings for forever even if you're with and in love with someone else? Like you're over them but they'll always mean something very strong, is it bad to feel that while in love and in a relationship with someone else!? :( I am over them and I love my current gf but I just think something will always be there

No, that’s not wrong at all! That’s totally fine! There are always people that you have warm, sentimental, caring feelings for; it’s completely normal, trust me! I wouldn’t worry about it at all. 

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Never trust a man who treats you lovingly in private, but then completely disregards you in public, esp when he's with his ""boys."" If he really cared about you, he would treat you nicely in private AND in public.


-continued from this @lcsthuman

“This really isn’t even about that,” he frowned, looking over Stiles with sad eyes. “And yes, that was resolved, but it doesn’t change the fact that I’m a shitty friend. I can never make up for my mistakes, and I’ll constantly fuck up in this friendship and cause you to hate me. I can feel us drifting, Stiles. You feel distant and like you don’t trust me much anymore.” Which was completely reasonable considering the fact Scott had betrayed his best friend. He tried to smile at the threat, but it didn’t hold for very long.

We’ve all had such moments when our hearts are about to erupt from pain & sadness. That’s when you trust Him completely. It’s called faith!
—  Mufti Ismail Menk

i am garbo why are you all here

Well, would you look at that! This blog is about six weeks old, and look at all you guys! I honestly can’t say thank you enough to some people, especially with the fact this is my first canon character in…. a very long while. Or, one I’ve really stuck to anyway. Usually anxiety gets me hardcore and I’m unable to continue roleplaying the character, but I have yet to get that with this blog!

All of this is going to be under a cut, because I have some mushy ass things to say. So without further ado, here is my 100+ followers bias list!

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How do you do long distance relationship? It seems super hard.

it is incredibly hard. it takes equal effort from both sides to work. you need to decide if the person is completely worth it to you, because going more time without seeing them than seeing them, is not easy to do at all. you need to trust that person. it can be easy for you to be worried or doubt their intentions because you are so far away. it can be easy to have the “they could be cheating on me and i have no idea because im so far away” thoughts. but you need to have complete trust in them. you also need to communicate a lot. you need to be able to talk everything out and talk about anything with each other. give each other a clothing item and spray it with your perfume/cologne and you can cuddle that while you sleep. video chatting will be your best friend. my girlfriend and i even sleep on skype every night together. mail them little surprises or have flowers delivered to their house.  plan the times you will be able to see each other and start a countdown on your phones. it helps seeing that number drop every day. every day apart is one day closer to being together. 

anonymously (or not) ask me any question you’d like to know about me

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Hi kiera ❤️ I need some advice. So i've been in a relationship for six months and I'm so utterly in love with this guy. But the thing is he's cheated on multiple occasions. We took a short break and he's promised to change and do anything to make it better. I want to stay with him but I'm not sure if the broken trust is worth it. And all my friends make fun of me and hate on me for staying this long I don't know what to do. Thank you xx.

I think you either need to forgive him and trust that he won’t do it again or if you can’t, then move on. I don’t think it’ll be much success if you’re constantly worried about his actions. If you can’t completely trust him, then give it a break. If it’s meant to be, he’ll come back to your life somehow. However, if you do want to give it another shot.. you probably need to have a long talk of what you expect of each other and maybe as to what led him to cheat in the first place. Both decisions will hurt, but think more of what’s best for you in the long run. I personally, probably would give it a break and see other people. Bc just bc you love someone doesn’t necessarily mean you need to be in a relationship with them. You will have more than one love in your life and it’s okay to let someone go and figure that out.

Bartholomew Gregor (John Laurens x Reader)

Prompt - “Why is there a turtle in the bathtub?”

Disclaimer - I have no fucking idea what turtles are like lmao


Your boyfriend John had been acting strangely for the past two days, but you brushed it off, thinking that it was just John being his strange self. You trusted him completely, knowing that he would never do anything to hurt you.

You were feeling a bit icky and decided to get in the shower to clean off, but the one you normally used was broken so you had to use John’s bathroom.

Upon stepping in you heard a few splashing noises, but ignored them, thinking they were nothing but your imagination. Pulling open the shower curtain, you almost screamed from what you saw.

A softshell turtle.

Sitting in your bathtub.

You knew how much John loved turtles, especially soft shell turtles, but you would have never thought he’d take it this far, and actually bring a turtle home. You ran a hand through your hair and let out a deep sigh, calling out to your boyfriend. He rushed into the room with his usual grin, which only grew wider when he saw you.

“John, why is there a turtle in the bathtub?”

“Ah, so I see you’ve finally met Barty!” You rolled your eyes at his childishness. “Allow me to introduce him, this is Bartholomew Gregor, but you can call him Barty for short, he’s our pet turtle!”

You gave John a strange look, he sure knew how to keep things… interesting.

“John, we can’t keep a turtle in the house, put him back where you found him.” You said, sighing once more.

John’s face dropped, “But when I found him he was hurt and I just had to help him! Look at him, Y/N isn’t he precious, we totally can keep him.” John lifted the turtle into his arms as he spoke, snuggling Bartholomew into his chest.

“Be serious here, John, we can’t have a turtle living in our bathtub, how are supposed to take care of it?”

“Barty is not an ‘it’ and don’t worry, I know how to take care of him!” John extended his arms towards you, holding Barty out, practically dumping the turtle into your arms. You clutched onto him tightly, afraid to let him drop. You looked at John with an annoyed expression, but John on the other hand, simply giggled gleefully. “He likes you,”

You raised an eyebrow, looking at Barty. You couldn’t really tell if the turtle actually liked you, in fact, you couldn’t tell what the turtle was doing at all.

Bartholomew had a long nose and an icky green shell with spots on it. His eyes were wide open, but very small. Honestly, he wasn’t the most charming looking turtle you had ever seen, but he looked so silly it was almost adorable.

“He doesn’t li-” You were cut off by the feeling of something poking your chin. Looking down, it was none other than Bartholomew Gregor who had decided he wanted to begin poking your face.

You broke into a smile, “He’s pretty cute…” You laughed out, as the turtle began poking your face more.

John made an irritated expression, taking Barty out of your grasp. “Hey, turtle, that’s my hot date, not yours.”

You moved a hand up to your mouth to stifle your giggles. “Getting jealous, are you?” You joked.

“Nawh,” He denied, “I just needed to remind Barty that you’re mine.” He leaned in, pecking you on the lips, and then turning to face Barty. “You see that? Mine.”

You rolled your eyes at your boyfriend. “You’re such a nerd, y'know that?”

“Hey, I’m not letting a turtle steal you away from me.”

“Don’t worry, no one can steal me away from you, not even Bartholomew Gregor.” You said with a grin.

“"Not even Bartholomew Gregor”? So what you’re saying is that you think Barty is a pretty cool turtle, right?“ John asked with enthusiasm.

“I mean, yeah, Barty is pretty cool.”

You watched as John’s grin grew larger and larger. “So what you’re saying is that we can keep him?!”

You sighed heavily, letting a regretful smile slip onto your face. “Fine, we can keep him.”

“YES!” John exclaimed, placing the turtle as gently as he could back into the bathtub. “Thank you, Y/N, Thank you, Thank you!!”

“No problem you little dork,” You said, placing a kiss on John’s cheek.

You embraced your boyfriend, then turned to the small turtle in the bathtub.

“Welcome to the family, Bartholomew Gregor.”