that would be the most amazing thing in my life

Prompts for writing, journals, get to know me’s or whatever

About me

Am I a clean or messy person?
Am I a tea or coffee person?
Am I a vegetarian/vegan?
Am I afraid of heights?
Am I allergic to anything?
Am I an early bird or a night owl?
Am I an extrovert or introvert?
Am I an innie or an outie?
Am I easily embarrassed?
Am I in a relationship?
Am I left or right handed?
Am I much of a daredevil?
Am I scared of the dark?
Am I social?
Am I superstitious?
Am I ticklish?
Can I bake?
Can I cook?
Can I curl my tongue?
Can I dance?
Can I drive?
Can I juggle?
Can I play poker?
Can I roll my r’s?
Can I sing?
Can I spell well?
Can I swim?
Can I wiggle my ears?
Do I correct people when they make mistakes?
Do I have a collection of anything?
Do I have a strong accent?
Do I have any nicknames?
Do I have any pet peeves?
Do I have any piercings?
Do I have any strange phobias?
Do I have more girl friends or boy friends?
Do I have much of an ego?
Do I judge a book by its cover?
Do I like bubble baths?
Do I like classical music?
Do I like clowns?
Do I like my handwriting?
Do I like roller-coasters?
Do I like scary movies?
Do I like shopping?
Do I like to gossip?
Do I like to talk on the phone?
Do I like travelling?
Do I play any instruments?
Do I sleep with the lights on or off?
Do I smile at strangers?
Do I suck or bite lollipops?
Do I talk to myself?
Do I tend to hold grudges?
Do I use earphones or headphones?
Do I use sarcasm a lot?
Do I want any tattoos?
Do I wear glasses?
Have I ever been on a plane?
Have I ever been on tv?
Have I ever been to the hospital?
Have I ever crashed a car?
Have I ever got in trouble with the law?
Have I ever had a rumour spread about me?
Have I ever had braces?
Have I ever pulled an all-nighter?
Have I ever skipped school?
Have I ever started a rumour?
Have I ever thrown up in the car?
How long does it take for me to get ready?
How many relationships have I ever had?
How old was I when I first got my period?
How tall am I?
What am I most likely to be doing when I am outside?
What am I usually doing on a Friday night?
What are my favourite bands?
What are my favourite flowers?
What can I smell in the air?
What colours mostly dominate my wardrobe?
What is my appearance like?
What is my culture?
What is my current wallpaper on my phone?
What is my full name and why did I get it?
What is my greatest strength?
What is my greatest weakness?
What is my guilty pleasure?
What is my Hogwarts house?
What is my most expensive piece of clothing?
What is my most heavily used makeup product?
What is my most used phrase?
What is my most used word?
What is my personality like?
What is my personality type?
What is my religion?
What is my spirit animal?
What is my strangest talent?
What is my zodiac sign?
What is one trend that I completely bought into?
What is something I can’t do no matter how hard I try?
What is something I hated as a child that I like now?
What is the last thing I bought?
What is the longest I’ve ever gone without sleep?
What is the pet I would like to have?
What is the worst injury I’ve ever gotten?
What language do I want to learn?
What video games do I play when I want to relax?
What was the last book I read?
What was the last movie I saw?
What word do I always use as an exclamation?
What word do I always use to describe something great?
Where do I currently live?
Which is my favourite season?


What is my favourite accent?
What is my favourite animal?
What is my favourite band?
What is my favourite childhood book?
What is my favourite colour?
What is my favourite drink?
What is my favourite flavour of ice cream?
What is my favourite food to eat on a rainy day?
What is my favourite food to eat on a sunny day?
What is my favourite number?
What is my favourite place on the planet?
What is my favourite radio station?
What is my favourite sandwich?
What is my favourite snack?
What is my favourite song?
What is my favourite swear word?
What is my favourite word?
What is my favourite thing to wear?


Do I remember the day I met …?
How are my mother and I similar and different?
What are the compliments I have given other people?
What are the compliments people have given me?
What do my best friend and I have in common?
What gifts would I like to give everyone?
What if I could meet anyone on this planet – who would I choose?
Where is my best friend?
Which actors & actresses do I trust enough to watch whatever they’re in?
Which teachers inspired me the most?
Who are my favourite characters?
Who are my friends?
Who are my parents?
Who are my sisters?
Who are the new people I met? – their names and where we met
Who are the writers I trust enough to read anything they write?
Who brings the sunshine on the days I see nothing but a grey sky?
Who is my best friend?
Who is my celebrity crush?
Who is my favourite youtuber?
Who is my role model?
Who is my secret valentine?
Who is someone I admire?
Who is someone that saved me?
Who is the most intelligent person I know?
Who is the most supportive person in my life right now?
Who was the last person I texted?
Who would I like to go on a midnight adventure with?
Who would I love to randomly see this week?
Who would I really like to hug?
Who would I really like to punch?
Why am I grateful for …?
Why am I grateful for dad?
Why am I grateful for mum?


A playlist for 12-year-old me
A playlist for throwback Thursday
A playlist for when I’m angry
A playlist for when I’m in love
A playlist for when I’m in the mood to party
A playlist for when I’m sad
A playlist of songs that I have on repeat
A playlist that makes me want to dance
A playlist that makes me want to sing
A playlist to inspire me
A playlist to listen to on the bus/train
A playlist with the classics
A song that really speaks to me
A song that was stuck in my head today
Bands and their logos
Song lyrics
What are the first 6 songs when I put my playlist on shuffle?
What song always brings a smile to my face?


A place where the architecture made me want to wake up and see the city skyline every morning
A place where the customer service made me tip £100
A place where the memories were unforgettable
A place where the nature made me want to live in the middle of nowhere
A place where the people restored my faith in humanity
How to get to my favourite place
Places I have never been to but want to see.
Somewhere I want to go before I die
Somewhere I want to go before I turn 20
Somewhere I would rather be right now.
What are the popular places in town?
What is the worst place I’ve been to?
Where is my favourite place to shop?
Where was I born?


A list of every single song on the albums released by my fav bands

Every tom and jerry’s ice cream flavour (I want to try).

Places I would like to see.

Sounds I like.

Sounds I dislike.

Sports I like.

Star signs.

The first 5 things I saw on my way home.

The first 5 words that come to mind.

The main roman gods.

The main Greek gods.

Things I don’t own but like.

Things I want to buy.

Top 10 episodes to watch

Top 10 favourite quotes.

Top 10 movies to watch.

Top 10 people I want to meet.

Top 10 places in Manchester.

Top 10 restaurants I love.

What is the sentence on line 13 of page 23 in the book nearest to me?

What movies do I watch when I’m feeling down?

What tv shows do I always recommend?

What were my favourite tv shows as a child?

What words don’t seem real to me?

Wish list


A memory in summer

A memory in winter

A memory with my family.

A memory with my friends.

I’ll never forget the day (a teacher) did this.

Memories from high school

Special moments I want to witness.

The story behind my first kiss

The story behind my last kiss

The stories behind my scars

What are the memories I never want to forget?

What is my saddest memory?

What is the first thing I remember?

What is the funniest thing I remember?

What was my most embarrassing moment?

What was the happiest day of my life?

What was the last concert I went to?

What was the most amazing thing I’ve ever witnessed?

What was the most disappointing thing in my life?

What was the most nervous I’ve ever been?

What was the saddest day of my life?

When was I last scared for my life?


A note to my favourite teachers.

Dear _____, I would like to tell you.

Dear 5-year-old me.

Dear 10-year-old me.

Dear 13-year-old me.

Dear 15-year-old me.

Dear 16-year-old me.

Dear 18-year-old me.

Dear 21-year-old me.

Dear 25-year-old me.

Dear all the boys I’ve liked.

Dear someone I need to forgive.

Letters to my future children.

Questions to answer

A wise person learns from the mistakes of others – do I agree?

Advice to any if the new kids at sf.

Am I a bad loser?

Am I a good liar?

Am I a writer?

Am I an artist?

Am I good at giving advice?

Am I happy with myself?

Am I happy with the person I’ve become?

Am I the kind of friend I would like to have as a friend?

Books I always reread

Can insanity bring on more creativity?

Do I admit when I’m wrong?

Do I believe that people are capable of change?

Do I belong here?

Do I hold grudges?

Do I have trust issues?

Do I like confrontation?

Do I live or do I just exist?

Do I prefer to be on camera or behind it?

Do I really want a cat?

Do I trust easily?

Have I ever been bullied?

Have I ever been on a date?

Have I ever felt like I wasn’t enough?

Have I ever felt rejected by my friends/family?

Have I ever had a friend turn into an enemy?

Have I ever had a paranormal experience?

Have I ever had a public perception of me change from good to bad?

Have I ever had a song or poem written about me?

Have I ever hopelessly failed a test?

Have I learnt from my mistakes?

How am I feeling?

How do I find comfort when I’m sad?

How do I vent my anger?

How do I want to be remembered?

How could I avoid getting hurt?

How does a (any appliance around the home) work?

How I think will determine how I live – agree or not?

How would I define my sense of humour?

What am I like when I’m angry?

What am I most afraid of?

What are some things that stand between me and complete happiness?

What did I like about being a kid?

What did I want to be when I was younger?

What do I admire most in others?

What do I hate about sf?

What do I hate most about myself?

What do I love most about myself?

What do I notice first when I see someone?

What do I think about selfies?

What do I think about the most?

What do I think could be improved in the educational system?

What do I think people think of me?

What do I touch first when I stick my arms out?

What do I wish I didn’t miss?

What do I wish for every night?

What does a rainbow mean to me?

What fictional character do I wish was real?

What fictional universe would I like to be a part of?

What is an experience that has made me stronger?

What is an item of clothing or jewellery you’ll never see me without?

What is my biggest dream and how do I plan on making it become a reality?

What is my biggest what if?

What is my greatest achievement?

What is my greatest failure?

What is my secret weapon to get someone to like me?

What is one aspect of myself that I feel confident about?

What is one thing I am interested in learning more about?

What is something that makes me feel vulnerable?

What is the best gift I’ve ever received?

What is the first thing I think of when I hear the word ‘heart’?

What is the hardest lesson I have had to learn in life?

What is the ideal age to be and why?

What is the most scandalous situation I’ve ever been involved in?

What is the nicest thing about a person?

What is the single best decision I’ve made in my life so far?

What is the single worst decision I’ve made in my life so far?

What makes a great relationship?

What makes me smile?

What motivates me to succeed?

What part of my life would I relive if I could?

What part of my life would I remove if I could?

What question am I afraid to tell the truth to?

What questions would I ask to get to know someone better?

What was I doing at 12am last night?

What was I like as a child and how did my personality change as I got older?

What was my favourite subject in school?What was the last lie I told?

What was the most ridiculous thing that made me cry?

What will I do in university?

What would I change about my sf?

What would I change about my life if you knew I would never die?

What would I change about the world?

What would I like to change this year?

What would I do differently if you knew that no one was judging me?

What would I do in the event of an apocalypse?

What would I have to see to cry tears of joy?

What would I want written on my tombstone?

When did I experience stage fright or nervousness in front of a crowd?

When do I feel most at peace?

When did I last send a handwritten letter to someone?

When did I not speak up, when I know I really should have?

When did I witness something controversial and had to keep it a secret?

When was the last time I cried?

Where do I see myself in 10 years’ time?

Where do I want to live?

Where is the best place to get pizza?

Where would I go if I got a plane ticket to anywhere?

Which do I value more in others, brains or beauty?

Who do I get on with better, girls or boys?

Who do I miss the most?

Who do I need the most?

Why couldn’t I get out of bed this morning?

Why couldn’t I sleep last night?

Why do I hate insects?

Why do dogs hate me and I hate them?

Will you lend me a hand – how do I think this idiom got started?

Would I ever spread gossip?

Would people consider me a diva?

Lin-Manuel Miranda on His Lifelong Oscars Obsession and Why the Show Still Matters (Guest Column)

The Hollywood Reporter
February 20, 2017

During college, Lin-Manuel Miranda and a friend used to improvise interpretative dance tributes to best picture nominees at their annual Oscar party. “It was a lot of breathing and rolling around,” recalls the creator of the Broadway smash Hamilton. “We had a great Seabiscuit dance one year.”

For the New York-born son of Puerto Rican parents — his father a political consultant, his mother a psychologist — it was just another phase of a lifelong fascination with the Oscars that began when he was growing up in the Inwood section of Manhattan, playing and replaying the telecasts that his family recorded on their VCR. At 37, Miranda is about to cross the threshold from superfan to participant: “How Far I’ll Go,” which he wrote for the Disney film Moana, is nominated for original song, and on Feb. 26, Miranda (with his mother) will attend his first Academy Awards.

It’s an auspicious step in a career that will see him star with Emily Blunt and Colin Firth in Disney’s 2018 Mary Poppins Returns and collaborate with composer Alan Menken on the studio’s live-action The Little Mermaid, one of Miranda’s favorite films and, he reveals here, the gateway to his Oscars obsession.

My brain is a compendium of Oscar moments: Tom Hanks’ beautiful acceptance speech when he won best actor for Philadelphia in 1994. Roberto Benigni climbing over chairs and wanting to make love to everybody in the world when Life Is Beautiful won best foreign-language film in 1999. Kim Basinger presenting in 1990 and telling the audience that one of the best films of the year, Do the Right Thing, was not nominated. For her to take a stand, 25 years before #OscarsSoWhite, was incredible — and impressive because time has shown the prescience of that film.

I expect we’ll see more of that this year. It’s a political time, so I imagine the Oscars will look exactly like your Twitter or Facebook feed. Why should we ignore for three hours what we’re talking about 24 hours a day?

The Oscars were always a family affair when I was a kid. One sort of unintentional tradition we had every year was during the “In Memoriam” part of the show. My family called it the “She died?” section because my dad, who is pop culture-oblivious, would always go, “She died? He died? She died?!” the whole time. So, it was very sad and yet also very funny watching my dad catch up.

When I was a kid, the Oscars felt like this impossibly larger-than-life thing. The first time I felt like I had a horse in the race was in 1990. I was 10, and The Little Mermaid was up for best song and best score. They did that crazy “Under the Sea” number with the late, great Geoffrey Holder and dudes in scuba outfits tap-dancing with flippers. We had a tradition of recording the show on our VHS, and I must have watched it a million and a half times.

There was also an amazing Chuck Workman montage at the beginning of the show that depicted 100 years of filmmaking with classic scores. I was already in love with movies, but this was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen in my life.

That was the period when Billy Crystal was hosting, and I would memorize his musical spoofs of the year’s top films. He did them with Marc Shaiman, whom I’m working with right now on Mary Poppins Returns… I was a huge fan of those moments and musical numbers — they showed a genuine love of movies while still poking fun at them. I may also be the only person in America who laughed his ass off to “Uma, Oprah. Oprah, Uma.” David Letterman’s commitment to that bit was enough to put it over the top for me. He didn’t care if no one got it. In his head, it was funny.

Hosting the Oscars is not a thing I would ever want to do… You always have to do this dance as a host: You’re playing to a billion people at home, and you’re playing to anxious contestants in a room, and that’s an insanely hard thing to divide. It’s the most thankless task in the world. I have a pretty healthy ego, but it does not extend in that direction. I’d much rather be the guy writing the opening tune than having to deliver it.

Another Oscar moment that really stuck with me was when Whoopi won her best supporting actress for Ghost. I’ll never forget, at the top of her acceptance speech she said, “Ever since I was a little kid, I wanted this,” which is so rare. Then she said, “As a little kid, I lived in the projects, and you’re the people I watched. You’re the people who made me want to be an actor.” For me, it was like she was saying, “If you want this, you can get it, too. I’m proof that you can.”

I had been seeing myself in this world since I was old enough to do anything, and it was as if she reached through the screen to talk to me. I was that kid. Even my mother used to say, “Remember what Whoopi said.”

That speech was the inspiration for the opening song I co-wrote for Neil Patrick Harris, “Bigger,” for the 2013 Tony Awards:

There’s a kid in the middle of nowhere sitting there, living for Tony performances singin’ and flippin’ along with the Pippins and Wickeds and Kinkys, Matildas and Mormonses / So we might reassure that kid and do something to spur that kid  / ‘Cause I promise you all of us up here tonight, We were that kid and now we’re bigger

Another of my favorite moments was in 2005, when they had Antonio Banderas sing “Al Otro Lado Del Rio” from The Motorcycle Diaries, which was nominated for best song. And then when Jorge Drexler, who composed it, won, he went onstage and sang it, like, “This is how it really goes.” It was so funny and ballsy and great. I’m happy whenever Latinos win anything, so I was thrilled by both performances.

I can’t tell you what it feels like in that room because this will be my first time at the Oscars, but I can tell you why the Oscars matter. It’s a night when the arts and artists are formally honored, and this recognition is seen by millions of people across the country and around the world. The show inspires people to keep pursuing their craft, or to seek out the nominated films or the overall body of work of the nominees, and through that exposure, people gain a greater appreciation of what the art of filmmaking brings to our culture.

Love Post: Namjoon

The great leader of BTS: Kim Namjoon

Originally posted by namjoonsgurl

There’s so much to say about Namjoon, that I almost couldn’t even make this post. As of now, I’m still struggling to make sense.

If I were to choose one word to describe him it would be inspiring.

Past his appearance or even his talent, I think it’s what’s between the ears that is the most impressive. And no, I’m not referring to his IQ. From the beginning, Namjoon has served as such an inspirational figure in my opinion. He has always tried to encourage the idea of people chasing their dreams and living their own lives, which is such an amazing thing to advocate. He tells his story to show people that you can accomplish what you want in life, you just have to work for it.

I really appreciate that he includes the international ARMYs as often as he does. The use of his English in his V Lives to communicate with non K-ARMYs, how he mentions us at major award shows. He is very aware of us and cares just as much.

The long hours Namjoon puts in deserves recognition as well. He doesn’t brag about it much, but you all know the hours he puts in. Remember the his rendition of Jimin’s replay dance? In the practice video, his shirt was dry and by the end it was drenched. Dances don’t come easy to Joon and you can see the effort he’ll put into something to reach his standards (which are very high.)

For a very long time I thought that loving you was the only thing I was good at. I thought it was the only thing I would e v e r be good at. Now it’s four months later and I realise that I was never good at loving you, but I was amazing at other things.

Like writing.
Making friends.
Being a friend.

I realised that while I was amidst loving you I forgot what it was like to be myself. So while I may continue to love you, I know that loving you isn’t the most important thing I’ll ever do with my life. And let me tell you, that knowledge makes me feel lighter than air.

—  Adrian D Epps

“So, how did you two actually become friends?” Hercules asked John, and he and Alex snorted.

“I punched him,” John waved in Jefferson’s direction, “in the face, and he gave me a high-five.”

Lafayette snorted. “Honestly, I’m not even surprised.”

Lafayette then winced as the music at the party got even louder than it had already been, and tried to yell over it.

“Specific though. Why did you punch Jefferson in the face? Why was Alex there? Specifics.

John grinned and started to wave his arms. “So, it was my first time at the debate club, right? And I go in expecting it to be like high school, where no one really cared, and half the people were on their phones in the corner, and the people who are debating have the most bored voices,” he laughs at Alex’s face, “Yeah, I know, how naïve, right? Who knew that I’d be in a debate team with you and Jefferson. So, Alex is standing on a table, right?”

Herc giggled, slightly drunker than the rest of the people at the table. “He so does that, he does!”

Lafayette rolled his eyes with a smile on his face. “Go on.”

“Yeah, so he’s standing on a table and yelling so fucking loudly at Jefferson – keep in mind I didn’t know who Jefferson was at the time, for all I knew he was the good guy – and I started to realise that obviously, I was wrong about my first impression of the class. And so for a bit I was just watching, not entirely listening? And then Jefferson makes this really racist comment. Like, terrible.”

Everyone else at the table nodded and motioned for him to go on.

“So, I’m done with his shit, and I just walk up to him calmly, everyone in the room looking at me – and I just deck him. Punched him out.”

Alex nodded enthusiastically. “It was beautiful. Sometimes I see it in my dreams.”

“And Alex just comes up to stand in front of me. Says nothing, but looks so happy he might cry, and just hugs me.

Alex started to blush.

“He won’t let go of me, right, and I’m just here awkwardly patting his back, until he’s like, ‘You are now must best friend, I have claimed you. That was the single most amazing thing I have ever seen in my life.’ And I sorta just went with it.”

Laf snorted and nodded. “Sounds like something he would do.”

“And you know, now here we are.”

“That was the cheesiest ending to a story I’ve ever heard.” Alex yelled.

Mikaelson Sister – You Will Be Missed

Words count: 1801

Warning: SAD


Requested by anonymous:

Hello I would like to request a tvd and to mixed in where y/n is the sister of the mikealsons but very powerful creature filled with other supernatural powers . Then y/n dies in mystic falls and y/n is best friends with the mystic gang . So when y/n dies the mikealsons and the gang meet at her funeral . All the characters say something meaningful specially klaus and Stefan because y/n would have best most besties with Stefan he says something like he loves her . Then as a ghost y/n says I’m here

You’re an original. A sister of the Mikaelson. You are a very powerful creature. You’ve lived for more than a thousand years and seen so much. It was hard for you to make new friends, because people die, and not everyone wants to be a vampire. So when your siblings and you settled in Mystic Falls for a bit. You decided to enroll in the local high school, that way you’d be able to make new friends. And friends you made.

Despite who your family is you befriended the mystic gang. You were closer to Stefan which meant that he wasn’t about to die anytime soon, being a vampire and all. Now something happened when your mother turned you into a vampire, unlike your siblings you were filled with supernatural powers, making you just as strong as Klaus if not stronger.

When your family left to New Orleans you decided to stay, it was hard to say goodbye to your family especially Klaus. You two were very close to each other. You were never daggered and were always by his side no matter what. You knew he was damaged because of Mikael and that he just needed love. So you gave him all the love you could and hoped that one day he’s meet a girl that’ll show him how amazing he was.

All that was great and amazing. Until came a day when something unexpected happened. It was a shock everyone didn’t know what to do, what to feel. You died. You were stacked with a white oak stake.

Your family came to Mystic Falls at once, you were going to be buried there. The place you were born. It was a rainy day, the sky was gray as if it was mourning you and was saying goodbye to you. Everyone you loved or cared about was there, all standing around your grave where your headstone stood. It was a secluded area that belonged to your family. Tears were running, people were sniffing everyone was just a mess. How will they move on? How will they live without you?

“I knew (y/n0 the first one, here in Mystic Falls.” Caroline said as she silently whipped her tears away. “She was so nice to me, I couldn’t believe she was an original. I knew I could always count on her no matter what. She gave me advice on men and she helped me gain respect from everyone who thought I was just a dump blonde. I owe her so much, she deserved more than she got.”

“Uh… (y/n) and I bumped into each other one time, when I was leaving school.” Matt who was standing next to Caroline said as he tried to compose himself. “I knew she was a vampire, and for some reason I thought she was going to kill me, which she only laughed at. I never understood how much kindness could come from a person as easily as it came from her. She saved my life more times that I could count and for that I thank her.”

“When Elijah and (y/n) came into town, I had a feeling that I could trust them.” Elena said as Damon held her hand. “More (y/n) than Elijah to be honest… she just had that shine around her, she was confident, honest, honorable and powerful. Yet she never once harmed me or anyone I love. She always did the opposite actually, she was always one call away. I’m going to miss her so much.”

“Guess it’s my turn…” Damon said quietly, before he cleared his throat. “I never make friends easily, people aren’t always found of me and my personality, but she thought otherwise. (y/n) managed to slip past my walls and camp inside. She and I became fast friends, she was my drinking buddy, I could rant to her for hours and she’d sit and listen carefully. She acted as if I was her younger brother. For some reason I always wished for an older sibling and she filled that roll all these years ago, and now I feel as if I lost a sibling.”

Elijah knew it was his turn to speak, yet he couldn’t say anything, Hayley took a hold of his hand and gave him a squeeze. Telling him that she was there for him.

“Um… I never… I never thought about losing a sibling.” Elijah said a tear escaping his eyes everyone and then. “Especially not (y/n) she was just so full of power and confidence, but more importantly she was kind and forgiving. Who would ever want to harm her? She and I were close, she was close to me and my siblings. But-but I uh I knew I can always count on her to cover my back no matter her personal interests. For a long time she was the only light and amazing thing in our family. Losing (y/n) is the hardest thing I had to go through in life.”

“She is the most supportive person I knew.” Hayley said holding Hope in her left hand as Elijah held her right one. “When she found out I was pregnant she came down to New Orleans at once, and helped me. Whenever I called her for help or advice she was there for me. She was the first one that showed me that not all vampires are alike and there’s more to the Mikaelson’s than meets the eye. Because of her I have Elijah by my side, and that is something that I will never forget.”

“After losing Freya, I was beyond happy to get a sister.” Finn said, and he looked at Freya and turned to your coffin. “(y/n) and I were great friends as we grew up. She was the only one of my siblings that haven’t once looked down on me, or showed me disappointment. I am more than glad to be her brother. I know she will be missed, as much as she was loved.”

“I haven’t really spent that much with (y/n) as you all did.” Freya said comforting Finn. “But the time I did spend with her, I could tell that she was defiantly different from the rest of us Mikaelson, no one with our past should have been that… good, but she was. And how she did will remain mystery. I was looking forward to getting close to her after everything calmed down here and in New Orleans.”

“(y/n) had an amazing life, she was a great sister.” Rebekah said while she tried to stop her sobs. “She was the kind that stands by you when you needed somebody to be there. She was a sister, friend and a warrior in and out. I remember when we were young, she’d go out of her way to make us all happy, which confused me as to why. She was the youngest after all. I was so happy that I got a sister when she was born. She was truly a caring person, and I know a part of me will always be missing now that she is gone.”

“What really puzzled me was her ability to always believe the best of everyone, until they proved her wrong.” Bonnie smiled sadly as she remembered her time with you. “She had a big hear and enough love for everyone. She was admirable and compassionate and and she deserved so much more than she got. Her ending was supposed to be happy. The best way to describe her is that she’s a friend that would stick by in any weather; he is the type of friend friend that would stand in a storm, with rain pouring down on his head, holding an umbrella, calmly and carefully, to make sure that my own head did not get wet.”

“My baby sister, was more than just a sister, she was my best friend.” Kol said tears streaming down his face, he was looking down unable to look anyone in the face. “When we were young she’s wake me up every morning so we’d be able to watch the sun rise. I was so annoyed at her for that, but looking back that was the most peaceful time we had and now that she’s gone, I only want to go back to that time where it was only her and I talking and having fun. She was my shoulder to cry on through every heartbreak. She was an amazing sister.”

“Um… (y/n) is the only one who I never daggered. She was my baby sister, if I could I would’ve given her the world.” Niklaus said as he whipped the stray tear before giving up as more escaped from his red eyes. “She was so different from me we were the total opposites yet we were the closest. I remember every minute we spent together, she was so mad when I daggered one of our sibling and tried too hard to get me to un-dagger them. She loved this family more than anything. I love her so much. I’ll be telling Hope stories of her brave and amazing Auntie (y/n). I saddens me knowing that my daughter will never know her auntie and my sister will never know her niece. It is a cruel world we live in, and (Y/N) has been always far too good and pure to live in it. I miss her, I can’t believe she’s gone… forever.”

“(Y/N), was an amazing girl, I’ve never met anyone like her.” Stefan said crying the most. “ As time went on we became best friends… I’ve been looking for some to love all my life, and the minute I met her I knew she was the right one for me. But I never thought that I’d ever have a chance with her. She was far too beautiful far too good for me. But as time went on she made me feel loved that I wasn’t a monster we grew closer as time went on, and my only regret is not telling her how much she meant to me. I wish I could’ve told her how I loved her, how I wanted to make her mine, I thought we had forever. But you never know. She truly will be missed, she impacted so many people, and the world will not be the same without her.”

You as a ghost from the other side cried as you watched everyone talk about you, you wanted to reach out to every single one of them, you wanted to comfort them and tell them that you loved them. Hearing Stefan confess his love to you broke your heart as you wanted to tell him that you felt the same as he had.

“I’m here.” You whispered but it fell on deaf ears. They couldn’t hear you. They couldn’t feel your presence. That was it, you  live has ended.


Congrats to Mark, the team and the community for reaching 17 million subscribers! That’s huge!

I just want to say, like most of you probably know, I’ve been watching Mark for a few years now. And it’s been amazing to look back and see how much he and the channel have grown. And how much I’ve grown since I started watching. 

Mark’s helped me through some of the darkest points in my life. Lit a fire under me. Motivated me to put myself out there and do things I wouldn’t normally do. I’m so grateful to him and the amazing people I’ve met through the channel. I don’t know where I would be without them. 

Heres to 17 million! I can’t wait to see where the future takes us! 

*cough tasteful nudes *cough*

can we talk about this episode 10 scene for a hot second

You know, the one where Victor announces his and Yuuri’s engagement? The one that shattered us all into ecstatic little pieces and then brought us back to life? That one

Okay so, the first time I watched this scene and I started to hear the angry guitar music in the background and see the other competitor’s less-than-enthusiastic faces, my heart sank. 

I was like, okay, here’s where the homophobia comes in, I knew this utopia (lol) couldn’t last, now they’re going to start revealing their inner asshats. Buuuuut

can we talk about the fact that these sweet amazing friends aren’t actually about to reveal their homophobic tendencies? Instead the thing they get pissed about is Victor claiming that Yuuri’s taking home the gold. Completely bypassing the thing that most people would assume they’d freak out over; no, instead they just accept that as a fact of life as they should and the thing they get pissed about is the only thing they SHOULD be pissed about. This is the best bait and switch I’ve ever experienced oh my god

I love this show, I love these supportive cinnamon roll friends, I love this healthy competitive spirit and most of all I love the fact that nobody treats this queer relationship as anything abnormal. Say what you want about media addressing issues LGBT people face…as a member of the LGBT community I just wanna say it’s nice to have a story that treats a gay couple just like any other hetero pairing. So much appreciation, thank you Kubo-sensei for creating this beautiful healthy angst-free haven of a show. GAHHH

backtothestart02  asked:

Top 10 favorite things you love about westallen. Go!

Originally posted by candicanesunited


*frantically shaking magic eight ball*

Here we go: my “ten” favorite Westallen things.

I love that:

  • Iris never needed powers to be the most important person in Barry’s life, before or after the lightning strike.
  • Barry’s love for Iris never wavered.
  • Iris believed in The Flash before she knew who was under the mask.
  • Barry’s anchor, the single most important thing in any one timeline and universe, is Iris.
  • Iris always wanted Barry to meet the right person, someone who would “appreciate him for the amazing person she was always telling him he was” – whether or not it was her. 
  • Barry grew to respect the space between them (i.e. not sabotage her relationship with her other SOs) and even said she could have a happy future with someone else after confessing his love for her.
  • Iris met The Flash on the rooftop and fell in love.
  • Barry let Iris see him at his most vulnerable: masked-up, nothing-to-lose.
  • Iris respected The Flash’s privacy, even though she wanted to know more.
  • Barry, on Earth-2: “She is Iris!”
  • Iris, Flashpoint: “You are really cute, Barry Allen.”
  • Barry’s last words, both times, were for Iris: “I’m okay, Iris;” “I love you, Iris.”
  • Iris’ last words were “Barry, I love you.”
  • Barry thought of Iris as his Something.
  • Iris thought of Barry as her best friend for life.
  • Barry considered the bowling alley to be one of his favorite places in the world.
  • Iris did, too.
  • Barry didn’t hesitate when Iris needed help: he told her to jump and ran to catch her.
  • Iris jumped.  (Barry caught her.)
  • Barry promised Iris he’d get back Joe from Mark Mardon.  (And, in a way, he did.)
  • Iris: “I have not been able to stop thinking about you.  Because I didn’t want to.”
  • Barry’s blue spark only ever appeared for Iris.  (Even when he “repeated the feat” to revive Jesse, the spark was yellow).
  • Iris knew it was Barry from that spark alone.
  • Barry’s first real decision after waking up from a coma was to see Iris.  (Before Henry, before Joe, before anything else.)
  • Iris hugged Barry so hard the sincerity still carries through, three seasons and countless worlds later.
  • Barry broke Grodd’s mind control with Iris’ help.
  • Iris found her love for journalism because of Barry’s encouragement.
  • Barry’s relief when he saw Iris was okay after the Tockman incident was palpable.
  • Iris’ relief when Barry came back from the Speed Force after she pulled him out was even more intense.
  • Barry stopped thinking rationally when Iris was in danger because he’d rather get hurt than risk her getting hurt.
  • Iris was willing to give up the engagement temporarily to stop Barry from worrying about both of them so he could focus on himself.
  • Barry always wanted to tell Iris he was The Flash.
  • Iris helped teach Barry how to defend himself (boxing).
  • Barry took off after the mugger who stole Iris’ laptop.
  • Iris spent a lot of time with Barry while he was in a coma.
  • Barry saw four people in the Speed Force (on the first visit): three were his foster/parents.  One was Iris.  The most important people in his life.
  • Iris trusted Barry to keep her safe.
  • Barry was devastated the one time he couldn’t.  (Fast Lane.)
  • Iris and Barry both made peace with each other’s former SOs (Eddie and Linda, respectively).
  • Barry gave Iris a replica of her mother’s wedding band for Christmas.  Because he remembered she lost it on a fifth grade field trip and cried for weeks about it.
  • Iris got Barry a wallet the same year he leased an apartment in both their names and apologized.
  • Barry just beamed.
  • Iris comforted Barry after he had a nightmare about Savitar.
  • Barry comforted Iris after he told her about the vision of the future.
  • Iris used the same affectionate gestures as Barry, including hugs, cradling his face, and kissing his forehead.
  • Barry’s timing was often synchronized with Iris’, from facial expressions to the moment they both stepped in for a hug.  (See above.)
  • Iris helped blinded Barry around.
  • Barry earnestly confessed how much he supported her even though he couldn’t see.
  • Iris stole Barry’s fries.  (And while he rebuffed her, he didn’t get angry.)
  • Barry told Iris she looked really nice.  (And while she rolled her eyes, she didn’t deny it.)
  • Iris cancelled a date for the particle accelerator launch.
  • Barry risked a paradox to get a video from Eddie for Iris months later because he wanted to give her more closure.
  • Iris defended Barry as a kid even though Henry was widely accepted as a murderer (recall: even Joe thought Henry was guilty).
  • Barry’s greatest fear is losing Iris.
  • Iris’ expression during the Enter Zoom finale and her whispered Barry in a crowded room reveal hers.
  • Barry bought Iris a ridiculously large bouquet of flowers and promptly arranged them into her name.
  • Iris accepted “all of him.”  Barry, and The Flash.
  • Barry wanted to be “stupid in love” with Iris.
  • Iris: “This is what love feels like.”
  • Barry panicked when Iris’ life was in danger and stayed at her side every second in Untouchable.
  • Iris and Barry shared many a lovely kiss on the couch.
  • Barry and Iris also shared many a lovely hug elsewhere.
  • Iris communicated her feelings to Barry, happy, sad, angry, scared, and everything in between.
  • Barry reciprocated.
  • Iris was the reason there was The Flash.
  • Barry admitted his crushing grief to her in the wake of Henry’s death.
  • Iris told him she would wait for him.  “Wherever you need to go – I will wait for you.”
  • (And she did.)
  • Barry?  Sang for her.  An original song.  Because that is how much he loves her: there are simply no words strong enough to express it.
  • And here we are: Barry and Iris still as deeply in love as they were in the beginning, but more refined.  They know each other better, understand their relationship more clearly, respect each other more than ever.  They’re partners, teammates.  They’re each other’s world.  They have a beautiful relationship, an unwavering love that shows.  And it won’t die.

Im constantly reminded how blessed I am to have such amazing people in my life! One thing that most people don’t know about me, is that I always tend to put myself down; always wondering if I’m ever good enough for anything! I know that it’s a pretty bad habit! Because in the end the only person im hurting, is myself! But like I said. I have these amazing friends in my life who’ve made such a great impact. I wonder how my life would be like if I’ve never met them… It would probably suck! Lol

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I just wanted to say that your works are frickin adorable. Love your winteriron drawings, they're amazing. Btw, I'm curious, do you ever thought about drawing winteriron as tsum tsums? These things are strangely cute...

Thank you! Cute fluff is my life blood, I can never get enough!

Indeed, tsum tsum are cute, I have played that app briefly… Though I have no idea what I would draw them doing?? They’re basically squishy logs? haha

Here’s a quick sketch though, anon! This is probably the most you’ll get out of me regarding tsum tsums haha

Shout out to running and the strength I had to believe I had when I questioned myself. Little bit of a vent. This semester has been one I’ve been incredibly proud of. Every time I thought things couldn’t get worse last semester, they did, just one thing after another, 2015 and 2016 were really tough years. Like…yes there was a lot of good but if I’m being honest, there was a lot of heartbreak…a lot of disappointment and frustration and helplessness in a lot of parts of my life. Those years are normal and as cliche as it sounds, I am so much better for it. I found parts of myself I lost along the way. 2017 has been one where I promised myself I’d pour all of my energy only into things and people that I knew would be there for me in return. I made a post after a break-up that split my heart in two a few months ago of my running shoes saying, “When everything hurts, run,” so that’s what I decided to do back in November, after the most horrible XC season of my life, after horribly disappointing things about friendships, after feeling like my body was failing me, after having my heart split in the most aching way, I decided to listen to my body and gut feeling and the universe and signs from God, I decided to pour everything I had into running and running has loved me back for it, I decided to stop worrying about things I couldn’t control and I saw how amazing it made things unfold. Tonight after a long, wonderful track meet, my heart hurts because…after I run really hard, I always get so emotional? Like? Running I love you, you have been there for me when people left…when everything hurts…I put my shoes on and I run and run and run because in the words of Scott Jurek, “I ran because overcoming the difficulties of running reminded me that I could overcome the difficulties of life, and that overcoming difficulties was life.”

To all my overachievers who don’t get praise from parents and loved ones anymore because it’s just expected of you to do well: I’m proud that you passed that test, I’m happy you graduated with honors, I love that you try your hardest all the time.

I know sometimes the lack of support and encouragement from those whose opinions matter the most to you can be disheartening, but keep pushing through and being the amazing person you are.

cr: ch0sshi

(caption under the photo: Sooyoung is known as the member who knows the best places to eat. “I’m the type of person who has to take the members when I find out about a good, tasty place.” Sooyoung has the utmost love and friendship for her members.)

-Girls’ Generation’s 10 years of friendship according to Sooyoung

Even when we go to overseas concerts now, we gather in one room and chat.
Most of the members have shared a third of their lives together.

Sunday morning, August 5, 2007. Inside a 45- seat bus heading to the SBS Open Hall in Deungchon-dong, Seoul. It was the ride to their first stage on SBS ‘Inkigayo’ following the release of their debut single 'Into the New World’. Inside the silent bus, the members couldn’t look at each other. Because they thought they’d cry if their eyes met. In order to avoid making eye contact, they looked outside, but they couldn’t see properly. At the time, the outside of the bus was wrapped with Girls’ Generation’s photo. While looking out at a scene they couldn’t see, the members tried their best to hold back their tears. And they got up on their first stage. Girls’ Generation held back their tears and completed their stage. While returning to the waiting room, the members started crying, one by one. Their parents, who came to congratulate them on their first stage, cried with them. The tears were hotter than any shed during their time as trainees, at the shortest 3 years and longest for 7. The girls returned to their dorm and cried again. We met Sooyoung at the SM Entertainment company building on the 21st, and she reminiscenced. She said, “I remember looking out a window you couldn’t see out of, sniffling. It was a stage that we went on after practicing our kick for 1 year,” and smiled. The kick Sooyoung is talking about is a point in the choreography for 'Into the New World’.

“The secret to our 10 years is friendship and being considerate/respectful, beyond the members.”

What might be the secret behind being able to maintain the group for 10 years?

“It’s the closeness between the members. We’ve been able to come a long way because we aren’t simply connected through work, but meet as friends. Just because one person is older, they don’t try to control another member. I think we’ve been able to come this far by being respectful, considerate, and yield to one another regarding what each other might like or dislike.”

If it’s been 10 years, don’t you end up not meeting as often?

“We still have a lot of things to talk about. Being together for 10 years is really an amazing thing. Most of the members have shared a third of their lives together. Half of my life that I’ve lived so far has been spent under my current company (SM Entertainment). It’s to the point where I don’t have friends my age other than my members. We talk about everything from our worries, work, and family. The members are all those kinds of friends.”

I heard during your early debut days, you had time to talk everyday.

“We had a '5-minute talk’ time for a while. Everyday, we would have mandatory talks together. While ending our day, we would talk about things like what was sad, things we should pay attention to and improve on. (After leaving the dorm) Everyone got their own space, or started living with family, and we haven’t been able to do that, but we did for a while. Even when we go to overseas concerts now, we gather in one room and chat.”

Do you talk about dating or works (dramas, etc.)?

“We talk about the littlest things like 'What should I wear tomorrow?’, as well as work advice like, 'Do more of this in the future’. Because we are hearing about a different female celebrity who has also been doing this for 10 years, it works as a stimulant and challenges us.”

Is it an obligation going to support another member when they do something different?

“I think the most important thing to the members isn’t money, but time. Not too long ago, I felt sorry asking my members to come to a benefit concert. Because they have to use that precious time. But Tiffany took the time out herself and came, already assuming 'she’s probably not asking because she feels sorry’. And she even performed. I also go and support the members when they release a solo album or film a drama. That’s the biggest and most valuable present to one another.”

“10th anniversary album, the best event we’ve anticipated since last year.”

Following the release of their 5th official album, 'Lion Heart’, in August 2015, Girls’ Generation has been doing individual activities. This year, in particular, Yuri took on her first lead role in the SBS drama 'Defendant’, and Seohyun will be starring in the MBC weekend drama 'Bad Thief, Good Thief’ starting in May. Yoona enjoyed the success of her first film 'Confidential Assignment’, which released in January. Sooyoung started acting early on in November 2011 through the daily sitcom, 'Unstoppable Marriage’.

Yuri and Seohyun seem to be rising as actors.

“For her role in 'Defendant’, Yuri studied a lot about the occupation of a lawyer. She worried a lot about her Girls’ Generation image overlapping with her character. But as the episodes went on, she seemed to adapt to the character. As a friend, I feel like she overcame it well, so I was proud. Seohyun has good emotions. She always surprises me. I worry if she will be able to do something well, and she does. She’s the youngest sibling that does everything well without us having to worry.”

Of the 20 years of Korean girl groups, Girls’ Generation takes up 10 years. The pride you have must be great.

“Until 2 years ago (promoting as a group), I didn’t realize how much meaning the work I’ve done so far had. I think I didn’t understand how difficult and big of a deal it was winning a daesang, going on overseas tours, and doing other things as a girl group. I was busy just doing what was in front of me, and getting on stage. Doing individual activities made me think how the things I do as Girls’ Generation is the most valuable thing I can do. I’ve received love that exceeds my abilities. I was able to ride the ship called Girls’ Generation because it was with all 8 of us.”

I feel like you would have felt the most empty(?I think) when your debut colleagues Wonder Girls broke up.

“I really admired seeing Wonder Girls transform into a band. If someone told us to attempt a change like that after putting on performances for 10 years, I wonder if we could have done it. I was curious about their transformation, so I looked up all of their interviews. Wonder Girls were a good stimulant, and we were a good driving force to one another. (Their breaking up) made me sad as a fan, but I’m still supporting them as colleagues. Because we can still listen to their music.”

I heard your 10th anniversary album releases in the summer.

“We are going to do (a 10th anniversary album), it’s matter of fact, and all the members showed a desire for it since last year. It’s the biggest event the members have been anticipating.”

“Hope to be remembered as the byword for Girls’ Generation forever.”

'Into the New World’ was sung by Ewha Women’s University students to unite them during a rally. It also rang out during the candlelight protests, pressing the impeachment of Park Geun-hye. Girls’ Generation was like a language amongst those in their 20s who enjoyed idol culture. The language of the heart that makes you feel united through music.

What meaning does 'Into the New World’ hold for Girls’ Generation?

“I think it’s a classic amongst girl group debut songs. Haha. The thing idols have to keep up to appeal to the masses is self-confidence. Having a song that people of different generations can sing together is something worth being happy about.”

According to Yomiuri in Japan, TWICE is being focused on as 'the K-pop group to succeed Girls’ Generation’.

“I’m proud that they’re being introduced as a group 'to succeed Girls’ Generation’. During our generation, every rookie was called 'the 2nd BoA’. Now, 'the 2nd Soshi’ is going to be coming out.”

How does it feel seeing girl group juniors nowadays?

“They’re really pretty and do well. Our girl groups don’t show their personal emotions. Because we always have to smile/laugh. How can you be happy every day; I want to applaud them for maintaining a smiling face all the time.”

What’s Girls’ Generation’s strength?

“We try to take after each other’s good points. If one person works hard, the others do as well. If one person does a good deed, it influences the others. Another strength is that we greet people well. More than anything, we didn’t succeed at once, so we don’t forget our 'hungry mindset’. We also know how precious popularity is.”

What’s a good way for Girls’ Generation to be remembered?

“I hope we will be the 'byword’ for girl groups forever.”

If you had to pick a crisis during Girls’ Generations 10 years, it would have to be Jessica’s leave from the group. I think that might be what made Girls’ Generation become stronger. Sooyoung recited a well-known line from a popular drama.

“I liked everyday we spent together. Because the days were good, because the days were not good, because the days were just enough…”


II Peter Maximoff X Reader One-Shot II

Request by @loverollyjogerhe reader is really insecure and her and peter have been dating for a few months. Peter has tried to make a move several times but the reader always has an excuse, but it’s because she’s so insecure about her body? Something really fluffy? Thank you!!

Warnings: Insecure!reader, cussing, Insecure!Peter, not fully proof read.

Originally posted by fandomediiits

People had always said that once you get a boyfriend, your insecurities go away. Oh god were they wrong.

You and Peter had been going out for a month or two, and each day even though he was the sweetest person you’d ever met, and he complimented you so much that everyone around you verbally groaned when you two were around another, you never felt extremely comfortable.

Each time he made any sort of move you backed away, or told him you had things to get to. Hell, you’ve only kissed a handful of times. You wanted him more than anything, but… You didn’t want him to see you. Truly. Thoughts flowed through your head constantly about how he could never really love you, or how he had to be putting on some sort of act when he tells you how much he cares for you. Yes it had bothered you to push him away so much, but it had to be for the better.

It didn’t help that the past days he had really wanted to talk though it, wanting to know what was going on.

Suddenly you heard a fast and hard knock on the door, making you jump slightly.

Getting up from your bed, you hurried over to get to the door, not wanting to leave whoever waiting long.

“Hey. Is it okay if I come in?” you let out a sigh when you say it was Peter. Giving him a soft smile, you stepped aside so he could walk in. He mumbled a thank you and sat himself down in your still warm bed.

“What’s with you recently? You’ve been really distant. Even I can notice it and I’m clueless as fuck.” Peter said, with a slight joking undertone. But a hint was always in his voice. Still, he sounded very serious. You’d never seen him that way.

“It’s really nothing.” You muttered, sitting down right next to him. Automatically he wrapped an arm around you, pulling you two closer, which made you hyper aware of yourself.

“Tell me,”

“I just…”  you started, but the tears welling in your eyes made it hard to choke the words out. “I don’t see what you like in me. I’m nothing. And.. And you’re everything. I… I can’t even look at my own body without hating myself. How do you stand Me when I can’t stand myself.”

“Wait what? That’s what it is?” He laughed lightly, shocking you a bit. Why laugh? “No offense, but really that’s stupid.”

“Y/n, I really like you, if you haven’t noticed. And I think you’re the most beautiful, caring, all around stunning people to ever exist. And I often think ‘how’d I manage to nab her?’ I’m lucky to have you. My life would be so much duller and less worth living without you. Now, please don’t say things like that again, okay? You’re amazing. I like all of you… Love, even. I look at you and see pure perfection.. And hey, If anything you should be thinking bad of me. I mean damn, I’m pretty low." 

His kind words moving you endlessly. You had no idea someone could think so highly of you. But some of it was ruined by his still pretty big amount of self hate. You knew you both needed to work on it, since it was a problem that no one could live with forever.

"I think you’re just as amazing as you think I am.” You turned his face to yours, pressing your lips to his softly for only a few moments. A smile graced your face, loving the feeling. And you could even feel a smirk on his.

“What? That hardly made sense.” He joked as soon as you pulled away, making you roll your eyes.

“You know what I meant.”

100 Things [Jason Todd x Reader]

@litbatboys requested: “HI ITS @LitBatboys could you possibly do a Jason X reader where you guys are like on a date at an aquarium or smth and you are able to control water and he never new that but like finds it super cool and it’s one more thing he loves about you and as you walk he lists like 100 things he likes about you? idk it’s just there make it fluff my dude that was a weird prompt I’m soRRY”

A/N: I totally forget everything we discussed about, I’m sorry. It kind of sucks but I was so lost on how to write it XD I hope it’s okay though

Pairing: Jason Todd x Reader

Warnings: none

Word Count: 717

The aquarium was completely deserted, it was only you and Jason, which was perfect. You always complained about how your dates were never ‘private’ because the places you two go to were so crowded and packed with people, but today was different.

“I still can’t believe you got Bruce to rent the entire place for the day.” you mumbled, shaking your head in disbelief.

Jason chuckled, “you better believe it, babygirl. I wanted to make this date as special as possible.”

“You being here already makes it special Jay.” you insisted, turning around and facing him while still walking. “You don’t need to go through all this trouble.”

“I told you.” he said, “I want to.”

“Whatever you say.” you sighed, knowing how stubborn your boyfriend could be. You stared at all the fish and the marine animals swimming in the tank behind the protective glass. They were incredibly beautiful, but you felt slightly sad that they were kept in this enclosure. You knew this aquarium aimed on protecting the marine life but you thought they deserved some freedom.

Walking up to the glass, you placed your hand on it and closed your eyes, focusing on a dolphin you saw earlier. You reached out for it–him, beckoning him to come closer to the glass. Once he was in front of you, you smiled at him and began to ask questions.

Jason watched you with curiosity and interest. At first, your actions puzzled him but after a few minutes it didn’t take a great detective to see what you were doing.

“[F/N], you can… talk to animals?” he asked, shocked. You stopped communicating with the kind dolphin and turned your head to him, smiling slightly.

“Ah… marine animals, actually… I never mentioned that?” You laughed sheepishly.

“No, you didn’t.”

“Guess it slipped my mind.”

Jason watched you continue communicating with the dolphin behind the glass. Soon, other animals approached you and the smile that appeared on your face must be one of the most beautiful things he had ever laid eyes upon.

Everything made sense now. You always told him you would never eat fish, even though you ate every other kind of meat. You loved marine life but you hated going to the aquarium, the exception being if the aquarium acted as protection for endangered species.

He shook his head in disbelief, finding you even more amazing now. He approached you and wrapped his arms around your torso, earning a surprised squeak from you and causing the animals to disperse, hiding behind the rocks and structures in the water.

“Jason!” you exclaimed, “don’t do that.”

“Sorry, you’re just too irresistible.” he chuckled. “I can’t believe you’d hide this from me.”

“I didn’t hide it, I forgot to tell you.” you corrected, pouting as you turned to face him.

“Yeah, sure you did.” He rolled his eyes. “I guess now I have another thing to add to my list.”

You frowned. “What list?”

“A list of 100 things I love about you.” Jason stated, grinning proudly.

You scrunched up your face. “That’s so cheesy.”

“Yeah, but you know you love it.” he claimed, stealing a kiss from you. This time it was you who rolled your eyes. You took his hand and led him through the aquarium, the marine animals inside the tank following you and waving at you as you waved back.

“So, are you going to tell me the other 99 things you love about me?” you inquired casually, you were terribly curious.

“You sure you want to know?”

“If I didn’t, why would I ask?” you scoffed.

Jason laughed at how impatient you were. “Fair point.” He cleared his throat. “Okay, number one; I love the way your eyes sparkle when you talk about something you’re passionate about.”

“Really? That’s so minor.” You cut him off, looking at him skeptically. He gave you a loving smile.

“It’s the little things that make me fall for you even more, cupcake.” he said with genuine love, causing you to blush.

“O-Okay… are all of them like this?” you said shyly, feeling flustered by his answer.

“Pretty much.” he said before continuing to go through his list. God knows how he remembered all of it.

But having Jason be romantic was a little nice for a change.

Heart Breaker

Jensen breaks up with you thinking you had cheated on him, however, you were actually pregnant. The reader tries to hide but gets discovered, then moves to make sure she doesn’t get noticed at all. When Jensen finds her he tries to get her to come home.

Jensen and Reader

Angst, accused of cheating, depression, breastfeeding, sweet fluff

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           When I was with him, I was always on cloud nine. We had been together for three years, then suddenly one day, he breaks up with me. He never explained or gave me a reason, just shattered me completely. I was at home that day, finding out the most amazing news, I was pregnant. Jensen would be thrilled or so I thought, I never got the chance to tell him.

           Instead I was packing my bags and leaving my life behind. The worst thing though, Jared, Misha, and Mark stopped talking to me. Vicki was the only one who kept in contact with me after everything. She never understood why it happened, it was so random. So, I moved to Dallas, I found a little ranch with a couple horses. It wasn’t much but it was home, something I had lost along the way.

           I didn’t tell anyone about the pregnancy, so I just went through the pregnancy alone. I found out I was having a girl, and I was ecstatic. I was eight months pregnant when I was spotted by Gen at a store, I was picking out things for the nursery and she saw my huge bump. I saw her walk up to me with a questioning look on her face. I sighed “It’s Jen’s, I never got a chance to tell him” I started crying and got out of the store as fast as I could.

           Once I got home, I sobbed until my eyes hurt, that’s when the calls started. Now they wanted to talk? I turned off my phone and decided to get a new phone number tomorrow, right now I was starving. So, I grabbed my food for the night, and vegged out on the couch. I knew it was a matter of time before they would find me.

           I did the only thing I could think of and sold the farm, I packed up my truck and loaded the horses on the trailer. I had left a note with the realtor to give if one of them came around. So, I left Texas completely, I went to Nebraska. I found a beautiful little farm that I could settle in nicely. I was about a week overdue at this point, and I was never more scared in my life.

           I had a sweet older gentleman helping me with the chores, and feedings of the animals. I woke up this morning not feeling well, so I left a note on the door asking him to watch over the animals while I went to the ER. Once I made it, I knew I was in labor, they got me settled and the contractions started growing closer and closer together.

           Once it was time to push, I found every ounce of energy to push. It felt like a lifetime of pushing, until I heard her cries. They placed her on my chest and I fell in love already, she had his eyes and dirty blonde locks. I missed him so much but she’s my connection to him, she was amazing. I decided on Ava Rae y/l/n, she was beautiful and she was mine.

           I was in the hospital for three days, and then we could go home. I carried her into the house and took her to my room. I put her in the bassinet and laid down for a nap, I woke up to hearing her crying. I looked at the clock and knew she needed to be fed, I got comfortable and watched her with amazement. Once I knew she was fed, I burped her, changed her and then put her back down.

           I heard a knock on the door and hesitantly opened the door to see Dave, my ranch hand. “The misses made some meals for ya” “Thank you so much” “She was happy to do it, and a gentleman came by and dropped this off for ya” I grabbed the letter and opened it up. I knew the hand writing, but he didn’t deserve a chance. “I know it’s none of my business, but he looked like a man who lost something very important”

           I made him a cup of coffee and explained what had happened over the course of what had happened. I could see the sadness in his eyes, he could also see how I still felt about Jay. “You should talk to him, I’m not saying take him back but that little one needs a momma and daddy.” “Your right Dave, I should at least talk to him” We said our goodnights and I sent Jay a text to come back around lunch time.

           Lunch time came quicker than I expected, I had made a small lunch and waited for him to knock. I waited all day, and he never showed. It came to about ten at night when I heard a knock on the door. I opened the door to see him with a bouquet of pink roses, I scoffed and walked away leaving the door open for him to come in.

           I heard Ava crying, so I went to check on her and I knew automatically she was hungry. I picked her up gently and grabbed a blanket to cover me up while we talked. It was a tense silence, neither of us knowing what to say. “Why are you here? You broke up with me” “I know and I will never be sorrier with how things happened” “Why did you? I was always faithful and always by your side” “I thought you were cheating, I saw you pulling away and thought the worse” “You couldn’t talk to me? Instead, you dump me when I needed you most”

           “When Gen came over that day and told me what was going on, I broke right there, I sobbed the whole day at how I treated you. I tried calling and tried tracking you down, but it was no use” Once Ava was done I fixed my shirt and patted her on the back. I walked over to him and put her in his arms. “Jen, I want you to meet Ava Rae”

           He smiled a watery smile and looked down to see this little human being we both had created. “Y/n please come back, I miss you, actually we all miss you. I will do whatever it takes to make it up to you and this little one.” I sat on the couch and just cried, I was absolutely broken and the walls came down. He sat down next to me with Ava in his arms. “I missed you so much Jensen” “I missed you too honey, please come home” “I would love too”

           He kissed me, just like he always had, there was no time lost. Over the next week, we had everything packed and ready. I put the ranch in Dave’s name, and he was happy that we had fixed things. I did hear him threaten Jay that if he pulled that stunt again he would be castrated. I hugged him tightly and thanked him for the help, and he just reminded me that I was the daughter he never had.

           We packed and headed back to Austin, I was ready to be home, ready to be around the people that I call family.

Do You Promise Me, Weasley? - George Weasley Imagine


Hi~ Can you write an imagine where George is jealous and overprotective because the reader have to do a work with a boy that is in love with her (she doesn’t know but George does and he hate that guy XD) I’m sorry if my english is bad ;^;. Thanks~
Can you do an imagine where george and his girlfriend get into a big fight right after she finds out she is pregnant but hasn’t told him yet and she believes he doesnt want to be with her anymore and won’t want the baby. But of course it all works out in the end. Please?

A/n: I don’t know why but for some reason I just thought that this might be a really good idea to combine both of these requests… I may be wrong tho…

~(Y/n)’s POV~

How does one react when they get the truth that there is a baby living and growing in your stomach? My reaction like most girls is happy. I was joyful and grateful that I was able to have an amazing boyfriend who can father this child but as my mind drifted off to the thought of George, I was instantly saddened and anxious. How would George react to this news? We’ve been together since our third year but we’ve been best friends since our first year in which I’m thankful everyday that my chocolate frog ran away from my clutches and landed in the hands of a very special ginger.

Life is an unexpected thing. You probably won’t even know what’s going on until it actually happens. I can’t predict or change the future, even if I wanted to but sometimes you just have to accept the things that are happening. I didn’t want to lose George, he’s the best thing that has ever happened to me. He cares and loves me for me. He never hesitates to tell me how beautiful I am no matter where we are and he protects me from any kind of danger. Including “danger” that involves boys talking to me, I don’t think I’ve ever had a conversation longer than five minutes but I didn’t complain.

All day long, I thought long and hard on how to break the news to him. I looked at myself in my hand mirror talking to myself.

“I’m pregnant, George… I’m pregnant! Surprise!… I’m pregnant haha” then I smacked myself in the face, this was harder than I thought. I don’t even think that I’ll be able to speak when I get the chance to talk to him. I waited in the common room for him to arrive, I knew he would be back soon from his quidditch practice. I kept practicing until the moment he walked in, something about the look on his face showed that he was mad.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, the news can wait as it seems that right now isn’t a good time.

“Nothing” he mumbled brushing me off before heading straight to the staircase. Are you kidding me? I grabbed his hand and yanked it.

“Don’t tell me that it’s nothing George. What’s wrong?”

“You want to know what’s wrong?” He spat “I can’t believe that I was so oblivious to see that you were cheating on me!”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“Don’t act all innocent. Brennan already told me everything”

“I’m not cheating on you!” He didn’t speak nor did he look at me “You’re seriously going to take his word over mine!”

I couldn’t believe it. George, out of all people, knew that Tyler Brennan had this huge crush on me and he’s even made a few accusations that I’ve slept with him before but now all of sudden George believes his bogus story.

“George, I’ve never cheated on you! You know that Tyler is lying to you! He always lies!” I tried to give him reasons but it seems that he wouldn’t take any of them.

“George?” I whispered

“Just leave me alone” he said in a quiet tone before actually leaving me alone in the common room. I stood there in disbelief. He just left me.

~A week later~

It was ridiculous the way George was acting. Freaking ignoring me when I passed by, making no acknowledgement that I was in the same room. It was as if I no longer existed, like I was a ghost. I haven’t told anyone about the pregnancy but keeping secrets had its toll on me. I felt like I had this unbearable weight pushing down on me because there’s no one to talk to about it. I was surprised that I haven’t been skipping classes to eat ice cream in front of the common room fire, I always thought that without George I would be miserable that I didn’t have my boyfriend and a father for my baby but I’ve seen plenty of strong and independent single moms.

Unfortunately the dreadfulness of my life continued.

Only for a few minutes because our teacher, Professor Trelawney, paired me up with the person I hated the most because he ruined my relationship, Tyler Brennan. I would happily end his life with two simple words “Avada Kedavra” but then I would get expelled from the best school in the universe and go to azkaban which doesn’t really sound worth it once I think about it. I rested my chin atop of my folded hands and looked into the cloudy crystal ball trying my hardest not to punch the idiot right next to me.

“So, I heard that you and George broke up. Do you wanna go out? I would have asked you earlier but I’ve been so busy with quidditch you know.” His cocky voice making me gag, I looked up at him to see him bending his arms up and showing his supposed ‘guns’. I’m pregnant and I found that I have a lot more mood swings… Then usual. I rolled my eyes and raised my hand.

“Yes miss. (Y/l/n)?” Trelawney said.

“My poor partner’s future says that he’ll die soon and it makes me very very sad” I said “I don’t want to hear the rest or I might cry so I’m just going to switch with…” I looked around. “Maverick, if you don’t mind”

“Oh. Go, go ahead” she said, I just decided to sit with Maverick. He was this Hufflepuff student in my year, same height as George, black glasses, black hair and olive skin. Every time we encountered, he seemed to always wave and smile in which I would always return because he’s always so nice.

“Hi” I said plopping down on the empty seat next to him.

“H-hi” he said meekly.

“So. What are we doing?”

“Well, we’re just supposed to look into the ball and see if a sign pops up.” It was silent until he started a conversation. “H-how are you? I heard that you and George broke up” I just looked at him and smiled.

“I’ve been better, I must admit. Just a little.”

'Oh also, I forgot to add that I’m pregnant but forget about it. How are you?’
I thought in my head.

“Um… You know that w-” he was cut short as he was pushed back making him fall. I looked at the attacker to see, George.

“What hell are you doing?” I got up and helped Maverick. George came closer.

“He was practically undressing you with his eyes” he said furiously, the anger getting the best of him. Everyone was looking now.

“So what if he was?!” I spat, my anger, now, getting the best of me. “We’re not together, George. Remember, you left me because you believed his bogus story!” I pointed at Tyler.

“I was wrong. I don’t know why I believed him.”

“Just save it. I don’t want to hear more lies” I said quietly before grabbing my bag and leaving the classroom then I began my long journey down the staircase.

“(Y/n)!” It was George.

“What George?!” I yelled. I was so done. God, I’m pregnant and I’m having a fight with my child’s father. I looked up to see George barely at the beginning of the staircase.

“I miss you. I should have never took Brennan’s word over yours-”

“Yet you did… Just leave me alone”

“No! I won’t leave you alone”

“Why not?”

“Because I love you. I made the biggest mistake letting you go but I won’t let it happen again. I’m sorry for everything, I should have never yelled at you or accused you of something like that. Just please give me a second chance.”

I was about to walk up the stairs and hug him but I think the baby was disagreeing. I can feel that weird sensation in my stomach and I began to feel a bit dizzy, I ran down the rest of the stairs with both of my hands over my mouth. I heard following footsteps indicating that George was chasing after me. I went to the nearest dirt path and let it go. I felt hands pull back my hair.

As I was done, I looked at George.

“I’m pregnant. Surprise!” I said weakly with a small smile. I think the adding of surprise made the news more cheerful I think. George smiled and hugged me tightly in his arms.

“I’ll be by your side the whole time”

“Do you promise me, Weasley?”

“Who do you think I am? Ron?” He laughed “I promise”


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Can you do imagines for each member of the new edition cast if they had kids. Please and 😊 Thank you 😊🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

Pictures are not mine


A/N: This came out a little later then expected, I hope you like it I tried hard to make this one work, okay I love you guys - XX basicKassandra

Keys: (Y/C/N): Your Childs Name

(Y/N): Your Name

(Y/L/N):Your Last Name

(Y/D/N): Your Daughters Name

(Y/S/N): Your Sons Name

Luke James: “(Y/C/N) daddy is home!” you tell from the front door wrapped in your husbands arms tears coming down your face. You both hear the sound of little footsteps running down the stairs, your little angel has been waiting to show their father a couple of art pieces they made for him “Look daddy”(Y/C/N) says huffing and puffing handing the art work to their father. “This is amazing, you’ve got some real talent. Now come here and give daddy a hug, I’ve missed you and mommy so much!” He says grabbing your child and you pulling you both into a tight embrace “God I missed you both with each passing day.” Luke says snuggling deeper into your neck leaving you sweet soft kisses. “Daddy can we play now?” your child says looking at Luke with their big eyes and of course he couldn’t resist so he put your child down and let them run to the backyard while he ran after them causing you to laugh and slowly follow behind. It felt complete having Luke home, your child would cry nearly every night because daddy wasn’t there to sing to them, but now that he’s finally home it feels like he never truly left. “Whatcha thinking about baby?” Luke says while giving your child a piggyback ride “Nothing, it’s just good to have you home,” you say smiling at him and your child “Well, I’m home now and you have to be our damsel so we can rescue you,” he says with a serious look, which led you to laying on a lounge chair crying for help to be “rescued”. God how you missed these great memories.

Woody McClain:
It started off as a one night stand, simple harmless and easy but then it took a turn down south. Those two lines came up on the test and you became the women who was carrying Woody McClain’s baby, and thats all you’ll ever be known as even though you didn’t tell him until 4 months after it happened. You and Woody hit it off the first night that got you into that crazy scandal but you and him vibe on a deeper level then either of you could understand, so you two continued to take even after that one night and then came the night you told him over the phone. You could hear the shakiness in his voice as he was uncertain which led you to ask him if wanted a paternity test, stating you wouldn’t feel offended, as the test results came proving that Woody was the father, he felt a charge of overjoy at the news that he was going to be a father. Then the day of birth had come an another surprise happened it wasn’t just one baby that popped out, there were two a boy and a girl. A few years had passed and back then you would’ve never imagined being the wife of Woody McClain, he finally admitted his love to you on the 1st birthday of your children but not even those amazing memories could compare to the one that was unfolding in front of you right now. “Mommy! We need your help!” Your son (Y/S/N) called from the backyard, as a mother your use to the kids needing your help but what you didn’t expect was a bunch of people in your backyard yelling “SURPRISE! HAPPY BIRTHDAY (Y/N)!” you scanned the backyard for your kids but didn’t see them until you looked towards the street where they were talking to a strange man and full mother bear mode was full force. You began to job to the street and was ready to beat up the pervert until you realize who he was “Baby? What are you doing?” Woody said looking at you confused while you gripped your shoe and held it in the air “BABY!” you said dropping your shoe and jumping into his arms causing your kids to laugh at you. “Come on your birthday is this way,” he said carrying you back to the party while your kids ran in front of you “The whole hood idea was those two evil ones, they wanted to give you a good scare and me being the loving dad, I went along,” he said kissing your forehead letting you down on the ground near your cake. “Make a wish my love,” he whispered in your ear “I have everything I could ever need,” you said as you blew your candles out.

Elijah Kelley:
Tonight was the Grand Opening of your new restaurant and thousands of people had come up to show support and eat their money away but the people who mattered was your boyfriend Elijah and your daughter (Y/D/N). As soon as you cut the ribbon people started to pour into the restaurant “Thank god its two floors or else this wouldn’t end well.” You said to Elijah, he was holding your daughters hand tightly, he bent down and whispered something in her ear that made her smile and automatically relax, those two had such a bond you would’ve believed that Elijah was her actual father but it’s a shame he wasn’t. You had your daughter 5 years ago with a man who thought of you as his world until you walked in on him cheating with your best friend at the time and during your entire pregnancy Elijah was there for you every step of the way even when he didn’t have to be but when it cam to you giving birth Elijah was there telling you all the amazing things your daughter is going to do and be when she grows up, he even signed her birth certificate as her father and it took being a dad very seriously “The two most important ladies in my life, with me in this amazing restaurant  i think it would be a crime if we didn’t eat.” Elijah said which caused my daughter to give him a big toothy smile which made me think that they were up to something because they always were troublemakers. Dinner came and went and just as you were about to close the restaurant Elijah stood on one of the tables with your daughter “Everyone ! I know you’re tired and just want to go home but I have something to say! Now I’m sure you all know that, this lovely women standing in front of me is the owner and creator of this restaurant and that this lovely young girl is the best daughter any man could ask for. These two women mean the world to me, now I already got the approval of these lovely girl to become my legal daughter, now all I need is the hand of my woman to become my wife. (Y/N) will you do the honor of marrying me?” Elijah says getting off the table and down on one knee. You hear gasp all around you cover you mouth due to pure shock and begin to cry you look over to your daughter who is nodding like crazy when the words finally come out “Yes,” and with those words Elijah picks you up and kisses you all over your face and grabs your daughters hand helping off the table and hugging the both of you. “Soon we’ll be the Kelley family.“ Elijah says holding us tightly together.

Bryshere Y. Gray: You were stuck on the highway, you should’ve been home nearly an hour ago but heavy rain equals crazy traffic for some odd reason. You had called your fiancé Bryshere to let him know you would be late and asked him to take your son a bath, that way when you got home all you had to do was feed him and tuck him in. You were now about 10 minutes away when Bryshere FaceTimed you “Babe, um why is he crying he never cries when you bathe him,” he says sounding a bit nervous “Are you in the tub with him?” you ask looking straight ahead now you’re about 5 minutes away “No.” he plainly says “Well that’s why he’s crying, he feels lonely. Baby I’m about to be at the house in a few minutes just try to calm him down. I love you,” you say hanging up on him just as you’re about to pull in the driveway. Once you opened the door you hear splashes passing through the hall, you make your way to the bathroom to see your fiancé being attacked by your son in the water “I don’t think he likes bath time with me (Y/N) baby you make this looks so easy.” he whined and gave you the puppy eyes, you got down and began to clean your son before taking him out and changing your son into his pjs and after he was fed and burped you began to rock him to sleep until you felt his breathing at a steady pace. You laid him in his crib before leaving the room to see your husband all tucked in for bed, you slowly climbed in to join him “Did I ever tell you what an amazing mother you are?” he said wrapping his arm around you “Nope.” you say tracing shapes on his chest “Well damn baby you are one kick ass mom, but you’re a better fiancé.” he says kissing your forehead.

Algee Smith: 8 hours of straight hell were passing you by and the baby still hadn’t left your body. You pushed and breathed, pushed and breathe but nothing helped get your baby out, so many breaks were taken and still nothing. Now on hour 12 and you finally feel the baby moving on its way out of your body, you were holding Algee’s hand “You truly are the best friend a girl could ever ask for.” you say gripping his hand for dear life while he’s giving you a wide smile, when you told him you were pregnant he couldn’t hold back his excitement at all and he didn’t even try to lie about it whenever people asked he was always ready to answer. “My god daughter is going to be beautiful and spoiled, oh and talented like her mother and godfather,” he said while wiping off the sweat from your face as you still pushed out your daughter and then you heard it, her little cries were like heaven to you and Algee’s ear you both had been waiting so long for this day and now it was finally here. The doctors cleaned her up, cut her cord and wrapped her up while you began to breathe and relax “Do you want to hold her Ms. (Y/L/N)?” the doctor said looking at you “Let Algee hold his god daughter, mama needs some breathing time,” you laughed a little trying not to think of the pain you were in. You watched Algee’s face changed when you told them to give her to him, he carefully took your daughter from the doctors and began to rock her ever so gently and then he began to hum her a lullaby to stop her crying and it worked, he then gave you your daughter and watched as she clung onto you for dear life, you chuckled slightly and kissed her forehead wrapping her in your arms gently. “Come here you big nugget,” you say to Algee who carefully sits next to you and then snaps a couple of picture “The best memory of this year,” he said looking at the picture as he began to tear up a little “I love you (Y/N).”he said kissing your forehead as your eyes became droopy and you began to drift to sleep.

Keith Powers: “Come on son, focus. Eye on the prize.” Keith said as he was dribbling the ball trying to get your son to focus on stealing it from him. Saturdays were always basketball days and because you were their number 1 cheerleader you had to attend these practices. “Come on (Y/S/N) kick daddy’s butt!” you shout from the bleachers which causes you husband to make his way over to you grabbing you by the waist and picking you up from the bleachers “Oh so you’re cheating on the OG team huh? I see how it is.” he says as he begins to tickle you wildly which causes you to fall on the floor laughing while your husband remains on top of you and continues to tickle you “(Y/S/N) come save mommy!” you shout playful at your son who is running towards you and your husband but before he could save you your husband grabs him putting him over his shoulder “Okay, okay you guys beat me. I have been defeated.” Keith says putting his hands up in a surrender motion but all it takes is one look between you and your son as you both began to charge at him taking him to the ground and just forming a family hug. Saturdays were the best days for this family because of irreplaceable memories like the “This is my type of heaven, I’d like to thank god for blessing me with this amazing family man. I love you both.” Keith says kissing you and then your sons forehead, and you all just lay there catching your breath until its time to go home and wait till next Saturday for round two.

i don’t care if you think jikook is toxic or an unhealthy ship cause i know they are not.

they are pure and sweet. jungkook loves his hyung and all this jealousy thing is not something to freak out about cause jikook is so much more than this.

they’re great partners. all night friends. they like spending time together because they like each other. they like spoiling and praising each other. they’re always telling how the other did great, like when jimin was mcing or when jungkook fell off while dancing on american hustle life. jungkook says jimin is the person he goes to when he feels sad. jungkook is always trying to make jimin smile. they understand each other. they have good chemistry on and off screen. because they’re precious people. and their relationship is one of the most beautiful things i’ve ever seen in my life.

i feel sorry if you can’t see all these amazing things about them but that’s what they are. that’s why i fell for them and that’s why i ship them so much. i can’t even imagine how many people would give everything to have a relationship like theirs. so stop assuming they’re “unhealthy” or “toxic” and maybe try to start looking at their moments the right way.