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I’m working with @Refinery29 & @LaneBryant to break plus size women out of the niche and into the norm with The 67% Project, and they asked what my vision for “better representation” of plus sized women looks like. Frankly, I just want to live in a world where plus sized women are not afraid of their own bodies. That’s it. So many of us are straight up terrified of the skin we’re in- and we’ll do anything possible to imitate someone else. But what if we were surrounded by imagery that’s actually representative of diverse feminine beauty, instead of a rotating cast of multiethnic Barbie dolls? In an ideal world, I would #SeeThe67 every time I turn my head- in magazines, on television shows, in movies. And not just the curvy fashion models shaped like Marilyn Monroe or the requisite “fat best friend.” Waiting for acceptance and representation is a waste of time. We’re curvy goddesses- ass kicking amazons, even. It’s time to show off THAT reality instead of the unbalanced options we’ve been offered.

Leggings + Sports Bra + Boots- @lanebryant

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I Do Love You


17 and a half. Rafe was only 17 and a half. He was a broke child, a street walker. His father would beat his ass every time he discovered Rafe had fucked ANOTHER man old enough to be his father. That never stopped him. He snuck into more bars, romancing more old men.

But tonight, he found himself in a British man’s car. The guy was around 40, and he wasn’t wasted. Rafe was, actually. He had promised this man he’d move in with him. Which Rafe would usually never say, but he may have meant it. Rafe hiccuped slightly, holding onto Harry’s arm tightly.

“I won’t waste another day wishing this would fade away”

Fly Away // 5 Seconds of Summer

Honestly I would like to look into what kinds of anti smoking campaigns might actually garner decent results because I always think of the ones I see as sort of wasted resources, but maybe they work better than I think at preventing smoking. It just seems so futile to me because literally everybody knows that smoking is bad for your body, so continuing to tell people smoking is bad for your body is what…annoying extra background noise? I don’t get it.

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S boys reaction to an so who does de youtubes Plz and l love you lulu!

((Love ya too~))

Shu - He’s neutral on the subjects as long as two things don’t happen: you ignore his cuddling time and you don’t drag him to make ‘boyfriend’ videos.

Reiji - He finds the hobby a horrible waste of time - as well as a waste of your intellectual abilities -  and quickly discourages you to continue with the practice.

Ayato - FUCKIN’ NEAT. He is going to invade your channel at every given moment, he’s the star, give him the camera, and everything is going down the hill, oh would you look at that-

Laito - He’s okay with it for the most part, he finds the boyfriend challenges a little fun, but he doesn’t want you spending too much time on the media and give him some loving.

Kanato - You best not, he prefers all of your attention directed towards him.

Subaru - He finds it to be alright, sorta neat and - if you bribe him enough - manage to get him to play with you some games (but hah, don’t count on him doing those embarrassing boyfriend challenges).

Kino - VIDEO GAME HOE STEPPING THROUGH- You might as well give your channel to him, it’s his now.

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After Zayn's latest photoshoot and the shit about being "real" (again) some of my mutuals are now discussing the posibility of Zayn just being a dunbass and a tryhard. Some of them think the lack of promo and the cancelled performances are his wrongdoings and his team's only fail has been to enable an experienced boy's ideas that aren't in sync with how the music business actually works. So yeah, according to them, we should all lay off their backs and blame Zayn for everything.

These people calling anybody a dumbass and a tryhard would be a case of the pot calling the kettle black. If you can’t process what is going on by now (you’ve had 18 long months ffs), it must be because you’re too lazy to do your homework, too young and naive to get it or just plain mean-spirited. The truth is out there. 

I, for one, am not gonna waste time and energy ad infinitum on these foolios. Let them continue navel gazing and barfing out stupidity. They’re their own problem, not mine.  

All the haters are becoming less relevant over time anyway. Time marches on. Not all of us stay emotionally and intellectually 13 forever. Some of us wanna know and understand. Some of us know that showbiz is meant to entertain and sell sell sell. They ain’t in the truth telling business (who is these days?), per se. It’s also a business full of fierce competition. So sabotage is a real thing. Hidden agendas are a real thing. The game is to be sold, not told. How many times have I said it?? This shouldn’t be difficult to grasp. Only in this fandom where people have more attitude than smarts. Put away your childish things. The issues 1D are collectively dealing with are very adult. Godspeed.

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Melly- out of the whole mis-management shit-show the craziest thing is the timing/phasing of single releases. All the interviews pre album release (eg the NME one) were bigging up Drunk- the fact that was not even a single (and preferably one pre-album release) is beyond criminal. Who decides on this stuff?


I KNOW. I want to write a strongly worded letter to my local congressman about how Drunk was never a single. Drunk is one of my very most favorites off of MoM ( i was car dancing to it today, in fact, and also enjoyed its smooth sounds when i was reading in my structurally sound blanket fort). Who’s making the decisions? Those would pretty much be the same folks who, on paper, somehow managed to waste the incredible lead-in momentum that Pillowtalk gave them for subsequent singles *glares pointedly at Simon Cowell*. 

Music is pretty much NAHT their focus -   merch and brand partnerships reign supreme (as evidenced by Zayn’s being pushed as a Fashion & Style Influencer to the Stylish Millennial Bro).

The shoot for Highsnobiety followed that theory to a T(itty) - Zayn is being very carefully media positioned: GQ, Dazed,  Complex, The Fader, Paper, NME - all these publications share a similar self-description as highsnobiety.

From highsnobiety’s media kit:

The shoot was very high fashion, too (like they do). Only Zayn can wear what looks like my kindergarten denim jacket (BUTTERFLY PATCHES, YAAASSS) and make it look manly af:

‘Tis where we are (and ohmygiddygod’s trousers I am so sorry i just talked/typed your ear off). I’ve got my fingers and boobs crossed for a much better 2017.

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Thory didn't waste any time, getting extra pillows for her bed, just for Damien. She cleaned up around her apartment a bit, making sure the Neko would feel at home.

Damien washed his hair, ears and tail, getting a headache. He groaned. “HERB LORE.” He shouted.


I dont even know where to start this. I dont even know.. I didn’t share here the distance I was attempting because…man, putting so much effort into something and then thinking maybe it would go to waste. 

I signed up for MY FIRST timed half-marathon, more than three months ago. Back before I had nearly a month of innactivity due to a vacation, then falling ill, then having a serious low on my psyche, falling on a hole and feeling invisible all the while.

Then some of my running buddies signed up (some for the same distance, some for a quarter marathon) and suddenly everyone was telling me how I had pushed / convinced / inspired them to sign up and surely I had to help everyone train?. We started running on the weekends and suddenly it was a week before this and we checked the race’s page to see about picking up our numbers and stuff.

While browsing the competition site I read and saw…a three hour time limit? I hadnt realised the race had a time restriction.

I’ve never made it secret that I’m a pretty slow runner. I average a 14:00 min mile and even on my best days I can only manage a 10:50 min/mile before dropping below 12:00. I was nervous… highly.

Then came today, I am not gonna bore you (more) with the details about where we had to stay and everything else but about the race I was pretty much sure I was going to be picked up by -what they called on the race’s site- the runner sweeper.

I took my phone with a tracker (I used fitbit and endomondo) but I disabled the notifications thinking about just having fun and forgetting about the outcome. I lost all my running buddies on the race start and I just went with it. 

Miles piled up, I was keeping up with a guy who was about 70 years old (actually, years young, that guys was a beast) with a rythym I felt like my own but on mile 3 the three distances (quarter, half and full) got split so I lost him (he was running the full marathon) so I just kept going. I felt good. I hydrated I ate/drank that gooey energy gel on mile 7 and just kept at it. I avoided the watch. Then, with a little less than three miles to finish I heard it: a siren loud enough raise the dead. My eyes watered up. I was so fucking close!! It got louder and louder and I kept running thinking “maybe if I don’t look at it they wont pick me up”. But it was suddenly there. Just that it wasnt what i thought it was. A huge digital timer passed right beside me but then also the first of the marathon runners right behind it. I was still highly anxious but then I saw the number clearly on the clock (02:01:36).


I finished in 2:40:12 in the official timer, the bib timer being 2:35:10. My first half marathon. I cant believe it. This is why WLS changed my life, this is why I’m never going to regret taking this decision. I’ve been working my ass hard before and after the surgery to reach the surgeons goal and eventhough I’ve been stuck in this weight for a while now, no one, absolutely NO ONE can tell me I haven’t done my damnedest  to be healthy. No one can take this victory away from me.

I also caught up. Now officially back on track.

737.5 / 1000 miles

@fatmaninalittlesuit you wanted to know how it went so here it is XD. @bariatricbeast615 this is what I’ve been doing. And last but not least @hallsofstone2941 check this out halls. This was part because of you. Thank you.

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Wait, if Madara is Howl, Tobirama is Sophie, Kurama is Calcifer and Kakashi is Turnip Head (who's Japanese name is KAKASHI NO KABU XD), would Kid!Kagami be Markl (possibly Madara's nephew, who he's babysitting while his little brother and his wife are out of the country on vacation)? Maybe Danzo or Sarutobi as Suliman, too. That just leaves the Witch of the Wastes... Obito? Orochi? KAKUZU?!?! Hmmm... Sasori, maybe! :D Also, the Sophie's mom character is DEFINITELY Hashi. Has to be.


This whole AU has so many amazing possibilities and it is the best excuse ever to go back and rewatch HMC. 

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You trannies are so fucking uncreative that you have to focus on a small grammar mistake i made instead of anything i actually said, you should focus on the fact that you're degenerates who are basically wastes of air. I hope you win the lottery and die the next day :D

You are focusing on the wrong part of what I wrote. You see, we srsly don’t care about you and we would neeeeeeeeever date you, so please just stay the fuck away from us.

You are gross and unattractive, get that in to your head. We no want! Eww! Gross!

Texts || Sebtana
  • [He decides to finally respond to her texts]
  • Sebastian:Look, San. There's something I think you're misunderstanding.
  • Sebastian:I'm nice to you because you told me it would benefit me.
  • Sebastian:You seem to be mistaking that for me caring about what you think of me.
  • Sebastian:You can call me a "coward" and you can say I'm "selfish" or whatever the fuck else you want to say. But the fact of the matter is that I DON'T CARE.
  • Sebastian:I don't care about your opinions. I don't care about your feelings.
  • Sebastian:I'm first and foremost in this for myself. And I see no point in wasting well wishes on someone who didn't actually care about how I was doing in the first place.
  • Sebastian:So please take your rage and your emotions and your opinions and kindly shove them up your ass.

not my place but on and off relationships always make me sad cus I know they’re not going to work out like there’s a reason why it’s on and off and unless ppl actually change (but they rarely do) it’s not going to work!!! and I guess that’s why even tho I have those days when I think my ex and I could be friends again in the future I know I probably should never open up my heart to him again bc despite how easy it probably would feel and how “comforting” it might be it just won’t work and I would just be playing myself and wasting my damn time

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I'm kinda stuck with the angry witch of the waste. Should it be Indra ? It fits with Kurama knowing him and despited him. But then, who could the Queen be ? the Sage ? Ashura ? And the royal magic is the chakra ? Hummm, so many thought. Anyway, Hashirama would be dashing with the make up on and Touka would be the best of the Troll like "Hey Tobi! Who was the awesome ass who was floating with you around ?Does he has a brother ? If he don't, I'm telling Butsama. AND Hashi."

A jealous and angry witch? Definitely Kaguya. But all of these would be fantastic options!

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Seriously,niall is so dumb to let go of harry,if only niall had hold on to harry when he was all obsessed with him,he must be regreting his whole life right now.He would have been the luckiest man on this whole planet..what a waste.

DJSJDKSKDJ oh my god

DW Femslash Week, Day Two: Friends to Lovers
  • Chawton, Hampshire, England.
  • February 1817.

“You should have seen the look on your face, though!” Clara exulted with an utterly unrepentant grin.

“Honestly,” Jane tutted, delicately mending a seam, the needle flourishing in and out of the fabric, “who would think to throw an egg in jest! Such a waste!”

“Oohoo, you can talk,” Clara teased delightedly, “leaving bags of flour atop half-open doors!”

Jane smirked a bit at the memory. “And between us we could bake a cake or make a hearty breakfast with the ingredients expended on ‘pranks.’“

“Worth it,” Clara insisted, brown eyes dancing with glee. “Totally worth it. Feeding the sense of humor is easily as important as feeding the stomach, ask anyone.”

Jane Austen arched an eyebrow up at Clara Oswald, and instead of replying simply commanded, “Stand up and let me look at you.”

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I don’t like how eleven’s memory was treated after her death…it was just, weird. They hardly seemed sad. I’d think the boys would be out there looking for her however they could. Unless they’re in on the secret with Hop. But she’s such an interesting and wonderful character who has a really rich storyline and so much to be explored, if they waste that by nixing her, well I don’t know what what happen.

( ✨⟡ open to males based on this.

Things weren’t supposed to turn out like this. Her life wasn’t meant to flip completely on its head. She was used to be in control, she was the one in charge of her destiny., so how did things go so wrong? It was supposed to be a one-night stand, just that. she wasn’t supposed to talk to him ever again, She didn’t want to, she had no time to waste with people like him. but maybe that was exactly the problem. Ellie always thought she was so above everyone and anyone and maybe this was life getting back at her.“I-I need to talk to you.” The petite girl managed to murmur her piercing blue orbs seeking his. she had never felt so hopeless in her life, but then again anyone would feel this way in her situation. - She had just turned nineteen and she was pregnant with a baby that was nothing but a mistake, the result of a drunk, reckless one-night-stand with someone she despised. She had tried to tell him before but courage had always failed her, just like it was about to.