that would literally be me tho

  • cis ppl: trans ppl r HORRIBLE they made a down with cis bus and BEAT ME UP it was CISPHOBIA
  • trans ppl: no? no one did that? why would anyone make a whole bus just to attack ppl for their gender
  • cis ppl: SO OFFENSIVE
  • trans ppl: youre trying to frame us for something we literally didnt do but okay lol its a meme now #downwithcis
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • cis ppl: *make an actual bus about how trans people arent real*
  • trans ppl: cis ppl r fucking horrible wtf is this are you actually serious even after that whole fucking thing that you were so mad about with the down with cis bus ur REALLY gonna make a down with trans bus??? REALLY???? fuck u cis ppl
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#literally what happened with Fiika and Arcann#I had her all set up to romance Koth#but then#BOAT#more like ship#more like Arcann’s flagship#okay more like Arcann in general#look at me finding a way to relate the One-Armed Wonder to a boat#sidenote do you think if he didn’t have his robo-arm and was in a rowboat#would he paddle himself in circle#someone better read these damn tags because im fucking hilarious#but seriously tho#like#Arcann in a rowboat going in circle with Vaylin and Thexan#and one of the other two says#we’re going in circles#and the other one says#WHY DID WE LET OUR ONE-ARMED BROTHER ROW

real talk tho, hearing alec say “i always knew i couldn’t have what i wanted” fucked me up??? like he actually said that. it’s canon. he knew. he always knew and he just assumed he would have to push it down and ‘fulfill his duty’ and marry a female shadowhunter and have children with her and i’m just. my heart is so heavy for that little boy

but now here he is tho right? saying that on a date with his new boyfriend he’s literally. he changed it! he met magnus and he realized for the first time in his life that things could be different. and now he’s dating this beautiful man and is going to get to slowly fall in love with him and one day they’re going to get married and have kids together and it’s everything to me i’m

  • Kara: Mon-hell was literally a slave owner???? Who only gave a shit abt saving his own skin when HIS planet burned to the ground???? Of course him being the bloody prince matters!
  • Alex: He sorry tho
  • me: wow how in character™ Amazing writing!! That's so Alex. Honestly, more of this quality content™ please, it's so good.

(May 2016)

a cluster of thoughts

about alliances
  • law: there is absolutely No Need to get friendly
  • law: we are only working for the purpose of an objective
  • law: i literally could not care less what u do mugiwara-ya
  • luffy: momonosuke is with us
  • also law: I feel Personally Victimised that you would not consult me on this. I am shocked. I am hurt
  • luffy: it's cool tho right
  • law:
  • luffy: :)
  • law:
  • law:
  • law: we are not friends okay

them: raphael threatened to kill simon’s mom!! he’s EVIL!!!!

me: raphael went to find simon’s mom (without even KNOWING that simon would show up and be there to ‘threaten’) bc he knew simon was worried about her but also knowing that simon going to see her personally and possibly tell the truth about his vampirism would have put both himself AND his mom in danger. raphael was literally protecting them both (tho he’d never admit it) and the only reason he had to ‘threaten’ elaine was bc he NEEDS simon to help him find camille in order to PROTECT HIS ENTIRE CLAN like that’s literally what he’s doing, he’s PROTECTING HIS FAMILY!!!!!

and um side note but if you honestly think raphael would hurt simon’s mom in any way after everything he’s done to help simon and ESPECIALLY after their conversation earlier in 2x03 that alluded to his own mother then… you’ve got another thing coming

I have a theory that most beloved and critically acclaimed romantic dramas would be improved if the main characters were replaced by Dex and Nursey

Grease? Forget putting on bike leathers. Dex turns up in a multi-layered rolled shirt sleeves, soft knit scarf and beanie combo hipster outfit. “Tell me about it, babe.” Nursey, who had put on dad flannel, is KO’d

Titanic? You know what it would be amazing but lets not go there okay

Dirty Dancing? This could literally go either way tho. Uptight rich boy Derek is taught to dance by rough and ready Will OR privileged white boy is taught to dance by kind hearted man who is unfairly judged by the other’s family due to his circumstance. Regardless. Please consider them crawling towards each other while Mickey & Sylvia’s ‘Love Is Strange’ plays in the background

Casablanca? Nursey loved Dex with all his heart but Had To Leave. Dex, who had grown out of his shell to love Nursey in return, is sad and bitter and owns a bar but never lets his resident baker Bitty bake the certain type of pie that Nursey loved. One day Nursey walks in and orders that pie. Also there’s a war going on

Love Actually? There’s a lot happening and everyone is involved (Zimbits is the Prime Minister and his new assistant) (Bill Nighy and his manager are Kent and Kit Purson) but these two are definitely Colin Firth and the Portuguese lady

Pride and Prejudice? Watch this and tell me it ain’t so

(what’s with all of you and wings tho)


> Zenyatta would find you absolutely breathtaking 

> May or may not actually stop functioning for a minute

> Honestly tho he didn’t think it was possible for him to find you even more beautiful than he already did

> He would ask so very politely if he could touch them, just so he could run his fingers through your feathers and feel how smooth they are.


> “ah my visor must be making me see things- wait.”

> probably the most clueless out of these guys? Like this man literally did not see a giant bird person flapping around him all this time

> definitely the quickest one to pull a cheesy pickup line tho (mccree’s a bad influence)

> “I always thought you were an angel, but I didn’t think you’d take it so literally.”


> someone get this man a glass of water and a blanket

> he passed out when he ran into you without whatever was concealing your wings

> like straight up, on the floor, unconscious

> it’s a little surprising to you considering that he can summon dragons and works with a talking gorilla

> once you manage to explain yourself tho, he absolutely loves it

> now this repressed nerd would never say it outright but he’d be elated if you took him flying

> nicknames you “little tengu”

> Admin GK

you know how I know you’re gay - Alex Danvers Edition

She’s that one character that no one should be surprised to see coming out. Or well of course we as viewers should be, because lesbians on TV is not a thing if they’re main cast. But if you remove yourself as audience used to homophobia, then there is absolutely no surprise in Alex Danvers coming out as a lesbian. This is that character that would probably get a “I know, honey” in reply to every coming out she ever experienced. But still, for funsies lets break it down into how we knew -she gay dude.

She’s made so uncomfortable by the Lordhole she literally hides behind a glass screen to create some distance between them when she’s not allowed to smash his head against stuff. Sure even straight women must be repulsed by this piece of Eww. But still, the quickness with she creates some distance and hides from the flirting, fuck me I recognise the feeling even tho straights pretend it’s some kind of Luhrmann Romeo+Juliet bs.

Her watch (and the amount of wine she needs to consume to get through family gatherings). Maybe wearing her watch like that comes in handy running around shooting stuff and rappelling down helicopters, but we both know the real reason she wears it like that is because she used to binge watch Criminal Minds and has always had a soft spot for the gay that could have been- Prentiss. That’s where that’s from and nothing you tell me differently will convince me otherwise.

The editors of the show being so obnoxiously on the nose about it that they play an Ellie Goulding cover of Take Me To Church on top of a heartfelt scene that’s such a thinly veiled coming out that you want to slap the writers for writing this and then waiting a season until she actually says the words. But also, holy unsubtle foreshadowing, Batman!

“Is your name Alexandra Danvers?”


All right, calm down you little Gaymo. Pretty sure Lucy gets that your intention is no hetero.

All that pesky weird sexual tension with your adoptive sister’s aunt. Shit, the heavy breathing in that scene alone made me a little flustered and I’ve been around since the days of XWP fanfic emailing lists. I’ve seen some seriously sapphic shit. No wonder Astra had got to go, otherwise this could have gotten OUAT level confusing about who’s what to whom.

Her response to straight people flirting.

Her wardrobe, at work, but more importantly as a civilian. Leather, some flannel, a couple of suits and lots and lots of jeans and shirts. It’s not even pragmatic, it’s just gay. And in the episodes when she’s on the run with J’onn and you see her in a pink cardigan, you suddenly feel like that’s all the disguise she’ll ever need, because that’s as far from Alex you’ll get while still wearing her skin.

Honestly, if you were surprised by her coming out go sit in the corner and don’t come back until you’ve levelled up your own gay.

Fuck this delivery person. I work overnight at a hotel. Every weekday, we get USA Today delivered, between 4am-5am. Sometimes its this sweet guy, but usually it’s this bitter af woman. BAFW doesn’t say hi, grunts occasionally, and at first I thought she might not be able to speak or didn’t want to. NBD, I’ll keep greeting you tho. but Lately she’s been making comments RIGHT when she gets out of earshot, and today she said one just loud enough for me to hear. She called me a “little smart ass bitch”…..FOR GREETING HER!!!!! Literally the only thing I say to her is “Good morning” and “Have a good day” and apparently that is just The Worst to her.

Now, most of you would say, “why say anything then? why not just stop?”

Well, she never says ANYTHING to me, and she’s rather rude with the grunting in response to my talking. I understand its early, and maybe you don’t want to talk, that’s fine. And I’d happily not say anything at all to her if she were just adult enough to TELL me, “hey, I really don’t like to talk.” It’s not a big deal. Part of me kinda hopes one day she just completely snaps, because that would be funny AF to me. Imagine losing your shit because you can’t stand to be told good morning.

since she has to be rude I’m going to be nice. Sweet as sugar, in fact. 

Use your words, lady.

  • my therapist: you need to take a shower and brush your teeth, this is getting out of hand.
  • me: yeah you're probably right
  • my therapist: it feels like you would do literally anything to get out of actually doing those things though..
  • me: *shoving 50 tic tacs and 100 lifesavers in my mouth, pouring a bottle of perfume all over my body, rubbing deodorant all over everything and spraying an entire bottle of dry shampoo in my hair* what? I do not know what you mean. I am Great at Being Clean, I love the Shower!

Every time I think about having to be an adult I get so mad. Like I want to call around to see if I can get lower car insurance but I literally have no idea what I would be saying. Besides “I want cheaper car insurance”. Like wtf is a premium, wtf does 100/300/100 mean, how much insurance do i need???


“Oh for God’s sakes! You’ve got lipstick on your cheek.” 

arieava  asked:

thomas jefferson?

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life
hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang
hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff
best quality: Super fucking entertaining, beautiful hair, dat coat tho
worst quality: Literally everything else
ship them with:  HAMILTON, JMads, Laf
brotp them with: JMads and Laf
needs to stay away from: Congress
misc. thoughts: Jefferson is probs my fav charature in the show, he reminds me of a Disney villain 

Literally this episode
  • Annalise: OMG how funny would it be if someone shot me in the leg lol? Connor you do it!
  • Connor: ERM no thank you I played such a small part in the last murder I don't want to go to jail!
  • Annalise: Well maybe I'll send Oliver to jail?
  • Connor: Give me that fucking gun.
  • Annalise: Omg do it! In the leg tho I don't wanna die lmao
  • Connor: Michaela no
  • Michaela: Michaela yes
  • Connor: I'm out bitches this isn't fun anymore. I want to go back to being a domesticated husband.
  • Michaela: If I'm not getting shot then I'm out too
  • Annalise: WES YOU DO IT BRO
  • Wes: No
  • Annalise: Laurel? Help a girl out! I promise you'll love it! I'll help you get Michaela to date you!
  • Laurel: Tempting but no thanks
  • Annalise: Wes your ex is dead does that change things?
  • Annalise: Hoe don't do it!
  • Wes: Bang!
  • Annalise: I said in the leg ur such a bitch Christoph
  • Wes: What the fuck?