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Emma is a server in an upscale restaurant and Regina gets stood up on Valentine's Day. Emma offers to buy her a drink.

Thanks for the prompt :) 

“She’s still there,” Ruby whispers as they walk into the kitchen. 

“Who is?” Emma asks as she grabs her latest plates. 

“The brunette at the bar…you’d think she’d just give up and go home already but nope she’s still hanging around.” 

Emma frowns at her friend, “Hey, it’s not easy being stood up on Valentine’s Day, maybe cut her a break?” 

“Em, you don’t think it’s a little sad that she’s just sitting at a bar alone on Valentine’s Day? Anyone else would have just gone home with their dignity by now.” 

Emma narrows her eyes as she peers through the kitchen door to see the woman Ruby is talking about. There’s no way that that woman would ever be anything but dignified. She’s gorgeous and classy…and totally miserable. Emma sighs before turning to Ruby, “Can you cover my table? I’m going to tae me break now.” 

“Sure Em…what are you up to?” 

“Nothing,” Emma replies vaguely before hurrying out of the kitchen and over to the bar, “Hi.” 

The brunette looks up, her head resting on her palm, “Hello…Emma…” 

“Are you okay? You’ve been here a while.” 

The woman frowns, “Oh…do you need the seat? I should have known tonight would be a complete let-down. Don’t worry, you can have your bar back…”

“No…that’s not what I meant. I just…whoever stood you up is a total asshole and I didn’t come over here to make you leave. I came to ask if you wanted a drink, on me?” 

The woman calms and sits back down as she asks, “Really? Even after the yelling.” 

Emma smiles, “Even after the yelling. So a drink?” 

“On one condition.” 


“We don’t call it a Valentine’s date.” 

“Deal…these are just Tuesday drinks,” Emma replies. 

The woman smiles genuinely before turning to Emma and offering her her hand, “Regina Mills.” 

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I just want someone to point out to barry, 'hey it'd make more sense if you were dating michael' and see everyone's reactions to that

For this post. 

Hahahaha! Oh yes, that will happen. 

OMG, what if Michael is interested in IRIS. Like he’s the young baby face who thinks Iris is just amazing (as anyone would). I’d love if he was miserable at showing it too, just totally clams up and Len realizes right away…oh no. West is going to hate everything about this. 

Also, what about Justice Smith for this age Michael? He could wear blue contacts to keep that signature Michael Snart look. :-)

I mean look at this cutie!

ca:tws stucky drabbles

Here’s little ideas i wrote down immediately after watching ca:tws back in 2014. I just found them in an old notebook and thought i’d share, didn’t change anything about them except for some grammar corrections (๑•́ㅿ•̀๑)/ (also man did i not see what was coming in civil war)


- I’d imagine that Bucky suffers of PTSD from his time as the winter soldier. I can see Steve staying up all night just to comfort him.

- I can see them sight seeing around New York looking for places they remembered from before the war.

- They would totally do DIY pinterest activities and fail miserably.

- I can see Bucky and Steve in the tower with the Avengers explaining new things to them. They don’t understand anything however, and Steve & Bucky eventually end up telling stories about the oldie days.

- Bucky and Steve go to see a 3-D movie and are totally amazed.

- Bucky leaves an anonymous note in one of Steve’s pockets when he pulled him out of the river. Once Steve leaves the hospital, he goes to get his suit from Shield. They also give him the note, having taken it out before washing the suit. It read “I’ll come…i just need time…” Steve never went a day without reading it until Buck returned.

- When Bucky hears that Steve is out of the hospital, he goes in search of him. He finds his apartment, and when Steve opens the door to see Buck standing there he is elated. Steve invites Bucky in and he begins to explain about how he has these memories of Steve but he doesn’t remember them. After that Steve gets him extensive therapy and Buck slowly becomes himself again.

- They go clubbing and get a zillion jealous glances.

- Buck is awkward over all the attention he’s getting over being Steve’s boyfriend. In reality the public really only wonders how he went from being an assassin to now being a quivering pile of goo.

- Steve and Bucky go on a date night to a fondue restaurant.

- Natasha has to teach Bucky on how to manage his hair, since Steve won’t let him cut it off.

- Steve and Bucky often go jogging with Sam.

- Steve surprises Bucky on his birthday with a shoe box of old photos & letters.

- Bucky and Steve go to visit the museum exhibit after Bucky gets out of therapy. They laugh when people realize who they are.

- Bucky gets the flu and Steve has to take care of him. Steve gives Bucky some noodle soup, and they remissness about the old days.

- Bucky and Steve go to a convention and get comments on how cool their ‘costumes’ are.

- The Avengers pry them about when they first met; leading to a story that Steve and Buck fight over, debating what really happened.  

- Steve and Bucky discover Jarvis, and they ask a zillion questions. They finally have to stop when Tony bans them from his lab.

- They read the Harry Potter series and watch the movies, and for the next week they pretend they’re wizards.

- Bucky gets drunk and Steve has to deal with his nonsense and keep him from blowing up the fridge…

- Steve and Bucky discover pop songs, and they go around the tower, singing and annoying the crap out of everyone.

- Steve and Bucky go to the beach, and Bucky has to keep Steve from plastic-wrapping his arm.

- Steve and Bucky discover Netflix.

- Bucky drags Steve out to go see the Miss America pageant.  When they’re about to announce the winner, Bucky jumps up and yells ‘you forgot about the mister!’ and points to Steve.

- Bucky and Steve try fast food, and they find it deliciously disgusting.

- Bucky and Steve go to see a Broadway show from back when they were kids.

- Steve braids Bucky’s hair when he’s asleep.

- Steve and Buck go to see a movie about the time from when they were in the military. They call out all the wrong things and annoy the theatre.

- Bucky and Steve go to play tennis, but get banned when they break the rackets.

- Steve and Bucky explore the world of slang. If the Avengers hear ‘razzle dazzle’ one more time…

- Steve forgets his coat on the subway. Bucky “loses” his coat as well and toughs out the cold along with him.

- The Avengers ask why Buck stopped being the winter soldier. He just says ‘some people are worth melting for.”

- Steve wants to make their Christmas tree follow a theme, but Bucky has the thing thrown together randomly before Steve can object.

- Steve and Bucky visit a vintage diner. During their meal an old man comes to introduce himself. He is the founder/owner of the diner, and one of Steve and Bucky’s old friends.

- Bucky and Steve go to museums to reclaim some of their belongings. Steve breaks down when he finds an old photograph of his mother.

- Buck eggs Steve on becoming an artist again.

B.A.P  Dangerous Job

What if you were a cinematographer and had to leave for a few weeks to film something very dangerous?

Yongguk – He’d be conflicted, torn between being proud as hell of you in your career and you being safe. Hating that he couldn’t be there himself to protect you he’d want to know all the logistics behind the safety measures to ensure they would take good care of you. He wouldn’t just take your word for it either, he’d interrogate the heads of the production crew to make sure everyone was on the same page. Frankly, they’d be a little scared of him based on his serious demeanor and intensity. He’d think he was hiding his worry from you but he’d be pretty transparent. While you were gone he’d live in the studio to distract himself, on pins and needles waiting for your next check-in.

Himchan – Initially he’d flip his shit. Himchan would feel angry and a bit betrayed that you’d willingly put yourself in danger. Once he calmed down he’d grudgingly realize that it wouldn’t be right to hold you back from your dream career but he’d be so stressed you were going. He’d want a detailed itinerary, your coworkers’ contact information and for them to have his. Daily check-ins from you whenever you got a chance even if it was at odd hours. He’d know he wouldn’t sleep much while you’re gone anyway. He’d be snippy with everyone until you came back and he could hold you, reaffirming that you were home safe.

Daehyun – No. He wants you to have a career and be happy but this is too much. It’s not worth your safety. He’d repeatedly ask if you could take another assignment. You’d reach a point where you just couldn’t take him bringing it up anymore and it would evolve into an argument which he wouldn’t know how to deal with and the whole mess would lead to the biggest crisis of your relationship. A couple days would pass without communication until he showed up at your apartment at 2:30 in the morning in tears. All his anxieties would spill out of him in a broken voice: his fear of you dying or being hurt, that you hate him now because of this, he doesn’t know how to fix things between you, that he’ll lose you no matter what he does. Expand

Youngjae – He’d list off all the things that could conceivably happen to you trying to scare you into backing out of the job. The plan would backfire and he’d wind up scaring himself more than you. He’d bribe you with things he would buy or that he’d do for you if only you wouldn’t go. His attempts at persuasion would start off intellectual but as the day of your departure approached his emotions would come to the forefront. In the end he would recognize your determination and be as supportive as he could be given his feelings on the situation. Honestly though if your job continued to be that dangerous he may not be able to stay with you. He just couldn’t handle worrying about you all the time.

Jongup – Would tell you directly that he’s not happy about the idea. He loves your passion but he loves you so, so much more. Not one to start arguments but also someone who says what’s on his mind, Jongup would try in his quiet way to talk you out of it. As each day passed in which he wasn’t successful he’d only continue to get more miserable and pouty. He would be in total kicked puppy mode even before you left. You’d hate seeing Jongup like that but when you tried to cheer him up he’d cling to you, nose buried in your neck saying softly that he just couldn’t handle losing you so please be careful. Expansion

Zelo – He’d be incredibly worried but he’d feel like he wouldn’t have any right to question you in your career. He’d vent to his hyungs how worried and scared he was but around you he’d be quietly supportive. You’d be able to tell that his heart wasn’t really into it by how subdued he was being. When you tried to reassure him you’d be ok his eyes would get misty and he’d divert them mumbling about not making promises you can’t keep. He would be a nervous wreck until you came back.

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How would Germany, Iceland, Sweden, Russia, and Prussia feel if they were dressed in a fairy princess costume?

Prussia: For him, the initial embarrassment would be the worst part. He’d eventually get accustomed to it, and try to own it (though he’d fail miserably).

Iceland: He’d be totally uncomfortable, and would probably cope by either running away and hiding or pretending everyone wasn’t able to see him.

Sweden: He wouldn’t be happy at all, and it’d be noticeable, since he’d look even scarier than usual. Although, that’d be pretty fitting for Halloween.

Skittles Head canon

So, yesterday I talked to Winonah about some totally underused Skittles tropes and we agreed on basically all of them.
And I said to Zuzana “do you know about the head canon I have that Scott gets actually physically ILL when he’s separated from Stiles ????” and Zuzana was like “NO, you haven’t, why haven’t you, you’re a terrible person and now TELL ME EVERYTHING” and I was like okay, here you go and then I wrote this … stuff: 

I imagine it’s kind of stressful for Scott when he’s surrounded by strangers the whole day or separated from his pack for a while. There are so many strange smells and loud noises and stuff, like a sensory overload. 
And obviously it’s also stressful for him to be separated from his pack for too long, it’s kind of Alpha thing, Derek explains to him one day, it keeps the animal side in check, because alphas always feel the constant need to connect, to protect, to reassure themselves that everybody is safe and sound and you can’t do that when you’re apart. 

And whenever he comes back home, I think he would totally wrap himself around Stiles and just, you know, smell him and listen to his heartbeat (because Stiles heartbeat is completely out of whack and totally uniquely Stiles) and there’s this feeling of “home” that settles in his chest whenever his pack is around him and especially whenever he is close to Stiles. 

And I imagine if Skittles were separated for a while and Scott would be on his own somewhere (not by choice, but because of IDK real life obligations??) - both would be totally miserable without the other and of course they would call and text each other the whole time, but it’s just not the same. 
And I thought what if it’s actually painful for werewolves to be separated from their anchors for too long, like maybe Scott’s control starts slipping and his whole body keeps aching. And yes, the rational human part of his mind knows why they can’t be together at the moment, but the wolf doesn’t understand (seriously where is Stiles? why can’t we go to Stiles? Stiles ! Stiles Stiles Stiles Stiles ???!!!) and it howls and claws at the inside and it ends up with Scott getting actually physically ill, like idk, like a strong immune reaction maybe - fever and chills and feeling tired and everything hurts. 
And of course Scott WOULDN’T SAY ANYTHING about that to Stiles. Because he’s Scott. And he always put others first and he definitely puts Stiles first and he doesn’t want Stiles to feel pressured to come back or something, so he just keeps it to himself, how miserable he is. Except then it gets really bad and he gets really sick and idk passes out on the floor ???

And yeah okay, I admit it - all I want is for Stiles to come back early when Scott doesn’t answer the phone (because we all know he’d be worried - VERY WORRIED - in about five minutes ???) and finds him passed out on the floor - and for Scott to wake up with Stiles taking care of him. And you know cuddling. And spooning. Spooning is obligatory. 
Sorry, I suck? XD But I kept thinking about that and now I kind of want it…

If someone feels the need to write this - I’ll love you forever! 

An anon sent me an awesome flirt and Bones would totally try this on Spock and fail miserably, causing endless awkwardness a week later when they’re assigned to the Enterprise together. 

“Why darlin’, I haven’t seen you around these parts before, I would’ve remembered seein’ such a lovely face. Maybe this ol’ country doctor can show you around?”

The Department of Things That Will Never Happen But 

as much as I love the current musical (and honestly, I do; I wouldn’t have 28 versions of a soundtrack I didn’t love)   I so want to make one that’s more book accurate 
Not even for the reasons everyone thinks (not just that anyway) 
But so it could have Fantine arrive in M-Sur-M and be greeted with a group song by the whole town about their awesome mayor, who wrestles bulls and feeds passing working kids and breaks into houses to leave money and started the hospital and the school and keeps a guinea pig and ALSO THERE’S THIS FACTORY with TOTALLY NON-OMINOUS HIRING PRACTICES  and DID WE MENTION HE PUNCHED A BEAR???