that you told them goodnight

Christmas fail // Hvitserk Ragnarsson // Vikings imagine 🥀🖤

Requested — “OKAY HERE’S MY IDEA. Being married to Hvitty and having 2 kids (boy and girl so everyone’s happy), and getting CAUGHT PUTTING PRESENTS UNDER THE CHRISTMAS TREE 🎄 Then Hvitserk and reader being like 😐😐 and coming up with (stupid) excuses, hoping their sleepy children will just forget what they saw and still believe in Santa 🎅. God why do I love him so much ??” @sweetvengeancee @oddsnendsfanfics

Send CHRISTMAS and normal requests for imagines / headcannons / preferences 🥀🖤

You had been married to Hvitserk for about five years now, and three years ago you had twins, it was everything you and Hvitserk ever wanted. So when Christmas came around they got spoiled rotten. When the time came to get the presents out, you were pros apart from this time.

Hvisterk carried your twins, Brandt and Asa to bed when they fell asleep by the fire, once Hvitserk had tucked them into bed you began to get the presents out and put under the tree, you both were treading lightly on your feet, placing everything down and quietly as you could.

“Hvitserk, try to be a little more quiet!”

“Sorry” you both were speaking so quietly so you didn’t wake the children.

“Hvit, I’m going to go in the barn and bring in some vegetables ready to prepare for tomorrow” you told him in a whisper

“Just be quiet when you close the door”

*you shut the door as quietly as possible*

Hvitserk continues to place the presents down without making a sound, until he tripped over one of the chair legs he didn’t know what there, a big, loud thud sound as he hit the ground woke up the children.

Brandt and Asa remained quiet because they thought Father Christmas was bringing their gifts

“Brandt Father Christmas is here!”

“Should we go and look at him, Asa?” The children were whispering to each other.

Brandt and Asa tiptoed lightly as they could so they weren’t heard on their little feet.

Hvitserk was getting up rubbing his arm where he fell.

“Asa is that-?” Brandt said confused

“Father?” Asa and Brandt said at the same time

Hvitserk turned in shock

“Children! It’s late what are you doing out of bed?” He said in a hurry

“What are you doing with our presents father?” Brandt asked in confusion

“Is Father Christmas real, father?” Asa went on to say as the children fired Hvitserk with questions

*you walk through the door to find your children awake firing your husband with questions*

“Children what are you doing up at this time?” You asked

“Is Father Christmas real? Why was father putting present under the tree?!” Brandt said in his tired sleepy three year old voice

“Your fathers just checking to see if Father Christmas thinks you’ve been naughty or nice” you said leading them back to their beds

“So he is real?” Asa asked

“Of course he is my children! I promise you” you said as they got into bed.

The children went back to sleep as soon as they got into their beds. You and Hvitserk kiss both of them goodnight

“I told you to be quiet!” You said whispering angrily

“I was but I tripped over a chair!” Hvitserk said in embarrassment

“You tripped over a chair?” You whispered giggling

“Now you be quiet or you’ll wake them!” He said but you kept laughing

*next morning*

the children were opening their presents, big smiles in their little faces

“Mother father Brandt and I had the sad dream last night” Asa said

“What was that love?” Hvitserk asked

“You and mother were putting out the presents instead of Father Christmas!” Asa said looking at you both

“What an odd dream, As, oh look uncle Ivar is here!” You said changing the subject as your daughter was running to her favourite uncle

“At least they think it’s a dream” You said to Hvitserk

You both looked in each others eyes smiling before Hvitserk gives you a short and sweet kiss, putting his arm around you

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Imagine about to have sex with Carl but being caught by Rick and your older sister, Rosita.

(So I know this request wanted me to write it smutty…but I don’t know i’m not comfortable writing it with too much detail…so this is as far as it goes. I tried my best for the “talk” hope it’s okay XD Hope I got it right and you all like it :D (ps.Lol at Glenn XD thank you for requesting him to be in it) Gif not Mine/Found it on google/Credit to the original owner.)

You were in your room, sitting on the bed with Carl and playfully kissing each other.

It had been a long day working around the house and finally you both had time to rest and relax.


Since you’ve met up with him and the others, you had been inseparable.

You liked his fierceness and how he always tried to make you laugh. His smile and everything about him. While he liked your cheerfulness and bright personality, needless to say he fell head over heels for you.

You both became a couple quick enough and everyone knew about it. They all thought it was cute to see young love and you two together.


You were kissing each other and slowly it turned into a make out session.

It was soft at first and suddenly he wrapped an arm around you pulling you even closer to him.

You chuckled and feeling a little bolder, you fasten your pace and kissed him roughly.

It went on for a while, you had moaned and whimpered and suddenly his hands were roaming your body.

You followed his lead and couldn’t resist doing the same. You felt his hardness and broke away from the kiss.

You looked him in the eyes and he couldn’t help but look at you as well.

You were both flushed and sweating and out of breath.

He chuckled and said “Should we…should we go further?”

You gulped but you couldn’t deny you wanted to be with him that way and nodded.

“Yeah…we’ve been together for quite some time…it’s only natural for us to feel this way…”

He smiled at you and you couldn’t resist taking off your shirt.


You heard his laughter and suddenly the door to your room opened and gasps could be heard.

“Carl!? Y/N!? Oh my god! What is going on?!”

In a state of panic, you grabbed your shirt back to cover yourself and Carl didn’t hesitate to help you.

You closed your eyes hoping it was all a dream. However, hearing Rick’s and your older sister, Rosita, you knew it wasn’t a dream.

Still trying to cover you and get you to put your shirt back on, Carl started to raise his voice.

"Dad! What are you doing here?!”

As you put on your shirt back on, Rick looked at Carl and you was in disbelief.

“What am I doing here?! What the hell are you both thinking?! Do you even know what could happen if you got her pregnant?! Please tell me this is the first time and it’s not a regular thing?!”

Carl got up and held your hand, responding to his father.“Yes! It’s our first time…well it was about to be…until you walked in…I-I wasn’t thinking of getting her pregnant…I just really love her that’s all…" 

“You are unbelievable…Did you knew you could’ve gotten her pregnant?”

As Rick talked and shook his head, your sister made her way towards you and grabbed your arm to get you away from Carl.

She fixed your hair and with a stern look and voice said "Y/N, what are you thinking? This isn’t something to joke around about!”

You glared back at her and got your arm away from her grasp.

“I’m not joking around…i’m not a kid! I know what i’m doing! I mean…we love each other…it’s only normal for us to do it…”

Rosita shook her head and wanted to slap you but knew better than to just hurt you. She looked at the both of you and said “I know you love each other…but this isn’t a simple matter…what if something happens afterwards…”

You wanted to cry but at the same time didn’t want to let them see you that vulnerable. 

“I know what can happen! But we love each other…and it’s unfair for us…to no do it…”

“Unfair? Y/N, t’ll be unfair for everyone here, if you got pregnant or sick!”

Carl got closer to you and grabbed a hold of your hand. 

“Stop yelling at her! It was my fault! I’m the one who lead her to this…”

You were shocked and looked at him. You shook your head and looked back them and said “No! I-I wanted to do it too…It’s not just Carl’s idea…”

Your sister and Rick were shocked that the two of you were talking back and couldn’t help but argue. You raised your voice at them and Carl suddenly looked back at you and signal you to stop.

He lowered his head and looking at the ground said “Alright!…We get it! We screwed up and we’re sorry…”

Seeing him that way, you had no choice but to do the same.


Rick and Rosita looked at each other and knew they had to do something about it.They understood you loved each other and things were bound to happen. 

They then realized it was their responsibility to explain to you the whole process and do what any normal parent would do.

They both got closer to you and Carl and sat you down on the bed. With serious tones and expression they had explain to you the consequences and mostly what could happen after sex.

It went on for quite a while and reluctantly they had told to practice safe sex if you ever felt the urge. 

You both understood their point of view and knew it was all out of love and care that they were scolding you.

As they were done, they warned you to not do it yet and just wait for the right moment. You promised them that you would.

They told you their goodnight and walked out of your room. 

You both sat on the bed for a while and started to discuss the issue and express your feelings about your situation.


When it got a little darker outside, knowing that he would’ve broken his promise if he stayed in your room, Carl got up and started to walk out of your room.

“I guess we’ll just have to wait for a little while…”

You chuckled and mockingly said “Yeah…Wait until the right moment! whenever that is…”

As he got to the door, he turned to look at you and couldn’t resist laughing and kissing you goodnight.

You didn’t want to let him go but as he backed away, you saw Glenn standing behind him.

It shocked the both of you and you tried to explain to him that nothing was happening.

Seeing you both panic and red, made him laugh.

“Guys..guys…it’s okay…I get it you love each other…i’m not here to yell at you…I’m here for something else…

He threw a pack of condom at Carl and he caught it. As you looked at it you were both shocked.

He winked at the two of you and said “Just don’t do it where everyone can just walk in or hear you…alright…be safe guys!”

As he walked away, Carl smirked and looked at you.

Split Screen (Kim Seokjin Ft. Mark Tuan)

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“How was spending time with Got7?”

“Really good actually! They’re clearer than you guys~”

Word Count: 1.4k

Request: Ahh I can’t believe you didn’t get it! But yes, I requested a jin chapter fanfic. Involving angst/fluff/smut. Where “y/n” has been in a long distance relationship with jin for 6 months and things get tough since communication is limited since bighit has rules on dating. And it’s also tough since Bts has been on tour and other busy schedule. And got7 is good friends with “y/n” and mark has been getting close. Idk some jealousy and protectiveness aspects involved? Something like this… hahaha 💕


I don’t do smut so this scenario will contain none of that, sorry, but thank you for requesting! I hope you like this, sorry I didn’t get it the first time. Because of my schedule, I don’t know when the next chapter will be coming out so I am very, very sorry if there is a long wait. I’m sorry if the chapters don’t come quickly but I as a human vampire have my limits as well. But yes, there will be more chapters and I know the name doesn’t make sense now but bby I promise it will later. Sorry for the long ass caption! Thank you, and enjoy! <3

“Jin there isn’t anything between us I swear!”
“Sure, sure Y/N.”

“I’m not lying!”
“I’m done with this, goodbye, I love you.”

You hung up the phone, angrily tapping against the “end call” button a few times before setting the phone down.

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Imagine for Owen Grady were the reader is trying to tell him she is pregnant and instead of just being up front and telling him she is dropping hints for him to pick up on....

Owen Grady x Reader

Requested by: Anon

It was another ordinary day in the park and you were on your lunch break with your friend and coworker Rose. A few minutes before you did the pregnancy test. You already knew the result and wanted to tell her first. She was talking about the new interns who had arrived. You sighed calmly and interrupted her.
“I’m pregnant!” You said smiling ear to ear.
“Omg! How? No don’t tell me, but I didn’t know you and Owen were trying…” She looked astonished.
“And we weren’t, but it happened. Do you think this is a good idea? I mean, we’re so young…” Your mind was a mess. You really needed some advice from Rose.
“Hm…I know him very well and I know that he loves you too the moon and back. And you are hopelessly in in love with him. When two people love each other that much, I think they can do wonderful things. And by wonderful I mean to have the ability to create and love a life. I think you’re going to be a great mom!” She smiled and waited for you to say something.
“Well, I’m very happy. I always wanted to have kids…How should I tell him?” You asked her and saw Rose covering her mouth with the hand.
“You didn’t told him anything?” Rose was confused. You swallowed.
“Nope…I just found out half an hour ago!” You wrapped your own hands together and stared at her, in hope she finds a way to you tell Owen about your pregnancy.

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Fresh Start - New Year’s

A/N: Part 23 of ‘Fresh Start’. After this there will be just two more parts and then an epilogue. I hate to see this story end, but I have something new and exciting planned for you all next. Thank you again to all of you who read, like, comment and reblog, it gives me encouragement and inspiration to keep going. A special thanks to my amazing beta @thorne93 for putting up with me through this series.

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam x Jess, Balthazar x Lexi, John and Beth.

Warnings: All the fluff with some fluff on top.

Wordcount: 1425

*not my GIF*

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You had all been invited to Sam and Jess’ house for new year’s dinner, even Balthazar and Lexi was there. You had all discussed doing a small party, but because the kids were still so small you had decided to go with dinner and dessert instead. Jess had made this incredible dinner for you all and afterwards there had been dessert. You all wondered how the kids had any energy to keep running around the house.

You were standing in the living room, watching Sam, Jess, and John having a conversation in front of the Christmas tree. You had no idea what they were saying, but it was such a perfect image you couldn’t help but snap a couple of pictures of them. One in particular stood out to you and you decided to get it framed and give it to them. Both Sam and John had one hand on her small baby bump and Jess was smiling down on them.

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Josh dun Smut update

Warning- daddy kink and smut ahead—

       Okay. You can do this. I sat at the edge of the bed looking down at my hands, we were getting ready to go visit his parents for the holidays. We have been dating for a while and Josh and I decided it was time for me to meet them. I was fucking scared as hell. What if they don’t like me? What was going to happen? What if they hate me and Josh and I have to break up and I become an old cat lady and I DON’T WANT THAT! so many thoughts were swimming through my head right now. I had to calm down. you can do this.
“hey babe, you ready to g- hey what’s wrong?”
“ What if they don’t like me?”
“babe, they will love you. What’s not to love? You have a gorgeous face, gorgeous body-fuck can wejust skip the trip and let me fuck you right here?”
“Josh, we have to go…..”
“It’ll be okay, you are amazing inside and out, I love you baby”
“ And I love you Joshie”
“did you really just call me that”
“….yes…” He smiled and held out his hand, “alright baby, let’s go”
I grabbed his hand and we went to put the shit in the car. After everything was packed, He hopped in the front seat and I hopped in the passenger seat. We started off on our journey and he grabbed my hand, looking over at me with a beautiful smile on his face. He was so fucking sexy.
The rest of the ride(hehe) consisted of us sneaking glances at eachother and faint music playing in the car. I felt so comfortable. He made me feel like his queen and you better believe he was my king. When we got there, I mentally prepared myself for what was in store. I stepped out of the car and we grabbed our bags from the back then began walking towards their home. It was so beautiful, not too big, but not small either. When we got to the door, It opened before we could knock..
“JOSH! OH MY GOD” His mother wrapped her arms around him in a huge embrace and stepped back looking at me.

“You must be y/n!! We have heard so much about you!!!!” She practically jumped on me with a huge hug that made me incredibly happy. We went inside and sat down with his family. They were amazingly accepting and I quickly warmed up to them. While Josh was in the room speaking to his dad, I went into the kitchen to help his mother with the food. She felt like my own mother and it was really easy talking to her. I am not really sure why I was so nervous, because they were super incredible people.
Dinner rolled around and I sat next to Josh on one side of the table, he placed his hand on my thigh and of course I didn’t think much of it. Througout the meal, however, his hand slowly went up my thigh. I almost chocked on a spoonfull of mashed potatoes when he gripped my thigh roughly and turned to wink at me. That sly bastard. His hand reached under my skirt and he picked up his glass of water. He then chocked on that water when he realised I had no underwear on. I smirked, of course, and brought my lips to whisper in his ear seductively.
“ Like that babe?”

      His cheeks turned a slight shade of pink and he faced his parents and continued to talk to them. While his mom turned to ask his dad something, Josh whispered back,
“You naughty little girl, daddy is going to have to punish you later” Now it was your turn to blush.
The rest of the night went on, a few board games later, his parents decided it was time for bed.
“You guys probably are exhausted from the trip, we wouldn’t want to keep you up” Joshed smiled his cheeky little smile and we told them goodnight.
We went into the guest room and before I could react, Josh had me pinned against the door. He started leaving kisses on my neck and up my jawline. A slight moan escaped my mouth and his hand was quick to cover my mouth.
“now baby girl, you’ll have to be quiet” I replied in a muffled moan against the palm of his hand. He moved both of his arms down to my ass and continued making out with me. His hands went under my ass and he mumbled" jump" into our shared, sloppy kiss. I did as told, and he brought me to the guest bed, laying me down and climbing over me.
He tugged at the bottom of my shirt and pulled it over my head. We continued until we were both naked and went back to leaving hickeys up and down my neck. I moved up slightly, my lips slightly touching the side of his ear,“ fuck me daddy” He happily agreed and grabbed my wrists, placing them above my head. He left a trail of kisses down my neck and all over my stomache. I wrapped my legs around his waist and felt him slowly enter me. I moaned at the sudden feeling of pleasure only to be met by his hand once again. He started to push in and out of me until he picked up a good pace. Thank GOD the bed didn’t squeak. I felt intense pleasure along with his beautiful c-major lips attatched to my neck.
“daddy, I-i’m close”
“me too baby” He hit my spot over and over again and I felt myslef release and him as well. He threw himself on the bed next to me, a panting mess, and giggled slightly.
“what?” I turned to lay on my side and face him, confusion in my face.
“nothing,I am just so lucky to have someone as beautiful and sexy at the same time as you”
“Oh stop it, I am the true lucky one, with someone like you” He smiled and put the blanket over both of us. I felt his arm wrap around my waist and his face nuzzle into my shoulder.
“No one will ever be as lucky as me” He said this while holding me close. How on earth could someone fuck me so hard and then be so sweet afterwards? He was honestly a mystery, but I am so glad that I get to be the one to solve it
fucking cheesy as shit and not really that good, but I wrote this for my fucking amazing baby and she means alot to me. We decided to write each other smut for fun and this is what I came up with, Hope you guys enjoy! It’s 3am don’t judge 

P.S leave me more ideas!!!!

“Finally is Right” [Alexander X Reader]

Prompt: OMG can you do an Alex x reader with prompt #335??? (also I would be eternally grateful if 343 could somehow be in there) 

335: “Why don’t they just kiss already?” 

343: “You braided his hair?” 

A/N: #343 is so applicable to this fandom and I’m so happy to use it. Also, apparently I subconsciously wanted to see how many references to Satisfied I could cram in to one short space, so… look out for that I guess?? 

T/W: none 

A/U: modern



You could already hear the distant beat of the music as you pulled into the driveway and parked your car, gathering your two bags of groceries from the passenger seat. You hopped out of the car and made your way to the front door, searching for your keys and laughing at how typical this night was. 

It was Friday night, so your roommate, Hercules, had his friends over for what they called ‘light drinks.’ After rooming with Herc for almost two years now you had witnessed enough of these nights - which happened every single Friday - to know that it passed the stage of ‘light drinks’ within the first hour. Getting home at 8pm from work each Friday meant that you always arrived well into their night, which tended to start around 5pm. 

You stopped digging through your bag for the key as the front door swung open, an incredibly loud “Y/N, mon amour!” greeting you. The Frenchman pulled you into his arms, the bottles that he held in each hand clanking as they hit each other behind your back. You raised your arms slightly and gave him a weak hug, the grocery bags preventing you from doing much else. Lafayette noticed this and looked down, grinning as he grabbed the bags, pecked your forehead and hurried to the kitchen. 

“Careful, Laf!” you called after him as he dodged various bits of furniture, balancing the groceries in his already full hands. 

You closed the front door behind you and turned down the music ever so slightly, making your way into the kitchen where you could hear the other voices gathering. 

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Remus Lupin X Reader - Firewhisky

Word Count: 2086

Summary: Drunk Truth or Dare with Sirius and James doesn’t go the way you planned…

“Alright, (Y/N), truth or dare?” You rolled your eyes, lifting the bottle of firewhisky to your lips. You quickly downed a mouthful, and did a second soon after.

“Don’t you mean who do I like or take a shot, James?” You held the bottle back out to the brunette, but Sirius took it from your hands before James could.

“Hey, we have to get thoroughly drunk before we get to the good truths or dares.” He drank some of the whiskey, a grin appearing on his face after he swallowed. “That’s when all our good ideas come to mind.”

“Why do I hang out with you losers?” you joked, taking the bottle back from Sirius.

“Because I can get firewhisky,” Sirius replied, laughing. It was just you, Sirius, and James, sitting in the common room late at night. It was a Friday night, and Sirius had just snuck in a couple bottles of firewhisky. You three had waited until everyone was asleep before beginning your fun.

“Can I have the bottle back? I’d like to join the fun, you two.” You laughed and handed the almost-empty bottle back to James. He quickly downed the remaining liquid in the bottle, and Sirius opened the next bottle.

“Hey, hand me that other bottle.”

“You’re not getting your own bottle, (Y/N).” You reached over Sirius to grab it, despite him trying to get you to stop.

“It’s boring to share,” you complained, popping the top off of the bottle. “Besides, I’ll get drunker faster this way.” Sirius shrugged, knowing you were right, and pulled out the remaining full bottle.

“We all get our own,” he said, raising his bottle. You and James clinked yours against Sirius’s, and your drinking began.

“Wait, (Y/N), you never answered me. Truth or dare?”

“Truth.” James smiled, taking a sip of firewhisky.

“Who do you like?” he asked mockingly.

“Oh, haha,” you said, rolling your eyes. “Can’t you think of anything good sober?”

“I know who she fancies,” said Sirius, a grin on his face. “She’s into Moony.” James looked to see how you reacted, but you said nothing, instead taking a long drink.

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Preference#7- Babysitting

Tony: You had promised your older brother that you would babysit your three year old nephew so he and his wife could go out. The only problem was that you couldn’t get a hold of Tony to tell him. He was in meetings all day so you figured you would just tell him when he got back home. 

Your brother dropped of his son at six and wouldn’t be back until the morning. Your nephew, Alec, ran to you when they arrived. Once they left you showed the little tyke all of Tony’s suits. He was obsessed with Iron Man so you couldn’t think of anything better. When Tony came home he found you two in the garage.

“Iwon Man!” Alec shrieked and pointed at Tony when he came in.

“That’s right honey,” you cooed.

“Y/n do you have a child I don’t know about?” Tony asked you.

“Funny. Remember my nephew Alec? My brother and his wife wanted to go out so I said I would watch him.”

“Oh I remember. Hey kid.”

“Up!” Alec demanded and ran to Tony. Tony hesitantly picked up and Alec giggled while putting his little arms around Tony’s neck. After that they were inseparable.

When Alec had to leave the next morning, Tony didn’t want to admit that he didn’t want Alec to do but you could tell. It took a lot of coaxing and promises that Alec could come back soon before he would even go to your brother.

“You were great with him,” you told Tony once they were gone.

“Thanks. We should have kid.”

“Slow your roll there big boy. You only had Alec for one day and you seriously think you’re ready?”

“If you’re by my side then I’m ready for anything.”

“We aren’t even married.”


“I want to be married first.”

“Fine. We will get married and then have a baby right after.”

You just rolled your eyes at his words.

Steve: Your younger sister’s boyfriend had just dumped her for her best friend so she came to you in tears. You immediately brought her in and hugged her. Steve wwalked in, saw you holding her on the couch, and walked to the kitchen. He came back moments later with a large bowl of ice cream for her.

“This won’t ease the pain, but I heard that ice cream can make you smile,” he told her.

“Thank you. Sorry about all of this,” she apologized.

“Don’t worry about it. If you guys need anything I’ll be in the other room.”

“Will you stay? I think I need people around me to help.”

“Of course.”

Steve put on an action movie and then sat next to you. That was how the night went until you were drifting off to sleep on Steve’s shoulder. Your sister’s voice though made you a little more aware but your eyes stayed closed.

“Thanks for babysitting me,” she told him.

“No problem. I know Y/n enjoyed some time with you even though it wasn’t for a good reason.”

“You’re good for Y/n, you know. You remind me that not all guys are jerks.”

“Well thank you, I try to be good for her. I better take her to bed. There are extra blankets in the hall closet if you need them.”

“Thank you Steve.”

“You’re welcome.”

I then felt arms wrap around me and was soon lifted against a strong chest. A moment later I was placed on the bed and fell asleep with a smile on my face.

Thor: Your aunt was super busy and needed someone to watch her seven year old twin boys. You agreed because they adored you and were total angels when they were around you for some reason. The only problem was that they had a lot of energy and you were going to be outnumbered so you enlisted the help of your boyfriend who was great with kids to come over. The twins were hesitant about trusting Thor at first but they soon took a liking to him.

“You shall not defeat me! I am a god,” Thor roared as the twins tackled him to the ground.

“Lunch is ready boys!” I told them and they quickly ran to the dinning room where it sat on the table. “Thank you for coming over, they adore you.”

“I am happy to do it. They are very energetic and I do believe I am weary though.”

“I can’t wait to see how you handle your own children,” you laughed.

“Is that an invitation?” He waggled his eyebrows. You smacked his chest his and he laughed. The two of you then joined the youngsters for lunch.

Clint: Your sister had had a baby a few month ago and asked if you could watch her child. You agreed because you loved your niece and wanted to spend some time with her. Clint was apprehensive about helping because  he was kind of useless when it came to babies. He had no idea what to even do. Once you showed him how to hold her though, he was a total pro at it.

“This isn’t so bad,” he told you.

“You’re a natural.”

“Maybe this could be us one day.”

“I would like that one day.”

Clint smiled and you before looking back down at your niece with awe clear in his eyes.

Bruce: Your parents were going out of town for the weekend and wanted you to watch your ten year old brother. Bruce agreed to help you and you were glad. When your brother came, Bruce and him instantly hit it off. Your brother loved science experiments so Bruce took him to his lab so they could experiment together.

They eventually wandered in around dinner time with your brother talking a mile a minute. Bruce was actively listening and the sight warmed your heart. All throughout dinner they boys talked about science and you put in your two cents in here and there, but you mostly just watched the two of them interact.

“Goodnight Jake,” you told him before showing him to his room.

“Night Y/n, night Bruce!” He said and closed the door so he could get ready for bed.

“Night buddy,” Bruce said. You spun around to face him with a grin on your face.

“You are amazing with him! I’ve never seen Jake talk that much before. Thank you,” you said and kissed him softly.

“You’re welcome. He is a great kid, really bright.”

“Still, thank you.”

Pietro: Clint and Laura were going out so you and Pietro had offered to watch the youngsters for them. Clint jumped at the opportunity and before you knew it you were at his house.

“Hello little ones,” Pietro smiled at the kids.

 Cooper and Lila grinned at him before making Pietro start to chase them. You grabbed baby Nathaniel while they all ran around the house. You fixed the baby a bottle and sat on the couch so you could feed him. When he was fed and burped it was time for him to go to sleep so you started to sing to him.

You finished the song and you then noticed how quiet it was. You looked in the doorway and saw that three of them looking at you with their mouths wide open.

“My love, you should sing more often,” Pietro told you with a grin.

“Sing again!” Lila said and came to sit beside you on the couch.

I sang songs for them for the rest of the night before we all fell asleep on the couch. We stayed that way until their parents came back home.

Bucky: Your eight year old sister adored you so it was inevitable that you two would have sleepover at your apartment. You agreed to do it one day but the only problem was that you were running late. You had gotten stuck in traffic and the only one home was Bucky. You didn’t know how Bucky and your sister would feel about being alone together. 

When you arrived home though, you were pleasantly surprised to hear giggles coming from the living room. You walked into the room and saw Bucky with magnets on his metal arm and a tiara on his head.

“That is a good look for you Bucky,” you grinned. Both of their head whipped towards you once they realized you were home.

“Y/n!” Sami screamed and ran into your arms.

“Hey kiddo!” You smiled and kissed the top of her head.

“I missed you so much. Bucky had been playing with me though and he is great!”

“Awesome. How about you clean up a little bit and I’ll order some pizza?”

“Yay!” She scampered away to pick up the mess she’d made and Bucky made his way over to you.

“Thank you for playing with her,” you said and wrapped your arms around his neck.

“No problem, she’s a fun kid.”

“She really is.” You then gave Bucky a kiss until you heard gagging from the little kid. The two of you laughed as you pulled away.

Loki: It was your turn to babysit the raptors. That is what your family affectionately called your brother’s twin girls. They ran around everywhere and would occasionally bit the unsuspecting person if they weren’t careful. When you found it was your turn you called Loki for help. The raptors would eat you alive without the help of someone else. You just hoped that they didn’t scare him off.

When they arrived, they eyed Loki suspiciously. Once he showed them his magic though, they immediately liked him. He spent the entire evening doing different magical things for the girls until it was time for them to to go bed.

“I can’t believe you got them to actually behave,” you whispered as you closed the door to the guest bedroom where your nieces were sleeping.

“Natural talent,” he smiled.

“I’ll say. Thank you so much for doing this. I don’t think I can ever repay you.”

“Oh I think I know one way you could.”

“Is that so? What did you have in mind?” He bent down and kissed you passionately and you got what he had in mind.

Wanda: Wanda was nervous about helping you watch your adopted baby brother. He was only about six months old and she was terrified. She was afraid that she may accidentally hurt him with her powers. You reassured her that everything would be fine as he arrived.

“Here, hold him for a second. I really have to pee,” you said and placed him in her arms. She was very tense and you hurried away before she had time to protest.

Once you were done you quietly crept back to the living room where you saw Wanda gently stroking his hair. She placed a kiss to his forehead and you knew that she was giving your brother good dreams.

“I told you so,” you smirked coming back into the room.

“Shut up,” she said softly.

You sat down next to her and placed an arm around her shoulders. Wanda snuggled into your side while holding the baby.

Natasha: There is nobody Clint trusted more to watch his kids than Nat and you. So when Clint mentioned he wanted to take Laura out for their anniversary, Nat volunteered you both for the task of watching the kids. You did it happily because they were all so adorable.

“Auntie Nat and Y/n are here!” Lila screamed and gave you both tight hugs. Cooper came running and nearly took you both to the ground as he got his hugs in. A few minutes later Clint and Laura left you guys alone with their precious children.

“Will you braid my hair?” Lila asked you and you smiled at her.

 You sat on the couch with Lila in your lap while Nat grabbed Nathaniel and Cooper. She then put on a kid movie and cooed softly at the baby. When you were done with Lila’s hair she got in the floor with her brother on the pallet that Nat had made for them out of blankets and pillows. It wasn’t long before they were all asleep.

“How did you get to be so good with kids?” You asked her.

“I don’t know honestly. I guess it is just instinct.”

“Well you have some pretty good instincts.”

Maria: Your friend had asked you to watch her toddler while she and her husband went out. You happily agreed because you loved the little tyke. When they arrived, the little girl ran to you and gave you a hug. She loved you and you adored her. You both said goodbye to her parents and then she ran to the couch where Maria was reading her book.

“Up!” The child demanded and Maria picked her up with a smile. She then started reading to the girl.

You walked in as you heard Maria’s voice ring out and you smiled at the sight. Zoie was looking at Maria in awe as she read aloud to her. Zoie eventually got restless though and decided to play in the floor with her stuffed elephant. You sat by Maria.

“You’re a natural,” you told her softly.

“I suppose.”

“No, you totally are. She adores you.”

“Not as much as you. You are all Zoie would talk about while I was trying to read the book.” You smiled and kissed her cheek before going back to watching Zoie play.

Sebastian Stan w/ Family- Part 2

Hey! First of all, I really really love your blog!! Your stories are amazing!! And second, could you please write a Sebastian Stan imagine where the reader is his wife and they’re celebrating their son’s first birthday? Byee :3

“Ready mom,” your husband called to you from around the kitchen corner.

“Yup,” you replied as you finished tying up a balloon. Sebastian came around the corner holding your one year old son. “Oh my goodness what a handsome birthday boy,” you cooed to your son Cristian; you and Sebastian agreed to take a Romanian approach to naming him.. He reached towards you from his dad’s arms and you grabbed him.

“What else needs done,” Sebastian asked you.

“If you want to tie the balloons to the chairs and gets the plates and silverware out that’d be great. That’s really all that’s left. Everyone should be getting here soon.” You bounced Cristian up and down and felt a pair of eyes on you and turned to look at your husband. “What?”

“You look beautiful,” he gave you his famous smile. You went to say thanks but the doorbell rang. “I’ll get it,” he sprinted to the dog. You heard greetings being exchanged and heard Chris Evan’s hardy laugh. “Come in,” your husband ushered everyone in.

“There’s my godson,” Chris cheered as he saw sitting with Cristian. You handed him to Chris.

“Glad you could come,” you told him. “Hi everyone,” you hugged Scarlet J , Robert Downey Junior, Chase Crawford, and MarK Ruffalo as they walked into your house.

“Anything for this little one,” Scarlet pinched Cristian’s cheeks.

“Where do we put gifts?”

“Over here Chase,” Sebastian pointed to a table in the living room. “Hope you guys are hungry because Y/N’s been cooking up a storm all day. Not to mention the cake she made,” that earned a happy face from everyone.

The party started and even though it was mostly a party for the adults Cristian was eating up all the attention he was getting. You all watched as your son opened his gifts, or rather you opened them as he played with the paper, and as he ate his cake and ended up rubbing the frosting all over his body.

It was getting late so Cristian got passed around for a bedtime kiss from everyone and Sebastian went to put him to bed. You sat around with your friends for the next hour or so and caught up. They were ready to leave and gave you and Sebastian a hug goodnight. “Thank you guys all for coming,” you told them.

“Thank you for that amazing cake,” Robert said.

“Goodnight, everyone,” Sebastian called. As soon as the door was closed you looked over the leftover party supplies and toys that were all over the house. “I’ll get the toys you get the balloons,” he suggested.

“It’s a plan Stan,” he rolled his eyes at that joke he hated. With the house cleaned up you two went to get ready for bed. Sebastian hopped in the shower and you got your pajamas on and went to Cristian’s room. You stood over his crib and watched his little face scrunched as he dreamed.

You heard footsteps walk up to you and felt two hands wrap around your waste. “We made a pretty cute kid, didn’t we?” You nodded and continued to look at your little boy with Sebastian. “We should make another one.”

You turned your head and peered up at him. “Really?” He gave you big eyes, a shrug, and a smirk. “We better get started then,” you recommended and saw his smirk become even bigger.

Rock, Paper, Scissors


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Prompt: 038:“Rock Paper Scissors to see who has to go talk to the neighbors upstairs for being too loud.”

Warnings: none

It was the middle of the night. You and Robbie were trying to get to bed. You guys had just finished a series on Netflix, and now it was time for bed. As you both got ready, snuggled into one another, the noises began. 

Your eyes were shut, Robbie’s warm embrace around you, and then those damn noises started. It was your upstairs neighbors. The ones who were sex-crazed and always fucking. Though they usually never actually had sex this late at night. But there went their giggles and moans. You could hear their bed squeaking, and every so often the headboard would bang against the wall. 

“Ugh, go tell them to quiet down,” you groaned.

“No way! You go,” Robbie said. 

You cracked your eyes open, looking at him. He was facing you, but his eyes were closed.

“Excuse me?” You said. “Rob, just go, knock on the door, and tell them to shut up.”

“If it’s that simple, why don’t you do it?”

You groaned again. Turning onto your back and facing the ceiling. You tried closing your eyes again and ignore it, but their grunts and moans were so loud. These walls and ceilings were paper thin, you could hear just about everything. Another groan came out of you and Robbie.

“I swear to God, Robbie, go tell them to quiet down or we won’t have sex for the next two weeks!”

Robbie shot up. “Two weeks? I’m gone in two weeks for three months!”

“Exactly,” you said, sitting up as well. 

“Okay, okay,” Robbie said. “Rock, paper, scissors to see who had to go talk to the neighbors upstairs for being too loud.” You rolled your eyes, but agreed to it.

You and Robbie sat up more, sitting criss-cross on the bed. You both balled one hand into fists, the other laying flat. You each pounded your fists on your flat hands.

“Rock, paper, scissors!” You said in unison. You and Robbie both did paper.

You went at it again, but this time, it was both rock, then both paper. You guys did one more round. Both rock again. You and Robbie both groaned in annoyance. The neighbors were still going. They kept going and going. It was annoying and you guys both wanted sleep.

“Fine!” You said. “How about we both go?” Robbie agreed. You both got out of bed. You wrapped a blanket around yourself since it was cold. Robbie only walked with his pajama pants on.

“I don’t understand how you’re so cold. It’s hot.”

“That’s because you have your own heating system,” you grunted. You tugged at your blanket, walking up the flight of stairs to the neighbors above you. You could still hear them going on. Just their moans and groans. 

Both you and Robbie gulped. You were both hesitant to knock. Finally, Robbie lifted his first to the door and knocked loudly. The noises soon stopped. Then there was shuffling and banging before the door opened. There you saw two people with messy sex hair, boxers on the guy and a night gown on the woman.

“Hi, we’re the neighbors that live right below you,” you started off awkwardly. “We were kind of wondering if you guys could, I don’t know, finish up? You’re being really loud and we’re trying to sleep.” You were blushing from embarrassment.

“Oh my goodness!” The girl blushed as well. “I am so sorry! I didn’t know we were being that loud.”

“It’s all good. We’re just trying to sleep,” Robbie pitched in. 

“No worries then, I think we’re done for tonight anyways,” the man said. 

After a little but more of small talk, you finally told them goodnight. That was the most awkward conversation you’d ever had. You were blushing like mad since you were so awkward. Robbie was just silent.

Getting back to the room, it was finally quiet. No more sex noises or any of that. Both you and Robbie laid back down in the bed, still saying nothing. You shut the light off, and shut your eyes. Once again, you and Robbie were snuggled close together. It was perfectly silent, no more disturbing sounds. Then Robbie ruined it all.

“Why can’t we have sex like that?” 

“Oh my God, Robert, shut the hell up!” You groaned, slapping his chest. 

“Ow,” he pouted. “I mean it though!”

You opened your eyes, not wanting to have this conversation. “Robbie, I don’t know what you mean by that, because I think we’re great. But I’m not in the mood for this conversation right now. So go to sleep and shut up.”

Robbie nodded, not saying a thing. You clamped your eyes shut, and Robbie did the same. “Love you,” he whispered. You only grumbled at him, but cuddled closer into him.

Cool For The Summer

A/N: Hey there! This is my first Owen Grady x Reader imagine, so I hope you enjoy. Requests are open :)

Imagine: You are Dr. Ellie Sattler’s daughter, and the summer before you go to college you begin working at Jurassic World as a gentle giant trainer. You want to see the raptors, though, having heard the stories. Your mother made you swear not to, though, so you sneak out to see them while they are asleep. Cuteness ensues :)

Warnings: Language, mentions of violence

“Ms. Sattler!” you turn around at the sound of your name. You see an immaculately dressed redhead clicking towards you in impressive heels, and her voice registers as vaguely familiar. “I’m Claire Dearing”, she says, extending her hand toward you. “We spoke on the phone?” You smile at the woman who was responsible for you while you were on this island. “Hi, Claire. and please, it’s y/n”, you say, barely having time to shake her hand before she turns and begins walking toward the resort. “I’ll get you settled into your room, and then I’ll show you to the enclosure. I would invite you into the lab, but that will unfortunately have to wait until tomorrow, because we have potential sponsors coming in today.” Damn. This woman speaks as fast as she walks, you think to yourself. She turns around and offers you a smile. “Also, I have been told to ask you to call your mother. She’s worried about you.” You roll your eyes, grinning as you assure Claire that you will. Your mother is Dr. Ellie Sattler, and since she was present for the events of the first park, it doesn’t come as a shock to you that she’s anxious to hear from you. She’s excited for you, though, and her only request is that you stay away from the raptors. She knows their paddock isn’t open to the public yet, and she wants you to stay away until it is. You promised her you would, but honestly, you’re so intrigued by the thought of these deadly animals, and you want to see what your mother saw all of those years ago. All day, as you learn the ropes of your new job, you ponder in the back of your mind how to get to see these creatures without terrifying your mother. “Night, y/n!” one of your co-workers calls to you as they head out for the night. You wave your hand at them, heading for your company-issued jeep. You had decided earlier that day that you were going to go visit the raptors tonight, while they were asleep. This way, you can see the predators without actually putting yourself into danger. As you crept out of the jeep, quietly closing the door, you could see that the raptors were barely stirring. As you approached the cage, you heard a deep voice behind you. “Excuse me, ma'am, but the park is closing,” the voice said, and you froze. Damn, you just wanted to see the raptors! You turned around with a sheepish smile on your face, taking in the owner of the voice. He was taller than you, and very attractive. He was very muscular, with tan skin and beautiful green eyes. You were a tad starstruck when you saw him, but luckily he felt the same way about you. After a moment of ogling each other, you came back into yourself and smiled. “I’m y/n Sattler, and I’m here for the summer, working with the herbivores. I’ve heard all about these creatures from my mother, and I just wanted to get an up close look” you said, sticking out your hand for him to shake. He warily took it, offering his name before asking, “well, why don’t you just come during the day, like all the other people?” Your smile faltered, and a slightly guilty look crept over your face. “Well, I kind of promised my mother that I wouldn’t come at all. And honestly, I’m a little afraid. Mom told me about them, including how she watched them kill her friends. So I figured I could come at night, while they slept, and satisfy my curiosity.” He grinned at your confession, before stepping closer to you. “Would you like to go in there with me?” Your eyes widened, and you began sputtering protests as he laughed. “No, it’s okay. I’m their alpha. They won’t hurt me.” “But they might hurt me!” you exclaimed, definitely convinced that his gorgeous face was just a cover for serious mental instability. “Not if they think you’re my mate,” he said with a wink. “But how are we going to convince them of that?” you countered, trying to stop the blush rising in your cheeks. “I guess I’ll just have to hold on to you,” he whispered, offering you his hand. You took it, and he led you into the cage. The girls raised their heads as the alpha entered, and as they began to approach he wrapped his arms around your waist. When you raised an eyebrow at him, he whispered “Just convincing them, is all. Girls,” he raised his voice, “this is y/n. She’s with me, understood?” The raptors sleepily chirped back at him, as the largest one nudged it’s head at both of you. You gingerly petted her as he explained her name was Blue, and that she was his beta. You eventually got to touch all of them, and he told them all goodnight as you left the cage. He had held onto you the entire time with them, and now that you were safely out he still had a grip on you. “Mr. Grady,” you whispered with a flirty grin, “I’m safe now.” “I know,” he grumbled, burying his face in your neck, “but I’m having a hard time letting go just the same.” You smiled softly at him before whispering, “then don’t.” His beautiful eyes met yours, and the next thing you knew he was kissing you. “Don’t tell your mother,” he whispered playfully in your ear, before following you to your jeep.

A/N: this was too fun to write. Request more! :)

inkigayo prerecording - 150524

end of “inkigayo” recording. (the) boys were so, so tired. shawols were tired as well. it was a hard, long time for everybody.

when shinee arrived into the building they started telling the shawols how beautiful they were. they asked them how dream concert was and, when they answered “amazing”, they thanked everyone for their ocean and fanchant.

when they were on standby the staff was moving a red light a lot and jonghyun kept telling them that it was tiring.

during one take jonghyun’s mic fell so they had to stop and he ran backstage to get tape to fix it. when he went backstage for the mic onew sat on the stage like a child.

all the members were tired. they mostly stayed quiet on stage, went backstage to monitor and came back again (after).

jonghyun and minho were talking about their schedules and the fact that everybody would get a small rest then jonghyun reminded minho that there were fansigns and minho asked cutely, saying “sorry”. when leaving minho told the shawols “goodnight” and they also told them “see you at the seventh anniversary.” (s/n: shinee’s seventh anniversary party will be held later today (may 24th kst).) (source: _misnaa)

jonghyun’s mic pac fell off midtake but jinki and taemin didn’t notice so they kept on dancing and looking around, confused, when the music cut. jonghyun went off stage to fix the pack while the rest stayed on stage. jinki sat down in the middle crosslegged to wait. very good posture! (source: missezri)

when minho and taemin were explaining it was the last taking / thanking shawols suddenly jonghyun sang: “i’ll never let you down” in his husky caramel voice.

at the end of the recording shinee was telling everyone to sleep well and eat well and thanking them for coming / waving to everyone.

shinee were all really happy and sweet, obviously a little tired but they were very smiley and interactive. (source: lilfreakmin0923)

jonghyun had on a plain white shirt with a red front pocket and white jeans.

minho asked the shawols if they had went to dream concert yesterday and some said “yes” and he was like: “wow, really?!” he then asked if they were going to shinee’s seventh anniversary party and some shawols said they were and shinee was amazed. jonghyun told the fans to rest.

they seemed really tired today but were still really happy to see shawols.

the members kept making funny / weird sounds everytime they waited for a recording to start. (source: ham547)

  • Who are you talking to? Why aren't you talking to me? What do you mean your friend, I'm your friend. You said I was your best friend. Am I not? Why are you making them a bracelet, am I not enough? Those are my beads, my string, my knots. They meant so much to me and you took them away to make a bracelet for not-me. How dare you. No it's not your fault, I'm fine. Don't worry about it. Why didn't you text me goodnight? Am I not worthy of your goodnights anymore? I bet you told them goodnight. Giving all your goodnights to them. I bet you told them you love them. Don't you love me? You haven't told me in a long time. Are you giving all your love to them? I spend all my money on you and this is what you do. You spend your good mornings and goodnights and I love you's on some not-me. I hate you. Leave me alone I never want to see you again. Please don't go. I love you please don't go away. Stop talking to me I can't stand you. Please talk to me I'm going insane if I don't see your messages. Why aren't you messaging me all day? You're talking to them aren't you. You should be talking to me. Only me. Don't say goodnight to anyone else except me. Why am I not getting anymore good morning texts. Do you hate me? I'm not your best friend anymore am I? Was I ever really? You've just been lying to me all this time. You hate me you pity me I'm not your best friend you don't love me you lied you lied you lied leave me alone you're a monster. Please don't go away.