that you love them and appreciate having them around

♀Venus Signs and Seduction♀

Aries Venus - The Burning Flame

how they seduce: When they feel a strong pull towards you, they must have you, so they will immediately try to get your attention. They are normally very open and blunt and they will tell you what they want and how they want it. They are very likely to take the lead and show you how they like it by guiding your hands or just straight-off telling you. They will take your breath away with their tremendous passion and intensity and they know how to touch and kiss you until you are begging for more.

how to seduce them: They love the thrill of the chase, so make them conquer you because they want to earn your affection. They probably like little fights under the sheets with a lot of body touching.They possess an incredible amount of energy and passion, so give them all you have and more. Heat is very important, hold them, trace your fingertips over their skin, they want to feel your warmth. Playing with their hair, running your finger through it or even pulling it a little and touching their face is a big turn-on since Aries is the ruler of the head area.

Taurus Venus - The Sensualist

how they seduce: They will make you feel so adored. They will enjoy touching you, hearing you breathe, tasting your lips and skin. They take their time because they need to capture every inch of you and every moment you have together. They just generally like to have you around them which is why they are great cuddlers and will hold you very tighly to make you feel safe. They looove spending every free minute in bed where it is warm and they are alone with you .

how to seduce them: Let them see and know you completely.They will love to know every inch of you because they are best with the things they know. Give them a lot of physical affection, they want to really feel that they are loved. They probably like some good and alluring lingerine or a nice wine since they appreciate everything that intensifies the pleasures of love. They might also enjoy kisses on the neck or dirty talk since they are the ruler of the throat.

Gemini Venus - The Siren

how they seduce: They will bewitch you with great stories and words of kindness that will make you want to know more about them. They are very charming and know exactly what to say according to the situation you are in. You will feel like their best friend because they want to tell their loved one everything they feel and all that has importance for them. They are unbelievably stormy lovers who love to spice it up, take you on adventures and try something new and they know damn well how to kiss.

how to seduce them: Whisper sweet nothings in their ear and do not be too shy to talk about what you want and how you want it. Open communication is very important for this placement. They need fun in a relationship which is why they love playing games. Tease them, try new things, role-play and kiss them in every way possible because they love this shit. Intellectual and deep conversations are extremely arousing for them, so take your time, listen to them and discuss things with them before you take it to the next level.

Cancer Venus -  The Rose

how they seduce: This sign is especially known for seducing their lovers through caring for them or protecting them. But most of all they want you to be theirs entirely, they want to be able to touch and kiss you as often as possible. Venusian Cancers can sense your feelings and are able to adapt to them. Suprisingly, they know every trick there is to win the affection of their crush: they can use every feminine/masculine wile theres is, from mother/father to beauty queen/king and sex symbol. They will not only love but admire you for the beauty you possess inside out. Once they feel comfortable around you they will want to explore the adventures of love with you but they will most likely enjoy staying in because there they will not have to share you and are not afraid to be themselves.

how to seduce them: They looooove cuddling and touching you. Hugs and every other act of physical affection means security for them and therefore is a way to show them that they are safe. Their ideal men/women are typically masculine/feminine, at least in their fantasies and they are the sign most attracted to breasts. Not only physically but also mentally they search for a deep connection, so do not be afraid to show how you feel and what you want. Feeling is immensely important to them and you have to give them time to sort out what kind of emotion they sense when they are around you. But when they know what they feel around you, they open up to the point where everything is just natural, warm and suprisingly passionate.

Leo Venus - The Femme/Homme Fatale

how they seduce: This sign knows damn well how to seduce the subject of their desire. They enjoy looking good and getting the attention of those around them. They will dress, walk and talk to impress you and their facial as well as physical expressions sparkle with sex appeal. Probably most of all, they are persistent to the core and if they want you, they will hunt you like a lion(ess). They are very energetic and wild and most likely intoxicate you with their honesty and straightforwardness. While they want sex to first and foremost be a pleasure for them, they can not stand to be anything less but the best lover you had, which is why they will want to indulge you until you are completely satisfied just to see the gleam in your eyes or the smile on your face. They like to know that you want to be exclusively with them and desire to possess you.

how to seduce them: People with Venus in Leo want to be treated like royalty, showered with affection and romantic gestures. They can only feel good in your surrounding when they are comfortable with who they are around you which is why they want to look good for you. This placement wants to experience love with burning passion and just a hint of drama which is why they usually enjoy trying out new things in the bedroom or other locations. You need to stand out from the crowd to catch the attention of this sign (speak with passion, show your unique talents,..). It’s hard for them to separate love and sex which is why they need to sense a deep-reaching understanding between you two before they take it to the next level.

Virgo Venus - The Good Girl Gone Wild

how they seduce: This sign is fiercely devoted to you and enjoys handling the trouble in your life. They are very intelligent and reliable which is why you will feel safe in their surrounding. While they may come off as shy, sweet and polite, Virgos in Venus have serious potential to be aroused by kinks and everything unusual. They pay close attention to your body language and therefore know exactly what turns you on, determined to use that knowledge to your benefit. Most of all, this sign  is always good for a suprise, they are spontaneous and curious in bed and love to learn new things and show you new sides of themselves.

how to seduce them: Although they seldom ever tell you, those born with Venus in Virgo have some very dirty or unique fantasies and love experiencing something new in their bedroom. If you take the lead and express your ideas and desires in an open manner, those fantasies can turn into reality and bring some real passion under the sheets. They might feel a little insecure about their looks but they will give you all the love they have when you show them that they are the most beautiful person on earth for you. They generally expect you to be thoughtful and to see the details. They can not be with someone who is not able to read their body or face or think of something to make them feel better when they are sad.

Libra Venus -  The Enchanter/Enchantress

how they seduce: They carry an aura of aristocracy and elegance others admire and long for from afar. They are sweet and caring and love to spoil you with kisses, flowers and other affections in any form. Their smiles are usually disarming and they are polite from their head to their feet. They want pretty much everything to be beautiful which is why they will set the mood before having sex, lighting candles or arranging the sheets. Being beautiful themselves is also very important since sensual lingerine or red lips can get them exactly what they want. They are gentle lovers who enjoy being touched softly and with meaning but can definitely roughen up when they feel a strong connection to you.

how to seduce them: Since Libras in Venus worship harmony, they can not stand people who constantly need confrontation or drama. A surrounding of peace and understanding is more than arousing for their sexual appetite and they will want to spend some time in bed with you when they feel comfortable and loved around you. Romance is what keeps them lively and happy in a relationship and they will care for you if you fulfill their fantasies fuelled by movies and books now and then.

Scorpio Venus  - The Enigma

how they seduce: Their gaze conveys power and it seems like it is looking right into your soul. They can be very intimidating and mysterious but you long to uncover and know them although they may seem cold and reserved when you first meet them. They seem to promise intensity and commitment and are deeply sensual when it comes to sexual pleasures. They want to feel everything and combine deep physical and mental understanding to a sort of ecstatic experience. A Scorpio in Venus partner makes you feel understood and desired and sweeps you off your feet with their overwhelming passion which can be sensed in a very high sex drive.

how to seduce them: Lay your soul and heart bare at their feet and show them who you really are because they have no interest in people that barely ever express their feelings or true self. They love warmth and fire and people that sparkle with energy and life and passion is one of the essential things they need for an exciting sex life. Intimacy is also very important for them and they will not like it if you are someone who kisses and tells or drags your private life into the public. Honestly, there is not much you can actually do when the connection between you two is lacking. A Scorpio Venus will always love deeply and unconditionally when they sense a certain depth, loyalty and chemistry.

Sagittarius Venus  - The Adventure

how they seduce: They come across as optimistic, idealistic and lively and they just take your breath away with their love for life and all it has to offer. They can easily slip into excessive behaviour and you start to wonder where all those life inside them comes from. They are not bound by restrictions or rules and everything is just so easy and exciting with them, no secrets or taboos or pudency. They have a certain innocence about them and in bed they just charm you with endless giggles because they love to laugh. They are very direct in their approach to love and sex, so do not expect them to play with ambiguity, it is more likely that they will straight away tell you when they want to have sex.

how to seduce them: In a relationship honesty is essential to them, they do not like to hide their feelings and thoughts and they do not want to have a romance which is based on misunderstandings. So you should better tell them what you want straight away and they will surely appreciate that. Be open-minded and adventurous because they enjoy giving their love and sex life a new direction. They are easily  bored when sex or romance get too predictable, so try new things, change locations or positions or just generally soften or roughen up. Also make them feel alive, take them to beautiful places or challenge them with a different opinion/point of view, be everything but ordinary. They want love to feel like it is light and pure joy instead of serious business.

Capricorn Venus  - The Lady/ The Gentleman

how they seduce: They provide an alomst unreal amount of stability and warmth and you just have to feel at ease in their company. They might charm you with some very traditional flirting rules, like holding the door for you or taking your jacket. They can be real charmers, because they seem aloof and considerate at the same time. Alpha-males/females is one term especially accurate when it comes to Venus in Capricorn because they just naturally like to take the lead and show you that they can care for you. Their sexuality is deep and powerful but not a thing they want to be dragged out in public. What they do in the bedroom is a silent secret between the two of you and they would never hurt your intimate connection by kissing and telling.

how to seduce them: They generally fall for people that convey power, confidence and stability as they search for comittment and long-lasting relationships. Their approach to love is very mature, so they probably will not connect with persons that are volatile or unreliable. In bed they trust in experience and consistency because they probably know how they like it best and how it feels perfect for the both of you. If you want them to do something for you or to try something new, you have to challenge them because they are eager to prove their love for you every day. In fact, Capricorn Venus is a placement that feels very deeply but may never tell you about their emotions but you can show them that you understand this by holding them or just being there for them.

Aquarius Venus  - The Rebel

how they seduce: Those born with their Venus in Aquarius may seem unapproachable and a little cold which is not necessarily less magnetic than the burning heat of an Aries or a Scorpio. They just generally are not that good with commitment and like freedom, which is why some of them may not like the idea of a relationship at all. They are, however, very experimental when it comes to their sex-life and they love to try new things, although they might be too shy to turn their fantasies into reality.

how to seduce them: They need someone who is not only able to satisfy their physical but also intellectual needs. Talking about your ideals, philosophies or mantras is very interesting to them and also kind of arousing. They like intelligent people who look behind the nature of things. They can be quite turned on by situations that are unusual, like a love-affair with a married man/woman or cyber and phone sex (any situation where no direct commitment is needed is attractive). This placement is one that has no problem separating love and sex and might has a “friends with benefit”-relationship. They need their freedom under all circumstances. If you can show them that you will not try to change them or restrict them in any way and make them feel like they are in the company of a good friend, you stand good chances of receiving their undivided love.

Pisces Venus  - The Dream

how they seduce: Venus in Pisces is gentle and soft with a dreamy gleam in their eyes and an indescribable patience and acceptance. People with this placement will love you for who you truly are and they would give up themselves to please you. Nothing gives them more joy than to give and receive love and being their partner leaves you fulfilled and strangely complete. Their fantasies often mix with reality and they often seem more like a desired dream of yours. They pay attention to the details and love physical affection, so it is not unusual that a little touch from your fingertips leaves them with a racing heart. They want physical and mental intensity and search for purity and immense feelings in bed.

how to seduce them: They love romance and fantasy and sometimes they may search for their knight on a horse or their princess in the tower. Not only a connection to reality but also a strong contact to dreams and fantasy is required if you want to understand them. They search for someone tender-hearted who holds them when they are sad but is also able to turn their romantic ideals into reality. You should not be too straight-forward but gentle, also in bed. Although they enjoy caring for you and fulfilling your pleasures, you should definitely show them that you adore and admire them for who they are. They actually enjoy to try out new things and passionate people really turn them on.

i cry just thinking about the fact that yurio feels at ease and happy around otabek. it’s just so sweet how otabek’s company makes them feel this way. i am so grateful that the yoi staffs are showing this bits in their official arts/merchandises.

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if it was at all possible could you pretty pretty please draw some wesper cuddling and maybe kissing?? your artwork is beautiful and i would love to see them bein all cute in your art style!!

Look, I have art of them kissing (even cuddling, but those are just linearts). Also I can’t believe Jesper fucking wore fluro yellow and lime green first meeting Wylan, that flamboyant boy. Actually I can believe it, he’s a strong appreciator of pretty things (and people).

(I dont do requests, but I honestly had this sticking around my art folder, waiting to be uploaded- and sometimes I make an exception for my fave characters anyway, cause I’m a sap)

I appreciate you (Peter Parker)

Summary: Movie nights by yourself get interrupted by the one and only, Spider-Man

Warnings: none, very fluffy

Word Count : 928

Originally posted by hollieh

Your Friday nights are usually reserved for some time to yourself as you wind down from the school week. Tonight you intend to binge on all the Star Wars in the spirit of the newest one coming out in your closest budget theater. The plan is to finish the prequels and then start the original trilogy. As the night passes by you finish the prequels and you’re about to start the original movies when you decide to get up and restock on snacks. When you return to your room with an armful of popcorn and other junk-food you see the city’s favorite spandex wearing superhero.

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Yeah, but what's the point of shipping Levi with Hanji or anybody else, when Eruri is already like practically canon ??????

This is so lame, that’d be like me saying “oh you can’t ship Eruri, ‘cause Erwin is dead”, which frankly makes no sense whatsoever. And maybe you thought i’d react to this like “WTF FUCK YOU”, but i won’t. Instead i’ll just give you a lot of boring reasons why this was so lame. 

1)The only 100% canon ship in SnK is Yumikuri and we all know it. And that’s because the editor said it himself. The only ones who can say anything is canon is Isayama, the editor and, at some extent, the animators. PS: I’m talking about relationship with reciprocity, because okay Bert loved Annie, but we don’t know if it’s like that the other way around.. 

2)We can all have our reasons to believe a certain ship is closer to being canon. I have my reasons to believe Levihan makes sense, you have your reasons for Eruri and someone may have their own reasons for Ereri or Rivetra or whatever and… you know what? They are all freaking valid! But, at the end of the day, none of us can tell for sure. 

3)I respect Eruri and theirshippers a lot, specially the ones that do fan art because DAMN THEY’RE TALENTED. And yeah, there’s plenty of reasons to ship them. They have a beautiful and pure bond which honestly makes cry, whenever i see those amazing fanarts i get the feels. I personally think you don’t have to ship something romantically, to appreciate its value. Personally, i like Eruri without the romance, ‘cause for me friendship can be even more important than romantic love. I like the idea of Levi being devoted to him without anything romantic intended, because it makes it purer to my eyes. And if you think otherwise that’s totally fine.

4)I think shipping should be fun, sometimes we take it too seriously. Let’s remember the characters aren’t real, so if someone wanna ship Levi with goddamn Pixis is their own fucking decision. And more important than that, SnK isn’t about romance. I don’t want it to be like that! Subtle romance is more interesting in this kind of genre. For me, that Levi cares for Hanji is all the canon romance i need. I’m not gonna lie, if Isayama shows us someday that they’re a couple i’ll be so excited,  get all fangirl and shit, but i don’t need it to happen. I like SnK just the way it is, i don’t want it to become a shoujo or something lmfao

5)You know what i’ve discovered about shipping? You see, some people think LEVIHAN MAKES NO SENSE, THEY’RE TOO DIFFERENT… and i’ve noticed it has to do with personal experience and our own way of seeing the characters. Like the way i comprehend Levi is very different from the way that you or anyone does it. Example: Ereri shippers usually see Levi as this tough guy, in fics he’s always like rich and sorta into S&M lol and has this really dominant personality, for Eruri shippers Levi is this really in love devoted guy, generally the way they portray Levi is REALLY romantic, he’s usually mesmerized by Erwin. And both of those Levi aren’t the Levi i perceive. Like i’ve said before, for me he’s a regular dude, not particularly romantic nor particularly dominant, he’s just a guy. Same goes for Hanji, some people see her as a crazy scientist, i see her as an intelligent and strong commander with a big heart. That’s why we all ship different things and we all have different reasons. The reasons you an Eruri shipper can tell me for them being canon, maybe aren’t reasons from my point of view and this works the other way around. And i love the fact that we all perceive the characters differently because it enriches the fandom. For example, i REALLY like some Ereri fics, some of them are so much fun! And they always make Levi so hot which is highly appreciated. But they aren’t my OTP, i don’t connect with it. And it’s fine if someone doesn’t connect with Levihan, hell, it’s fine if they’re the NOTP. It’s all good, man. Stop caring so much about these kind of stuff and enjoy SnK, enjoy shipping, enjoy the feels, enjoy the plot, enjoy the writing, enjoy the art style, enjoy chatting with fans who have different ideas than you and just chill.

A Bittersweet Trickster

gif is not mine

Title: A Bittersweet Trickster

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader

Word Count: 1,013

Warnings: fluff, slight angst

A/N: This was requested by an Anon (and around Christmas, so I apologize for the wait <3). I hope you all enjoy this Sweet Treat Saturday <3 <3 Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much!

Family was always a touchy subject for you.  Your family wasn’t the most supportive group of people.  They weren’t supportive, loving, or reliable.  You loved them because they were your family, but there wasn’t much beyond that.  You never let Gabriel come around them before because of how they reacted to your friends.  You couldn’t imagine how they would react to you having a boyfriend.  However, you were about to find out and you were worried beyond belief.

“You have a boyfriend,” your oldest brother questioned, disbelief evident in his voice.  His eyes studied Gabriel closely.  It was as if he thought Gabriel was some kind of hologram projection.  “Is there something wrong with you buddy?”

“Not at all,” Gabriel replied flatly, his lips forming a flat line.  He didn’t like your oldest brother.  He felt like he was talking to his own brothers.  “[Y/N] is a lovely woman and I love her very much.  I think she’s just the girl for me.”  Gabriel flashed you a small smile.

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Pairing: Steve x Reader x Bucky 

Word Count: 738

Warnings: drinking, swearing, puking 

A/N: On the prompt “I accidentally sent you a naked picture of myself” but this time ft a group chat with Steve and Bucky for @melonberri (I’m so sorry it took me so long. I have no excuse other than I’m flawed as a person lol) for my 300 Follower Celebration. I hope you like it!!! 

It was Natasha’s idea to go partying. You would’ve much preferred to stay in and read a book to unwind from your last mission, but there was nothing more relaxing for the Black Widow than shots in a crowded bar so she could pick her next victim. The bar she’d chosen tonight was probably the skeeviest you’d seen yet, with unidentifiable stains on the couches and roaches crawling around in the bathrooms but damn if they didn’t make up for it with their cocktails. Sadly for you, you didn’t have Nat’s tolerance, and you were flailing around on the dance floor blind drunk after only a few drinks.

Nat kept an eye on you, making sure you didn’t go home with anyone. She wasn’t beyond letting you make a fool of yourself, though. She definitely made sure to take video of you doing karaoke in your underwear on top of the bar even though there wasn’t a song playing. That was going on YouTube as soon as you got back to the tower.

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So, you know your crushes Venus sign, what do you do next?
  • (How to appeal to your crushes Venus: use their Venus)
  • Aries Venus: compete with them, in a cute way. Play games, make bets, go out and do things with them. Show them that you are fun and love a challenge
  • Taurus Venus: stick around for a while, try to be available. They want to spend time with someone they can rely on.
  • Gemini Venus: listen to them talk. They have a lot of good things to say and appreciate it when some takes their words to heart
  • Cancer Venus: let them be protective of you. Show a little weakness. They like someone who is willing to be open.
  • Leo Venus: ask them questions. They like to be admired. When you show interest, they show interest.
  • Virgo Venus: do the best you can to be prepared. Admire their work. Compliment them. They like to feel like someone pays attention to their details.
  • Libra Venus: pamper them. Pay for their meal. Invite them to things often. They want to be taken care of.
  • Scorpio Venus: this is an intense placement. They often don't understand their feelings, and they need advice, a therapist. Be that rock.
  • Sagittarius Venus: be down to take risks with them. Drive around with them. Go to random places in the middle of the night with them. Be adventurous together.
  • Capricorn Venus: they are super bad at realizing their feelings. Make them think about you. It helps to be a little more direct. Flirt, say nice things, answer their questions. Make them realize their feelings.
  • Aquarius Venus: stand out. Have hobbies. Have goals. They like people who have a lot going for them. Appeal to them by being confident.
  • Pisces Venus: pay attention to them. Let them know you care. They like people who are in tune with their feelings and give them the time of day. Put yourself in their shoes.

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❤ Reactions from the S,M and T brothers if their S.O. gave them a bouquet of flowers? ❤

I’m not dead I swear nvn. Sorry this took so long babe.


Shu - “What are these? Quiet down I know they’re flowers…” He may seem like you’re bothering him with such useless things and interrupting his sleep, especially when he hands them back to you and orders you to put them in a vase, but that’s just Shu… he cares and appreciates them!… We think.

Reiji - “Well you do have a very nice taste in decor. Though these leaves are starting to wilt I’m sure I could fix that.” He fills a vase and they go right in the center of the table so he can admire them while you two eat dinner, even if he is nitpicky he still loves the thought that you gave them to him.

Ayato - “Uhh thanks, but you know something that Your’s Truly really wants?” Of course, it’s your blood. He may play around like that but he is really touched that you thought about him and will find a proper vase for them.

Kanato - Honestly he may be a little lost with his words because to be completely honest he’d rather you had brought him something sweet after all flowers die so easily at least candy has more… uses. (ノ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ノ*:・゚✧

Laito - “Oh Little Bitch these are very pretty, maybe we could spread them on the bed~” If you were to agree he’d decline and keep them in a vase, you did go out of your way to pick them out just for him after all~ He’ll save that idea for a later date.

Subaru - Subaru.exe has stopped responding would you like to restart this program again? He’s at a total loss for words, through blushes and stutters you’ll get a thank you but other than that he’s hit the road jack. You’ll see him admiring them before placing them in a vase, so he can’t damage them.


Ruki - “Hmm these are rather nice Livestock, I suppose you have learned something.” He seems rather pleased with them actually, or more so pleased with the quality of them. They’ll be set in a vase in the dining room as the centerpiece that night for sure.

Kou - “Aw did my Kitten get these for me? Well, now I have to give you something back right?” Say yes… Just, please say yes.

Yuma - “Hey, Sow, where’d you get these? They better not have come from the garden… A shop? But I grow them?… A gift? Uh thanks…” After the questionnaire, he’d plant a kiss on top of your head and put them in a vase.

Azusa - “Ohh… these are really… pretty just like… Eve.” Did he just turn this back on you? Yes, he did… smooooth.

Tsukinami (they don’t get no love):

Carla - “These are very nice but you do know that I have no need for such things when you’re around.” How he manages to be this smooth is unfathomable but he does.

Shin - “What? Why would I want these, especially from you?” Rest assured when you are out of sight he’s blushing so hard. You may just find them in a very special vase in a very special place where he can see them whenever he wants… but he’s not gonna tell you that.

To the one she will fall for,

I’m writing this to you because there’s a few things you should know going into a relationship with her. For starters, she likes to work out in the morning, so if you’re going to surprise her with breakfast, you’ll have to be up early. She works out hard, so appreciate her physique every chance you get and remind her that her ass is outta this world. When you do make her food, make sure it’s on the healthier side. She’s trying to stay in shape and won’t eat anything too greasy or fatty. However, she loves her Ben & Jerry’s, half baked. If it’s cold out, get her Reese’s. She will adore you. Don’t forget to remind her that she is an amazing hard worker. She puts a lot of time and effort into not only school, but her job. Offer to help her with her homework, even if you have no idea what she’s doing. She appreciates the effort, just make sure she’s not too stressed. When she comes home, offer her a foot massage. She will say no and complain her feet smell. Don’t be a wuss, and rub them anyway. You can wash your hands and her love for you will only grow. Make sure you appreciate how soft her skin is. She moisturizes like it’s her damn life and it pays off. The skin around her neck and cheeks are the softest. When you cuddle her, make sure you kiss them. It will make her giggle. Do NOT let her stop laughing. It’s a beautiful harmony. And when you stare into her eyes, remind her that they are like perfect little caramel candies, as sweet as her smile. Count the freckles decorated on her face like they’re the stars in the sky. Randomly grab her hand in public so she knows you’re proud that she’s yours. If she is standing in front of you, gently place your hand on her back so she knows you always have it. Be there for her when she cries. She will eventually. Who knows why, or for what reason, but she will need you. Hold her in your arms and remind her that she is the greatest goddamn girl who has ever walked this earth, because it’s true. Remind her that she’s going to impact so many little lives when she’s a teacher. That her future students need her. That the world needs her. That you need her. Most importantly, don’t let her go. Don’t give up. Hold on tight. Catch her when she falls. Protect her heart - it’s a gift.
—  Sincerely, the one who knows her like a favorite book

hey! I just wanted to say that I loved all your blogs before they started dating, I loved them through that, and I’ll continue to love them in the future! I hope you have a great day and that things don’t get too overwhelming!

(ps: I thought it might be silly to send this to occasionallysalazzle and dailyalolanrattata too, since then there would be three copies of it just floating around, so I hope they also know that they are also appreciated so, so much!)


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Warnings: Public, daddy!kink, over stimulation, spanking, underage drinking.

Bass shakes the foundation of the fraternity house as students mill about the living room, red cups in hand. Some awful remix of an even worse pop song drowns out any and all conversation but no one seems to mind. The goal of the party is to let loose after the stress of finals and as your eyes sweep over the dance floor, you note that plenty of people are doing just that.

“I see you guys are letting the kids off their leash for the night,” you note to Jeonghan as the two of you observe the party from your spot atop the kitchen island. “Good for them. They deserve some fun,” you laugh as you catch sight of two of the pledges helping another in a keg stand.

Jeonghan rolls his eyes as he reaches for the bottle of vodka behind you. “Sure,” he hums as he refills your glasses, “I just hope they took our advice about not getting too wasted. Cleaning this place with a hangover is a bitch.”

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I don’t understand the people saying the climon sneak peek was more intimate than the Malec scene. That. Was. Not. An. Intimate. Scene. That was a comedic scene. Simon and Clary literally pop their heads out of a canoe, Clary is fully clothed, they don’t kiss and the only reason Simon is shirtless is so Jace can throw a shirt at him for cheap laughs. They barely even speak to each other. I know the Malec scene wasn’t perfect, but it was emotionally intimate. An episode can only be so long and obviously the writers have to make sure the romantic subplots fit logically into the main arc. I’m sure that we’ll get a shirtless Malec scene perhaps when you know the protagonist isn’t on the brink of being murdered. I would love it if the show was about Malec, but it isn’t, wanna blame someone for that blame CC and stop acting like the writers are the devil. And please stop throwing the word homophobic around  What the show has done with Malec is nothing short of fucking incredible so give them a break, politely tell them what you as a fan would appreciate and put your toys back in the pram.

i know a lot of you need to hear this right now

your fp loves you so much. they care about you, even though they may not be talking to you right this moment. they may be busy with class, or they may be feeding their pet, or maybe they fell asleep talking to you. their relationships with other people do not effect their relationship with you. they love having you around. they love talking to you. i bet they think about you more than a couple times a day.

they know you’re trying. they know you love them more than anyone else in this world. they know you will always be there for them, and they appreciate you.

they love you.

they are so proud of you.

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do you sometimes get the feeling that dnp are a little distant from the whole youtube community? They always seem a bit awkward when socializing with other youtubers in conventions, and, like you said, instead of going to the place where everyone was going they decided to go to aus. They are very chill compared to other youtubers and I appreciate that, it's very important for them to separate their lives from their job and I actually love this about them

i think that dan and phil have cultivated such a unique niche in the youtube community it is a little difficult for them to be chummy with everyone else. since they are so personally and professionally close they’ve created like a force field of Dan and Phil so when they are around ppl usually don’t vlog and i’m sure they are friends with other youtubers but they are so private. instead of felix’s fancy nye party they went to manchester area to visit their friends and they really only openly hang out with youtubers at conventions otherwise they keep it on the down low. dan and phil have sort of isolated themselves in the community. they are definitely very different than most internet personalities just for the fact they keep most of their lives away from the public eye.

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Monsta X reaction to finding your dance channel on youtube and you've danced to many if their songs? Thank you!

I sure can love! I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be like a bf/gf thing but I just did it as some random girl they come across on Youtube.

*Gifs are not mine*

Monsta X Reaction To You Covering Their Dances

Shownu: He’d be really impressed with you. He would want to know how long it took you to learn the dance moves because he sometimes has trouble getting a hang of certain dance moves. His favorite would be All In and he’d keep it to himself because he secretly likes you.

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Jooheon: Cue fanboy mode! This guy would absolutely love it. He knows how tough the choreography can be, but when he sees you, you make it look so easy. Jooheon will literally go around the dorms showing everyone your videos and forcing them to watch you dance. His favorite would be Rush.

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Kihyun: Surprised at the fact that you took the time to learn their songs out of all the groups that have been out longer than them. He’d be really appreciative and would look for more videos. He’d be a little salty to see that you did other groups but happy to know that you mostly covered their dances and considered yourself a Monbebe. His favorite dance cover would be Stuck.

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Hyungwon: In this situation he’d also be very appreciative like Kihyun. He will go around the dorms and ask if they knew about your channel and what you did. He’d bring it up a lot and will ask questions that no one would really know the answer to but yourself. He would keep tabs on your channel for future dance covers to their songs. His favorite would be Trespass. (Ignore the caption on le gif)

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I.M: He’d be shocked to see you covering their dances. Like where did you come from. Changkyun would like it the most because his fan took the time to show their appreciation for their group by covering their dances. He would also show it off to everyone in the dorm and would be absolutely ecstatic to see you rapping along to his part while you dance. His favorite would be Amen because it isn’t as intense and he loves the way your body moves. (he looks so cute right here!)

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Minhyuk: Major Fanboy Alert! Excited af, like he will blast your videos all the time at the dorms, in the car, anywhere. He would have the videos downloaded so he could have them on hand. He would want to leave comments, but would be unsure of what to say. He’d develop a small crush on you. His favorite would also be Trespass. (pretend that’s you on the phone)

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Wonho: He’d be attracted to you right off the bat. The fact that you can dance and your timing is on point. He would want to know who you were, going as far as to find out if you have a twitter. He would ask the managers if it was alright for him to post a little clip of you dancing to their Twitter page. His excitement would show every time you post a new video. His favorite would be Hero.

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I hope you guys like it and send in more requests for reactions and scenarios. Ships are open only Wednesday and  Thursday so send those in. And remember requests are always open!!!!!!!!! (except for ships)

Dear Caroline,

Firstly, I would like to say that I’m sorry for breaking my promise of staying away, but after finding out that you had come to New Orleans, I’ve decided to risk your fury and hope that you might forgive me for reaching out just this once.

Secondly, I’d like to apologize for not being there to help you when you needed me. I’ll forever regret not having been able to keep you safe, but I deeply appreciate your faith me and the fact that you knew that I would’ve done everything in my power to protect you and your children, because it is true. I treasure your trust and can only hope that it has not been broken beyond repair and that you can forgive me for disappointing you.

Thirdly, I must say that Josie and Lizzie are very lovely children and I can promise you that I was on my best behaviour around them at all times – as I will always be, should I ever meet them again.

Which brings me to my final point.

I am well aware that your plans of the life you wanted to have took many unexpected turns and you now find yourself in a different place than you had originally envisioned, but I must say that I am very proud to see that you are finally allowing yourself to explore all of your potential. You have accomplished many things, sweetheart, and you’ll accomplish many more.

This is my way of suggesting that you accomplish them here in New Orleans.

You will find no city in greater need of assistance for their supernatural community. There are werewolves, witches and vampires that could use your help – I could use your help in reestablishing my kingdom.

Many years ago, I said you weren’t ready for New Orleans, I am optimistic that we could now revisit this conversation, but, regardless of your decision, my doors will always be open for you and your family.

I told you that I would wait and I will continue do so for as long as it takes for you to decide that you’re willing to have me in your life permanently – be it a year, a century or a millennium.

We do have forever, after all.

                                                                                              Eternally yours,



If you ever see someone who writes a character you love and they write them well… tell them.
Like someone’s writing? Tell them.
Like the way someone’s muse is being portrayed? Tell them.
Do you enjoy a muses’ head canons? Tell them.
Do you enjoy seeing someone’s creativity and writing on your dashboard? Tell them.
Do you enjoy seeing someone on your dashboard no matter what? Tell them

More often not, it is really appreciated when someone hears things about their writing and makes them feel appreciated. A simple message can have such a lasting impact and turn someone’s day around. Speak now, spread love.


✴Happy Birthday Sunshine!✴

♥ ♥ ♥

I love you so much and I can only hope that someday you’ll finally get all of the appreciation and care that you well and truly deserve around you.

You’re so strong and kind and full of determination, you work hard to achieve your goals which make them even more meaningful when you reach them.

You put up with much more than you should ever have had to in your life and although things won’t be the same for you ever again i still hope that from here on out you can try to feel at least some peace and joy in your last years, even if that isn’t a constant feeling.

You’re a selfless, strong, genuine, kind and wonderful person and I only hope that for once you try and think of yourself and your own wellbeing above others because you deserve to think of yourself first rather than their lives and their expectations, put yourself first. You’re too good to some.

No matter how your life turns out you’ve made me so so happy and you’ve helped me to feel comfortable with myself and how I’m feeling.

You let me know that it’s okay not to be happy all of the time, and that it’s okay to mess up and cry about it if i just pick myself back up again.

You gave me something to latch onto, that I could connect with, and you helped me to realise how I could help myself through all of the upset that I was going through, just through how you handle yours, and still get up everyday even with the weight of the world on your shoulders.


Happy birthday, Eren.