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Are you Mormon? No shade or anything, just straight curiosity. You're family is always growing and Mormon is kinda the unofficial state religion....?

(( OOC: I’m not. I used to be, but I left the religion about 6 years ago. I no longer practice any form of organized religion, and lucky for me my family all kind of left at the same time, so it was a pretty smooth transition. 

My mom and I were really the only two that were “strong in the faith” though, so it wasn’t a big surprise when everyone was like “Hell yeah, finally!” ;) )) 


Lance finds another guy and now it sucks because “The Last Two Dudes on Earth” doesn’t sound nearly as cool as “The Last Man”.

At least he found batteries for Blue.

Klance AU doodle for a LastHuman!AU that stuck around in my head!! 

(Time to fall deeper into Voltron hell (;u;)♡)


boss started a youtube channel!!!! here’s her first video