that would be totally weird

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Galra Lance and Pidge would totally gang up on Keith and do like super weird shit and be like "oh- it's galra stuff.. humans don't do this?" and they're like just idk stealing his pillows or clothes and hiding them places while hunk sits aside with his head in his hands and shiro is shaking his head disappointed. Also imagine Keith taking a night walk and Lance is there and just GLOWING EYES IN THE DARK so Keith screams and punches him.

Night walk:


iris + ladies (5/?)

i’m not ready to be taken yet

i’m turning 19 on the 21st…
at that point i’m supposed to act like an adult
but no i’m doing art for children’s shows
oh God i’m getting old help me


Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader


How about a Whacky Bucky x F!Reader chatroom? Bucky and Y/N have been secretly dating from the team, but when they try setting up Y/N with someone, will Bucky explode or keep it cool? Then when the couple spills the beans Tony and Clint get protectiv            

Bucky has created a chatroom: stevie i know u want to join but don’t. we are already in another chat there is no need for u to join this one too k thank

Bucky has added Y/N.

You: Are you even trying, Barnes?

Bucky: What? He won’t join.

You: He is most definitely going to join.

Bucky: No, he won’t. Trust me, love.

You: Yes, he will. If he wasn’t already suspicious he is now.

Bucky: Don’t worry, I have him distracted with cute puppy pictures in our other chat.

You: I want to be apart of that chat.

Bucky: So, I was thinking, dinner at your place, or mine? Or do you want to go out?

You: Out. I do not want to explain to Nat why you were hiding in my bathroom again, or have to hide every time Steve randomly shows up at your place.

Steve has joined the chat.

Y/N has cleared the chat.

Bucky has cleared the chat.

Steve: Why did you clear the chat? I don’t mind, really. You don’t have to hide. It’s okay. Just tell me the truth.

You: Really, Steve? You mean that?

Steve: Yeah. It does hurt, though. Finding out your friends are making plans BEHIND YOUR BACK BECAUSE THEY DON’T WANT YOU TO JOIN THEM YOU SNAKES

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Imagine Percy has gone off to help some hapless campers once again, and Annabeth isn't too worried because come on, it's PERCY. Then she reaches into her pocket for something, some change or her keys maybe, and instead she pulls out Riptide in its pen form.

Her fingers close around something narrow and smooth, and Annabeth’s heart stutters to a stop in her chest. 

The kids are dancing around her knees, squealing and hitting out at each other, each calling for her attention, and the baby’s balanced on her hip and crying because her favourite pacifier has gone missing and the gods know she won’t accept any replacements. They’re running horrendously late for lunch with Frederick, and it’s pure chaos, but everything slows down as Annabeth pulls her hand out of her pocket and looks down to see the pen. The magical pen that is always meant to find its way back to Percy’s pocket.

But it’s not in Percy’s pocket, it’s in hers, and that means that he’s gone out to help rescue some campers stranded by the Hudson without any weapon.

Oh, shit.

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Hey Darling!! I was just wondering if you would ever write something in Stiles's perspective about Derek's death....LOL I'm sorry for the Angsty askXDXD

Derek is dead.

It goes around in his head as he drives from Quantico to Washington.

Derek is dead. Derek is dead. Derek god damn Hale is god damn dead.

Stiles racks his brains for the last time he saw Derek; for a memory he can focus on instead of the god damn road leading him to Derek’s body.

It was June. Five months ago. When he first moved in to Quantico, Derek came down from Washington and they walked along the river, exchanging stories. Derek had been in New York, finally settling the Hale estate with a lawyer so far removed from Beacon Hills he felt that he could trust them. He’d been wearing a lilac t-shirt that Stiles couldn’t stop staring at him in, couldn’t stop wanting to pluck at the sleeve, touch Derek on the arm, brush his fingers against Derek’s. The two of them had nearly died together a dozen times, and Stiles still hadn’t been able to bring himself to touch him.

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What comes to mind when thinking of Wander Over Yonder are the brilliant variety of alien designs and planet settings. But the other thing that stands out are all the vehicle and ship designs! It’s hard to pick an absolute favorite, but I always found these to be the most interesting:

Dr. Screwball Jones’ Ship

Just look at that design! I’ve always loved how the ships resemble the characters that own them, and Screwball is basically a cartoon alien version of Weird Al…if…he were also a banana…or something. What i’m saying is…Weird Al would totally fly this thing and that mental image makes me love it more.

Lord Dominator’s Ship

While it may not have my favorite exterior, that interior is what really wins me over. It’s like I can almost feel the heat just from looking at these. Everything about these designs just screams “deliciously evil”.

Catastrophe Cars

This one’s sort of just an honorable mention. I think if I had to pick one vehicle to own in this series, that little red car with the wings would be it. And I love how they look little easter eggs from above. 

And I can’t end this post without mentioning the Skullship. Everyone loves the Skullship.


Well now I have. And got a lot of weird looks from my coworkers while doing it


All that matters is that those two are reunited and that they never are parted again.

Yuu Watase couples reuniting after death.

@eregyrn-falls did you say something

I hope the new ducktales answers how ducks are born. Like, we know they’re born from eggs, but how??? Do you see mama ducks just hold their egg children until they’re born? Do ducks have pregnancy bellies? Do they carry their eggs around inside them until they give birth? How big are eggs???? What day is their birthday? If eggs are a thing, is the day their egg was born their birthday or the day they hatched? Do ducks have two birthdays???

“Can’t we all drive down the road playing iSpy, or something, like 3 normal Americans?!”


“Look at this stuff
Isn’t it neat?
Wouldn’t you think my collection’s complete?
Wouldn’t you think I’m the girl
The girl who has everything?…”

“Steve, I swear to god, STOP with The Little Mermaid! We get it! There’s a reason we put you in the back.”

“Never, Buck. Never.”

“Sam, come on man, do something!”

(Sam just keeps on laughing as he cranks the volume up on the radio)