that yellow lipstick tho

i was tagged by my favorite binch @ryanericseaman (I lov u Charlie)

rules: tag 9 other people i want to get to know better

relationship status: single as heck

favorite color: I’m liking mustard yellow now, burgundy, and like,,, purple-blue??

lipstick or chapstick: lipstick even tho I hardly wear makeup to school BC I’m a sleepy boy

last song i listened to: I think Goodnight, Socialite

last film i watched: Age of Ultron BC I was havin a lonely superhero movie marathon (it was a good time no regrets)

top 3 shows: I don’t really watch shows that often BC I’m lazy but probably Parks and Rec, The Flash, and Stranger Things

top 3 characters: !!!!! Uhhhhh I’m LOVE Spider-Man so much,, like either the tobey maguire one or Tom Holland are both👌👌👌👌favs, Loki (The new Thor movie had so much Loki I highly recommend it), and Steve from Stranger Things

top 3 bands: ahh MSI, The Brobecks, and Nirvana are my current tops

books i’m currently reading: (this is in response to Charlie’s really quickly BC the shining was a really good book and I couldn’t not comment on it,,, the beginning was kinda slow and I was rushed reading it but it was SO GOOD) rn I’m reading Romeo and Juliet for school and just finished And Then There Were None (also for school)

I tag: @waygaymayday @the-super-real-ross and any1 else yeet