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Boyfriend Bobby

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  • an actual softie
  • looks like he could kill you but is a cinnamon roll
  • nice arms
  • sharp ass jawline
  • did i mention bunny teeth
  • honestly just rlly adorable
  • can be hot af sometimes tho
  • A B S
  • six pack
  • gdi jiwon is the full package ok
  • highkey kinky
  • angel by morning, devil by night
  • a teasing shit
  • killer smile
  • literally
  • his smile is so beautiful, it kills you
  • the type to eat all the time
  • probably never full
  • always stuffing his mouth with food
  • makes lots of cute and funny jokes to make you laugh
  • awww, he aDORES your laugh
  • would probably take you to the beach for a date
  • it would be hella cold and he would still take you there
  • shirtless 95% of the time
  • makes you flustered easily
  • talks too much
  • his annoying and noisy side starts to show 1 week into your relationship
  • ok more like right when you guys first meet
  • never shuts up
  • he’s an actual child and he worries you a lot
  • matching hats
  • matching sneakers
  • matching hoodies
  • matching everything pretty much lmao
  • an actual sweetie pie
  • cares about you way too much
  • doesn’t want you to get hurt
  • he’s mostly the one getting hurt tho since he’s so clumsy and wild
  • always hyper
  • would take you to the gym for a date
  • you’d just be watching him exercise without a shirt on
  • you’d be turned on, but you wouldn’t want him to know
  • dances everywhere
  • dances on the couch
  • on his bed
  • on the kitchen countertop
  • dabs
  • whips
  • dougies
  • he’s so weird
  • but adorable at the same time
  • how can you not love him seriously
  • piggyback rides
  • back hugs
  • forehead kisses
  • his love for you is infinite and never ending

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How about UT and UF chara and asriel falling in love the same person.

ADT-Chara VS Asriel:

It’s definitely a playful kind of rivalry (the only way I can describe it is like Tuck VS FDR in “This is War”). Asriel cares about & respects Chara a lot, but he’s not afraid to face a challenge, especially if it feels like a fun one. They’d both make different kinds of moves, Chara taking a more blunt, yet subtle way of expressing their feelings while Asriel would rely more on just being friendly, but showing off how cool & strong he is to try & impress you at the same time.

ADTFell-Chara VS Asriel:

Oh, that’s an easy one to decide: Chara would immediately back off & let Asriel make his move. They have an extremely high amount of respect for him–plus the fact that he’s not all-too kind to them, & would essentially make them doubt themself so much that they’d feel like they wouldn’t be a good match for you anyway. What a way to lose a love.

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I read the previous ask and it made curious about you guys, like srsly, that anon must've been a psychic XD anyways, i'll do the same. How did you guys get into the daiya no ace series? Was is by fanart or ?? What do you guys think of Miyuki and Sawamura's relationship in the manga? What bugs you the most about Miyuki? (Misawa forever)

We… uh… ????!!  

Miyuki and Sawamura’s relationship in the manga: If we have to summarize their relationship in one word, it would have to be “beautiful.” We could write essays about this, but since we don’t want to take up everyone’s time too much, we just want to point to the story-telling of Daiya. We start with their electric meeting. And if Daiya was like any other sports manga, they would have become the main battery with Sawamura wearing the Ace number before or at the very end. But the beautiful tragedy of part 1 was that that didn’t happen. It was left open-ended with potential. As a shipper, it’s frustrating yet wonderfully gorgeous. And as a story-teller, I bow to Terajima-sensei’s ability to suck me in to his pace like that. Like… The fundamental core of Daiya is the relationship of Sawamura and Miyuki. Are there parts where they don’t share the screen time? Sure. But the overarching story cannot exist without the two of them. Wow, we’re getting wordy. We’ll stop here. ^^

Bugs us most about Miyuki: There are certain way the fandom depicts him that doesn’t sit well with us. The other thing that bugs us about Miyuki is something that we would feel more comfortable talking about after we’ve reread/rewatched the series again. Just to be sure that it’s something that’s actually there that we have a beef with and not more fanon. lol.


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“I don’t like to be handed things.”

Can we talk about the implications of those words? Like, what happened to Tony that made him weary of taking something from someone else’s hands? Is it just a weird quirk, one of those things that people have but can’t explain? Or is it something more.

Like just imagine:

Young Tony Stark, so desperate for his fathers attention, would do anything he could to spend time with his father. So imagine young Tony, helping his father in the lab, but because Howard is Howard he doesn’t treat Tony like a kid, he just treats Tony as he would any other genius assistant.

“Here, hold this,” he says, as he holds out a soldering iron by the hot end. Howard had never given Tony any protective gear and Tony don’t want to irritate his father by pointing this out and risk getting kicked out of the lab, not able to help anymore. So he takes it. It burns like nothing he’s ever felt before, and he fights against the reflexive urge to drop it, to cry out and cradle his hand. He puts it down calmly and uses his shoulder to wipe away the tears before Howard can notice. Howard has already moved on.

Jarvis tisks over the burns as he bandages them later, pursing his lips, but he doesn’t say anything because he knows Howard would never listen and this is one of the few ways he’ll spend anytime with his son. And it’s not his place because, unfortunately, young Master Anthony is not his is child.

Tony’s older now. Fourteen. Away at MIT, away from his fathers disapproving stares, away from Maria’s despondent smiles as she lays in bed, unable to gather the energy to face the day, away from that look Jarvis gets on his face whenever Howard starts to talk about Captain Rogers again.

He’s at a party, surrounded by people, surrounded by girls - and some boys - beautiful people who give Tony attention, affection, something he’s never had before so he doesn’t know how to deal with it. He’s already had a few drinks and is a little tipsy, but he’s fine. A few drinks never hurt anybody. “Puts some hair on your chest,” he remembers his father saying when he was younger, eleven maybe twelve, pressing a glass of iced amber liquid into his hand.

A boy comes over and presses a drink into his hand. Stone, he thinks his name is, Tiberius Stone. He seemed nice, had been kind to Tony when he first arrived a couple months ago, younger than his peers and afraid of rejection. “Drink this,” Ty says, “it’ll make you feel better.” He takes it and drinks and the rest of the night is a blur, he doesn’t remember much after that, but he does remember waking up in a room he doesn’t recognize with no memory of how he got there.

It’s the little things that add up, he thinks, when suddenly one day he’s looking down at the file in his new assistants hand - Pepper, he thinks, but he knows that’s not her real name - and he can’t bring himself to take it. It’s harmless, a simple paper file and all he has to do it sign it. And he knows he can trust this girl, hired her himself after she barged into his office with - or technically without - the threat of pepper spray to his security. But the thought of lifting his hand makes his stomach turn, makes his body grow cold, and he can’t figure out why suddenly reaching out and taking a file from someone’s hand is now such a struggle.

“I don’t like to be handed things,” he says slowly, eyeing the file and trying to relax his body.

Pepper doesn’t seem to notice his struggle, simply putting the folder down on the desk by his hand, moving on to the next item on her list. She brushes it off as one of those weird billionaire eccentricities and doesn’t question it again.


Weird billionaire quirk or learned aversive behavior stemming from a subconscious fear of being harmed by those around him? I think about this all the time.

if you get mad at yourself a lot for stuff a good thing to do instead of punishing yourself is to think “would I get mad at a dog for doing this?”

sleep too much or only at weird times? still a good dog
sometimes feels like/actually needs to shout for no reason? still a good dog
has periods of uncontrollable hyperactivity?  still a good dog
eats too much/eats things you probably shouldn’t? still a good dog
too friendly/enthusiastic/free with affection? still a good dog
scared or nervous around new people? still a good dog
easily startled by loud noises/new places/imagined threats? still a good dog
obsessive over certain people and objects/only happy in your safe spaces? still a good dog
zero impulse control? still a good dog
any and all of the above? still a good dog

basically we don’t get angry at dogs for any of that because they are good and perfect angels and so are you so give yourself a break sometimes

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Do u ever get annoyed by any fans who talk to u too much? Be honest. Cuz I always feel like u probably really dislike me LOL so I would just like to know. I CAN TAKE IT

No, not at all! I love talking with you guys!
The only time I get a little annoyed is when someone spams the same thing over and over and over and over again. Just ask one, maybe twice and I’ll probably see it! But asking a million times over and over is just gonna decrease your chances of me responding :P

Former Doctor Who actress Billie Piper has said it is time for a woman to take on the role of the famous Time Lord.

Peter Capaldi has announced he is stepping down from the lead role in the BBC sci-fi series at the end of the year.

Piper, who played companion Rose Tyler, said it would “feel like a snub” if the role didn’t go to a woman.

“I’ve always supported the original format but I don’t know where they can go from here,” she told the BBC.

“I think it would be great [to have a female Doctor] given the spirit of the world at the moment. I think it would be timely”.

But she said taking on the role herself was too much responsibility.

“I don’t know,” she said. “It’s a lot of work. It would be a lot of time in Cardiff.”

2017 Gemini Advice (TOP 3)

What’s better than some good advice from the Gemini guru? 


  • Don’t let the money control you, control the money. Not knowing how to save and spend wisely is a big problem for most of us, and developing a master plan to achieving your goals financially will get rid of a lot of problems, and better yet make your year (2017) a lot healthier.


  • 2017 is the year to focus on yourself. Try not to dwell or invest too much time in relationships, or people unless you deeply feel that the person is valuable enough to be giving your time. Make yourself great; put the effort that you would usually put into building relationships into bettering yourself. With just these simple doings, you’ll be smiling in no time.

Failure and Risks

  • Don’t be afraid of taking that jump! Sometimes taking a leap of faith is needed to obtain that dream job you want, or becoming the best at your occupation. Try not to believe that failure results in you not being able to succeed. Without failure, a lot of those who you see who are successful today, would not be successful. When you fail, don’t refrain. GET UP, learn from it and fight harder.

One of the things that both chronically ill and non chronically ill people have to remember about chronic illness is:
Recovery time is not free time.
Sleep is not a hobby.
You may have more hours in your life devoted to those things than others, but you can’t only take those hours out of what would otherwise be free time. It doesn’t matter if you just spent a lot of time sleeping or lying around with no spoons and in too much pain to sleep. It’s still important to spend time having fun, if you can. It’s still important to have actual free time, actual time off.

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Hi! Your art is really beautiful! You must be really busy but I was wondering if you could do like a quick silly doodle of that background character in the snapchat updates Saltan Pepper as the fandom calls him (he's the waiter who serves Roxy and Cally at their dinner!) like nothing that requires too much time or effort 'cause you're probs working on a billion other things but like something that would literally take like a minute and done with your eyes close if you think that'd be fun! :p

tfw you saw a character once and you already love them…

hope you like it ;)

Jin doesn’t need his camera anymore.

Jin didn’t have a camera in “Spring Day.” This is a big deal–big enough that bighit chose this image as the official thumbnail of the “Spring Day” music video. So it’s clearly important–but why?

Since I NEED U, the prologue, and RUN, Jin has been taking photos and videos of himself and his friends. 

He was recording it all–their times together, their recklessness and carelessness–because he knew it would end. Eventually, they would grow up. He would grow up. And then, he would lose everything–his innocence, his freedom, and his friends. He needed to capture it all before it was too late. 

Finally, in “Spring Day,” he raises his hands to take a picture, but he doesn’t have a camera. He still feels the urge to record, but…something is different. He has grown up, that much is clear (Jin was the first to become an adult, both literally and figuratively. He’s the eldest in the group, and in his short film “AWAKE” from the WINGS era, he is the only one who is “Awake,” who accepts his fate. You can read more about that short film’s meaning here.) But what of his friends? What has changed?

The reality is that Jin doesn’t need to take pictures anymore. His friends aren’t leaving him, as previously thought–on the contrary, they are joining him on this life journey, even into adulthood. Before, BTS ran the risk of destroying themselves. Just a look at the WINGS short films reveals this. They were angry, destructive, distraught–torn between childhood and adulthood. They didn’t want to grow up. They wanted to be “Young Forever,” as the song suggested– to “RUN” from their responsibilities, their fates, like the Lost Boys of Neverland. (The original Peter Pan story had 7 lost boys (like the 7 members of BTS), which BTS adopted as the theme for their HYYH albums. Bighit essentially confirmed this on their Instagram, dressing the boys up like the lost boys and tagging “NEVERLAND” in their promotional photos for “RUN.”) The previous MVs mark a time of carelessness for the boys, and until now, it seemed like this denial of their responsibilities would be their doom. 

But at the end of “Spring Day,” you see all 7 boys on the train. As a mentioned in my first analysis of “Spring Day (read here), trains are a vessel for travel–for moving from one place to another. Before, in RUN, BTS hangs out around trains, but they are never moving. And those that are moving only pass them by. The train is calling to them, but none of the boys have the courage to get on–to leave their old lives behind for a new one: adulthood.

But in “Spring Day,” the boys finally hop on board. By boarding the train, BTS officially left behind their youth by accepting their responsibilities as adults. And by going to a new place (a place seemingly on the verge of spring, a time of new beginnings) BTS are saying that they are ready for whatever lies ahead. In other words, they are leaving one station, one location, for another. Starting a new chapter in their lives, so to speak.

The rest of BTS finally chose to leave Neverland, just as Jin had–they have chosen to leave their childhood behind. And so, Jin doesn’t need a camera anymore. He doesn’t need to record their memories, because their time together will never end. They’re in this life journey together. From now on, Jin will never walk alone.

This is pt. 2 of my “Spring Day” analysis. Find pt. 1 here :)


Happy 29th Birthday, Iain De Caestecker ! (December 29, 1987)

If you could have a super power what would it be?

“I’d like to be able to go back in time. Take a really good book with me and then write it back in time as if it was mine.”


The post ends with the line “it takes a lot of courage to stand up to your friend and your hero like that.”






Keith and Lance are Harry and Neville

(more under the cut because this is long as fuck)

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I would rather do what I love to do and that’s more what pushed me into wanting to do what I do now. Because it’s such a passion for me I wouldn’t ever want to give this up. You’d have to kill me! I would never take my own life! You’d have to fight me for it! 'Cause I love this way too much.

Brendon Urie explains how his passion for music kept him alive {video}

Having sex with Lucifer would include:

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Warning: Smut.

A/N: He looks so ready to do some naughty honky tonky.

First Time: 

  • Taking your time because he wants it to be perfect. 
    • Being extra tender if you’re a virgin or too unexperienced.
  • Him still being cocky and funny to make you relax. 
    • So much laugher!
  • Missionary position (Especially if you’re a virgin).
  • Kissing. 
    • Him being an exceptional good kisser. 
    • Him leaving kisses everywhere. 
    • Sucking your neck, shoulders and nipples.
  • Eye contact.
  • Him moaning while sucking and nibbling your earlobe.
  • You trying to be careful not to touch his scars. 
  • Getting a bath together after your first time and then cuddling, watching a nice movie. 

Soft Sex: 

  • Making love after Lucifer comes back from solving a case with Detective Decker. 
    • Especially if it has been a dangerous case. 
    • Basically ‘Welcome home sex’.
  • Oral sex. 
    • You giving him the slowest, but best blowjobs ever and him being addicted to them. 
    • His tongue doing that thing that makes you go ‘oh fuck’.
    • 69.
  • Foreplay.
    • Fingering. 
    • Handjob.
    • Oral sex.
    • Tender but lovely kisses.
  • Kisses all over your bodies. 
  • Him sucking your neck and leaving marks. 
  • Both, eye contact and with closed eyes. 

Rough Sex: 

  • Oral Sex.
    • You grazing/scrapping carefully your teeth on his dick because why not. 
    • Him doing the same/ Him eating you out and biting your inner thigh or your vulva.
  • Biting. 
  • Scratching.
  • A little bit of chocking.
  • Doing cocaine and fucking your bodies sore. 
  • Drunk sex.
    • Not as wild as cocaine sex. 
    • Sloppy kisses all over your bodies.
  • Changing positions every few seconds/minutes. 
    • Riding him. 
    • Reverse cowgirl.
    • Doggy style.
    • Missionary. 
    • And many more. 
  • You being the one who has to say stop because Lucifer could go on and on with his horselike stamina.


  • Seeing you on all fours turns him really on, more so when you wiggle your ass for him.
  • Spooning sex when you’re both lazy and cozy or when you want to have morning sex. 


  • Lucifer being very open to try new things out.
  • Ropes, handcuffs, whips, gags and blindfolds. 
    • He likes to play with your senses.
  • Hot wax. 
  • You moaning his name.
  • Anal sex. 
    • May end up very rough. 
  • Hair pulling when it’s long enough.
  • Drugs and alcohol.
  • Him loving when you go wild and passionate, and make it ‘hurt’ (Scratching/Biting). 


  • Lucifer pulling you into broom closets, unused rooms to have a quicky with you. 
  • Him loving to bend you over his piano, the one in his appartment. 
    • When the Lux’s closed, he also likes having sex with you there. 
  • You indicating you want to have morning quickies and him never saying no. 

Your first date with Draco would include…

-Him acting all self-confident while asking you to go on a date with him

-Although he’d actually be absolutely nervous about your answer

-Flashing you a charming smile without showing too much of his excitement as you accept

-Him deciding to take you to dinner at a nice restaurant first and arriving about half an hour early to make sure everything is perfect

-Being beyond happy when you finally arrive because you somehow managed to look even more beautiful than you do anyways

-Loving how a soft shade of pink spreads across your cheeks every time he compliments you

-Him feeling completely at ease with you and enjoying the way he could basically talk about everything with you 

-Both of you feeling some kind of connection, like you are just completed in each others presence

-Talking non-stop and not even realizing that the restaurant is about to close

-Draco offering to take you to a walk near the lake if you still want to

-You gladly accepting his offer and smiling as he helps you into your jacket while leading you outside

-His arm eventually fining it’s place around your waist 

-Sitting near the lake next to each other and although you aren’t talking much anymore, both of you know what doesn’t need to be said

-Him softly placing his hand on your cheek before bending down to engage you in a passionate kiss

-Walking back to your common room hand in hand, knowing that this was definitely not your last date

Warrior Cats Asks

I don’t know if there’s already something like this going around but I thought it’d be something fun to do! I don’t always have time to draw out requests but answering questions doesn’t take too much time out of my day.

  1. When/how you got into Warrior Cats
  2. Favourite clan
  3. Least favourite clan
  4. Favourite arc
  5. Least favourite arc
  6. Favourite protangonist
  7. Least favourite protagonist
  8. Favourite antagonist
  9. Least favourite antagonist
  10. Favourite side character
  11. Least favourite side character
  12. Favourite leader
  13. Least favourite leader
  14. A character that you used to love but now you hate them
  15. A character that you used to hate but now you love them
  16. Favourite pairing
  17. Least favourite pairing
  18. Favourite friendship
  19. Overrated character
  20. Underrated character
  21. Best battle/fight
  22. Best moment
  23. Best/saddest death
  24. Something you would change if you could

If anyone else wants to do this you are more than welcome to!