that would have been the perfect time for hannah to surprise them :'(

Imagine - Zach breaks up with you

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@thrtreasons Request: “pls zach x reader where they dated for a long time and they were super goals but then they broke up idk why and he’s still in love with her and you know he’s not doing well after the tapes and she notices and helps him?? i mean he tells her everything and thinks she’ll hate him etc anyway thank you💫”

It has been exactly one month since you and Zach have broken up, and it was over something extremely stupid. It was over an argument that the two of you had. An argument over the fact that you and Bryce were “too friendly with each other”. Clearly Zach had gone mad. Because you would never cheat on him, and certainly not with Bryce Walker. That guy was a complete asshole and a pervert. If anything, he was always flirting with you, even though you were dating one of his best friends. But you had no intention what so ever to cheat on Zach with Bryce. You loved Zach, you truly did. And he loved you, but clearly not as much as you though because he couldn’t see how it was not you being “too friendly” with Bryce but the other way around.

It has been a painful month for you after the break up. You and Zach were perfect for each other, in your eyes and in the eyes of most of the students at Liberty high. You two were the “IT” couple. Always the talk of the school on how cute the two of you were together and how others wished that they had what you and Zach had. Why did things have to end between the two of you. You remember the night where everything went downhill, like it was yesterday…

“I’m not ‘all over Bryce’ Zach! That’s ridiculous!” You yell.

You and Zach were sitting in your living. Your parents were gone for the weekend on some business trip and Zach had promise to keep you company in the time being. So he had come over to your house so the two of you could cuddle and watch some movies. But things turned south pretty quickly…

“Sure you’re not.” Zach scoffs “You two are always flirting with each other! And right in front of me too!” He booms out.

“You know I’m really surprised that you haven’t left me for him yet, slut…” He breathes out the last word that you nearly missed what he said.

But it’s too late. You heard it. And you have never been more humiliated and furious in your life.

You look at him straight in the eyes, seething, and slap him. Hard. Right across his face.

“You know what!? Fuck you Zachary!” You spit out. “I fucking hate you! Get out!”

Zach scoffs and then says with malice, “Sure, I’ll leave, but know this, we’re fucking done (Y/N). I don’t even know why I went out with such a slut like you in the first place.” Then Zach walks out your door.

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Heart Spice (Derek/Stiles)

@sterekseason requested Stiles/Derek:  we were both lovers over a decade ago and now we meet again to battle it out on this cooking program. our rivalry is strong and just because the camera operator caught us making out in the pantry doesn’t mean i won’t defeat you with the power of truffle oil AU

For winning first prize in my Birthday Giveaway, Hannah gets two fics. This is the first one based on the prompt above. I hope you enjoy it! Fic #34 in my 2017 Prompt Challenge

Heart Spice. Derek/Stiles. Teen. Also on AO3.

When Stiles was twenty-two, he had his heart broken when Derek chose his career over their relationship. A little over ten years later, they meet again on the set of a reality TV cooking competition. Derek wants a second chance, but Stiles isn’t really in a forgiving mood.

“Glad you could make it, Stiles.” Cora nods at him, offering a friendly half-smile that’s the equivalent of a wide, toothy grin from anyone else. It’s a little surprising, and also a little suspicious because Cora usually isn’t smiley.

“I almost didn’t come,” Stiles admits. “Lydia forced me into the car and drove me here before I could, how did she put it, wimp out like a whiny dork.” Stiles rolls his eyes. “For the record, I wasn’t wimping out. I was just having second thoughts because of reasons.”

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That’s My Job

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Montgomery De La Cruz x Reader
Request: Hi! I love your writing. 💕is there any chance I could get a Monty imagine with a female reader? Something along the lines of Bryce trying something on the reader and Jeff standing up for her, then Monty gets all upset cause she’s his girlfriend and he doesn’t know whether to be more pissed off at Jeff or Bryce? If that’s possible to write that would be great 😇
Word Count: 763
A/N: I tried really hard on this one, I actually quite like it. I’m literally drowning in requests, not thanks to @xbarrjallenx lol. I’ll try to get them up as soon as I can. Also, feel free to check out my masterlist! I’ll update it every week. Enjoy! :)
Warnings: None
Italics = You, Bold = Montgomery, Italicized Bold = Jeff
(Y/F/C) = Your favorite color

   Montgomery De La Cruz had always been an overprotective boyfriend. You didn’t mind, however, because it showed that he cared for you. Throughout your relationship, countless of guys have flirted with you or have tried to touch you. It was starting to get out of hand but every time you broke down, Monty was there to assure that you’d be safe. He was a real softy, believe it or not. He did everything in his power to make you feel safe or comfortable in any situation, and never pushed you to do things you didn’t want to do. Overall you felt that you guys were strong, and everything between you two was perfect.
   The baseball team had just gotten their big win and Bryce Walker was throwing a party at his house. Personally you weren’t too fond of the jock, but you thought it’d be best to go for the sole sake of supporting your boyfriend. Rummaging through your closet, you looked for the (Y/F/C) dress that Monty liked so much. Normally you weren’t into dressing so sexy, but you wanted to please him tonight. One night couldn’t hurt you, right? You put the form fitting outfit on then made sure your hair and makeup was okay. Rushing outside, you hurried and got into your car. The drive to Bryce’s wasn’t long at all. You parked a few houses down and got out, walking the rest of the way over. Anyone could hear the music from down the street, it was blaring. The stench of alcohol hit you as soon as you entered the door, which didn’t surprise you at all. You waved to a series of people who came to greet you as you searched for Monty. You’d looked for him everywhere and it was starting to frustrate you. On your way to check the backyard, you ran into Bryce. Stuttering out a small ‘sorry’ you moved to walk around him, but he blocked your path. “Lookin’ good (Y/N),” licking his lips, his eyes traveled your body. “Thanks but I’m not interested Bryce, I have a boyfriend.” You kindly smiled before attempting to move again, however he grabbed your arm, pushing you against the wall. He leaned over you, face getting closer to yours. His hands started to move over your body, and you tried your best to push him away. “Bryce, stop it!” You continued to wiggle, struggling to get out of his grip. “Bryce what the fuck?!” Looking over, you saw Jeff standing in the doorway, “Get off of her!” Quickly Bryce moved away, holding his hands up. Jeff pushed him, and Bryce stumbled backwards a little. It looked as if they were going to fight, and to prevent it you grabbed onto Jeff’s forearm and pulled him into the other room. “Thank you Jeff, I really don’t know what would’ve happened if you hadn’t showed up.” He flashed you a smile, and you could’ve sworn you heart stopped for a second, “No problem. Are you looking for Monty?” You nodded your head, “Ever since I got here, have you seen him?” “Yeah actually he was just-there he is.” Jeff pointed behind you, and you turned around. Your boyfriend was rushing over to you, looking concerned but also mad at the same time. “Babe are you okay? I’m so sorry I wasn’t there-” Putting up a hand, you stopped him. “I’m fine, Jeff helped me out.” You giggled and Monty sent a glare Jeff’s way. Slowly, he made his way out of the room to give you and your boyfriend some alone time. “What was that for? He helped me.” You frowned looking at him. “You should be mad at Bryce, not Jeff.” His jaw clenched and his body tensed. “I’m mad at both of them. Bryce shouldn’t have hit on you at all. It took everything for me not to kill him.” Understanding the first part, you still stood confused on why he was mad at Jeff. “And I’m mad at Jeff because you’re my girl, it should’ve been me saving you.” You laughed at his explanation, pulling him closer to you by his belt. “I’m safe, that’s all that matters right now.” “Yeah but…it would’ve been nice to be there for you.” Biting your lip, you looked up at him. “You’re always there for me babe.” Standing on your tiptoes, you gently pressed your lips against his. You pulled away soon after and grabbed his hand, “Shall I congratulate the winner with his reward now?” Smirking, you started looking for an empty room upstairs, Monty following close behind.


Star of the Show - Jeff Atkins x Reader

Request - “Could I please have an imagine about Jeff and maybe a couple friends come to a dance performance that I’m in!”

Flashing lights. Pumping music. Chaos backstage. Stressed out dancers running around for their quick changes and getting to the correct wings. This was something you’d been doing years, and were used to, however this time was different- because your recent boyfriend Jeff Atkins had come to watch. He’d brought a couple of friends; Hannah Baker, Clay Jensen, Zach Dempsey, and Montgomery de la Cruz, but it was him you were the most nervous for.

You hadn’t been dating long, and you were worried what he might think of your dancing, especially since you had a solo. However, Jeff coming to support you had warmed your heart. He was the sweetest boyfriend around and would do anything for you.

You stepped out on your cue, feeling the nerves boil up inside you. You started letting your body move you. You knew these steps off by heart, and let yourself be consumed by the emotion of the song and the story your contemporary dance was telling the audience.

Although the lights blocked your view of the audience, you could tell Jeff was there watching you with content and trying not to draw too much attention to himself.


Jeff’s POV

She looked amazing. The way her body moved was so fluid and elegant. Jeff admired his girlfriend and wondered how he’d gotten so lucky. She was everything he’d ever wanted - gorgeous, intelligent, compassionate, hilarious, and just all round perfect. He had his baseball, she had her dance. They loved to support each other, but this was the first chance he’d been given.

“THAT’S MY GIRL!” Jeff shouted up at the stage, before realising it was probably a mistake. He got a few dirty looks, but seeing the falter of a smile in your facial expression told him enough. He took note to never do t again, but he was glad he had.

The dance ended and Jeff realised now was the time.

“WOOOO! YOU’RE AMAZING BABY!” He called out to you, with a wolf whistle.


Your POV

The adrenaline was still pumping through you once the dance had finished, and Jeff’s supporting words made you grin, without being able to stop. You took a bow and slowly walked off stage.


All your things were now fit nicely in your bag, you double checked the area to be sure that you’d left nothing behind. There was a gentle knock at your door. You turned to reveal Jeff.

“Jeff!” You enthused. He grinned back at you.

“You. Were. Amazing.” His hands were behind his back. He brought them forward to reveal a bouquet of your favourite flowers.

“Oh my Jeff they’re gorgeous!” You were surprised but incredibly happy. You ran over and hugged him.

“You’re the amazing one.” You smiled Into his chest. He smelled faintly of coconut. You leaned your head back and brought it up to his, kissing him gently on the lips.

“We could argue all night about this.” He chuckled.

“I’d rather cuddle all night.” You smiled up at him. He had placed the flowers on the side so he could embrace you fully.

You were both shocked apart when the onslaught entered.

“Y/N! That was so good!” Hannah rushed up to hug you.

“Jeff took way too long to ask you out. You could so tell how long he’d been waiting to do that.” Clay laughed.

“How the fuck do you do that?” Monty added. Zach nodded in agreement.

“Pretty damn cool.”

“Thank you guys! You’re all so sweet.” You beamed at your friends.

“So who agrees we should take the star of the show out for dinner? On us.” Hannah asked. The group nodded in agreement.

“And then she’s coming back to mine to cuddle. None of you are allowed.” Jeff had a very serious look on his face. No one interrupted his cuddle time.

“Thank you guys that amazing but I can’t-”

“Yes you can.” Zach cut you off. “Come on. You can pick where we go.”

“I love you all so much.” You giggled. Surrounded by all your favourite people in the world who had come to support you, made you feel a little emotional. They all ‘awww'ed and jumped on you from all sides for a massive bear hug. This was the good stuff.

Nothing to Worry About (13 Reasons Why Jeff Prom Series Part Three)

Description: It’s the big night, and you’re still searching for Jeff’s attention.

AN: Prom is Saturday for me, so I got excited and kind of inspired. Sorry this is so short!

This is part three of my Jeff Prom Series. You can find the others on my masterlist here.

“Honey, you look great!” your mom said as you came down the stairs.

“Thanks, mom,” you blushed.

“I want you to be safe tonight.”

“I know,” you rolled your eyes. “Jeff will be with me the entire time. Don’t worry.”

“Just…please don’t do anything stupid,” she sighed.

“I promise I won’t,” you said just as the doorbell rang. “I’ll get it!” You smiled as you walked to the door. You opened it and smiled at Jeff as he smiled at you. “You look amazing,” you smiled.

“You look beautiful,” he grinned back. “If we want to grab something to eat, we better go now.”

“Pictures first!” your mom yelled as she grabbed her phone. “Your mom said it was essential, and I agree,” she said to Jeff as you both laughed. You posed for her and smiled when she finally said she was done. “Be safe! Please please please!”

“You have nothing to worry about,” Jeff smiled at her. “I’ll make sure she’s okay.”

“Thank you, Jeff,” she smiled.

You both finally left your house and got in his car. “I made a playlist,” he mumbled as he pulled out his phone. “I asked Tony for suggestions, and I’ve been working on it for weeks.”

“You are the sweetest. I had no idea!”

“Even when I kept asking to look at your phone? You didn’t think that was weird?” he laughed.

“I thought you were taking selfies or something,” you giggled.

“Well, that too.”

He shuffled the playlist as he drove. You expected him to pull into the parking lot at Rosie’s, where you always go but were surprised when he went straight at the intersection instead. “We’re not going to Rosie’s?”

“Clay said he and Hannah were meeting at a new place, and he asked if we would go too…if that’s okay.”

“It’s great,” you smiled. You just hoped Jeff’s entire night wouldn’t be about Clay and Hannah. Sure, you wanted both of them to be happy, and anyone could see that they would find happiness in being together, but you also wanted to have fun and be happy with Jeff. Especially with baseball playoffs in full swing, you hadn’t had alone time with Jeff since your coffee date at Monet’s. “He doesn’t need us to be a buffer the entire time, right?” you whispered.

“I-I thought you wanted to help them.”

“I do, but I also want to be with you and dance with you and kiss you.”

“Let’s have dinner with them, then the rest of the night I’m yours. That sound okay?”

“Sounds perfect.”

What’s Wrong With Me?

Characters: Daddy!Dean, Daughter!Reader, Uncle!Sam
Words:  851
Requested by @savingpeoplepuntingthings:  Hi! I was wondering if you could write a fic where reader is Dean’s teen daughter and just had her first breakup with her cheating boyfriend and feels really insecure and is blaming herself so Dean comforts her. Suuuuper fluffy please. Thanks so much you’re writing is amazing!!! 💘💘💘

A/N: If you want tagged in anything, just let me know. :)

          You made your way into the bunker, hoping your dad and uncle wouldn’t see you. You just wanted to make it to your bedroom without them catching you.

           You weren’t doing anything wrong. But if either of them saw the tears streaming down your face, you knew there would be so many questions. And that would be followed by plenty of death threats.

           “Hey, Sweetheart,” your dad’s voice sent more tears from your eyes and you couldn’t turn around to look at him.

           You took a deep breath, but letting it out brought on the sob you hadn’t been expecting. And you knew that was it. Your dad was alerted to something being wrong.

           “What happened?” he rushed to you, putting his hands on your shoulders, “Y/N, what’s wrong?”

           “I went over to Connor’s,” you said softly, “We … were supposed … to do … homework together,” the more you talked, the more you cried, “Gina was … there and … I saw … them …kissing …”

           Your dad pulled you into his arms, “Oh, Sweetheart, I’m so sorry,” he rubbed your back, “I am so, so sorry.”

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Jeff Atkins #2

So this is an imagine I wanted to write ever since I found the song “I want you here” by Plumb.
This is a really sad one and I cried while writing it.

Italic: Past
Normal. Present
Black: Songtext

An ache
So deep
That I
Can hardly breathe
This pain
Can’t be imagined
Will it ever heal?

It’s been one week since the accident that shook up my whole word.
One week since I wasn’t able to get out my bed, let alone talk.
One week since the love of my life died because he went on a beer run for a stupid party.

But today I have to get up because it’s his funeral.
It still sounds surreal that I am about to go to the funeral of my boyfriend.
It still FEELS surreal to think about him being dead.
Every day ever since I wake up, hoping he would have texted me like he used to.

People around me tried to be there for me but I just pushed them away.
What kind of sense does it make now anyway?
Jeff is dead.

Your hand
So small
Held a strand of my hair
So strong
All I could do
Was keep believing
Was that enough?

It was a normal wednesday afternoon Jeff and I spend together.
We were both busy with homework.
Me, reading a paper for communication class and him, writing a paper for english history.

Both of our legs were tangled and I couldn’t help but smile.
It was perfect.
“What are you thinking about?”, he suddenly looks over to me and I look up from my paper while turning my head.

Nothing, really. It’s silly.”
“Come on princess, tell me.”, he said with a soft smile and wiped some hair out of my face.
“I just..I love you. So much it hurts sometimes.”, I sigh and his smile gets brighter before he leans over to me and places a soft kiss on my lips.
“I love you too. I do. More than you know.”

Is anyone there?

As were a standing in front of his grave I can see almost the whole school gathering around it.
It doesn’t really surprise me, Jeff was one of the most popular kids at school.
Kind. Happy. And always looking out for his friends.
But he was so much more than that for me.
He was the most amazing guy I have ever met and thinking about the fact that I’ll never see him again makes my heart break again.
No one seems to notice but I can feel my eyes filling with tears all over again.

I wanna scream
Is this a dream?
How could this happen
Happen to me?
This isn’t fair
This nightmare
This kind of torture
I just can’t bear
I want you here
I want you here

One hour later almost everyone is gone, except for me.
Jeff’s and my parents decided to give me some time alone with him and I couldn’t be more grateful for it.

Tears stream down my face as I sit down in front of it and look at all the flowers and condolences written on it.
The thought of everyone missing him made me smile a bit because it means he had an impact on their lifes.
They cared about him.
But still, for me this a living nightmare.
“I don’t know what to say, Jeff. Everyone’s trying to be supportive but I just can’t stand seeing them. Every day I wake up and hope for you to be there.”, I sob and wipe away the tears from my face.

“I have no idea if heaven really exists but I just want you to know that I will love you forever. I promise.”

I waited so long
For you to come
Then you were here
And now you’re gone
I was not prepared
For you to leave me
Oh this is misery

The first time I’ve met Jeff Atkins he had no idea who I was nor that he was about to fall for me within a week.

I was on a quick run to Rosies to get a milkshake when I bumped into someone and spilled my shake all over him.
“Holy shit, I am so sorry.”, I started apologizing before I looked up and into the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen.
They were pure and honest and I fell for them immediately.

“It’s okay. Really. I’m Jeff, by the way.”, he laughed and I nod while wiping some hair out of my face.
“Y/N. And once again, I am very sorry.”, you smiled but he shook his head before he pointed at one of the free tables.
“One more milkshake without spilling this time?”, he grins and I nod before he orders two more milkshakes.
As we sit down he looks over to me and his smile grows brighter.

Nothing, you’re just nice to look at.”

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Take A Hit

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Alex Standall x Reader
Request: Hi baaaabe❤️ I am obviously requesting an Alex imagine, where Monty flirts with you and Alex gets jealous because of that and starts a fight against Monty. Thank you ☺️
Word Count: 951
A/N: So this is my first request, hopefully you enjoy it love :). I tried really hard on this actually, it took me the rest of the day. One thing I want to note is that I may have portrayed Montgomery as too much of a bad guy, but you guys can tell me how I did. Enjoy! :)
Warnings: Light swearing
Italics = you, Bold = Alex, Italicized, Bold = Montgomery <hopefully this isn’t too confusing

It was a normal day for you as you walked through the doors of Liberty High School. You walked along your boyfriend Alex Standall, fingers gently intertwined and your body leaning up against his. To say that your relationship was perfect was a complete understatement, everything had become beyond that with you two and it had you completely ecstatic. In the short frame of four months, Alex had already confessed his love for you and it was then, no matter how unrealistic your friends thought you were being, you realized just how much you’d loved him too.
Your first few periods had passed way too quickly and it was already passing period to lunch. You were leaned up against your locker waiting for Alex, he would always meet you there so that he could take you out to eat. After a few minutes of waiting, you felt a small tap on your shoulder. Turning around, you fully expected it to be Alex, but to your surprise it wasn’t, it was Montgomery De La Cruz. You had known Montgomery only because Alex had had a few altercations with him before, but you had never exactly talked to him. Another thing you had heard about him was that he is a complete fuckboy. But still you thought, which had been really naive on your part, the he’d never try to hit on you. Besides, you weren’t even precisely his type, nor would you ever come close to it. Yet here he was, his arm now wrapped around your shoulders, smirking like the idiot he was.
“So babe,” he licked his lips as his eyes traveled up and down your body. Your nose scrunched up as you tried to push him away, despising the pet name he had given you. You were sure he had gotten the hint, but of course Montgomery was the guy he was, and when he wanted something he almost always got it. His arm swung over caging you in between him and the lockers. He leaned in towards you a bit and continued, “I was wondering if you’d like to have some fun later…”
It was absolutely ridiculous that he was even trying because, never in a billion years, would you give yourself up to someone, especially not Montgomery De La Cruz. “I have a boyfriend,” you spat as you rolled your eyes. To say the least, Montgomery was a persistent little fuck. You had started to get nervous when he had pressed his whole body against you, a hand resting on your hip.
“Oh come on babe, you know you want it…” Your knees had gotten weak. For one, you were scared and you just wished the Alex could be here to ‘save’ you. As if your prayers had been answered, you heard shouting from the end of the hallway, “Get the fuck off of her!”
In an instant, the weight on your body had been lifted and you could see Monty holding up his hands in defense, “Hey man, she wanted it,” he winked as he looked straight ahead at Alex. By this time Alex was close enough to swing on him, and he did. “Alex stop!” Montgomery had quickly bounced back, and punched Alex straight in the jaw. “Alex! Monty! Stop!” They had been going back and forth and you kept pleading for them to stop. You couldn’t bear seeing Alex like this, bruised and bloody. It was a miracle that Jeff and a few others had come to hold the two boys back before one of them had beaten the other to a bloody pulp.
Your heart was thumping as you walked forward to hug Alex. You were holding him back a little as he tried to lurch forward yelling things like “Stay the fuck away from her!” and “We’re not done with this!” Alex’s tense body softened a little as your arms tightened around his body, “It’s fine Alex, I’m okay. Just stop please…” Your eyes flicked up to meet his, and his whole mood shifted. You grabbed his hand and led him to the nearest bathroom.
Grabbing some paper towel, you wet it under some running water, and tried to clean up some of Alex’s wounds. He winced a little but let you continue, “You know,” you started, bending down and reaching into your backpack for a band aid (for instances like this), “You didn’t have to do that.” Your hand rubbed the band aid over his, once smooth, skin as he scuffed.
“Yeah I did, he was putting his hands all over you and…” “And?” “…I got jealous.” Everything had fallen silent except for the small giggles that slipped from your mouth, “Y-you were jealous of Montgomery?!”
His eyes flickered, and he didn’t respond to your question. “Alex look at me,” his eyes quickly sought yours, signaling for you to continue, “I. Love. You.” you said, pausing between each word. “I would never, ever leave you for someone else. So please…you don’t need to fight for me. I hate seeing you get hurt.” His hands found your waist, pulling you closer to him and giving your hips a gentle squeeze. “If it’s for you, I will always fight.” A faint smile appeared across his face, and he leaned down to capture your lips in a passionate kiss. When he pulled away, he rested his forehead on yours and said, “I love you (Y/N), so much.” You pulled away from his grasp, a huge smile on your face, and tugged on the front of his black t-shirt. “C’mon kiddo, let’s go get you some lunch, you must be hungry.” Alex chuckles and shakes his head as he follows you out of the bathroom.


LIW Review: Nothing Much To Do

Posted (late) in honor of the third anniversary of the first episode on March 26th. 

Nothing Much To Do has been the gold standard in literary-inspired webseries for close to three years. The series won eight out of ten awards (best supporting actress, best costume and set design, best ensemble cast, the honorary award, best script, best actress, best actor, and best LIW) at the first-ever literary-inspired webseries awards in 2015.

NMTD was created by The Candle Wasters, a group of four young women from New Zealand who decided they’d like to create a Shakespeare adaptation. They chose Much Ado About Nothing and set it at Messina High School in Auckland, New Zealand, where Beatrice Duke has moved to stay with her cousin Hero while her parents are in Australia. Bea decides to take up vlogging, and that’s where the story starts.

Plot Overview:

Beatrice Duke’s parents move to Australia, and she chooses to spend her last year of high school at Messina High with her dear cousin Hero, her old friend Pedro, her arch nemesis Benedick, and the rest of the gang. Hero has a crush on soccer goalie Claudio, and when it starts looking like things might be on track for the pair of them, the characters decide, led by Pedro, to get Beatrice and Benedick together. The result is a romantic comedy musical of Shakespearean proportions, with the occasional flamingo or bathtub thrown in, just for good measure.


The series takes place across three YouTube channels, all of which are essential for understanding the entire story. The main channel is Nothing Much To Do, home to Beatrice and Hero’s weekly vlogs. Once he sees Beatrice doing it, Benedick decides to take up vlogging as well. His channel is called benaddicktion. The third channel, Watch Projects, is home to Ursula’s film projects, Verges and Dogberry’s detective show, and Balthazar’s music videos.


NMTD was the first webseries in which all of the content on all YouTube channels was equally important to the plot. The description boxes on every video were written in character and were often as important as the content of the videos themselves (see “An Ode” and “one foot on sea one on shore one in the boiling hot lava”). The titles of the videos also reflect the personalities the person uploading them (Benedick, for example, gives all his videos one-word titles that are thematically linked in his mind to the contents of said video). 

The Candle Wasters stayed up late to upload videos when the characters would have. The characters interacted with the audience (and once with each other) in the comments section. Beatrice also had a Twitter account, Hero had an Instagram, and Ursula had a Tumblr, and the transmedia supplemented the story but was not necessary for understanding it. 

Also, these people act both like the characters in the play and like actual high schoolers, which is rare in any sort of adaptation, much less one with no budget.


The only non-white character is Ursula, who is of Asian descent, but the LGBTQ+ representation is strong, especially for 2014. Hero and Leo have two moms, who are off on their belated honeymoon for the duration or the series. Balthazar is openly gay (though he never actually uses that word). There’s also another semi-surprising and very satisfying coming out in one of the final episodes.

Film Quality:

Astonishingly good for not having a budget, because The Candle Wasters put in the extra effort to borrow good film equipment and to edit skillfully.

My three favorite things about NMTD:

1) Benedick’s bathtub vlogs

2) The music. Seriously. These people deserve many awards for the music in this show.

3) “one foot on sea one on shore one in the boiling hot lava” – you have to watch it to know why.

While I personally don’t find any faults in this webseries, there are a few things about it that are difficult for other people. The Candle Wasters have a hatred of exposition, so a lot of background information is late, vague, or nonexistent. It can also be hard to understand all of what’s going on if you don’t read the video descriptions, which is an extra step not required by many other webseries. Racial diversity, as I said, is low, but considering the resources The Candle Wasters had at the time, I can’t fault them for that. Besides, every last one of their casting choices was perfect. 

The verdict:

NMTD takes a famous Shakespeare play and, while staying completely true to the story, manages to bring in discussions of slut-shaming, create queer representation that doesn’t even go against canon, AND make the whole thing a musical. They explored the vlogseries format almost to its limits. And the characters are just so loveable. 

I would recommend this webseries to anyone and everyone with any interest in Shakespeare, feminism, musicals, literary-inspired webseries, or a whole load of other things. My love for NMTD is eclipsed only by my love for the sequel, Lovely Little Losers, so stay tuned for that review soon.

5/5 stars. And I probably won’t be giving out many of those.

Wow, that got long. I wouldn’t have written a review this long for anything else, I swear.


Harriett Maire @harriettstella as Beatrice Duke, aka Queen of the World

Pearl Kennedy as Hero Duke, her cousin, “practically perfect in every way”

Jake McGregor @jakeasaurus–rex as Benedick Hobbes, Brit, Whovian, bird enthusiast

Matthew J. Smith as Claudio, long-time bachelor and soccer player extraordinaire

Caleb Wells as Pedro Donaldson, “all round great guy”

George Maunsell as John Donaldson, Pedro’s shifty half brother

Holly Parkes as Verges, has to wear the suspenders to prevent the Devil from infiltrating her

David Hannah as Dogberry, Sherlock fan and adorable little muffin

Jessica Stansfield as Margaret “Meg,” aka Queen of Scream

John Burrows as Robbie, Meg’s boyfriend

Reuben Hudson as Balthazar, the most adorable, precious, talented, non-confrontational person in all of webseries history

Lucie Everett-Brown as Cora, John’s shifty friend

Tina Pan as Ursula, lovely girl behind the camera

Alex MacDonald as Leo, older brother of Hero and coach of the soccer team

Created by The Candle Wasters @thecandlewasters

Running time: 

Approximately five hours

You can watch the whole thing on YouTube here:

Or here with links to the transmedia elements:

Do I Wanna Know (part 2)

Alex Standall x Reader

Do I Wanna Know part 1

A/N: Hello guys! I finally gave in and wrote a part 2 of this. I’m going to stick to one shots from now on though since I don’t want to leave stories hanging, especially now that I’m back at uni. Speaking of school, I apologize in advance if updates are slow. If I haven’t replied to your requests, I’m either working on it already or it’s included in my list so please bear with me. Also, thank you for reading my imagines.Much love! I had to use this gif of Madelaine just because she is gorgeous and that dress is so beautiful. It’s also relevant with most of the scene in this imagine since winter formal hehe

Bolded and Italicized sentences are lyrics from Jason Mraz’s I won’t give up.

Originally posted by atparadise

On weekends, you and Alex meet up to rehearse the song at his house. Other times, you do it after class when both of you are free. It had been like that for the past three weeks and now, tonight is the night. A night to remember, to make impressions, and to sing your heart out to a song contradicting the desolation you feel. Winter formal and events like it are allegedly the highlight of high school, which is not surprising at all. Tonight, after all, is a night of slow dances, taking risks, and of firsts. However, for you it is a night you dread for the closure you yearn. You were already parked near the gym of the Liberty high and yet, you can’t help but sit still and anxiously tug on the flower on your wrist. The idea of entering the venue and getting closer to your moment of embarrassment is not too enticing just yet.

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More Than A Feeling

Here is part six, the final part in “Salt And Pepper”

Pairing: Jeffrey Dean Morgan x Reader
Words:  1017

Read “Behind Brown Eyes”
Read “Back In The Saddle”
Read “Sweet Emotion”
Read “Just What I Needed”
Read “Feel Like Making Love”

A/N: Thank you all so much for the love this series (And pretty much everything I write)! Y’all keep me going.
A/N2: If you want to be tagged in anything, just let me know.

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          You hadn’t seen Jeffrey in almost three weeks and it was killing you. You talked to him on the phone as often as you could, but when you were both being pulled in opposite directions for filming, you didn’t get to be together.

           You were getting your things ready to go home from set when your phone rang. You hurriedly dug it out of your pocket and sighed happily, “Hey, Jeffrey.” You couldn’t hide the happiness in your voice.

           “Hey, Sweetheart.” You could tell he was smiling too.

           You slung your purse on your shoulder to continue what you were doing while you talked to him, “How’s my favorite guy?”

           “Good.” He said, “I just miss my girl.”

           “I miss you too.” You sighed, feeling that pull in your chest that you got every time you talked to him.

           “How was your day?”

           “It was good.” You answered, grabbing your keys and walking out of your trailer to head to your car. “I’m heading home now.”

           “Get some sleep for me?” he chuckled. The sound brought a warmth over you that you had become used to.

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The Cardinal Rule

@jhoomwrites well, my hand slipped and suddenly it’s way past my bedtime, but here ya go

cardinal-rule. Noun. (plural cardinal rules) A fundamental rule, upon which other matters hinge.

Even as a rebel, even tearing apart the pre-written script and setting out in his own free will, Castiel had followed the one cardinal rule of angels: never get romantically involved with a human.

Of course, the reasoning for the cardinal rule had constantly been disputed. Naomi used to tell him that the humans corrupted angels. Anna had believed, before cutting out her own grace, that it was the other way around, with angels corrupting humans. Uriel thought of humans as little more than mud-monkeys capable of basic thought, Balthazar found their minuscule time spans not worth investing the effort, Hannah feared angels would accidentally squish them.

It was agreed among all, of course, that romance begat the possibility of a nephilim, which was universally thought to be a danger.

So, despite his growing feelings for Dean Winchester, Castiel had managed to resist them. This rule, this strange cardinal rule, wasn’t worth breaking. At least, he thought so up until Dean almost died saving them from Amara. It was one near-death too many, as far as Castiel was concerned, and he’d kissed Dean without thinking.

And, in a miracle even more unbelievable than his survival, Dean kissed back.

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Birthday Girl (Philip X Reader)

WEDIM Day Twelve



WARNINGS: None, Fluff

SUMMARY: 19. 19 years old and not wed. To my father, this is an absolute disgrace. So naturally, he goes and finds some ‘fitting young men’ to come to my party. However, his plans go awry when the person who hates most makes a surprise visit bearing the best gift of all

A/N: This was requested by the ever lovely @bethanystan . Y’all need to go pester her to start writing again because she’s so good but she doesn’t believe in herself (and she has no ideas) I hope you are all well, and I hope you haven enjoyed the first twelve days of WEDIM!

I had known Philip since I was four years old. My family moved from Georgia to New York and thanks to our mothers getting along so well we ended up growing up together. We were only a month apart in age so up until the age of ten our birthday parties were always put together. My mother died when I was eight and although I still saw the Hamiltons regularly things were never quite the same. 

Much to my father’s disapproval, Phillip and I were best friends. My father could not understand that a man and a woman could be so close, in his mind women only made wives, then babies. There was no way a woman could be of intellectual equality to a man. But none the less we remained best friends throughout school and then when Philip went off to college we would write near every day and would always make time to see each other.

My nineteenth birthday rolled around and my father decided that would be the best time to find a husband because in his words: I was not going to stay ‘young and pure’ for very much longer. I was having my party at my Aunt and Uncle’s house and my father had invited three suitors he thought fit. I already knew I wouldn’t like them but I had no choice in the matter. I only had to talk to them once

My maid helped me get ready. I was wearing a gorgeous pastel blue gown with matching pumps. My hair was down and curled into tight curls which were then pinned back. A little makeup and I was ready to go.

My Aunt and Uncle lived in a big house in the city. Their house was just in front of the park and was absolutely huge on the inside. It was perfect for a party, and they happily obliged to letting me host one there. I’d invited my friends and their husbands/fiancés, Philip and his newest girlfriend were going to be there along with several members of my family.

The carriage ride to my Aunt and Uncles house took an hour so I settled in comfortably reading a book I had brought with me though I couldn’t really concentrate. My mind kept wandering back to Philip.

Recently, he’d been much more distant, ever since he’d got his new girlfriend. It wasn’t a rare thing for Philip to disappear for a day or two with a new girlfriend, as I’d been told multiple times by multiple women, he was very attentive in bed. But this time things were different, he didn’t write me once in the last week. He was barely home and when he was he was talking to his father about some college work then leaving straight after.

Angelica and Mrs Hamilton said that they had met this mystery girl once. Apparently, she was a barmaid in downtown Manhattan. She was beautiful, small curvy frame flawless skin and the most captivatingly bright blue eyes. A spout of jealousy grew within me as I thought about her. She was taking my best friend!

The more I thought about it the more I began to question my affections. Maybe I felt something more than friendship for the eldest Hamilton. No, I couldn’t! Sure, we’d shared a drunken kiss once or twice but there was nothing more than friendship… right? My head was in a spin, I couldn’t keep my mind focused on anything else. Maybe Father was right, men and women cannot just be friends.

I arrived at the house within the hour and everyone was already there, waiting for me to arrive. My father was waiting for the door and helped me out of the carriage. He smiled and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek.

“How is my birthday girl?” He asked kindly,

“I’m well, how was your meeting with Senator Schuyler?”

“Good, everything went to plan. I also had a chance to meet the men I chose for you to meet tonight,”


“Y/n, we’ve had this talk on countless occasions before. I will not stand for my only daughter being nearly twenty and not wed. I would like to meet my grandchildren,” He said, seriously. I sighed, knowing there was no way out of this now. My father nodded in agreement to my silence on the matter and held out his hand for me to take. I did and together we walked into the house and into the big reception room where everyone was waiting.

We descended down the stairs and every clapped politely. Looking around I noticed a few of my friends, Lindsay, Hannah, Mary, Madeline but there was one person missing. Philip. I was disappointed, I really missed he’d come, I missed him so much and I hoped tonight I would at least get to see him. All was not lost, I would still have a great time.

The music began playing and I wove my way through the crowd of people, saying hellos and introducing various people to each other as I went then I got to my friends who quickly handed me a drink of champagne.

“Y/n!” Madeline squealed as she gave me a quick hug. “Happy Birthday,”

“Thank you,” I smiled.

“Happy Birthday!” Lindsay, Hannah and Mary sang together as they returned to the little group.

“So… Have you met any of your suitors yet?” Hannah teased.

“No, and I plan on keeping it that way for as long as possible,”

“Well, you haven’t even met me yet,” A smooth voice said from behind me. I turned around and saw the most gorgeous man I’d ever seen. He was tall and very fit. He had surprisingly long dark hair and matching eyes that I seemed to get lost in, “Hi, I’m Thomas,”

“Y/n,” I said quickly after realising that I had been staring. “I’m Y/n,”

“I know, your father said you’d be here,” Thomas smiled, “I hope you don’t mind me taking your gorgeous friend for a while ladies?”

“Oh no, be our guest,” Mary giggled giving me a little push closer to Thomas.

“Have fun!” My friends called after me, I glanced back at them and grinned. Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad after all.

We danced for while then Thomas took me upstairs and out to the small baloney which looked over the city park.

“It’s beautiful out tonight,” He commented as he leant against the metal railing.

“Quite,” I agreed. There was silence for a moment before Thomas piped up again.

“It’s quite odd for someone of your status to be un-wed,”

“Well I suppose I’m picky,” I shrugged.

“But can someone like you really afford to do that?”

“Excuse me?” I moved away from him, my hands on my hips in disgust.

“Well, you aren’t going to get any better looking you?”

“Are you calling me ugly, sir?” 


“But I’m not going get any better than you? Excuse me sir but what exactly is so attractive about you?”

“You forget who my family is, Y/n,” Thomas hissed grabbing my arm roughly, taking me by surprise.

“You forget who mine is Thomas,” I growled back.

We stared at each other angrily, Thomas still holding a strong grip on my arm. Eventually, I ripped it away and stepped out his way.

“I suggest you leave before I shout for my father,” I said. Thomas glared at me but walked away.  I turned away from the doorway and angrily ripped the leaves off the climbers growing up to the balcony.

I thought I had a chance with Thomas, he was handsome and literally the definition of my type. Except for the fact he was a massive asshole. Of course, my father would choose someone like that. I could go back to the girls and forget about the whole situation. But there would be others, maybe ones even worse than Thomas so I decided to stay where I was on the balcony, angrily picking leaves off the plants climbing the railings.  

“Miss L/n?” A voice said from behind me, still annoyed with what had just happened I did not even bother to turn around.

“Leave me alone,” I said bitterly.

“But I brought you a beer?”

Only one person would ever bring me a beer. It was Philip. I turned around and gasped happily when I saw it was him. He put his glasses down and gave me a big hug.

“I thought you weren’t coming? Father said-“

“You’re Father forbid me from coming tonight, I know, but I couldn’t miss out on your party could I?”

“He’ll kill you if he finds out you’re here,”

“At least I die a happy man,” Philip smiled, his hands were still on my waist and there was something different about the way he was looking at me. It was almost lovingly.

“Philip, are you alright?”

“I’ve never been better,”

“Where’s Annabeth?”

“Annabeth? Oh, she couldn’t come tonight,” Philip said uncomfortably.

“Why not? I thought you really liked her,”

“I did, she was gorgeous but she has nothing on you,” Philip took my hand and looked me straight in the eye, “Absolutely nothing,”

“Are you okay Philip? You’re acting rather odd,”

“I’m not. I’ve just finally got up the courage to finally say this to you,” He took a deep breath and swallowed down his nerves. I waited anxiously for what he was going to say. “You’re beautiful Y/n. Every single thing about you is perfect and I don’t know why I didn’t realise how in love I was with you.” Philip gave a short laugh and shook his head, “Maybe that’s why I sleep with those women, I’m just trying to get the thought out of my head that I do in fact love you. And I’m not talking like a best friend. I am absolutely completely in love with you. I think that’s what the problem is, my affections for you are way too much for me to fully comprehend. I don’t care anymore whether you see me in the same way or not because I just had to tell you, Y/n,”

“Mr Hamilton,” A voice called from the hallway and Philip let go of me. I frowned and gave him a worried look, “Mr Hamilton I know you’re still here,”

“I’m sorry Y/n, I have to go,” He quickly placed a kiss on my cheek and checked round the corner to see my father and two other men walking down the corridor. “I’ll see you tomorrow morning, I promise,”

With that, he jumped over the railing and I hid just beside the door so the men walked past. I watched as Philip successfully landed on the grass below and blew a kiss up to me.

This would definitely be a birthday to remember.


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Misconceptions Chapter 3- Misdemeanors

Fandom: Little Witch Academia | Pairing: DianAkko / DiAkko

Word Count: 2,090 | Read Time: ~ 9 Minutes

Chapter 1: Misconceptions | Chapter 2: Misdirections

A.N: Takes place right after episode 12 and before Episode 13

Bonus art by @azurathemagician

Unwinding after classes or school activities usually meant that the green and red teams would hang out somewhere, either in red team’s room or out in the courtyard. Most of the following shenanigans were practical jokes played on each other and occasional daring missions that stemmed from gossip. The current one was that somewhere in the library existed a secret room, and all one needed to do was pull the proper book from the shelf to access it.

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Zootopia Fanfiction Take A Stand- Star of Ceratais Chapter 3- We all fall down

(An/ Hey guys it’s Garouge/Crewefox here with another chapter of Star of Ceartais, I’m posting this early due to a family emergency and I won’t be available tomorrow so thank you to everyone who liked, followed, faved, reblogged and reviewed the fic so far, thank you for the overwhelming support. A big shout out to @helthehatter who has kindly let me use her OCs Kodi, Sasha and Wade, who are in this chapter and the next. Thank you to everyone has supported me in regards to the cyberbully/troll Mafiaguy2017 and thank you to all my friends have helped me out during this difficult time with my family. If you want to ask any questions about this fic, you can reach me on my tumblr Crewefox where there is a ask box and a load of art for this fic.)

Here’s the link…

Chapter 3 – We all fall down

Hannah took a step forward and handed Robyn the bunch of peonies “I got you these, you always said they were your favourite.” She charmed.

“Thank you.” Robyn smiled, touched by the sweet gesture. Now or never Wilde she mentally rallied before biting the bullet, leaning in and kissing her girlfriend on the lips, she pulled back to see a pair of flummoxed faces on her parents, she then nervously added “I think you already know my girlfriend.”

Judy was the first to muster a word “Girlfriend…” she whispered with her amethyst eyes bulging.

“I think we might’ve broke them.” Hannah muttered to Robyn.

Nick looked the most surprised, he was expecting some little bratty teenage boy to come take Robyn out, instead his daughter’s date was none other than his goddaughter. The cogs in Nick’s head were turning with haste as he tried to process what was going on Robyn and Hannah are dating? Since when? I mean I knew Hannah was gay but Robyn? Was she afraid to tell me and Judy? Why? We would’ve understood…but now she’s dating Hannah….wait a sec this is perfect! Hannah is wonderful kid, she’d never take advantage or hurt my baby, I love Hannah like a niece already! Hannah’s the perfect girlfriend for Robyn! Ok, Nick play it cool, be supportive, don’t act overexcited just tell them to have a nice time and be back by 10.30 Nick cleared his throat before giving his regular suave smile “Keep an eye on her Hannah and have her back at 10.30, oh and have fun.”

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So yesterday I went to see Rent at the St James’ theatre in London and first of all let me say it was quite possibly the best thing I have seen in my entire life. But there were loads of little things I noticed that you would only get from seeing this version it live and I want to talk abut them!!! (as well as some other things that I just need to talk about anyway because I can’t not.) (WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD)

  • During “Will I?”, all the Life Support meeting attendees came out and started saying goodbye to each other. Angel was saying goodbye to another guy that had been at the meeting, and Collins was just staring at her like she was the most beautiful thing in the world. The support group leader, Paula, waved goodbye to Collins but he completely missed it because he was just staring at Angel. Paula tapped Collins’ arm and he glanced briefly at her and nodded, then went right back to giving Angel heart eyes. It broke me a little.
  • ‘Out tonight’ was actually heart-breaking. Like…I actually cried during that song because the actress playing Mimi, Philippa Stefani, very much played up the ‘Mimi being high and really shaky and out of it’ aspect of the situation, and I suddenly became very aware of something I had never thought about during that song before which is that… Mimi is so broken. Girl’s 19 and her life is essentially a ruin. It just hit me really hard and took me completely by surprise how much it affected me.
  • At the end of ‘Christmas bells’, Collins pushed Angel across the stage in a shopping trolley as she held a string of fairy lights which she pulled with her so they hung across the heads of everyone.
  • During “Over the Moon” Maureen demonstrated drinking Elsie’s Milk by lying down on the stage, holding the microphone above her mouth and essentially deep-throating it while making exaggerated slurping noises for a prolonged period of time. After about ten seconds of this, Roger leaned over to Mark and said “Remember this Mark?”
  • Speaking of “Over the moon”, the rest of the cast was sat up on the scaffolding and balconies watching Maureen perform. Angel and Collins were sat next to each other and were adorably bobbing from side to side and swinging their legs over the edge of the balcony in sync at the “leap of faith, leap of faith’ parts.
  • During “Happy New Year” Angel was wearing metallic gold tights and it was glorious. (That’s all I have to say for this point)
  • Before “Without you”, Angel walked on stage out of drag, wearing a baggy sweater and looking painfully small and broken. Collins, not noticing, walked up to Angel and hugged him from behind, then, sensing something wrong, stopped. Angel removed his scarf to reveal a huge lesion on his neck. Both them started crying, and Collins pulled Angel into a tight hug. The two of them just stood there holding each other as “Without You” started. 
  •  Philippa Stefani really really went for a strong “Mimi is broken” interpretation. She pretty much sobbed through all of “Without You” to the end of the show. It was heart-wrenching.
  • During “Without you”, Collins undressed Angel, then put lipstick on her while she was lying on the hospital gurney. The entire audience was in floods of tears, including my three friends and I. You could audibly hear people sobbing.
  • I’ll cover you reprise. I am actually tearing up just thinking about it. Ryan O'gorman was phenomenal as Collins. I actually cannot put into words how perfect he was for the role, and how incredible his performance was. The heartbreak in his voice alone was almost unbearable to hear. I actually felt as if I was intruding on his heart.
  • As I mentioned earlier, Philippa Stefani was genuinely sobbing for the entirety of act 2. In “Goodbye love” she genuinely seemed to be struggling to get out her words at some points because she was actually crying so much. It was a portrayal of Mimi unlike anything I’d ever seen before and it absolutely blew me away.
  • At the end of “Your Eyes”, we’re used to hearing that massive, belted “Mimiiiiiiii!!!” at the end of the song, but in this version, they completely scrapped that. Instead, Roger quietly sung the word until his voice broke in the middle of saying it and he broke down in tears, cradling Mim’s body and rocking back and forth. It was really unexpected and quite possibly more effective.
  • During “Your eyes” and the start of “Finale B”, Collins was stood towards the back watching, but as soon as Mimi said “and I swear - Angel was there”, he ran forward and crouched down to Mimi’s level, listening to what she was saying. 
  •  At the end of “Finale B”, the cast started moving into a line front of the stage as they sang. While this was happening, Collins walked over to the lamp post at the edge of the stage where he first met Angel and rested his hand against it, looking up at where Angel had been sat. As he did, Angel walked out onto the balcony above where Collins was standing, watching over him.

Basically, Angel and Collins were so in love and the whole world could see it and it was beautiful and then act 2 broke everyone. This show blew me away and I am going to try and get tickets to see it again when it goes on tour because it was just phenomenal. I am literally never going to be the same again after seeing it live.

Night Falls: Chapter 16

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Summary: After witnessing a murder, Y/N becomes a protected witness to FBI Agent Dean Winchester, who needs her help to do more than just solve one man’s murder.

Word Count: Brace yourself…6,225


A/N: In case you missed the announcement, @attractiverandomness is the TAG MASTER. So if you would like to be tagged in this series, head on over to her page!

Night Falls Master List

After that early morning, something changed; for the first time since you had met Dean, you two finally seemed to fall into sync with each other. There was no more bickering, no more snide remarks, and the two of you had–dare you say it–become friends.

You finally found your groove amidst all the craziness that your life had become; Dean would go to work each morning while you did what you could remotely. You usually finished up early, giving you plenty of time to spend time with Hannah and Ralph during the day. Hannah was still bubbly as ever, and the two of you began a mini book club. Every week or so, she would bring you something new to read, and each day you would talk about the few chapters you had read before bed. Ralph was still impossible to crack, just as stoic as ever, but you had finally managed to get him to open up when you approached him one day while he sat over a chess board. You had never played chess in your life, and in all honesty, were never overly interested in the game, but you had time to kill.

Turns out, Ralph was a master player and had been competing in chess tournaments since he was young. He had actually won enough scholarship money while competing in high school that he attended Columbia without paying a single dollar of tuition.

It literally took all those weeks to get that information out of him (though most of it came from Hannah), but at least you knew something about him, and now, you could even consider yourself an amateur chess player.

At 6pm every day, Cas would show up, relieving Hannah and Ralph. The two of you bonded in the kitchen, cooking up dinner each night before Dean would get back from the bureau. You sat around the table every night with the two of them at your side, listening to their stories and getting a sneak peek into the world beyond these faded walls.

But as the weeks went on, you could see the toll this case was taking on Dean; bags began to form under his eyes, and most mornings he left the house unshaved and clothes ruffled. You tried convincing him to trade his shifts, if nothing else just for a few times a week, but he brushed you off, assuring you he was fine. You even convinced Cas to talk to him about it, but Dean wouldn’t hear of it.

You’re my responsibility. I’m not going anywhere until this case is shut.

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Checkmate ~ Part Two

“Who in the hell does she think she is? Speaking to me that way. ‘Eye in the Sky.’ Pfft. Seems to me her ego is a bit too inflated for her own good.”

Ciel huffed as he sat at his desk, waiting while Sebastian prepared the afternoon tea.

“Master, are you feeling intimidated by this young woman?”

Sebastian’s lips turned up ever-so-slightly in amusement as he set the ornate cup of Earl Grey tea before his master.

“Intimidated? Ha! I am the Earl of Phantomhive. I don’t get intimidated; that’s impossible. I’ll put her in her place before long. Perhaps, she’ll even prove useful to me. Another pawn has shown itself in this game and I intend to play it to its fullest capabilities.”

Sebastian merely nodded, his small but knowing smile etched upon his lips as he bowed to his master.

“Of course, my young lord. If you’ll excuse me, I must begin the lunch preparations.”

With that, he exited the study, leaving Ciel to himself.

A great sigh left his lungs and he hunched himself over, pressing his fingertips together as he stared down at the empty desk, recounting the interaction he had the day before at the crime scene.

“Master, you have a visitor.”

Sebastian’s deep voice broke through his focus and Ciel bolted upright in surprise, before quickly composing himself back into his calm, collected manner.

“Whoever it is, do–”


The all too familiar sing-song voice rang in his ears, an involuntary roll of the eyes followed as he pressed his hand to his forehead, rubbing it gently as he braced himself for the young blonde’s uninvited entry into his study.

Seconds later, she burst through the door and scurried over to him as he reluctantly rose to greet her.

“Hello, Elizabeth.”

“It’s Lizzy. Honestly, how many times have I told you? And what are you wearing? Where is the outfit I picked out for you? You don’t expect me to go in to town with you while you’re wearing that dull thing, do you?”

She tugged at the arm of his black coat, fretting as if she were a small child who hadn’t gotten her way with her puppy dog eyes.

“What? In to town?”

“Yes, silly! Don’t you remember? You said you had business in London and you promised that you would take me! Don’t you recall?”

The whine in her voice turned right back to cheer as she beamed up at a still grimacing Ciel.

“Oh, yes. I suppose so. All right, but I’m not changing. I’ll have the carriage pick us up out front in a half hour. Sebastian, get Lady Elizabeth a cup of tea while she waits.”

“Certainly, my lord.”

Within a couple of hours, the pair found themselves strolling through London with their respective servants following close behind.

“What sort of business do you have to attend to today, Ciel? Isn’t this the office of Scotland Yard?”

Lizzy folded her arm into his, linking the two of them together as they entered a tall, pristine building.

“It’s a private matter. Just gathering some information that I require. It shouldn’t take long, but I prefer you to wait here. Sebastian, let’s go.”

Reclaiming his arm, Ciel pulled away and started off down the long, bare hallway when he heard a voice call after him.

“Where are you headed? Don’t bother. By the time
You get the files you’re looking for, I’ll have already cracked the case.”

Your voice filled the air, dripping with a dangerous dose of taunting.

“I should have known you would be here. I told you that I have this handled.”

“And I told you that my orders indicate otherwise. Come on, it’s nothing personal. I’m just following my orders. Surely, you can understand that.”

This time you flashed him a smile, walking toward him when you noticed the blonde with the puzzles expression.

“Oh, well hello. My name’s (Y/N) (Y/L/N). Pleasure to meet you, Miss..?”

You curtsied, smiling brightly at the young woman.

“Elizabeth. Elizabeth Midford, but you can call Lizzy. Please, I insist.”

She dipped into her own curtsy, returning your warm smile before stepping closer toward you, curiosity shining in her eyes.

“Do you work for the Queen as well? Like Ciel does?”

“Yes, I do. I’m just here on some business, but I’ll be out of your way shortly.”

“Nonsense! All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, you know. Ciel and I are going shopping today. Would you care to join us? Your dress is so adorable, I just know you would be such fun to shop with!”

The energy she exudes was a tad bit much for your taste, but when you glanced over and saw Ciel’s grimace, you couldn’t refuse her offer.

“I would love to. Thank you very much, Lizzy.”

“Oh, wonderful! I’ll be waiting just outside in the carriage. Don’t take too long, you two!”

Her bubbly giggle echoed through the hall as her maid escorted her outside, leaving you and Ciel in the hall as your servants stood patiently aside.

“Well, let’s get on with it then. Do you know where to find the files you’re looking for or would you like a hand?”

A small smirk slipped it’s way into your smile as you walked down the hallway, signaling for Hannah to head in the other direction. Ciel took note of your indication and nodded for Sebastian to follow her as he walked behind you into the room at the end of the corridor.

“I think I can manage on my own. Your help isn’t required.”

“Ever-so-bossy, aren’t you? How does that sit with your fiancée?”

You cocked a curious eyebrow in his direction as you sifted through a box of files, earning a puzzled expression from Ciel.

“How did you know Lizzy was my–”

“Oh, please. It’s quite obvious. She may not have you wrapped around her dainty little finger, but your cynicism doesn’t seem to have an effect on her. I suppose she’s used to it, by the way that she can blatantly ignore it. Plus, I hardly doubt you suggested a shopping day in London. Am I wrong?”

His eye narrowed in your direction, shooting daggers into your back as you turned around to dig through another box of files.

“Don’t be so offended. I meant no offense at all, actually. I can relate, believe it or not. My betrothed isn’t exactly a perfect match for me either.”

“You’re engaged?”

Surprise was evident in his voice as he stepped around the large box you were sifting through, thumbing through a smaller box of files beside it.

“Unfortunately, yes. Don’t get me wrong, I care for him, in a way. However, he’s a bit much for me. Always wants to be out on the town, always scrutinizing me when I do something ‘less then ladylike’. It does get bothersome. And that undying energy supply your Lizzy has? He’s apparently tapped into the same supply.”

“He sounds quite similar to her in more ways than one then. If he’s so bothersome, why haven’t you broken it off?”

You shrugged in response, glancing up from the files to catch his eye on you. He quickly returned his gaze to his work and you thought, for a moment, that you could see the faintest blush across his cheeks.

“He’s not that terrible. Besides, you know how it goes. Nobles marry other nobles. Our choices are quite limited, considering were basically auctioned off to the most suitable family before we hit puberty.”

“You seem a bit bitter about that fact, don’t you?”

Ciel lifted his eye to your face once again, raising his brow.

“I’ve resigned myself to the idea, I suppose. I’m not the biggest fan of being told what to do or how to lead my life. Tell me, if it hadn’t been arranged for you already, would you choose Lizzy as your partner?”

You lifted your gaze to meet his, mirroring his inquisitive expression.

“No, I suppose not. In fact, if it were up to me, I think I’d rather remain alone. Always ends that way anyhow.”

His bright, blue eye cast downward and he began fiddling through papers again as you watched him carefully.

“You are rather cynical, aren’t you?”

You kept your tone playful, a small smile playing on your lips.

“I’m logical. This all ends for me much sooner than it does for Lizzy. I know my clock is ticking, but she won’t have the faintest idea why I left her life so soon or so suddenly. It’s too late now, but if I had the choice, I don’t think I would choose anyone at all. Spare someone the heartache when it’s my time.”

Any air of playful was gone now. Sucked from the room and replaced with the ominous truth that both of you shared the same fate.

“I suppose you’re right. I never thought about it that way before. I guess I’ve always been more one to think it’s better to have loved and lost, then to have never loved at all.”

“Perhaps, but do you love your suitor?”

Ciel’s eye pierced yours, his face stoic as ever. For a moment, you lost your composure, taken aback by his sharp question. After a long pause, you finally found the right words to say, but you couldn’t say it with him watching you. Turning around to sift through another stack of papers, you cast your eyes down.

“No. I do care for him, but I don’t think that I understand what love is. I’ve never felt that for any man before. Certainly not toward him. Perhaps you’re right. Maybe in this life we’ve chosen, it would be best for us to walk alone.”

Ciel watched you intently, studying your expression the best he could from his viewpoint. Slowly, he took a few cautious steps toward you.

“I don’t understand you.”

His voice was surprisingly gentle as he spoke when you found him at your side once more.

“I’m sorry?”

You raised your head with a start, peering up at him with a puzzled expression.

“I mean just what I said. People are easy to read. Their thoughts, motives, intentions. But you, you’re difficult. I just don’t understand you.”

“I could say the same about you. Why would you want to understand me? Shouldn’t you see me as your competition?”

You traced your fingers along the edge of the box in front of you, lightly trailing your fingers over the back of his hand when you came to it. He reacted at first, standing straighter as he watched your fingertips glide over his skin before he pulled his hand away.

“Why do you keep doing that?”

“Doing what?”

You chose to play the fool, smiling innocently as you spun around him, moving to another box of files. He followed suit, moving beside you once again.

“Touching me like that. You did it yesterday at the crime scene. Why?”

You furrowed your brow, slightly taken aback by how direct his question was.

“Why not? Does it bother you? Confuse you?”

“Is that your intention?”

“No. I have no intentions with you. I’m doing my job, that’s all. Any rise I can get out of you is merely entertainment.”

“I’m glad I can amuse you.”

Ciel stepped behind you, resting his hands on your hips, pressing his chest to your back as he leaned over to look at the papers in your hands. You could feel his breath on your ear as you watched his hand move closer to your from the corner of your eye.

“Thank you. That’s exactly what I need.”

You could practically hear the smug smile on his face as he plucked the papers from your hands, heading toward the door, twisting the knob before pausing to look at you.

“Why did you do it? Make the contract?”

Your feet carried you to the door, into the small entry way where your front met with his in the tight space. Craning your neck to look up at him, you let your lips sit just inches from his.

“I already told you. You’ll never find out.”

Placing your hand over his, you pulled the door open and quickly exited the room, leaving him there to watch you leave.

"Yes, Alpha"

Cas woke slowly the morning after, stretching out each sinuous limb as his sleep-addled brain became aware of it. He hadn’t expected to sleep that well after what had happened the night before, and he frowned as the memory flitted across the back of his mind. He shoved it away and turned back to a much simpler task: waking up.

He sighed softly as his satin panties slid deliciously against his ass. The omega could always count on La Perla to keep him happy. He slowly sat up, glancing around the spacious, ornate bedroom. So he had made it back to Anna’s last night. That made sense; if he’d gone home, Michael would have just followed him there, and his bitch of an aunt would have made him see the bastard.

He reached up to feel his cheek, flinching at the burst of pain as his fingers brushed over the weirdly puffed skin. It felt fucking awful; hopefully it didn’t look too bad this time. He slipped out of the bed and padded toward the master bath, grabbing one of Anna’s sheer robes from the back of a chair as he passed. He slid the expensive slip of black cloth over his shoulders but left the front hanging open. The thing was so sheer that it wouldn’t have covered anything up anyway.

“Anna, are you in here?” He called as he stepped into the large bathroom. No one responded, but he heard clanking and humming in the shower room and began to walk that way. He froze when he caught sight of his reflection in the mirror over the vanity.

“Shit.” He breathed out as his fingers brushed over the discolored skin on his cheekbone. So much for the bruise not showing up too badly. He slumped into the vanity chair and drew his knees up tight against his chest as he continued to stare, the humming in the shower room forgotten.


Dean was screwing the faucet cover back on when he caught the scent. He inhaled deeply, his eyes sliding shut as the delicious scent shot straight to his dick. It smelled like wild flowers and perfume and fucking sex. He slid his headphones off and cocked his head, listening for the source of the new scent. Even though it was omega, he knew that it wasn’t Anna; she wouldn’t be back for another fifteen minutes at least, and that was definitely not her scent. He couldn’t hear anything at first, but as he listened more closely, he heard the shaky breaths and soft sniffles.

He set aside his wrench and stood to walk out into the main bathroom, stopping short at the sight of the beautiful omega in front of the vanity. He had tousled brown hair and big blue doe eyes and the poutiest lips Dean had ever seen. The sheer robe he was wearing did nothing to hide the long lines of his soft body. The fact that he was wearing nothing but lingerie was not helping Dean’s self-control.

And then the omega turned to look at Dean, and Dean’s breath caught in his throat, because the omega also had a fucking huge bruise along his cheek. Dean felt a growl rising in his throat as he stepped forward, but drew up short when the omega whimpered. A pretty blush spread across the omega’s face.

“Who are you?” The omega whispered, blue eyes wide with fear.

“My name is Dean Smith. I live upstairs.” Dean explained softly. “Well, since last month,” he amended. “I was helping Anna with her water pressure problem.”

Cas nodded. Anna had told him about the rich new alpha in the penthouse. She’d mentioned that he was good-looking, but this god with the green eyes and intoxicating scent was so much more than she’d let on. He still didn’t speak, so the alpha continued to step forward.

“What happened there?” Dean asked, slowly reaching out to grasp Cas’s chin and tilt his head so he could get a better look at the discolored blotch on the omega’s otherwise flawless skin. Cas fought a shiver as dean’s warm fingers slid up along his jaw.

Cas shook his head, his eyes shuttering, a blank expression falling on his face. “It doesn’t matter.”

“I think it does.” Dean insisted, his voice low and controlled, and Cas finally shivered at the sound as his eyes dilated.

“My name is Castiel,“ the omega whispered, almost involuntarily. He couldn’t explain it, why he needed this alpha to know him, to know his name, but he did.

“Castiel, what happened to your cheek? Tell me, please.”

“It really doesn’t matter. What’s done is done.” Cas recited the mantra that he’d been raised on, the words an anchor for his jumbled mind to cling to. Dean’s face showed his indecision, obviously wanting answers, but not wanting to push the omega too much.

“We should really get something on that so that it doesn’t swell much more. I hate to see this pretty face marred at all.” Dean murmured, his eyes intent on Cas. The omega nodded obediently, unable to look away.

Dean took a slow step back, intending to go to the kitchen for some ice, but stopped long enough to brush his fingers along the unblemished cheek.

The bathroom door swung open just then, and Anna walked in. Her eyebrows rose at the sight of her best friend staring up at her new neighbor as though he were in a trance, the alpha’s fingers stroking along the omega’s cheek.

“I brought ice,” she called out, and both flinched, the alpha’s hand dropping as Cas jerked back from where he’d been leaning into his touch. She handed the ice pack over to Cas, who was suddenly blushing furiously and avoiding the alpha’s eyes as he brought the ice pack to his swollen cheek.

“Everything okay?” Anna asked Dean, and the alpha offered a small assenting hum, his eyes still on Cas.

“Dean!” She called, finally claiming the man’s attention. Dean smiled at her guiltily as he nodded again, “Yeah, just let me finish putting everything back together.” He walked back over to the shower and climbed inside, and Cas blushed as his mind began to supply all kinds of dirty images of the alpha in a shower.

Cas turned back to the mirror, keeping the ice to his face. Anna stepped up behind him and began to comb her fingers through Cas’s hair, humming softly. Cas’s eyes slid shut as she worked.

After several moments, she spoke softly, “Michael was at your house this morning. Apparently, he spent the night there waiting for you to get home.”

Cas stiffened, his eyes snapping open. Shit.

“It’s getting worse, Anna.” He murmured to the other omega, and she nodded. “You know that it’s only a matter of time before he asks father for my hand, and then it’ll be too late.” Cas sounded genuinely afraid, and Anna fought the anger that rose up in her. Cas’s father Bartholomew was a bastard. He had to know how Michael treated his son, but still he did nothing.

“I won’t let that happen.” She promised. Right then, Dean stepped out of the shower, toolbox in hand.

“All done, Anna.” He said with a forced smile. She nodded and motioned for him to follow her, “I’ll walk you out.” She turned to Cas. “Go ahead and get yourself washed up, sweetie.”

Dean started to follow her, but stopped by Cas’s chair and brushed his fingers against the omega’s unblemished cheek, “Take care of that cheek, Cas.” The gentle tone undermined the command.

“Yes, alpha.” Cas whispered, his eyes dipping downward. Anna tried not to let her surprise show at the title. Michael had been trying to make Cas call him alpha for years, but the omega had stubbornly refused. Now, on their first meeting, he was calling Dean that, granting him that title. He had all but bared his neck for the alpha.

But Dean didn’t care about that; he was more focused on Cas and his downtrodden posture. He didn’t want his last image of Cas to be the top of his downbent head; he wanted to see his eyes. He placed a gentle finger under Cas’s chin and tipped it upward until the man was looking right at him. “It’s been very nice meeting you, Castiel.”

“And you, Dean.” Castiel replied. Dean smiled kindly, and the omega found himself smiling back.

Dean’s breath caught as he was struck by just how beautiful Cas was. “You should smile more often,“ he said before lowering his hand and walking away.

Dean followed Anna out into the main part of the condo. He waited until he heard the shower turn on before speaking.

“What the hell, Anna?”

“What the hell, indeed?” She wondered, eyeing him closely.

“Who the fuck did that to him?” He demanded, finally allowing his anger to show.

“Michael, his…boyfriend, I guess is what you would call him.”

“Boyfriend as in…?” Dean trailed off, anxious to know how serious Cas was about this other alpha.

“Look, Michael’s had a claim on Castiel since we were all teenagers.”

“And how does Cas feel about that?”

Anna rolled her eyes, “Dean, I know you were eavesdropping on our conversation just now. Castiel is miserable. Michael is abusive and unfaithful, and Cas hates the relationship, but his father won’t do shit about it. To Bartholomew, an omega child is nothing more than an asset, something to bargain with. He’s going to sell Castiel off to the highest bidder, and right now, that happens to be Michael.”

“Why doesn’t Cas do something about it?” Dean asked

“You saw him. He’s not independent like me or Hannah; between his father and his bitch aunt, he has no freedom. He was raised in a fucking marble prison as an art piece, trained to be the perfect submissive omega, to bring in the highest price.”

“And you say Michael’s the highest bidder?” Dean confirmed, and Anna nodded, a spark of hope rising in her at his tone. Maybe it wasn’t too late for her best friend. “What if someone else came along, someone with good connections and money? Would Novak change his mind?” Dean asked, and Anna nodded eagerly, but a frown soon followed.

"Michael’s had his eye on Castiel for years. He’s doesn’t take kindly to people claiming what he considers to be his. Anytime another alpha so much as glanced at Cas… Well, it didn’t end well for them.” Her tone was gentle, but Dean understood the warning.

If he was going to make Cas his, he was going to have to fight for him. He wondered for a split second if it was worth it to fight for someone who was already claimed, for all intents and purposes. But then he thought of the omega with his bright blue eyes, eyes that had gone from hesitant to trusting, scared to reverent, within seconds, and realized that Cas was worth anything and everything that a fight would cost him.

“How would I go about meeting Mr. Novak?”


“Michael came by to see you last night.” Naomi made the comment over supper, and Castiel stiffened for the briefest of seconds.

“I’m sorry to hear that I missed him.” Castiel kept his tone light. His aunt didn’t know about the fight and the bruise, not unless Michael told her. Anna had done an excellent job of covering up the blemish.

“As was he.” She assured him. Cas let out a small sigh of relief that she didn’t pursue the topic further. Naomi stopped eating suddenly and looked straight at him, “What’s done is done. Just make sure that whatever it was, you don’t do it again; if you don’t do it again, he won’t have any reason to…you know.”

“Yes, aunt Naomi.” Castiel murmured, looking down at his plate. He didn’t bother telling her that Michael didn’t need a reason.


That night, Cas dreamed about bruises. But not the one on his cheek, nor any of the other harsh, ugly things Michael had given him over the years. No, Cas dreamed about soft, gentle bruises that bloomed from lips and teeth and tongue. Someone sucked and nipped at his neck and throat and collar bone, marking up his unblemished skin. Cas gasped at the sensations as a tongue flickered out over his earlobe. A flash of green eyes that made Cas feel safe, cherished, loved, even. A throaty chuckle, a needy whine, a soft groan. Eventually, Cas didn’t know which sounds were his and which belonged to his alpha. His alpha.

Suddenly he was on his hands and knees, presenting himself, shamelessly pleading and gasping as the alpha’s fingers worked at his slick hole, stretching him, fucking him, rubbing right against that magical spot. But it still wasn’t enough. He needed more. And then, he had it. The alpha was filling him, his cock fitting perfectly inside the tight omega, and Castiel screamed at the pleasure. He began to rock back and forth, meeting the alpha’s thrusts, moaning as the alpha’s knot grew and caught on his rim.

“I’m gonna fill you right up, baby. Breed you so full of our pups,” The alpha whispered raggedly, and Castiel sobbed as the alpha exploded inside of him.

“Mark me, alpha!” Cas pleaded, baring his neck, and the alpha lurched forward with a growl, his teeth sinking into the skin of Castiel’s neck. And that pushed Cas over the edge.

Cas jerked awake, gasping and sweaty. His stomach was covered in cum, and he could feel that the sheets below him were soaked through with his slick. He glanced around. He was in his room, alone. No green-eyed alpha, no mate. The very thought left him feeling bereft.


“Mr. Novak, this is Dean Smith. He moved to the area recently for his job.” Anna’s brother Inaias said as he introduced the two alphas at a charity ball the following weekend.

“Pleasure to meet you, Mr. Smith.” Bartholomew shook the alpha’s hand before turning to indicate the people next to him. “This is my sister, Naomi,” the cold-looking beta barely nodded her head at Dean, but Dean was already looking past her to the omega as Bartholomew pointed to him, “and this is my son, Castiel.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you both.” Dean murmured, but his warm smile was directed only at Castiel, who blushed and dipped his head in acknowledgement. Dean’s attention was pulled back to Bartholomew when the older man asked, “So, you moved here for your work, which is…?”

“CFO at Sandover Investments.” Dean replied, offering a charming smile.

“Ah! You must be new to the position. And so young for such a prestigious spot! What happened to Richard?”

“Apparently the missus convinced him to finally retire.” Dean explained, and Bartholomew chuckled, shaking his head before extending his hand to Dean again, “Well, if you ever need any help learning the ropes in this city or anything, give me a call. Anything at all.”

Dean shook his hand again, but his eyes slid over to where Cas still stood, his hands folded primly in front of him. “Actually, sir, I was wondering if I could claim Castiel for a dance?”

Bartholomew’s eyes lit with understanding as he motioned Castiel forward, “By all means!”

Dean thanked him, but his eyes were already glued to the beautiful omega as he took his hand and led him out toward the dance floor.

“How have you been?” Dean murmured as he stopped in the middle of the floor and pulled the smaller man in front of him, keeping Cas’s hand in his as he placed the other hand at the omega’s waist. He couldn’t help the swell of triumph as Cas stepped even closer and placed his free hand in the center of dean’s chest.

"Your cheek looks much better,” Dean commented lightly, trying to hide the anger that welled at the memory of Cas’s perfect skin bruised and swollen.

Almost as if he knew what Dean was thinking, Cas absently stroked his hand over Dean’s heart, almost as if he were attempting to chase that anger away. Dean couldn’t help but marvel at it, the way Cas tried to care for him when he himself was the one who needed caring for. Cas was attempting to shelter him from the reality of his world, when Dean wanted nothing more than to dive in head first.

“I’m feeling much better…“ Cas assured him. He hesitated for a moment, a flash of daring flickering in his eyes as he continued, "especially now.”

Dean grinned warmly. “Me too.”

“How are things with your new condo?” Cas asked. His eyebrows lowered at the grimace that suddenly marred Dean’s handsome face.

“It’s good, but, uh, a little empty, little lonely, you know?”

“I think I can understand lonely places, yes.” Castiel assured him. Dean’s eyebrows furrowed, but he chose not to comment on that…yet.

“Back in Kansas City, I had a roommate and my brother living with me. There was never any alone time.” Dean recalled with a smirk, but his expression soon turned sad. “Well, I guess I should’ve been more grateful, because now I have nothing but alone time. Sam moved out a few months back when he married Jess, and now I’m here, so it’s just Benny at the old place. Kinda feels like the end of something, you know? And I just haven’t gotten used to it.”

"Maybe you need to find someone to share your new home with,” Castiel suggested, his tone light and nonchalant, but his eyes burned with something deeper. Dean couldn’t put a name on it, but he could understand it; it was the same need that burned in him when he was around the omega.

“Maybe I should,” Dean agreed. “Any suggestions?”

Cas blushed beautifully. “Well, we have plenty of single omegas here to choose from. There’s Hael and Hannah and Meg and Lillith. Do you have anything specific you’re looking for?” He asked, glancing up at Dean through his lashes, smiling just flirtatiously enough to send a shock straight to Dean’s crotch.

Dean grinned teasingly. “Yes, actually. I’m looking for someone with blue eyes, big blue eyes.”

Cas’s blush worsened even as his smile grew. “Hannah has blue eyes, I think.”

“Does she? I hadn’t noticed…” Dean admitted, and the omega’s pleased smile grew even more. Dean chuckled. “I’m sure I’ll fine someone, eventually.”

He didn’t bother adding that he already had found the one he wanted, because he knew that Cas knew it. He wouldn’t be out here in the middle of the dance floor with Dean, smiling and flirting like he was, if he hadn’t realized.

“I’m sure you will.” Cas agreed, his voice sure.

Dean smiled kindly, his brilliant green eyes crinkling at the corners, and nodded, “Yeah, I think I will.”


“So, Mr. Smith, how long have you been in New York?” A pretty omega with brown hair and honey-colored eyes asked, giggling flirtatiously as Dean glanced over at her. Hael? Hannah? There were four omegas sitting around him, all vying for his attention, and Dean felt like groaning. He didn’t want to be over here with these omegas talking about insignificant things; he wanted to be across the room with his omega talking about… Well, they’d probably be talking about the same things, but Dean wouldn’t think it was so insignificant then.

He smiled blandly at the omega and answered her question, but as soon as he had, his eyes drifted back over to where Cas sat with his aunt. Anna hadn’t been kidding when she said that Cas had no freedom. He locked eyes with the red-head sitting next to Cas and she quirked an eyebrow before rolling her eyes. Apparently, the only reason she ever came to these things anymore was to keep an eye on Cas.

Right then, there was a slight commotion at the door as several people greeted a newcomer, and he glanced over in that direction.

“It’s Michael!” One of the omegas around him whispered excitedly, and his eyes narrowed on the tall alpha that reeked of pride and conceit. The alpha strode straight over to where Cas sat and spoke to him. Anna said something, but Michael ignored her. Anna shot a concerned glance toward Dean and he was immediately on his feet.

Michael grabbed Cas’s chin roughly and jerked the omega’s head up before grabbing him by the arm and pulling him out of his seat to drag him out of the ballroom. No one besides Anna looked the least bit concerned. Naomi, who Dean had thought was supposed to be protecting her nephew, sighed resignedly and took another sip of champagne. Dean looked around for Bartholomew, but the alpha was nowhere to be seen.

He headed out the door Michael had dragged Cas through an followed the scents to a closed room. He could hear a man yelling from behind the closed door. Dean tried the handle, but found it was locked.

“Castiel, I was across town on a fucking date when I heard about your little spectacle in there. Imagine how I felt, hearing from my colleagues that my omega was acting like some slut, practically throwing himself at another alpha. It’s disgraceful and disrespectful!”

Dean couldn’t hear Castiel’s muffled reply, but it was followed by a sharp crack and a yelp. Dean didn’t know what happened, one minute he was listening outside the door, the next he was in the room, shoving Michael away from Cas and up against the wall.

Michael looked shocked, his eyes widening as Dean tightened his forearm against the other alpha’s windpipe.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” Dean asked, his voice shaking with barely controlled rage. “How dare you lay a hand on him?”

“He’s my omega, I can do whatever the fuck I want with him!” Michael bit out, and Dean shoved him up against the wall harder. He opened his mouth to retort when he heard the quiet voice from behind him.

“I already told you, Michael, I’m not yours. I never was, I never will be.”

Dean felt a surge of pride at Cas’s quiet stand. He didn’t turn away from Michael as he spoke back to the omega, “You okay, Cas?”

“Yes, alpha.” Cas replied, and Michael’s eyes widened. Dean smirked at the other man, Anna having told him about the alpha title. Cas was his, dammit, and no other alpha was ever allowed to touch him again. Dean felt a soft touch against his shoulder and leaned into it.

“Dean, you can put Michael down now. He’s not going to bother either of us again.” Cas assured his alpha, and Dean nodded, slowly releasing his hold on the other man. Michael slid down the wall and slumped onto the floor.

“Stay away from him.” Dean warned before turning around and pulling Cas to him. He slid one arm around Cas’s waist and reached up to cup his face.

“Hey, gorgeous.” He murmured, and Cas smiled, “Hi, handsome.” Dean pressed a soft kiss against his mouth, and Cas sighed into the kiss.

“Come on; I gotta talk to your dad.” Dean kept his arm around Cas’s waist as he headed out to the main ballroom again. He looked at the splintered doorframe and smirked. “Someone should really take care of that.” Cas giggled.


Dean was laying out by the pool of the villa they’d leased for their honeymoon, dozing lightly. He woke when he felt the now-familiar weight settle across his lap and hummed appreciatively as his omega’s scent washed over him.

His eyes fluttered open and he grinned as he took in Cas’s bright yellow skimpy bikini.

“You look gorgeous, baby.” He whispered, and Cas smiled as he leaned forward to brush his lips against Dean’s. “I knew that would look good on you.”

“Well then, you have really good taste, Mr. Smith.” Cas whispered back, rolling his hips and grinding his ass against Dean’s lap. Dean groaned and pulled Cas in, slamming their mouths together. His hands slid up the omega’s back to fumble with his bikini ties, and Cas chuckled wickedly, “I thought you liked my bikini, alpha?”

“I do, baby. I’ll love it ten times more over there.” Dean replied, ripping the top from Cas’s body and throwing it away. He leaned down to attack Cas’s neck, licking and sucking at the mating mark there. Cas threw his head back, sighing contentedly as his mate began to lick his way down his chest and latched onto a nipple.

Cas moaned wantonly and slid his fingers into Dean’s hair, arching his back to thrust his chest out further.

Dean chuckled and lapped at the bright red bud. “Your pretty little tits are so sensitive.”

“Alpha! Please!” Cas gasped, and Dean ran a soothing hand down his back and shushed him.

“I’ll take care of you, baby.” Dean promised, leaning up to whisper at his mate’s ear. “You’re so hungry for it, aren’t you, sweetheart?” Cas nodded desperately, turning his head to claim Dean’s mouth again.

“Please, Dean, I need it now!” He whined. Dean reached down to shove the crotch of Cas’s bikini bottom aside and pushed his middle finger inside his hole, moaning at the gush of slick that covered his hand.

He began to slide his finger in and out of the wet heat, fucking his mate on his finger. He soon added a second and then a third, but Cas shook his head.

“It’s not enough, Dean.” Cas whimpered, burying his face in Dean’s neck to scent him as he rode his fingers.

“What do you need, baby?” Dean asked, his own breath ragged. “Tell me what you need.”

“I need your knot, alpha. Right now!” Cas cried out. Dean pulled out his fingers, and Cas whined at the loss. But immediately, the whine was replaced by a high-pitched moan when he finally felt the head of dean’s cock brush against his hole, and he moaned with pleasure when Dean pushed up into him.

He arms tightened around Dean’s neck as he began to pull himself up and down on the alpha’s cock, both men groaning with as their chests rubbed against each other, their nipples brushing with each thrust.

“Dean, dean! Alpha! So good! Please!” A flood of pleas and praise flowed from Cas’s mouth as he drew closer to that edge, and Dean pressed sloppy kisses against his mouth, his temple, his cheek, his jaw, anywhere he could reach, really.

“I’m so close, alpha! Please!”

“Then cum, baby.” Dean urged him, holding out on his own release.

“I need it!” The omega insisted, and Dean moaned. So much for giving Cas his orgasm first. He began to thrust harder, grabbing Cas by the hips and slamming him down onto his cock, until he felt his knot began to swell. “Almost there, baby.” Dean breathed jerkily against Cas’s ear, and Cas keened as he felt the knot catch on his rim. And then he sobbed as the knot exploded, flooding his ass with Dean’s cum and allowing him to reach his own orgasm.

When he came to, he was slumped against Dean, whose cock was still securely locked in place by the knot. Their combined scent was so strong, and Cas reveled in it.

“That was so good, alpha.” He breathed, pressing a grateful kiss against Dean’s mouth. Dean hummed and his eyes slid open; he smiled drowsily as he reached up to pull Cas against him.

“Nap.” He announced, and Cas smiled as he snuggled up against his alpha’s chest, his eyes drifting shut.

Get the Wood

(cheesy title i apologize)

summary: Teenage!Dan and his family are taking a camping trip, and Dan is less than thrilled . Maybe a certain boy can make the trip a little better.

beta’d by: @demisexualhowell (I’m eternally grateful tysm)

word count: 4.5 k (jfc)

genre: fluff but there is slight sadness and also slight naughtiness but nothing hardcore 

warnings: (slight) internalized homophobia 

a/n: wowzers hello this is my first fic! i’m so excited, pls let me know what u think ahh

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