that wouldnt be hot

new thing in the shop! it’s an iron on patch inspired by Steven Universe. Steven’s dad has a little saying that goes, “if every porkchop were perfect, we wouldn’t have hotdogs!” It’s a cute way to tell the world, hey i’m not perfect but neither are hot dogs… and hot dogs are GREAT!

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just imagine lovino getting a lil rounder here and there bc eating helps him deal with stress (and hes super stressed 24/7 sO) and he rly hates his chub esp bc antonio is so RIPPED LIKE ULTIMATE HOTTIE and hes so scared antonio wouldnt find him hot anymore.. but tonio JUST LOVES THIS LITTLE SOFT ANGRY BALL SO MUCH and thinks that lovi’s rounded belly is cute and he loves lying on his chest bc its soft like a pillow…. and just….. cHUBBY LOVINO