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So if we got Aaron Ehasz's Book 4, would Katara be the Fire Lady with Zuko who is Fire Lord, or would she wait a little later to accept that role, also how would Aang feel about Zuko and Katara's relationship, I personally would feel sorry for Aang he had a huge crush on her but she ended up with Zuko, I love Aang he's one of my fav characters but I don't like Kataang and found it forced and I loved Zutara, how do you think Aang would get over it? Would he be angry at Zuko?

I don’t think Katara would be the Firelady until many years later. I think Book 4 would be the budding of Zuko and Katara’s romance, but I don’t think they’d be officially a couple or anything.

I don’t think Aang would necessarily be angry at Zuko, but he would struggle with his conflicted feelings. Aang would feel like he “deserves” Katara more. He’s been her friend for the entire time while Zuko was attacking them. Zuko used her necklace, while Aang retrieved it. Part of him would feel resentful that Katara would develop feelings for Zuko while Aang has been sort of been there for her longer. It would show that Aang is human and flawed. This kind of inner conflict would have made Aang more relatable as a character for me.

Also, if it weren’t for Aang, Zuko wouldn’t even be alive. Aang’s mercy and compassion while Zuko was trying to capture him let Zuko survive. So I’m sure that a part of him would feel upset that Zuko now is “taking” the girl he likes when Zuko kind of owes Aang his life. It would be easy to sympathize with Aang for feeling that way, and I think it would have been great character development.

Aang’s attachment even prevented him from unlocking his chakra. It would be difficult for him to let go of his crush, but I think it would have made him a better character. I think him wanting happiness for Zuko and Katara would be the perfect conclusion for Aang’s character arc. That is what the Crown Chakra is all about. Letting go of attachment means wanting the best for others without expecting anything in return.

Finding the Air Nomads would have been the perfect opportunity to help Aang finally let go. He would be so grateful that his people survived that it would give him a new perspective on life. Katara has done so much for him to fill the void that the Air Nomads left, and he would simply want her to be happy, even if she ended up with Zuko. Aang would have grown into a fully realized Avatar who has learned what true love is. Letting his former enemy be with the girl he liked would show how much he has grown spiritually.

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Who are your favorite minor characters from all the four nations?

Good question!


Hama. What a powerful character this was for someone we only got to see in one episode! We get to see her rise and fall, from a powerful and dignified waterbending master, to a corrupted and hateful old crone who tortures her own tribeswoman in order to “teach” her. She invented her own technique and is a deadly force to be reckoned with. Hama also gave more depth to the Southern Water Tribe, presenting a dark side to waterbending that had been hitherto unknown, as well as harkening back to a time when the tribe was strong and waterbenders were numerous. Both her strength and her hatred left a permanent mark on Katara—and a reminder for us that water is everywhere.


Avatar Kyoshi. This Avatar literally left some big shoes to fill, as she is the longest-lived of any known Avatar and cemented a legacy that is still carried on in her island and her warriors. She saved her people by breaking off a piece of the mainland Earth Kingdom, a tectonic (and titanic) feat that was as awe-inspiring as it was deadly.

One of the things that I like about how she is remembered and presented is that she is a tough lady who does not deride femininity. Her technique, for example, is about using an opponent’s force against them, a skill tailored for female use. Toph, while a tremendous earthbender, prefers her part being played by a big, strong man, teases Aang about his delicate footsteps and “feminine side”, and takes a long time to appreciate the value of doing chores and being a team mom. Kyoshi has big feet AND wears makeup, fights in a dress with fans AND stops tyranny in its tracks, and doesn’t disparage traditionally female attributes while showing off her strength.

Like most earthbenders, Kyoshi doesn’t beat around the bush with regards to her business; when Aang tries to tell her that she didn’t really kill Chin the Conqueror, Kyoshi replies:

Personally, I don’t really see the difference. But I assure you, I would have done whatever it took to stop Chin.

I would have taken that advice to heart, Aang. Just sayin’.


Piandao. Just because you’re a nonbender doesn’t mean you are any less a member of your nation, and Master Piandao exemplifies this at a time when firebending is the most prized ability in the Fire Nation. Piandao is coveted as a teacher and easily could have gotten filthy rich on war profits, considering how highly militarized the Fire Nation becomes during the war. Instead, he will only accept students that can be taught, not only how to fight, but how to achieve their potential as human beings. He prizes humility in an era of arrogance and combines the artistry of the sword with the strokes of calligraphy. He encourages creativity and bravery, as we can see in Sokka’s training. As a White Lotus member, he is instrumental in freeing Ba Sing Se from the Fire Nation’s yoke, and is a role model for personal as well as professional achievement.


Guru Pathik. Yes, technically he is not an airbender, but this guru embodies all of the best qualities of the Air Nomads: friendliness toward living things, a carefree nature, sense of humor, and a high level of spirituality. Monk Gyatso would have been a more conventional choice, but I’m putting Guru Pathik first, not only because we see more of him, but because through him we learn about the tenets of interconnectedness and enlightenment that underpin the Avatar world. He teaches Aang, but doesn’t coddle him, and lets him know in no uncertain terms what will happen if Aang interrupts his training. Aang has had masters of air, water, earth, and fire, but Guru Pathik is the only one who helps Aang master the Avatar State—the most powerful technique he has apart from energybending.

harmless speculation on zuko’s choices in “the crossroads of destiny”

So. This has mostly been spurned on by @peacockarehot​‘s analysis. They talk a lot about how they believe that the script for “The Crossroads of Destiny” has been altered after the film deal for “The Last Airbender” had been made, and the cancellation of a possible Book 4 (most relevantly for this text: here, here and here). They make a lot of really interesting and sensible points, and I agree with most of them.

This meta, however, is about one I don’t agree with.

Mainly, one of their points was that Zuko was supposed to side with Aang and Katara, be captured and still return to the Fire Nation as crown prince.

I always found that as far too much of a stretch, in no small reason because it makes absolutely no sense for Azula to do that. If Zuko, Iroh in tow, had sided with Aang and Katara, and assuming Aang still got shot, and Katara still managed to make off with Aang’s body, Azula could’ve still pinned any potential failure on Zuko. Especially if he were rotting in jail as a traitor.

In this situation, it makes no sense at all for her to allow him to walk around free. No sense whatsoever. Azula’s not stupid, if Zuko had sided with them, then he had sided with them. Why on earth would she let him roam around free? In the palace? Where he has access to Ozai, to battle plans, to who knows what else that a known traitor really shouldn’t be allowed access to.

Azula wouldn’t allow that.

So, with that in mind, my harmless speculation on how the episode was changed after the selling of the rights is:

Zuko was always going to chose to join Azula in Ba Sing Se. But it was supposed to be a false choice.

(and the fact that it wasn’t lies entirely in Michael DiMartino’s direction)

How, and why I think this makes far more sense, under the cut.

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The Deepest Bond

Okay– I’m about to lay-out a very very very very unpopular and hated idea, but I need to get it out of my head.

WARNING if you don’t like or understand Kuvira then this post will be a hard one for you. No this is NOT A FANFIC!! It’s an analysis. 

1st– I’m super happy and grateful that Korra x Asami happened. That’s a big, no, HUGE step in kids tv in America and it finally happened!  With the main character and a woman of color. BRAVO!!! Thank you so much Bryke!!

Okay I’m not a shipper but I always enjoyed the thought of Korra and Asami being together because they fit so well very very well. Asami was the counter balance to Korra. Their relationship would foster growth and enlightenment (I’m not saying that will not still happen). The next part is a post I posted over a year ago. You have to understand my old post to understand why I feel so strongly about my next topic: 


1st- I do not hate Mako. I really don’t!!!!!! I think he is a SWEET guy really. He has problems but who doesn’t.

Now- to me Korra x Mako are supposed to be THEE pair. Right? That’s who the avatar has picked and Mako likes her back. So match made in heaven  (at least for the avatar)? Not really. They are way to much a like, like they are the same person really only one is female and one is male. So they have the same short comings, same reaction to things and are both still very immature. They bring nothing of value to the table for each other. It’s like two left feet. I feel the only reason they are together is physical attraction. I’m pretty sure they both think they are hot and same for each other. Korra is the avatar (how do you turn that down) and when Korra met Mako she was in awe of him being a great pro-bender. He was an idol to her (not in a bad way). It felt more like this:  Korra “A great pro-bender- wow.”  Mako “The avatar- wow.” Now they did become friends but what confuses me is EVEN THOUGH Mako did like Korra when she came up missing and he completely flipped out- that reaction felt very out of place. If Mako liked Korra from the start like she liked him- why did he even start a relationship with Asami?! I’m pretty sure (even though Asami was the one that pursued Mako at the start) Mako did not have it in his mind that Asami was going to help with the championship. I do feel like Mako got swept up in the fact she was very pretty. To be honest if I liked someone like Korra and had not told her yet- I would not start a relationship till I had, but that’s me. Mako makes very poor judgments but so does Korra. Yet with Korra she has the tools to get out of them, Mako not so much.  So Mako and Korra- super cute together but compatibility is a struggle a BIG struggle. Korra and Mako are no way opposites.

Korra x Asami. I do not like this pair because they are a same sex pair. That’s not it at all. This pair works because they are opposites with enough similarities that the attraction works. They rarely say anything negative about each other (except when Korra referred to Asami as prissy). Hah. Anyway. Also Asami was pretty much great for Mako, why would it be any different for Korra. Mako and Korra are the same person thus Asami is a great match for Korra as well. Plus Korra and Asami ended up having respect for each other. I have not seen much of that between Korra and Mako. Asami brings maturity and dept to the relationship. She is not hot headed and is very calculating.   I feel like Asami brings the type of respect, affection and reassurance that Korra needs to be able to grow. Asami possesses all of that. I’m sad that they met each other due to a love triangle plot (blame the writers). I feel it should have been the other way around, that Asami should have almost hit Korra, instead of Mako. Not that Asami would have asked Korra on a date- but it would have started their friendship and it would have more meaning to it; that Korra and Asami were meant (destined) to meet and be friends. That Mako, Bolin, and Asami were MEANT to be with Korra- to help and support; to be her true friends. 
Asami at this point in the story is the only one that has the qualities and depth to be Korra’s love interest. 

I wrote that post in the middle of Book 2.

But… but I did not know how to explain my feeling that when Book 4 started airing I was not so keen on the idea of Korra x Asami. Like it almost felt odd. I didn’t know why till the finale and then I understood. Korra out grew Asami. It feels like Korra x Asami was a book or two to late. Not that people have to be together because it promotes growth– but you should be in a relationship that does that or at least the avatar should. To me Korra balanced herself and grew so much, which is great and makes for a stronger and better relationship. Yet Korra’s growth was so much that it off-set Asami. I blame the writers again for not giving us more time to believe in Korra x Asami or show it. There have been hints all along but still needed more than what we got. Oh and the creators say that the avatar only falls in love once. So that would mean she has always been in love with Asami. So that means that she was never in love with Mako???  At the end of Book 2 Korra would have never said that to Mako if she was never in love with him. Now if Asami had hit Korra instead of Mako then I’d almost say YES Korra had always been in love with Asami. I believe Asami actually liked Korra long before Korra ever came around to her– but that’s another story. You could argue that even though Korra liked Mako– it was not true love and Korra did not find that till Asami. You could argue that but guess what – we never got to see that! 


Now I feel like Korra and Kuvira  are Yin and Yang to each other. Two sides of the same coin yet still different. Very Capricorn and Cancer (earth and water).  ** "yin yang", are concepts used to describe how apparently opposite or contrary forces are actually complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world, and how they give rise to each other as they interrelate to one another. Yin and yang can be thought of as complementary (rather than opposing) forces that interact to form a dynamic system in which the whole is greater than the assembled parts. They cannot exist in isolation.** Remember Korra and Kuvira were both isolated and that hurt their inner growth.  NOW I think Kuvira needs Korra more than Korra needing Kuvira but that’s because we get next to nothing of the full extent of Kuvira’s inner workings. There HAS to be something there if you are being compared to being like the avatar and then the avatar telling you the same thing. 

All of that brings me to say this– the best match for Korra, Book 4 changed Korra,  is Kuvira. If they had brought in a new character like Kuvira but less tyrannical their dynamic together would have been off the chart. I know people are going to flip and say ‘that’s like dating yourself, and that’s not true Korra and Kuvira posses different personalities, traits and backgrounds. They are very much the same yet still very different. 

True this does not ever have to be a romantic relationship. Would they work? Yes. They would be a power couple for sure.  Their dynamic is so strong, super strong, like next level soul mate 'we just opened a spirit portal together.’ That’s deep.

**them clashing opened a new portal, as in Kuvira’s weapon and Korra’s avatar state and Korra having compassion for Kuvira = new spirit portal**

What made me think of all of this? The Korra and Kuvira interactions in the spirit world. They were both showing their vulnerable sides and you know that’s something neither of those two would do at least not to that level and certainly not if each one hated the other. There was more emotion and understanding there then we have ever seen with Korra x Asami (even though Asami always does say wonderful things about Korra).

^^If I showed you this image and you have no pre-knowledge of the show. What would you think? ^^

When Korra caught Kuvira and she was just holding her there (she could have just sat her in the flowers, or even just caught her by the shoulder/arm or just put her hands up to just keep her from falling to the ground) no she just held her. We have never gotten a shot (screen take) like that, not someone laying in Korra’s arms as she gazes at them. *yes Korra caught Lin in book 3 from hitting the concrete– but they did not show a scene of Korra gazing at Lin in her arms*  It was very intimate, not necessarily romantic but almost felt like it, but it was just a depth that we have not seen from either of these two.

When Kuvira jumped up and pushed Korra away. It was Korra’s reaction that was the most interesting.  Korra did not jump up from the ground quickly, Korra’s reaction was very slow almost like a hurt, like a rejection. I can see Korra makes a slight face but it’s the body language I was watching (Korra’s body language is the most telling about her). Also when Korra sits back in the flowers while talking to Kuvira and telling her about how she understood her and felt, in that scene Korra  seemed so open and vulnerable. A beautiful beautiful scene. Very intimate, soul searching and deep.

 These two in that moment had a understanding of one another, there was a bond. Kuvira might not have said much but watch her face. (Besides with Kuvira you always have to watch her face because it’s the most telling thing about her).  These two were on another level while in the spirit world almost like soul-mates minus the fact Kuvira was written as an enemy.   

I know Kuvira could not have been endgame for Korra due to the fact she was a villain, but that’s the depth and deep bond I’d love to have seen Korra’s love interest have.

Like I said I’m glad Korra x Asami are endgame and Asami is smokin hot, sweet, a great friend and a great fighter. Yet there is something very deep about Korra x Kuvira. If not soulmates then they most definitely have a soul bond. That’s not something to be ignored. I still say soulmates due to the strength of the bond = spirit portal and big YIN and YANG aspect. I would like to see these two become friends and I hope they show Korra going to visit Kuvira in jail. Kuvira really has no one and Korra understands her the best– so I hope Korra does become a friend to Kuvira. Also I know Kuvira is/was in love with Baatar Jr, but the same things apply to them just like Korra x Asami.  

**SIDE NOTE: Soul mates may never become a romantic interest/relationship – but they are one of the most deepest bonds you can have with a person** 

Beyond the Spirit Portal

A/N: Sometimes I just get these…ideas. I would apologize, but I’m not sorry. Basically this is my headcanon for zutara being endgame for the whole series.

A rustling sounded from ahead of him, and Zuko raised his hands in defense, tired of giving everything in the Spirit World the benefit of doubt. So far, he had been teased, outright attacked, and led astray twice. He was starting to see the benefits of closing the human world off from the spirits so many millennia ago.

Spirits were damn annoying.

He never would have bothered to venture to this world if not for the urgency of the matter at hand.

Years back, Korra had once admitted to him that his uncle was here, happily running a teashop of giving council to those in need.

Zuko had long since learned how to live without Uncle Iroh’s constant council, but with news of Katara’s passing, he was now consumed with the need to seek his relative out.

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In case you missed the original post, here’s what’s going on.  

And here are all the other stories so far!

ARGH!!! I knew this would happen, I’ve been so ill and what with Christmas stuff and blurgh.  I’m so sorry this is late today, but I have a feeling they might all be a bit late from now on, but I’m going to try my best still!! <3

Today we have Katara and Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender, which, if you haven’t seen, quite frankly I don’t know how you’re living your life - IT’S AMAZING!! Please check it out if you haven’t already!

This is the longest fic so far, but I haven’t got time to put half of it up on or AO3, so it’s just going to clog your dash up a bit lol.  Sorry.

4.4K words, no smut.  Set after A:TLA and disregarding Korra.  Picture set by me, though I don’t own the images.  Tagging @ourloveislegendrarry @27snowflakes and @gloster - I hope you guys enjoy this! xJx 


Five Gold Rings

  The four nations of the world had been at peace for several years now, and life, on the whole, was tranquil and prosperous.  Katara had seen many towns and cities rise up from the ashes of war before returning home with her brother, Sokka, and together they were helping the people of the Southern Water Tribe recover after so many harsh years.

  Today was one of her favourite kind of days, she mused as she sat out near the open waters of the sea, mentoring the handful or so of children who had exhibited bending abilities in the past few years.  She tried her best to tutor them all together at least once a week, and popped by their homes as often as she could to offer personal tips and advice.

  But today was a group day, with the wind in their hair as they all worked together on the Butterfly move, which sort of looked like a figure of eight.  The older ones were starting to get the hang of it quite nicely, but for her babies it was enough that they were able to swirl the water up by themselves at all.

  “That’s it Makita!” Katara cried excitedly as her littlest student managed to sweep the water from their small pool up into the formation they’d been studying. The other kids cheered and clapped as the girl gritted her teeth to hold the shape for a few more seconds, before it collapsed into a puddle, splashing chilly droplets over the small class.  

  Katara laughed as Makita grimaced apologetically at the other shrieking kids. “Okay, okay,” she said, siphoning off the water with a flick of her wrist.  “Let’s not make a fuss.  Makita you did a good job!”

  “Thank you Katara,” said the young girl shyly, hugging herself.  “Do you think one day I’ll be a master, like you?”

  “Of course,” Katara replied without hesitation, but Benko, one of the older boys, drowned her out.

  “Katara’s the best waterbender in all the nations!” he boasted proudly.  “She helped the Avatar defeat the Firelord!”

  “Tell us about the Avatar, please!” another of the boys begged, and soon all of her half a dozen students were all chirping questions.  

  “Yeah, tell us about Avatar Aang!”

  “Are you really the best ever waterbender?”

  “Was the war really very scary?”

  “Did you see the new Firelord already today?”

  Katara’s head snapped around to Makita, who had last spoken.  “Wait, what?” she said, and poor little Makita instantly looked guilty, like she’d said something wrong.  “It’s okay,” Katara said, shaking off her own shock.  “I just didn’t know – did you say the Firelord was here?  In our village…today?”

  She knew the Firelord – Zuko – was touring the nations, it was all anyone could talk about.  It was all to do with assuring the world that the war years were truly behind them, and that his was now a peaceful nation.  All the traders that came through the tribe talked about was how handsome the prince was, and what a wise and admirable leader he had become.  But Katara herself had not seen or spoken to her old friend in many years.

  Little Makita nodded.  “My momma said he was getting here at noon, that she heard he made a detour.  She said it’s because we’re special.”

  “I bet he’s here to see Katara!” insisted Benko, and her throat instantly went dry and her stomach flipped.  Which was ridiculous, why wouldn’t she want to see Zuko?

  “Now, now,” she said, calming the kids down.  “He’ll be here to see all of us.  How about we work on something to show him if we get the chance – a little display perhaps?”

  The kids became instantly excited about the idea of performing for the Firelord, and Katara set about working on something that they could maybe put to music that their visitors would enjoy.  But her mind was only half on the task as she kept an eye on the sun in the sky, judging the time.  Their lessons had started early as usual, and Makita had said the delegation was due at noon, so she probably had an hour or so.

  Seeing as her and Sokka were on the general council, as well as knowing the Firelord personally, she felt it would be appropriate to be there when the party arrived. So once the kids had got the hang of the few tricks they were going to present, she sent them on their way so she could dash home and run a comb through her hair.

  For a moment, she felt a flush of embarrassment as to why exactly she was fussing over her appearance, but then she rationed that he was royalty after all, and it was important to represent her people with class and dignity. But there was a part of her that she couldn’t ignore that very much wanted to show Firelord Zuko that she wasn’t a child anymore.  That she was a leader too, to both her people and to waterbenders around the globe.  

  The first thing she noticed when she arrived at the town square was that Sokka was missing. She assumed she had been the only one to get late notice of the Firelord’s visit, but now she worried her brother had been left out entirely.  Sokka had a tendency to be a little…rambunctious in his opinions, but she was going to be livid if somebody thought it was a good idea to leave him out of the delegation.  However a quick ask around led to the discovery that he was out leading a hunting party and would be back before nightfall, in time for the welcome feast. Knowing her brother, his priority would be his stomach, and then seeing their old friend, so she guessed it was okay he was missing the first of the pleasantries.  

  Half the village had amassed by the time the first hint of a procession greeted them. “Look!” some of the children had cried in elation as giant spider-birds made of fire swooped over the horizon, dazzling the tribe with a beautiful display accompanied by horns and drums that gradually got louder and louder. Slowly, over a dozen carriages came into view being pulled by eager tiger-bears, the snow around the whole contingency becoming visibly slushy from the warmth even from this far away.

  The first of the caravans to arrive barely came to a halt at the town’s entrance before several young fire nation men and women were hoping out and creating and aisle for the occupants of the next vehicle to embark between, most notable of which was the Firelord himself.

  “Announcing Firelord Zuko!” a squire proclaimed, and the town’s cheering wrenched up a notch to become almost deafening.  

  Katara was too taken aback to clap or scream though along with her people; she was too busy taking in the man that had taken the place of the boy she used to know.

  The first noticeable difference was how tall he’d gotten, and he’d always been foot or so higher than her.  But in his billowing red robes he looked even more impressive, and she realised he’d gotten broader too.  Gone was the scrappy kid desperate to prove he was worthy to the world, and in his place was a man who knew exactly where he belonged.  

  Then, it was the smile.  He gave it freely, to the children who ran to give him sweets, to the council members who stepped up to greet him, and to his associates who seemed to be fretting over his every move.

  “It’s fine,” she saw him assure them as he talked to the people of the tribe.  Or, at least, that’s what she assumed he said. She had let half the crowd push in front of her as she stood and watched, not feeling it was right to claim any kind of privileged position over her fellows.  Yes, she knew Zuko, but it felt like a lifetime ago now, and she would say her hellos when the opportunity presented itself.  She wouldn’t throw herself at him like a fan.

  Not that she blamed her people for their excited reaction, it wasn’t everyday royalty chose to visit their little community, especially when it had come as a bit of a surprise.  But she just felt it wouldn’t be right to approach him amongst all these other people, not after all they had been though.

  To them, he was a war hero, a survivor, the leader of the new free world.  To her, he was still that troubled boy who had fought them for over a year, who had been misguided and confused, but had still thrown everything away to side with her, Aang, Sokka and Toph to unite the nations and defeat his father, despite the odds.  He was that boy who had slept in caves and bathed in rivers, quietly determined to win, at all costs.  

  She had seen him fall at the hands of his deranged sister, and it had been she who had saved him.

  So no, she would not approach Zuko now, in fact, it would probably be best to make her exit and find a quiet moment later.  She had just decided this was exactly what she wanted to do, when she looked up and realised she was being pointed at.  By several people.  All standing near to Firelord Zuko.

  “There she is!”  Of course, her student Benko had made sure to make himself useful as he stood proudly by Zuko.  

  The people around her turned to look, and she felt her cheeks flush in spite of the cold air as her and Zuko’s eyes met after so many years apart.

  His smile stunned her completely, and she barely registered that he thanked the people around him, who he’d obviously asked to point her out for him.  And then he was walking towards her, his delegation hurrying behind him, but he seemed oblivious.

  The crowd parted, and Katara didn’t have time to do anything but stand and wait as he came to a halt in front of her.  Only then did he seem to become as aware of everyone else as she was, suddenly eyeing them up both left and right, before turning back to Katara.  “Erm, hi?” he said.

  And with those two words, Katara realised that she had been worrying about nothing. He may have been the Firelord, but he was also still the same dork who had as many faults and quirks as the rest of them.

  “Zuko,” she said warmly with a laugh, before forgetting all propriety and flinging her arms around him.  The noisy crowd got even louder, and she could hear some people shouting, but all she cared about was that after a second or two, she felt Zuko laugh back, and return her embrace with fervour.  

  “It’s been a long time,” he murmured.

  She nodded in agreement.  “It has.”

  They parted bashfully as Zuko quelled his enthusiastic security detail with a look. His scar still stretched over his eye, and looked thoroughly menacing when he wanted it to.  “Katara,” he said warmly.  “Would you do me the honour and escorting me around your magnificent home?”

  She felt her eyes widen as she quickly sought out the council and tribal elders. A few of them scowled at her for her audacity, but most, including the chief, nodded and smiled approvingly. Which was lucky, as she’d been planning on agreeing no matter what they had said.  “Of course,” she told him and extended her arm out to show the way. “It would be my honour.”

  The next few hours were spent visiting various landmarks in her small but thriving village.  They started with the town hall where preparations were already underway for the celebrations that evening, then continued via the schoolroom and healing hut, where Katara often volunteered her waterbending abilities whenever a malady was serious enough to warrant it.  They saw the works of art that had been erected in the past few years, then looked on as their humble military guard performed a short, ceremonial parade, before Katara’s students enthralled a sizable crowd with a display of their most advanced waterbending, just like they had practiced that morning.

  Finally, Katara felt it was appropriate to end their tour at the war memorial she herself had helped to create.  “The metal was a gift from Toph, in the Earth Kingdom,” she said, referring to the gleaming silver sculpture of a man and a woman with a child in their arms, all reaching towards the heavens, hope clear on their faces.  Katara had shaped and then frozen the wave of water perfectly lifting them up, helping them to achieve their goal.  She checked every day to keep the ice sculpture perfect, and one day hoped to share the duty with her new generation of benders.

  “Did you know Toph is training a battalion of earthbenders into becoming metalbenders?” she asked Zuko after he had stared silently at the memorial for quite some time. He nodded.  “It’s quite the revolution.”

  He nodded again, but remained stoic, taking in every detail of the statue.  

  “Zuko?” she said softly, touching her fingers to his shoulder.  He blinked and turned to her.  

  “My apologies,” he said stiffly.  “Sometimes, we can fool ourselves that the war was long ago.  It only takes a small reminder such as this that it was only really yesterday.”

  They began to walk slowly away, heading to the accommodation that had been especially prepared for the Firelord and his people.  “I don’t think the war will ever truly leave us,” Katara admitted kindly. “We all lost so much.  But,” she paused, and looked to catch his eye.  “I don’t think it should leave us.  Otherwise, if we don’t remember the mistakes that were made, how can we avoid repeating them?”

  She couldn’t help but touch her mother’s necklace that she still wore every day.   It would be wrong to forget her and the sacrifice she had made.  But at the same time she did not want the memory to hold her back.  She just wanted it with her as she moved on with her life, much like the icy waters supporting the family in the memorial.  

  She was relieved when Zuko gave her a small smile, and shook his head.  “You always were very wise Katara,” he said ruefully.

  She grinned back at him.  “And bossy, or had you forgotten?” she teased.   But Zuko’s sidelong glance held something sincere she wasn’t quite sure about.

  “Some say bossy,” he mused.  “Others say natural leadership.”

  She couldn’t help but allow herself a moment of pride at his words.  It had been important for her to come home and help her people become the best they could be, and she knew her worldly experience would be a great asset in that.  It hadn’t always been easy, it had just been what she needed to do.  It was also one of the reasons she hadn’t been able to stay with the Air Nomads; she hadn’t been able to help Aang with rebuilding his nation because it wasn’t where she belonged, not then.  That, and…

  “Have you seen Aang at all on your travels?” she asked tentatively, hoping she wasn’t going to regret asking, but Zuko’s face shone with genuine happiness as he replied.  

  “Oh yes,” he assured her.  “Numerous times.  Many benders from the Earth Kingdom have migrated to the Air Nation to help with rebuilding their cities, and several hundred non-benders have even chosen to relocate their homes there.  It’s thriving.  I’m even hoping,” he said cautiously.  “That there might be some from the Fire Nation who would wish to join them too, to strengthen their community even further.”

  “That’s wonderful,” said Katara as they neared the accommodation across the snowy courtyard.  And she meant it, but it hadn’t really been the true intention of her question. “And, um, Aang himself?  How is he?”

  She wished she had loved Aang the way she had been supposed to, as a lover and a wife. But after the war, as they had grown from childhood into adults, she had had to be honest with herself, and eventually Aang, that her feelings had been sisterly all along.  She loved him in that respect, and was fiercely loyal to him as both a friend and as the Avatar, but that wasn’t enough to build a life together on.  It had been deeply painful to leave though, and she very much hoped that they would be able to reconnect soon as part of their new lives.

  Zuko considered before speaking.  “He is extremely well,” he said, though his tone was sombre.  “Every day he is uncovering more of the Air Nomad heritage, and with the world in balance he is more in tune with the past Avatars than ever. And I do believe,” he added with a rare smirk.  “That his beloved sky bison are breeding zealously.”

  “Good for them,” Katara chuckled.

  As they reached the door to the guest lodgings, Zuko cleared his throat and his entourage backed off a little to give them some space.  “When I saw him last,” he began hesitantly.  “Aang had…met someone.  An Earthbender.”

  “Oh that’s wonderful!” Katara cried, with such genuine force she almost surprised herself.  She certainly surprised Zuko as she grabbed his hands and squeezed them.  She laughed sheepishly.  “Sorry,” she said, letting him go and pulling at her hair.  “But, I mean it.  All I ever wanted was for Aang to be happy.  I truly hope he is.”

  Zuko beamed back at her, and took one of her hands between both of his.  “I do believe he is,” he said.

  For a moment they stood there, hands clasped, until one of the more pushy aides cleared his throat, bringing them both back to their senses.  

  “Okay,” said Katara cheerfully as she removed her hand a little shyly. “Well, I shall see you shortly.  For the feast.”

  “Oh, yes,” blinked Zuko.  “Yes, for the feast.”

  “Bye,” she said awkwardly.

  “Bye,” Zuko agreed, as his aide all but shoved him through the door, making Katara chuckle.  The guy obviously didn’t approve of his Lord talking too much with a lowly waterbender.

  She didn’t care though.  She felt strangely light as she headed back to her own home to get ready as night began to fall.  

  The fest was excellent, and Sokka made it back with his hunters just in time for the first course to be served, and his jubilant mood was enough to make anyone get into the party spirit.  Not that the mood had been dour before, what with all the free flowing food and wine that the tribespeople had come together to provide.  A band was playing merrily (and loudly) in the corner and it took no time at all for dancing to break out.

  Katara had been honoured with a seat next to the Firelord, but she hardly had a moment’s quiet to talk with him as he was greeted by one person after the other wishing to gain an audience. Some had genuine concerns they were eager to discuss, but others merely just wanted to profess their happiness at his new, far fairer rule of his nation.  

  She didn’t mind though, having found herself an elderly but enthralling firebending scholar with which to discuss technique.  Having spent so long with the Avatar, she always found it fascinating how varied the different schools of bending were.

  Once the deserts had been presented people started milling around, and Zuko was soon pulled away to tour the room as people filled every space to dance and mingle. Katara tried not to let her eyes follow him as he patiently circulated from one person to the next, but he seemed more vulnerable now he was not dressed in his official robes with their quite frankly dangerous shoulder decals.  Now he was clad simply in a fine tunic and trousers, his hair tied back in a more casual bun at the back of his head.  

  “If that were me,” the old bender leaned over and muttered into her ear.  “I’d want rescuing right about now.”  She shot her eyebrows up at him in surprise, but the old man didn’t look like he was going to take his words back.  In fact, he gave her a gentle nudge with his elbow. “I’ll create a distraction.”

  Before she could ask what on earth he meant, he’d already set off a shower of indoor fireworks which instantly grabbed everyone’s attention in a sea of gasps and cheers.  So, before she could change her mind, she nipped down from the table and skirted between everyone looking at the roof of the town hall, filled with harmless sparks courtesy of the old firebender.  

  Zuko started as she touched his elbow, but stilled as she pressed her finger up to her lips and whispered “shh” to him with a wink.  He was soon grinning back, letting her take his hand in hers as they slipped back through the crowd.

  As they passed near the head table again, Katara managed to grab the firebender’s eye and mouth “Thank you” to him.  He barely nodded back, not wanting to give them away after such a marvellous distraction, but Katara spotted the slight motion all the same as they slipped out the back door, passed the kitchens.

  “Katara,” Zuko laughed.  “Where are we going?  You know I’m going to have to keep my guards from throwing you in jail for kidnapping me?”

  “I’d like to see them try,” she said, only half joking as they made it out the final exit and into the cold night, hands still firmly clasped together.  They didn’t stop running (or grinning) until Katara got them to their destination; the highest peak just outside the settlement, just before the terrain dropped away into the vast pine forest.  “I thought I’d show you one more of our tribe’s best tourist features,” she said, slightly out of breath as she gazed up at the sky.  “The Dancing Lights.  They only happen for a few weeks at the height of the Winter Solstice.”

  “Is that so?” Zuko asked, squeezing the hand still in his, gazing upwards next to her.

  “Well,” she said.  “That and the fact that you looked bored to tears in there.”

  Zuko sighed. “It’s my job,” he said practically, but Katara just shrugged.

  “We all deserve a break sometimes.  Look!”

  Her hand shot up as the first of the dancing lights began appearing.  Ribbons of coloured lights started arching across the black night’s sky, like ink swirling through water at the whim of an artist’s brush.

  “The Dancing Lights,” Zuko guessed correctly.  

  “They say,” said Katara, starting to shiver now they were stood still.  “That it’s the spirits giving us a gift, that it’s them talking to us as best they can.”

  “That’s what they say, huh?” Zuko murmured in wonder.  But then he must have felt Katara shudder as suddenly he looked down at her and her chattering teeth.  “Oh, wait, hang on,” he said, and with a flick of his wrist a fire sprung to life near their feet, as if a pile of tinder had just been waiting for them. He didn’t stop there though as he pulled her closer and rubbed her arms.  “You’re cold,” he admonished.

  “Not that cold,” Katara argued, but that was only true now thanks to Zuko’s fire and his, well…

  She was in the Firelord’s arms for warmth, she tried to convince herself, but it was debatable how good a job she was doing.  

  “I’m sorry,” he said after a little while longer watching the lights weaving over their heads.

  Katara frowned.  “For what?” she asked, genuinely confused.  She was the one who should have been apologising for dragging them out into the cold without even any furs.  

 But she felt Zuko shake his head, and she moved her eyes to meet his.  “For…not making this visit official until the last minute.  I wasn’t sure…I was hesitant as to whether or not you would want to see me?”

  She blinked, unsure of what to say, other than the obvious.  “Zuko,” she said.  “That’s ridiculous!  Why wouldn’t I be happy to see you?”

  He shrugged, his arms now fully wrapped around her (for warmth). “I know my behaviour in the past-”

  “If you bring up the war,” she interrupted.  “I swear I will stamp on your foot.”  

  For a moment he just stared down at her, and then he laughed.  “You’re going…to stamp…on the Firelord’s foot?”

  “If you give me reason to,” she said defiantly.  “Yes. I’m not going over this again. You made mistakes, we all did. The important thing is that we atoned for them.  What matters is here and now.”

  “Oh,” he said, chewing on his bottom lip, avoiding her gaze.  “Well, I’m sort of embarrassed I said anything now.”

  She laughed, and found herself rubbing his back reassuredly (but also for warmth).  “No,” she insisted.  “I think it’s sweet you were concerned.  Concern and humility are nice things to have.  They’re admirable.”

  Zuko looked back into her eyes again; his were so brown they were almost black.  They were mesmerising.  “You always see the best in everyone,” he marvelled.

  But she shook her head. “Only when it’s there to see.”

  “A lot of people don’t even try though,” he insisted.  “That’s…that’s also a nice thing to have.”

  Katara was aware that the Dancing Lights were fading away, and people back at the hall would probably be looking for Zuko by now.  But she didn’t make any move to leave, and neither did he.  “I’m glad you came,” she said after a while.  “It’s been lovely seeing you again.”

  “I’d like,” Zuko began, the words obviously catching in his throat.  “To see more of you.  If possible?”

  Katara swallowed.  Their faces were awfully close together.  “I’d like that,” she said.  “I’d like that very much.”

  As the last wisp of coloured light vanished from the sky, Zuko leaned down, and closed the gap between them, touching his cold lips to hers.  It was all it took for Katara to wrap her arms more tightly around his back, to fold into him and let the kiss deepen.  She wasn’t surprised, she wasn’t hesitant.  This felt about as right as right could feel.

  “Good,” Zuko whispered between the first kiss and the next.  “I’d like that too.”


The Engineer’s Guide to Dating the Avatar (END)


Sometimes, Asami would worry that she had somehow “broken” Korra.
After all, Korra fumbling with her words and getting very flustered was very unexpected. But being the engineer that she is, she takes notes on just how to “handle” the avatar the way that only she can. It’s a labor of love, really.
(One shots revolving Asami and Korra and their inevitable romance post book 4. Will get updated as I can be assed to write. May include mature content in the future. Also posted in ao3 by wegglebots. That is me. Do not be alarmed.)

Previous part here:link

First part here:link

15. And this is your vow: To love her and support her, with unquestionable faith and unwavering spirit. And to forever remain by her side till the end of your days.

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lackingstealth  asked:

The Reason You Fall, The Moment You Fly (aka the atla verse) + discovery

Original fic!

They find Raven Reyes in the Northern Air Temple, and Clarke honestly thinks Bellamy loses ten years of his life when they do, judging from the sound he makes.

Not that she doesn’t scare Clarke too. None of them were expecting to find anyone here, let alone–whatever Raven is.

“Earth Kingdom,” she says, like that’s an explanation. “Your turn, what are you?”

Clarke glances back at Bellamy, and he raises one shoulder, leaving the choice up to her. She turns her attention back to Raven. She’s around their age, probably a year or two younger than Bellamy, gorgeous, all sharp eyes and perfectly smooth ponytail. But her shoulders are uneven on her crutches, and she’s too thin, her face too hard.

It’s hard to say what happened to her, but it’s clear that whatever brought her here wasn’t good.

“I’m the Avatar,” Clarke says. “And this is my boyfriend. His sister and our friend are outside with my flying bison.”

Her statement has the intended effect: Raven’s cool, collected expression falters for a second, and she asks, “Wait, the Avatar?” before she regains her composure.

“I can airbend for you, if you want,” she offers.

“Hell yes I want you to airbend. Show me what you’ve got.”

Clarke has a few basic tricks she likes to use when someone asks her to prove she’s an airbender, and she does her scooter this time, a ball of air she can ride around the room, one of the things Wells came up with when they were kids. She remembers seeing him do it in this very room, and that makes her falter, stumble. She trips on the dismount and Bellamy catches her.

Raven, at least, still looks impressed. So Clarke’s definitely not a total failure, as an avatar. She’s a tiny bit cool, in spite of everything.

In all honesty, she’s amazed she’s doing as well as she is, considering where they are.

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Super Long Text Post About Taylor

DISCLAIMER: I’m not trying to bring the people who got packages or went to the secret sessions down in any way, shape, or form. I’m so happy for them. They are all very deserving people. I’m jealous as hell of course (I’m able to admit that) but I wouldn’t wish I had received a gift or an invite instead of any single one of them. I think Swifties need to stick together. And it is something that sets Taylor’s fans apart from others. We are a family. A massive family. We obviously all value similar things in life. So I don’t want to be “bitter,” instead I want to talk about my point of view.

I am 19 years old. And I have had about 6 tumblr accounts throughout my life, none of which stuck. Don’t ask me why. If I had to guess, good honest schoolwork had something to do with it. I recently got a Twitter. I signed up for Instagram last spring. Social media has always made me nervous. I’m still a child of the good ole Facebook generation. And sometimes I feel like I’m being punished for it.

I didn’t find out about the secret sessions until they had already happened. I remember sitting, stunned, staring at my computer screen as my heart broke a little bit. Why wasn’t I there? Was I not a big enough fan? But I remind myself everyday that, no, that is not the case. I just have never possessed the platforms to reach out to Taylor. So I’m doing it now. It’s taken me three months to learn the ins and outs of Tumblr. And now I want to make my stamp. A month ago was the first time I tagged Taylor in an Instagram pic, of course I had trouble sleeping, nervously awaiting the morning when I would see the update that taylorswift had liked my photo (or rather, video). But no, she hadn’t. So I started to reach out more, wade into the pool a little bit deeper. I started replying to her tweets. But obviously Tumblr is becoming the best way to connect with her. I can say, “Look TayTay, I’ve never been to a meet and greet, I’ve only been to one of your concerts. But I’m a fan. A substantial one. And one who it would mean the world to to be noticed by you.”

But every day I get on Tumblr and feel inadequate, or inferior to the girls and boys, women and men, who receive gifts or who have their personal Polaroid with her as their avatar. I’m just a different kind of fan. I’m no better or worse. We’re all equals here, whether we’ve been to every single concert 5 separate times, or have never seen her live at all. And I’m sure there are many others out there like me. 
I’m not incredibly poor. I’m lucky enough to go to college (on substantial financial aid) but it could be so much worse. I never went to an arena concert because my family couldn’t afford it. I had to hear friends talks about how much fun the Speak Now show was, or how during the Fearless tour one of them touched her hand. But i was a freshman in college when the RED tour hit and I couldn’t sit on the sidelines anymore. I think that was also when I realized how much taylorswift meant to me. When her shadow rose up behind the big curtain before “State of Grace,” I started crying uncontrollably, like a visceral reaction before my brain even had time to process.

100% of Taylor’s fanbase is not on Tumblr. If I had to ballpark it I would say 70% ish, though I believe that estimate is on the generous side. So being told I’m a “new” fan because I’m simply new to tumblr is neither true nor fair. I would like to know how many other boys and girls are out there like me. Those who are die-hard Swifties but still feel insufficient or like a newbie because they are not as Tumblr conscious as the rest of the Taylorsphere. And there’s someone else who we forget is new to Tumblr - the grand high badass herself. Some of us have followed you here, Taylor. And we love you just as much as those who have been blogging lyrics and gifs for the past few years. And one last point. I love you to death but my youth minister follows me on Instagram, I’m Facebook friends with professors, and some of my Twitter followers include friends’ parents and current employers. As much as I’d love to go totally nuts (in a good way) and geek out over my idolization of TSwizz, it’s just not, dare I say it, “appropriate.” And I KNOW there are some people sitting at their computer feeling my pain over this last point. But that’s how people were chosen for the secret sessions. And I don’t disagree with that strategy.

I just want to tell you taylorswift that I love you, I want to meet you. I want to speak to you. I want to pet your cat and pick your brain on songwriting and tell you why I think Dear John is the masterpiece of the century. I want to tell you in person that I’m a brunette with a fluctuating waistline who has genius Ph.D  parents and took French in high school but wishes she took Spanish. I want you to know that I can’t play Candy Crush but Bakery Story has been on my iPhone since senior year of high school. In freshman year, I broke my leg in tumbling class and was put in a full leg cast. A month later I got braces and a week after I got glasses. I saw Once on Broadway last year and cried like a baby. I rode an elephant at the circus when I was five and dyed the tips of my hair purple in 6th grade. I read Fifty Shades of Grey a year and a half ago but gave up 100 pages in because there was hardly any plot line outside of the sex scenes. But that’s alright because I’ve also read everything Agatha Christie has ever written and I got a 5 on my Lit AP. I don’t wear makeup daily but I’m meticulous about my eyebrows and skincare. I was diagnosed with a panic disorder after my first semester at college and my dad has been fighting cancer since 2006. 

But most of all I want to say that you being open about being a homebody and not “staying out too late” helped me admit to my friends that I just could no longer drag them home every weekend after nights spent sitting on couches drinking because I’m sorry I’m just not “cool” enough to call that fun. But I’m also a very reserved person and I don’t stand out in crowds. I don’t win competitions. I’ve never gotten the guy. I’ve always been the cool female friend who cleans up my male friends’ vomit and pulls a dollar out of her wallet if they come up short at the ticket booth.
And you’ve helped me accept that I’m okay like that. In fact, I like this about myself.
And I’m going to reblog this and tag you until you see it because I don’t want to sink into the crowd on tumblr. I want to stand out. And sometimes you have to be a bit ballsy (and vaguely annoying) to do that.
By the way: this whole thing was a journal entry before I finally sucked it up and decided to post. 



Korrasami Canon Fanfiction

Some art to accompany by Korrasami canon fanfiction called ‘Purple Light’ which gives both Asami and Korra’s POV’s from the final and beyond to Book 5.

I don’t really draw much but this is supposed to be depicting what probably happened after Kuvira was arrested and taken away. Asami would have been so freakin relieved that her forever girl hadn’t died which would have seemed like a high possibility at the time. The fic is also up on Archive of Our Own - link and a little sneaky preview below…

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Can we talk about how in A:TLA the best benders were girls? 

 Katara - waterbending 

Originally posted by ashiros

 Toph - earthbending 

Originally posted by heartcoma

 Azula - firebending (arguably second only to Iroh but we never see him all out bend in A:TLA) 

Originally posted by icewhisker21

 Think about it.

The only element we don’t see a girl/woman dominate in is airbending (until LoK). Even in the flashbacks with Roku or Aang, we only see boys airbending. Of course, there is a female Airbending Avatar. There are female airbenders. We just never see them. 

I think that would have been interesting especially considering how amazing Jinora is.

Originally posted by thespoonmissioner

It’s just so interesting comparing Korra and Aang though….Aang didn’t find out he was the avatar until he was older, and he lacked the confidence at first to truly embrace his role in the world, but later grew into it and accepted more responsibility, even though it wasn’t what he wanted

and then you have korra, who knew from almost the beginning who she was, and what her duties were. she embraced her role as the avatar, almost blending it with her own concept of her self-worth? and now, the world doesn’t need her as much as she thought it would. 

korra has been told time after time that her being the avatar isn’t necessarily what’s best for the world, and it’s starting to eat at her, bit by bit as she spirals downward.

It’s just so tragic that korra’s being denied really the one thing she always knew she wanted. all she wants to do is help people, and she’s had to face obstacles at every turn that made her look inside herself, telling her that she’s worthless.

reallydorky  asked:

do you have any klance headcanon's you'd be willing to share ?? btw i hope you're having a good night !!

yes yes! these arent set to one universe, so they’re kind of all over the place, but you can assume which are in the voltron verse and which are in an au!

  • i love the idea of keith or lance or both having the ability to sing/play music for the other
          -it’s always either the most meme-y of shit (i.e. cotton eyed joe) or really soft love songs 
  • lance loves doing makeup and face/skincare kinda stuff so like! whenever the opportunity comes he pulls his bf into it and does his makeup or helps him with facemasks. keith doesnt really like sitting still for a long time for the whole process, but if he gets to see lance all happy and satisfied with the final result, it’s definitely worth it!
  • on halloween they try to do those cute matchy couple costumes but cant decide who will be who (and have like a silly disagreement over it) so they wind up wearing the exact same costume.. these fools…
  • in an avatar au, lance’s betrothal necklace is pretty silly.. the carvings are kind wobbly and the edges are kinda chipped, but he tried his best to make it look really nice and that’s all that matters to keith.
  • they really love giving/receiving kisses! if like it could show through a mark as to where you’ve been kissed, those would be everywhere. 
  • speaking of kisses, on really dangerous missions they always give each other a kiss before they head to it, and if they survive (which, of course they do), they give each other a celebratory kiss and hug!
  • when lance is feeling especially lonely bc of missing home, keith i could imagine would have a hard time telling lance what he needs to hear (if only with short phrases like ‘you’ll see them again’) so he just kind of drapes himself around lance and gently pets his hair
  • imagine them returning to earth and since keith lived in a desert, lance showing him rain! (and while, yes, there could be rain in the desert, it is always different when you have someone so enthusiastic about it around)!
          -lance gets keith a pair of galoshes specifically for this purpose. keith cherishes them for always
  • holding hands is one of their favorite things to do next to kissing. whether it’s in time of distress, they just need some comfort, or they want reassurance that the other is there with them, they love to hold hands.
  • on a beach date id love to think of keith collecting rocks for lance while lance builds keith sandcastles
  • at an arcade, they’d go into a little playful competition about who can win the other the most plushies from the claw machine. they both wind up with bagfuls of stuffed animals
  • if it’s at a time where they start their relationship surrounded by mutual like and not love, i feel like at the mid-beginning of their relationship they’d realize they’re in love and feel kinda awkward about it. they say they love each other discreetly through huge gestures of affection or lil phrases they share with one another, but not directly. one day i feel like one of them would pop the phrase out to the other just before they go on a life-or-death mission or when they come back from the mission, all torn up, and dont want to miss out on the opportunity to say it again bc ‘wow i could have almost died without you knowing i love you’ and then it could be really gay and be like ‘i already knew that you loved me, asshole’ and then they kiss! and whoever said the asshole part says ‘i love you too’ after they’re done. who are these boys. they’re both probably so injured they can barely walk, but here they are, proclaiming their love to each other in spite of that
Remembrances.... more like "The Mako & Korra Romance" episode

Now look, I’m not usually an over analytical prick who is always nitpicking at Bryke and their work. As a matter of fact, I don’t think I have ever written a ‘I hated this episode’ ever in my life because I love TLoK and Bryke and even the worst episodes have some of the best moments. I’ve been with the Avatar franchise since it’s original airing back in '05 of The Boy in the Iceberg and every episode airing after that and I can say that out of all of this franchise (other than The Great Divide) this episode of Korra was one of the hardest for me to sit through.

Now before I get a lot of backlash and unfollow’s I would like to at least explain myself and why I thought this episode was lacking sorely in certain factors.

If my opinion seems a little biased because I’m a Borra shipper than it probably is but I felt as if the better part of this episode was explaining the love triangle and, in all honesty I feel it wasn’t necessary at all!

Alright, here comes the hate mail…. *stays in a cupboard with a tin pot on head*

 From the beginning to about 10:10 in it was mainly about Makorra. Half the episode. The way it was shown (as some over glorified romance between Mako and her and Asami just made things 'complicated’ between them) really irked me. 

The recap scene where he and Asami met , all he could say to Wu about his lack of communication skills was…..

“When you’ve got charm like mine, you don’t need introductions.”

Really Mako….You were nervous and you know it! You’re making it very hard to like your character…even if it was just for show to make yourself look better in front of Wu.

He’s saying all this stuff about how he felt he had a 'special connection’ to Korra from the beginning and yet, when he first met her even Wu commented on his 'rudeness’ towards her. 

Where was that “charm” when he met Korra the first time because I honestly didn’t see it.

 He said he became a probender for “fame, riches, and acolytes?….”

Umm..hold up here….

..the last time I checked he became a probender to provide for his little brother after their parents were killed. To do anything he had to survive and protect Bolin. Where did that comment come from?

But yet all that attitude of fame and riches changed in an instant when he met Korra?


He looked like he couldn’t have given two hoots about her when he first met her. Something here just doesn’t add up to me.

I think the point where I was just overcome with distaste for this episode was when Mako said he was “Hanging out with Asami”.

He was dating her; quite clearly (even Wu and his family called him out on it) The scene where they’re recapping the 'Asami kitchen’ scene between her and Mako was utterly shameful with Mako’s perspective on it with this particular quote..

“Yep, turns out she was right. It was time to man up and call it quits”

It’s like he didn’t even fight to try to work things out with Asami and just gave up on what could have been a nice relationship. He was so overcome with 'love’ for Korra that he failed to acknowledge the crap he was putting Asami (as well as Bolin, but i’ll talk about that later) through. The feelings she must have felt at that time and eventhough the Masami breakup was heartfelt it was very 'ambiguous’ (as Wu stated and was made out as a cheap laugh)

And this quote in particular really sticks in my crawl:

“I eventually helped korra defeat zaheer” and  “We did it as friends” but it fails to have Mako mention the OTHERS who helped.

I swear, in his whole speech about how he and Korra did all these spectacular things together he doesn’t ONCE mention Asami or his brother or even JINORA and the airbenders who ACTUALLY helped defeat Zaheer.

I think that was the other factor that really had me peeved.^ ^ ^

It’s almost like this episode is trying to justify his actions and makes it seem more like the “Mako & Korra'  duo instead of "TEAM AVATAR”. Everyone had a part in it not just him. They all worked as a team to overcome the hardships.

Mako then goes on about “korra showing him the importance of putting others before himself” and “korra inspires him when he thinks of her and that’s great! Having that inspiration is admirable and justifiable. Good development there….but I think he failed to mention he had that importance engraved into his being since he was a boy.

He was never selfish when it came to his brother. Always providing money and meals, guidance and getting him out of trouble. He shouldn’t have to have someone SHOW him that..he already lives it everyday. But he forgot to mention that right?

Which comes to the last factor of this episode that was the biggest kick in the rear…:  Lack of KINSHIP

The relationship between Mako and Bolin was entirely swept under the rug this episode and it hurt. A lot.

 It just really struck me dumb how that after the episode was entirely done Mako had not factored Bolin into much of anything.

 Like for instance, after the first Korra/Mako kissing scene recap. I thought he’d shed some light and say how he really hurt his brother when that happened (crying/noodle bing'ing). How he knew that Bolin had at least a crush on Korra but he was sorry for what happened (eventhough it wasn’t really Mako’s fault). But “nope”..that issue was pushed aside. I was just flabbergasted at that.

  I mean, he went after Bolin right after that kiss happened but in that recap it’s like it didn’t even factor in Mako’s eyes and that really upset & bothered me. 

  No pride in Bolin learning lavabending to save their skin or even Bolin being proud of Mako for being a cop and 'cleaning up the streets’ that they once lived on….. It pained me to watch the brothership between Bolin and Mako fall very short in this one.

It was like they weren’t even related…

I’m not going to go on a 'Mako’ hate rant because that’s honestly stupid and a waste of time but this episode did not do him justice as a character at all for me but I’m going to try not to chuck it all up to his character and i’ll just think of it as 'Bryke didn’t have enough funding (cuz there was a budget cut) and they needed a recap episode.

But if that was the recap episode for this series…well..lets just say it wasn't 'Ember Island Players’ worthy

Now granted, this episode had a good bit of jabs at characters and hilarity…(especially Verrick with his ridiculous 'Villan Phone Calls’ shtick) but I feel it overshadowed Bolin’s perspective (when he actually seriously wanted to tell his story 'with it all starting with korra’) and I really wish this would have been an episode where Bolin’s feelings were truly expressed through words as well as Asami’s.









anonymous asked:

How do you feel about no Kainora or team avatar final interactions in the finale? :)

I love a whole host of characters in The Legend of Korra, but it is Korra’s story first and foremost, and although it would have been nice to see a few more interactions in those final few minutes, I fully support the interactions the writers did choose to include.  It is quite easy for fans to say, “Oh, seeing this would have made the finale better”, or “What was the point of that scene?”, but at the end of the day I put my faith in the real Team Avatar to choose what is best for their characters and their storylines.  

All I can say is I was crying as the episode came to a close, and that emotion is all I can really take away.  After the fact, sure I might ask, “Why didn’t Bolin have a one-on-one with Korra?”, or “Why weren’t Jinora and Kai dancing at the wedding?”, but those questions will never detract from the happiness I felt during my initial viewing experience and will likely mean next to nothing when I look back on this series with fond nostalgia ten years down the road.  

I… Don’t even have words for this.
Like. If normally people have “all the feels” I am so void of feels right now, it’s beyond… I am never going to recover from the lack of Avatar!
I can’t believe I’m saying this, because I’ve been Such a die hard ATLA fan, rather than Korra… But that. Ending… That was par, if not BETTER than the ATLA finally!
The last 5 minutes may be the best thing I’ve ever watched!
As all those happy moments came together, it was exactly as Sozins Comet ended! #Perfection !
And Korra was just so beautiful in that gown!
Aang would have been so proud the way that Korra finished that battle! And even Prince Wu was really impressive!
Zhu Li and Varrick did the thing!
And Korrasami is 100% confirmed! They did the Kataang! Without even saying anything, just looked at each other, and duh duh duuuuh!
I love that Bryke openly said to kids “ITS OKAY 2 people of the same gender CAN be happy together. They may not have confirmed it with “a kiss” but did they really need to?? I also REALLY need to point out the fact that Avatar Aang and Avatar Korra both did not kill their enemies, and even though you might think “it’s cause it’s a kids show”. There’s a bigger image than that! It shows that you CAN be a bigger person, and you don’t need to harm someone permanently, even if they want to hurt you All around it was the most wonderful way to end!
I just hope some day, we get to love another avatar Just as much!!

Thank you Michael and Brian for such a breath taking journey!