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Imagine - Zach breaks up with you

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@thrtreasons Request: “pls zach x reader where they dated for a long time and they were super goals but then they broke up idk why and he’s still in love with her and you know he’s not doing well after the tapes and she notices and helps him?? i mean he tells her everything and thinks she’ll hate him etc anyway thank you💫”

It has been exactly one month since you and Zach have broken up, and it was over something extremely stupid. It was over an argument that the two of you had. An argument over the fact that you and Bryce were “too friendly with each other”. Clearly Zach had gone mad. Because you would never cheat on him, and certainly not with Bryce Walker. That guy was a complete asshole and a pervert. If anything, he was always flirting with you, even though you were dating one of his best friends. But you had no intention what so ever to cheat on Zach with Bryce. You loved Zach, you truly did. And he loved you, but clearly not as much as you though because he couldn’t see how it was not you being “too friendly” with Bryce but the other way around.

It has been a painful month for you after the break up. You and Zach were perfect for each other, in your eyes and in the eyes of most of the students at Liberty high. You two were the “IT” couple. Always the talk of the school on how cute the two of you were together and how others wished that they had what you and Zach had. Why did things have to end between the two of you. You remember the night where everything went downhill, like it was yesterday…

“I’m not ‘all over Bryce’ Zach! That’s ridiculous!” You yell.

You and Zach were sitting in your living. Your parents were gone for the weekend on some business trip and Zach had promise to keep you company in the time being. So he had come over to your house so the two of you could cuddle and watch some movies. But things turned south pretty quickly…

“Sure you’re not.” Zach scoffs “You two are always flirting with each other! And right in front of me too!” He booms out.

“You know I’m really surprised that you haven’t left me for him yet, slut…” He breathes out the last word that you nearly missed what he said.

But it’s too late. You heard it. And you have never been more humiliated and furious in your life.

You look at him straight in the eyes, seething, and slap him. Hard. Right across his face.

“You know what!? Fuck you Zachary!” You spit out. “I fucking hate you! Get out!”

Zach scoffs and then says with malice, “Sure, I’ll leave, but know this, we’re fucking done (Y/N). I don’t even know why I went out with such a slut like you in the first place.” Then Zach walks out your door.

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Jeff Atkins - One Shot

A/N: Please forgive me but this is extremely long. I wanted it to read out like the show where Hannah is the narrator but the flashbacks/events are from the reader’s perspective - kinda like when Clay was reliving them if that makes sense.

Let me know how you like it!



Y/N, I can count all of the times I ran into you on my fingers but yet you left a lasting impression. You and Jeff were the envy of the school. The cheerleader and the all-star jock. There was nothing cuter than when the two of you were together. Your locker was 4 away from mine and there wasn’t a day I didn’t see him meet you there before each class. I envied you so much. Both of you. You had it all. Love. Popularity. Friendship. You were good at everything you tried to do, and you were still some of the sweetest, kind-hearted people, I’d ever met -



“Dang, you’re looking extra fine today, baby.” Jeff said, coming up behind you to press a kiss on the back of your head before leaning against the locker next to yours.

 “Not as fine as Angie’s lips though, right?” You returned hotly, continuing to look through the mess of papers to see if you could find your chemistry study guide.

 It took him a moment to process what you’d just said and he immediately straightened up. “What?”

 “That’s what you said to Angie in the library right?” You slammed your locker shut, throwing your bag over your shoulder. “If she’s what you want then be my guest.”

Jeff rolled his eyes and wrapped his arms around your waist. “You know you’re all I want. You’re all I’ve wanted since 8th grade. I was just congratulating her, that’s all baby. Besides you got best face and best legs. I’m sure you’ve gotten a few compliments today.”

His lips pressed playful kisses along the side your neck, nuzzling his face in your hair to make you laugh. As much as you wanted to stay mad, it was hard when he was just so damn cute.

“Besides - since when do you get jealous?” He asked, with an innocent smile on his face. Then in a moment of recognition, his eyes widened. “Uh-oh. Are you on your period? Is that why you’re so emotional?”

You’d known Jeff since the sixth grade and had been dating since the 8th, by sophomore year of high school, he was practically an expert at reading you and making things better. Lowering your head, you nodded it slowly.

“Awh baby.” He pouted his lips, lowering them to kiss yours. “It’s your lunch period right? Let’s go get you some chocolate from the vending machine. My treat.”

I chuckled, wrapping my arm around his torso to hug him tightly. “Well aren’t you my knight in shining armor.”

“You’re damn right I am.” He laughed, kissing the top of your head.

With his arm thrown over over your shoulder, you walked down the hallway together. Clay and Hannah were talking by the his locker and you both smiled at them.

 “Jensen!” Jeff nodded his head at Clay, the smaller man awkwardly smiling and giving a wave.

“Hey Hannah.” You smiled. “I love those boots.”

She looked down at her shoes then up at you with a genuine, touched smile, saying thank you before you and Jeff disappeared around the corner.

 “That kid has the biggest crush on her.” Jeff said, looking down at you.

“If only he had the balls to do something about it.”



You had no idea how much something so small had meant to me. You didn’t know about the shitty day I’d had. You didn’t know about how hard I’d had things lately. You didn’t say it to get something out of it. You were genuine and nice  and it helped a lot that day.



At the dance you and Jeff showed up fashionably late. Your hair was down straight, not a strand out of place. Your makeup was no less than perfect like it usually was. You wore an all black dress that matched Jeff’s suit. Sleeveless, with a puffed skirt. The whole thing molding to your perfect body. I had watched as you two entered the gym - everyone did - your both grabbed the attention of everyone and it never seemed to phase you as you were in your own little world.


“Ayyyy!” Monty came by, throwing an arm around Jeff and I. “You finally made it!”

Jeff laughed, nodding his head towards me. “Would’ve been here 40 minutes ago if Y/N didn’t take forever getting ready.”

“Hey!” You defended, hitting him playfully. “It takes time to create a masterpiece like this.”

“That you are.” Monty looked your up and down, “and those legs definitely deserved to make the list.”

You rolled your eyes and laughed along with Jeff as you were approached by Zach, Justin, and Bryce. Each gave you both a hug and you watched as Jeff tensed when Bryce hugged you. After he let go, Jeff threw his arm around you as if to stake his claim while they made small talk.

“Alright alright. If you fellas don’t mind, I’ma have a dance with my lady.” Jeff said after a while.

“Ooohh” They teased playfully, blowing mock kisses at you.

You laughed as Jeff took you out to the dance floor, his arms wrapping around your waist as you slow danced to the song playing. With your arms wrapped around his neck, holding him close like you had at every dance since you’d been together. He’d gotten better at dancing, certainly improved from the first time when he wouldn’t stop stepping on your feet. He looked down into your eyes, a soft smile on his face.

 “You really are a masterpiece.” He whispered.

You blushed, leaning up to kiss his neck. “All for you baby. Always.”

“Man am I lucky.” He smiled.

Looking over his shoulder, you could see Bryce creeping on some girl and returned your eyes to Jeff. “What was that about earlier? With Bryce?”

His face turned serious again and he looked over his shoulder to where I had been looking. “He’s not a good guy. I don’t know. Guy gives me a bad vibe.”

You nodded, running your fingers through the back of his hair. “He does seem like a douche bag.”

“Yeah, I try not to hang out with him one on one.” He nodded, before changing the subject. “Will you look at this? Clay sitting on one side, Hannah on the other. This would be like the perfect opportunity for him to ask her to dance.”

You laughed, looking at them smiling at each other from across the gym. “Go. Tell him to make a move. I have to use the restroom anyway.”

He smiled, kissing your lips again, before letting go of you to walk up to the bleachers. You smiled to yourself watching him go into big brother mode as he spoke with Clay before you walked out of the gym to use the restroom.

“You and Jeff look so good tonight.” Sheri boosted, applying another coat of lipstick in the mirror. “You know, I wouldn’t be surprised if you guys won prom king and queen for our senior prom. Everyone’s totally jealous of you guys.”

You laughed, brushing a hair behind your ear as you washed your hands. “We are dreamy aren’t we.” You half joked, drying your hands.

“You have no idea. You’ll have the cutest story to tell your kids some day.” She laughed.

“You ready to go back out?” You asked, finally taking notice of her dress. “Damn Sheri, you’re the one looking amazing. I love that dress.”

She laughed, hooking your arm with hers. “Well, I can’t let you have all the glory.”

The two of you walked out of the bathroom and Hannah practically knocked you over as she walked down the hallway, her eyes filled with tears.

“Hannah, hey.” You stopped her, placing a hand on her shoulder to turn her around.

“I’ll meet you inside.” Sheri said, giving us some privacy.

“What’s going on?” You asked her, lifting her chin up to face you. “What happened?”

It’s nothing.” She shook her head, “I just want to go home. It was stupid of me to even think I’d have a good time here.”

“No! Come on - don’t think that way. Come hang out with Jeff and I - Jessica’s in there - we’ll have a great time.”

She looked down then back up at me nodding her head.

“Good.” You smiled, taking your hand in hers.

The two of you walked back inside the gym, each grabbing a cup of punch. You knew Jeff had a game early in the morning so you he wouldn’t be drinking, that gave you a free pass to fill from the spiked bowl. You danced with Hannah before she spotted Jessica getting sloppy with Justin.

“Oh god,” She shook her head, looking over at you. “I’m getting her out of here before she does something she’ll regret.”

You tried to convince her to stay but she didn’t opting to pull Jessica away from Justin. Your eyes met Jeff across the room and your lips lifted into a smile, crossing to jump back into his arms.

“There you are.” He smiled back, kissing you again, “Let’s dance cause this song’s definitely going to play at our wedding.”



You didn’t have to look out for me that night but you did. I should’ve listened to you, Y/N. I should’ve stayed with you and Jeff and Clay, and ignored everyone else but I didn’t.



It was no surprise that by the time Dollar Valentine came around, you and Jeff had been matched together. While I got guys like Bryce and Marcus, you got your soulmate. Some things just always went right for some people.



“Well obviously I did dollar valentine - It’s for my squad.” You rolled your eyes, at Monty’s question.

“So?” He asked, “who’d you get?”

Jeff laughed, putting both of our result sheets on the table.

“No - no fucking way!” He laughed in disbelief. “How in the fuck did you two get each other?”

“What can I say man, it’s literally in the cards.” Jeff laughed, pulling you into him before kissing the top of your head. “What do you say? Movies tonight?”

“30 Ways to Die just came out.” You replied. “I’m so down.”

“30 Ways to Die? Seriously?” Zach cocked a brow. “It’s a valentine’s day date - shouldn’t you see some mushy shit?”

You laughed, shaking your head. “Not when you’ve been together as long as we have. Besides, the romance can happen later” You shot him a wink.

 “Awww shit!” Monty laughed finally catching on.


“Let me guess.” Clay said as you approached the counter. “You two are seeing Never Say goodbye for Valentine’s day.”

“No we’re seeing 30 Ways to Die.” He replied.

“You’re a classy date” Hannah joked, counting money at the register.

“I am.” He returned, hanging his head with a chuckle. “This was her idea.”

“Nothing gets me in the mood like a good horror.” I joked, causing her to laugh out loud by my unexpected comment. 

“Oh wow. That’s a first.” She laughed, wiping her eyes.

“What’s up with that Dollar Valentine thing?” Jeff asked Clay. “You told me -”

He was cut off by Clay giving him a look. Hannah looked over at us then at him.

“We’re goin’ to see our movie.” Jeff backtracked, grabbing the bowl of popcorn. “I’ll catch you later.”

“Later guys.” I waved back at them, pinching Jeff’s arm.

“How was I supposed to know?” He asked with a shrug.



While you were in the theater watching a horror movie, curled against into your boyfriends chest, I spent the next couple of hours wondering why I wasn’t good enough to be doing the same.




I think back to the night of Jessica’s party and wonder if things would’ve gone differently if I hadn’t been there. I convinced myself that I could start over. That I could be a person that fit in.. And for a little while I did and it was the most fun I’d had in a long time. Of course you and Jeff were there, surrounded by your usual crowd. Yet you both still found the time to push Clay and I towards each other and I never got the chance to thank you.



“Justin, Jess is looking for you in the kitchen.” You yelled before you caught sight of Hannah.

“Hannah, hey!” You smiled crossing the room with a red cup in your hand. “I like the new hair.”

 You were always extra touchy when you drank and without even asking, you ran your fingers through her hair to fully appreciate the new length.

She smiled at you returning your overly affectionate hug. “Thank you!” She laughed. “Someone’s been drinking.”

“Hell yeah. It’s my turn. I was DD last week, this week is Jeff’s turn.” You laughed, motioning to your hubby in the corner talking to Zach and Monty.

“Well - that’s responsible.” She returned.

“Hey - Clay’s here, being his usually secluded self. You should go say hi and bring him out of his shell.”

She froze but a blush swept her cheeks. “Oh - no, I wouldn’t want to bother him.”

“Y/N!” Jeff called from across the room. “Zach thinks he can finally take you at beer pong!”

“That so Dempsey?” You yelled, then turned back to Hannah. “That’s my cue but next time I see you, you better be with Clay!”

She laughed, nodding her head while you ran over to Jeff and the guys.

“You think Junior year is going to be the year you beat me? History says you’ll lose!”

“Nah - “ He shook his head. “This is my year. I can feel it.”


As the night went on, you ended up making out with Jeff, grinding along to the music while Zach and the guys continued playing. His hand ran up your thigh grabbing your ass through the fabric of your denim shorts. Biting his lower lip, you swept your tongue across it with a smirk, locking your eyes on him.

“You’re totally spending the night at my house.” He whispered. “Tell your mom you’re spending the night at Sheri’s or something.”

 “I’ll call her when we leave.” I smirked, kissing him again.

As much as your mom loved Jeff, she would much quicker approve of you spending the night at your best friends house then at your boyfriends.

“Look -” You motioned your head towards Hannah and Clay walking out to sit by the pool.

Jeff smiled proudly at his friend as they laughed and giggled. “See, I give good advice.”

The two of them looked over at you and Jeff, and the two of you looked away quickly, with you nuzzling your face into his neck with a laugh.

“Uh - oh” You sighed, watching Troy bother them. “Go get him before he ruins it.”

“On it!”

Jeff did as he was told, grabbing Troy and bringing him back towards the ping pong table. You shot Hannah and Clay a wink before Jeff’s lips were back on yours again.

“Seriously. I don’t know what it is, but you’re lookin’ extra good tonight. One more hour tops and I’m getting my hands on you.” He promised with a whisper against your lips.

“Your hands are always on me!” You laughed, brushing your hands up through his hair.

“You’re damn right!”


“You’re so bad. This is like the third week in a row. It’s only a matter of time before your mom starts to think you’re a closet lesbian.” Sheri laughed, looking up at you as you sat up on the kitchen counter.

Courtney said trying to join in with your laughter. “Who would want that right?”

Both of you stopped laughing, your faces turning serious. Neither of you were a fan of Courtney. She was one of the most two faced people you met.

“Fuck off Courtney.” You replied, no humor in your tone.

Her jaw dropped at your straight-forwardness but she turned around walked away, almost bumping into Hannah who was walking into the kitchen.

She looked distraught so you waved her over. “Hey? What happened? You and Clay were hitting it off.”

“I screwed it up.” She sighed. “Just like I screw everything up.”

“Look, you two have been playing this game for too long. Give it a couple of minutes and go talk to him. You gotta go after what you want honey. Make things happen for yourself.”

“Sheri - You’re blocking me in.” Jeff called from the doorway. His eyes landed on your and his lips curled into a bright smile. “There you are.”

“Here I am.” You threw your arms up, pulling him in for a hug. “Where are you going?”

“Let me just grab my stuff, I’m taking off anyway. Hannah if you want to head out I can give you a ride.” Sheri offered, heading out of the room with her.

“Thank you ma’am.” Jeff yelled after them. “Going on a beer run for the guys.” He answered, holding you against him with his hands on your waist.

“You want me to come with?” You asked, pressing kisses along his neck.

“Nah, I’m going to try and take Jensen with me to see what went wrong. But as soon as I come back, we’re going home.” He smirked, leaning down to kiss your lips. “Then they’ll be nothing to stop me from doing what I want to you.”

“You promise?” You purred against his lips.

“Oh I definitely promise.”


I wondered what would’ve happened if I’d listened to you that night. If I stayed with you a little longer. As I looked back at these events, I realized my mistakes in them, and this is one I could’ve never forgiven myself for.



So we come to the reason you’re listening to this tape.

That night, I had caused Sherri to get distracted and knock over the stop sign. She panicked and took off. I ran to the nearest store to call 911 and report it but I was too late by then.

The police said he was drunk driving. Nobody would listen when you told them he’d been sober but he had been and I hope this gives you the tiniest bit of comfort in knowing you weren’t wrong.

I wasn’t there to see your face when you got the news. I’ll never forget the broken-hearted gaze in your eyes at the wake.

You were dressed in all black, again matching Jeff like you always did.Your hair pulled back in a low pony tail. Your makeup done perfectly as always aside from some mascara that had run down from the never-ending flow of tears.

You didn’t speak to anyone that night. You took a cushion from one of the chairs and sat next to the coffin the whole time. The guys tried to offer their condolences. Family tried to comfort you. None of it helped.

I watched as Sherri sat down with you for most of the time. She would whisper comforting words and stroke your back to soothe you when the tears began to constrict your breathing. I could see the guilt inside of her yet she never admitted what she’d done.

The light had gone out inside of you the day Jeff died. The vibrant, cheerful, happy-go-lucky girl was no longer there. Not a smile. Not a glimmer. Not a sound.

You slept at the funeral home that night. Under the special circumstances, the owners allowed it. You stayed on an air mattress inflated next to the casket by the guys and there you had the last night you’d ever spend next to him.

Jeff hadn’t been drinking that night. He was planning to come back to you and the two of you would go on with your perfect lives.

Knowing I ripped that away from you was a guilt I couldn’t bare to live with. I hope you know how truly sorry I am. I hope you can one day find it in your heart to forgive me, though I know I don’t deserve it. Just like I didn’t deserve your friendship or his.


Your fingers brushed over the cassette player. Tears now streaming freely down your face. You’re tired eyes landed on the tattoo of Jeff’s initials on the inside of your wrist and your heartbeat had slowed to a dangerous pace while you relieved the memory.

Your eyes met Sherri’s as she approached your table in the courtyard of the school. She glanced down at the player in your hands and her smile instantly fell to one of fear. She’d listened to the tapes - must have - because she instantly opened her mouth to explain.

You stood, as calmly as you could and your hand struck her across the face. You had no words for her. No explanation for anyone. You grabbed your stuff and walked away.

She was your best friend. She should’ve told you. You should’ve heard it from her. Not one some tape.

You would never get Jeff back. You would never see his smile again. Smell his cologne. Run your fingers through his hair. All because of some fucked up chain of events.

Jeff deserved to live. He wanted to live. He wanted to play baseball and get married and have kids. All of that was ripped away from him.

How was that fair?

Life had gone on for everyone after Jeff had died, but you wished so badly yours would’ve ended. You had thought about doing it yourself numerous times but you knew that wasn’t was he would’ve wanted.


A/N: I know everyone voted for Jeff to live, and I will do a rewrite of this ending with a happy finish, but I had to get this off my chest for now. Don’t hate me. :(

 ** NONE of the gifs/images are mine.

Insecure | Jeff Atkins

Just a little late night imagine. 

Hannah and Jeff deserved better so everything is okay in this imagine. Even Jessica is in good hands. 

I may or may not write a part 2 for this one because I definitely feel that it’s unfinished, but I need to think about it. Anyways, enjoy! 

Summary: Jeff is helping Clay to ask Hannah out but in the process Clay makes him realize he is definitely not following his own advice. 

Warnings: none.


“Oh c’mon Clay!” Jeff slapped his forehead in frustration. “It’s been weeks! When are you finally going to make a move?”

“It’s not that simple” Clay played with his pencil in an attempt to avoid the annoyed stare of his friend.

“It’s really simple actually. She likes you man.” Jeff says patting Clay’s shoulder. “I’ve seen how Hannah acts around you and she definitely likes you.”

“That doesn’t mean anything.”

“Dude, Hannah has been struggling a lot lately.” Jeff shakes his head. “but she seems to forget about her problems when she’s around you. You should really ask her out.”

“Jeff I don’t think…”

“C’mon Clay! You’re going to Jessica’s party this weekend, right?”

“Sure, why?”

“Because Hannah is going too. You can ask her out at the party. It’s perfect!” Clay snorted.

“Yeah… not gonna happen.” Jeff groaned. He was getting tired of Clay’s insecurity but he was not giving up.

“It’s not that hard! You just go and talk to her and then…” his words hang in the air unfinished, as a particular girl enters the room. Y/N.  

Jeff can’t help but stare as she walks through the library. She seemed so carefree while she meticulously studied some books and picked up some of them on her way. She looked so pretty with her hair in that messy bun and dressed in that little grey dress. It was Jeff’s favorite dress.

Jeff has been crushing on her ever since the first time he saw her at the library before he started his tutoring sessions wth Clay. She was always there doing schoolwork or sometimes just reading a book.

Eventually he found out her name was Y/N, (courtesy of Zach), and the rest was history.

He knew she was the top of her class and colleges were already interested in her, making her offers for her future.

All in all, he didn’t know that much about her, but he was without a doubt, infatuated with her.

She took a seat in the table in front of his and started taking some notes from the books she gathered. Jeff couldn’t help but sigh.

“You’ve got some nerve dude.” Clay scoffs while shaking his head, pulling him out of his daydream.


“How dare you sit there and criticize my love life when you’re pining over a girl who doesn’t even know you exist?” Jeff scowls.  

“Do you know her?” He asked ignoring Clay’s accusation, because honesty… he was right.

“Actually I do.” Clay smiled smugly.

“Really?” Jeff can’t help but get excited over this little piece of information.

“Yeah. She’s in my class.” he shrugs. “She’s cute. One of the sweetest girls actually.”

“Why did you wait until now to tell me this?” Jeff asked a bit annoyed.

“I just noticed you like her by the way you stared at her.” he put his hands up in defense. “But hey, knowing you at this point I would assume you already have her number.” he teased making Jeff even more annoyed.

“I can’t just go up to her and ask for her number.” Jeff said sadly.

“Why? You’re the ladies man. Why is she different?” Clay couldn’t be more confused. Jeff has always been confident and has girls lining up at his door waiting for him.

“She’s a smart girl dude and I’m barely passing my classes.” defeat was evident on his my face. “She wouldn’t go out with me.”

“I can’t believe you’re doubting yourself.” Clay shook his head. “You’re a really cool guy. She wouldn’t reject you Jeff.” he just kept staring at her without a care of getting caught. “Trust me, she could care less about your grades, just ask her out.”

“I’m not sure…”

“I heard she’s also going to the party.” Clay smirked. “She’s really nice! You have my word that she wouldn’t reject you.”

“I’ll think about it, okay?” he gave in.

“Well that’s more than I would be willing to offer so that’s fine by me.” he smiled satisfied and returned to his book while Jeff’s mind was still uneasy filled with all his self doubt.


Clay was busy refilling the snack bowls when he saw Hannah arriving to the party. He didn’t go up to her and started a conversation as Jeff would probably want it. He escaped through the back door and tried to leave the party. Tried is the key word.

Jeff caught Clay and he didn’t miss the chance to try and convince him to talk to Hannah.

“Hey! Slow down man! Where you going?” Clay tried to come up with a good excuse but there was no way Jeff would let him go home without putting up a fight.

“I just, I gotta get up really early.” Jeff ignored him.

“Dude, Hannah’s here.”

“She is? That’s cool. Hope she has a nice time.” Clay tried to leave once again but Jeff was not budging.

“You need to go in there and talk to her.” he shook his head.

“She’s talking to someone else, she’s busy.” it was clear that Jeff was starting to get frustrated.  

“That’s your cue, man. That’s your cue to cut in.” Clay thought about it for a second. He looked at Hannah through the window and funny enough, she was chatting with Y/N.

Fine. If Jeff was going to make him do this, he was definitely not going down alone.

“You know what? You’re right. I’m gonna talk to her.” Jeff was surprised by his sudden change of demeanor but whatever was going through his friend mind, was helping him with his confidence.


“Yeah. Just watch.” Clay entered the house and without a second thought approached the girls.

Jeff, who was watching from the backyard, held his breath. He didn’t notice when Y/N arrived. She looked beautiful as ever.

Clay greeted both of them but when he hugged Y/N, he gave Jeff a smug smile.

Everything made sense now. He was setting him up.

With Clay there, Y/N immediately felt the urge to leave him and Hannah alone. She didn’t want to end up third wheeling.

She quickly excused herself telling them she was going to get a drink and made her way to the kitchen.

Jeff knew this was his chance to make a move. If Clay had finally taken his advice on Hannah, he should definitely do the same.

He followed Y/N to the kitchen and found her leaning against the counter filling a cup with pineapple juice.

“Hey.” He greeted trying desperately to hide his awkwardness. She turned her face in his direction and smiled.

“Oh! Hi Jeff.” She happily replied taking Jeff by surprise.

“You-you know my name?” The excitement was evident in his voice and Jeff wanted to hit himself repeatedly for blowing his own cover. Y/N couldn’t help but giggle.  

“You’re friends with Clay and Zach. They’re my friends too so I know who you are.” she shrugged. “I don’t think we’ve met before though. I’m Y/N.”

“Yeah well I know your name too Y/N.” he smiled. This wasn’t as smooth as he expected it to be, but it wasn’t that bad either. “So pineapple juice, huh?”

“Yeah I’m not that much of a drinker.” she sipped on her cup. “Especially if the only thing available is warm beer.” Jeff chuckled and planted herself next to her in front of the counter.

She took a look around and focused her gaze on Hannah and Clay that were animatedly chatting by the couch. She was happy Clay was finally speaking to Hannah out of school or work.

“Took him long enough, don’t you think?” she pointed at them with her cup and Jeff followed her gaze.

“Tell me about it.” he sighed.

“So how is tutoring going?” she seemed genuinely interested and this made Jeff feel a bit flustered.

“Not that great, to be honest. History has been kicking my ass and as patient as Clay is, I’m still struggling.” he shook his head with disappointment. “I need to pass all my classes if I want to keep my spot on the baseball team.”

“That sucks.” She couldn’t imagine how hard it must be to handle all the pressure from the team and school. She could barely breathe with all the extra schoolwork she had to do in order to get some extra credits. “I can help you too if you want to.” She knew that Clay was already helping him but having someone else apart from him to rely on could be useful.

“Really?” To say that Jeff was astonished was the understatement of the year. The girl that he has been crushing on for so long, is here offering him her help without them even being friends.

“Really.” she nodded. “I know that Clay is already helping you and he is indeed a great tutor, but if you ever need some extra help or more tutoring sessions I can help you with that.”  

“I’m gonna have to take your offer on that. I could definitely use some extra help.”  

“Sure! I’m always at the library, you can pay me a visit whenever you need it.” Jeff knew she wasn’t flirting but she was being so sweet, he couldn’t help but think he had a chance with her.

He was building up some courage to ask her on a date when he was pulled out of his thoughts abruptly.

Jessica came wobbling into the kitchen with a cup clutched tightly in his hand. Y/N was fast and caught her before she fell on her face.

“Woah! Careful there Jess.” The smell of alcohol hit her as soon as Jessica turned her face to her. She couldn’t help but wrinkle her nose in disgust. Jessica was completely wasted and could barely stay awake.

“I’m… not feeling… good.” she slurred over her words. Y/N knew she now was in charge of keeping her safe, considering all of Jessica’s friends were just as drunk as she was. She sighed.

“C’mon, let’s get you to the bathroom before something happens.” Before she could grab her, Jeff sprinted into action and helped Y/N to carry Jessica to the bathroom. He set her on the floor next to the toilet before making his way out. “Thank you Jeff, I couldn’t have carried her by myself.”

“No problem.” he was a bit upset that Jessica interrupted their chat but he also understood why Y/N was helping her out. It made him like her even more.

Not everyone gets out of their way to take care of a drunk girl and make sure no one takes advantage of her.

Y/N turned her back to the door and patted Jessica’s face with a wet washcloth. She made sure her hair was out of her face in case she needed to throw up.

Jeff felt all tingly watching Y/N being so gentle with her. He was a goner.

“Before I go… can I ask you something?” she looked at him and gave him a tiny smile.

“Of course.” Jeff took a giant breath of air. This was it.

“Would you like to go to Rosie’s tomorrow?” her smile never faltered.

“Sure! I’ll take my notes and…” No, she was misinterpreting the whole thing.

“No. I don’t mean to study…at least not tomorrow.” Y/N looked taken aback but quickly recovered. “I want to go out with you.” she blushed fiercely and bit her lip in embarrassment. Jeff couldn’t help but smirk.

I made her nervous.

“I’d like that.” she answered with the blush still present on her cheeks.

“Great! I’ll pick you up at 6!” he could barely hold in his excitement so he was silently praying she didn’t notice. The girl he liked wanted to go on a date with him!

“Okay. See you tomorrow then.” in a sudden confidence boost, Y/N stood on her tiptoes and brushed her lips against his cheek. Jeff felt his heart skip a beat at the small gesture.

“See ya’ ” He waved at her and left the room, closing the door behind him.

His cheeks hurt from smiling too much. This was by far one of the best nights of his life.

He turned around and was startled by Clay standing in the hallway with Hannah next to him. Both of them were smiling like crazy and Hannah even giggled a bit.

“I told you she wouldn’t reject you.” Clay reminded him and Jeff slapped his shoulder.

“Shut up, man.” but he was happy that after all, Clay was right.  

Jeff Atkins x Reader || Daddy - One Shot (Fluff)

A/N: Thanks anon for the request. Hope you all enjoy my first 13RW imagine, if you do then be sure to like this and follow me for more. My ask is open if you guys would like to request. Much love .xx

It’s been 4 years since my life has changed for the better. I believe an angel had entered my life and brought the light that was never there. That angel was Jeff Atkins.

My primary school life was pure hell and I just couldn’t wait until I was going to be in 8th grade, I was hoping a change for the better. I was bullied. Been called names that I never thought existed and was shocked that these young kids at my age actually knew such things. It’s society that raised such animals but nevertheless I eventually made it in 8th grade and more than half of those people who had bullied me either left to another school or they didn’t get accepted into high school because they didn’t pass their exams.

I couldn’t have been more happier. Many would ask why hadn’t I brought the issue up to my parents ? My parents was and always will be too busy worrying about their business, they say they’re doing this for me but in the end am I really going to benefit from this ?

At 10th grade I finally decided to break the news that my parents that I was still being bullied and I couldn’t deal with the hate anymore. They were shocked and heartbroken to hear the news, their first decision was to move me to a different school and I couldn’t agree more with their choice.

I came into Liberty High in 11th grade, the school may be too far for my parents to drop me off but this time it was to benefit me. My happiness matters to them. I thought to myself that this is finally it, the fresh start I’ve been longing to have. I’ve suffered all these years and didn’t bother crying for help because I didn’t want to seem a burden. Changing schools isn’t easy.

Eventually I had became best friends with Clay Jensen and Hannah Baker. I first met Clay as they assigned him to be my buddy at school, since then we talked a lot and met after school then after meeting his ‘secret’ crush Hannah Baker. Hannah and I also had a lot in common so it was easy enough for me to become friends with her.

I was having the time of my life in 11th grade. Later that year it was announced that prom was around the corner or also known as the formal dance. I wasn’t used to any of this, especially with so many handsome boys in our school. What if it’s back to the old times where every guy agrees with the populars that I’m a pathetic loser ?

A sudden urge of confidence came through me when I looked at my reflection when I was dressed for the big night. I wore a a burgundy dress with a deep plunging neckline that fitted on my body and showed some cleavage - it was not planned to show cleavage as I’m always one to cover up - the spaghetti straps had a lace up design half way up my back and the rest of my back being bare, it had a high slit and from the waist of my dress it had a net to cover up my leg a little. I paired my dress with mid high black heels, for my make up I did a smokey eye and decided on curling my hair.

Clay had offered to pick me up that night and we go to prom together but not as dates of course. If this boy doesn’t make a move tonight then sure as hell I’ll make him. We both walked in arm-in-arm earning stares from everyone and I mean literally everyone. It’s the dress but more especially for the jocks it was the cleavage. They can see all they want but they can’t touch unless my soulmate decides to change my mind.

It was time for a slow dance. I still had no date and was okay with that, what would make me happier tonight is seeing Clay and Hannah together. I sat with her on the bleachers urging her to go dance with Clay and also giving her light shove, we spotted Clay with a handsome someone. Who is that guy and why hasn’t Clay introduced us yet ? I need to have a serious talk with him.

“Who’s that with him ?” I asked Hannah as we walked down the bleachers towards them. “That’s Jeff Atkins, Clay tutors him and well I guess they’re friends” she smiled and looked back at me. “Damn he’s cute no lie” I said as I paid more attention to his facial details. Can one ever be more perfect ? “I’m with you on that one” she giggled. We now stood in front of them. “Hey Helmet” she said first. “Hey Hannah…you look beautiful” Clay replied. “You do too” she giggled. “May I have this dance ?” Clay asked her and extended his arm for her to link with his which she gladly did.

As they walked off hand-in-hand and started slow dancing, “Aww they’re so cute ! I’m so glad they finally got together” I cooed. “I could say the same, I’ve been his wingman for a long time now and he finally got out of that shell of his” Jeff said beside me. That was when we first met, ever since then we had been inseparable. We started taking everyday, flirting from time to time and not long had Jeff asked me to be his girlfriend which I with no doubt said yes.

As much as I was scared to be in my first relationship and that too with Jeff, I trusted him with all my life that he wouldn’t hurt me and he’s there every step of the way as I’m always there for him.

A year later we both graduated. The year after graduation we were in our first year of university and which Jeff had asked me to marry him. Later that year when we had gotten married, 5 months after marriage I found out I was pregnant. We were both ecstatic to hear this, our families seemed to be more excited then us. When Jeff got along with my baby siblings when he first met them, I knew then that I made the right choice of marrying him and trusting him with my life.

It was a gloomy Saturday morning, my favourite kind of weather. I was surprised that I woke up for once without being disturbed by our baby Sophia. I looked beside to see no Jeff and no baby, I almost had a mini heart attack until I see Jeff walking into our room feeding her. He wrapped her up all warm and cuddly whilst he just decided to be shirtless. I smiled at them and got up to give them both a kiss. One on each of Sophia’s cheek and Jeff being the eager one to connect our lips.

The sparks go off and butterflies flew all around, it was always this feeling whenever I was with him. I stood on my tip toes and wrapped my arms around his neck to deepen the kiss, just as it was getting heated, my lips left his. “You can’t play me like that” he whined. “Well I just did. Know that you’re the best dad in the world and also the worlds best husband, not forgetting the sexiest” I said and giving him one last peck before walking into the en-suite. “I’m glad that ass is all mine” he said. I turned back to see him smirk “Always will be” I said and gave myself a small spank on my butt. I love this dork.

That’s My Job

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Montgomery De La Cruz x Reader
Request: Hi! I love your writing. 💕is there any chance I could get a Monty imagine with a female reader? Something along the lines of Bryce trying something on the reader and Jeff standing up for her, then Monty gets all upset cause she’s his girlfriend and he doesn’t know whether to be more pissed off at Jeff or Bryce? If that’s possible to write that would be great 😇
Word Count: 763
A/N: I tried really hard on this one, I actually quite like it. I’m literally drowning in requests, not thanks to @xbarrjallenx lol. I’ll try to get them up as soon as I can. Also, feel free to check out my masterlist! I’ll update it every week. Enjoy! :)
Warnings: None
Italics = You, Bold = Montgomery, Italicized Bold = Jeff
(Y/F/C) = Your favorite color

   Montgomery De La Cruz had always been an overprotective boyfriend. You didn’t mind, however, because it showed that he cared for you. Throughout your relationship, countless of guys have flirted with you or have tried to touch you. It was starting to get out of hand but every time you broke down, Monty was there to assure that you’d be safe. He was a real softy, believe it or not. He did everything in his power to make you feel safe or comfortable in any situation, and never pushed you to do things you didn’t want to do. Overall you felt that you guys were strong, and everything between you two was perfect.
   The baseball team had just gotten their big win and Bryce Walker was throwing a party at his house. Personally you weren’t too fond of the jock, but you thought it’d be best to go for the sole sake of supporting your boyfriend. Rummaging through your closet, you looked for the (Y/F/C) dress that Monty liked so much. Normally you weren’t into dressing so sexy, but you wanted to please him tonight. One night couldn’t hurt you, right? You put the form fitting outfit on then made sure your hair and makeup was okay. Rushing outside, you hurried and got into your car. The drive to Bryce’s wasn’t long at all. You parked a few houses down and got out, walking the rest of the way over. Anyone could hear the music from down the street, it was blaring. The stench of alcohol hit you as soon as you entered the door, which didn’t surprise you at all. You waved to a series of people who came to greet you as you searched for Monty. You’d looked for him everywhere and it was starting to frustrate you. On your way to check the backyard, you ran into Bryce. Stuttering out a small ‘sorry’ you moved to walk around him, but he blocked your path. “Lookin’ good (Y/N),” licking his lips, his eyes traveled your body. “Thanks but I’m not interested Bryce, I have a boyfriend.” You kindly smiled before attempting to move again, however he grabbed your arm, pushing you against the wall. He leaned over you, face getting closer to yours. His hands started to move over your body, and you tried your best to push him away. “Bryce, stop it!” You continued to wiggle, struggling to get out of his grip. “Bryce what the fuck?!” Looking over, you saw Jeff standing in the doorway, “Get off of her!” Quickly Bryce moved away, holding his hands up. Jeff pushed him, and Bryce stumbled backwards a little. It looked as if they were going to fight, and to prevent it you grabbed onto Jeff’s forearm and pulled him into the other room. “Thank you Jeff, I really don’t know what would’ve happened if you hadn’t showed up.” He flashed you a smile, and you could’ve sworn you heart stopped for a second, “No problem. Are you looking for Monty?” You nodded your head, “Ever since I got here, have you seen him?” “Yeah actually he was just-there he is.” Jeff pointed behind you, and you turned around. Your boyfriend was rushing over to you, looking concerned but also mad at the same time. “Babe are you okay? I’m so sorry I wasn’t there-” Putting up a hand, you stopped him. “I’m fine, Jeff helped me out.” You giggled and Monty sent a glare Jeff’s way. Slowly, he made his way out of the room to give you and your boyfriend some alone time. “What was that for? He helped me.” You frowned looking at him. “You should be mad at Bryce, not Jeff.” His jaw clenched and his body tensed. “I’m mad at both of them. Bryce shouldn’t have hit on you at all. It took everything for me not to kill him.” Understanding the first part, you still stood confused on why he was mad at Jeff. “And I’m mad at Jeff because you’re my girl, it should’ve been me saving you.” You laughed at his explanation, pulling him closer to you by his belt. “I’m safe, that’s all that matters right now.” “Yeah but…it would’ve been nice to be there for you.” Biting your lip, you looked up at him. “You’re always there for me babe.” Standing on your tiptoes, you gently pressed your lips against his. You pulled away soon after and grabbed his hand, “Shall I congratulate the winner with his reward now?” Smirking, you started looking for an empty room upstairs, Monty following close behind.


Tapes - Zach Dempsey

“Author’s” note: Hello to anyone who has found their way to this post! Had this idea in my mind for awhile, thought I’d write it out. I’m definitely not a writer so major apologizes for the trash lmao. 
Also thank you to anyone who takes time to actually read this at all if anyone does ?? Not sure how this will turn out, but if you would like, you may let me know how it is ???

Pairing: Zach Dempsey x Fem! Reader

Summary: While currently dating Zach Dempsey, you listen to your tape, but it’s different compared to the others. 

A lot of Hannah talking ??

And kinda long :/

Warnings: Beginner’s writing soz

“If you’re still listening, all of you can take a breath. A breather. Maybe get some fresh air. Just take a moment to relax as you listen, because, here’s a pause to this little game. This next tape is.. well, this tape is slightly different. Similar to the others in certain ways as it’s about someone specific, but still very much different. And it’s important that you all continue to listen.
This tape is not a reason. This tape.. It’s a reassurement.
With everything that had been going on in life, everything that was continuing with leading me to my, well, giving up.. I still had one tiny piece of sunshine that made things actually okay.
With the long Sophomore year I’d been having: the picture, the rumors, the list, the poem leak.. As it formulated it’s snowball effect, I found my own breath of fresh air. 

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Star of the Show - Jeff Atkins x Reader

Request - “Could I please have an imagine about Jeff and maybe a couple friends come to a dance performance that I’m in!”

Flashing lights. Pumping music. Chaos backstage. Stressed out dancers running around for their quick changes and getting to the correct wings. This was something you’d been doing years, and were used to, however this time was different- because your recent boyfriend Jeff Atkins had come to watch. He’d brought a couple of friends; Hannah Baker, Clay Jensen, Zach Dempsey, and Montgomery de la Cruz, but it was him you were the most nervous for.

You hadn’t been dating long, and you were worried what he might think of your dancing, especially since you had a solo. However, Jeff coming to support you had warmed your heart. He was the sweetest boyfriend around and would do anything for you.

You stepped out on your cue, feeling the nerves boil up inside you. You started letting your body move you. You knew these steps off by heart, and let yourself be consumed by the emotion of the song and the story your contemporary dance was telling the audience.

Although the lights blocked your view of the audience, you could tell Jeff was there watching you with content and trying not to draw too much attention to himself.


Jeff’s POV

She looked amazing. The way her body moved was so fluid and elegant. Jeff admired his girlfriend and wondered how he’d gotten so lucky. She was everything he’d ever wanted - gorgeous, intelligent, compassionate, hilarious, and just all round perfect. He had his baseball, she had her dance. They loved to support each other, but this was the first chance he’d been given.

“THAT’S MY GIRL!” Jeff shouted up at the stage, before realising it was probably a mistake. He got a few dirty looks, but seeing the falter of a smile in your facial expression told him enough. He took note to never do t again, but he was glad he had.

The dance ended and Jeff realised now was the time.

“WOOOO! YOU’RE AMAZING BABY!” He called out to you, with a wolf whistle.


Your POV

The adrenaline was still pumping through you once the dance had finished, and Jeff’s supporting words made you grin, without being able to stop. You took a bow and slowly walked off stage.


All your things were now fit nicely in your bag, you double checked the area to be sure that you’d left nothing behind. There was a gentle knock at your door. You turned to reveal Jeff.

“Jeff!” You enthused. He grinned back at you.

“You. Were. Amazing.” His hands were behind his back. He brought them forward to reveal a bouquet of your favourite flowers.

“Oh my Jeff they’re gorgeous!” You were surprised but incredibly happy. You ran over and hugged him.

“You’re the amazing one.” You smiled Into his chest. He smelled faintly of coconut. You leaned your head back and brought it up to his, kissing him gently on the lips.

“We could argue all night about this.” He chuckled.

“I’d rather cuddle all night.” You smiled up at him. He had placed the flowers on the side so he could embrace you fully.

You were both shocked apart when the onslaught entered.

“Y/N! That was so good!” Hannah rushed up to hug you.

“Jeff took way too long to ask you out. You could so tell how long he’d been waiting to do that.” Clay laughed.

“How the fuck do you do that?” Monty added. Zach nodded in agreement.

“Pretty damn cool.”

“Thank you guys! You’re all so sweet.” You beamed at your friends.

“So who agrees we should take the star of the show out for dinner? On us.” Hannah asked. The group nodded in agreement.

“And then she’s coming back to mine to cuddle. None of you are allowed.” Jeff had a very serious look on his face. No one interrupted his cuddle time.

“Thank you guys that amazing but I can’t-”

“Yes you can.” Zach cut you off. “Come on. You can pick where we go.”

“I love you all so much.” You giggled. Surrounded by all your favourite people in the world who had come to support you, made you feel a little emotional. They all ‘awww'ed and jumped on you from all sides for a massive bear hug. This was the good stuff.

Take A Hit

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Alex Standall x Reader
Request: Hi baaaabe❤️ I am obviously requesting an Alex imagine, where Monty flirts with you and Alex gets jealous because of that and starts a fight against Monty. Thank you ☺️
Word Count: 951
A/N: So this is my first request, hopefully you enjoy it love :). I tried really hard on this actually, it took me the rest of the day. One thing I want to note is that I may have portrayed Montgomery as too much of a bad guy, but you guys can tell me how I did. Enjoy! :)
Warnings: Light swearing
Italics = you, Bold = Alex, Italicized, Bold = Montgomery <hopefully this isn’t too confusing

It was a normal day for you as you walked through the doors of Liberty High School. You walked along your boyfriend Alex Standall, fingers gently intertwined and your body leaning up against his. To say that your relationship was perfect was a complete understatement, everything had become beyond that with you two and it had you completely ecstatic. In the short frame of four months, Alex had already confessed his love for you and it was then, no matter how unrealistic your friends thought you were being, you realized just how much you’d loved him too.
Your first few periods had passed way too quickly and it was already passing period to lunch. You were leaned up against your locker waiting for Alex, he would always meet you there so that he could take you out to eat. After a few minutes of waiting, you felt a small tap on your shoulder. Turning around, you fully expected it to be Alex, but to your surprise it wasn’t, it was Montgomery De La Cruz. You had known Montgomery only because Alex had had a few altercations with him before, but you had never exactly talked to him. Another thing you had heard about him was that he is a complete fuckboy. But still you thought, which had been really naive on your part, the he’d never try to hit on you. Besides, you weren’t even precisely his type, nor would you ever come close to it. Yet here he was, his arm now wrapped around your shoulders, smirking like the idiot he was.
“So babe,” he licked his lips as his eyes traveled up and down your body. Your nose scrunched up as you tried to push him away, despising the pet name he had given you. You were sure he had gotten the hint, but of course Montgomery was the guy he was, and when he wanted something he almost always got it. His arm swung over caging you in between him and the lockers. He leaned in towards you a bit and continued, “I was wondering if you’d like to have some fun later…”
It was absolutely ridiculous that he was even trying because, never in a billion years, would you give yourself up to someone, especially not Montgomery De La Cruz. “I have a boyfriend,” you spat as you rolled your eyes. To say the least, Montgomery was a persistent little fuck. You had started to get nervous when he had pressed his whole body against you, a hand resting on your hip.
“Oh come on babe, you know you want it…” Your knees had gotten weak. For one, you were scared and you just wished the Alex could be here to ‘save’ you. As if your prayers had been answered, you heard shouting from the end of the hallway, “Get the fuck off of her!”
In an instant, the weight on your body had been lifted and you could see Monty holding up his hands in defense, “Hey man, she wanted it,” he winked as he looked straight ahead at Alex. By this time Alex was close enough to swing on him, and he did. “Alex stop!” Montgomery had quickly bounced back, and punched Alex straight in the jaw. “Alex! Monty! Stop!” They had been going back and forth and you kept pleading for them to stop. You couldn’t bear seeing Alex like this, bruised and bloody. It was a miracle that Jeff and a few others had come to hold the two boys back before one of them had beaten the other to a bloody pulp.
Your heart was thumping as you walked forward to hug Alex. You were holding him back a little as he tried to lurch forward yelling things like “Stay the fuck away from her!” and “We’re not done with this!” Alex’s tense body softened a little as your arms tightened around his body, “It’s fine Alex, I’m okay. Just stop please…” Your eyes flicked up to meet his, and his whole mood shifted. You grabbed his hand and led him to the nearest bathroom.
Grabbing some paper towel, you wet it under some running water, and tried to clean up some of Alex’s wounds. He winced a little but let you continue, “You know,” you started, bending down and reaching into your backpack for a band aid (for instances like this), “You didn’t have to do that.” Your hand rubbed the band aid over his, once smooth, skin as he scuffed.
“Yeah I did, he was putting his hands all over you and…” “And?” “…I got jealous.” Everything had fallen silent except for the small giggles that slipped from your mouth, “Y-you were jealous of Montgomery?!”
His eyes flickered, and he didn’t respond to your question. “Alex look at me,” his eyes quickly sought yours, signaling for you to continue, “I. Love. You.” you said, pausing between each word. “I would never, ever leave you for someone else. So please…you don’t need to fight for me. I hate seeing you get hurt.” His hands found your waist, pulling you closer to him and giving your hips a gentle squeeze. “If it’s for you, I will always fight.” A faint smile appeared across his face, and he leaned down to capture your lips in a passionate kiss. When he pulled away, he rested his forehead on yours and said, “I love you (Y/N), so much.” You pulled away from his grasp, a huge smile on your face, and tugged on the front of his black t-shirt. “C’mon kiddo, let’s go get you some lunch, you must be hungry.” Alex chuckles and shakes his head as he follows you out of the bathroom.


Him - Jeff Atkins

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Word count: 1454

Hope you like it!

A/N: uploading a second time since tumblr didn’t let it show up under the tags. really tumblr?


It was Thursday, the day Clay tutored Jeff for History. Clay had helped him so much already, without Clay baseball wouldn’t have been an option anymore and Jeff felt like baseball was the only thing he was good at. He looked at his watch when he realised he was going to be late if he kept walking this slow. Jeff entered the library searching for Clay when he saw him sitting next to y/n. Y/N was the most beautiful creature Jeff had ever seen. She had everything. She was so smart, the girl always had straight A’s and on top of that she was top scorer at the liberty high’s soccer team. Things Jeff only could dream of. But above all that she also was the prettiest girl he had even seen. Her perfect y/h/c hair, the rare colour of y/e/c her eyes had, the cute freckles on her nose and only one next to her left eye. y/n was just perfect. Jeff always wanted to talk to her but most of the time he felt too scared. He tried to be around her as much as possible just so she would maybe notice him, hanging around her locker or being in the gym after her soccer practice. She always smiled with her beautiful white teeth but he never found the confidence to really talk to her. All the hanging around did had it’s good sides. One day y/n fell and he was the first with her to help her. That was the first time he really talked to her and that day made him fall ever harder for her. All she could talk about was how she was going to miss soccer, he never met a girl this passionate. But now there he was standing in front of her, probably staring like an idiot. That’s when she showed her beautiful smile again before looking back down. He sat down in front of Clay and tried to focus as much as he could on what Clay was saying. It was a short session since Jeff understood this part pretty good. Before he wanted to leave he saw Clay follow Hannah Baker walking out with his eyes.

“Dude you still didn’t ask her out?” He said, knowing pretty well he was as much as a chicken himself.

“Why would I? she doesn’t like me.”

“If you still believe that, you’re an idiot. I have an idea. There is this party  tomorrow at Jessica’s place. Just ask her if she’s coming too? That’s not really asking her out, but you can hang with the her the whole night.” Jeff said but then suddenly he saw y/n was leaving. He soon realised that the things he said to Clay maybe would work for himself so he started to pack and left quickly so he could catch y/n. He walked up to her watching her turn around before he could call her name.

“Hey y/n! I was wondering, there is this party tomorrow evening and you know Clay pretty good, right?” he said. Y/N nodded.  

“So I feel like we really need to make those two a thing. So I already told Clay to come to the party tomorrow. Maybe if you come too, we can try to make something work between them?” Jeff could punch himself in the face for the stupidity of his excuse, why would she want to come now.

“I’m not really into parties Jeff.”  y/n said. Jeff forgot how he never saw her at any party even tho she was pretty popular.

“Oh c’mon! I’ll stay with you the whole night if you help me.” Jeff said trying to convice her, he suddenly felt a little more confident.

“Okay, I’ll be there, but if you bail on me I’ll be home as fast as I get there!” Jeff felt happier than ever when those words left her mouth. She gave him that incredible smile again, making his heart melt for the 100th time. She turned around and walked towards her car letting Jeff admire her.

Fast forward Friday evening

Jeff dressed as nice as possible so he could make a good impression on y/n. Tonight was going to be the night, he felt it. He parked his car in front of Jessica’s house, looked in his car mirror and made his way inside. When he entered Bryce and some other jock’s shouted.

“Atkins arriveddddd!” he smiled and greeted them all before asking someone if they saw y/n entering. The second person he asked told him y/n  was in the kitchen so  he didn’t hesitate and made his way down there immediately. He didn’t want to leave her side for a second, making sure she wasn’t going to leave. When he entered he saw her standing there next to Clay, she was looking beautiful as ever. Luckily Hannah already arrived so this was  his chance to get alone tie with y/n.

“Clay dude, Hannah is here!” he said. “go talk to her.” to Jeff’s surprise Clay didn’t hesitate and walked out the kitchen pretty quick. Now it was his turn to try to make a move so he got a little closer to her. Before he could talk to y/n someone shouted.

“Jow atkins beerpong! You in?” he didn’t want to leave y/n and he needed a partner for the game eventually.

“Only if y/n is my partner!”

She smiled and followed him outside. He quickly reminded her that he had to drive so she had to do most of the drinking but she didn’t seem to mind it. We were a pretty good team. We were winning. Y/N started to loosen up, probably because of the alcohol. He never saw her like that, even tho y/n was so nice she always seemed stressed. She never got of her path to achieve her goals. That was something he really admired about her but he could imagine how stressed she felt. So maybe cutting loose for a night wasn’t a bad idea. She got closer to him and he felt like tonight was the moment to make his move. He first tried a small move to see how she would react. He threw his arm around her shoulder but she didn’t push him away. Jeff couldn’t help but feel like the happiest person alive. Was there a possibility y/n liked him too?  y/n threw the last ball in, out of excitement he picked her up turning her around, to celebrate they won. Jeff wished this moment would last forever. He already loved her everyday-smile but the one she was showing right now was even more beautiful, she seemed so  sincerely happy. It was a good idea to ask her with him to the party. Jeff putted her back on the ground but didn’t want to let go of her. He looked her in the eyes when he felt her pulling at his neck. This was his chance. Jeff leaned in to kiss her, before he knew it his lips were touching hers. The girl he has been in love with from the moment he saw her was kissing him. Her lips were so soft and her kisses were so gentle. He felt her hands travel down his back and holding him around his waist. y/n broke the kiss with the cutest giggle Jeff ever heard. He felt his heart almost bumping out of his chest.

“Do I have to drop you of?” he whispered in her ear. She looked up showing the blush that developed on her cheeks.

“That would be nice.” She said with a smile. Jeff took her hand and helped her to his car. on the way to her house he just kept replaying what happened in his head. It was just perfect. He laid his hand on her upper thigh which made her let out a cute giggle again. When he arrived at her place he acted quick because he wanted to be a real gentleman, so he walked around the car to help her out and walk her to the door. He knew this was the moment.

“Y/N I now this may be not the best moment but I really need to tell you something.” He saw y/n was getting scared.

“What is it?” she said on a scared tone.  Jeff took a deep breath and went for it.

“I know this sounds ridiculous since we don’t know each other for long but I’m in love with you. I’ve been in love with you for so long and I just can’t hide it anymore. Just everything about you, I just-“ before he could finish his sentence y/n was kissing him deeply.

“I’ve been in love with you way longer Jeff.”

Thanks for reading! I hope you like it and don’t forget to read the her part!

Let me know what you think! xxx

LIW Review: Nothing Much To Do

Posted (late) in honor of the third anniversary of the first episode on March 26th. 

Nothing Much To Do has been the gold standard in literary-inspired webseries for close to three years. The series won eight out of ten awards (best supporting actress, best costume and set design, best ensemble cast, the honorary award, best script, best actress, best actor, and best LIW) at the first-ever literary-inspired webseries awards in 2015.

NMTD was created by The Candle Wasters, a group of four young women from New Zealand who decided they’d like to create a Shakespeare adaptation. They chose Much Ado About Nothing and set it at Messina High School in Auckland, New Zealand, where Beatrice Duke has moved to stay with her cousin Hero while her parents are in Australia. Bea decides to take up vlogging, and that’s where the story starts.

Plot Overview:

Beatrice Duke’s parents move to Australia, and she chooses to spend her last year of high school at Messina High with her dear cousin Hero, her old friend Pedro, her arch nemesis Benedick, and the rest of the gang. Hero has a crush on soccer goalie Claudio, and when it starts looking like things might be on track for the pair of them, the characters decide, led by Pedro, to get Beatrice and Benedick together. The result is a romantic comedy musical of Shakespearean proportions, with the occasional flamingo or bathtub thrown in, just for good measure.


The series takes place across three YouTube channels, all of which are essential for understanding the entire story. The main channel is Nothing Much To Do, home to Beatrice and Hero’s weekly vlogs. Once he sees Beatrice doing it, Benedick decides to take up vlogging as well. His channel is called benaddicktion. The third channel, Watch Projects, is home to Ursula’s film projects, Verges and Dogberry’s detective show, and Balthazar’s music videos.


NMTD was the first webseries in which all of the content on all YouTube channels was equally important to the plot. The description boxes on every video were written in character and were often as important as the content of the videos themselves (see “An Ode” and “one foot on sea one on shore one in the boiling hot lava”). The titles of the videos also reflect the personalities the person uploading them (Benedick, for example, gives all his videos one-word titles that are thematically linked in his mind to the contents of said video). 

The Candle Wasters stayed up late to upload videos when the characters would have. The characters interacted with the audience (and once with each other) in the comments section. Beatrice also had a Twitter account, Hero had an Instagram, and Ursula had a Tumblr, and the transmedia supplemented the story but was not necessary for understanding it. 

Also, these people act both like the characters in the play and like actual high schoolers, which is rare in any sort of adaptation, much less one with no budget.


The only non-white character is Ursula, who is of Asian descent, but the LGBTQ+ representation is strong, especially for 2014. Hero and Leo have two moms, who are off on their belated honeymoon for the duration or the series. Balthazar is openly gay (though he never actually uses that word). There’s also another semi-surprising and very satisfying coming out in one of the final episodes.

Film Quality:

Astonishingly good for not having a budget, because The Candle Wasters put in the extra effort to borrow good film equipment and to edit skillfully.

My three favorite things about NMTD:

1) Benedick’s bathtub vlogs

2) The music. Seriously. These people deserve many awards for the music in this show.

3) “one foot on sea one on shore one in the boiling hot lava” – you have to watch it to know why.

While I personally don’t find any faults in this webseries, there are a few things about it that are difficult for other people. The Candle Wasters have a hatred of exposition, so a lot of background information is late, vague, or nonexistent. It can also be hard to understand all of what’s going on if you don’t read the video descriptions, which is an extra step not required by many other webseries. Racial diversity, as I said, is low, but considering the resources The Candle Wasters had at the time, I can’t fault them for that. Besides, every last one of their casting choices was perfect. 

The verdict:

NMTD takes a famous Shakespeare play and, while staying completely true to the story, manages to bring in discussions of slut-shaming, create queer representation that doesn’t even go against canon, AND make the whole thing a musical. They explored the vlogseries format almost to its limits. And the characters are just so loveable. 

I would recommend this webseries to anyone and everyone with any interest in Shakespeare, feminism, musicals, literary-inspired webseries, or a whole load of other things. My love for NMTD is eclipsed only by my love for the sequel, Lovely Little Losers, so stay tuned for that review soon.

5/5 stars. And I probably won’t be giving out many of those.

Wow, that got long. I wouldn’t have written a review this long for anything else, I swear.


Harriett Maire @harriettstella as Beatrice Duke, aka Queen of the World

Pearl Kennedy as Hero Duke, her cousin, “practically perfect in every way”

Jake McGregor @jakeasaurus–rex as Benedick Hobbes, Brit, Whovian, bird enthusiast

Matthew J. Smith as Claudio, long-time bachelor and soccer player extraordinaire

Caleb Wells as Pedro Donaldson, “all round great guy”

George Maunsell as John Donaldson, Pedro’s shifty half brother

Holly Parkes as Verges, has to wear the suspenders to prevent the Devil from infiltrating her

David Hannah as Dogberry, Sherlock fan and adorable little muffin

Jessica Stansfield as Margaret “Meg,” aka Queen of Scream

John Burrows as Robbie, Meg’s boyfriend

Reuben Hudson as Balthazar, the most adorable, precious, talented, non-confrontational person in all of webseries history

Lucie Everett-Brown as Cora, John’s shifty friend

Tina Pan as Ursula, lovely girl behind the camera

Alex MacDonald as Leo, older brother of Hero and coach of the soccer team

Created by The Candle Wasters @thecandlewasters

Running time: 

Approximately five hours

You can watch the whole thing on YouTube here:

Or here with links to the transmedia elements:

Nothing to Worry About (13 Reasons Why Jeff Prom Series Part Three)

Description: It’s the big night, and you’re still searching for Jeff’s attention.

AN: Prom is Saturday for me, so I got excited and kind of inspired. Sorry this is so short!

This is part three of my Jeff Prom Series. You can find the others on my masterlist here.

“Honey, you look great!” your mom said as you came down the stairs.

“Thanks, mom,” you blushed.

“I want you to be safe tonight.”

“I know,” you rolled your eyes. “Jeff will be with me the entire time. Don’t worry.”

“Just…please don’t do anything stupid,” she sighed.

“I promise I won’t,” you said just as the doorbell rang. “I’ll get it!” You smiled as you walked to the door. You opened it and smiled at Jeff as he smiled at you. “You look amazing,” you smiled.

“You look beautiful,” he grinned back. “If we want to grab something to eat, we better go now.”

“Pictures first!” your mom yelled as she grabbed her phone. “Your mom said it was essential, and I agree,” she said to Jeff as you both laughed. You posed for her and smiled when she finally said she was done. “Be safe! Please please please!”

“You have nothing to worry about,” Jeff smiled at her. “I’ll make sure she’s okay.”

“Thank you, Jeff,” she smiled.

You both finally left your house and got in his car. “I made a playlist,” he mumbled as he pulled out his phone. “I asked Tony for suggestions, and I’ve been working on it for weeks.”

“You are the sweetest. I had no idea!”

“Even when I kept asking to look at your phone? You didn’t think that was weird?” he laughed.

“I thought you were taking selfies or something,” you giggled.

“Well, that too.”

He shuffled the playlist as he drove. You expected him to pull into the parking lot at Rosie’s, where you always go but were surprised when he went straight at the intersection instead. “We’re not going to Rosie’s?”

“Clay said he and Hannah were meeting at a new place, and he asked if we would go too…if that’s okay.”

“It’s great,” you smiled. You just hoped Jeff’s entire night wouldn’t be about Clay and Hannah. Sure, you wanted both of them to be happy, and anyone could see that they would find happiness in being together, but you also wanted to have fun and be happy with Jeff. Especially with baseball playoffs in full swing, you hadn’t had alone time with Jeff since your coffee date at Monet’s. “He doesn’t need us to be a buffer the entire time, right?” you whispered.

“I-I thought you wanted to help them.”

“I do, but I also want to be with you and dance with you and kiss you.”

“Let’s have dinner with them, then the rest of the night I’m yours. That sound okay?”

“Sounds perfect.”

I Break All The Rules For You

want a speculative scene from the finale that’s just angst and cuddling? okay so you don’t but like three people did so here it is.

here on ao3

His hand skimmed her stomach, whenever they were together like this they were in constant contact. Sometimes it was about greed, impatience, desperation, but in the last hours of their time, the sun starting to rise, it was soft, slow, warm, if not occasionally desperate for a different reason.

Nick’s pointer finger found a spot on her hip and followed it. A stretchmark that was one of the only reminders that she’d carried Hannah. She only had a few, her doctor told her it was genetics and a little bit of luck that she didn’t have more. 

June sighed and tucked her head under his chin. She wasn’t sure if she wanted him to hear her at all so she didn’t move away, her lips against his chest when she spoke.

“Maybe I’ll miscarry.” 

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infinity x infinity

I should be studying but then this song gave me a great idea for a drarry fic (featuring neville’s wedding) so I thought, why not.

inspired by; sun by sleeping at last

word count; 1.6k+

summary; Perhaps, he thinks, this is what time does. Perhaps it takes violent things, angry things and makes them kind.

- - 

All together again, for the best of reasons, the five of them stand together, under the lit up trees of the reception. The sixth member of their group, stands hand in hand with his new wife, Neville and Hannah Longbottom, glowing in love, thank their friends and family for coming to their wedding ceremony.

“Oh isn’t this lovely,” sighs Ginny, her head falling to Harry’s shoulder, and her hand tightly bound in Lunas. Her and Harry had stayed good friends through and after the break up and they often played Quidditch together on weekends and holidays.

Ron smiles down at Hermione, “I wonder if we look that in love.”

Hermione smiles back and swats at his arm, “Oh don’t be stupid Ronald.”

“You do, you know,” Harry interjects.

“I know,” Ron smiles again, draping his arm around Hermione’s waist and pulling her into his side.

Harry finishes his glass of champagne and bids farewell to the gang as he makes his way to congratulate the two newlyweds. As he crosses the courtyard however he spots a familiar blond head, sitting by himself at a table.

Draco Malfoy looks exquisite in the shadows thrown off by the fairy lights around the glen. A perfect mix of light and dark, his face turned toward the dance floor as he watches the couples dance, laughter floating to him between the trees. He doesn’t spot Harry until he’s at the table, staring down at him quizzically yet with a handsome smile on his very handsome face.

“Draco, hey.” He says.

Draco looks up, “Oh, Harry. Hello. Pleasant surprise,” he laughs lightly and shakes his head, “Oh who am I kidding, I knew you’d be here.”

The sound of his laugh is delicious in Harry’s ears, warm and melting, and he wants to hear it again and again and again, like a song on repeat. “Can I uh,” he gestures to the table.

Draco smiles at him, another rarity, “Who would I be to say no to the saviour of the wizarding world? Take a seat Harry.”

Harry, taking the blonde by surprise takes the seat next to him. “You know,” he starts, “I’m not the only saviour, if that’s even the right word.”

“I know that you prat.” Draco laughs again, much to Harry’s delight. “May I ask what I’ve done to be graced with your presence this evening?”

“You can’t sit alone at a wedding. It’s bad luck you know.”

“Is it really?” The blonde raises his eyebrows in revelation.

Harry laughs and Draco’s heartbeat fastens at the sound, “I haven’t the faintest clue.”

Draco laughs too and they stare at each other a moment longer than necessary. Draco at the brunette’s constellations of freckles dotting his cheeks, Harry at the laugh lines around the blonde’s eyes, something that must be a new development, as Draco had never laughed at Hogwarts. He wonders what or whom it is that have caused those line, and he wants, so strongly, to be the reason for some more of them.

Harrys curiosity overwhelms him and he asks quickly, “Where’ve you been all these years Malfoy?”

“Harry, it’s been three years, hardly that long,” his voice is light and teasing, such a contrast to the dark misguided boy he had been during the time they spent together at school, “But if you must know, I’ve been at St Mungos.”

“St Mungos?” Harry asks, his eyebrows shooting half way up his forehead, settling somewhere around his scar, “What’ve you been doing there?”

“Trading illegal goods,” at the look on Harrys face, Draco bursts into laughter, this time less light, more genuine, “Healing people you git.”

Trying to recover Harry lowers his eyebrows, “I never did take you for the healer type.” He rests his head on his hand, “Though you were always quite the potions master, so I suppose it makes sense.”

“And you were always quite the bloody hero, makes sense you’re an Auror.”

Harry looks up at him, in awe, “How’d you know I’m an Auror.”

“Oh, I know all kinds of things Harry.” Harry wonders if some of these things are bad, like weights that cause Draco’s insides to sink and he thinks back to their sixth year, but the smile gracing his face tells him not to worry, that this is a different Draco to the one who he knew in school.

Seeing him smile like that, it completes parts of him. This carefree nature, the openness in his eyes shocks Harry, it makes everything around him seem so much more alive. There’s so much life in the man in front of him, an entire universe of it.

Little does he realize that Draco is stealing glances at him too in the comfortable silence that has fallen between them. The light in Harry’s eyes mesmerizes him, just like it always has, the reflection of the golden strings of light above them making him dizzy with adoration and lust. The line shines similarly off Draco’s hair, blinding Harry with a similar feeling though both of them are much too scared to admit what this might mean.

Harry watches as Draco’s eyes drift back to the dancers. “We could join them you know,” As Draco’s eyes meet his in confusion he continues on, “If you want to, that is.”


“I’m asking you to dance I think.” Harry looks down, running a hand through his unruly hair, “again, only if you want to.”

Draco smiles and stands abruptly, offering his hand to Harry, who seems just as confused as he was moments earlier.

“For the boy who defeated Voldemort twice, you sure are thick. I’m accepting your offer. To dance.”

“Oh!” Harry exclaims, shooting out of his seat and taking Draco’s outstretched hand.

Draco then proceeds to practically skip to the clearing of the glade, where soft music weaves between the couples dancing, like a thick fog, embracing them. He’s over flowing with excitement as he places his arms around Harry’s shoulders, pulling him close. Harry’s breath hitches with the sudden proximity and he can feel Draco’s heartbeat keeping time with his beneath his dress shirt.

“Is this okay?” Draco asks tentatively, quietly beside Harry’s ear.

Harry breathes out an unsteady yes as his hands find their way to Draco’s waist.

Those around them do not stop and stare at the sight, they simply smile to themselves, Harry’s friends quietly triumphant, this was bound to happen. Two boys too afraid to love and be loved in return. Two boys too afraid of the part of themselves they saw in the other finally accepting that, and showcasing those parts to the world.

Draco smiles up at Harry as they settle into the rhythm of the slow song coming from everywhere and nowhere all at once and the kindness he sees reflected in those grey orbs of light is as infinite as the universe of life within this boy, this man. A universe that has been tearing at well stitched seams for years, trying desperately to get out, finally bubbling over, finally out in the world. And for Harry Potter, the world is now a better place because of it.

Perhaps, he thinks, this is what time does. Perhaps it takes violent things, angry things and makes them kind.

Harry smiles down at Draco before the blonde places his head on his shoulder and studies his face as they continue to sway, their heartbeats slowing as they relax into each other’s touch. He continues to trace the constellations of freckles with his eyes, they seem like stars, thrown with no care across the skin of his nose and his cheeks, like a small, infinite universe for him to call his own. Even after all these years, Draco still claimed full possession of the freckles on Harry’s tan skin, though the brunette didn’t know it.

As they continued to dance in their warm, tender embrace, they thought of all they could be. Not just two boys, but two universes, of light and love.

Infinity times infinity.

The song slowly comes to an end, though they don’t move from their position, Draco simply lifts his head, his eyes happy and bright, his limbs tired and hazy in a happy way, everything about the boy’s glows.

“Merlin,” Draco sighs gleefully, “I haven’t done that since the Yule Ball. Since I was young.”

“Then perhaps,” Harry begins, meeting Draco’s expectant eyes, “You’d like to do it again sometime.”

“Are you asking me out, Potter?” Draco raises an eyebrow is skepticism, though a playful smile remains glued to his face.

“And what if I was?”

“Well,” Draco feigns being deep in thought, staring off into the distance before gradually focusing in on Harry once more, “I believe I would say yes.”

“Excellent.” Harry responds, catching sight of Neville and Hannah over Draco’s shoulder, “I hate to be rude but before I was so rudely distracted, I was set to go congratulate the new couple.”

“Well then I shall join you, to apologize for so rudely distracting you.”

“Very well then,” Harry spoke as he takes hold of Draco’s hand in his own and they walk with purpose toward the bride and groom.

“Neville! Hannah! I just wanted to congratulate you, that was the most beautiful ceremony.” Harry hugs them both before taking Draco’s hand again, rubbing lazy circles with his thumb.

“Yes, congratulations, and thank you,” Draco glances quickly at Harry and then back at the newlyweds, “for inviting me.”

“To think,” Neville laughs, “Our wedding brought you two together, of all the things.”

The two thank them again and make their way back toward the clearing to dance and socialize.

As the night wears on, Harry realizes that perhaps he had felt more than hatred for Malfoy all those years ago and Draco realizes he had never fallen out of love with the boy who lived.

More Than A Feeling

Here is part six, the final part in “Salt And Pepper”

Pairing: Jeffrey Dean Morgan x Reader
Words:  1017

Read “Behind Brown Eyes”
Read “Back In The Saddle”
Read “Sweet Emotion”
Read “Just What I Needed”
Read “Feel Like Making Love”

A/N: Thank you all so much for the love this series (And pretty much everything I write)! Y’all keep me going.
A/N2: If you want to be tagged in anything, just let me know.

Originally posted by ifellinlovewithabrokenheart

          You hadn’t seen Jeffrey in almost three weeks and it was killing you. You talked to him on the phone as often as you could, but when you were both being pulled in opposite directions for filming, you didn’t get to be together.

           You were getting your things ready to go home from set when your phone rang. You hurriedly dug it out of your pocket and sighed happily, “Hey, Jeffrey.” You couldn’t hide the happiness in your voice.

           “Hey, Sweetheart.” You could tell he was smiling too.

           You slung your purse on your shoulder to continue what you were doing while you talked to him, “How’s my favorite guy?”

           “Good.” He said, “I just miss my girl.”

           “I miss you too.” You sighed, feeling that pull in your chest that you got every time you talked to him.

           “How was your day?”

           “It was good.” You answered, grabbing your keys and walking out of your trailer to head to your car. “I’m heading home now.”

           “Get some sleep for me?” he chuckled. The sound brought a warmth over you that you had become used to.

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The Boys And School Runaway Reader

Request: Hello! Would you mind do a hc wich fem!reader in a moment ends up in boys bathrooms (cause she is runaways from someone).


A/N: I hope this is okay. I wasn’t 100% sure what to do with it.


Warnings: Implied bullying.


The Boys And School Runaway Reader…


  • You ran down the halls as fast as you could, praying that you wouldn’t run into everyone every time you approached a corner
  • This could’ve easily been the worst day of your life, and you were desperate to just be isolated in a small room in your own comfort

  • Without meaning to, you ran straight in to the boy’s bathroom, collapsing back against the door as you cried
  • You hadn’t noticed the line of boys at the basin - Alex, Justin, Monty, Jeff, Clay, Tony each of them doing whatever it was boy do when they hang out together in the bathroom, perfecting their signature appearances

  • They were all stunned into silence of course
  • They’re men, they have no idea how to cope with someone crying

  • Jeff was the first to approach you. His voice soft, as well as the hand on your knee. He knew he would somewhat startle you
  • You felt your stomach sink when you looked up to them and realised you’d entered the wrong bathroom. There was no way you’d ever get past the embarrassment of the moment

  • You’d been so distracted staring in horror to be calmed by Jeff’s thumb caressing your knee, and before you knew it, you were crying again
  • Justin looked literally stunned, with 0 idea on how to comfort you, Clay and Tony hesitantly approached you, and Monty and Alex seemed to keep their distance, understandably still uncomfortable with the situation

  • You weren’t sure how long you sat there on the floor like that, but at some stage Jeff had sat beside you and put his arms around you
  • It suddenly fully hit you that you’d never been close to any of these boys, just class acquaintances

  • That didn’t stop Justin from instantly asking you whose ass they needed to kick though
  • And Monty hurriedly agreeing

  • You figured you couldn’t possibly tell them what happened, the guy who’d tried to pull your pants down in front of the class was a jock, so you figured that meant most of the guys would side with him instead
  • You were wrong though, once they finally coaxed what happened out of you they had a pretty good idea who did it, and Monty absolutely punched him later on in the hall

  • The guys let you hang around for the rest of the day, and while it was awkward at first, you relaxed around them super-fast
  • It wasn’t quite like they were a group of your big brothers, maybe more like cousins- they had that protective feel of family, but a day certainly wasn’t long enough for them to really gel with you

  • It was Tony’s idea for them to take you on a ‘date’ after school to help cheer you up. You all got food and went and saw a movie at the crestmont, sneaking the food in with the help of Hannah behind the counter
  • Afterwards when the sun was setting they dropped you home, and you figured that tomorrow everything would be back to normal again- you’d just be the nobody they didn’t look at in the halls, and you hoped by then everyone had forgotten the incident of the day

  • You were wrong though, and Tony was promptly out front of your house the next morning, ready to drive you to school with Clay
  • It definitely took Alex the longest to warm to you, but that didn’t surprise you much. He seemed like the most closed off of them all, and basically the whole school knew this group was basically all the social life he wanted anything to do with in crestmont

  • Clay surprised you with how funny he was, and Monty with how sweet he was
  • It suddenly made sense to you how people like Justin and Monty could be such good friends with people like Jeff and Clay, they were just misunderstood sportsmen trying to make it through high school

  • And you all ended up being some kind of saviour to each other

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Jeff Atkins #2

So this is an imagine I wanted to write ever since I found the song “I want you here” by Plumb.
This is a really sad one and I cried while writing it.

Italic: Past
Normal. Present
Black: Songtext

An ache
So deep
That I
Can hardly breathe
This pain
Can’t be imagined
Will it ever heal?

It’s been one week since the accident that shook up my whole word.
One week since I wasn’t able to get out my bed, let alone talk.
One week since the love of my life died because he went on a beer run for a stupid party.

But today I have to get up because it’s his funeral.
It still sounds surreal that I am about to go to the funeral of my boyfriend.
It still FEELS surreal to think about him being dead.
Every day ever since I wake up, hoping he would have texted me like he used to.

People around me tried to be there for me but I just pushed them away.
What kind of sense does it make now anyway?
Jeff is dead.

Your hand
So small
Held a strand of my hair
So strong
All I could do
Was keep believing
Was that enough?

It was a normal wednesday afternoon Jeff and I spend together.
We were both busy with homework.
Me, reading a paper for communication class and him, writing a paper for english history.

Both of our legs were tangled and I couldn’t help but smile.
It was perfect.
“What are you thinking about?”, he suddenly looks over to me and I look up from my paper while turning my head.

Nothing, really. It’s silly.”
“Come on princess, tell me.”, he said with a soft smile and wiped some hair out of my face.
“I just..I love you. So much it hurts sometimes.”, I sigh and his smile gets brighter before he leans over to me and places a soft kiss on my lips.
“I love you too. I do. More than you know.”

Is anyone there?

As were a standing in front of his grave I can see almost the whole school gathering around it.
It doesn’t really surprise me, Jeff was one of the most popular kids at school.
Kind. Happy. And always looking out for his friends.
But he was so much more than that for me.
He was the most amazing guy I have ever met and thinking about the fact that I’ll never see him again makes my heart break again.
No one seems to notice but I can feel my eyes filling with tears all over again.

I wanna scream
Is this a dream?
How could this happen
Happen to me?
This isn’t fair
This nightmare
This kind of torture
I just can’t bear
I want you here
I want you here

One hour later almost everyone is gone, except for me.
Jeff’s and my parents decided to give me some time alone with him and I couldn’t be more grateful for it.

Tears stream down my face as I sit down in front of it and look at all the flowers and condolences written on it.
The thought of everyone missing him made me smile a bit because it means he had an impact on their lifes.
They cared about him.
But still, for me this a living nightmare.
“I don’t know what to say, Jeff. Everyone’s trying to be supportive but I just can’t stand seeing them. Every day I wake up and hope for you to be there.”, I sob and wipe away the tears from my face.

“I have no idea if heaven really exists but I just want you to know that I will love you forever. I promise.”

I waited so long
For you to come
Then you were here
And now you’re gone
I was not prepared
For you to leave me
Oh this is misery

The first time I’ve met Jeff Atkins he had no idea who I was nor that he was about to fall for me within a week.

I was on a quick run to Rosies to get a milkshake when I bumped into someone and spilled my shake all over him.
“Holy shit, I am so sorry.”, I started apologizing before I looked up and into the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen.
They were pure and honest and I fell for them immediately.

“It’s okay. Really. I’m Jeff, by the way.”, he laughed and I nod while wiping some hair out of my face.
“Y/N. And once again, I am very sorry.”, you smiled but he shook his head before he pointed at one of the free tables.
“One more milkshake without spilling this time?”, he grins and I nod before he orders two more milkshakes.
As we sit down he looks over to me and his smile grows brighter.

Nothing, you’re just nice to look at.”

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Reid to Me

Summary: Reid x Reader. The Reader is a writer, who struggles to find the right words. But after a rough case, those words are all he wants to hear.

Author’s Note: This is my piece for @passionate-hedgehog‘s fic exchange! I was so excited when I saw I was lucky enough to be given the incredible, lovely, and ever-kind @reiding-and-writing, who gave me a lot of free reign in terms of plot. So here you are, dear! I hope you like it!

Words are all she has sometimes. Not that she minds, her whole world is constructed in syllables and letters, series of meanings strung together. Language is something she is especially grateful for when Spencer is away. Phone calls and text messages are the best forms of communication when he’s out in the field. Those words are her lifeline, letting her know that he’s okay, that he’s thinking of her, that he’ll be home soon. Sometimes she’ll slip handwritten notes into his bag, and he will tuck cards into random places around their apartment for her to find. It warms her heart each time she opens a drawer or turns the corner only to discover a piece of paper covered in his messy scribbling.

She has always been a writer, a teller of stories and chronicler of tales. It hasn’t always been easy. Copywriting, freelancing, editing. More often than not, her work has been putting words into someone else’s mouth for them. After months and months of rejection letters however, she finally received her first acceptance a month ago. Her own novel will soon be published, a work of her own to grace the shelves of bookstores and libraries. It’s her biggest accomplishment, but at times it’s hard to feel proud when her boyfriend quite literally saves lives for a living.

Today is one of those days. All morning and all afternoon she has spent at her desk. Occasionally taking a break to pace the living room or grab coffee and a pastry from the café below them. She sits, she waits. The right words do not come. They are elusive, just out of reach, taunting her. So close and yet so far. With Spencer gone, it’s lonely to be in the apartment. A perpetual state of waiting and wondering and hoping for time to pass quickly. For the return of the things she loves most. Her words. Her love. Her confidence in her own abilities.

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Listen to Me - Zach Dempsey Imagine

Request: I’m not sure if you make zach imagines but hey can you make a imagine about reader is kind of depressed about what happened hannah and jeff, and she gets mad at zach after she found about the tapes and then she realises that zach is depressed and sorry too so she decides to be strong & supportive about her boyfriend, taking care of him. and zach being sensetive and afraid of losing her girlfriend. it’s so long i’m a trash lmfo

Pairing: Zach Dempsey x Reader

Word Count: 996

I haven’t stopped crying in five weeks. Well, I cried nonstop for a while after Jeff died and then was fine but the next day I heard about Hannah. Things haven’t been that great at school, either. My grades have dropped slightly and once the drunk driving posters came down the suicide posters went up in their place. What annoys me the most, though, is how people are faking everything. Everyone is acting sad, like Jeff and Hannah’s deaths changed them forever when in reality more than half of these people never said a word to either of them, especially not to Hannah.

Jeff and I were close. After I started dating Zach I hung out more with the sports crowd, despite my lack of knowledge in all things athletic, and Jeff was one of the few guys that didn’t make a single sexual comment at me. We’d always sit together at the basketball games and Jeff would ask me for help on his schoolwork when he couldn’t get ahold of Clay.

While not extremely close, Hannah and I had something special. We rarely talked or hung out but we were always there for each other. Whenever one of needed to vent or cry, we knew that we could call the other person and cry.

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The Cardinal Rule

@jhoomwrites well, my hand slipped and suddenly it’s way past my bedtime, but here ya go

cardinal-rule. Noun. (plural cardinal rules) A fundamental rule, upon which other matters hinge.

Even as a rebel, even tearing apart the pre-written script and setting out in his own free will, Castiel had followed the one cardinal rule of angels: never get romantically involved with a human.

Of course, the reasoning for the cardinal rule had constantly been disputed. Naomi used to tell him that the humans corrupted angels. Anna had believed, before cutting out her own grace, that it was the other way around, with angels corrupting humans. Uriel thought of humans as little more than mud-monkeys capable of basic thought, Balthazar found their minuscule time spans not worth investing the effort, Hannah feared angels would accidentally squish them.

It was agreed among all, of course, that romance begat the possibility of a nephilim, which was universally thought to be a danger.

So, despite his growing feelings for Dean Winchester, Castiel had managed to resist them. This rule, this strange cardinal rule, wasn’t worth breaking. At least, he thought so up until Dean almost died saving them from Amara. It was one near-death too many, as far as Castiel was concerned, and he’d kissed Dean without thinking.

And, in a miracle even more unbelievable than his survival, Dean kissed back.

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