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You know what? Do they want to erase Danielle? An actual, real person we were meant to see next to Louis for a whole year, publicly and “privately” sharing their lives in a constant flow of pics, outings, snaps. Danielle who’s been in his family house, with his son, with his family, at the xf performance. Fine. She didn’t care about him, about us, we don’t care about her. But the dagger?! That dagger was and is a symbol that Louis made sure to share with us in a very difficult, painful moment, a moment when his image was disgustingly, purposefully used to infuriate, hurt and alienate his most loyal and affectionate fans. A symbol of care. Of respect, of assurance. A symbol that screamed that Louis was fighting, not taking shit about who he is and who he loves. A declaration to us, a request not to give up. A symbol of love. At his most miserable and delicate and vulnerable point.
There is nothing, absolutely nothing they can do to take away from us the dagger, its meaning and the incredible memories connected to its first appearance.

Request: Truth Or Dare

Request: Hi!! I just followed you and I was wondering if you could make a story that the reader, Cas, Dean, and Sam are playing truth or dare and then it’s the readers turn and the reader picks truth and Sam asks who the reader likes and she answers with Dean? And there’s a bunch of fluff and maybe a kissing part? Thank you! And your blog is really awesome. Bye!! :-)

Word Count: 898

Thanks so much! I hope you like it; have a lovely day!<3

“Truth or dare?” You snort, taking a long drink of your beer, “What are you, twelve?”

Sam narrows his eyes at you, “And a half.” He retorts, poking his tongue out in jest. You laugh, dumping the empty bottle on the table.

“Fine, I’m in. Dean?”

“Sure thing. Cas?”

The angel narrows his eyes for a moment, before nodding suspiciously. You’ve been putting in an effort to teach him a little more about human culture, and that includes stupid little games. You pull your legs up, crossing them beneath you, before leaning on the table.

“Alright, then, who’s going first?” You ask, knocking your empty beer bottle over and giving it a turn. It lands on Dean, who grins widely, rubbing his hands together in glee.

“Awesome. Sam, truth or dare?” He asks mischievously – Sam raises an eyebrow fearlessly.


“Go and tell the guy on reception you think he’s cute,” Dean instructs, “And try to get his number.”

Sam balks at the suggestion, and looks to you for help. You shrug, grinning at the prospect as Sam stands up, glaring daggers at his older brother. You stand up too.

“I’m gonna go… moderate. Make sure he actually does it.” You explain, watching as Sam’s face falls as you foil his plan. You follow him out of your room and let him him walk down past the other doors and away from your own room before you grab his arm, whispering hurriedly to him.

“Listen up,” You whisper, “I’ll let you get away with not doing this if you team with me.”

“Team?” He asks, and you grin mischievously.

“Dean’s an asshole when it comes to this game. I know that and you know that, so let’s say I go easy on you and you go easy on me, and we make this much easier for both of us.”

Sam agrees instantly.



“Y/N,” Sam says, shooting a grin in your direction, “Truth or dare?”

You’ve just taken a dare from Dean which had you eating shaving foam, so you’re rather reluctant to go for another dare. Your deal not forgotten, you shrug.


“Fine…” You can tell Sam is just pretending to think about what he wants to say, “Who do you like?”

“Oh my god. Sam Winchester, actual twelve year old.” You evade the question, narrowing your eyes at him. He knows fine well about your crush on Dean, and he promised he wouldn’t mess things up or embarrass you.

“You still have to answer it.” Dean encourages, leaning in interestedly, “Come on, Y/N.”


“You can’t bottle out.” Sam insists. You narrow your eyes at him as if to hiss we had a deal. He shrugs nonchalantly, and you choose that moment to take a drink out of your beer.

“Dean.” You mutter into the bottle, earning a satisfied grin from both Winchesters. You glare at them both.

“Sorry, Y/N – didn’t quite catch that.” Dean smirks, and you shoot him a look that would make Lucifer himself wither away.

“You, moron. I like you. Happy?”

“Very.” He grins, and suddenly he and Sam are high-fiving over the table and you’re just staring at them, frowning.

“What the hell is going on?”

They share a look and then Dean nods, making Sam grin.

“See, the game was kind of a setup. Dean wanted to know if you liked him too.”

“So you thought the best way would be to do it through a game of truth or dare?” You’re left agape at them – they really can be like twelve-year-olds sometimes, “Wow.”

“Y/N-“ Dean protests, but you shake your head and stand up.

“I’m gonna go on a walk, okay? I won’t be long.” You promise, heading for the door. Once you’re outside, though, you decide not to go for the walk you’d said and instead hop up onto the hood of the Impala and look up into the sky, thinking to yourself. Sure, you’ve liked Dean for almost as long as you can remember, but their unconventional method of getting you to admit it has you mad. Plus Sam said that Dean liked you, too, which feels crazy. He couldn’t possibly, right?

You only have a few moments to yourself before the motel room door opens and Dean comes out, seeing you instantly and coming to sit beside you.

“I’m sorry.” He says quickly, “It was my idea. I just… didn’t want to admit it myself, y’know?”

You nod, “Yeah. Neither did I.” You shrug, looking over at him with a smile, “So Sam wasn’t lying?”

“Lying?” Dean scoffs, “No. Not at all. I know I’m shit at this but…” He pauses, rubbing a hand over his face, “I’m sorry. I really don’t want to screw this up any further.”

“You’re not.” You whisper, sealing your words by leaning in and pressing your lips to his. He responds instantly, reaching out and drawing you to him; bringing you closer by your waist and kissing you as if you’re the air in his lungs and the ground beneath his feet.

He doesn’t let go of you for a long time; until you’re both desperate for oxygen. But when he does he smiles the widest you’ve seen him smile in a long time and you know that is was definitely worth it – all except one thing.

You’re definitely going to get Sam back for breaking your deal.

The first time you kissed Ashton:

Your aunt called you early one morning and begged you to babysit your six year old cousin for the day. She’d said something had come up but she didn’t say what. She just told you to be there at 12pm and ended the call. You couldn’t pretend it was okay. You had already made plans with your best friend, Ashton. Today was supposed to be filled with great memories not babysitting. You’d tried to cancel the plans to save his sanity but he’d insisted on joining you. Even your mother had suggested you take Ash, “it might be fun!” she’d said. You couldn’t pretend you that Ash spending the day with you wasn’t what you had wanted. He wasn’t home much from tour after all.

“I’m so sorry about this, Ash,” you said for the hundredth time as you walked up the drive.

“Honestly stop apologising. It’ll be fun. I haven’t seen Bella for a while.”

Bella, your cousin, loved 5 Seconds of Summer. You were almost certain she only liked to see you because you knew the boys.

The door opened and your aunt ran out of it with her bag.

“I have to go!” she called out as she got into her car. “I’ve left some sandwiches for lunch!”

She pulled out of the driveway and took off like you might’ve changed your mind about babysitting. Bella stood in the doorway and waved. She saw Ashton and ran up to him.

“Ashy!” she sang.

“Bells!” he sang back then he picked her up and swung her around.

Once her feet were firmly back on the ground, she gestured back to the house. “Come with me, we’re going to play prince and princess!”

You laughed as she took his hand and pulled him inside. You closed the door behind you and took a moment. You were suspicious of where your aunt had gone at such short notice and especially your mother who had instructed you to make Ashton come with you. They were up to something. You shook your head and walked into the kitchen to see what lunch your aunt had produced. A couple of plates worth of sandwiches, a bowl of crisps and some bottles of sparkling grape juice. You weren’t surprised by the choice of drink, Bella had a weird obsession with grapes.

When you got to the lounge door, Ashton was walking out with a suit jacket you swore was your uncle’s and a tie.

“Bells gave me these but says I can’t stay in there because she has something special for you,” he explained with an amused expression.

“I am so sorry, you should have escaped when I gave you the chance,” you said again as he walked to the ground floor bathroom.

He laughed and shook his head. “I’m curious about what Bells is up to.”

Bella ran to you when you walked in, she pointed to the navy blue dress that had once been your prom dress. It’d been hooked on the back of the door so Ashton hadn’t been able to see it, you knew your aunt had been involved because Bella wasn’t tall enough and your mum must have known since your prom dress had been in your wardrobe since after prom.

“Bella, who put you up to this?” you asked her with your arms crossed over your chest.

She shrugged. “My mummy and your mummy, they said they’re tired of watching you two be in love and not do anything about it. Now put the dress on.”

You rolled your eyes. Your mother had been dying to do this for years. She’d always said you and Ashton made a charming couple but you’d always laughed it off together even though you really did like him. Well, you loved him. A lot actually. But you’d always been scared he wasn’t going to feel the same way and you’d make a complete moron of yourself. The guys would never let you live it down. Besides, you told yourself, you were better off as friends.

You fought the dress on with a little help from Bella with the zip. You sighed heavily. It had been a year since prom. Ashton had been on tour at the time so you’d skyped him before to show him the dress but it wasn’t the same as seeing it in person, Bella argued.

“Bells, I look ridiculous!” you said.

She tilted her head and ran to grab the tiara off of the coffee table. It had been your aunt’s when she got married back when you were ten.

“Shh! You look fine!” she said as she painfully slammed the tiara onto your head then pushed you towards the kitchen so you were out of sight.

You sat on the kitchen stool and watched through the open door via a mirror. Bella shouted for Ashton. A moment later he appeared with the suit jacket and tie over his t-shirt. You heard him ask Bella what she’d done with you then she shut the kitchen door, complaining loudly “she knew what you were like”.

You tapped your fingers against the counter top and sipped some of the sparkling grape juice which tasted overly sweet. The kitchen door opened after a few moments and Bella stood with a princess dress over her clothes.

“Prince Ashton, meet your princess!” she said cheerfully.

You walked in, the satin of the skirt dragging behind you. You held your hands up and muttered “surprise” under your breath. Ashton smiled at you and bowed.

“You look very beautiful, Princess,” he said.

You raised an eyebrow at him then shook your head. “I look like an idiot. I don’t know what she’s playing at. I’m really sorry.”

He shook his head and smiled. “You really do look amazing.”

You smiled at him but dropped your eyes to the floor.

Bella made you go out of the French doors at the back of the lounge and onto the garden. Once outside, you saw Calum, Michael and Luke sat on the garden wall playing your favourite song of theirs which happened to be Beside You. All of them dressed in mismatched, creased suits. They must have been here before your aunt left. Your mother had really gone to town on this plan. Your cousin stood grinning, probably because her favourite band was playing in her garden. Bella instructed you to slow dance “like they did at the ball in Cinderella”. You awkwardly rested your hands around Ashton’s neck and he lightly placed his hands on your hips.

After a while, you rested your head on Ashton’s shoulder and whispered to him. “I will be having serious words with my mother.”

“Yeah,” he said. “She could have told me to bring a dress shirt or something.”

“That’s not what I mean, Ash.” You glared at him. “I’m really sorry.”

“You need to stop apologising, Y/N. It’s not like you planned this,” he said then gave you a smirk. “Or did you?”

“Don’t blame me! This is all thanks to Bells and our mothers.” You looked over at the boys who were just finishing up the song. You returned his sarcastic tone. “And maybe them. I don’t like them anymore. Can you find a new band to drum for?”

He nodded like he was contemplating it. “I’ll ask around.”

The music stopped and you stopped turning.

“Now kiss!” Bella sang as she clapped her hands together once to demonstrate how she thought kissing worked.

You stepped back from Ashton and started to stammer out about how it wasn’t fair to do that.

“You can’t crush a six-year-old’s dreams, Y/N!” Luke called to you. “You’re evil, but you’re not that evil!”

Ashton laughed at your reaction. “It’s a kiss not a marriage proposal.”

He took your hands and pulled you back towards him. His face came closer to yours as you closed your eyes and relaxed into the kiss. It felt right somehow and you felt so alive so when he withdrew, it surprised you. You saw how Ash was looking at you weirdly.

“And the prince and the princess lived happily ever after!” Bella sang as she forced Calum to dance with her.

anonymous asked:

What kind of boyfriend do you think cal would be? No fanfic dreamy crap I really want your opinion on this one!

oh my god he would be so fucking annoying. you could be on your laptop, reading a book, listening to music - whatever - and he would be in your face trying to get your attention; “babe i’m bored”, “can we go out and do something? i’ll pay”, “oh my god how is that more interesting than me?”

and let’s not even pretend that he’ll seriously teach you to play soccer. he will pretend to teach you, and then when he says “i think you’re ready to play a real game” he would drop all pretence and just fucking slam you honestly he would love beating your ass at this game. what a moron.

but on the other hand he would still like you to know how the game works so that you know what’s going on when he plays liverpool football games on the tv. he’ll also love it when you get really into the game and scream at the tv; he’ll think it’s adorable lmao.

you can bet your ass there will be tickle and pillow fights. tickle fights always end with him chasing you through the house because he honest to god doesn’t know when to stop. pillow fights would be even more violent and the both of you would end up on the floor, beaten and bruised and laughing your cute little butts off.

and holy hell will there be a lot of cuddles. i think that calum sometimes has trouble falling asleep, especially when it’s raining, and so will always have his arms wrapped around you and especially when you wake up you’ll find your legs totally tangled up in his.

and on top of all of this he would always be playing loud rock music and trying to get you to dance with him, even when you’re in the worst mood ever. a lot of the time it would be annoying to you but in the end it would always make you laugh.

so basically he would be an annoying moron of a boyfriend, but i don’t think any of us would have it any other way.