that you love them and appreciate having them around

Fall in love with love and life this summer. Spend time appreciating the beauty around you and the people who compliment your lives. Go out more and take as many pictures as possible. Collect memories. Go for long walks or bike rides and watch a fucking sunset. Meet up with friends, sit on a bench and catch up until it’s night. Do random shit. Eat fruit. Exercise outside. Have fun. Compliment strangers. Don’t pass a homeless person without giving them something. Anything. Just don’t ignore them. Meditate, spend the first 10 minutes of your morning sitting in silence. Donate some of your time to a children’s hospital or something to do in your community. Read a few books. Clear your mind and spend the rest of the day thinking positive thoughts. Eat clean and drink more water. Just live and enjoy life. We are not promised this evening, let alone tomorrow. Everything is temporary, so grab it while you can and hold it close to your heart. Fall in love with love and life this summer.
—  MH
i know a lot of you need to hear this right now

your fp loves you so much. they care about you, even though they may not be talking to you right this moment. they may be busy with class, or they may be feeding their pet, or maybe they fell asleep talking to you. their relationships with other people do not effect their relationship with you. they love having you around. they love talking to you. i bet they think about you more than a couple times a day.

they know you’re trying. they know you love them more than anyone else in this world. they know you will always be there for them, and they appreciate you.

they love you.

they are so proud of you.

hey! I just wanted to say that I loved all your blogs before they started dating, I loved them through that, and I’ll continue to love them in the future! I hope you have a great day and that things don’t get too overwhelming!

(ps: I thought it might be silly to send this to occasionallysalazzle and dailyalolanrattata too, since then there would be three copies of it just floating around, so I hope they also know that they are also appreciated so, so much!)

The signs as I have experienced them
  • Aries: Hides feelings VERY well. They have a hard shell around them constantly and a soft inside. Will probably spill out all of their emotions to you while drunk or late at night. Secret freak. Beautiful eyes.
  • Taurus: So genuine and down to Earth. Very determined, knows how to get stuff done. Will always be there for you no matter what. Puts others first. Like to take things slow. They make great life long partners.
  • Gemini: Gets attached to people who do not even treat them well very easily. There is so much to explore under the skin of a Gemini. Love to talk. Very adaptable and can fit into almost any crowd. Probably kinky.
  • Cancer: Listener. Passionate about the right things, otherwise can be extremely lazy. Goes into depth with people. Loves getting to know people. Probably has a crazy, interesting backstory to them. Very shy at first but once you have cracked their shell, they have a new, crazy side to them. The type of person that you would vent to all night. Good kisser.
  • Leo: So fun to hang out with. Hilarious. Nerdy. Appreciates the ones around them. Probably has an addictive personality. Usually goes on from one obsession to another within a week. Either hates trying new things or loves it.
  • Virgo: Always down to get drunk. Picky. Can be critical but only with good intentions. Strives to be independent. Always there for family and friends when they are down. Intelligent. Lots of hidden emotions. Tends to bottle up and let everything out at once.
  • Libra: Unique. Artistic. Loves to cook and travel. Always tries to find the good out of a situation. True friends. Gives the best advice. Full of unspoken knowledge.
  • Scorpio: Extremely sexual. Loves to find the hidden piece inside of someone. It is easy to love a Scorpio but hard to get away from. Will leave a piece of them in every person they get close to. Can see right through people.
  • Sagittarius: Extremely beautiful mind. Can become very possessive or obsessive. Crave adventure. You must be honest and trustworthy to form a bond with a Sagittarius.
  • Capricorn: Loves to be kept busy. All about hard work and success. Ambitious. Stubborn. Is very realistic about every situation. If you get in the way of a Capricorn's future or life then be prepared to get tossed out of it.
  • Aquarius: Loves science and what the world has to offer. Extremely loving to their partners. Has very strong opinions. Is always there for those who were once close to them even if they have done them wrong.
  • Pisces: Great sense of style. Loves gossip. Cares a lot about their friends and close ones. Can be sensitive but quickly stands up for themselves. Independent. Never doubt them. Can do things that you would not expect.
So, you know your crushes Venus sign, what do you do next?
  • (How to appeal to your crushes Venus: use their Venus)
  • Aries Venus: compete with them, in a cute way. Play games, make bets, go out and do things with them. Show them that you are fun and love a challenge
  • Taurus Venus: stick around for a while, try to be available. They want to spend time with someone they can rely on.
  • Gemini Venus: listen to them talk. They have a lot of good things to say and appreciate it when some takes their words to heart
  • Cancer Venus: let them be protective of you. Show a little weakness. They like someone who is willing to be open.
  • Leo Venus: ask them questions. They like to be admired. When you show interest, they show interest.
  • Virgo Venus: do the best you can to be prepared. Admire their work. Compliment them. They like to feel like someone pays attention to their details.
  • Libra Venus: pamper them. Pay for their meal. Invite them to things often. They want to be taken care of.
  • Scorpio Venus: this is an intense placement. They often don't understand their feelings, and they need advice, a therapist. Be that rock.
  • Sagittarius Venus: be down to take risks with them. Drive around with them. Go to random places in the middle of the night with them. Be adventurous together.
  • Capricorn Venus: they are super bad at realizing their feelings. Make them think about you. It helps to be a little more direct. Flirt, say nice things, answer their questions. Make them realize their feelings.
  • Aquarius Venus: stand out. Have hobbies. Have goals. They like people who have a lot going for them. Appeal to them by being confident.
  • Pisces Venus: pay attention to them. Let them know you care. They like people who are in tune with their feelings and give them the time of day. Put yourself in their shoes.

i cry just thinking about the fact that yurio feels at ease and happy around otabek. it’s just so sweet how otabek’s company makes them feel this way. i am so grateful that the yoi staffs are showing this bits in their official arts/merchandises.

Those Christmas Lights Keep Shining On 

Bellamy and Clarke, new neighbors, get in a competition over their Christmas decorations. Chaos ensues. 

a/n: this has been a really hard fic for me to right actually, so I would really appreciate feedback or support. thank you so much and have a lovely holiday!!

Clarke isn’t all that into Christmas. For the last few years since her Dad died, it’s just been her and Raven in their apartment, Wells coming over with Monty and Jasper in tow. They ate a lot of pizza and watched a few Christmas movies while they hung out, and that was pretty much it. She called her Mom and Kane and wished them the best and promised to see them around the new year once they got back from the Caribbean. That was that. It was simple and good enough for her.

That is, it was good enough until the advance from her second book was enough for her to buy a house in the suburbs and Bellamy Blake became her next door neighbor.

Suburban Christmas, as Clarke would discover, was a whole new beast. There was an actual caroling group that had been having rehearsals for a month now. Everyone was attempting to one up each other with their lawn decorations and lights. Which, normally, she wouldn’t have given much thought to, but Bellamy Blake was an asshole she must destroy.

Read the rest on AO3 here. 


i hope errbody has a happy holidays , remember to look around you and soak everything in i know these times seem to whoosh by. but seriously take the time to sit down look around take a deep breath and appreciate all the love and warmth around you. take the time to look at the people that are around you on these days and let them know you appreciate them…& if you don’t have anybody look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself you made it and that you love you and that you appreciate yourself💙


created for @mi6-cafe polyamory week! 

[gorgeous art by @procoffeinating


what is 00qad?

007 + q from the craig!bond movies with danny + alex from london spy

wait, two ben whishaws?

are you suggesting this is some kind of problem

i’m a fan of both pairings but do i have to ship them all together?

absolutely not. we all have our preferences and you’ll find that some fics have partner swapping while others just have the boys as friends. some people write danny and q romantically, while others write them sexually. then there’s the fic where they are brothers! as long as you appreciate all four boys you are welcome into the fandom and we’d love to hear your headcanons

are the cats still around?

i’m pretty sure we’d rather sacrifice bond to spectre’s piranha tank than give up q’s cats in any verse anywhere, so fear not my friend


00qad has a very small fandom but we are eager to spread the love, so the order of this list is ideal for folks who have never read any 00qad fic. i’ll start you off gently as the boys are introduced to one another and leave the four-way smut to the very end of the list if you’re interested :D

double-o dreamboat by rigel99 - short drabble

the truth of truths by blackidyll - london spy fix-it

secrets, spies, and family ties by brihna - london spy + spectre fix-it

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  • Ruby, jumping up, shouting with excitement: Ahhh!!! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!
  • Yang, smiling, pulling Ruby into a hug: Remember to remind your loving family how much you care and appreciate them!
  • Weiss, rubbing the back of her head: And if you're at odds with your family, maybe try your best to find it to forgive them and turn the other cheek. But if you can't do that. That's okay too!
  • Blake, puts an arm around Weiss's shoulder: Besides, you'll always have your friends, or significant others.
  • Ruby, smiles bright as she grabs her team into a group hug: And you all better remember, Team RWBY loves you all too!
  • Yang: We're thankful for all of you.
  • Weiss: You're all good people, all good friends.
  • Blake: Where would we be without you all?
  • Ruby: So be thankful for the great things in your life! Just like how we're thankful for each other, and all of you too!
  • Blake, whispering: Also do your best to help those who need it!!
  • Yang, shouting: YEAH HELP THOSE WHO NEED IT!!!!!

We are so busy growing old.

We are so focus to other things, like love and attention from other people that we forgot the most important people in our lives, the people who gave us life; our parents. They are also growing old. We may not know it but sooner or later, God will take them away from us. We must know how to value them, how to treasure them, how to understand them, how to appreciate them, how to love them unconditionally. You are still lucky if you still have your parents with you. You are blessed if they are still alive and healthy. You wouldn’t like to feel not to have your mother around who will cook food for you and a father who will be there to hug you when his little girl and his young boy is hurt. It’s hard not to have your parents around to guide and to make you feel that you are home. It’s hard not to have them by your side when you are sad and hurt, it’s sad when they are not there when you are happy and you achieved something and you want to share it with them. You should take care of your parents and love them more than you love anybody else. They are a gift from God.

snsd finally performed as 8 again and snsd kept posting pics of all of them and seemed so happy to finally be together again and they all kept commenting i love yous on each other’s instagrams and sunny told yuri her tanned skin is pretty and yuri said that they all appreciate tiffany and they kept giving tiffany opportunities to talk and she smiled so much and and sooyoung kept telling taeyeon she loved her and tiffany and taeyeon called sunny cute/charming and yoona said she loves her unnies so much and seohyun seemed so happy to have tiffany back and hyoyeon kept saying they were pretty/complimenting them and sunny seemed so happy around the members despite the shitty sound system and they just all love each other so much and that makes me happy i love snsd so much

2PM Bodyguard Chansung 'Turn the Page'

@leftmyheartinyokohama asked: I like both Nichkhun and Chansung, so may I please have a bodyguard expansion for them please? No rush. Love you, thank you. 😊

A/N: Thank you for all your lovely comments and notes. They always make me smile and I appreciate them greatly. I really hope you enjoy your expansion, I died a little writing it. <3 

WARNING: Brief violence.

This is an expansion of a reaction I wrote here.


One of your favorite things to do when you were stressed and travelling was go to a bookstore. Even with the prevalence of e-readers, which you had as well, you preferred old fashioned paper and ink. Something about wandering around, looking at displays, and hefting thick books in your hands centered you.

Long ago you’d learned that this type of excursion was torture for all but one of your guards, Chansung. So he was your usual companion on such trips. If it was a generally secure location, he’d wander an aisle or two away at times to look for books of his own.

Often you could be found in the Fantasy section or History. The areas he frequented were philosophy and photography. Loaded down with an armful of different worlds and wonders, you discovered he was leafing through a book on landscapes.

“What’s that?” Peering at the book he was holding you took a second to look at the picture. “Yours are better.”

He chuckled, “I don’t know about that.”

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anonymous asked:

You're one of the only DnP blogs I follow - I've been in the fandom for years as a fairly casual viewer, since about PINOF 3, but I've only just started actively seeking out fandom stuff (*cough* becoming lowkey Phan trash *cough*) - and I love the way you discuss them. You have a genuine respect and love for them that I relate to and feel like I struggle to find sometimes in fandoms based around real people with real lives. So thanks for being a beautiful, positive contribution to the fandom.

goodness this is so so lovely and kind of you to say thank you so much. i do truly adore them but also try to maintain an appropriate critical distance because they are humans with their own set of fallibilities and flaws. it’s so nice to know that that has resonated with you!!!!!!! your words mean so much, i appreciate you taking the time to share them with me <3 have a beautiful day!!!!! xx

Dear Teacher-Crush Community

You, yes you, I would greatly appreciate it if you take your time to read this.

Hold on to that feeling, that feeling of euphoria and awakening whenever you are around them. It will take a lot of discipline but do not act on it, like do not invite them to your home, flirt with them and such. Instead make them feel appreciated, make their day better by smiling or greeting them. By doing this you will not only save yourself from the heartbreak, but it will also help them feel natural around you. Love is a slow and complicated game and you must learn to be patient. I would suggest reading the ‘teacher student relationship law’ in your state in order to further understand them and your situation. Once you graduate from high school or college then you can freely pursue them.

“But I have no reason to visit/talk to them!”

Nope! That is just self doubt speaking, there’s are so many reasons to come back don’t let pride or humility hold you back, visit them for the sake of catching up with your favourite teacher, or reminiscing your high school years.
Now you probably don’t want to get in trouble the law for the “sake of love" if you are willing to get in trouble then think about him/her, worst case scenario they won’t be able to teach anymore they’d have to go work at a fast food restaurant or go to night school to get a new course, that would take months and money.
So wait for them.

resuescitate  asked:


ooc: oh my oh my oh my- let me be a little excited and think that you sent me this not because i was in first ten people on your dash but because you like my blog- heuheuheu. anyway, i saw this thing going around and i liked the whole concept of it, so thank you for sending one so i can share my fave blogs!! according to writing and muse development, i’m gonna mention @oculvus ; @jihnq ; @seojiseu ; @enchavted ; @anvmone ; @resuescitate ; @ofobscuritas ; @fluorvte ; @daviscre ; @numberxix . whenever i read threads of these people i always get inspired to write myself! so, you definitely should stop by to check up on them! ♥

There’s no way you love me as much as I love you. It’s impossible- inconceivable to me. I have never felt so strongly of anything in my life both that people are good, and that I love you more than anything.

I’d always been the Moon, and I never realized it until now. I was taking the light of the people around me and reflecting it back to them. I was a mirror, a cheerleader, a confidant, a friendly shoulder. People didn’t appreciate me for my own light, but rather the way I reflected and refracted theirs back to them in novel ways. I allowed them to see themselves differently and that is what people liked about me.

Never have I felt like the Sun. Until you. You are my own Moon, I’ve never had one before. I see my light in your eyes and have learned to love my own familiar brand of twinkle. I feel powerful and bright and captivating and capable in the safety of your orbit, and it’s because I’m seeing my own light for the first time. In the blankety vacuum of space everything is absorbed, so it was easy to believe I was nothing but darkness.
After years of having half of myself left in shadow while I grasp for the light from others, finally I’m learning that I have so much to offer all on my own.

So I will be a Sun and I will love you with all the massive stores of energy that I have welled up inside me. And I will also be your Moon, so that you never forget how brilliant a star you are in this galaxy. I would never leave you in the dark alone, nor have you just desperately seeking my light. I will always remind you that you are every bit as bright as all the best stars.

I am so hopelessly, madly, unfathomably in love with you- it’s more than any force in this universe of ours. So you can claim to love me more, but I don’t see how that could be. I guess, just this once, ill make an exception and we’ll have to agree to disagree.

—  [s.bucks]
#92 // excerpt from a book I’ll never write

“THREE…TWO…ONE…HAPPY NEW YEAR!” everyone shouts, clapping as the clock strikes twelve and a new year rolls in. but for dan and phil, they’re less focused on the passing of the year and more on each other. phil has his arms wrapped around dan’s neck, and dan has his snaked around phil’s waist as they lean in to each other, their lips locking together like they were made for each other, bodies moving together as if nothing else matters except for the two of them. everyone quiets down, and appreciates the couple’s embrace. “damn, they love each other,” zoe whispers to tyler, who laughs and whispers back, “no shit, have you seen them?”

“i love you so much, dan,” phil gasps, leaning out and looking at his boyfriend. “happy new year, love,” dan smiles and kisses phil one more time. “it’s not fair!” tyler murmers to zoe, who giggles quietly. “i think they were made for each other.”


On our way to Chiang Khan there is a spot to feed the monkeys. They are quite shy so often times you have to either hold the banana’s up for them till they get brave enough to come down or you can throw them up and they’ll catch them. It was a lot of fun and again we had the opportunity to plant a few seeds of truth. The young boy in the picture was feeding the monkeys as well and took a liking to Sarah. After he followed her around for sometime she was able to share a Danny and Sophia video with him. He loved it. One thing that we have found about most Thai parents is that they appreciate the interest you show in their children and they really appreciate the videos that teach their children manners. So, we continue to pray about the seeds that are planted and if they fall on fine soil that Jehovah will make them grow.

anonymous asked:

I'm so glad to have met you. You've quickly become someone I always look forward to seeing pop up on my dash. I feel like I might not be the greatest of followers, but I love watching the way you interact with all your friends. It's like you instinctively KNOW what is the best and most unique thing about them, and you draw it out of them and help them shine so brightly. You're a wonderful person, and a wonderful friend.

I am incredibly humbled and touched that this was in my inbox today. I hope whoever sent this to me is still around to receive my gratitude for such kind words. Generally, I soak in complements and don’t have the words to respond to show my appreciation. But I’d like to at least share my feelings to you, my hidden follower.

I know for a fact that being a human being entitles a spectrum for potential and the inevitable inheritance of flaws. My own flaws would include being incredibly self conscious and lacking confidence. So to have someone come forward and shed light on the good I have done for others - makes me feel accomplished and devoted to the well-being of my friends. In recent days, I have lost several who were regarded as friends and rather than put blame on them, I did it to myself. The point of me sharing this truth is to acknowledge that these things happen and I’ve managed to be positive and proactive about my lifestyle.

It wasnt easy. And I’m always trying my best to keep on good terms with people. So… I hope my words resonate with an understanding of how terribly thankful I am for your time and comments.

Have a wonderful Friday, and enjoy the posts that I am eager to share!