that would help their friendship and bond and all that

What the Signs Want in Life

Aries: Stories to tell. Aries want extreme memories and things they’ve done to share with the world. They want friends and adventures to always look back on and share with others.

Taurus: To be known. They want others to know their name, to always be thought of, to make a mark in lives and always be remembered, never forgotten. They want everyone to know them and think “wow, they’re awesome”

Gemini: Friends. People they can always count on and be with, have families in the future and be able to see their friends they made in middle school, people to share things with and laugh with and care for.

Cancer: To love. Cancers have crazy amount of passion and want someone or someone(s) to give it to, to spoil, to make smile and make their dreams come true.

Leo: Success. Leo’s want money, fame, they want it all. Love, happiness, success. They want to have the “it” life and just be truly happy with themselves and where they are at in life.

Virgo: Happiness. Virgo struggles to control emotions and balance themselves and all they want it to be happy and free and control their stress.

Libra: They don’t know yet. Libras are all over the place. They want everything and nothing at the same time, and they are still figuring out what they want, who they want to be and where they want to be.

Scorpio: Peace. They want to be at peace with themselves and the world around them, to not let stupidity or problems ruin them. They want to be unbothered, untouched and focus on themselves.

Sagittarius: Money. They want to be rich, and able to have everything they desire. They want to not think while they spend money on dream homes, vacations, food. And with all that money, all their dreams would come true, and eventually they want to give back and help others.

Capricorn: Family to share their success with. They want to be able to share their success, their fortune, be able to bond and have quality time after all the hard work they’ve put into their life. They want to support others and have others proud of them.

Aquarius: To be loved. Either in romance or friendship, they want to feel loved and important. They want to have someone to count on, to be with until the end of time.

Pisces: To find themselves. Being mixed with all the signs, Pisces have confusion on who they are. They want to find themselves, travel, spend time getting to know who they are and getting comfortable with who they are.v

What the Signs Want in Life

Aries: Stories to tell. Aries want extreme memories and things they’ve done to share with the world. They want friends and adventures to always look back on and share with others.

Taurus: To be known. They want others to know their name, to always be thought of, to make a mark in lives and always be remembered, never forgotten. They want everyone to know them and think “wow, they’re awesome”

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Party Like A Stark

Originally posted by maybelline

Peter Parker x  Stark Reader

Part (1/?)

Part 2

Summary: Today is your 19th birthday, and you also happen to be Tony Stark’s loved daughter.  What’s a better way to celebrate this special day than a party?!  All the Avengers and family friends will be there, even your secret crush Spider-Man.  You’ve always wanted to meet the famous spiderling, but little did you know you already know him.  Your party will definitely be one to remember.

Warnings: none! just lots of fluff and hugs


AN: So this will be my mini Peter fic that will lead up to smut!! I wanted to just do a Peter smut but i had this brilliant idea that needed more than one post!! I would like to point out that both Peter and reader are 18+, so it’s not weird.  Also, Pietro is alive and healthy bc I refuse to accept that this precious muffin is dead.  Also Clint and Nat are together bc I refuse to believe they weren’t made for each other. So hope you enjoy the first part of my mini fic!!

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Neal Cassidy Arcs We Were Robbed Of

Going back in time, seeing his father at the height of his power and madness, assuring him that they would reunited before Rumple drinks the memory potion.

Learning who Emma is all over again, rebuilding their friendship, maybe even even letting themselves be in love again, finding joy in their shared son, trading their frustrations over magic and families.

Watching his father suffer through PTSD, trying his best to help him cope and not repress what he feels, crying with Belle when he ultimately fails.

Bonding with his step mother while they awkwardly try to figure out their dynamic, are they supposed to act like a child and a mother, two friends, or something they can’t think of?

Helping his son grow into his own, especially when he becomes the Author, teaching him to be responsible and never stop fighting for his loved ones, to succeed where all the men in his family have failed.

Watching in pain as the Darkness is torn out of his father and forced into the love of his life, agonizing over whether it would twist her as terribly, wondering who she would become.

Suffering the same curse as his father and True Love, gaining a greater understanding of them both because of it, fighting demons and death itself to hold onto his humanity.

Reuniting with his birth mother in the Underworld, finding peace and closure with her, a little spark of hope as their renewed love helps her move on.

Fighting tooth and nail when he realizes he has a younger sibling on the way, promising himself this one wouldn’t have the childhood he had, helping his parents reconcile and work towards protecting the baby.

Raging at yet another cruel relative that tears his family apart, seeking every possible way to save his baby brother, breaking down with grief when he realizes Gideon had just as bad of a childhood, uniting both his family and Emma’s to defeat his grandmother, rejoicing when he can finally hug the newest member of his family.

Sleeping Beauty (Pt 2)

(Find part one here!)

Pidge was excited– elated! She loved capture the flag. She played against her brother all the time. So it was no different when she had Shiro as a partner. “Aw, Shiro, I’m great at this game! We’ll win for sure!” Her famous cats grin tugged at her cheeks.

Shiro wasn’t always great at games. In fact, he would only ever have a chance when it was video games. “Yeah… for sure.” He tried to put on a brave face for his smaller companion. “So what was our object again?” Shiro scratched the back of his head.

“Coran said it was a… a…” she couldn’t recall the name of the object so she took out the picture Coran gave them. It looked like a feather. Harmless, easy.

“Oh we got this in the bag.”

Hunk and Keith however knew they were in a little more trouble. According to Coran, they were looking for a “flipsnere” and it was always in a box that could camouflage. “Oh quiznack…” The red and yellow paladins groaned.

“Who’ do you think is going to be the one to… switch sides?” Keith asked— secretly hoping it wasn’t going to be him.

“Beats me man. You know, I think Coran and the Princess are doing this because we need to be prepared if something goes wrong? Right? That’s something they would do.” Hunk put his hands behind his head and shrugged. He didn’t really like capture the flag back home but with the changed rules of this game, he still wasn’t head over heels about.

"It’s gonna be okay buddy.” Keith attempted to reassure Hunk with a small smile. “We’ll still be friends after right?”

"Of course man.” Hunk nodded back.

Allura was at the bridge looking through all of the castle to find the missing Blue paladin. “Quiznack.” She scowled. “He’s skipping necessary time to bond with the team. He’s always deliberately trying to disobey me!” She shut down the feed after seeing nothing.

Coran came back from trying Lances room and shook his head at the princess. “Lance can’t have left. The blue lion is still here and all of the escape pods are present. Not even the air lock has been open!” Coran sighed. He rather liked Lance. They had bonded a while ago over missing home and from there, their friendship progressed. They would always make mustache jokes or okay games together. When Lance decided to clean Blue, Coran came to either help or talk. They asked each other questions about their planets and lives before this. Lance was Coran’s best friend.

And it hurt him that nobody was going to attempt to look for Lance.

“Coran we will deal with it later. For now we need to focus on what’s more important today.” Allura held her head high, turning back to the control panel and yelling over the system: “Let the came begin!”

Both teams had heard Allura and started running in any direction. Coran had given them a map of where the object was in a general area. Pidge took the lead in front of Shiro, she new a couple shortcuts.

Hunk and Keith ran towards the back of the castle ship where you could descend into the lower levels.

Lance’s nightmare hit him like a truck. He was in the same spot only a new galra with white hair and pupils in his yellow eyes stood before him. He opened his mouth to say something but Lance couldn’t hear it on a count of being stabbed in the back of his suit many times. He screeched in agony and fell to the floor when it stopped.

He still couldn’t get up. He couldn’t open his eyes. He was trapped in an endless loop of nightmares and the scariest of all was watching his team give the blue paladin helmet to Pidge’s brother.

Once again Lance cried out for help.

Once again nobody would hear him.


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Can i request a yoongi comforting you after getting rejected? Plus ice cream in the end coz why not 😂 (i just got rejected lol)

Prompt request: Yoongi comforts you after you get rejected

Pairing: Yoongi/Reader

Genre: Hurt/Comfort + Fluff

Summary: After your longtime crush rejects you in a very public manner, Yoongi’s familiar embrace is the only thing that can provide you any comfort.

Word count: 700 words

“Y/N, I know you’re in here,” Yoongi’s soft, raspy voice echoed throughout the empty washroom. “Please come out and just talk to me.”

You snivelled in response, wiping your runny nose against the sleeve of your school uniform. As gross as it was, you were sitting on a toilet, knees tucked against your chest, as you cried your eyes out.

“I can hear you crying,” Yoongi snorted, and the door creaked as your friend stepped further into the washroom. He continued with a more somber tone, “You don’t need to hide from me. You know you can tell me what happened, right?”

“A-as if you don’t a-already know!” you snapped, your voice hitching as sobs continued to rack through your body. “Yoongi, please, I don’t want to talk right now.”

“Actually, I don’t know. I heard you were upset and I came to look for you right away,” he explained, the deep tone of his voice washing over you like calming waves. Yoongi’s footsteps rang through the washroom, only stopping when he stood before the stall you were sitting in. “We don’t have to talk about it right now. Just get out of the damn stall.”

Reluctantly, you unlocked the stall door. You pushed the door open slightly, peering through the opening. Yoongi stood before you, his face impassive as ever, but his eyes softened when he took in your tear-streaked cheeks.

“Y/N,” Yoongi smiled gently, his voice quiet. He opened his arms to you, waiting for you to fall into them. “Come here.”

“Yoongi!” you sobbed, tears beginning to fall again. Staggering forward, you leaned into Yoongi’s comforting embrace. His arms wrapped around you immediately, and not being one for words, he rubbed your back comfortingly.

He held you until your sobs subsided. When you finally pulled back from your friend, the front of his shirt with your tears (and probably your snot, too).

“Sarah told him about my crush,” you admitted, your eyes downcast. “And he rejected me in front of all his friends. Said I’m not pretty enough–good enough–for someone like him.”

“Are we talking about Jungkook?” Yoongi fumed, his words venomous. You nodded. “I told you he was an asshole. Fuck, next time I see him, he better watch himself.”

“Don’t do anything, Yoongi,” you pleaded, your lower lip quivering. “I just want everyone to forget about all of this.”

Yoongi gently placed his hand against your jaw, lifting your head so your gaze met his. His eyes were honest and infinitely caring. “Y/N, seriously, listen to me,” Yoongi spoke. “Don’t let anyone tell you that you aren’t good enough. You’re smart, kind, and beautiful, and quite frankly, you’re completely out of Jungkook’s league.”


“I’m not done,” Yoongi interrupted with a small smile. “Honestly, you’re the best person I know. Shit, I hate getting sentimental. I’ll say this once–you’re my closest friend, and you mean the world to me. I won’t let anyone make you believe that you’re less than the best.”

“Thank you,” you whispered, a tear slipping from the corner of your eye. Yoongi brushed it away with his thumb, smiling fondly down at you.

“Now, let’s get out of here,” he said, draping an arm over your shoulders and leading you out of the washroom. “We should skip the afternoon. I’m gonna take you somewhere.”

Half an hour later, you and Yoongi found yourselves sitting on the sidewalk in front of your local department store, basking in the bright, spring sun. Both of you had a pint of Ben and Jerry’s in hand.

“I’m glad I have you, Yoongi,” you said quietly, looking up at the cloudless sky above you. You thought it was amazing, really, how in an infinite number of possibilities, Yoongi ended being your best friend.

“You’ll always have me,” Yoongi replied easily, his tone nonchalant. But you missed his secret glances–the ones that held an affection far deeper than the bonds of friendship you two shared. Yoongi’s love for you was endless, and he hoped one day it would be reciprocated.

But for now, he would wait. After all, he was happy just to be by your side.

- Girl in Luv

Hey anon! Thank you for requesting, sorry it took so long to get to. Still, I hope this helped you feel a bit better. Don’t let someone else get you down!

have you ever finished a book or show and just had the strongest longing to be a part of that universe, where you have special abilities like them and friendships like them, and sure life is hard there but you know you’re special, you’re valuable, and that everything will be okay in the end


Kory looks back at her life and the men that affected her before she exchanges her vows. 

My take on wedding/marriage for DickKory week 2017.

Kory looked at herself through the floor length mirror and nervously sighed to herself and fixed the golden tiara that sat on her curled tresses.

Today was the day.

They’ve been through hell and back together and they finally managed to make it to this day.

She had her doubts.

And she knows he did too.

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Party Girl (Part Four): So Cute

Jeff Atkins x Reader

A/N: Hey sorry I disappeared for a while but I barely had time to sleep between my two jobs. However, starting next week I should have at LEAST one day off a week so I can get some writing done without giant gaps. As usual, tell me what you think. No feedback makes me feel like I’m wasting my time lol Enjoy ☺️

Part Three 


It’s been a while since you met Jessica for the first time and the two of you have been all but inseparable ever since. While she would never be what Kat was to you, you could feel a bond beginning to form. She told you about her crush on Alex which you encouraged. When the two actually began dating, you couldn’t be happier. 

You’d seen Hannah in passing. Having only one class together didn’t help build your friendship any. You tried talking to her in class but it didn’t help much. You noticed her spending time with Clay Jenson and Tony Padilla. You figure she’s found her own friends and you’re happy for her. 

It’s Friday and you’re currently sitting in your last class of the day counting down the minutes until you’re free. When the bell rings, you can’t make it out of the room fast enough. As you walk to your locker you’re thinking of all the assignments you need to complete over the weekend. Your little sister’s birthday is Sunday and you know your mother is going to make you put down your work to focus on her. You don’t mind really. You just have to get everything done by Sunday.

You’re so focused on scheduling out your homework that you don’t notice the person approaching you.


You jump slightly and find Jeff leaning against the locker to the left of yours.


“I was hoping you could help me with the English homework? I have no idea what I’m doing.”

“Doesn’t that Clay kid tutor you?”

He looks thrown off for a minute but eventually shrugs.

“He’s busy today.”

“It’s Friday. You have all weekend to work on it.”

“I’d rather just get it done today. With you.”

You pause and think it over for a minute. How bad could it be? You can easily help him get the assignment done while doing your own. All that matters is that you get the assignments done by Sunday.

“I guess that’d be fine. I just have to tell Zach cause he’s my ri-“

“I already did.” He interrupts.

“You just assumed I would say yes?”

“I…Well,” He shrugs slightly, “You’re a nice person. I figured you wouldn’t mind helping me out.”

“Well lucky for you, I’m feeling generous today.”

You grab the last couple of books you need and slam your locker closed.

“So the library or outside?” You question, “I’d prefer the library because I actually get distracted pretty easily.”

“Actually, I was thinking we could go to my house?”

Your heart stops for a second. His house? Jeff Atkins house.

“Uh yeah, t-that’s fine.” You nod.

“Cool. So we should probably get going if we plan to get any of this done.”

You nod again and follow him out to his car. On the way, you make eye contact with both Jessica and Sheri. Both girls send over dramatic facial expressions and winks in your direction. You ignore them both completely.

The two of you aren’t on the road for more than a minute when your phone begins to vibrate. You frown slightly at the new group chat that has formed in your messages.

Gossip Girls 💋

SherSher 🎀: I decided a group text was easier cause we’re all thinking the same thing. Y/N if you get laid I want details!!!!!

Jess 👯: YES! D E T A I L S

Kit Kat 🍫: Who is she sleeping with????!!!!!

SherSher 🎀: Jeff

Jess 👯: I’m so proud


You can’t help the blush that takes over your face as you read through the texts.

“You ok over there?” Jeff asks.  

“Fine. My friends are just idiots.” You mumble.

Y/N: I am NOT sleeping with him. He’s 1000000x out of my league

“Ha, I know the feeling.” He laughs.

You don’t say anything back and focus on your phone once again as you feel it vibrate.

SherSher 🎀: wow ok that’s a lie

Kit Kat 🍫: lolololol ok sure Y/N

Y/N: I’m not saying I’m ugly I’m cute as hell HOWEVER I know my limits

Jess 👯: and hes within those limits!!

SherSher 🎀: please girl take it for the team

Jess 👯: do it for us

Kit Kat 🍫: Do HIM for us


You silence the chat and focus your attention back on the road before you.

“You’re quiet today.”

“Oh,” you start, “compared to how chatty I am on other days?”

“Compared to how chatty you were the last time you were in my car.” He replies.

Oh yeah. You barely remembered the night he brought you home. He hadn’t mentioned it much and you hadn’t thought much about it.

“And what did I have to say?”

You’re almost scared to ask. According to Bryce, you’re much  [I] nicer when you’re drunk. You’ve said and done a few things that you might not have under normal circumstances when drinking. You don’t mind it particularly. You’d rather be a flirty drunk than a mean drunk.

“Just that you like that I’m nice, ” You let out a small sigh of relief. “and that I have a perfect face.”

You’ve never felt your face flush so red.

“Did I? Well, that was nice of me.”

“Mhm. You also said that I’m perfect at everything.” He continues.

“Well, you do have a pretty flawless reputation.” You reply.

“And that you’d like to lay your head on my chest.”

You’re unable to come up with anything to say back for a moment.

“Well, that is mortifying.” You mumble.

“No,” he laughs as he pulls up in front of the cutest house you’ve ever seen. “it was cute.”

You ignore the comment and pull yourself from the car. You follow him up the front step and into the house. Once inside you can’t help but let out a little huff.

“What?” He asks.

“Even your house is perfect.” You shake your head.

You move around the room a bit and take in the pictures scattered around. One, in particular, catches your eye. The photo is of two little boys, both around six years old, in baseball uniforms.

“Oh my god,” you pick up the frame from the table, “is that you and Monty?”

For the first time, he looks almost embarrassed.

“Yeah uh” he rubs the back of his neck awkwardly, “we did little league together. We were actually pretty close when we were little.”

“Aw! Two little bros playing baseball together. How cute.” You tap the tip of his nose with your finger.

“Sure, cute.” He rolls his eyes.

“What? It is! Both of you in your little baseball uniforms, so cute.”  

“Well, I was a pretty cute kid.”

“Hey, be nice. Monty was cute too.” You look closely at the picture again. “Actually he kind of looks the same now.”

“So you think Monty’s cute.”

The tone of his voice has changed slightly. You look back to him and find him looking at you closely.

“Well, he’s not the ugliest guy I’ve ever seen.” You shrug.

“But not the cutest you’ve ever seen either right?” He questions.

“No,” you smile, “definitely not.”

“Good.” He smiles.

A silence fills the room and you shift around awkwardly.

“We should get started on that homework.” You mumble.

“Right. Let’s go up to my room.”

You feel like your heart is about to jump out of its chest. You’re about to be in Jeff Atkins bedroom.

It’s cleaner than you’d expected. It’s not the first boy’s bedroom you’ve been in. Bryce’s was almost always a mess. He was used to people cleaning up after him so it didn’t really surprise you. Both Monty and Zach’s rooms tended to be a bit messy. Zach’s mother would kill him for leaving any room a mess. Monty just doesn’t like a mess. It “pisses him off” or whatever. Jeff’s room is nearly spotless.

“Wow, it’s like spotless in here.”

“Uh yeah, I cleaned it a little yesterday.” He mumbles.

“So it’s not normally this tidy?” You smirk.

“Not at all.” He laughs, “You can sit wherever you want.”

You throw your backpack on his bed and slip your shoes off before settling yourself so your back is against the wall.

“Ok so, Macbeth.” You start as you pull your textbook out.

“Wow right to it.”

“I have to get this shit done by Sunday.” You sigh.

“Why Sunday?”

“It’s my little sister’s birthday. My mom is having this big party for her.”

“I didn’t know you have a sister.”

“Yeah, she’s only four so she’s not very active in the party scene yet.” You reply.

“Ah, so no keg stands and drunken karaoke for her?” He laughs.

“More like Capri-Suns and full reenactments of Moana with her dolls.” You laugh back.

“Sounds adorable.”

“It was cute the first time. Not so much now.” You reply.

“I’ll have to see one day.” He says.

“Maybe but for now we need to worry about Macbeth.”

The two of you work together for the next couple of hours. You’re able to get him through the English homework easy enough and decided to just stay put and finish the rest of your homework. He worked on other work too, occasionally pausing to ask for help on certain questions. You’re both so focused that you don’t notice that his parents had arrived home.

“Jeff honey, I’m feeling kind of tired so I think we’re gonna just – oh hello.”

You jump slightly and find a woman standing in the doorway.

“Oh hey, mom,” Jeff mumbles while staring confusedly at his homework.

“The answer is B.” You tell him.


“Who’s this?” His mother asks.

“Oh sorry, I’m Y/N.” You get off the bed and move to shake her hand.

“Oh you’re Y/N” She smiles. You notice her eyes look towards Jeff for a moment before she drags her attention back to you. “Are you staying for dinner? I’m thinking of ordering some Chinese but I could always cook something if you’d prefer. I mean you’re the guest and-”

“Mom, please.” Jeff sighs.

“Actually I have to go home. I didn’t realize it was this late and my mom is pretty crazy about the whole family dinner thing.” You laugh awkwardly.

“I’ll bring you home,” Jeff says as he pulls himself off the bed.

“Well, it was so nice meeting you Y/N. Hopefully, we can all have dinner together soon. Maybe after one of Jeff’s games. I know Harrison would love to meet you and-”

“Ok mom, she has to get going.” He cuts her off.

His mother gives you a smile and you give a small wave before she leaves the doorway. You collect your books from the bed and shove them into your backpack. Within a few minutes, the two of you are on the way to your house. You’re both quiet for a few minutes.

“Your mom seems nice.” You say.

“Yeah uh sorry about her. She gets excited when she meets any of my friends.” He shrugs.

“It’s ok,” you laugh, “my mom is ten times worse. You have no idea.”

“I can’t even imagine anything worse.” He laughs.

“I assure you, I beat you on this one.”

“Maybe I’ll have to meet her for myself and find out.”

“Maybe.” You reply.

It takes a little over five minutes before he’s turning down your street.

“Thanks for the help today.” He says as he pulls in front of your house.

“No problem. You’re not as distracting as I thought you were going to be.”  

“Thanks, I guess.” He replies.

“Yeah,” you mumble awkwardly, “I’ll see you on Monday.”

“Yeah, Monday.” He nods.

“Thanks for the ride too.”

“Of course.”

You nod silently before making your way out of the car. Once again he waits until you make it into the door to begin driving away. You let out a breath of relief you hadn’t realized you’d been holding. Suddenly you remember the text messages that must be flooding your phone from your friends. Unlocking your phone, you find missed texted from both your friends and your mother. You can hear her and your father speaking in the dining room.

“Sorry mom,” You say as you walk into the room. “I was studying and you know how I like to have zero distractions.”

“Well don’t do it again. You nearly missed dinner. It’s vegetarian night.” She snaps.

“I’m sorry. I got back as soon as I could.” You reply.

“Just sit down please.” She sighs.

You take a seat and pull some food onto your plate. Your sister sends you a smile from across the table and you send a smile back. Once your parents return to their previous conversation, you feel it is safe to check your other text messages.

Gossip Girls 💋

SherSher 🎀: but seriously Y/N he’s into you just go for it

Jess 👯: what is it you said to me??? ‘grow some balls and kiss him already’ I think you should take your own advice.

Kit Kat 🍫: Are you ignoring us?

Jess 👯: that’s rude Y/N

SherSher 🎀: she’s definitely ignoring us

Kit Kat 🍫: I mean who wouldn’t when you have all that to look at

There’s a two-hour time gap before the texts begin again.

SherSher 🎀: this is a loooooong time to ignore texts Y/N

Kit Kat 🍫: That’s cause she’s busy with something else

Jess 👯: probably

Kit Kat 🍫: That’s some serious stamina

SherSher 🎀: to say the least

Kit Kat 🍫: You better have a good ass story after making us wait this long

You shake your head at the ridiculousness of the texts before typing out your reply.

Y/N: Fuck off we didn’t have sex. I helped him with his homework, met his mom and came home.

You’re thankful that there is no immediate response to the texts. Hopefully, they’ll be too busy with their families to both you for a few hours.

“So what were you studying?” Your father asks.


Almost immediately he launches into a rant about why that is his favorite Shakespeare play. The rest of the night goes by without any drama or stress. At least until your phone starts vibrating again.

Server: NA Frost Valley

When: Saturday, July 8th, 2017

Time: 11am PST, 12pm MST, 1pm CST, 2pm EST 

Dress Code: Wear your Tumblr Army saddle blanket if you have it

Meeting Place: Moorland South Beach by the picnic tables and fishing hut. We’ll be staying in non-star areas only!

How Long: Anywhere from 3-5 hours. Come and leave as you need~

It’s summertime! Time for more meet-ups and playing all day and SSO fun! I think it would be a great time to help grow our bond as a community and establish more friendships (and we’ve had a lot of new members lately! Like 10 since the end of May!) So let’s all have fun together at another Moorland social!  

I was thinking about us meeting somewhere else in the non-star areas this time, but that beach is just so secluded lol There’s no roads going by where randoms could spot us easily and there’s no races going through it and it isn’t a popular role play area, so it will just have to keep working. It’ summer also so hanging out at the beach just works!

As always, my goal is for every single member of the SSO Tumblr community be able to attend, so this event will be held in non-star areas only. This way non-star players be them on the NA servers or from overseas will have no worries about not being able to travel to unopened areas.But this time, as you noticed, it is going to be a few hours earlier than usual because our overseas fam is half asleep or has to leave early during the normal meet-up times. We can all give the middle of our day to them they deserve it <3 

Overseas players, if you need an NA account just drop me a message and I’ll be glad to help you out! I’m sure if you asked anyone on the NA servers they’d lend a hand also! It shouldn’t take longer than 10 minutes~ 

I loved having Zeal run a game last time because it gives others a chance to represent us, so I’ll be looking for 1-2 people to run large group games again. Just message me if you’re interested and have an idea :D

 Let me know if you’ll be able to make it, or if you have any game requests! I hope we’ll have a fun day together :D @ssoevents

Signal boosts are much appreciated <3

Under Cut: The longest tag list to help pass this around. I used Alex’s tag list (BLESS YOUR SOUL) and added some new blogs not there. There’s 200+ people tagged so if anyone was forgotten so so sorry! It does not mean you’re not invited because, of course, everyone is invited!

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Can you do headcanons for triplet Matt being best friends with you but having a huge dorky crush on you ❤

A/N~ Who bullet points headcanons anymore? Thanks for requesting boo, I had fun writing these!

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Matt’s feelings for you existed long before you’re friendship ever did. In year one of middle school you loaned him a book during silent reading and from then on he couldn’t suppress the warm fuzzy feeling that arose whenever you were around. Your simple act of kindness resonated with Matt and it stuck with him until the final year of middle school when a friendship began to blossom between you. You bonded over an English assignment you were assigned to do together and you’ve been inseparable ever since.

As luck would have it you went to the same high school. Matt was there to help you every step of the way. School projects? He’s there to tell you all you need to know. Drama with your other friends? He was there to listen to all your complaints. Prom date stood you up? Matt showed up to your house in a tailored suit and a bouquet of roses. He was the perfect best friend.

But it didn’t stop there. You applied to the same college and through another stroke of luck, you both were accepted. Matt followed you through every up and down. Buying you coffee and staying up all night to help you study for tests, celebrating when you aced them, wing manning for you at parties, taking you home safely when you got a little too drunk, late night conversations about life, your shoulder to cry on after your first bad break up. Matt was everything. He just wanted to see you happy even if it wouldn’t necessarily make him happy.

He finally told you how he felt during one of those late night conversations. As you sat outside admiring the stars Matt sat next to you admiring something else. You spoke of what you wanted to do after college, where life would take you. You asked him that question and in the softest voice he responded “Wherever you go.” it wasn’t much but it was a simple admittance of his feelings and you had heard him.

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*Letting Go* Newt x reader

◘ Anonymous asked: 

Hi! Your stories are great! Could you do an angsty unrequited love story where Newt’s been in love with the reader since they were Hogwarts students but he’s too shy to admit his feelings while she loves him like a brother? Then years later, she gets engaged to another guy and even though Newt’s heartbroken, he lets her go because her happiness meant more to him than his own. Thanks!

♦ Thanks, boo! Enjoy! ^_^

You had always been the most beautiful person in the entire world to Newt. From the moment he first met you in your first year at Hogwarts to now. You were adults and living in a shared apartment in London. Your relationship had always been platonic but you definitely shared a special bond. Newt, however, had always wished for you two to be more. Every day he wanted to wrap you up in to his arms and hold you close, never letting you go. Every day he had to fight himself from pulling you in to his embrace and pressing his chapped lips against your smooth and perfect ones. What he wouldn’t give to spend the rest of his life with you by his side.

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Whats say you about the Bromance between Shiro and Keith? Is their relationship familial (blood or bond), mentor/student or more?

Whooo I am so heavily biased about this for reasons but I’ll try to answer you straight. This is going to be long. (Voltron Legendary Defender Spoilers Ahead)

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Keith’s very first dialogue in the entire show is Shiro’s name. It’s not said like someone who just recognizes someone and is surprised, it’s meaningful. Keith’s eyes do the shaky animation thing where the person is highly emotional. He knows him, as most of us can tell, and you are right that the question is how?

Look at his face. Anyway, moving on. 

Sorry. Not done. Shiro is dead weight here and like twice Keith’s size, how does he even manage this? Keith is also, understandably, very concerned for the changes Shiro has undergone. 

So how does Shiro react to Keith? (Who, by the way, states later that he’s not much of a hug person, doesn’t really touch the other Paladins except in emergencies, and yet initiates contact here.)

Again, it’s familiar. There’s no scene where Keith introduces himself, like the other Paladins do, and Shiro genuinely wishes he could answer Keith’s broken question of where he’d been. This isn’t just a case of hero worship like Lance, they are mutually familiar with each other from the start. 

EDIT: A nice anon reminded me of another couple of things here in this scene. 

First, Shiro’s statement here:

Sounds an awful lot like they had some kind of relationship where it would be expected for Keith to come save Shiro, if only in the way it’s said. 

Secondly, the others rescued Shiro while he was still dressed in his prisoner’s outfit:

And then later, after hiding out at Keith’s shack, Shiro has clothing that fits:

It wouldn’t have been hard for the writers to leave him in the prisoner garb and then just give him new clothes when they get to the castle, but hey, if Keith’s got some clothing for him, that works too. They’re also nowhere near the same size, meaning it could have been Shiro’s to start with. Shiro probably had to wear a vest because of his dang arms.


They also continue to be super protective of each other throughout the season:

Shiro saves his butt here, and at other times acts as Keith’s anchor and encouragement. As for Keith: 

Also, in the scene when they are training for the first time, as well as others, Keith does something reckless to defend him. (Mysteriously, no one else responds to Shiro’s absence here, nor do they say they want to help.)

Concerning your specific questions: 

  • Familial?
    • Blood?: I don’t think so. Keith is stated to be an orphan, so even if they messed up the ages enough where it was physically possible, Shiro’s not his dad. I don’t think he’d be a blood brother either, for the reasons outlined in the next point.
    • Bond?: Family is a running theme in this show, Pidge’s and Lance’s being key points to who they are as people. If there were a brotherly bond between these two, in the case that they were raised together, there’s plenty of opportunities for this to have been mentioned. None of the other pilots (looking at you, Lance, Mr. “Shiro is my hero” and “Keith is my rival”) mention anything about Shiro having a brother, and as famous as he is, you’d think someone would know. There’s also how they refer to each other, not a single ‘bro’ or referring to each other as ‘brother’ in sight. 
    • Possibility: At the outset of their friendship (or perhaps a bit later, since Keith can be prickly) Keith latched onto Shiro as someone he could actually depend on, and their interactions became deeper than friendship, like a familial bond. 
  • Mentor/Student?
    • This one holds a lot of water, the only issue being age. Dreamworks’ ‘canon’ says they are all teenagers, putting Shiro at a max of 19. For this ‘canon’ interpretation, I really can’t see Keith as younger than 17 or 18, else when he was kicked from the Garrison, he would have gone back into foster care, not given free reign to go to the desert and live in a shack. Shiro at most could have been an upperclassman (especially if Keith got held back a year for something) that helped him along. It’s a cute idea, and does explain why Keith is so ready to follow him. 
    • Ignoring Dreamworks’ current canon as as bull as making Allura’s strength stat significantly lower than Hunk’s, we’ve got a bit more wiggle room for this one. If Keith was 19 or 20, and Shiro is sitting pretty at 23 or 24, the Mentor/Student between an Undergrad and a Grad makes a lot more sense. Also the whole Kerberos deal. Just saying.
      • Quite honestly, first watching it I thought the Garrison was a trade school you went to after high school, which makes sense as they were fighting for a spot in a designation, such as fighter or cargo pilot. This would put them at early college ages, and yes, college students look like that. You remember High School Musical? Those people were played by college age people. Our perception of age is warped. (Still not over Hunk saying give it the old college try, so I’m just going with this headcanon/au/whatever.) 
  • More?
    • I’m going to be honest, I ship them. Hard. But I really don’t think, as cute as the idea is, that they were romantically involved before Kerberos. Not canonically, anyway. If they were supposed to be, neither of them (really mainly just Shiro) have acted like it. There’s the idea that that is something Shiro forgot, on top of everything else, so it’s possible, but I hesitate to think that’s the route the writers are going (also, OW WHY DO THIS TO ME?). It seems more like crushing right now, if they are putting anything in. (Doesn’t mean we can’t dream.)
    • A lot of the writers and voice actors ship Sheith. I’m not making this up: see here
    • I respect that due to some people’s headcanons about the characters, the ship squicks them out. That’s cool, we all have our own preferences. I tag things both so I can find them later and so people don’t get too uncomfortable. Please just be respectful, though, is that so hard?
    • Also, this screenshot is part of what won me over:

In any case, these two are close, and I can’t wait to see more.

Teen Wolf x Supernatural Crossover Things I Need RiGHT NOw
(where the boys arrive at Beacon Hills and “join the pack”)
  1. Stiles and Sam parallels
  2. Stiles and Dean parallels
  4. Lowkey Derek x Dean fling thing
  5. Scott and Sam are friends af bc they’re so similar in certain ways
  6. (the Winchester boys and Cas would be a bit younger ideally like Sam would be 20 and Dean would be 24)
  7. Dean and Stiles working with Lydia on cases/to gain control of her powers
  8. Dean and Sam learning there’s different types of were-creatures
  9. Lydia finding out about demon deals and makes one to bring Allison back, but Crowley is a nice little child and gives her soul back, as well as bringing Erica and Jo back too.
  10. Cora, Allison and Jo all being alive and well and joining the girl squad
  11. Everyone sensing Destiel after a while
  13. Crowley killing Gerard bc Crowley is literally so sick of his bullshit
  14. Crowley and Peter conversations (how interesting would that be omg)
  15. Isaac never leaving and sassing the shit out of Dean for fun and Sam and Stiles just pISS themselves laughing
  16. Dean helping Malia find the desert wolf
  17. Stiles being very suspicious of Dean bc he’s a bit rough and ruthless but then unknowingly Dean proving himself somehow (maybe by saving someone??) and and eventual frIENDSHIP FORminG
  18. Sam helping Kira learn more about the legend behind Kitsunes
  19. Bobby and Sheriff Stilinski working together by the Sheriff bringing Bobby to crime scenes as a FED or criminologist and assessing the situation together
  20. Ellen and Melissa bffs (i neED THIS ONE)
  21. Ellen telling the Sheriff to jusT GO FOR MELISSA BC ITS OBVIOUS AF
  22. The sheriff saying “only if you tell Bobby” and then BOTH COUPLES GET TOGETHER and I die
  23. Dean telling Parrish to leAVE LYDIA ALonE bc she’s underage and he’s creepy (sorry marrish shippers)
  24. Stiles and Sam talking about Sam’s soulless period and Stiles’ nogitsune times
  25. KIRA AND CAS FRIENDSHIP i need this so bad
  26. DEAN KILLING KAte and then Derek hUGS him
  27. Dean and Derek parallels (losing family, staying strong for “little brother” figures, etc)
  28. Isaac and Dean lisTENING TO STILES abt Theo and they kill him eventually
  29. Sam realising that if Parrish is a hellhound the pack should be worried about heaven/hell elements (and Parrish answering to Crowley)
  30. Sam helping out Liam with his control
  31. Sam, Scott and Liam fighting the dread doctors
  32. Gentle stalia break up (sorry Stalia shippers) bc it’s not working and their feelings aren’t the same as they used to be (bc Stiles still loves Lydia)
  33. DEAN AND SAM TELLING STILES TO GO FOR LYDIA AND HE DOES AND EVERYTHING IS HAPPY AND GOOD bc srsly both shows need some GODDAMN LIGHTENING UP (after Lydia tells Dean how she feels about Stiles)
  34. Malia x Isaac????????? maybe idk
  35. Lydia being AWESOME at research because she can read Latin and Archaic Latin and she translates lots of Bobby’s documents for the boys
  36. Hayden, Stiles and Dean all having the same appreciation for classic rock
  38. Scott having Sam as an older brother figure and Melissa loVING HIM and he comes over for dinner all the time
  39. Dean and the Sheriff making crap jokes all the time and embarrassing Stiles in front of Lydia
  40. Cas loving how nice all the girls are to him (but they’re really just returning the kindness he shows them) and he always watches movies with them etc. bc they insist he has to watch it
  41. The boys making everyone carry around salt and holy water just in case
  42. Allison being fASCINATED BY THE WEAPONS the boys have and they and Jo train her
  43. I’m rly feeling the whole Jo x Allison thing idk why (maybe a relationship???????????)
  44. Cora and Jo also getting along rly well
  45. I love the Malia and Kira friendship and I need more of it
  46. The pack finally having some people who know their shit (apart from Deaton) and being able to help even more people i just love this dynamic so much
DSoD Review Art (8) : As Long As We Remember One Another

One reason why I’m in deep love with 《Yugioh : The Dark Side of Dimensions》 is that this movie adds a new QUANTUM MECHANIC perspective to ‘friendship’ that has penetrated the whole first series. 

My interpretation of Kazuki Takahashi’s ‘quantum mechanic view of freindship’ is, every moments we share with other people not only create the bonds among us, but they also act as the crucial factors that define our very existence. In other words, so long as people have experiences and memories that OVERLAP, they are able to exist, intrinsically,

……for eternity.

I firmly suggest, that viewers of this film must focus ALL attention to what Aigami says throughout the screentime, which would help you understand this biocentristic worldview of the movie that are based on quantum mechanics.

★ Reading my 4th review post would help you understand this article, so here’s the link :

If you want more explanation and don’t mind spoilers and my ridiculous English skills (LOL), move on to ▼

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swords-and-hearts  asked:

☆ (ask-swordsandhearts) my Roro is a silent socially awkward bean, but he's friendly enough :'0c I would love to see a friendship bonding between these two hahaha (also welcome back I love your blog a ton hahasdafdgshfjg good to have you back!!)

[ooc: aaaaa thank you so much, you’re so kind!! ;;v;; I love your blogs a lot as well oh my goodness I love all your muses HAHA

But oh my goodness yes me too actually I think they would also have a very relaxed and chill friendship if they get close enough! Actually I think the fact he is pretty silent and socially awkward would help her warm up to him faster and be less intimidated (because she was like that once). Although I think first encounter she’d be pretty shook LOL

I can totally seeing them having such a relaxed friendship where they would have inside jokes that they would nonchalantly slip once in a while and everyone else would be like “?!?? what does that even mean??” while they sit there giggling and snickering like a bunch of dorks. Also like once they get comfortable enough even break a bit out of character when they’re together and do things that others wouldn’t ever seeing them doing like Rui teasing Roro or vice versa. Or like constantly photobombing each other’s pictures. I really look forward to making this happen actually haha!] 

thesplendidangharadd replied to your post “That’s why I didn’t understand your logic. While you admitted that…”

I know you hate it when I kinda “ hijack” your post but seriously I couldn’t stop myself on this one . Kubo did “show” us several times ichigo had latent feelings for Orihime . The lust arc ? The grimmjow fight ? The way he reacted when she was taken to hueco Mundo ? All of this happened around chapter 200 /300 it’s not the end of the story . The fandom went out of its way to prove those moments meant nothing and IT DID . The thing is that

all those ichiruki moments you think Kubo “showed” can be interpreted as a strong platonic friendship . Ichigo’s showing his feelings for orihime though ? Can only be interpreted as romantic . It’s the peak of mauvaise foi for you to show us yoruichi telling ichigo to say something nice to orihime and not show those like 6 panels of him blushing out of his mind just because orihime wore a revealing outfit which was the “ show” part of “ show don’t tell”

Kubo did not separate ichigo and rukia in order to push for ichihime . He separated them because from a story telling point of view their relationship reached its narrative end at the end of the fullbring arc . Ichigo doubted rukia was still his nakama because she did not come to see him while he was powerless but when she came back to gave him his powers he understood the bond he had with her was unbreakable which made him understand the bond he had with his other frien

friends ( who were under tsukishima influence at the time ) was also unbreakable . Showing scenes of them together had no point because the readers knew where they stood , their bond didn’t need further developemment . Ichihime did and renruki though and that’s why there is more of it in the last arc . Bleach was not a victim of ichiruki chemistry but of the ichiruki fandom who had a frienship who could be interpreted as love for the first 100 chapters and clung to it

for the other 580 chapters of the manga blindly refuting what was irrefutable proof that the manga was going in the ichihime direction

*sigh* You do realize that the reply feature is meant to be used for short messages? Save your interlocutor the trouble and hit ‘reblog’ pls?

(putting this under a cut because I care about my fellow man and their dash)

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Okay I came up with some of my favorite kotlc head canons:

- Keefe swears. A lot.

- Sophie kept Mr Snuggles for Fitz (since he couldn’t sneak him back into Everglen). He visits often.

- Biana reminds Sophie of her little sister, Amy

- Alvar knew Jolie when they were growing up and had a crush on her for a while

- Keefe and Dex have an AWESOME bromance (they bond over their friendship with Sophie and exchange exasperated glances with each other when she gets all moony over Fitz) (also Keefe convinces Dex to help him prank people)

- Keefe has nightmares like Sophie but he drinks lots of slumberry tea. Every night. (He’s kinda addicted to it now)

- Tiergan is also in the Black Swan (cause he was friends with Prentice… and he would watch Sophie for them ? )

- Dex is actually bi and has?? a little?? tiny?? crush?? on Fitz?? which is why he dislikes him idk

- Sandor used to have a daughter who was killed by ogres; Sophie kinda reminds him of her so that’s why he accepted the position

Yeah idk just wanted to put these out there

Further Apart - Vernon (A)

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“Force a smile…so they won’t see your breaking inside.”

Pairing: Vernon x pairing

Genre: angst

Word count: 1,099

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