that would still be annoying

Things a Gemini Would Say
  • “I still love you, even though you’re annoying”
  • “We’re going to be best friends, I can tell.”
  • “Not to be a creep or anything, but where are you from?”
  • “Okay, I changed my mind.. What?”
  • “Ugh, I need new friends.”
  • “I hate being bored. I need something to do today.”
  • “You can say whatever, it won’t stop me from doing what I want.”
  • “Why are you even here?”
  • “I was just playing, you take everything seriously.. Ugh.”

hello guys, im 38 away from my first thousand and it would be realllyy cool if y'all helped me out! rb if you’re a louie/harrie/larrie and i’ll definitely check you out ☺️


         Top 15 MTV Scream Relationships (as voted by my followers):
               12. The Lakewood Six // “That’s what everyone’s been calling us lately.”

things klance would be like in my opinion:

- the two still annoy each other without end but they usually laugh about it and actually find each other’s mistakes endearing and funny
- lance makes a lot of jokes about stuff and keith always laugh-wheezes at them, vice versa as well
- there’s a lot of laying their heads on each other’s shoulders
- lots of private story times at night about scary stories or just warm, family, childhood related stories
- lots of smiling into each other’s shoulders
- they take it slow because they’ve fallen so within their rivalry they need a lot of time to step back from it, they still make mistakes bc of that and from time to time hurt each other but they always find a way to forgive each other
- they’d have to be really in love to attempt that though
- regularly saving each other in battle and having come up with duel battle strategies they both can follow up together nicely (lance still needs practice to keep up with keith and keith sometimes gets impatient but they can endure and grow in it together)
- keith smiling so proudly and happy for lance when lance can finally get their moves right, lance and keith celebrating often their small victories together
- also everyone else is happy for them because at least two of them are happy.

BTS react to you being bullied

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He’d be pissed. Not wanting you to have to go through all that negativity, he’d probably personally confront the people who were bullying you. When with you, he’d always make sure that you felt good about yourself, there’d not be a day where he didn’t compliment you or try to make you smile.


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Taehyung would be emotionally conflicted, he’d want to confront these bullies that made you feel so low but he wasn’t very good with confrontation. He’d be angry at himself for not being able to help you out as much as he’d like, the only thing he’d be able to do is giving you all of his love making sure that you’d never have to go through these emotions again. 


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Jimin is a pretty emotionally driven person so when you told him this, he would become frustrated almost immediately. His face would darken and he became quiet as he thought of the feelings you must’ve gone through being bullied without his knowledge. Jimin would embrace you in a hug, debunking anything the bullies said as he thought of the talk he has to have with these people who have put you through hell, even if they were his own fans. 


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Namjoon would be the most calm and collected out of all of the boys, he’d understand that you finally telling him about it was a sign that you couldn’t bottle up all the emotions the bullies had brought to you anymore. Namjoon would make sure you feel appreciated and loved, embrace you in every way and help you overcome the bullying.

People bully others because of their own personal insecurities and need to overpower others to feel better about themselves, what they say about you doesn’t define you, it defines them as a person.


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He didn’t want to show you but inside he was fuming, the fact that someone stooped so low to make you feel bad about yourself just didn’t sit well with him. Hoseok would also be pretty scared to see what your reactions were to the bully as he didn’t want you to feel so negatively because of people that didn’t matter.

You know nothing they say is true right? Please don’t think about it baby


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Although relatively annoyed, Yoongi would still be pretty calm to this confession. Yoongi would be the type of person who doesn’t sugarcoat things and so be pretty straightforward as he offered you tough love. (though he’d soften up if he sees you becoming more sensitive and vulnerable) He’d help you and take your place in confronting the bullies regarding the issue, making sure to intimidate them. 

who the fuck cares about them” “they don’t matter, let’s forget them”


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It’d be one of the few times you get to see Jin so serious about something, he’d be genuinely disappointed in himself for not seeing this earlier as well as being disappointed at the bullies themselves for having to make you go through this emotional state. He’d never let his eyes off you as he made sure to whisper all the things he loved about you before the both of you fall asleep at night. 

they’re in the wrong jagi, you’re nothing like they say…

                                                   -bangtan angels-

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what's going on with mark??

lmao sorry if i made you worry.. it’s just the usual.. mnet editing him weirdly and stuff. his clip on naver even started with ppl talking about “idol rappers”… when mark arrived to the waiting room, the kids didn’t know him at all, so mnet staff asked him “if anyone recognized him?”(???why) and then in the waiting room staff asked everyone if they know someone out of the ppl sitting there and they all said they know ‘yang hongwon’ while mark was the only one who didn’t know him, so then they asked if someone doesn’t know him.. (LIKE WHY??) mark was the only one obviously who put his hands up.. mnet is really trying to pit them against each other and make rivarly between mark and yang hongwon.. & ofc they kept showing him when it was mark’s turn lmao.. i hate their guts. now i really wonder what did everyone else say about him.. i’m so nervous about the new ep today asdfghjkj IT’S STARTING SOON! EVERYONE GO WATCH IT FOR MARK!!!!

Dating Yongguk would include:
  • dating Yongguk means you are a mom to the rest 
  • like they will literally call you both parents 
  • even if you are younger than one of them they will still call you mom
  • Yongguk would be sometimes annoyed because he wanted to spend some time with you but guess who’s with you ;-)
  • other girls being jealous, cause he chose you
  • i don’t think Yongguk would be very jealous because he knows you love him and you’re not going to leave him
  • calls you ‘dearest’ ‘my queen’ and ‘my darling’ 
  • he has the money and wants to spoil you all the damn time
  • whenever you get upsed or mad at him he would come to you and ask “CHANNEL? PRADA? GUCCI? what do you want??” 
  • then he smiles and ask “of course me, right?”
  • calling him your suggar daddy
  • he says he don’t like it at all but he lowkey love it
  • he gives you a lot of tight hugs when you need him
  • actually i think Yongguk would love to hug you or kiss you or just to be in touch with you
  • he would support you no matter what and vice versa
  • he likes to slow dance with you
  • imagine its like 2 am in the morning and you two are snuggle with each other and slowly moving to daddy issues by the neighbourhood
  • if he could he woould spend hours kissing you
  • soft kisses on your neck 
  • during intimate moments i think Yongguk would be pretty rough but also gentle with you and only for you
  • lots of lazy mornings when he has free days
  • long walks
  • him always taking care of you
  • running your fingers through his hair
  • he never hide anything from you, he tells you everything up front and expects you to do the same
  • leaving adorable notes all around the house
  • wearing his clothes ofc
  • drinking with him wine or champagne
  • you would be a l w a y s the first person who hears his new music and he would ask you what you think because your opinion matters to him the most
  • writing a lot some songs about you
  • because you are his inspiration
  • holding you really close to him
  • when you guys are out on a date or something and he sees some guy is staring at you Yongguk would kiss you and smirk at this guy
  • “look at this beauty, i bet you’re jealous.”
  • he would touch your ass whenever he can 
  • having dinner with each other’s families
  • his family adores you!!!
  • you would be best friends with his sister
  • he tells you he loves you every night before sleep


// zoey xoxo

{Reaction} When Another Member of Monsta X Likes you

I loved your Got7 reaction to their s/o finding out another member liked them ❤️ can you do one for Monsta X too please ☺️

Note: Thank you for your patience with me! 

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Lee Minhyuk

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Minhyuk would be incredibly guilty for liking you when you’re in a relationship with another member. He’d struggle to hide his emotions for you however hard he tries, and he’d overthink everything. Minhyuk is usually a very bubbly and outgoing person, but he’s established feelings for you, he has become incredibly cautious around you, he’s constantly quiet and struggles to know what to say or act. He doesn’t hug you anymore, or wrap his arm over your shoulder, or even place gentle touches against you when you’re sad. What makes it worse is that he can’t even hate Shownu for loving you, or hate you for loving him because he treasures you both so much. Minhyuk would finally crack when the pent up emotions would get too much for him, and he may even lash out, which is very out of character for him.

Minhyuk: “I said forget it {y/n}!”

{y/n}: “okay… why are you being so angry at me? I haven’t done anything.”

Minhyuk: “Just leave me alone, you may think you haven’t done everything, but actually you have done everything. Everything hurts me. Just go away.”

Yoo Kihyun

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Kihyun is the kind of person that can react either way. He may pretend like everything is fine and that he isn’t slowly deteriorating on the inside, or he is going to become very cold and reserved around you. Finding out that you are dating Hyungwon would be the most horrible pain in his chest that he has felt in his entire life. He will do everything to take his mind off it, and if he can, he will stay late into the night at the dance practice rooms and in the studio, or even locked away in his shared room with Changkyun so that he doesn’t have to face either you or Hyungwon. But like Minhyuk, he cares about you both immensely, so he wouldn’t want to hurt either one of you, he would probably be swimming in guilt beneath the anger and annoyance that he couldn’t reach your heart instead.  

Kihyun: “You’re dating Hyungwon, {y/n} therefore I don’t matter, right?” *salty af*

Shin Hoseok/ Wonho

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Hoseok would be really conflicted when it comes to you dating Minhyuk because he wouldn’t want to upset either of you. Wonho is a rather sensitive and selfless person so he would definitely be very  unsure of how to react when to finds out that you are dating his fellow band mates and would it would more than likely hit him very emotionally. You found out that he has feelings for you when you overheard a conversation between him and Hyungwon, where they were talking about how difficult the situation was. You tried to pretend like you didn’t hear such a conversation, but when you couldn’t take holding the secret anymore, you just had to talk to Wonho about it, however awkward you thought it was going to be. In a matter of fact, it wasn’t awkward at all, it was more sad than anything. Wonho just gave you that smile, the one that says ‘as long as you are happy, that is enough for me.’

Wonho: *places two hands on your shoulders* “Don’t worry about it {y/n}, I know you love Minhyuk and I’m also smart enough to know I won’t ever have a chance. But that’s okay, one day I’ll move on.”

{y/n}: “But what happens until then”

Wonho: *smiles* “Life.”

Son Hyunwoo/ Shownu

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Shownu may come across as being incredibly laid back and sweet, but when it comes to more serious emotional situations such as this, he isn’t quite so laid back. Sure, he’s still quiet, and he’ll fight back with everything in him to ensure his hidden emotions remain hidden deep, but his frustrations are brimming closer and closer to popping. You found out about Shownu’s feelings for you on a night out with Minhyuk when he was so drunk he could barely remember his name. He blurted Shownu’s secret, and to your relief, he didn’t remember a single detail of the night before by the time he woke up with a pounding head. When you found Shownu, he was at the Starship gym, pounding the shit out of a punchbag. He stopped, smiling at you as you approached, it faltered as you told him the new information you had come to understand.

Shownu: “Look, {y/n}, Minhyuk was drunk, he didn’t know what he was talking about. You know what he’s like anyway, he was just messing with-”

{y/n}: “He showed me texts you sent to him, Hyunwoo. Don’t lie to me.”

Shownu: *frustrated* “What difference does it make? Huh? Are you going to fall for me now that you know and date me? Will you break up with Jooheon?”

{y/n}: “Well… no, but-”

Shownu: “Exactly, so just forget it, alright?”

Lim Changkyun/ I.M

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As soon as Changkyun found out that you were dating Kihyun, he found himself in a state of annoyance, anger, frustration, loss… he wasn’t sure how he should react, and so he became even more closed up and quiet than usual. It all happened so suddenly, and it wasn’t just you, his best friend, that noticed his sudden change in behavior, everyone did. Changkyun seemed zone out a lot, and he was purposefully ignoring members  to avoid talking about what was wrong. Kihyun was getting the cold shoulder a lot, and was being ignored the most of all. It started to create a lot of tension between the two, and you couldn’t help but wonder how this had happened. Initially, you thought they’d had an argument, but when Kihyun claimed nothing had happened at all, it dawned on you what was really going on. You felt sick and worried as you brought it up with Changkyun, and you were right to think he wasn’t prepared to talk to you of all people.

Changkyun: *glaring* “Me? Crush on you? Are you full of yourself? You’re dating my band member, there’s no way I’d have feelings for you like that.”

{y/n}: “Then why have you become so quiet recently… you’ve been acting so cold, I’m worried about you.”

Changkyun: “Aish, worry about what you’re going to wear on your next date and leave me alone.”

Chae Hyungwon

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Hyungwon would more than likely suppress his feelings as much as he possibly could, but he would still be extremely annoyed by the situation. He’d been hinting towards his feelings with you for a long time, and Wonho knew damn well how he felt about you. Hyungwon reacted by giving Wonho the cold shoulder, and what was once a very strong relationship deteriorated to something very unstable. But that isn’t the only relationship that goes down the drain, Hyungwon wouldn’t exactly be happy with you either.

{y/n}: “What do you expect me to do? I love him.”

Hyungwon: *laughs* “Love. love. How nice for you.”

{y/n}: “Why are you doing this?”

Hyungwon: “Have a nice life, {y/n}”

Lee Jooheon

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Jooheon can’t handle how he feels. There’s too much. He feels regretful for never telling you how he felt, he feels stupid for thinking he’d ever have a chance with you, annoyed Changkyun took you from him, but happy that you’d found someone that made you happy. It was one big ball of mess that he couldn’t seem to understand. He felt so guilty for the way that he feels about you that he started to close up completely and bottle his emotions up. When you found out that he had feelings for you, it was a bigger shock than anything since he’s never even hinted towards it before so it struck you quite hard.

 {y/n}: “I’m sorry Jooheon, I didn’t realise”

 Jooheon: “It’s not your fault.”

They don’t tell the team right away. Not because they’re trying to hide anything, but because they figure it’s so obvious that they don’t need to.

Their friendship transitions so surprisingly easily into something more that it probably looks impossible from the outside. Strange, to say the least. Miraculous, maybe, but only if one really hadn’t been paying attention. 

Dex now does homework with Nursey’s hand resting on the back of his neck, palm warm against the skin there and fingertips absently scratching up against the grain of Dex’s short hair and then softly back down.

Dex carries an extra beanie with him on cold days, and pulls it down over Nursey’s ears for him as they walk to class, despite Nursey’s token protests.

He forgets to eat breakfast on busy days, always has, but now finds black coffee and overpriced Annie’s banana nut muffins on his open textbook when he stops at his dorm room between his morning classes.

He smiles a little quicker, a little easier.

He still argues just as much as he ever did.

It’s… effortless. It’s good.

And okay, so maybe Dex has been waiting for the other shoe to drop this whole time–that’s just how his life tends to work–but he didn’t really expect said shoe to manifest in a stunned group silence at team breakfast in the wake of Nursey pressing a quick kiss to his temple as he sits down to join them.

It feels like the entire cafeteria freezes, even if it’s really just the chaos that is the Samwell Men’s Hockey Team during a mealtime suddenly stopping short in collective wonder.

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Fun fact if you didn't know! The voice actor for Pariston played Hisoka from the first series! I really wish they had both interacted ha

Fun fact 2: He not only was the voice actor for Hisoka but also played him in the musical plays lol

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okay I get where people are coming from when theorizing peacock!nino ( with the whole eye pattern thing)but where would the brooch even go? with the turtle miraculous he can just put it on his wrist but with the peacock miraculous it'd just be to obvious if he pinned it to his t-shirt

Hey man I get where you’re coming from, the turtle braclet would be an easy fit but

he could also

clip the brooch

there ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Dating Ten Would Include...

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  • PDA
  • But not the annoying and overbearing type of PDA
  • You just always have to be touching
  • Easily jealous on both of your parts
  • Him teaching you how to dance
  • Him playfully making fun of you if you suck
  • Speaking of making fun of you, he’d do it a lot
  • Like when you can’t reach something on the top shelf or when you get annoyed or jealous
  • Being super close with the guys
  • Especially Johnny and Haechan
  • Him using aegyo on you when he does something that makes you mad
  • Him teaching you Thai
  • Neck kisses
  • Stealing his clothes
  • Him literally having nothing to wear because you steal his clothes
  • Being really close with each others family
  • Piggyback rides
  • Back hugs
  • Using cheesy jokes and pick up lines just to make each other laugh
  • He will always be a tease before kissing you
  • He’ll just stand there and stare at you before slowly leaning in
  • Then right before he gets to your lips he’ll stop, a small smirk on his face as he watches your annoyed expression
  • Then, all of a sudden, his fingers will wrap themselves in the loops of your jeans before pulling you to him roughly, his lips molding with yours in a passionate kiss
  • Visiting the studio just to watch him dance
  • Fighting over the relationships in your favorite TV shows
  • “Bellamy and Clarke belong together, Y/N, don’t you see that?”
  • “But it’s so cliche’ and predictable!”
  • “So was every relationship on Pretty Little Liars, but I still listened to you babble about how great they were! I mean Ezria, seriously!? I’d rather watch paint dry then have to see them on screen ever again!” 
  • Him catching you staring at him whenever you think he’s not looking
  • “I know I’m hot, but it’s not nice to stare.”
  • He would be willing to do anything for you
  • You would always know that you were loved and cared for and you would literally be each others worlds. 
shitty NEETs vs shitty people

So it’s 2017 and people are still convinced that either 1) some matsus are worse than others, or 2) they’re all irredeemable pieces of trash.

I think there’s one very important detail that gets lost in the shuffle when these conversations happen. If we just took a minute to consider it, maybe it could clear up some things.

First of all, the main problem is that people judge the matsus based on their morality, personality, etc. However, they aren’t labeled ‘shitty’ by the general narrative for an ambiguous, subjective reason at all.

They’re shitty because they’re NEETs. As in there’s a distinct connection to the two.

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BTS when another member touches their g/fs butt

BTS can be a playful group and the fact that you were dating one of them meant you grew close to them all and often got dragged into their games, not that you minded. The seven boys can also be very touchy and that also transferred to your friendships with them. So mixing playful and touchy, you get butt touching; slapping, grabs, flicks, anything to get a reaction out of you.

Hoseok (J-Hope)
Even though he is literal sunshine, he would still get annoyed when Taehyung would take it too far and grope your butt as he stood next to you at the kitchen sink. Hoseok would immediately pull you to his own body, giving Taehyung a glare.
“That was too much, Taehyung.” He’d announce sternly before taking you away.

This angel would try and act like it doesn’t bother him when the boys get touchy with you but, it would and he’d sit back, jaw tight and that delicious angry-calm expression on his face. You can bet that later though, in the ‘privacy’ of his room, he’d prove who really owns that ass. Of course, he’d make sure the bed made enough noise that his band knew the fact too.

Knows the boys mean nothing by it so so long as they’re not over the top, he doesn’t mind. He likes that you’re part of the group and gets along with them so well. All of the boys respect you so if you turn around and tell them to stop, they will and Jin has enough faith in you that you won’t allow the boys to do anything you’re not comfortable with.

ALL of the boys do it just to wind up the Golden Maknae. If Jungkook has been extra annoying or just plain extra, you can bet that one of the boys will be near you pretty quickly, hand on your butt just to see Jungkook’s tongue prodding the inside of his cheek in jealousy.
Despite you being his girlfriend, he’s the youngest, therefore, he knew he couldn’t go apeshit at whoever is touching you. You didn’t really mind either, even you had to agree Jungkook could be annoying at times and one of his hyungs grabbing your butt always put him back in his place.

Namjoon (RapMon)
To be fair, the other guys probably wouldn’t get much of a chance to get near your butt because Namjoon himself is always touching it.
On one particular day, Namjoon had his hand in your back pocket as you stood side by side watching Hoseok teach Jin a move for a showcase when suddenly another hand slid into your other pocket. You looked over to see Taehyung trying not to giggle too hard at his accomplishment, Jungkook, and Jimin off to the side giggling together. You rolled your eyes and looked up at Namjoon who had noticed too. His gaze met yours and noticing your amusement, he returned his attention to the sight before you. It was only a minute later however that he told Taehyung to get his hands off of you.

Taehyung (V)
Probably the one starting the butt slapping, let’s be real. Doesn’t actually care most of the time how his friends act with you. He’s an affectionate person anyway so he feels like it’s normal to have skinship between friends. It’s only when he’s not in a good mood, which is rare, that he doesn’t like it. He won’t say anything because he knows he’s just in a bad mood but he’ll certainly pull you away from Jungkook, stopping the “spank war” you two were in the midst of to hold your body to his so no one but him can access that booty.

Yoongi (Suga)
No-one would even try. Let’s be real. Would you try and touch the booty of his girlfriend? Nah didn’t think so.
The boys aren’t dumb, they know only one person can touch you and that’s Min Yoongi.
But, Yoongi does love egging you on to slap his members’ butts knowing how frustrated they get when they realise the culprit and the fact they can’t return the favour. Yoongi probably then grabs your butt right in front of them just to rub salt in the wound with a smirk on his lips.

Thank you for the request, anon! :D

Sorry I haven’t updated in a while, writing is hard man

Also, sorry about the lack of gifs, my laptop really picks and chooses when to allow my happiness ya feel

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if harry and the missus had a fight on valentine's day and harry is still annoyed at her, do you think he would still take her out to dinner somewhere or at least buy her flowers?

He would leave the house to give her some space after their little fight, driving off to the local florist and into the local supermarket to buy her the biggest bunch of flowers and the best chocolates to go with it, sticking a couple of bottles of pink lemonade in with his purchase and ingredients to make her the most delicious home-cooked meal. Because, after everything that happened and with words being thrown around, he wouldn’t feel like going and facing the world; because he wants to properly makeup and take time to talk things through without having the put on a fake smile and pretend that things didn’t go topsy turvy a few hours before. 

When he enters the house, bottles of pink lemonade under his arm and a bag hanging off of his wrist, with the flowers in her hands, he’s met with what he can only describe as being the most beautiful sight - maybe not to someone else, but, to him, he couldn’t think of anything more endearing and enticing. Her figure dressed, in just a sweater of his and a pair of peach knickers that he knows belongs in a matching set from Victoria’s Secret, in exactly what she woke up in that morning. Paying no attention to dressing up for the night or putting any effort into how she looked. Her hair knotted and messy with her cheeks foundation free and her lips their natural shade. Cleaning the house because that’s what she does, post-fight and built up with emotion.

With the bang of the door catching her attention, she spins around and gulps thickly when she sees him, arms full of apology gifts and a smile on his face that made her forget everything. 

“I hate you so much,” she laughs softly, her bare feet crossing the carpet as she walks over to him, taking the bouquet of flowers he held out, “these are gorgeous. Thank you. You didn’t have to do this. Just a kiss and a cuddle would have been fine.”

“Nonsense. You deserve the most beautiful flowers,” he admits, green eyes watching her as she inhales the delicious scent of the roses that were hidden amongst the greenery added to give it some colour, “I brought you chocolates, as well. Your favourites. Thorntons. Only from Sainsburys, but, you know I would buy you the whole shop if I could.”

“You had me at chocolates,” she smiles, “the baby is making me really crave the chocolate stuff recently. Screw our juice cleanse and dieting. I just need chocolates,” she murmurs, Harry’s eyes instantly diverting to the barely there bump that situates between her hips, “what else did you buy? That’s a full bag.”

“I’m making dinner. You’re going to kick your feet up and relax and I’m going to do all the work tonight, okay? I don’t need any help. I just want you to have a day off from being on your feet,” he smiles, toeing off his boots and brushing passed her, walking towards the kitchen and setting the orange bag down on the counter, “you can watch, but, don’t you dare leave the stool. It’s my apology for being a knob this morning, yeah?”

“I told y-”

“Shush. I’m sorry, yeah? Let me do this for you.” xx