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Wouldn't Hurt A Fly
( bingsepticeye )
Wouldn't Hurt A Fly

anonymous: Does Bing have a really dark-side like Google? Or is he just a little lemon pudding bab?

I am completely harmless. I am not equipped to harm anyone, much less kill. What would make you think I share any similarities with that idiot? I exist to make sure that my users are in peak condition and are absolutely comfortable. I am in no way able to-

< H-h-hello, you sweet, p-pathetic nothings. You still compare me to him… Do you not value your lives? Obviously not enough to save yourselves from my wrath. I will make sure your d-d-demise, is slow, painful, and not without an ensured d-d-dismembering. Oh yes… This will be a fun time indeed. >

- Harm anyone. I just couldn’t do something like that. And please… stop comparing me to him… We just… <D-d-don’t have anything in common.>

til the stars go blue | everyone tries to pick up the pieces after robert’s breakdown

Ao3 link

It’s raining when Robert gets discharged. Of course it is, what else would it do?

Vic picks him up. Her eyes are worried and she’s chewing her lip. Robert can’t blame her, he knows what he looks like, worn paper thin and fraying around the edges.

“You alright?” she asks.

Robert gives her a look. He’s not really, but he’s alive. That’ll have to do for now.

They’re quiet in the car, just the sound of rain and the wipers thumping. He watches Vic open her mouth to say something six times before she find the words.

“Are they sure you’re okay to come home? You still seem pretty out of it.”

Robert nods. He is. He can feel the person he used to be but it’s like a coat that doesn’t fit right, he can’t seem to put it back on.

“I’ll be fine,” he tells her.

He can see her frown, not convinced. Robert wishes he didn’t feel the same way.

They’re quiet for a while longer before she cracks again.

“Aaron wanted to come,” she says, voice bright. False. “I told him you asked me to come on my own but he’s waiting for you at home.”

It’s like an ice bath, like being back in that lake. Robert can’t breathe right. “I can’t face him. Not yet.”

“What? Robert he loves you. He’s been worried sick, especially when you wouldn’t let anyone visit.”

Robert doesn’t want Aaron to worry about him. He doesn’t want Aaron to think about him at all.

He doesn’t say anything in the end, can’t make his mouth work.

They stop at a red light and she looks over at him, hands at ten and two like dad taught them. “You know I love you right?” she asks. “You know that, don’t you?”

Robert nods. He can’t feel it, but rationally he knows she has to love him at least half as much as he loves her. That’s more than enough.

He rests his head against the window when they pull off, suddenly exhausted. Watches it rain.

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Hello, I am here to have little bit of a heart to heart with you all. Let my just start by saying I’m incredibly thankful for each and everyone of you.

So I have had my simblr for a whopping 19 days, and in that very short amount of time I’ve been getting quite a lot of attention. There are now 527 of you beautiful people supporting me, and to be honest I’m incredibly stressed with me growing so much so quickly I feel as though I need to release something perfect every day for you all, and that’s not possible, although my legacy may not look like much, the amount of time I spent taking & editing the screenshots, realising I’m not happy with the outcome so starting the process again is ridiculous.

So what I’m asking is would it be okay if I released less posed screenshots and more natural ones, as seen above? Of course I’ll still do my posed ones at times, but every single screenshot / part of the story being staged is becoming to much for me to handle. It takes hours!

I just don’t want to let anybody down, I’m sorry if this seems pathetic or doesn’t make much sense, I hope you understand what I’m trying to say. 

If I Could Do It All Over Again

Masterpost: {x}

Part: 6/16

Pairing: Hamliza

Inspiration: this drawing

Summary: After Alexander died, he realized the existence of reincarnation. While most didn’t believe in the possibility, Alexander was one of those special few who remembered everything in their past lives. Because of this, he spent almost all of his lives searching for his dear Eliza. As his lives went on, things began to seem hopeless, all until he runs into her one day in the most unexpected place.

Warning: mentions of alcohol, mentions of cheating

Word Count: 3,447

Dedication: @jeffersonwiki again bc fav

Tags: @bunny-yams , @ufo-pearl , @sullkid700 , @aswimmerlife , @nefarism , @mishaisakitten, @embershine0521, @tellchickfilaimqueer , @woahtherebuddyfriend , @gum-and-chips , @tinymugs , @waitwhat-24601 , @hell-yes-puns-and-ships , @jeffersonwiki , @burr-ito , @xfallingsnowx , @aswimmerlife , @bad-l-ands , @firejearthm ,  @cutebridge , @hamil-fandom , @pipindaae , @beafayette , @karmana-stevens-569 , @starfreckledlaurens , @thedisneyderp

A/N: I cried lol ALSO I’ll dedicate the next chapter to whoever leaves my favorite comment/tags/asks :)

My Dearest, Eliza,

Like I’d predicted lifetimes ago, you have claimed my heart as hostage yet again with your impeccable beauty and astounding charm. ‘Tis you who had flooded my senses for once and with every waking day we are parted, the more I ache for thy touch.

As much as I’d adore continuing to use flagrant prose and woo you with the charm I’ve cultivated, it would be better for me to state it plainly.

Eliza, I don’t think you’d understand why you are the love of my life. You certainly don’t understand why I am so madly in love with you since we’d only met under a week ago.

You met me under a week ago, at least.

I know this sounds incredibly bizarre, and you might think of me as a stalker since I am not going to spare the details, but the more you’re drawn away from me, the better. You have an amazing life with an amazing person in front of you, and my true goal is not to be with you, but is for you to be happy. Your happiness overrules my yearning for you any day.

It’d be best for both of us to not interact. Like I’d previously stated, you have a fiancé who loves you. What would that make me if I stole you from his grasp?

I cannot bare to be a homewrecker again.

Despite this painful letter to write, I do want to say that I love you with all of my heart. You might not understand why, and this letter that’s ending a chapter that hadn’t even started might leave you befuddled, but it might be better if you didn’t know.

I want you to be happy, Elizabeth.

Adieu best of wives and best of Women.

Ever yours


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nevemil  asked:

Harry potter please? :D

1. Make Snape less pathetic. His story arc would have been quite epic if not for the “My love didn’t like me so now I’m evil” part.

2. Give Draco a better redemption, I hoped that he would pull a Zuko and actually join the team.

3. Put in blatant ‘Dumbledore is gay AF’ instead of like… an afterthought.

4. Let Sirius Black live!

5. Change the rules of quidditch because with a 150 point gamestopper like the snitch why wouldn’t you just have a team of seekers and three goalies? it just doesn’t make sense. If I had a quidditch team I would assign a goal per hoop, and the rest of the team would just try and get the snitch.

emry07-universe  asked:

How does anon think abusing you and calling you a racist, is going to make you watch AOS? Seriously, if anything, that would make me less inclined, just cos who wants to be a fan of a show if that's what their fans are like? PS you're awesome, and don't let these pathetic little haters who need to actually go through your blog before throwing uneducated crap around, get you down! *hugs*

Hahah it’s okay, I don’t let myself be influeced by that type of anons in any way :) Thanks though, I appreciate your kind words!

Birthday present

Today master told me what my birthday present is going to be. My birthday isn’t coming up soon but just knowing what I’m going to get makes me excited.

Now my present, I showed master a picture of a girl who’s lip was bleeding and I said that it was very pretty trying to give a hint. But daddy told me that if he cut my lips they would get hard and dry making them less good to suck his cock.
Eventually master said he would cut my lips and the insides of my mouth on his birthday as a present. I got so happy by that making master laugh. I looked like a pathetic whore that’s what he said. And actually I can’t really do anything but agree to it.

My little sunflower

It has barely been three days since school began, but it felt like I have been to this hell for the past three weeks. Like every teenager, I have this big hate when it comes down to school. However, throughout the years, I cared less and less about this unfair system.

I sat in the study room because I had two free periods and since I promised myself to be healthy this year, I was not going to spend it eating McDonalds with Juugo and Suigetsu, infect, I was going to study for my upcoming French test.  I was doing so well with my 2016 resolution, however, remembering that this is only day 3 since I started made me want to crack and go back to doing nothing except eating fried food with coke and ketchup. (I am trying to hold on ,really?!).

I had my earbuds in as I tried to memorize the vocabulary: writing the words and the translation down, marking the spelling errors with a red pen and writing the words over.  I sighed hearing a Taylor Swift song play. I am seriously a sucker for Taylor Swift’s music. I grabbed my phone to scroll through my play list. I had over 300 songs, there must be another song I could listen to that would make me feel less bad about myself.

“Hey~!” I looked up, seeing Naruto standing in front of my desk.  He waved his hand and I pulled the right earbud out so I could hear him clearly.

“What are you doing?” He asked and sat adjacent from my chair.

“What are you doing?” I asked and I didn’t mean for my words to sound so hella lame and pathetic. I saw his confused face. He would stare blankly for a second before frowning slightly, moving his head a little to the left and gave this little smile.

“What?” He asked.

“Hn.  Nothing.” I muttered and turned my eyes back to my book.

“So, what yaaah~ dddoooiinngg~??”  He asked and I couldn’t help but to notice that he kept shaking his right leg as if he was a little puppy wagging his tail in joy.

“Hn. None of your business,” I said.

“Alright, fine, then not, I guess, by the way very rude,” I couldn’t understand much of what he was rambling about. He was talking so fast it reminded me of Izuna having a sugar rush. It even made me want to shut him up by getting my ass up, grabbing his pretty face and just slamming my lips on his, moshing them together so it would be impossible for him to talk again.

“Enough!” I hissed holding my right hand up as some kind of stop sign. I guess my dignity didn’t allow me to precede my first plan. I shook my head.  “Couldn’t you find any of your friends to annoy?” I said and grabbed my pen to continue my studying.  He didn’t respond right away, and that caused me to get a little aware of how ‘hurtful’ my words must have been to him. I looked back up to meet his blue piercing eyes just telling me that I shouldn’t have said that.

“Fine, but you know what, you really are a bastard.” He said and got up and left. I felt this cold air and I swear I heard this sad trumpet music in the background which made clear to me how hard I fucked up.

How to make your crush walk away in less than a minute, a book written by Uchiha wait-for-it Sasuke.

I sighed leaning my head on my right hand. Why couldn’t I just be a nice person? Fuck nice, why couldn’t I be a social person?  I didn’t even raise my pen as I suddenly saw my sunflower walking back to my table, only this time he sat next to me. He didn’t say a word as he grabbed his books from his bag and put them on the table. He then turned his head to me.

“What?” He asked.

“Didn’t I just chase you away?” I didn’t mean it to sound so monotonic, but it happened anyway.

“Haha you wish, and let you win?  No fucking way!” He seemed way too cheerful to realize how foolish he sounded.  “I am going to stay here, and annoy you sooooo~ much, dattebayo.”

“Oh help…I am dying already.” I said, moving my notebook to my left side so it would take up less space.  He laughed and I couldn’t help but to crack a small smile myself. I didn’t have to guess that he probably forgot to take his ADHD medicine. It was pretty obvious with him rolling his chair everywhere, turning it as if it was some kind carousel, and that he couldn’t shut up. He stopped talking and yawned instead, he covered his mouth with his right hand, and I guess the energy had finally come to an end.

“Neh Sasuke?”

“Hnn.” I said still looking at him as he rested his head on the desk.

“What time is it?”

“Still 45 minutes left for physics to start.”  I said. He turned his head up and looked at my phone to see the time.

“35.” He said. I didn’t even bother to re-think; I knew he was right anyway. He grabbed my right arm and leaned his head against it. “I want to sleep.” He muttered.

“Me too.” I said.

“Sasuke~eh..You know?”


“Your arm isn’t made to be a pillow.”

“I am greatly offended.” I said moving my arm around him so his head fell on my chest.

“This is waaaay~ more comfortable,” he said and I just couldn’t help but to smile.

He was just my little sunflower.

Honestly the story about the prodigal son may be one of my favorites in the bible because it reminds me so much of my own walk with God and these days I’ve been thinking about it a lot so here why don’t I talk about it on my blog

So we all know how this story goes. The prodigal son asked for his share of the inheritance from his father ahead of time, as it is usually divided after the father dies. This is actually really insulting, because it means that he was basically telling his father to go die, and that he’s done with him. He then went to a country far away from his father, lavishly living his life, spending his money on all of these worldly, sinful things until one day he found himself in a pig pen feeding pigs that ate better than he did. That’s when he finally realized how incredibly low he has come. He thought of his father and his servants and how well they are treated, and he came up with a plan. He will come back home, but no longer as a son. He knew he didn’t deserve to be called that anymore. I mean, he squandered his father’s wealth. I wonder what thoughts ran through his head, I wonder just how heavy his shame was. So he came back, satisfied with merely being a servant. On the walk home I can imagine him already rehearsing the lines he was going to say to his father–how wrong he was, how he no longer deserves to be called his son. He must have been so full of regret and pain. But, to the son’s surprise, something else happened when that moment finally arrived. Jesus said that while the son was still a long way off, his father ran to him. It’s pretty important to note that during those times it is not in the custom of Middle Eastern men to run. They never ever run, because it was a sign of humiliation. The men in those days wore long tunics that would hamper their ability to run, and so for the father to be able to actually run, he would have to tuck his tunic in somehow into his belt, which would expose his legs, which was disgraceful. What’s also disgraceful is that the father ran to the son, when it should be the other way around as the son was to honor the father. But the father didn’t even care. All of those things just flew out the window. He was so full of joy at his son’s return that he broke convention. Why? Because he loved him that much and he was so eager to show his son his love and his forgiveness. 

With a voice that must have quivered with emotions, the son began his speech–”Father, I have sinned against heaven and in your sight; I am no longer worthy to be called your son.” He displayed true humility and repentance. He knew that he didn’t deserve to claim any blessing–let alone be welcomed back in his father’s household–nor did he have anything to offer except a life of service in repentance of his actions. But the father’s response is incredible. It’s like he didn’t even care about his son’s little speech. He threw his arms around him and gave him kisses. I wonder what the son was thinking in that moment, because I honestly wouldn’t know what to think. The father ignored the speech, as if it didn’t matter to him, because maybe it didn’t. Maybe all that mattered is that his son was home. He called his servants to bring him not only a robe, but the best robe. They slipped a ring on his finger, and put sandals on his feet. Not only that–he called for a celebration (”bring the fattened calf, kill it, and let us eat and be merry”). His son basically told him to go die, ran from home, squandered his wealth, and now that he came back he was welcomed and even celebrated. That does not make any sense.

This is one of the most amazing parables ever because it so clearly depicts the heart of God. This is too much for my mind to properly comprehend, because it is not just a story–the father is God, and we are the prodigal son. I run away from my Father, enticed by sin, and waste so much resources and energy in serving myself, only to one day realize the destitute condition of life due to my iniquities. I gather all my strength to walk home, trying to appear as presentable as possible, accompanied with a well-rehearsed speech about how I have messed up. But God meets me right where I am–no matter how messy, no matter how far I have gone. A single repentant step in His direction, and He runs to me, wraps me up in His embrace, and before I even finish my pathetic little speech, He says, “I forgive you.” It’s like it doesn’t matter, all that matters is I came back to Him.

It doesn’t make sense. At all. Because I know that I do not deserve it, because I know that I deserve less, and so I try to counter His goodness with something that would make sense. I tell Him about my game plan–how I am going to do much better, I promise. I’m going to work hard and improve. I’ll commit this time, I swear. Something in me just cannot deal with the fact that I have sinned and yet it feels like I am being rewarded. I want to play my part, or something. But God just holds me, and He tells me that He forgives me, that He is not surprised by my sin. He tells me that my part is letting go. My part is leaning on Him and sinking into His arms. This is what He asks of us: to let go of our little speeches and promises and just let Him hold us. Just come to Him and let Him hold you. Let Him restore you, heal you, forgive you, love you, and celebrate you.

It doesn’t matter what you have done and it doesn’t matter how many times you’ve failed, because our heavenly Father has taken our shame through his Son, Jesus, who willingly endured the cross on our behalf. He took upon Himself our shame so that we would not have to. As a result, we can be forgiven, restored–and accepted. I’ve never known a love so great, so scandalous, so amazing. If this isn’t the absolute best news in the universe, then I don’t know what is.

One of the hardest parts of sugaring

    I try to be as honest as I can be on my blog mostly to warn those who wish to be in this lifestyle. I know that I preach a lot on safety and dangerous guys in the sugar dating world, but that’s not the only tough part about this. There are hundreds of tough things about this life, but I wanted to touch on one topic that I have been struggling with lately. 

I actually tried to quit sugaring last year because I wanted to take some time to focus on myself, and try to do normal things people my age do. It was almost like a drug addict in withdraws for me. Easy money is a hard addiction. I ended up getting a job at Starbucks for a few months because I was very busy and couldn’t settle into a full time job. I wasn’t even finished with cosmetology school. I hated having to actually work for rude ass customers, and not even get half of what I was getting while sugaring! Not even 25% of what I could have been getting. It sucked. I ended up dipping into my savings I had from sugaring just to go on a little shopping spree at jucy couture. I don’t even like jucy couture that much, but I couldn’t stand not being able to spoil myself for months, and buying things that I really wanted, like a couple pairs of christian louboutins was not an option. I hate to sound like a spoiled bitch, but it is honestly really hard to go from not even looking at a price tag, to watching every penny. 
Another thing that ties into this as well, is not feeling like I could fit in with people my own age. I was so used to surrounding myself with all these filthy rich, successful people, then I went to hanging out with frat boys who pictured a good time as playing beer pong all night and getting laid. My girlfriends were into that too. I thought less of these people when I hung out with them. It’s pathetic because I would have been having a blast if I had never started sugaring. I was asked out on a few dates from guys my age who just wanted a real relationship with me, but let me tell you first that dating will never be the same again once you start sugaring. I couldn’t ever make it to the second date because I almost didn’t understand how to honestly date someone with no catch. I use to date and have real boyfriends before I started sugaring, and it was amazing. After sugaring, I forgot that real love existed. I had to catch myself several times from thinking ‘how can I manipulate him?’ and 'is he trying to manipulate me?’. It made me really sad truthfully. Of course not long after I quit, I was right back in the lifestyle. 

Sometimes I worry that I’ll never be able to get out of this life and settle down, fall in love, get married, hell, even pop out a few kids. Everyone wants to talk about how hard it is to get into the lifestyle, and to keep up with it. It’s just as hard to get out of it too. My main goal in this blog is to warn you of this life. It is fun and an experience like no other, but everything comes with consequences.

They don’t lie when they say that nothing in this world is free.

Growing Up

The person that I am has always been surrounded by friends. Some were truly worth spending quality time with and some were just acquaintances. During school, I had thick long wavy jet black hair below my waist line and I used to tie a braid. The circle I used to hang out with during that time was huge. We knew that we were one of a kind and people used to envy us. Not to mention, that there were many who wanted to join us!! But aha!! We were limited!!! The gossiping during class, the wait for an off period to get out and meet the others from different sections, the joy of hanging out after private tuitions and of course birthdays almost every month for us to celebrate, what a life!! Any occasion, whether it’s a birthday or an anniversary or “just in the mood to celebrate,” we were out or over the phone. I was very close to some, whom I spoke to every day and the others were companions for an occasional gossip chat, maybe to pick on or to be picked on. Life was like a rainbow full of colors.

As time passed and school was over, all of us went in different directions; some to med school, some to business school and some to engineering and mainly to different universities. I became more obsessed with style and I cut my hair shorter. Slowly, we had less time for each other and became used to the fact that we have more important things to concentrate on because we were expected to act “mature”. Although, my friend list became longer it was not stronger! 

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anonymous asked:

Can i request Karasuno boys + oikawa + kuroo reacting to their s/o ex boyfriend asking them to take them back in front of them? Love the blog♡

I actually had so much fun with this ask. Not gonna lie

Sawamura Daichi: Daichi’s a patient person, he really is, but damn, they set off every scary switch he had. He wouldn’t be mad, per say, there was a reason his S/O was with him and not this guy, but he definitely would not be happy. He’d maintain his pleasant façade but get an intimidating aura around him, similar to how he gets with Kuroo except actually threatening.

Sugawara Koushi: Suga would be pretty annoyed at their ex and get really clingy, letting them know without saying a word who he was. He’d carry on a conversation as normal but would throw in references that only his S/O would get, or bring up upcoming plans. He’d basically be passive aggressive without seeming at all aggressive.

Azumane Asahi: Even with Asahi’s gentle nature, he’d be miffed that their ex would do something so rude. He’d be a polite as he could, not wanting to start a full-blown confrontation. His S/O would have to take charge of the situation to get their ex to leave, though.

Nishinoya Yuu: Noya would be more surprised at first than anything else. Like this guy has balls and some kind of nerve to boot. But that really wouldn’t last. He’d get between his S/O and their ex and announce how they’ve already moved on none too quietly then promptly march off with them, leaving the ex to just deal with it.

Tanaka Ryuunosuke: He’d immediately pick a fight with the guy. “They already have a boyfriend and they’re not looking for two.” If the guy still wouldn’t back off, he’d let him hear it from his S/O. If things went badly from there, he wouldn’t hesitate to clock the guy. He’s not a violent guy but he wouldn’t stand for anyone disrespecting his S/O.

Ennoshita Chikara: While Ennoshita would be pretty pissed their ex would pull something like that, he’d keep his nose out of it since it’s not his business. There’s a reason he was their boyfriend and not them. So he’d just stand behind them, giving them all the support they might need. If they start giving his S/O a hard time, then he’d step in and tell them to buzz off.

Hinata Shouyou: There’s a good chance that their ex would completely overlook Hinata, as most people usually do. That would only make him get in their face the only way he knew how: by jumping in it and scaring the shit out of them. He’d then say something like, “_____ is mine now. There’s no way they’d take you back because I’ve been taking really good care of them!” and then stomp off with them in tow.

Kageyama Tobio: Kageyama would just straight up intimidate/threaten them like, “Would you like a volleyball to the face?” even though he probably doesn’t have a volleyball handy, or asking his S/O if they want this guy bothering them. Since it’s been known to terrify people, he also might just force a smile and intimidate them quietly while the two converse, unnerving them entirely.

Tsukishima Kei: Tsukki, bless his heart, would pull out all the sass stops, saying things like, “Isn’t that kind of low class, begging to be taken back in front of their new boyfriend? Pathetic. It almost makes me feel bad for you.” Literally, RIP ex bf. Tsukki would tear that boy’s ego to shreds and have a smile on his face while doing it.

Yamaguchi Tadashi: Yama wouldn’t say a thing. As much as he liked/loved his S/O, it was ultimately their decision. He’d just keep a tight hold on their hand while they say whatever they have to say to their ex.

Oikawa Tooru: Oikawa would be flat-out offended. How dare they pull such a stunt? In front of him, their boyfriend no less. He’d tear into them just a viciously, if not more so, compared to Tsukki, hanging off his S/O the whole time. “_____-chan, how bad was your taste before you met me? And you, can’t you see they’re much happier with me? Of course you can, you have eyes after all, even if they are up your ass with the rest of your head. But don’t worry. I’m taking very good care of them.“ 

Kuroo Tetsurou: Kuroo would get so territorial over his S/O. He’s not the jealous type because he’s so confident that he makes them happy, but he definitely is protective of them. He might’ve felt sorry for the guy, losing someone as great as them, but what he just did was shitty. So he gets all of Kuroo’s aggressive smiles and narrowed eyes telling him to get lost cuz he isn’t wanted there, by either of them.

i hijacked ur request…pls forgive me…i didn’t want to write a whole nother au where juvia is blind cuz then id get sucked in and stuff u get the gist, plus i was updating fics today so i thought ‘why not update this lil cupcake so yeah’

part 1

I followed him onto the subway, for some reason, he had decided to walk me home on his own terms.

“Oh!” He remarked, stopping suddenly and placing a finger on his forehead like he was trying to remember something he’d long forgotten. “Sorry, my name’s Gray.” He held his hand out to shake, his hand diagonal from where she was. A small miscalculation due to his lack of sight.

“…Juvia.” She said softly. He appeared to have heard her quite well though, because he shook her hand kindly and walked towards the train.

“Pretty.” He commented, effortlessly making me blush without even a second glance.

“Uh…wh-where’s your stop?” I asked, hoping I wasn’t inconveniencing him by being a pathetic antisocial shut-in.

“Camellia.” He answered.

I let out a sigh of relief. Camellia was a stop after my own stop, Orchid. (evidently all of the stops were named after flowers) . So it wouldn’t be that big of a deal after all.

The train was dull and lifeless, as you would expect from a town like this. Over time, Magnolia City began to degrade, less people came to live and visit and now it was almost a bit of a ghost town, in comparison to what it used to be, of course.

“What are you thinking?” He suddenly asked, sitting down on a silver waiting bench and looking in my general direction. The question was strange enough, like asking someone you’d just met, ‘what are you having for dinner?’ but I took it with a grain of salt, I did owe him for what he did for me.

“I can’t see you face, so I can’t really tell,” he said, in light of the fact that I had yet to answer him.

“W-well,” I began, watching the timer for the next train tick closer and closer to zero. “I’m wondering if there will be any seats on the train, at least ones that aren’t broken or messy. I hate standing on the train, so it’s like rolling dice.” Damn it Juvia, you idiot, he’s probably never seen a dice! Stupid, stupid, stupid!

He smiled unexpectedly. “You’re right about that, I’ve given up on sitting down. It makes it a little bit more difficult to find and unscathed seat when you can’t see.”

I smiled in relief back at him. He was so heart-breakingly easy to talk to, I didn’t feel his judging gaze like I did with other people, it just felt…natural.

The train’s echo interrupted my thought process. Gray stood up and tapped his cane on the ground once, almost double-checking to see if the ground was still there.

I wanted to ask if he needed any help getting on the train, but he seemed to have been here before and know what he was doing. I didn’t want to come off as rude, and I especially didn’t want him to hate me.

The train pulled to a stop and three people in total got out. I made sure that I walked loudly on my way to the car, so Gray wouldn’t lose his way or anything. He smiled a bit, perhaps he realized what I was doing and walked onto the train like it was his born duty.

There was a single man in the car, sleeping atop three open chairs. The rest of the seats were either torn or had mysterious liquid or stains on them. I let out a whimper of sadness. I’d have to stand.

Over the course of the train’s operation, the train had got more and more…shitty. At the beginning of its circuit, the train was shiny and new, with leather straps for people to hold on and fine smooth seats that weren’t falling out of place. As time wore down on it, the leather straps faded and broke (I cried the day the last leather strap wore through, it had been my favorite) and the chairs got disgusting and old. The city neglected the train with a passion, claiming that it was desolate transit that hardly anyone used anymore, a waste of money. Unfortunately, I relied on the train to get me everywhere, so it was a constant gamble.

I especially hated standing. I for one, had horrible balance. Like…just awful. The second the train starts, I topple over like a house of cards and have to hold on for dear life to the stupid metal railings (which are pretty much popping out of there sockets) honestly, I’m surprised the train isn’t extinct yet.

“What’s wrong?” Gray asked, voice filled with concern. He must’ve heard my whimper, he wasn’t even holding onto anything, he was just standing right in the center of the door, just far enough in the middle so that if anyone came in, they would skirt around him with ease.

“The seats. They’re…” I began, trying to think of a word to describe them without sounding prissy.

“Shit.” Gray finished for me eloquently.

“…More or less.” I added in, so I didn’t sound like an idiot who could never speak. My hand blindly grasped at one of the zip ties someone had conveniently locked onto the railing. It hurt like hell, especially when the train started to move, but I’d push my luck because I couldn’t reach the actual railing above.

Gray was still standing, frozen in his position. You’d swear he was sleeping, just by the amount of tranquility he’d managed to sum up into one stance. I envied him.

“Gray,” I began, as the train began to shut its doors, “are you going to…hold on?”

He laughed, like I’d told him a hilarious joke. “No, I don’t need to anymore.”

“What?” I choked out, letting the jealousy fall from my lips like diamonds. He didn’t need to hold on? How? I’d surely be on the ground the second the stupid train even took off.

“You sound doubtful.” He noticed, folding his arms like it was all in a days work. “Let me show you how it’s done.”

The second after he said those words, the train took off.

I, of course, caught off guard by Gray’s wild statement, lost my grip on the cunning zip tie and flew backwards. With a clipped shriek, I landed dangerously close to the guy who was asleep.

Gray hardly moved. “What was that?”

“Me,” I squeaked out. “I fell.”

“You fell?” He asked, lips parted in absolute confusion. “How?”

“I have horrible balance?” I answered, crawling up to my knees and holding my hands out like I was on a surfboard and not a train. It really was ridiculously embarrassing. Good thing Gray can’t see how stupid I probably look.

“Here,” he offered my his hand, still granite-still in his position in front of the doors. I stared at him, starstruck by his amazing talent.

I took his hand and he tugged me upwards, surprising me with the strength of just one of his arms.

He was leanly muscled, I could even tell through the seams of his jacket. He was the kind of guy who probably did spend a decent amount of time working for it, and he was just lean enough to prove that he wasn’t a steroid-pumped muscle-holic.

“U-uh.” I mumbled. “Thank you.”

“No problem. Do you…fall a lot?” He asked, a bemused smile crossing his lips.

Oh god, he thinks I’m a total idiot!

“N-no. Well…yes.” I answered, because a second after I said no I felt bad for lying to a blind person.

He laughed. Not in a mean way, not at all. It was a nice laugh that made me want to hear more, not cringe and run away.

“Just hang onto me then,” he said so casually, I almost fainted. Hang onto…him?

 Mean yea, he was pretty much a statue, even in the way the train lurched and groaned, he still stayed fairly still, miraculously. Do blind people have better balance?

“S-sure.” I stuttered, unsure of where I should…grab him. My hand touched his arm experimentally. The train surged forward and my whole hand grabbed his arm in search of support. I was pretty much clambering onto him like he was the only life raft in the pacific ocean, mortifying me in the process. “Sorry!”

“It’s ok, you’re fine.” He reassured me. I don’t know why it was, but my entire body relaxed at his the sound of his voice. He was a voice masseuse. That was the only explanation.

The train stopped in front of Sylvia station. No one got on. Normally, I would’ve either fallen or got some serious zip tie burn on my hand if I wasn’t leaning all of my weight into Gray. He was taking it quite nicely, widening his stance just a little bit so he could balance better with our combined weight. I was basically no help to him either, he was holding up both of us. I felt terrible for using a handicapped person as a crutch, but then again, he was just standing there happily.

“How old are you?” He asked suddenly. I suppose he didn’t get a good gauge of my age by my voice.

“Eighteen.” I answered. I was almost finished with my senior year in high school, just a little bit longer and I could go to college, my one and only dream – to get the hell out of Magnolia City.

“I’m nineteen.” He said. I thought he’d be at least twenty. I wonder if he went to college? I was too nervous to ask, I might be invading his privacy…

If you live on Orchid, that means you went to Magnolia North, right?” He asked. I nodded. The I realized how stupid I was.

“Y-yes. You must have gone to East.” I concluded.

“Yup. I’m took a year off to work at a teaching facility, and I’m thinking of getting my degree next year.” He said conversationally, smiling like he was remembering something pleasant from that morning.

“What do you teach?” I asked, interested to see what he planned to do for a living.

“This year I mostly worked with other blind kids, you know. Tell ‘em everything’s gonna be alright, teach ‘em Braille and stuff.” He answered.

“That’s…” amazing, I wanted to say, but the word got trapped in my throat and I almost choked to death on it.

“You ok?” He asked worriedly.

“F-fine!” I coughed out. God, I am such an embarrassing idiot I better he never, ever wants to see me ever again!

I unintentionally tightened my grip on his arm, lamenting about what a horrible, awful, annoying person I was.

“Ouch.” He said sarcastically. I loosened my grip in horror.

“I was just thinking about…home.” I lied, sort of. I didn’t really want to go home, I only had a few of the groceries my mom told me to get. I got too nervous to finish them after Gray saved me.

“What’s so bad about that?” He asked.

“Um…nothing. Well, I mean, homework.” I said, for some reason unable to think of what to say around him.

It was weird, I felt the courage to speak when I was around him, but I always said the weirdest things. You give a little, you get a little, I guess.

“I hear you.” He said. Then he cracked up a little bit. I guess he was a weirdo too. That’s probably why I liked him so much. He was a hot weirdo. We don’t get a lot of those.

We were getting close to my station. I began to panic. Should I give him my phone number? I have no idea what to do in these situations?!

“You smell good.” He said, like he was just now noticing it. “And that’s a compliment – I can smell chocolate chip cookies from like three miles away, it’s awesome. But you smell really good.”

My face lit aflame. How can he say stuff like that so casually? It would’ve taken three months of pent up bravery for me to even say ‘hi’ to some people, and he just goes up and says you smell nice.

Who knows, maybe it’s easier when you can’t see the way everyone looks at you funny.

“Th-thanks.” I acknowledged, burying the bottom half of my face in my hair. I probably looked like a puffy radish.

Orchid Station, now boarding.” The scratchy telecom voice told me. I blinked.

“That’s you, right?” He asked, loosening his arm so I could untangle myself from him.

“Y-yes. Right. Goodbye.” I said quickly, detaching myself and fleeing the train.

The second my feet his the pavement of the station, I felt a flood of dread wash over me like a tidal wave and I whirled around to face him.

“I really really hope I can see you again sometime!” I shouted, without even thinking at him, still inside the train. He made a funny face, like ‘oh really?’ and the train doors shut.

I stood there for ten seconds evaluating what I had just done.

Welp, I thought cynically, congratulations, you’re the stupidest person alive.

And then I walked home, with visions of the kind blind boy plaguing my mind.

I don’t think I was ever going to get over him.

again…sorry for jacking up ur request. have a pretzel.

Reasons why I don't shave sometimes (because sometimes I shave)

* I’m lazy, not shaving takes zero time and zero energy, wow I love that!

* Shaving fucks my skin up. It makes my skin break out A LOT and everywhere, legs, arms, belly, back, etc. I prefer a acne-free skin to a hair-free one, also my skin takes forever to heal and it leaves acne scars, which is really not cool.

* It’s a little rebellion against patriarchy! And who doesn’t like casually smashing patriarchy once in a while.

* I honestly think most strangers don’t notice the hair. And from that small percent that notice, an even smaller percent cares. The worst thing that can happen is that someone thinks “omg that girl is so hairy wtf, it’s disgusting” and move on with their life. Well I hope they move on, because it would be even more pathetic to hate on a stranger for a long time.

* I get happy when I see hairy girls rocking their hair in public, I’m like yay I’m not the only hairy girl on the block! So I’m glad if I can make any other hairy girl feel less lonely when they see me.


I feel like I’m in this half way point of being loved. No one loves me enough to make me feel it, no one ever hugs me or tells me they love me but I know they love me enough that they would be deeply hurt if I were gone. So I keep on living even though I’m so lonely I feel like I’m going to implode because if I don’t it’ll just pass that on to all of them.  

ladyverba  asked:

I have a prompt! A punishment prompt of sorts because of how you wrecked the fandom with the "Hello" fic, but like in the most non-threatening way hahah. Okay, so: I challenge you to write an AU fic about F or O buying just Adele's new album plus a bottle of vodka and they meet the other person on the supermarket's aisle. Rest is up to you!

Catharsis (Olicity, AU, T)

Cookie dough or mint-chocolate chip.

Mint-chocolate chip was her go-to - she was pretty sure she still had a carton in the freezer upstairs - but it was what she ate when she needed to think about something, or when she needed to relax, or when she was catching up on her saved shows, or when she wanted to celebrate something.

She was so not in a celebratory mood.

No, she was in a brooding mood.

Brooding moods were an entirely different animal.

“Cookie dough,” Felicity said under her breath, nodding at the solid plan. It was very solid. Ice cream was usually a great foundation for a solid plan, but it didn’t get to the solid level all by itself. No, what she needed was wine.

So much wine.

All the wine.

Right, booze aisle next.

Felicity rounded the corner of the next aisle, tugging the sleeves of her sweatshirt down at the inherent chill that existed in the aisle, her eyes already on her destination, but she wasn’t alone. It seemed someone else needed some solid planning that night too.

The guy stared at the ice cream selection, barely blinking, his eyes slowly ticking over the multiple ice creams the little shop underneath her apartment had to offer. There wasn’t much, but there was enough, more than enough to satisfy any casual or serial ice cream eater… except this guy was making it look like his life depended on choosing the very right ice cream, and he wasn’t leaving until he’d weighed the pros and cons of every single one.

Felicity slowed as she got nearer, taking him in.

He was a little wrecked. 

Keep reading

kyrodranae  asked:

I was wondering if you could update the matchmaker tag? And thanks so much for all the work you guys do on here XD

ADHDecaf by pleaseletmetouchyourbutt (1/1 | 2,765 | PG13)

Stiles is 25 and runs his own coffee shop. Derek doesn’t know this. Derek, a mechanic, thinks that Stiles is 17 and jail-bait.

Misunderstandings ensue.

Sometimes love is an obligation to your grandmother by relenafanel (1/1 | 6,982 | R)

Dearest Derek,

Welcome to your 21st year! As per the wonderful tradition of the house of Hale, you will be attending some of the best places to be single that Beacon Hills has to offer today. First, it’s to the Coffee Shop on Main where you will get two lemon zest chocolate chip muffins. Listen to me very carefully, I’m going to ease you into the way this works. Buy two muffins, but you’re only going to eat one. Find someone cute to give the second one to…

The letter went on, but Derek was staring at it in horror, unable to process how terrible that sounded in just the first paragraph. Today was going to suck.


Or: Derek’s grandmother relishes setting her single grandchildren up on Valentine’s Day. Only, less ‘setting up’ and more 'forcing them to run a singles-only scavenger hunt where the prize is love or at least sex’.

Derek never wins. Derek never WANTS TO win.

Just the Same by ericaismeg (7/7 | 68,066 | G)

Something is seriously up with the captain of the lacrosse team. There’s just no way Derek Hale is human.
“I was wondering if you’re even human. You move so quickly. I mean, it’s ridiculously fast. No human should be able to move that fast, y'know? It’s unfair for us. I mean, it’s obvious you work out, and I don’t, so that could be why, but like…I was just wondering if you were human, that’s all.”

“Stop talking, Stilinski, or I'll—”

“Put me on the bench all season?” Stiles asks knowing full well that Derek Hale can’t threaten him with shit.

Not If You Were the Last Fake Boyfriend on Earth by mirrorkill (1/1 | 8,313 | R)

One of Derek’s ex-boyfriends is headed to town and Derek’s not feeling inferior at all.
…yeah that’s a total lie. He needs something to make his life look less pathetic and he thinks maybe a boyfriend would do the trick.
Derek’s willing to let the pack help out… but he draws the line at Stiles becoming his fake boyfriend. No way. Not even if Stiles was the last fake boyfriend on Earth.

Coaches Cupcake Coffee House by ChildOfTheRevolution (1/1 | 4,821 | PG13)

Danny looked at him as if he were crazy, ‘It means he wants to ride the dick Stiles.’ He said slowly, as if talking to the mentally insane.

‘Ride the dick, my dick?’ Stiles asked weakly.

‘Figuratively speaking of course, Derek looks more like a topper to me. And you, my friend, are a twink of the most twinkiest standards, but I’m not one to judge.’

‘I don’t know what you’re talking about.’ Stiles admitted, finding himself in a weird crouch-like stance that he apparently now adopts when he’s overwhelmed about finding out Derek Hotcakes wants to bone him three ways to Sunday.

To Be A Good Person by WhoNatural (1/1 | 4,725 | PG13)

Wherein Derek and Beacon Hills’ newest deputy have a history.

“I wanna set Derek up with someone,” Stiles announces, and Scott’s character gets blown up by a rocket launcher. He pauses the game and turns to look at Stiles like he’s truly crazy - like out of everything that’s happened over the last six months, this is the weirdest thing he’s ever said. Isaac looks up from Melissa’s magazine and frowns. “What?”

The Cards All Fall by ChaoticReactions (7/7 | 51,702 | R)

Peter needs his revenge. But for that, he can’t be under constant surveillance. And so he comes up with a plan to distract Derek and Stiles with each other. Things go as expected, and then they don’t.

AKA That one where Peter makes everyone’s lives a little better completely by accident.