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i just pictured tazswap taakitz doing the lich thing and man. this is not the optimal way to start a saturday morning.

godDAMN dude what would taakos best day ever be though

probably really similar to lups but instead of burning down a dmv they fly to the top of a mountain and burn every single one of their spell slots racing each other down

and rather than shooting davenport out of a tree lup pretends she picked up some grapes a few decades back and has spent all this time fermenting them in a very particular way to make wine, and she goes on and on to davenport about how special this wine is and how much it would mean for her if davenport gets the first glass, and taakos just sitting there watching with his teeth clenched trying his damnedest not to make a sound but finally loses it at davenports face when he takes a sip and realises it’s kool aid

the turkey scene is exactly the same since they share the same birthday. lup is a lot less tactful than taako, though, and freaks out immediately and loudly about the lich thing. she doesn’t try to dissuade him - she just yells for three minutes straight about what a bad idea it is while taako sits patiently and kravitz flinches in the next room over. when she’s done she just sighs and brings out the macarons she made

when they’re leaving the plane and taako is itching to test out his new form, he doesn’t just step off the ship - he gets lup to fucking magically launch him into the sky (YEET) and into the top of one of the hungers pillars. same thing happens as when lup did it, just more showy than dramatic. kravitz nearly faints

Smitten Kitten (Chapter Three)

Thanks for all the love on this fic guys! I love all my readers!

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Things were… a little awkward between Steve and Bucky the next few days.

Bucky was sure he’d never been so aware that Steve only slept a few yards away, and spent most of the night trying not to think of how easy it would be to just jump on the other bed and do something. But he didn’t think he wanted Steve like that, so maybe it was just the idea of Tony wanting both of them that suddenly drew him to his best friend?

Steve was positive he had never noticed how thick Bucky’s thighs were, but when the soldier crouched to pull a pan out of a cupboard Steve nearly spit his coffee out when a jolt of awareness went through him. Never in his life had he had a thought like that about his friend, and those thoughts certainly hadn’t been there a week ago so… so where were they coming from? It had to be because of Tony.

Damn cat.

Everything was made worse, much much worse when Tony sashayed his perfect pert little ass into the kitchen the morning of day four and pinned both of them down with a stare.

“My honeybear is telling me that I need to shift more, to keep myself balanced. He is also telling me to make sure I don’t shift alone because my animal form is needy and suffers when it’s alone. Or some…” he waved his hands around. “–other spectacular bullshit. So here’s what we are going to do.” He cleared his throat.

“I will be in my lab, shifted, in about five minutes. I would like both of you to come down and sit on the couch with me. You don’t need to talk to me, just be there and available for some physical contact. That is all. Thank you for your time.”
And he turned on his heel and swept back of the door.

“Honeybear?” Steve questioned and Bucky groaned.

“Remember Rhodes threatening us? How much do you want to bet Tony calls Rhodes eight foot tall partial shifted animal honeybear?”

“Of course he does. Of course Tony has a stupid nickname for an Alpha level shifter.” Steve stood to his feet uncertainly. “So– shall we?” He motioned towards the door and Bucky stood just as slowly.

“I guess. So this will be sharing–”

“Don’t.” Steve’s eyes snapped closed. “Do not finish that sentence. Do not. We will talk about that if the time comes.”

“Been thinking about it?” Bucky asked as they headed down the stairs.

“Damn it Bucky. Shut up.”

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would you do a part 2 to the Lena Luthor one shot, maybe where even if Lena forgives the reader, she's lowkey still has trust issues but is willing to work on them when she sees how hard the reader is working on proving themself and how hard the reader beats themself up

Part 1:

I’m sorry.”

It was all you could say again.  Cautiously, you lifted a hand and wiped at one of the tears that was making its way down the side of her face.  Her eyes fluttered shut at the feeling of your hand against her cheek and against her better judgement, she leaned into it.  Her head was a mix of emotions and above all, she knew she didn’t have anyone else.  And she wanted, so badly, to believe that you did care for her.

“I hate-” the word ripped out of her throat with a sob, “—that I love you.”

“Let me make this right,” you begged.  Lena shuddered as you rubbed your thumb back and forth against her cheek.  She still couldn’t bring herself to pull away; instead her own hand came up to grip your wrist.  Her eyes opened again and you prayed she would see the honesty and guilt in your own.  “Please, Lena.  I know you have no reason to, but trust me.”

Things seemed to still for a few seconds.  And then, much to your own surprise, the CEO nodded and you let your hand slowly fall from her face.  



The assailant came that night.  Lena had gone to bed around 1, and the sound of metal scratching inside the door’s lock distracted you from your laptop around 3.  Without a sound, you crossed the room and slipped out into the hallway with your pistol drawn and drug the black-clad man into the bathroom inside the suite.  

“I’m going to give you an out,” you whispered to him.  “I know who hired you and I know that she is going to be eliminated.  Do you already have your money?”

He nodded against the gun barrel you were pressing to his skull.

“Then get out of the state.  Do you understand?”

“Yes ma’am,” he nodded again.  You gripped the back of his shirt, pulled him to his feet, and pushed him in the direction of the door.  The hitman reached forward slowly, aware that you would still take him out at the first sign of a threat, and turned the doorknob.  As silently as you could manage, you put him back out into the hallway and didn’t lower your pistol until he disappeared down the hallway.

When you finally locked the door behind yourself again, you turned around to see Lena sitting up in her bed with her eyes trained on you.  You put your weapon back to its original place and waited for her to say something.

“Who was that?”

“It doesn’t matter.  You’re safe,” you replied.  It was late, you were sober, and it was your best attempt at assurance.  Her expression changed with the realization that someone actually had come to kill her.  

“Th-that man—“

“Lena, I promise, it’s alright.  I took care of it.  You can go back to sleep.”

The words sounded stupid as they left your mouth, but you normally did this line of work by yourself.  You weren’t used to having someone outside the business around and aware of what was happening.

“I’m sorry.  You’re probably scared and…and that was callous of me.”

“Have you ever killed anybody?”

Your eyes widened at the question and your stomach clenched at the way Lena was staring at you.  Suddenly aware that you might be what was scaring her, you quickly reached behind yourself, pulled your gun out of it’s hiding place, and set it on the cheap dresser.  

“No,” you shook your head, “and I know you probably don’t feel like you can believe me, but I haven’t.”

“Would you?”

You pursed your lips and looked down at the green carpet beneath your feet.

“If it meant protecting you, yes,” you admitted.  You didn’t look up at her again as you walked to the other bed.  “You should go back to sleep.”


After you got Lena back to National City the next day, you decided the best thing that you could do was give her space.  Well aware of the anger she probably still felt, you spent three days holed up in your apartment and three nights on one of the stools at the bar down the street.  

When you woke up on the fourth day back in town, Lena’s name was blinking on your phone.  You ignored the nausea and headache reminding you of the previous night and nearly killed yourself in an attempt to get ready and meet her at a downtown cafe by 10.

It was in that cafe that you got the news that she wanted to work to put what you had revealed behind her.  She had a list of demands that she expected from you, none of which were unwarranted.  You needed to get rid of your ‘work’ phone.  She wanted you to continue to work at L Corp.  She wanted to know who you had worked under before and what you did for them.  You spent almost two hours telling her stories from your past—none of which you were particularly proud of.  The drug runs you completed seemed to bother her the most, and you acknowledged that you felt the same way.  Nevertheless, Lena still allowed you to walk her to her condo and when she invited you in, you declined out of a mix of residing guilt and anxiety.  You had called her that night, worried that she would have taken it the wrong way, and built up the courage to explain that being this open with someone wasn’t something you were used to.  And, if you were being honest with yourself, you were terrified.  You didn’t know how to live a good life and you weren’t sure you could; even for her.  But, you wanted to.  You needed her to know that.  Before you hung up, you had blurted out a fast ‘I love you’.

After several moments of quiet static, Lena said it too.


Two weeks later, you were sitting a whole couch cushion away from Lena in her living room; eyes trained on whatever movie was playing on the screen.  The heiress had watched you remain on the outskirts of her daily life for some time now—only coming closer when she beckoned and then fading into the background until you were called upon again.  She had never imagined she would see you this unsure of yourself when she met you.  Your confidence had left the day you told her the truth and it seemed like everything you said to her came with an expectation of resentment or rejection.  And while seeing you so different came with a strange sadness, it made Lena feel like you were trying.  

Granted, some things didn’t change.  You still arrived at the office early and left a coffee cup with her name scrawled on the side on her desk.  You still glared at some of the business men that sauntered into the building and tried to woo her into some sort of garbage merger.  She knew you thought she was oblivious to it, but she noticed.  She also noticed the way one of her newest temps practically drooled over you and how you dropped the lunch he bought you one day straight into the trash.  Lena certainly was glad you didn’t catch her smiling when you did.

She lost interest in the movie quite soon after the opening credits and instead let her gaze wander over to you.  The black haired woman knew she’d be lying to herself if she tried to deny how much she missed your touch.  You hadn’t so much as tried to hold her hand in almost three weeks and as angry as she was at herself for it, she wanted you to try something.  Even if it was as small as intertwining your fingers with hers.

After almost 20 minutes of internal conflict, Lena reached behind herself to grab the throw that hung on the back of the sofa and slid over to you.  She watched with unwavering green eyes as you tried to hide your surprise and then returned her gaze to the television without a word.  Lena tried her hardest to actually focus on the film after the small move, but the attempt was useless and she turned towards you less than a minute later with an exasperated sigh.  You tore your gaze away from the screen and twisted your neck just in time to catch her lips on yours.  Your body froze for a moment and you struggled to snap out of it before she could realize.  Pulse quickening, you brought one hand up to cup her cheek and kissed her back.

The Right One - Sam Drake x Reader

Hello, Nony!
So, I did the best I could but please be forgiving because this is the first time I write something like this. It’s not really a smut, it’s like…I just kinda hint stuff because I can’t write smut. I probably could but it would be bad and I don’t want to write something I’m not proud of. 
Anyways, I hope you enjoy it…it’s a bit cheesy but oh, well.
Again, English isn’t my first language.

Title: The Right One
Words: 1,155
Warning: Bad language and mature content I guess. I don’t know how to rate this hahaha

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Could you do hcs about how the captains & vice captains would get angry? Like what topics are to avoided or what kind of comment/ attitude lets them snap. I always see these angsty fight scenarios but always the same reasons, so I want smth else c:

These are the only captains and vice captains that I am aware of, let me know if I’m missing any captains and/or vice captains and I’ll add them in! ^^ I don’t really read scenarios like that (I avoid angst like the plague if I can LOL) so I’m sorry if they seem similar to ones you’ve seen! 


  • It irks him that you would tell him repeatedly not to spend too much time with certain people, and to only spend time with you due to your own selfishness. He’s not your dog nor is he an object, he’s a human being who has friends that are just as important as you. Telling him that his world should revolve around you would cause him to snap.
  • He’d tell it to you bluntly that he can’t dedicate all of his time to you since he is the captain of the volleyball team and a third year nonetheless. If you still can’t understand that, well, you can get off the ship because Captain Daichi ain’t waiting for you to get your priorities straight anymore.


  • Suga’s a patient man, and he’s quite understanding too. There’s nothing that can get on this man’s nerves…except interrupting him in a middle of a sentence. He believes that a healthy relationship involves communication, and interrupting him every time he has something to say wasn’t what he had in mind. 
  • He would feel as if you aren’t interested in what he has to say or thought that his thoughts and feelings weren’t as important compared to what you had to say. He would confront you about it, and if you still decide to interrupt him numerous times, he’d probably blow up from all the pent up frustration.


  • Flaunting him around and showing him off just because he’s Oikawa Tooru wouldn’t sit well with him. Often, you would go on dates where there were a lot of people, and rejected any invitations for you two to spend some time together in a quiet place like a cafe. If Oikawa didn’t know any better, you were only going out with him because of his status and good looks. He wasn’t a trophy case for you to show off.
  • Oikawa wouldn’t beat around the bush and ask you about it, and possibly believe you if you were to deny his claims. But the more he spent time with you, the more he realized that he was right and he would end the relationship. Even if he didn’t, Iwaizumi would have forced him because as much as he didn’t like to admit, Iwaizumi wouldn’t want to see his best friend get hurt.


  • If you force him to do anything that he’s uncomfortable with, Iwaizumi would get upset. He’s a shy and awkward boy, and making him do anything out of his comfort zone is a big no. He probably thinks that you mean well and that you only want to do things that other couples do, but if it’s too much for him to handle, he wouldn’t be able to go through with it.
  • It really depends on what you’re forcing him to do. If it was something like sexual intercourse or anything along that line, Iwaizumi would honestly flip out on you. He has his morals and making him do stuff like that against his will would break him. He would honestly go to Oikawa for advice if the brunet hasn’t already offered his help to him yet.


  • Talking shit about other people behind their backs is a no go for this captain. He takes friendships seriously, and he can’t comprehend the logic behind being friends with somebody you can’t stand or waste your time and energy talking about someone you don’t like. He can’t help but feel like he loses a brain cell every time you scrutinize them once they walk by.
  • He’d talk to you about it if he liked you enough but if the person you were talking about was someone on his team, his second family, you can kiss yourself goodbye because he wouldn’t bother giving you a second glance after that. Even if you were his soulmate, his friends come first before anything. Besides, he knows for a fact that his soulmate wouldn’t do such a thing.


  • Excessive lying and excuses would set Kai on a rampage. If he had known better, he would automatically jump to the conclusion that you were cheating on him. Why go through the trouble of lying about going to a family wedding or make an excuse that you ‘forgot’ about the date?
  • After all, what’s a relationship without trust? If he can’t trust you enough to tell the truth, he would see no point in continuing the relationship. Sure, he had fallen for you, but you pretty much screwed it up by your compulsive lying.


  • It takes a lot to get on Moniwa’s nerves, but the one thing he can’t stand the most is seeing animals being treated coldly. It wouldn’t matter if you weren’t fond of animals, but treating them like rags is another thing. If he caught you screaming at a stray puppy for peeing on your shoe, he’d frown and most likely laugh because hell, you deserved it.
  • He has a few dogs of his own and seeing you treat his canine friends, or any animal, in a way that they shouldn’t be treated, he’d tell you how he feels about that first. If you still continue to disregard his words, you can say bye to this precious captain too.


  • Having no respect whatsoever for anyone older than you would be a real turn off for the previous vice captain. He believes that older people are much wiser and are able to teach the younger generation some really useful stuff in life (like taxes and such). Seeing you spout profanities at your own parents when they did nothing wrong, or start fights with your senpai, would make Kamasaki have second thoughts about this relationship.
  • Kamasaki isn’t irrational, he can understand if it happens a few times, but all the time would just be pushing it. He can’t see himself spending his time and feelings with someone who would probably disrespect his own parents, so he’d end any affair you two had.

FUTAKUCHI (since he becomes the captain after Interhigh) 

  • Flirting with other guys when he’s clearly there would not sit well with Futakuchi. Why even bother when you have an amazing guy like him already? You say you’re only being friendly, but leaning in real close and practically brushing your lips against the other person’s cheek doesn’t strike as just friendly to him.
  • He most likely wouldn’t give you the time of day after that. He’ll admit that he does get selfish, but what’s wrong with wanting your significant other’s full attention? It’s only natural for him to want you to look at only him and nobody else.

AONE (I like to think that Aone becomes vice captain LOL)

  • Aone may not speak a lot, but with you constantly nitpicking him for every little thing he does would force him to raise his voice at you. Sure, there are things that people do that other people find annoying, but it’s different with you. If Aone is just standing there, you’re already telling him that he’s too intimidating and scary. Aone is breathing? You’re telling him that he’s too loud. Complaining about everything would really get on Aone’s nerves, especially if what you’re complaining about has something to do with him.
  • The only words you’ll get from him is, “Let’s break up.” You wouldn’t get a reason because anyone who’s seen you two together can just tell you in his place. That person would most likely be Futakuchi though. He was the first person to witness what you do and say, and asked Aone about it. As his captain and friend, Futakuchi felt like it was his duty to tell him what he thought and that this wasn’t a healthy relationship to be in.


  • Not properly taking care of yourself would get Bokuto mad. It may seem like it’s not a big deal, but in reality, it is. He only wants the best for you, and seeing you skip meals or taking on full nighters without a good reason would break his heart and patience. Bokuto may not look like one, but he’s a worrywart. If he were to see you faint or get sick, he wouldn’t know what he would do.
  • Taking time out of his schedule to make sure you were taking care of yourself would be taxing. Sure, it wouldn’t really be the cause of a break-up, but it would ensure a lot of arguments and fights.


  • Taking photos of him without his permission would make Akaashi frown. He doesn’t like having his picture taken without consent, so having you take out your phone at the most random times in front of him and snapping a photo would cause his trust in you to lower a bit.
  • As a pacifist, he tries to avoid any arguments and fights that might occur, so he’d usually ask you to delete the photo calmly. If you don’t, well, you can guarantee that you wouldn’t be talking to him for a while.


  • Acting all cute and defenseless when you’re clearly not would get on Ushijima’s nerves. You’d constantly ask him to open a bottle for you, to carry your bag so you can cling onto his arm, and to sometimes fight anyone who tried to mess with you. He’d be exasperated since he’s seen you lift so many things at once before without breaking a sweat, and he knows you have quite a vocabulary of curses and profanities.
  • He isn’t the type to be vocal about things like this, but his annoyed expression should give it away. It wouldn’t take long before his patience runs out and he’d just tell you straight up to do it yourself.

Chapter Two (Chapter 1)

“Are you sure you don’t want me to come tonight?” Anthony asked from my bedroom as I finished putting my eyelashes on.

Anthony wanted to come to the club with me tonight but for some reason, I felt the need to reject his offer. After my new powerful client caught me having relations with Anthony at my place of work, the last thing I’d want to do is have him awkwardly tag along.

“Baby, it’s fine. You’re probably jet lagged anyways. The last thing you’d want to do is come to a loud club,” I made my reasoning sound sincere all the while I was perfecting the make up that brought out my best features.

“But, I want to spend time with you,“ he whined in a childlike manner. Any other time I would have found it cute but now, it was a little nerve racking.

"We’ve spent time all day together,” I laughed as I took down my hair scarf that pushed my curls back while my face was being beat. Putting my hair back into place, I left the bathroom once my edges were laid perfectly. In nothing more than my underwear, I walked past my husband-to-be and into the closet to get the dress I have been saving for the perfect time.

Digging through the hundreds of garments that filled my bedroom sized closet, I found what I was looking for. I pulled on the snug black asymmetrical body constricting dress with little difficulty before turning around to look at my wall of shoes. Almost over a hundred shoes where organized neatly in the custom shelving I requested before moving in.

Settling on a simple yet expensive look, I chose a pair of black strappy five inch Louboutins with the iconic red bottom. Taking a seat on the little couch in my closet, I lotioned my legs then slipped on the shoes. Turning around and standing up to look at the final product, the image that reflected out of the full length mirror was breathtakingly sexy. Smiling at my work, I put my necessities into my small Versace black clutch. I looked at myself one more time before exited the closet to the bedroom. Once Anthony looked up and saw my appearance, his jaw nearly dropped.

“Where do you think you’re about to go looking like that?” he sat up on the bed and pulled me into him with a hand on my waist.

“I have to entertain tonight,” I giggled before tugging on a lock of my tight curls.

“Yeah, your tits and ass will surely be entertainment,” he stated after twirling me around so he could fully take in the sight of me. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d think that you are trying to impress Bieber,” he hummed, playfulness glinted in his eyes.

“Shut up. I just wanted to dress up for myself. Definitely not for a spoiled asshole pop star,” I laughed as I straddled his legs. His hands gripped my hips as his eyes lingered on my chest that was directly in his face. “Besides, no pop star could ever compare to you,” I murmured as I pressed myself closer to him.

“Is that so?” he looked up at me with his dark brown eyes.

“I mean other than Trey Songz and Bryson Tiller- no,” I laughed before starting to move off of him so I could get going.

"Say something else like that and the only place you’ll be tonight is in this bed,” He gripped the back of my legs so I couldn’t go anywhere. He pulled me closer to him than I was before.

“Don’t tempt me,” I said sexily as I brushed my lips against his then conducted a surprise attack. I quickly tickled him to try to get out of his reach. He let about a bark of laughter and allowed me to get out of his lap.

“Baby get some rest. I’ll be quite alright on my own. I need to do a good job tonight and you’d be a distraction,” I spoke as I entwined our hands. Anthony rolled his eyes before finally letting me go but, not without a smack to my ass as I turned from him. He let out another ring of laugher as I held my middle finger up and I walked out. As soon as my footsteps could be heard coming down the stairs, I was bombarded by two large creatures.

“Mandy! Bronson! Not right now,” I groaned as my two excited dogs tried to hop on me and get all my attention. Mandy, my beautiful great dane, nudged me along the living room trying to steal away the attention I was giving to my pit bull, Bronson who was patiently waiting to be petted.  Once they calmed down, I gave them fresh water and one last pat before I cleaning myself of dog hair with a lint brush. They fuck up my clothes constantly but they are still my babies.

Grabbing my car keys and a bottle of water, I yelled out a goodbye before leaving the apartment. I quickly got into the elevator and went to the garage level where my white Mercedes convertible was parked beside my Range Rover and Anthony’s Porsche. After switching into my car shoes, I made the twenty minute drive to Vortex. Upon arrival, I already saw a long line starting to form along the entrance as one of my many security guards accepted a group’s entrance fees and let them in. My eyes lingered at the line as I drove along to the restricted area of the parking lot. I parked in my designated spot in the front of the club’s employee parking lot.

Even though it was only ten o'clock I could already hear the heavy bass of music. Although it seemed too early to be this energetic, the club as actually been open since four this afternoon. Once I realized how many clubs were open in the afternoon, I adjusted my hours to bring in more revenue. The earlier hours expanded my income by 32% and allowed me to hire more employees therefore, it was definitely a good investment.

Once I was inside, I greeted all the employees I passed on my way to the V.I.P. section. Upon arrival, I noticed that the section had a good amount of higher class men and women lounging therefore, my major clients have other people to interact with. Thankfully, Bieber wasn’t there yet because I still needed time to prepare the staff. Sure, we’ve had a fair amount of stars here but, they were mostly basketball players, C list celebrities, and obscure businessmen. Definitely no one as big as Justin Bieber.

“Lauren,” I called once I got to the bar that was occupied by clients that came often. My favorite bartender and manager quickly completed one of the men’s orders before engaging with me.

“How are you babes? You look hot tonight,” she complimented while she mixed a frozen drink.

“Thank you. Has Francis told you what is happening?”
“Of coarse! Only the newest celebrity fuck up is stopping by. Francis sent out an email to the managers so we already have it under control,” Lauren rolled her eyes.

“I need you to make sure Bieber and his friends are happy too. He’s easily influenced so if his friends aren’t impressed then, neither is he. If they want it, make sure they get it. I don’t care what it is. Make sure the waitresses are walking around with cocktails and shots at all times. Every hour or so bring Bieber’s crew some waters and appetizers and make sure-“

"Alexis, I’ve been doing this for twenty years. I have served a drink to Kanye West for fuck’s sake. I got this babe. I know what to do and I’ve already instructed the rest of the VIP employees on what to do. So, have a drink-” she sat a mini strawberry daiquiri in front of me, “and stop harassing us. We got this.” She winked before assisting the man a few stools down from me. I normally didn’t drink on the job but, my nerves were so bad that the mini daiquiri did help.

I got my shit together and acted as though tonight was any other night. As a precaution, I made my rounds making sure that everyone was situated. It turns that as much as I wanted to micromanage, my staff has the skills to perform their jobs at the highest level possible. I hired them for a reason and I needed to remember that. After warning the DJ, Ricky to not play any of Justin’s music, I resided in my office. Sitting at my desk, I paid bills as I watched Francis’ texts poured in.

10:53 They just got here. Justin looks so hot FYI

11:17 they’ve had a couple of drinks, two of them are dancing the rest are sitting around but they are having fun

11:24 they look impressed


Just at the last text came in, I finished all the tasks I planned to complete for the tonight. Smiling at Francis’ message, I left my office and locked my door after readjusting my appearance one last time. Justin Bieber requested my presence therefore, it was time for me to make an appearance in the VIP section.

In the hallway that lead upstairs, a long queue of people wanting to get into VIP, lined the wall. Obviously people knew Justin was here because on any other day, not many non VIP people with bother trying to get into the section that they obviously didn’t belong in. The people who probably have been waiting pointlessly for hours, glared at me as a strutted past all of them to the bouncer, Damien who let me in with a smile. Walking up the stairs with a cocky smile, I felt high with power. Spotting Justin’s crew wasn’t hard as they were all laughing loudly, sitting in a large booth in the center of the lounge area. I went to the bar and collected a tray full of Jell-O shots before walking up to the table with a sway in my hips.

“Look who finally showed up!” Alfredo exclaimed causing everyone’s attention to turn to me. I laughed as I set the tray down.

“Just wanted to make sure everything is going alright up here,” I stated genuinely.

“It’s perfect now that Justin will stop whining about you,” Ryan laughed before climbing out of the booth and going to the mini dance floor with Hailey and Fredo following behind.

“Bro, that girl has been staring at me all night,“ Za said confidently as he nodded to one of my frequent customers who is a well known lesbian.

"Shut the fuck up, Za. She’s been looking at me,” Kendall Jenner rolled her eyes.

“Please, Kenny. I can tell she’s into me. I’m going to go talk to her,” Za hyped himself up.

“And I’m going to go to the bar to watch you wipe out,” she rolled her eyes and pushed Za out the way so that she could leave the booth as well.

“And then there were two,” I stated awkwardly.

“You look really good tonight,” Justin nodded.

“Thank you. You look good as well. Have the waitresses been treating you right?” I asked, hoping for a review over my staff.

“Yes, your club definitely has good service,” he nodded again but his blatantly roamed my body.

“Thank you… so, I better get going I was just making sure y'all were good. Enjoy your night, and contact us soon if you decide you want to have your party here,” I handed him the business card  I grabbed from my office.

"Wait, not so fast! Come sit down,” He said quickly before chilling out.

“Yes, sir?” I asked mockingly as I slid in the booth beside him.

“Don’t call me sir unless it’s in a more intimate setting,” Justin stated with his normal playfulness drained out of his voice. Quickly, tension made its way into the air.

“Oh, please,“ I rolled my eyes, trying to disregard his words.

"Alexis, loosen up,” Justin broke his straight face and laughed as reached over for a Jell-O shot and placed in front of me. With his eyes gleaming, he watched as I slid the drink back his direction.

“No thank you, I don’t drink on the job,” I stated, matter of factly.

“You have an access to an unlimited bar and you don’t take advantage of it?” His voice hinted at genuine surprise. I nodded my head, confirming his statement. Suddenly, the DJ changed the song to Yeah and both dance floors screamed the lyrics making the club, twice as loud normal.

“I- part knee- cropping-” Justin said something that I couldn’t understand whatsoever.

“What!?” I asked leaning into him to hear him better. Making direct contact with me, he pushed locked of my hair behind my ear before cupping it and leaning in.

“I think I want my party here but, there’s just one thing that’s stopping me from making my decision,” He stated with his body closer to me than ever. From here, I can smell his intoxicating scent and take in all the physical features I never got a chance to notice. The bushiness of his eyebrows, the little scar on his cheek, and his slightly less than perfect skin made him even more attractive. Gulping, I leaned in the same way he had.

“And what’s that?”

“You.“ He didn’t even have to lean in for me to know what he was saying.

"What about me?” I asked, completely shocked.

“The fact that you’re no fun,” His eyes glinted. At this point, the crowds settled down, allowing us to hear each other without screaming.

“1. I am fun and 2. that opinion is irreverent anyway,” I leaned away from him and rolled my neck with every word I spoke.

“It makes all the difference. How am I supposed to plan my party with someone who doesn’t even party?” he questioned my abilities.

“Oh, I know how to party,” I rolled my eyes.

“Prove it then,” he slid the shot back to me.


“I kind of regret challenging you,” Justin said into my ear with a hand on my waist after I ordered another round of tequila shots. Two hours after coming up to VIP, the array of drinks in my system had me buzzing.

“Oh, so now you can’t handle me?“ I batted my eyes up him with a teasing smirk on my face.

"Princess, I can definitely handle you,” He murmured against my ear, his grip tightening on my waist. I hummed teasingly before leaning over to the tray of shots Lauren prepared for me. I wasted no time to turn with the drinks and my hand and laugh as Justin trailed after me like a puppy. Who would’ve thought that I, of all people, would have this pop star wrapped around my finger.

“Drink up!” I called to Justin’s friend when I got back to the table and took a seat again. Justin slid in beside me and gripped my thigh as I listened to some obnoxious story Za was telling. Clearly not paying attention to his friend Justin abruptly, turned to me with a smirk.

“You know, I knew you were fun all along,” he laughed.

“And how did you know that?” I giggled.

“I didn’t forget what I saw when I walked back in here earlier. It was really hot,” his grip tightened for a second and continued to linger on my thigh. Up until this point, since I was drinking with Justin, I completely forgot about my fiancé. At Justin’s words, I stiffened against him and leaned away. I was engaged yet, here I was way to close for comfort with Justin.

I was too far gone.

“Where’s your girlfriend?” I asked instead of responding to his statement.

“I’m Justin Bieber. I don’t have girlfriends,” he laughed. “But what’s up with you?”

“I’m engaged,” I spoke with a straight face, remembering the position I was in.

“What?” He leaned in again, obviously not hearing me over the music. Just as I was going to repeat what I had said, Hailey and Kendall squealed in unison as the opening beat to Wobble came on. With the distraction of one of my favorite dance songs, my fuzzing mind lost track as to what I was saying. Instead of finishing the conversation, I pushed Justin out the booth so I could join the girls on the dance floor.

Although the Wobble was a song that everyone could do, I went above and beyond to display my skills. Instead of merely going through the dance, I added my own style which included a lot of hair whips and booty pops. I seductively danced and as my eyes scanned the room, I noticed that most of the people in VIP were watching me.

My eyes didn’t linger anywhere long until I met eye contact with Justin who drank his liquor as I bent over sexily. Just as it looked like he was about to make his was over to me, one of the many woman waiting to make him her prey, approached him. As Justin was now getting sidetracked left and right by thirsty women, I continued to dance with the girls as songs radiated through the building.

It wasn’t until the heavy bass of the Weeknd pumped through me that I finally felt strong arms around me. I looked back to see Justin looking at me as though the only thing he wanted to do was take me to the bathroom and fuck me. I smirked, loving the attention given to me as I grinded my ass back against him. Women were throwing themselves at him left and right but right here, right now, he wanted me.

I placed my hands over his as I bent down and danced against him all while he kept the rhythm with me. A moment later he pulled me up and turned me around to face him. I locked eyes with his dilated ones as I continued to move with him to the sexual song. Just as I thought he was going lean down and kiss me, he instead began singing in my ear.

“Often, often. Girl, I do this often,” He murmured. My senses heightened at the melodic verse he sung as he reached behind me and gripped my ass. I moaned out as he pulled me in closer to him. “I want you so fucking bad,” He growled in my ear before swiftly nipping at my neck. Just as I was about to mindlessly beg him to take me, a pool of freezing cold liquid spilled all over the back of my dress and his hands.

I quickly pulled away from him in shock as Kendall apologized. She tried cleaning up the mess resulting in her spilling more of her champagne everywhere. “You’re fine. It’s fine just- um, excuse me,” I said quickly as I rushed off to the bathroom.

What the fuck? What the fuck. What. The. Fuck. I panicked eternally as I dried my dress off. Other drunk women babbled about nothing and adjusted their images in the mirror while I was close to a panic attack. If Kendall hadn’t have spilled her drink on me, I surely would have gone home with Justin.

I almost fucked Justin Bieber but, more importantly, I almost just cheated on my fiancé.

I was tagged by @thoughtsappear. You answer 10 questions then make up 10 others and tag others to do do the same.

1. What’s the nicest thing you’ve ever done for someone ?

Once my best friend was just home from a competition, she was feeling depressed and her parents were fighting, so I showed up at her house and took her with me. We spent the night talking and eating freshly baked cookies. There are probably other things but that’s what comes to my mind right now.

2. What’s a strange food combination you like ?

The strangest thing that comes to my mind is pineapple pizza.

3. What craft would you like to try ?

I’m always for trying new things, but I would like to try candle making or soap making !

4. What’s your favorite comfort food ?

Nutella. With a spoon, directly from the container.

5. Recommend a song.

Ça mousse, Superbus. I love the vibe it has. (Sorry it’s a french song)

6. How are you different than you were 5 years ago ?

I hope I am more mature and independent. (since I was like 13)

7. What’s something about yourself that you hope never changes ?

My curiosity

8. What’s your favorite smell ?

Cookies fresh from the oven. It’s heaven on earth.

9. What’s your favorite board game ?

Monopoly (though not so much when my brother is kicking my ass)

10. What’s your favorite thing about tumblr ?

I like that I’m able to interact with people from all over the world.

Questions under the cut.

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we were never ones for romance - Chapter 1 - lebookster - Haikyuu!! [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Kageyama thinks he would be a better boyfriend than Hinata. Hinata disagrees. They date each other to prove who would be the better boyfriend. It turns out to not such a great idea as they thought it would be.

its been 8 weeks and i finally finished it and im proud of it so read it

anonymous asked:

hey I really like your fics but I read that you're going to go as lara croft to the gay and lesbian parade in sydney and I saw your kickstarter video for the other story and no offense but I don't think you should :/ There's lots of other characters that would suit how old you are and that your a bit bigger better if you know what I mean. pls don't publish this btw

Please specify the exact age and weight cut off that prevent me from being allowed to play dressups as Lara Croft. If you have the time, it would also be SUPER helpful if you could take another quick look at my Kickstarter and tell me all the things I should change about myself so that people won’t judge me for doing it, too.

Are you fucking serious? What is it about cosplay that invites people to volunteer their judgment of women’s bodies?

Is it so incredibly offensive to you that a 32 year old overweight woman is dressing up as your favourite character? What is it about me being 32 and overweight which challenges you so much that you need to tell me to not? Babe, see that unfollow button? Click it. Problem solved, you don’t have to see your favourite character violated by a fat, old chick.

The most hurtful thing about this post is that you actually think you’re doing me a favour by encouraging me to be ashamed of myself. You know you’re doing it, too, because otherwise why would you ask me to not publish it?

Like you probably have, I’ve spent the best part of my life trying to disregard the constant messages all around me that I am not okay the way I am. Instead of trying to squish myself into that ideal and policing others to do the same,  however, I’ve decided to not.

When you tell a girl (or anyone) that she shouldn’t be wearing that because reasons, what the fuck makes you think you have the right to police what someone else wears? Why do you think you have authority over me? Do you think it’s your duty to put me in my place? Where is my place, actually?

Should I be having babies by now, maybe? Should I be locked away from the public eye where no one can see and be offended by my flabby arms? 

When you ‘helpfully’ tell a girl she’s not conventionally beautiful enough to do something, you are actively contributing to her oppression. If you’re a girl yourself, you’re contributing to your own oppression.

And fuck it, I don’t need to be Meagan Marie to cosplay and enjoy myself. I’m going to cosplay as Lara at the Mardi Gras, and I don’t give a fuck if you think I’m too old or do fat to do it. I’m going to have a great time.

Headcanon Wednesday - the space hamster

7,666 credits seems a lot for such a tiny creature. Shepard’s not going to deny that. She’s also not going to deny that this is 7,666 credits that she’s spending just on her, and that if she’s going to drop this much on just her she could probably get a new set of gauntlets. And lunch.

And she’s definitely not going to deny that she doesn’t have the best history keeping things alive. She killed a Tuchankan cactus once. Wrex told her he didn’t think those things could be killed.

But she’s thinking about buying the hamster. It’s 7,666 credits that could be spent on other, more practical things, but she’s lonely. She doesn’t know or trust this crew and her old friends aren’t talking to her (and the one old friend who would talk to her is too busy calibrating to do any actual talking) and, if she’s honest, she’s a little scared.

She died and now she’s back and working with an organization she hates, not entirely trusted by her own Alliance, with the fate of the whole galaxy resting on her shoulders and some days it’s an effort to stand up straight under that kind of pressure.

Yeah. She’s going to buy the hamster (and 7,666 credits is still cheaper than 9,200; this could be worse, she rationalizes). Because he’s cute and fuzzy and he squeaks, and she thinks she can break her track record for him. And he doesn’t seem afraid of or intimidated by her, doesn’t seem to have an opinion on her at all. She gives him a finger to sniff and he chirps.

Maybe he likes her. Maybe that’s enough. She hands over her credit chit and tucks his cage under her arm and heads back to the Normandy feeling a little lighter.