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Indess and Manon are your canon OCs, right? How do you feel about the Wardens/Hawke you created first? I just wonder because I have mostly been unable to connect with any warden as strongly as I did my first, and I'm interested to know how other people ended up with later OCs superseding their predecessors.

Yes, they are!

If I’m being completely honest, I really don’t care for my first characters. I can remember their names and their choices to some degree, but that’s about it.

I tend to be a little slow when it comes to understanding lore and story in video games -and Dragon Age games don’t skim on either! I never really know what’s going on in my first playthroughs, which makes it difficult for me to connect to anything outside of main characters.

And this is where my problem lies. It’s through storytelling that I can create characters I truly care for. But as someone who needs to understand whichever world I’m telling stories in, it’s just not something I can do as I go along.

So I use my first characters as “test dummies”, through which I can get a first feel of the world. And by the time I have understood the world, I’ve either realised that my first character doesn’t fit within it, or that there are more interesting characters I could play as.

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Aged up head cannons for Stan and Eddie when it’s the first time, super fluffy??

they’re aged up ok dirty fuckers

-we all know he struggles with his sexuality
-but he still went the extra mile to do things for his partner
-even in he’s slightly uncomfortable
-but he knows when enough is enough and would stop if it’s too much
-him and his partner wouldn’t have done much more than making out, probably doing sexual things only a few times before
-but his first time, he would take his time to explore things, and try something different
-poor bby would be so nervous
-‘hey are you doing ok? am i doing this right? does this feel good?’
-eddie would never forget it
-he probs wouldn’t be prepared for it either
-it would most likely happen when they sneak into his room at night
-eddie would def confess his love midstroke
-he’d tell the losers the next day, practically glowing
-eddie deserves happiness so he wouldn’t regret it
-he just wants to be prepared next time
-eddie loses his virginity in missionary and that’s a fact

-stan oh my f r i c k i n g g o d
-wants his hair pulled
-his little curls would be so cute to play with
-stan probably wouldn’t really have too much on emotional attachment with his partner
-he probably loses it in his clean ass car at a party one night
-the person he fucks rides his end of discussion
-stan’s an ass man
-absolutely loves the booty
-it would also be very sweet
-like he goes out of his way to make his partner feel good
-he’s lowkey a slut when he does it though
-stan wouldn’t tell the losers but he wouldn’t lose touch with the person
-they’s most likely become bffs
-stan probably also had his car running and the a/c was on bc he’s that bitch
-but they would both be fucking glistening
-and it would be really pretty and beautiful
-and the sounds stan makes are very rare to hear but they’re angelic
-they’re so beautiful
-stan learned that he loves blowjobs that night as well


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in much less time than I thought I would, too, I thought it would take a week

I’m gonna let it sit for a bit and work on commissions, edit it once, let the people who’ve volunteered beta it, see if @thebibliosphere​ is taking new editing work; if not find an editor through other channels. 

Squeeeeee, it’s nice to be back in the saddle againnnnnnn~

I going to take a break

I’m feel so miserable…. I need a break from stuff… I can really handle this now…. I crying so much and my head hurt insane…..i thought I had depression once and it would be over but I’m just worse…. and this time I tryed to do something in my arm…. but I was too scared and weak so I just have scars /scratches… IM TOO SCARED…..

Mkay, so. Fun fact #1 about my new Ice Diviner–he’s going to be fully undead. A Cù Sìth (pronounced: Coo-She! Edited, thanks to Raiona! I misremembered!), to boot. Ice puppy. (AKA: described as a young-bull sized wolf with long dark green–sometimes white (his’ll be white!) fur.) Big-arse paws. BOOF. (Thank you very freaking much, @chroniclecat-fr, this is your fault.)

Harbingers of d e a t h, if you hear them baying three times (and they’re loooud–like heard-for-miles-away-loud), GET YOUR BUTT SOMEWHERE SAFE before you hear the third one. Or, y’know. You get so scared you keel over. :’)

What’s really really really REALLY cool, is they were apparently a danger to nursing women, too. They would abduct them, take them to a faerie mound, and provide their milk to a daoine sìth (or Aos Sí, if you know them by that. Fae folk, and stuff.)

Which makes me wonder if he’ll know Spriggan somehow. H m m m.

I did a bit more work on the Virgil logo pixel art last night and this morning! It hopefully shouldn’t take too long to do, but it depends how much work and free time I have.

Would anyone who wasn’t tagged in the Patton one like to be tagged in the Virgil one? :)

A book club?

Hello everybody,

so I have this idea in my head (it’s not mine of course, there are tons of other people doing this too)… Since I love books so much and read quite a lot I’d love to share my opinion on the book I’ve read after I finished it with you guys.

What do you think??

In my opinion this would be quite cool bc I’d share more “original content” then. It would be a lot easier for me bc I don’t always have the time to take fancy photos (ha, you guessed that right; my notes are just as messy as yours!).

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{Squad} What was the girls first impression of the boys and the other way round? Did they ever dislike eachother?

Marvie: Marco was totally intrigued by Stevie as soon as they met. He found her to be really interesting to talk to, and so would find excuses to all the time. She moved up in his list of awesome people very quickly.

Colzi: Colt just viewed Franzi as just a new friend when he first met her; his feelings were very slow-burn. But as time went on, he found himself growing more and more fond of her.

Erena: Eren’s mind was always so focused on everything going on that he didn’t take much noice at first. It was only when she began to talk to him more that he realised how fun she is to be around.

Erdan: Similar to the last one, he didn’t notice too much at first. But Jordan would likely take initiative to start flirting and make him realise very quickly what she’s all about.

Pestiny: Porco’s pretty defensive, so I think he would’ve been really aloof, causing them to not really like eachother at first. But once they started getting close, they quickly realised how they really felt about eachother.

Jen: Jean was blown away by her beauty right from the start; no weird feelings with him. He knew what he was going for right away.

Bai: (IRL) I didn’t really start to take notice of him until after joining the Survey Corps. But when it hit me, it was like a damn truck. I went from “oh yeah, he exists” to “pls marry me you perfect precious being” in like a week. AU wise, I think I’d be normal for a short time and then once I’d get to know him I would go from 0 to 100 again lmao. No idea what his opinions would be on me. 

(Since I’m not really sure how you guys would react upon first meeting your boy, you should leave a comment telling me! I won’t tag people who are on hiatus as to not bother them.)





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I'd like to imagine that Melody goes on to sing at gigs and even maybe on a grand stage and Kurapika's probably too busy to visit most of the time but he sends a bouquet of flowers to every concert (their friendship is so wholesome to me *sheds tear*)


omgg that would be really sweet tbh. I love their friendships and this is the kind of things that I find truly adorable.

And I especially love the idea of Melody going around showing off her love for music, and being encouraged by her friends in that process. 

This is truly adorable, thank you so much for that ask nonny!

Take care! ❤

My student submitted the most disturbing “Living History” project I’ve ever seen 

By reddit user gretelcat

One of my least favorite parts about being a middle school history teacher is the bullshit “Living History” assignments we give at the end of every school year. Kids are supposed to sit with their grandparents and video tape, voice record, or transcribe their oldest memories for posterity (and for an easy way to bring up their GPA).

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uhh…. thing I did a little bit ago because of my appreciation for my friendo @ Blackggggum as they are super inspiring (and ridiculous)

So I did some reffing and design based on their beautiful pictures, I would probably change a lot now looking at it, but it was the first time ever doing anything vehicle/machine related ;;;;;;;
(S!P: Hummer / S!S: QUADRO4 (4 wheel moped?)

It was really fun and different though!!  (´ヮ`)  ♡

There was an…incident…involving the cat jumping onto my desk straight into my mixing palette of liquid ink, and me dropping my brush right into the middle of this…

[I’ve decided not to kill myself trying to keep up with inktober - I just have too much going on right now <3]

I Thought You Were Already Married

So, no one asked for a part two butttt I decided to write it anyways. You don’t have to read part one to understand it. This can be read as a stand alone. If you would like to read part one, here you go.


               “Harry, you have to go in.” Sirius told his godson firmly. He tried to remain stern but the pleading green eyes of the three-year-old was hard to ignore.

                “What if they don’t like me.” The sniffle and wobbling lip was always his weakness. Merlin, where was Remus when he needed him? “What if no one wants to be my friend?”

                Sirius sighed heavily as he kneeled on the ground and cupped Harry’s cheeks. “You are going to make many friends. Probably too many to count.” He smiled softly at the wonder in those bright eyes. “Even if for some crazy reason, you don’t make a friend, I’ll always be your friend. Isn’t that enough?”

                “No.” Came the quick reply. It had Sirius rolling his eyes at his sassy godson. Harry must get that from Remus.

                “Why can’t Moony be here? He wouldn’t make me go in.”

                That had Sirius dropping his hands in defeat and adopting a pout. “I see how it is, Remus is your favorite.”

                When Harry nodded his head, Sirius let out a playful growl. “You aren’t supposed to agree!” He tickled Harry and relished the joyful squeals the boy released. He couldn’t fault Harry for preferring Remus over him. The werewolf was his favorite person too.

                “If you go in there, I promise that I’ll let you help me cheer up Remus when you get home.” Harry didn’t understand anything about the full moon or what was going on but he was smart enough at his age to know that the full moon makes Remus sad. The man was resting in bed recovering after yesterday’s transformation.

                By the way Harry’s eyes lit up and a soft gasp escaped, he knew that he had won. Despite this, he couldn’t help but pray to any higher power that Harry really would make a friend. Any friend would do.


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Let’s talk about this episode

Looks like I’m gonna have to make a short video talking about this episode. 

Up to this point most of Glitchtale (if not all)  has been entirely about plot twists and how unpredictable the series can get.

I know myself this episode was predictable af, and I know I handled the execution of a couple scenes poorly compared to my past works not giving them the time they deserved, however I did take the risk to make the ending predictable so  I could get some plot stuff started.

That combined with the fact that sans as a character is EXTREMELY HARD to deal with with this fandom, you all pay too much unnecessary attention to him

If you leave glitchtale as it is but replace sans with any other character. Like undyne for example, what if undyne’s soul was taken back in dust and got “revived” in Love part 2, nobody would be making such a huge fuzz about it because “she’s a normal character”.

People that hate on the fact that “he’s back” pay as much attention to him as the “fangirls” they hate so much, because they’re basing their entire opinion on a full series, just on what happens to 1 character. That’s not how series work. I’d understand if sans was a really important character in season 2, but literally all the other characters have got more development than him so I don’t see why is he so important to some of you.

That being said, I got a lot to work on thanks to this episode, maybe sometime in the future when I learn how to make good stories I can avoid the predictable outcomes at all times, from beginning to end, as of now, guess that could be considered a writing mistake. Sans’ “death” was not meant to be significative, it was meant to be more of a shock factor to the series.

This all is aimed more towards the ones that felt like this episode was disappointing considering how predictable it was. However, predictable or not, this episode’s got it’s moments. Gaster and Papyrus’ conversation was amazing and heartwarming in my opinion, just as asgore and asriel’s and.. well.. pretty much all the dialogue.

To the ones who felt this way, hopefully you’ll forgive me just this time! I promise I’ll keep things interesting! to the ones who enjoyed from beginning to end, thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting me with this.

rivals to lovers starters

as requested. feel free to change pronouns or anything else !

  • “I’m going to kis–kick your ass!”
  • “You can’t sleep with him/her/them! You’ll get your heart broken–and then I’ll automatically win, and that’s no fun.”
  • “I’m considering letting you win…”
  • “If you lose, you have to do anything I want.”
  • “Stop squirming! You can’t beat me if you have a cut like that.”
  • “I’d do anything to……win.”
  • “How did you trip over thin air, dumbass?! Be quiet, I’ll carry you somewhere.”
  • “I challenge you to a duel! With my tongue/mouth.”
  • “I bet I can kiss better than you can!”
  • “Wow, you’re really dumb…PFFT…bet you won’t take off your shirt…chicken.”
  • “I can’t believe I have to share a room with you before our competition.”
  • “Try to beat MY handholding skills.”
  • “Contest: whoever comes up with the most ways to say ‘I love you’ wins.”
  • “Ha! You’re definitely the fastest.”
  • “Scared, ___?”
  • “I was joking…why would you actually try to jump over that fence?”
  • “Don’t do anything stupid!”
  • “FINE. If you win, I’ll go out/sleep/make out with you.”
  • “You have about as much of a chance at winning as you do of getting a kiss from me.”
  • “I don’t want to lose to anyone else but you!”
  • “If you get it right, I’ll let you take a break.”
  • “Are you too scared to skinny dip?!”
  • “Think you can handle my thoughtful love notes?! You’re in for a shocker.”
  • “I’ve always spent so much time practicing/studying/exercising/etc. that I’ve never had a real boyfriend/girlfriend/significant other before.”
  • “For a newbie, you’re kinda cute.”
  • “Hey, stop with the puppy eyes! I won fair and square.”
  • “No, YOU’RE the cutest.”
  • “Time for a staring contest! I’m totally the king/queen/ruler of them.”
  • “Can we end practice? It’s really hot in here.”
  • “Oh you wanna trash talk huh? Well-uh–your lips–a-are really soft-looking–”
  • “If I win, you get to be my prize.”

The Esbats, or Wiccan lunar holy days, celebrate the moon’s passage around the Earth. The Esbats offer Wiccans a chance to regularly put aside time to step away from the ordinary world and dedicate time to spiritual reflection and/or magical work. In Wicca, each phase of the Moon is noted, because different kinds of Moon energy are used for different kinds of magick. Some groups extend these celebrations to include the dark moon/new moon, or even the first and last quarters. In many traditions, the eight festivals of the Wheel of the Year (Sabbats) are considered times of celebration, while the main “magickal work” is done on the Esbats. If you’re having a hard time figuring out what phase the moon is in, there are many phone apps and websites that track it. Here are the usual basics. (Please Note: if you do not wish to practice magick for any reason at any time on any phase, you can simply meditate on the moon phases. For example, during the dark/new moon you would meditate on banishing something severely negative in your life instead of performing an intense banishment spell. If you don’t have the time or energy to meditate or practice magick for any reason at any time on any phase, that’s okay! Take a break!) 

Dark Moon/New Moon

A potent time for your most powerful destructive magick. Note, destructive does not necessarily mean ‘harmful’. You don’t have to destroy a person.

Magickal workings conducive to the dark moon include destroying or banishing very powerful things, such as unwanted entities, addictions or serious diseases. I would not use this time lightly– it’s got a little too much 'umph’ behind it to just get rid of a whiny ex who still calls you once in a while, to break your habit of having a second cup of coffee in the morning, or if you have the sniffles. But if you were dealing with, say, a stalker, a drug addiction, cancer, etc.– something that poses a serious threat – then this is the best timing for it.

Waxing Crescent Moon

When the moon is “waxing” it appears to be growing, the period from the dark to full moon phases. It’s magnetic energy assists with bringing things to out. This entire waxing period is the best time to work with constructive magick, or magick that builds things/brings things to us.

The waxing crescent is the best time for magick on yourself (or on the subject) pertaining to new beginnings, such as starting a new project or making plans for the future. If you’re looking to conjure energies into your life such as a more positive attitude, more patience, more understanding in your relationship, this is the perfect timing for such goals. When you want to cast spells for self improvement, such as if you want to improve your psychic abilities, to absorb the information in a new class, or bring out your inner beauty, this is the time to do it. Artists or anyone artistic/creative will find this the best time to cast spells or perform meditations that will bring inspiration and passion into your work.

First Quarter Moon 

The First Quarter, or Waxing Half Moon, is the time when energies are most conducive to attraction. Unlike the Waxing Crescent, which is best for going within and bringing things out, this is the best time for magick that attempts to draw things outside of yourself to you.

Use this time for spells and meditations meant to attract things you want in your life, such as money, protection or success. It’s also an ideal time for attracting people into your life, such as friends, lovers and clients. If you’re looking for an animal companion or have one that you want to bond with, this is a good time to perform the workings.

If you’re looking for a lost object, or house hunting, etc., this is a good time to perform spells for success in that area to help you bring that which you most desire into manifestation.

Waxing Gibbous Moon 

The Waxing Gibbous is still a time for constructive magick, best used towards 'reeling in’ that which you’ve been working for already. If you started a project and it’s floundering, stalled, if you’re at the point when the thing you’re working for is coming into the home stretch and you need some extra energy to bring it home, the Waxing Gibbous will give it a boost.

This phase is a great energy for renewing your strength, will and determination to see your efforts through. If you are giving in to temptation on your diet, working hard toward something and feeling burnt out or are at the point where you’re getting lazy and distracted from completing your tasks, give yourself a power boost during the Waxing Gibbous.

Full Moon

When the Earth is caught between the moon and the sun, the result is the Full Moon bearing the most powerful energies of the lunar cycle. The Full Moon is often seen by people as 'all purpose’– it’s energies are prismatic in that it flows into all areas and needs, be it constructive or destructive.

Even more so than the Dark Moon, the Full Moon is a time you would utilize for extra power when you’re facing very difficult challenges. This is not just for minor mundane tasks, such as looking for the energy to reorganize your closet or trying to clear negativity out of the house after an argument; this is a time to reserve for those important things in your life that need major changes or major boosts.

While you can plan spells for anything, utilize this energy for your priorities that really matter in your life. If you need to win a court case, or find a new job with better pay to prevent you from losing your home,

Magicks and meditations revolving around spirituality, psychic development, dreams and divination are particularly well times for the Full Moon.

Waning Gibbous Moon

After the Full Moon peaks, we enter the waning half of the lunar cycle. Waning energies repel rather than attract, so it’s a good time to begin working on spells to get rid of things.

Minor banishings can begin with the Waning Gibbous. This is a good time for general cleansings to upkeep your home, office, garden or any of your personal spaces, etc., to keep things from mounting up. This is also a good time to cleanse any personal objects you may have, such as your jewelry or magickal tools. Think of this more like routine dusting– there’s no major build-up, you’re just trying to keep things clear to prevent problems.

If you have something for which you need closure, or if you’re ready to end something in your life (such as an unfulfilling relationship or unsatisfying business venture), this is a good time for spells to bring things to their fruition.

As for meditations and divination, rather than looking to the future or onto new things, it’s a good time for introspection. Where have your previous attitudes and actions brought you? What things in your life have been affecting you most? Are you happy with where you are? Do you need to make any attitude or behavior adjustments?

Third Quarter Moon

The Third Quarter, or the Waning Half-Moon, is the perfect timing for dealing with obstacles or leaping over hurdles that might cause you to stumble on your way. Whenever you’ve been working toward something, and there’s a roadblock in your path, the timing of this moon phase offers appropriate energies for helping you burst through it.

Temptations are the number one thing I like to deal with during the Third Quarter. If I’m finding that I often want to cheat on my life-diet, or lay in bed rather than get up and do my exercise, or watch TV and fool around on the internet rather than working, I banish that temptation with a spell.

Another good use of this moon phase’s energy is in aiding with transitions, whether these are transitions that you have to make or simply want to make in your life. It can help smooth out any wrinkles that might cause snags as you go on your way.

Waning Crescent Moon

If you need to clear your life and home of negativity, stress, strife, chaos, etc., now is the time to do it. The Waning Crescent, as it approaches the Dark Moon phase, it suitable for stronger banishing than at any other time of the waning moon phases. Get rid of whatever has been plaguing you– anything you find to be seriously annoying, frustrating or concerning (save things that are serious threats for that Dark Moon).

If you need things to end– not just to finish up and bring to a close, but things that no longer serve you that you need to just stop in their tracks– this moon phase is a good time to do it. Dropping a hopeless project, relationship, friendship, etc. is best done at this time. This is a good time to cast a spell for anything for which you wish to bring about a swift and benign ending.

January Full Moon 

The Wolf Moon, also known as the, Cold, Snow or Winter Moon, etc., is a time of protection and strength. The Wolf Moon can be seen as a time of both beginnings and endings.

February Full Moon 

The Storm Moon, also known as the Death or Quickening Moon, etc., is a time to do magick for fertility and strength. In the olden days, it was a time of true hardship.

March Full Moon 

The Chaste Moon, also known as the Seed or Worm Moon, etc., the Chaste Moon is a time to plant mental seeds- thoughts of success and hope. This is also a time of purity and newness. It is a time to mentally prepare yourself for new experiences.

April Full Moon 

The Seed Moon, also known as the Egg, Grass, or Wind Moon, etc., This is the time to sow the seeds of Magick. If you’re planting a magickal garden, you want to get out there and put things into the earth. This is a time to move your planning phase into action.

May Full Moon 

The Hare Moon, also known as the Flower or Planting Moon, etc., is a time of health, love, romance, and wisdom. It is also a great time to rekindle the romantic spark and passion in a relationship.

June Full Moon 

The Lovers Moon, also known as the Strawberry or Rose Moon, etc., the Lovers Moon brings with it energy for love, marriage, and success.

July Full Moon 

The Mead Moon, also known as the Blessing, Lightning, or Thunder Moon, etc., is a time of enchantment, health, rebirth, success and strength. It is also a time of celebration and magick. Remember that mead is the nectar of the Gods. Now is a good time for prosperity magick.

August Full Moon 

The Wyrt Moon, also known as the Wort, Barley, Corn, or Red Moon, etc., is a time of abundance, agriculture and marriage. At this time you might want to do magick to help someone else reap the benefits of the Earth’s abundance. (With their permission of course!)

September Full Moon 

The Harvest Moon, also known as the Barley or Hunters Moon, etc., the harvest Moon is a time of protection, prosperity, and abundance. The energy of the Harvest Moon will help along any magick that is geared to bring you or someone else abundance.

October Full Moon 

The Blood Moon is sometimes called the Falling Leaf or Hunters Moon, etc. It is a Moon of new goals, protection, resolution, and spirituality. The night of the Blood Moon is a great time for divination of any kind. At this time of year all of nature is making ready for winter. This is a time to reflect on what you did during the year and to evaluate your accomplishments.

November Full Moon 

The Snow Moon, is also known as the Beaver, Mourning, or Tree Moon etc. This is a good time to work with abundance, prosperity, and the bonds of family and friendship. This is also an excellent time to use divination to get an idea of what’s up ahead. Remind yourself that although winter is coming, it will not last forever.

December Full Moon 

The Oak Moon, also known as the Cold or Long Night Moon, etc., the oak Moon is a time for hope and healing. This time of the year the Moon has reign over the earth, because there are more hours of night than day. Our thoughts turn to rebirth of the light and the longer days that are promised after winter solstice. This is a great time to let go of old patterns or problems and start anew. If something has been eating at you for a long time, work to give it up at this time. Let go of the negative and let the light of longer days shine inside you.

How to Use Moon Phase Magick

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It Wasn’t Real (part three)

Summary: You’re part of the infamous Loser’s Club, and often asked, what are you afraid of? You reply, nothing, but what your friends don’t know is that your biggest fear is them.

prologue - one - two - three - four - five - six - seven - eight - nine - ten - eleven - finale

A/N: I hope you all enjoy this chapter as much as I enjoyed writing it. Send me a little comment in the ask section or leave it below on what you thought of this chapter. It doesn’t have to be long, I appreciate every single comment I receive and telling me just helps inspire me to write it more frequently.

Pairing: Loser’s Club x Reader, slight Henry x Reader (you’ll see) slight Eddie x Reader and slight Richie x Reader

Warnings: force, bullying, depressing and sad tones, pennywise.

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Originally posted by beep-beep-richie-trashmouth

It was nice to know they’d stayed friends.

Notice the sarcasm.

Richie Tozier. The boy had made a name for himself it seemed, he was more than just the trash-mouth Tozier that he was when you two were friends. Word was that he was some sort of ‘cool’ icon? You didn’t know, but judging from his attire, you believed it. He’d lost the silly Hawaiian shirts and short coloured jeans, and replaced with black. Just black.

It seemed maybe his appearance had changed, but to you, his personality seemed the same. Richie hadn’t even noticed your presence yet, as he jumped on the back of Eddie and wrapped an arm around his shoulders, rough-housing with him. 

The discomfort never left, only added when Richie came along. It was like you weren’t even there. But you guessed, it’d been like that for a while.

You’d heard them, heard in the halls as everyone talked and chatted. You’d seen the way Bill and Beverly still talked, or Stan, Eddie and Richie, or Eddie and Richie. It seemed that you were the singled one out. 

We wouldn’t leave you.

“Don’t call me Eds!”

“Yeah, okay, Eds.”


Yeah right.

Sighing, you turned around. You’d leave through a back door or something, anything to get away from this conversation. “Going somewhere, Bower’s girl?” Yet once again you felt your body freeze in shock, indignation running through you as you processed Richie’s words. Had he really?

“Richie!” Eddie gasped, shoving Richie off of him in anger. 

Turning around, you clenched your fists and looked up at the suddenly much taller boy. Richie had been short as a child, and you use to be able to tower over him but it seemed puberty had been kind to him. He now stood at the least half a head taller then you, if you not more. You had to crane your neck to look up at him, whereas Eddie stayed relatively the same; you only had to look before you. Though, that did nothing to stop you; “what did you just call me?”

Richie shrugged; “Bower’s girl. Isn’t that what you are?” He asked, and paused when he saw the looks he was receiving. “I’ve seen you around with him, all cuddly and kissing.” He mimicked the actions, and you felt your lip snarl in disgust. How dare he?

“You don’t get to just call me that!” You stated, raising your voice and gaining the attention of a view passer-byers.

“I’m not the one hanging out with a bully, not to mention one that got sent back two years.”

Hurt and betrayal. Those were the only words that ran through you. The Richie you remembered was kind. Yeah, he could be crude at times but he’d never been cruel. The boy before you you didn’t know. You hadn’t known him for a long time. 

Fighting back the tears that threatened to spill, you took a daring step towards Richie; “i’m only hanging out with him because of you.” You spat, crinkling your eyes in hurt. Laughing dryly, you stepped back; “but I imagine you don’t remember that.” You didn’t give Richie a chance to reply before you walked off the other direction.

You knew people could see you, sniffling and doing your best to hide the tears that fell. But no part of you cared anymore, not now, so you let the tears fall freely.

“Richie, it isn’t like that.” Eddie whispered, watching your disappearing figure. Richie did the same before turning his gaze to the much shorter boy below him, giving him a look. Sighing, Eddie shook his head; “Y/N- she’s not like Bower’s.”

“She hangs with him all the time.” Richie spat.

“You really don’t remember do you?” Eddie asked with a shake of his head, while Richie shrugged.

They’d left you. Again, just like that nightmare… 

Hugging your knees closer to your chest, you stared at the river, watching as the water ran by in aggressive waves. Tears fell freely from your hugs, and you felt your body shake. The only thing that could be heard in the vast silence was your soft sobs. 

A crack echoed behind you and you jumped, your body spinning around quicker than it ever had to see who was creeping up behind you. You only felt the fear grow when you saw Henry Bower’s step past a tree, knowing that anything to do with the teenage bully couldn’t be good. You whimpered, tired and knowing that you were alone, no one was going to help you.

He reached you within record time and you flinched, crawling back desperately. But Henry held his hand out to you, as if trying to tell you something. “I won’t- i’m not gonna hurt you.” The words sounded foreign on Bower’s tongue, had you ever heard him sound so gentle before?

You wiped at the tears on your cheeks; “w-what?” You questioned, your voice soft but raw with the crying you’d done. Henry took another step forward, walking just so he was beside you. You stared warily up at him, watching as he held his hands out to his side before slowly taking a seat next to you.

“I’m not gonna hurt you.” Henry repeated, “I promise.”

“I-I don’t understand…” 

Henry said nothing more, only reached behind him for something in his pocket. You felt your heart spike at what it could be, fear racing through you until Henry pulled out a box. You leaned slightly closer to read the words written on the package; it was a pack of cigarettes. And you weren’t sure what possessed you, but as you watched the older boy slip one between his lips, you whispered; “those things are toxic you know.”

Henry again didn’t reply, instead extended the box over to you. “Want one?” And you knew you shouldn’t, a habit like this was bad. But you did, your skinny and small fingers reached up, still shaking, and pushing through the opening before grabbing one and bringing it up to your lips.

Looking over to Henry, you let him bring the lighter up to your lips and light your cigarette. Breathing in, you took the cigarette out slowly before a coughing fit fell over you. Henry only stared before him, and soon the coughing seized and you were left to an uncomfortable silence. “Why?” You whispered. “You hate me.”

“I don’t hate you.” Henry mumbled, before taking a puff of his cig and smirking at you; “trust me, i’d remember a pretty face like yours.” 

You’d fallen into a trap that day.

You sighed, staring at the clock for about the billionth time that passed minute. It was only you in detention today, no one else for whatever reason. While you’d thought the quiet would be nice, you just wanted out. Out of here… to do whatever. Maybe you’d go see Henry or something, it didn’t really matter.

Two hours was too much, even for telling a teacher to fuck off. Well, that’s what you thought.

Sighing again, you looked at the teacher who’d fallen asleep a long time ago. Great.

“Time to play…” You heard faintly and felt your heart plummet, not this… not now. You looked around you, desperately trying to find someone but it was only you and the teacher, and it certainly wasn’t the teacher who’d said that. It isn’t real. You thought; “just in your head.”

“Aren’t you afraid, Y/N?” The voice echoed right behind you and it was no doubt that the voice was Richie’s, much like that night in your bedroom so long ago. But when you looked behind you, there was no one. Taking a deep breath, you sat up straighter in your seat and shook your head. You were crazy, that couldn’t be possible.

IT… or whatever it was, wasn’t real.

If the rest had forgotten, why couldn’t you?

But as you turned your head back to the front, your eyes fell on the window, where it was already dark outside. Though that isn’t what caught your attention, instead it was the red balloon floating by each of the windows, slowly and going through each panel just to torment you. Your breathing picked up. You didn’t understand… if this was IT, then your fear had already come.

Your friends had left you, you were nothing to them now… so- so why?

You let out a scream when Pennywise’s face appeared at the edge of one of the window, falling off your seat with a loud thud. “What the hell…” The detention teacher mumbled, jumping awake. Standing up from his seat, he stared at you, on the ground and your clothing a mess. You didn’t look at him though, only stared wide eyed the clown smiling sadistically your way.

“What are you doing? You damn fool,” the teacher spat, coming around the desk. Reaching you, he stood in front of IT effectively blocking it from your sight, and leaned over, grabbing your arms and pulling you up. You stared up at him with wild eyes; “what the hell were you doing?”

“T-That…” You stuttered, pointing your hand out before you to the window. The teacher followed your line of vision, and when he moved to look, IT was gone. But the balloon was still there. Your eyes widened, disbelief running through you. “What?” The teacher suddenly asked; “there’s nothing there.” He stated and you furrowed your brows, how? How could he not see it?

“T-The balloon…” You whispered, your body shaking violently. “The balloon, look!”

The teacher peered back at you, leaning down so he was in your view. “Are you high?”

Gasping, you fumbled with words to say. If he didn’t see it… then that only meant one thing. It had to mean… You grabbed your bag off the chair, throwing it over your shoulder and turning without a second thought out the door. You needed to get away… you needed to find him. 

“You! Get back here this instance! Detention isn’t over for another twenty minutes!”

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