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-Tyler and Blake are hella best friends, and since Blake’s homelife is EUGH, he’s mostly at Tyler’s house.

-Tyler doesn’t have a mom, and his grandma passed away, so it’s Tyler who does all the cooking, and Blake absolutely loves it. 

-He’s sitting on the table, and Tyler likes to keep the radio on tuned to playing the kinda old music his grandma played, while he’s cooking. skillet cornbread, sweet potatoes,  chit’lings, and when Ben and Sara visit for Math, they do frybread tacos…. Navajo style.. fucking yessssss…. 

-Tyler’s family is hella broken, and he, under any circumstances, would Never Ever admit, Blake makes the homey atmosphere complete. Don’t tell Blake tho, you’ll send him reeling

-Robin, Tyler’s sister, loooves Blake, because Blake brings the Cool Axolotls and donuts all the time

-catch nasty Blake being… Nice? Super nice.

  • would rather have you come over and stay with him in the recording room from dusk till dawn then actually go out with you on a proper date 
  • is very relieved when you tell him you’d rather do that too although you end up dragging him out every four hours or so for some fresh air and some packaged ramyun from the convince store
  • usually he keeps his ideas a secret since as a producer he feels like it’s his responsibilty to make sure it’s good before he shows it to anyone but you are the exception
  • actually really values your opinion and when your eyes light up and you compliment him like; “jihoon! this sounds great!” he gets really giddy and proud but tries to control his expression like “oh really? that’s good..phew….” (actually internally screaming)
  • when you’re not in the recording studio with him, but he still has to be there he’ll sometimes call you at ungodly hours like 4 in the morning and be like “hey guess what i forgot my name and i haven’t slept in twenty seven hours” and you’ll be like “babe - take a nap. even if you have to sleep on the floor take a nap or i will go over there and force you to take a nap.” he enjoys your support very much
  • his laugh is even more highpitched when it’s late at night and that’s how you can tell he’s losing it and you need to contact jeonghan or joshua to get him out of the recording room and to the dorm for some rest
  • he once called you at like midnight and was like “hey seungcheol whats our schedule tomorrow” and you were like “jihoon, it’s me. not seungcheol” and he was like “oh sorry ‘leader’ and ‘love of my life’ are really close to each other in the contacts and im tired so..” and you got blushy because serIOUSLY your name in his phone is love of my life gOD jihoon can u be even more cute
  • makes you watch x-men with him and other superhero movies because he’s a big fan of those
  • argues with you over which x-men is the best 
  • actually you two get into lots of petty little fights and arguments but it’s mostly because jihoon is very opinionated without knowing it but like it never turns into anything big because you end up laughing at yourselves like twenty minutes in
  • his aggressiveness only comes out toward people that are rude to you or that have harmed you. he has a zero percent tolerance for people making you uncomfortable or posing a threat to you. he’ll literally step in front of you and be like “is there a problem? because we can clear it up right now.”
  • sometimes you’ll catch him playing the piano softly to himself and singing along to ballads and you’ll watch him secretly but when he turns around he’ll get supER embarrassed like HOW lonG have YOU beeN THERE
  • is a big fan of goodluck/congratulatory kisses
  • when he finishes producing a song what does he want? kisses. when he actually gets 8 hours of sleep what does he want? kisses. when he’s about to go perform on a music show what does he want? kISSEs. 
  • “it’s because you’re like……my goodluck charm” & “i think i did well so maybe you should give me a prize………….” (he asking for a kiss basically without saying it because it would make him super nervous and shy” 
  •  public skinship tho = blushing jihoon who cannot look at you in the eyes
  • you grab his hand on the train and he is just a steaming mess of ?!?!?!??!?
  • all the members think it’s hilarious that jihoon can’t even hug you in their presence like when you have to leave after practice he literally waits for everyone to leave the room to give you a goodbye kiss even though like they’re all obviously hiding behind the door and watching 
  • his phone background is a picture of you attempting to play his old clarinet and he thinks your confused expression is the cutest 
  •  he didn’t want to tell the members he was dating but then seungkwan saw the selfie of yours that was jihoon’s background and basically was like jiHOON HYUNG ISNT SINglE EVERYONE 
  • when you two are watching a movie together at home or just TV, he has the habit of leaning his cheek against your shoulder and yawning very cutely 
  • the smile he does where he looks like a cute little otter is your favorite thing and he does it whenever he sees you waving at him from across the street but like he’s smiling but he’s also dying and trying not to turn red because yes you’ve been waving at him since the light turned red and now everyone is staring at him 
  • jealous jihoon is real. jealous jihoon who gives you the icy shoulder for a while after you keep hanging out with jun and minghao. jealous jihoon who only let’s you off the hook after you make him laugh with a story about how you tripped over the carpet this morning because your hair was in your face and the first thing you could think of was “is this how jeonghan feels?”
  • likes receiving CD’s from you as presents, that and also notebooks for lyric and song writing. 
  • likes giving you CD’s as presents of artists he knows you like. even if you don’t have a CD player, he thinks owning the CD is special
  • got really embarrassed when you confessed you bought like five copies of 17′s album to support them
  • got really jealous when seungcheol hugged you after you said that 
  • the clothes he wears are usually oversized, especially the sweaters and when you wear them they’re big too and he just melts because no……you’re too much………… 
  • but in secret likes it when you wear his sweater outside because the other members come up to him and are like “isn’t that your sweater??” and he just kind of shrugs like “maybe……..more like yes it is and none of you are allowed to let them borrow any of your clothes. they can only wear mine. got it.”
  • drops his head into your lap when he’s very tired and it surprises you because he’s not the one to usually initiate skinship like this
  • always asks if you have any snacks on you. you start to bring over little buns and candies since you never know when’s the last time he’s eaten.
  • he likes sports so going to the gym together is fun!!!! 
  • he likes sports but seeing you in shorts is h e  l l h e i s  g o n e…….
  • there are two sides of jihoon when it comes to kissing
  • shy, nervous, gentle, lots of pausing and lots of breathing and looking away 
  • passionate, needy, impatient and hard…….attacking your neck and shoulders with kisses and affection because he’s missed touching you for so long…….
  • laughed the first time you claimed you wanted to learn the lyrics to adore u but when he saw you were really trying he was secretly very proud
  • when you do something and you’re proud of it, jihoon is literally the most supportive boyfriend ever he’ll go to great lengths to attend any of your events even if it means sacrificing practice or even sleep
  • he’ll never talk about his problems with you in front of the other members or any one else. he has to wait till you’re alone to open up fully about how he’s been feelings and afterwords he’ll feel bad that he burdened you with it
  • you’ve told him like a million times that it isn’t a burden, that you’re here to keep him steady too and each time he hears it he really feels blessed to have you by his side
  • when you’re upset, he can jump to conclusions and get riled up and angry with whoever upset you, but if it’s not that you end up having to calm him down and explain what is is that’s really hurting you 
  • he holds you close and tangles his fingers in your hair and whispers over and over again that you’re the best, that you’re perfect, that you don’t deserve any of the harm that comes your way
  • texts you pictures of seungkwan and dk doing funny things in order to get you to smile
  • seungkwan and dk text you random pictures of jihoon usually with the caption: “he’d kill us if he knew we were doing this!! hehe”
  • when you brought over water bottles for everyone during practice, jihoon got really proud and even looped his arm around your waist which shocked everyone - even you 
  • kept asking you if you thought his bubblegum hair was childish but you assured him it was perfect
  • says he hates it when you put clips in his hair and things like that but still let’s you do it
  • mingyu once gave you a piggyback ride and jihoon didn’t talk to him for like 3 days 
  • he has this habit of slicking his hair back when he’s going out with you just because he doesn’t like the bangs getting in his eyes and he keeps running his fingers through his hair and licking his lips when he’s talking and you’re like jihoon i gonna need you to s TO P 
  • kisses the side of your cheek when you were ranting on and on about how frustrated you are with work and told you that he knows you’re gonna get through it and you almost choked on your words because when did he get this cute and romantic who let h i m…….
  • saying ‘i love you’ made jihoon nervous and sweaty and scared, but when it came out it was natural and real and you’ve never seen jihoon’s eyes glisten the way they did in that moment 
  • likes the cute little phone straps you got for the two of you although he will never admit it
  • when he almost lost you in the streets he panicked so much he ended up running around the block 5 times until you two bumped into each other again and he clutched you so tightly to his chest you thought he’d leave bruises 
  • pretends to be calm and chill but is actually always worried about if he’s being a good enough of boyfriend for you
  • jihoon probably once said that you deserved better than him and you got made at him for a whole week that he wrote a song as an apology 
  • sometimes he can get ticked off at the smallest of things but you and him are perfect puzzle pieces and he’d protect you with his life 

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back to the even discourse… the reason i’d hate it if julie is going down the ‘he cheated on sonja with mikael’ route or something of that sort (which a part of me doesn’t believe and she’s just teasing instead and we’re just being dramatic) is actually because it’d perpetuate the idea that even, the bipolar bisexual or pansexual one, is a cheater. and that is just harmful. like, it’s not even cool to cheat once, but at least we understood his reasons. but if we now found out that he cheated on sonja twice, it’d make some people believe that he could do the same to isak, and same to the person after isak, and so on…almost like a compulsive cheater, and ignorant people would associate that behaviour with his mental illness and sexuality (they’d be like ‘coincidence? i think not which is nasty), and that would be super unfair to a beautiful character like him and all the people he represents. 

then again, tho…a big part of me knows/hopes julie won’t disappoint, that even will suffer but will happily reunite with his old friends in the end, and that this debate is useless.

i wanted to put into words how much i love the whole signal samurai thing they added in the anime and how it just….adds so many levels not only to the trio’s relationship, but also to Miles and his love of the steel samurai, because it is definitely a coping thing for him and as someone who’s always used shows and games to cope (and i know so many others who do), i really adore that

it ended up being super long tho so its under the cut

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I managed to get Piglet to extend one of his 40 min naps!!!!!

I picked him up, got him to settle/get sleepy again, then put him back down.

He’s been in the Merlin suit all week for naps.

Consistent 1.5 hour naps would be amazzzinnng. I also want to make sure he’s not a terror for his babysitter. Even tho she seems super chill and experienced (she took care of 2.5 month old TWINS until they were four), I’m paranoid that if he’s crazy needed she won’t be able to handle him? And I think almost half the time he’ll be the only one w her (older kids do pre-k and whatnot some of the time)?

He still has a whole month home w Adam, too.