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If Keith's Galra side is what makes him have this anger issues... How nice of a guy would he be if he was 100% human?

Actually–I don’t think Keith’s struggles with his emotions make him any less “nice.” If anything, I think he’s actually kinder because he’s hurting so much and still makes a conscious effort to try and control his temper and clearly regrets lashing out at others. Look at when he’s upset about Shiro’s disappearance–when he feels like Shiro left him and he know’s it’s not Shiro’s fault but he’s still so overwhelmed and says things he doesn’t mean. The reaction is immediate. As soon as he speaks, he looks devastated 

During his paladin vlog, he apologizes multiple times for letting his anger get the better of him. “I am…sorry. I am so sorry I, I guess—I have a bit of a temper, so…“ During The Hunted, he also expresses remorse for giving in to his emotions:

I think it’s also worth examining why Keith’s temper usually flares up. The common denominator is usually either 1) innocent people are in trouble (most likely under the rule of a corrupt leader)

2) Shiro in particular is in trouble, 

or 3) he’s grieving Shiro and his teammates don’t allow him that time to mourn or continue searching

Now, at the end of the vlog, Keith gets up and storms off. The only other time I could really think of where he actually gets up and leaves in a fit of anger on the spot is in Changing the Guard. All day he’s been tense and frustrated because no one else is willing to really acknowledge that Shiro is in serious trouble. “We don’t have Shiro either. Everyone seems to have forgotten that.” He feels like none of them cares about Shiro like he does, like they all just gave up on him and Keith is his only hope. And he can’t walk away from Shiro, not when he means so much. Anyway, what I’m getting here is–if in the vlog he storms off because he can’t hold back his tears anymore, does that mean he cried after this scene too? 

Even the way he slams his hands on the table before taking off is a thing in both these scenes

So anyway, what I’m trying to say here is–Keith’s anger isn’t from malicious intent. Not really. It comes from pain, compassion, love–it’s what happens when he cares too much and someone tears his world out from under him. He’s not a bad person, and I certainly don’t think Keith is even an angry person. Being galra doesn’t make him “meaner” or more aggressive, it makes all his emotions more volatile and passionate. Which would also explain his singularly devoted loyalty and adoration for Shiro, his sense of chivalry, his intense fear of abandonment, and so on. His feelings are all his, they’re just focused to such an intensity that he has difficulty managing them. He gets overwhelmed, and he lashes out. He’s trying his best to cope and I wish the universe was kinder to him 

You Were Here All Along

Poly!Hamilsquad x Reader

Modern AU

Author: Lil Laddie

Words: 2534

Warnings: Swearing, cuddling(?)

A/N: Hey cuties! I had a lot of fun writing this one! It is a little longer than usual so I hope you don’t mind. But seriously guys, I looooooooved writing this request!! I hope you lovelies have an amazing day or night! I love you with all my heart!!:)

Request: Can you do a Poly Hamilsquad x Reader where the squad is trying to find a girlfriend that suits all of them (Alex wants her to be smart, John wants her to be funny, ect.), the reader is a long time friend of the squad who is just hanging around and it ends with the squad realizing she has all of what they’re looking for? - @onelastfic

“They need to be smart. I can’t be dating an idiot. I want them to be able to stay up late with me wondering about the universe and what it holds. They need to be able to hold their end on an intelligent conversation.” Alex decided, Herc scribbling down smart on his notepad.

“They have to be funny. I can’t date someone without a sense of humor. They can’t be rude jokes though, they need to understand the line between funny and offensive. I just want to be able to never stop laughing with them.” John explained, Herc writing down funny underneath smart.

“I want them to be passionate. I don’t care what they are passionate about, but it needs to be something they would stand for and that they love. I want them to just go on for hours about this thing and watch their face light up with happiness.” Lafayette smiled at the thought, Herc once again writing down what he had said on the notepad.

“I want them to be affectionate. I love being able to just cuddle someone for hours on end and I want them to be okay with that. They need to also not focus on one of us with their love, but equal with their cuddles and affections.” Hercules said, finishing off the list on his notepad.

“So, what are we looking for?” John asked, trying to peek around Hercules to see the list he had wrote.

“We want to date someone who is smart, funny, passionate and loving.” Herc read off, the boys around him smiling and nodding their heads.

“Whatcha guys up to?” You asked, walking into the small kitchen where they were gathered.

“OH MY GOD!” Alex screamed, not knowing you had walked into the kitchen.

“Sorry.” You apologized, watching Alex catch his breath from the scare.

“He’s so jumpy.” John laughed, watching Alex still look around with panic on his face.

“What’re you doing here, (Y/N)?” Hercules asked, only to receive a dirty look from you.

“Did you forget what tonight is?” You asked, glaring at the four boys that sat around the table.

“Shit! It’s movie night!” Laf yelled in realization as the other boy’s eyes widened.

“We’ll set up right now! Alex will keep you company!” John shouted, running out of the room with Herc and Laf right behind him.

“Damn. Sorry we forgot, (Y/N).” Alex apologized, moving a stool out for you to sit next to him.

“Don’t worry about it, you guys get busy. It’s not really that big of a deal.” You shrugged.

“Even if we do get busy, we shouldn’t have forgotten movie night.” Alex mumbled, slouching slightly in his seat.

“If I say I forgive you guys, can we go on like it never happened?” You asked lightly, placing your hand gently on his slumped shoulder.

“I guess that could work…” Alex said looking up to see you smiling brightly at him.

For just a second he forgot you were his best friend and saw you as something more, much more. Before he knew it, you had taken him into a conversation about Professor Washington’s newest assignment for class. He had never realized just how smart you were. Wait, smart? He reprimanded himself for thinking you were just smart. You were a genius and it simply amazed him.

As you passionately explained in great detail what you would do for the assignment, Alex got lost in his thoughts. He didn’t know why he hadn’t seen it sooner? You were perfect for not only him, but his boyfriends too. The new partner that they had been looking for had been right in front of them the whole time.

“Alex, are you even listening to me?” You asked, slightly annoyed with Alex as he sat there with jaw hanging wide open.

“Sorry, I just caught up in my thoughts. I heard the beginning, but could you say the rest of it again?” Alex asked, a small blush dancing across his cheeks.

“Maybe later, the boys just said they were done setting up. We gotta go help them decide the movie.” You stood up quickly, offering your hand to Alex to help him stand up.

“Thanks.” Alex said barely above a whisper, his cheeks having heated up more at the touch of your hand on his.

“Of course!” You grinned, deciding to ignore the obvious blush on the cheeks. You walked to the living room with Alex right behind you.

“What took you two so long?” Hercules asked as the two walked through the door.

“I had to wake Alex from his daydreaming.” You said, nodding your head back to the man that had entered after you.

“What were you daydreaming of, mon amour?” Laf asked, the curiosity easy to see on his face.

“I…uh…well…” Alex stuttered, the blush that had finally faded from his cheeks making a bold return.

“He was probably fantasizing being far away from us and writing to his heart’s content.” You giggled, saving Alex from having to come up with some ridiculous excuse.

“I doubt it. He was probably daydreaming about being on a private island with us three.” John smirked suggestively as he wiggled his eyebrows.

“Or maybe he was dreaming about that private island with Professor Washington.” You smirked back, the three boys laughing loudly at the joke while Alex’s blush somehow grew bigger.

John continued to laugh while you said a couple more playful jabs to Alex about his love for Professor Washington. His laugh faded as he instead became entranced by how playful you were with his boyfriends. You fit in so well with them and made them all laugh so hard. How had he been so blind?

It was obvious now what Alex had been daydreaming about, it was you. Alex and John made eye contact, travelling a silent message. They both agreed that you fit their dream partner almost perfectly. They just had to wait for the other two to realize it on their own.

“Can we just vote on the movie now?” Alex asked, having enough with being embarrassed by his friend and boyfriends for the night.

“Sounds like a good idea to me!” Herc’s voice boomed through the room. “Everyone pull out the movie you want us to watch tonight and then we will decide from there.”

“You know this always causes a lot of arguments, maybe we should try something different.” You suggested, watching the other three boys shove each other over as they reached for their favorite movies.

“Nah, it’s funny to see everyone argue, besides we always stop it before we get hurtful or too intense.” Herc shrugged, laughing at the struggle the others were having as the fought to grab their movie of choice. “Now grab your pick so we can debate!” Herc pushed you forward gently.

You quickly dodged the boys rough housing and grabbed one of your favorite movies of all time, ‘Peter Pan’. You knew the boys were going to complain because they all thought it was some overrated kids movie, but had any of them ever taken the time to sit down and watch it? No, so they didn’t have any room to judge it.

“Okay, so I have-” Alex started only to be cut of by John.

“Boo! It sounds boring!!” John yelled, before looking around the room with his puppy dog eyes. “Can we, please, start watching the movie of my choice?” The boys hummed small agreements to his question, so that they wouldn’t have to deal with an overheated debate with Alex and John.

“No way! I want to argue my movie and you guys are going to listen!” You protested, jumping up from the couch and standing in front of the four. “Peter Pan”

“That movie is so overrated!” Laf cried, quickly being silenced by your sharp glare.

“As I was saying, Peter Pan. It is simply amazing in every single way, it is a classic. The art in the movie is beautiful, just wait till you see Neverland! This has been my favorite since I was a child and it will never change, why should it? It is a story that makes you want to run away and discover places you’ve never been. Discover your own Neverland. Besides, who are you to judge a movie you have never seen?” You ranted on passionately, almost out of breath.

From on the couch, Lafayette watched you with pure adoration. He had seen when Alex had gone into his full on rants and trust me he thought those were adorable, but you? Right now you were baring your heart to him and it was simply irresistable. The way that your eyes lit up at their protests against the movie. He had never realized how much fire and passion you had.

In fact, now that he thought about it, why had he never noticed you in the first place? You were almost always with them. Each moment that had with you was so amazing. You were always sharing new ideas and the passion you had for them. As he thought about this it made him finally understand what they had been missing. It was like a new beautiful light had started to shine down on his life. From the look in his eyes, Alex and John knew that he had fallen for you just as hard as they had.

“Let’s watch it!” Laf smiled, interrupting the second half of your rant that you had started.

“Are you serious?” You asked in shock.

“Of course I am! Go put the disk in.” Laf encouraged, watching you skip with joy to the tv.

Lafayette, John and Alex exchanged looks, knowing what they had to do. They all scooted as far away as possible from a very confused Hercules. He looked at them sadly, not knowing why they would leave him to watch the movies without their usual cuddling.

“Cuddles?” Herc asked, looking at the boys in confusion with his bulky arms wide open.

“No.” Alex said simply as the Laf and John shook their heads no.

“What am I supposed to do during the movie without someone to hold?” Hercules asked, not knowing what to do now with his hands.

“Why don’t you snuggle, (Y/N)?” Laf suggested, trying to act nonchalantly about it.

“Fine, I will.” Herc huffed, but he didn’t really know what he was complaining about. You were one of the best people he knew to snuggle with.

“Get ready for the best movie you will ever see.” You announced plopping down on the empty space on the couch.

“Snuggle me?” Hercules asked you, looking at you with some of the saddest eyes you had ever seen.

“Aw, of course Herc!” You exclaimed, quickly moving in a position where you would both be comfortable.

Hercules wrapped his arms around you, pulling your back tightly to his chest so the two of you were spooning. For some reason he found his drifting to your face as the movie began. He could feel you snuggling closer to him within the first 10 minutes of the movie. He didn’t realized he had missed the whole beginning until he heard a snicker from the other end of the couch.

He looked up to see his 3 boyfriends smirking at him and giggling like little kids. Of course they had set this up, but he was glad they had. He had been the last to realize it, but you were the perfect addition they had been looking for. You had fit each of their requirements and he was very impressed with how good you were at cuddling. If he thought about it, you were never one to say no to cuddling with any of them.

“Alex.” You whisper to the boy on your other side. “Come snuggle with us, please.” You begged, opening your arms for him to join you and Herc.

“If you insist.” Alex couldn’t help the smile on his face as he quickly jumped on top of the two of you.

“I can’t miss out on this opportunity of cuddling!” John yelled, moving on the couch so you were now spooning him. He loved being the baby spoon.

“You can’t exclude me!” Lafayette protested, smashing himself on top of all four of you. His long arms wrapped around all of you easily as he snuggled his face in between Herc’s and your shoulders.

As you continued to watch the movie, you could feel four pair of eyes on you. They watching your face carefully, making it very hard to focus on the movie. They were hiding something from you, it was painfully obvious.

“Why are you all looking at me?” You asked, not taking your eyes off of the bright screen.

“H-how did you know we were looking at you?” Laf stuttered, making John facepalm slightly at his slip up.

“It’s obvious.” You grabbed the remote and paused the movie before looking at each of the boys. “What are you hiding from me?”

“We’ve been looking for a new partner lately. Alex wants them to be intelligent, John wants them to be smart, Laf wants them to be passionate and I wanted them to be affectionate. We’ve been blind for so long to not see the perfect person for us was here all along.” Herc said, looking nervously for your reaction.

“I’m so happy for you guys! Who is it?” You asked, forcing out a grin.

It had been painfully obvious how much you had been crushing on these boys for the past year, but you would support them in whatever made them happy. Even if that happiness did not include you.

“It’s you. We want you to be our new partner, (Y/N).” John said, your eyes widening in shock at his words.

“M-me?” You choked out, not believing the words that had just left John’s mouth.

“You are amazing, mon ange. We have been so dumb not to realize that you are so much more than a friend to us.” Laf smiled gently, the boys watching you carefully.

“I would love that so much!” You exclaimed, pulling them all into a group hug. “I can’t believe you never noticed the crush I’ve had on you boys for years!”

“We can be very oblivious sometimes.” Alex laughed, pressing kisses to everyone’s head.

“More like all the time.” You scoffed, hearing them all protest at your statement.

“Now that this is out of the way, let’s enjoy this movie.” Herc smiled, waiting for everyone to readjust in their cuddling before he started the movie again.

You didn’t know how you could be so lucky to suddenly have four amazing boyfriends. You couldn’t keep the wide grin off of your face. To say you were happy was an understatement. You knew that maybe it was too early to say that you were falling in love with them, but it was the truth. You had been falling in love with them the moment you had met them a year ago in the library that was on campus. Lucky for you, you weren’t the only one feeling this way. They were falling for you just as hard.

Family of Three

summary: When Phil moves in with Dan and his son Eddie, they expect him to warm up to the tattooed man pretty quickly. However, when months pass with the boy only retreating further into his shell, Phil has to deal with the challenges of looking after a kid who’d rather ignore his presence. Single Parent!Dan AU

word count: 4000+

genre: angst, fluff

A/N: This was originally going to focus more on the pastel/ punk trope however it ended up being a small implication instead. Anyway, I fell in love with this idea and i really hope you enjoy it!

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Star Wars Preferences: Arguments and Making Up

(Requested by @ferretfuzzbutts I hope you like this and I am sorry it took so long! Also this is really long.)

Obi-Wan: You would usually get upset that you both couldn’t spend enough time together, you were both so busy. You understand that he had a lot of missions but that didn’t mean it didn’t upset you. You both would usually get upset after an argument and give each other space and time to cool down. When you two made up you would talk and say how much you love each other.

Anakin: You were upset about how angry he would get. He lost his temper so much and you didn’t want him to hurt himself or others with his rage. He would respond to this by getting even angrier and yelling. And then you would start yelling. This would happen till you were both exhausted from fighting. He would usually end up apologizing and probably crying and holding each other.

Padme: You two would argue about opposing views on politics. The fight would start off as a debate but then both of you got very upset and didn’t know why the other couldn’t see it the other way. You two could be passive aggressive and not talk about it for a while but not be yourselves. Finally one of you would bring it up and you would talk through and agree to disagree.

Qui-Gon: You were scared of the situations he got himself in. He always wanted to help everyone and you were scared this would get him killed. He always told you there was nothing to worry about and that upset you even more. He usually acted so calm in an argument you thought he didn’t even care. Once you told him that he became serious and apologized and wanted to make sure you knew he took every precaution to stay safe.

Darth Maul: He constantly wanted you to train and be your best. But sometimes it was too much.You were tired and finally snapped and told him to stop pushing you so hard in training. He got upset and just said he was trying to help. This led into an argument. During the next training you two took out your frustrations during fighting and it got intense. After he almost took off your arm he apologized and said he didn’t want to lose you.

Luke: Luke was very overprotective of you and was always scared of your safety and would try to stop you going on what he deemed dangerous missions. This made you believe he didn’t thank you were capable of fighting and that upset you. How could he think that? This would end with both of you passionately explaining your sides but when he saw how upset you got he would quickly go over to you and hug you and say he is just scared of losing you.

Han: He never took anything seriously. You were scared one day you would turn around and he would just be gone with no notice. If you ever brought this up to him he just laughed it off. Did he even care about your relationship. So one day you decided to take action and break up with him. He had his mouth hung opened and asked why. When you told him he said he did care and asked how he could prove it to you.

Leia: You two would usually end up joking around and it would just turn into real bickering. You two usually didn’t even know what you were fighting about. You two would just keep bickering and getting really short with each other in conversation. But then one of you would finally say how stupid you two were being and would usually make the other laugh.

Boba: He thought you were too reckless during missions and didn’t follow his plans. He wanted you to follow his plans. You thought he needed to learn to improvise and be more flexible. You two would actually end up arguing during a mission. When you two argue you get loud but his voice still stays really calm. Once you did argue during a mission and totally ignored your bounty. Once you both realized this you kind of shut up to get your bounty. After you successfully finished the mission you too kind of forgot about it till next time.

Finn: He kept trying to protect you and acted like you couldn’t protect yourself. This bugged you since you were a very capable fighter. You two would argue that he would never let you fight your own battles. You would get annoyed with him and storm off. He was upset and didn’t know what to do. He would search the Base to find you and and tell you he would try and be less protective which led to you giving him a big hug.

Poe: He was a huge flirt. He didn’t try to be he just had this natural charm that attracted a lot of people. You would usually get jealous because you thought he was flirting with them. He would usually find you upset and see what was wrong. Then you let all your emotions out and told him how you were feelings. He would try and comfort you and let you know you were the only one for him.

Rey: You two hardly every fought. It would be a very rare thing. If you ever did it was probably because of a misunderstanding between you two. She would confront you and and asking you why you could hurt her like that. After you explaining that you hadn’t done what she thought she felt foolish. She apologized and you both went about your day like normal.

Kylo: Sometimes he could feel you pulling him to the light side. He liked it but also hated it. He knew he needed to stay away from you. He would purposely ignore you and even make you work at weird times so he wouldn’t have to see you. You would finally just ditch work to go find and argue with him but he would ignore you. He finally missed you so much he would come back to you and beg your forgiveness and ask what he needed to do to win your forgiveness.

Hux: He would completely ignore you sometimes. He would just be too busy for you. This upset you greatly. So you would give him the silent treatment. You would ignore him. It drove him crazy that you would ignore him when he finally had a chance to talk with you. He would finally come find you and apologize for not spending time with you.

Captain Phasma: You felt like she never listened to you. She hardly seemed to talk or take her helmet off. It took her awhile to realize that you were even mad at her. She saw you walking in the hall and you gave her a mean glare and she realized you must be upset. You two finally talked and she said she had been listening and listed all the things you had been saying to hear until you believed her.

Season 2 - dating?

Warning that this gets long, very long. Apologies if you’re on a mobile device.

So, because I am *obsessive* and I have been off work today, I have revisited my slight concerns about the timing of 2x02 – Death comes Knocking (DcK) aka “the Charlatan Psychic’s manager in Phryne’s bedroom whilst Jack denies his greatest passion”. 

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“Brigadoon: Marin to Melan” IS A PASSION PROJECT: An Overview of What the Show Collectively Is

I don’t believe that anyone who wanted to get invested in Brigadoon (presently, or back when it first aired) took the show for what it could achieve on a technical level, but more on what it ultimately is at heart. (The one thing that has expanded Brigadoon’s longevity IS it’s central heart between the main characters.)

And the one thing that isn’t often addressed when it comes to discussing this show is Brigadoon being a passion project of the /creator director–Yoshitomo Yonetani. And this essay is a breakdown of what Brigadoon ultimately IS in the eyes of it’s creator. And to shed some light on what else can be appreciated about this show beyond technical achievements. 

Brigadoon is simply an amalgamation of Yonetani’s interests and his interests alone.

By watching the series and the bonus material around it, you can most definitely pin-point Yonetani’s interests. One of the bigger ones being:

#1 Yonetani is a mecha otaku.

It’s kind of a no-brainer since Brigadoon itself has mechs in it. But even more so when you realize that his other directorial works have been on works such as Betterman, King of Braves: GaoGaiGar, and TIGER & BUNNY.

And I mention that he’s an otaku because he’s pretty flamboyant when it comes to his interests especially when it comes to his wardrobe choices, like when he donned beast-eyeball glasses in the Brigadoon featurette. (as well as the pic above.)

Yonetani certainly doesn’t hold back when it comes to his interests, and Brigadoon continues to be testament to that.

#2 He’s a pervert

It’s sort of an odd thing to mention since perversion is wide and diverse and nearly trademark to anime content, but perversion is often a consistent aspect of Yonetani’s work, only because it’s a big part of his personality and tastes.

Anyone who has watched the show will consistently ask WHY is there so much panty shot from a 13-year-old girl in this show?

WHY are there so many suggestive and often times off-putting scenes used for comedic effect among any other form of comedy?

WHY does Poikun seem to be this huge walking innuendo?

Really, all you need to understand is that being a pervert is one of Yonetani’s traits.

And honestly, when you read his body of directorial works, you will evidently see Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma listed as his more recent work.

Because of course it is.

Yonetani just likes this sort of stuff. And everything starts to click from there…

#3 Yonetani is a huge fan of food.

Shokugeki no Soma notwithstanding, if you take a couple of seconds to scroll through his twitter, most if not all of his tweets are food blogging.

All of a sudden, it’s not at all hard to understand WHY there’s a character who eats in every single scene.

Yonetani sometimes makes direct reference to his favorite foods, like the hallucinogenic chocolate flavors in episode 15 were inspired by LOOK ala mode chocolates.

#4 Yonetani is a fan of obscure art techniques.

Claymation is definitely a favorite of his, which is what made him go an extra mile for the after credits extras:

And it’s no mistake that when he went on to show/create new material in dedication to the show 12 years later, he chose to make a clay sculpture:

In relation, he spoke once via twitter that even the art direction of Brigadoon’s case design (uses of transparency and color) is inspired by the Crimson Collection:

#5 Brigadoon is set in his hometown

It’s not uncommon to have real locations as settings for a show, but Brigadoon falls into an intimate category wherein Yonetani “wrote what he knows” because he’s lived there. (More location comparisons in the #trivia tag)

The Nezu Shrine in particular is a popular pilgrimage site among the Japanese fanbase as a classic location and commemoration where Marin and Melan first meet. Fans go out of their way to visit the location even today.

#6 He’s a mythology nerd

“Brigadoon” in and of itself is a reference

but Yonetani takes it a step further with the terminology used in the anime. Names are centered around Greek characters and once translated to Japanese they create the words we see here:

パスカ(Pasca) → “Easter"(復活祭)= [Πάσχα]
クレイス(Creis) → ”Key“(鍵)= [κλείς]
クロマ (Chroma) → ”Color“(色)= [χρώμα]
サヴマトン・カラー (Submaton Color) → ”Wonder“(ふしぎ)= [χώρα θαυμάτων]メラン (Melan) → ”Black“(黒)= [μελαν]
エリュン (Erin/Eryun) → ”Red“(赤)= [ερυθρον]
パイオン (Pyon) → ”Ash“(灰)= [φαιον]
ポイクン (Poikun) → ”Purple“(紫)= [φοινικουν]
クシャトーン (Kushatohn) → ”Yellow“(黄)= [ξανθον]
クストン (Kuston) → ”Maroon“(栗色)= [κάστανο]
レウコン (Reikon) → ”White“(白)= [λευκό]

(Name origins post HERE.)

There honestly is no particular reason why the names are as they are, but if Betterman’s dense allusions are any indication, it’s that Yonetani simply enjoys various forms of mythology.

I can really go on on how many other aspects of Yonetani’s interests, personality and themes fill Brigadoon to the brim, but I’m sure I mentioned most of the big ones.

tl;dr version: 

Brigadoon IS Yoshitomo Yonetani. It is a work dear to his heart and is considered to be his magnum opus when it comes to everything that makes him HIM. 

And maybe instead of viewing the series as solely a mess of tropes, allusions, characters and genres, maybe step back and appreciate or try to understand that there are some bodies of work that were never meant to appeal to a wider audience, but to instead present what is dear to a single person.

That isn’t to say that passion projects can’t be revolutionary.

Neon Genesis Evangelion is one such example that has arguably changed the scope of anime forever, but never forget that Eva is a piece of work Anno wished to be a form of communication FIRST and revolutionary anime SECOND.

But one of the more defining work Anno has done would be DAICON III, which can’t explain what a passion project is any better:

The purpose of this essay is not to defend Brigadoon’s flaws necessarily, but to provide insight on certain body of work’s goal from the perspective of the creator over the perspective of the viewers or commercial value.

So that perhaps, maybe you can form an understanding why projects such as Kung Fury are made

Or why Star Wars was never truly made as a blockbuster in mind (and can probably help you understand why Lucas may have fucked up the prequels–because Star Wars was never meant as a lasting series in his head at the time of it’s creation.)

I hope that this essay can help consumers and creators alike understand that sometimes works are made purely for self-indulgence, NOT because creators wish to tailor to the widest audience available. If anything, fame and fortune are after thoughts when creating something.

So if you’re having a hard time recommending Brigadoon because it does NOT fit in any sort of “general consensus,” as most reviewers like to cater to, consider saying that maybe…Brigadoon is what it is.

Brigadoon is a neat little time capsule passion project of a pretty neat anime director that has boiled down all his interests into a deeply flawed, but also deeply moving story between a young girl and a a mecha swordsman. 

It’s weird, but so is the creator.

But hey, it’s definitely worth checking out–maybe you’ll even learn something new. Have a fun time!

High-School! Calum AU |Part 3

A/N; Part 3! This part was really fun to write! And highly requested too! I hope you like it and remember keep requesting for part 4! Also if you have any thoughts or feedback let me know!

Part 1 Part 2

Summary: Y/N and Calum talk, fluffy and a lil tiny bit of drama at the end.

Word Count: 1.9K


“So..” Calum speaks after about ten minutes of silence whilst walking away from the bonfire, the party, the herd of teens, oh and the DJ, to a more distant and abandoned part of the beach. And to your surprise it wasn’t one bit awkward.

“So..” you giggled, looking at the sandy ground, kicking it gently, as well as copying his words, making him reveal a genuine smile at your humbleness. He removed his hands from your waist and plopped himself down on the sand, motioning to you with his hand, patting the space facing him, for you to join him, and you obliged sitting done directly in front of him, crossing your legs over one another.

He opened one of the beer bottles he brought with him, and took a sip of the bitter liquor, whilst you watched him with a fake pout on your face. “Y/N, are you sure you can handle anymore of these?” He asked you concerned. “Yikes, sorry dad!” You replied playfully, and he reluctantly handed you the beer he was drinking, not because he didn’t want to share with you, but because he didn’t want you to think he was trying to get you drunk. “We can share, that way you won’t drink too much, and you can go home sober.” He reasoned with you.

“Protective huh.” You questioned smirking, making him blush for the second time that night, and oh my god was he the most prettiest thing on earth when he did that. “Don’t worry I think it’s cute.” You said taking a swig of the beer and passing it back to him.  

“Cute huh.” He retorted, mimicking you and now it was your turn to blush, why are you like this? “Jesus Christ did I really just say that out loud?” You groaned pulling your two hands up to hide your face from him, your cheeks now tainted a deep shade of red as you nearly cried at your stupid drunk self. Control yourself Y/N.

All the while Calum was enjoying seeing you so flustered, chuckling at your clumsiness, whilst also being in awe at how adorable you were, he couldn’t get over how beautiful you were and eventually he took your hands in his to pull them away from your face again and rest them down by your sides.

“Great highlighter by the way Y/L/N. It’s a ten from me.” He flattered, winking at you, securing what he thought to be such a lovely noise escape from your mouth, contrasting to what you thought was the most annoying thing in the world, your laugh. “You’re such a dork.” You leaned over and lightly punched his shoulder. He played along and clutched it pretending he was in deep pain, all for your entertainment.

“How do you even know what highlighter is?” Fascinated by his comment, you asked him, no boy has ever specifically pointed out anything involving your makeup, apart from Mal, the King, because 90 percent of them haven’t even got a notion of what it even is.

“My sister, Mali-Koa, were pretty close and she’s obsessed with makeup, watches all those tutorial things, she’d show them to me quite often if I was bored or whatever and usually for her birthday or Christmas I would get her whatever she was looking for so yeah.” He explained, pretty passionately, his brown orbs light up at the mention of his sister, and you just sat there smiling at him. How lovely was this boy.

“Shit, sorry I’m rambling.” He fake laughed, looking at the ground, trying to brush it off. Was he nervous? Around you? (LOL) Thats a first, but who knows. “No, I think it’s so sweet honestly. I watch all the tutorials too, I love them, and I think that’s so cool that you guys are so close. Having siblings must be great too, I’ve always wanted one.” You smiled, encouraging the beautiful boy in front of you to speak.

“You’re an only child?” Calum quizzed you, looking surprised. “Yeah, I am an only child. Growing up I wished I had a sibling, but nevertheless, my childhood was pretty great. The closest thing I have to a sibling is Yasmin, she’s my best friend in the world, our moms are extremely close, so we’ve always been that way.” You answered him honestly, engaging more and more into the conversation.

“Yasmin is the girl who you were with today? Mikeys girl?” He enquired, but was completely taken back by your immediate response. “She is not ‘his girl’; and wait Michael, the weed guy, you know him? Is he nice or is he a douche? Like she’s-” Your sassy streak making a reappearance.

Calum cut you off. “Y/N, chill Mikeys cool, relax. I promise, he’s not a douche, we play football together, he only does weed when he’s stressed and I think he’s got a thing for your friend.”

Oh, okay. I just, she’s my best friend I don’t want her to get fucked over by some guy.” You mumbled, taking a sip of the beer you both had been passing back and forth for the past while, embarrassed at your outburst, but Calum didn’t seem to care about your over protectiveness. He rubbed his hand on your thigh soothingly, almost as if he was letting you know he understood how you felt.

You felt so comfortable with Calum, and you’ve literally only properly started getting to know him and talking to him today. It’s really weird, but something just feels right.

You passed him back the beer bottle, and he took one last drink finishing it off. He placed it behind him stretching his legs out, and pulled you into sit in the space between his legs, while yours out stretched and then wrapped around his waist while his hands came to yours. You giggled again, making him grin that glorious grin too. Damn.

“Remember Hood, try anything-” “And you swear Y/N, I know.” He argued back playfully, finishing off your sentence for you, making you nudge him with your arm. 

You must have stayed like that for hours, laughing with each other, sharing stories with one another and generally just getting along great. You didn’t even realise how much time passed by. Chatting with Calum proved to be very simple. He was so easy to talk to and not judgemental at all, like the kids at school.

“So Y/N, tell me, what’s your favourite colour.” He quizzed again chuckling. “Well, thats a pretty deep question don’t you think, considering we’ve just met.” you replied, making the two of you erupt in laughter at your Hunger Games reference. It was only now that you realised how close your faces actually were to each other. You looked at his eyes, then down to his pink plump lips, then back to his intriguing eyes again.

The air around you was silent, the only noise you could hear were the calming sounds of the waves, gently crashing ashore. You were so far away from the bonfire and the music, in a deserted part of the beach, it was wonderful.

His eyes were boring into yours too. Slowly he moved his hand up to cup your cheek, his thumb tracing over your red tainted lips gently. The contact made goosebumps begin to form on your arms, not that he noticed, he was too focused on you right now. Slowly you leaned in closer and closer and closer, his lips were just about brushing off of yours, and then of course. Something had to delay this.

Your phone buzzed in the back pocket of your shorts, sending a vibration through both of you causing the pair of you to quickly snap out of the ‘moment’ you were clearly having. Haha, GREAT.

While you were leaning away from Calum, slipping your hand into your back pocket picking out your phone, you thought; why God why? Why right now? Are you cursed or something? And then you realised looking at the time on your phone, and the text from Yasmin.


From: Yas🌻

Where the hell are you? Jens leaving soon, don’t worry she never drank tonight but hurry up, meet us outside the car in 10!!

“Shit.” You whispered to yourself. “Whatsup?” Calum questioned, “I gotta go, my mom wants me back for one, and I don’t even want to think about what will happen if I’m late. I’m gonna head back to my friends.” You stood up abruptly, the ‘moment’ you nearly had completely forgotten about, not wanting to be a second late, even though you did have a good bit of time to make it home.

“I’ll walk you.” Calum stood straight up after you, reaching his hand down to the small of your back, guiding you back towards the bonfire.

“Wait, stop.” Calum beckoned, “Calum what is it, I can’t be late, I’ve gotta get home.” You pleaded. “Open your mouth.” He told you, and you gave him your ‘What the fuck look.’ Why on earth would he want you to open your mouth for. Was he trying to make you catch flies or something. Gosh, boys are so weird. “Look Y/N you’ve been drinking and I know you don’t want your mom to know so please open up, I swear it’s for your own good I promise.”

You complied, and he lent down and smelt your breath which obviously smelled like alcohol, then he pulled out breath spray, which tasted like peppermint, and gave you a chewing gum also. 

“Make sure you spit that out before you walk inside so your mom isn’t suspicious.” You smiled and hugged him, “Thank you so much Calum, literally that’s so nice of you, I would never have thought of that.” You were really taken back by how nice this guy actually was. Really gliding your opinion away from the materialistic douchebag you thought he was. “Anything for you Y/N.” He spoke winking down at you smirking, making you weak in the knees.

“Cal! There you are I’ve been looking for you!” A third unexpected voice coaxed in, making you and Calum pull apart, but he did still slip his hand down around your waist again. Score.

You finally were able to put a face to the voice when she got closer and of course, you should’ve known.

“Nia, hey I’m kind of in the middle of something, I’ll um, bye!” Calum blurted out, rushing away from her, pulling you with him. But of course she still caught a glimpse of you. “Wait, is that Y/N Y/L/N?” Luckily, you were far enough away from her at this point to answer her question, which let’s be real she already knew the answer to, she just wanted to cause a scene.

He walked you right to the parking lot, where Jennifer’s car was parked, and stopped you for a few minutes, tugging you by the waist to face him. “Sorry about that, I- she, fuck. She doesn’t leave me alone.” Calum sighed, earning a chuckle from you “It’s cool, I get it. Don’t sweat it” you assured him, whilst placing your right hand on his chest. “I had such a great time with you tonight Y/L/N.” He smiled, and you returned it looking up at him. “Same. I mean so did I. Wait. I mean I had a great time with you too.” You cringed at yourself, come on Y/N get it together.  

“Y/N, hurry fucking up or you are going to have us both killed!” You were interrupted by fucking Yas, again. Boy did this girl have awful timing.

“I gotta go.” You said disappointedly, “I’ll snapchat you.” Calum called out to you as you opened the car door, you grinned back at him and before swiftly got into the car.  

Shit. He’s even better than you imagined.

Request Part 4

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Romanced Companions + Maxson reacting to someone else flirting with Sole without knowing they're involved in a relationship

Thank you so much for the ask Anon!! Mod had fun writing Maxson for the first time!!

Oh man Mod thought doing this one would be short because the one where the companions got hit on was fairly short. MOD WAS WRONG. Every time Mod writes they just keep getting longer. The other two Mod’s working on are just as long if not longer. Mod hopes those get done sooner than later too. Anyway! Mod hopes you enjoy!! Sorry for the wait! Also sorry if some are better than others, Mod is V tired rn.

EDIT; Added Deacon and Nick

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how do you think a first date would be with the boys

I feel like i was really specific doing these but oh well..

Castiel: He would wait till night (if Candy’s father lets her go) and they would go to the park and just lay down and relax, staring at the stars. He would bring snacks to munch on, and would enjoy watching Candy and Demon fool around in the grass. He would let out a softer side to her, telling him how he truly feels about his life (Deborah, his parents) and his plans after graduation.

Lysander: A nice walk along the beach where they talk about their dreams and aspirations. Lysander would bring sparkling cider (haha) and he would bring his notebook to show Candy some new songs he wrote. If he lost his notebook they would go around the beach looking for it, fooling and joking around. He would explain to her his passions and she would tell him her dreams, all while walking along the sand under the orange hues of the sunset. 

Armin: Armin would be more conventional and take her out to a movie of her choice, but after he would take her to the arcade where she repeatedly beats him in Dance Dance Revolution. As a prize for her victory they go eat pizza and then sit down on a bench to play multiple rounds of games on his PSP, while sharing an ice cream float. He then tells her that video games aren’t everything to him, and he would tell her more of his passions and wants.

Kentin: Kentin would take her out to a nice dinner at night, a cozy place with twinkling lights and grass vines that almost feel like a garden wonderland.They would sit outside, enjoying the breeze and laughing over their life before Sweet Amoris, and memories they’ve shared together. He would give her a present, the reason being that his love for her never faded. After the dinner they would walk the streets and take selfies on the boardwalk.

Nathaniel: They would have a picnic on his bedroom balcony (in my head he has one okk) staring at the bustling city skyline in the distance. He would tell her stories of his family and reveal his darkest secrets to her, and they would share their first kiss. They would eat grapes and homemade lasagna, as well as play 20 questions for a quick laugh. 

Alexy: (obviously not romantic but i wanted to add him because i love their friendship) He would invite Rosalya and they would all go to the mall, shopping and telling stories of their lives. Alexy and Rosalya would pick outfits out for Candy, where she tries them on and takes different selfies of all of them. They would give each other advice on their lives, and go through a nice moment where they cry over how they appreciate their best friends. After the mall they would go to the park when its empty and fool around on the monkey bars and play tag. 

Fluff + School

Ahh, I’m sorry if this is a bit ooc, I’ve never written Yaku or Lev before. I can relate to neither but especially Yaku. Yaku is a mystery to me…anyways this is for YakuLev week! The prompt was Fluff + School and why not both? This was inspired by one of these headcanons right here (the fifth one)~ It’s so Lev and I had to write it and the prompt was perfect for it!! Anyways, enjoooooy! 

Characters/Pairings: YakuLev, Yaku Morisuke, Haiba Lev. 

Words: 1,527

Summary: Lev is bad at math. Yaku to the rescue. 

It’s not that Lev is dumb; he’s far from it, actually. He may not be the smartest kid in class but he’s definitely not stupid. So he’s shocked when the coach tells him that unless he aces his next math test, he’s not playing in the next game. He’s about to walk off to the gym when the coach stops him yet again, saying he’s excused from practice (as if it’s a good thing to not be allowed to do the one thing that brings Lev joy) until after his next math test.

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Everyone thinks that Ali was once pregnant, but...

What if Cece had been lying all along and it was actually HER who ended up getting pregnant?

Think about it. Darren Wilden and Cece had a very interesting relationship from what we’ve been shown… One minute they’re partying in Cape May and the next it seemed like they were in evil cahoots together. That is until Cece seemed afraid and tried to leave Rosewood to get away from him and in the end she ended up murdering him. But WHY did she murder him? That’s the million dollar question. 

What was Cece’s motive? Why did Wilden have to die in order for her to feel safe? What was she hiding? 


Did Darren Wilden get Cece knocked up? Did Cece confess to Ali that she was ‘late’ and that she thought he would kill her if he knew, instead of it being the other way around? After Alison had gone missing Wilden had made it his life mission to figure out what had really happened That Night, is it because Alison knew the truth about him and Cece? Two can only keep a secret if one of them is dead… 

It’s intriguing to me that Cece has been such a key part of our main story yet she wasn’t introduced until season 3. Is that because she was away raising a child the first two seasons? Did she give her daughter up for adoption? Is she becoming a mother the real reason why she dropped out of UPENN? Everyone has speculated that the little girl from the Amish farm is Alison and Wilden’s daughter because Wilden was Amish in the PLL books, but what if she is actually Wilden and CECE’S daughter? That would explain why Cece kept coming back to the farm and brought the girl all of those dolls, she wanted to stay close with her. 

Cece having a child with Wilden would also explain why she murdered him. A true crime of passion. It’s possible that Wilden threatened to take their daughter away from her similar to how he threatened Ashley Marin with Hanna. And of course, any mother would move heaven and hell before they would ever let their child get taken away from them, wouldn’t they? 

And that would also tie in the famous Wilden mask that Archer/Rollins had been wearing this season, could Cece have possibly made a mask of Wilden’s face after she shot and killed him? Did Archer somehow get a hold of it after she was arrested for being ‘A’? From her ‘A’ lair?

This may be a long shot but if you think about it long enough, it actually starts to make sense. I think that Cece was pregnant that summer, not Alison. x

When you are sporty even though you look like a girly girl (hip hop unit)


Would probably mimic you saying things like “but I can’t even climb up a flight of stairs!” or “I really have no hand eye co-ordination” but sooooo mockingly and in your voice, only much higher and much squeakier. Would probably then ask you to show him other sports that you were good at and would probably watch in awe like “damn..” and dates would probably involve him challenging you at one of your favourite sports even if he had no experience in it what so ever.


It would take a while for poor Vernon to catch on to what’s going on and whilst this was happening - a lot of “Wait’s” “what’s?” and his trademark confused expression (wide eyed, mouth wideeee open) Once he got over that faze, he would find it so cool that you totally SLAY sports whilst looking so awesome. If you two were ever to play a sport together - he would be like your personal cheerleader not that he would necessarily show that… but his smiles were more than enough…


Hella impressed and curious. God, he would be firing questions at you like “oh my gosh since when did you learn how to do that…” but once you start answering - congratulations - Mingyu is officially your #1 fanboy. He would be so drawn into you explaining everything and seeing you talking so passionately about something. He basically just loves seeing different sides of you…


You would notice his strong intense stare and you would start to wonder if there was anything wrong.  It wasn’t like he was surprised I mean he’s observant (to the point he notices the smallest of details ) but he would just be so drawn into you doing the sport and when he finally says something it would just be

“W o w”

in his deep husky voice…..

Admin J18

OMG! I’m so sorry this is has been our inbox for like 2309402394 years… Hope this isn’t too late and you enjoy it :) (^.^)

Noodle the Yellow Guardian Dog

No one really knows where Noodle came from. Her owner, Jamie, found her one morning curled up on her patio chair. She made an effort to find her owner, but no one ever came forth to claim her. Jamie adopted her into her life, and a few months later she couldn’t even imagine how her life had been before. 

Noodle was a scruffy, medium-sized yellow dog who used her whole body to wag her tail and smiled with her eyes and her tongue hanging all the way out. 

Nowadays when anyone asks Jamie where Noodle came from, she just says Nature must have known the world needed another guardian and decided to open up and let her jump straight out of the ground. It would explain her passion for digging up her rosebushes at any rate. 

Jamie doesn’t talk about it much, but the night before Noodle came into her life had been one of the worst she’d ever experienced. Life can come with a lot of ups and downs, but to Jamie it felt like hers had been going steadily downhill for a long time, and she wondered how much further it could sink before she finally hit the bottom. 

She was facing some serious life changes–ones that her parents would never stand for–and had been up all night, debating how to break the news of her decision to her parents. Around five am she finally gave up on sleep, made her first cup of coffee, and went out on her patio to watch the sun rise. Noodle stretched in her chair and stared at her sleepily, her tail slowly beginning to wag. 

“Where did you come from?” Jamie asked, with a tired smile, as Noodle hopped off the chair and padded toward her, tail now wagging at full speed. Jamie checked her for a collar and tags, but found none. “Guess we’ll have to find your owner,” she said, as Noodle circled her legs like a cat. Jamie yawned. “But that can wait until I’ve had my coffee.” 

She sat down in the now vacant chair, and Noodle sat down on the floor beside her and rested her head on her lap, her tail still wagging softly against the floor. Jamie absentmindedly stroked her head as she drank her coffee, and began to realize this was the most peace she had felt in a long time. She looked down at Noodle to find her staring back at her. Her eyes radiated love, and warmth. 

For the first time, Jamie felt she had the strength to do what was right for herself, like she had the courage to stand up for herself. They continued to sit in silence, long after her coffee was gone and the sun had risen. 

“Thank you,” Jamie whispered. Noodle just wagged her tail and smiled. 

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Everyone is obsessed about your phone being broken and Im just sitting here running some math. You say 50 percent of your money go towards the development of Underfell, which you say is a FREE game, and you can barely afford a new phone? You say you cant get it repaired so its probably a prepaid smart phone? My question is why do you do this to yourself? Like why do you care about others so much to make this game that it hurts your financial state??? and you don't take donations for the game?

I can’t afford a flashy new phone or anything, no. I’m not stable enough with money for that. But a simple smartphone gets the job done for me and I’m okay with it. I don’t care about the newest Apple phone or the newest iPad or whatever. I don’t own a smartwatch or anything big. It’s totally fine, it’s not like I’m going to die if I don’t have the newest phone instantly.

And explaining why I’m doing this would just lead me back to explaining how I’m passionate and I care about the UNDERTALE community, except with more detail. You’ve all heard that song and dance before and I’m afraid that reinforcing my points would start to make the statements lose value.

I live just fine in my daily life and am happy with what I currently have, and I heavily enjoy developing this fangame. In the future I do plan to make original games for profit, but not right now. I want to make sure people know I’m a good developer before trying something like that. And no, you can’t donate towards the development of the game, it’s not allowed.