that would make him super old tho

i wanted to put into words how much i love the whole signal samurai thing they added in the anime and how it just….adds so many levels not only to the trio’s relationship, but also to Miles and his love of the steel samurai, because it is definitely a coping thing for him and as someone who’s always used shows and games to cope (and i know so many others who do), i really adore that

it ended up being super long tho so its under the cut

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okay, i was rewatching some gravity falls episodes and i noticed that in “Time Traveler’s Pig” fertilia’s baby has a band-aid on its chin and at first i was like “wow okay what they didn’t have band-aids in pioneer times” but then i remembered someone else who has a band-aid on their chin:

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so is this just a coincidence or did mabel and dipper run into old man mcgucket as a baby?