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Can you believe I actually sat down and lined this personally I can’t

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hessanite  asked:

Hi! I love your art and pretty much everything, and I've been following you for quite a while now. I was hoping to ask how you work around unfocused creative energy? I've been having a lot of trouble with this, especially lately now that I'm stuck almost exclusively working from a tablet, and no longer have my own computer.

thank you for the support! u//u nervous/restlessness is *THE WORST!* I’m sorry you gotta deal with it too! this is a bane of creativity i wouldn’t wish on anyone!! and considering the irony of how i also haven’t had my desktop for the past few days and am suffering i figured this was fit to be answered right now… orz!!

i personally get stir-crazy if i do stuff digitally too long. getting back into traditional medias and MAKING myself draw on paper and with different tools to shake things up helps me a lot. try using pen, or markers, or watercolors, or crayon… anything. make a mess. loosen up. get the nervous energy out. not just drawing too like, any other little crafts or hobbies you like to do! even taking a ‘gaming break’ is good as long as it’s not too long. also i think getting up and stretching regularly is important- yeah, there’s a risk you’ll lose your mojo, but if you were fidgeting before you might as well get it out all at oce right? walk around the house, take a pee, get a drink or a snack, take a rinse off or wash your face, go on a walk if you’re super ambitious. it’s all trial and error, so don’t be shy to try many different combinations on any given day.

i also think making small lists and/or small scale goals and prizes helps me get something done too! like drawing something super indulgent as a prize for sketching out a commission, or small promises of a fun activity after you line this or flat-color that. don’t bribe yourself with basic meals or poddy breaks though, only fun stuff!

kaikenvaravakuutus  asked:

Hello, i just saw your hogwarts au post and since i've myself been ruminating on what houses i'd imagine the characters to fit in and why, i got curious about your reasonings? i think it might help me to figure out my own headcanons better if i saw someone else's reasonings for their headcanons ouo

well well well~ here you go! XD

Mabel - Bravery, Energetic, Optimistic she’s Absolutely born to be Gryffindor

Dipper - Half Gryffindor Half Ravenclaw. he’s brainy he’s super smart BUT his adventurous and tenderhearted part in most episodes gets me more so, Gryffindor!

Soose - he could be Hufflepuff or Gryffindor, yup he’s brave i knew that, but he’s also loyal, dedicate and he is such a cute dummydum so for me, he is Hufflepuff

Wendy - I REGRET putting her in Hufflepuff, she’s clearly GRYFFINDOR, sorry Wendy, sorry everyone, my bad orz *now edited!*

Robbie&Pacifica - Because they are SLITHERIN lol

actually, i stopped continuing this AU because you know, its very sensitive topic to talk about. especially the house things ( I REALLY understand that everyone have their own opinion on houses but i just can’t deal with those mean comments so i dropped out of it;;; ) i should clarify this more sooner but anyway, thank you so much for kindly asking this;-; !!

anonymous asked:

hi, I was wondering if you knew where, if anywhere at all, I could find info on what happens in the ps2/psp version of togainu no chi? more specifically, what happens in yukihito's route and the changed routes/ends for Shiki. I've been searching high and low on the internet for info and have only found fragmented information.. I have the psp rom playable on my emulator, but can't read japanese. thanks!

Heya! :)

I can inform you what I remember from Yukihito, which isn’t much, but it’s something :,D

About Yukihito:

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Donten ni Warau Gaiden ch7 translations

Aaaah sorry for the huge delay! ;A; I had the translations done the beginning of last month but didn’t have time to post it until now orz sorryy;;;;

edit: omg posting things with the new tumblr update is such a pain ugh ugh ugh wh y ;-; i give up orz

Translations for chapters 2-6 can be found here.

Translations and spoilers below the cut.

Please do not use my translations for scanlation purposes.

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