that would be such a waste

C: It took me a while to realize that the role you play in a man’s life is usually the role he wants you to play. I made excuses for men until I realized this. This world is literally made for men to thrive in. if he wanted you to have a certain status in his life, you would have that status yesterday. Don’t waste time waiting for that girlfriend or fiance title. That’s why men leave 10 year situationships and get married a year later. They will always bring to fruition what they want!

friendly reminder: do not rewatch old seasons of htgawm under any circumstances because you’ll keep reminding yourself wes and laurel liked each other ever since their first day but didn’t do anything about it and it’ll make you wanna stab yourself with a fork and you’ll feel like yelling at them bc if only they admitted their fucking feelings they could have spent at least 3 years together and laurel wouldn’t have wasted her time with frank and the bs with rebecca wouldn’t have happened and WES WOULD STILL BE ALIVE

As a radical feminist, I don’t talk about what it is like to be born a girl, raised as a girl and try to survive girlhood, or about female socialization into a gender norm in general, or about women’s bodies and things like the stigmatization of menstruation or women’s reproductive health issues, in order to exclude those who have not had these experiences or are not affected by these specific issues. Not at all. I don’t have time to waste on doing that, and I can’t imagine what the point would be in doing that. No: I, as every other radical feminist, talk about all these things - girlhood, female socialization, the stigmatization of women’s bodies and anatomy and the ways in which men have tried to take ownership over our bodies and our birthgiving - because it’s so important to do that. Because we have to do that. Because girls are raised to be silent and submissive, because girls are taught to feel shame over their bodies, because girls who don’t conform to gender norms are punished, because women are taught we exist for men, because we are taught or natural body functions are gross, because a lot of women barely know what they themselves look like, because a lot of women believe that sex with men should hurt, etcetera, etcetera. We are so far from being done talking about these things, because these issues are still huge problems that affect and limit girl’s and women’s lives. I wish people could listen without thinking that everything that isn’t about them or don’t apply to them is “excluding them”. We can fight different battles, or intersecting battles, or eachothers battles. We don’t have to silence one of them.

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hey alice, just wondering if i could ask for your advice? i love writing, but everytime i sit down and write, i start feeling guilty for "wasting time"... it's stupid, but there's just this voice at the back of my head telling me that i should be doing something more useful! do you have any advice on how i can stop feeling guilty about spending my time writing? :(

writing is NOT wasting time. writing is a very valuable, worthwhile, precious, and productive creative pursuit. you gain so so much from writing. being creative is not a waste of time - i would spend every minute of my life being creative, if i could.

Sakura stated that unlike Tsunade she doesn’t have to waste chakra on looking younger while Hashirama stated that she might be stronger than Tsunade. We saw her strength feat in that moment being greater than anything Tsunade has shown.

Considering that both Sakura and Tsunade showed us their strength while their seals were unreleased it is apparent that in terms of strength

Sakura without using seal chakra > Tsunade without using seal chakra

Therefore whatever chakra Tsunade was ‘wasting’ was removing the gap between then in terms of natural reserves i.e. Tsunade’s natural advantage if we’re comparing as she is a Senju was nullified. Not only that but Sakura having more powerful punches without using her seal than Tsunade points to the fact that Sakura has more chakra to mold and thus she has more chakra than Tsunade.

Both seals are identical so add in those and Sakura would still have more chakra to use since Tsunade would always be preserving her body. 

Thus, Tsunade has more chakra overall but she is always using her transformation jutsu so she is at a disadvantage when comparisons are made. It would always be Sakura with full chakra vs. Tsunade who is using a jutsu. Sakura would always have more to use outside of transformations etc. eg. medical ninjutsu, chakra transfer, strength. 

 In sum in terms of chakra reserves:

Sakura > Tsunade - transformation jutsu

Yin Seal Sakura > Yin Seal Tsunade - transformation jutsu 

Sakura < Tsunade

Yin Seal Sakura < Yin Seal Tsunade

NB: Tsunade earned her seal later on in life so young Tsunade with a seal doesn’t exist. She earned that seal after departing the village. 

Laughing with everyone, having fun, playing video games, drinking cola… Even if that was where this ended, Guren thought that maybe it wasn’t just a waste of time.
If it was where their story ended, it would make for a very happy epilogue.
Happily ever after.
—  Book 5, Guren Ichinose: Catastrophe at sixteen

Also what is the fucking point of ShitzSimmons again? they add absolutely NOTHING to the show, they could not be there and everything would just be better they’re such a waste of screentime, what is their fucking point

This right here, ladies and gentlemen, is bullshit. Since the beginning of the year our school put in a rule that you must have mesh or clear backpacks. I do not, and for the first three months, it was fine. One teacher didn’t like it so I would drop mine off at my next class, but otherwise ok.

But as of late, it’s become a problem. I’ve been getting sent out of class because it’s a ‘problem’ and they’re 'really cracking down’ on this. I’m assuming the problem is so many kids shoot up schools that we can’t have nice things, and they don’t trust a dumb white guy like me. (I’m sure the problem has nothing to do with race but whatever)

And no, I will NOT waste my money on a fucking clear or mesh backpack. And I will NOT go up to the third floor to put my stuff in my locker as it will make me late to each class, and having all my stuff is easier. How about the school LOOKS through my bag? Or how about they spend some money on a metal detector? Because I swear, if I get one more day of this, I will flip out on our pathetic excuse for a man assistant principal

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I think most of the time the trolls are probably anti's trying to get larries excited so they can laugh at how gullible we are. Too bad most of us are dead inside and don't believe anything, especially if it's a positive prediction.

Imagine being someone that would find entertainment in taunting other people like that. How pathetic. And yeah, no one I know really reacts much to any of that any more any ways so what a waste of time.

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Lmfao "never leaving you behind has always been stalias thing" but stiles never wants to leave Lydia???he didn't want to leave her in seasons 1,2,3,4,5, or 6????there have been countless moments in all the seasons demonstrating that stiles would never leave Lydia??? Yikes @ stalins I would not waste your time on them bc they're delusional

THEIR ARGUMENTS ARE SO STUPID , STILES HAS MADE IT CLEAR THAT HE WOULD NEVER LYDIA BEHIND AND STILES WOULD NEVER LEAVE SCOTT BEHIND TOO BUT CMON OF COURSE “ NEVER LEAVING YOU BEHIND “ IS JUST A ST@LIA THING  but really anon i just hope that my friends don’t say to me that they will never leave me behind because it’s “  a stalia thing “ and i don’t want st@lia shippers to accuse them of coping their otp .

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The only replies you have to people calling you out are calling people losers or insulting their appearances 😂😂 you can't even form a decent argument mate

why would i waste my time when i could literally be doing anything else and it would be 1000x more productive “mate”. riddle me that

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Thank you for answering my question ! I really appreciate it :) If I may ask, why do you identify as a social-democrat ? And how does it tie in with humanism ?

No problem. It’s what the ask feature is for.

I’m social democrat because I do not think the free market alone is sufficient to organise a reasonable outcome with regard to the public wellbeing.

It leads to people at the top being able to manipulate the market in their favour.

The state can be used to balance out the power difference between poor and rich, so that the poor get an opportunity to fairly participate in a market which is mostly guided by supply and demand. The state with its monopoly on violence is also the only force able to persecute big businesses which break regulations - like dumping waste material in a river. Such actions would stay entirely under the radar if it were not for inspections by an independant party like a government agency.

The humanist part comes into play because of my personal views.

Basically every political current in the West stems from the foundation of secular liberal humanism the ideals of which developed during the enlightenment era.

But humanism can also mean, and in that way I use it, a special focus on humans. And that is my perspective.

I care about the environment not for the environment’s but because we humans are dependant on it.

I care about biological diversity in the oceans and the rainforest not because I like animals, but because the collapse of these biospheres can have severe repercussion on humans and their lifestyle - making it harder or more unhealthy.

I care about space travel because I think that it will benefit humans and their survival in the long run.

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Sakura is much better than Hinata. Sakura is the strongest if her generation. Hinata may have byakugan but she only knows how to fall to the ground. Deal with it! Some NH fans need to knows this!

Exactly, It’s annoying to see how some fans come to idolize blinded by fanaticism in detriment to others. It’s a fact and it’s more than proven that Sakura is stronger to all of Kunoichis, Hinata also is strong, there’s no denying, but I feel that with her has been wasted of wanting to improve, she would have gotten more out of her skills with the byakugan and with the skills typical of the Hyuga clan. 

i really regret coming to university, I’m not gonna lie, but seeming as i’m halfway through my 2nd year dropping out would be such a waste of money 

Hi!! I was tagged by @microbellamy​ to do this tag game :~) Paula, I would die for your cat.


Said “I love you”? ya
Waited all night for a phone call? no i dont have time for those types of games
Stayed out literally all night? yes!!
Snuck out? …i’m brown….,,,,,no
Smoked a cigarette? nah
Slept in a bed with a person of the same sex? ya lol we were wasted on nye and we had to share beds
Stolen money from a friend? who does this lmao wtf
Been on an airplane? yes
Slept all day? yes…too many times
Missed someone so much it hurt? yaaaaaa
Fallen asleep during school? lmao i fell asleep in my physiology class today
Been lonely? yes!!!
Cheated at a game? yes
Gotten lost? yes!!! i’m usually good w directions but it happens sometimes. esp when im wandering around boston bc the streets dont make any fuckin sense here
Been in a car accident? no but everyday fears ha ha :-)))
Had detention? ya lol
Given money to a homeless person? yes
Been so happy you cried? yes,,,,,,
Regretted loving someone? nah
Got in trouble with the law? no
Have you ever had a secret admirer? this is a STORY man
Been scuba diving? no :~(
Broken a bone? does fractured count lol
Been told you have an accent? people out of the US lol
Fired a gun? omg ok so when i was in the 5th grade we went to some battle site in trenton or something like that and i got to fire an old as fuck musket that was an interesting experience ????? and possibly illegal ??????

i tag @blackholes-and-revelations @lionmcmuffin @allgoodchains and whoever else tryna do this :~)

School is making me sick. It’s making me mentally sick.
I haven’t had suicidal thoughts in a long time, I haven’t had to deal with self harm in a long time. It’s all coming back now.
I’m stressed, I’m sleepless, I’m scared.
Daily I have to keep in mind that i can’t fail and it’s eating me up.
That’s why i want to quit school even if it’s only that little amount of time left.

But classmates go “that would be a waste of your past 1 ½ year” or “it’s only 9 exams after those two coming up left” or suggesting me to change one of my finals class to another one I’m also bad at
Nobody understands what I’m going through and they’re only making evrtyhing worse

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briiiiii i don't want to bother you but i just want to vent a lil one of my housemates keeps turning on the heat at night and like 1. we're all asleep so who does that help and 2. we live in fucking southern california we do not need to be heating the house. like put on a sweatshirt and use another blanket and quit being a baby because we have to pay for that shit and it's wasteful but he was so adamant about it being on and it's just a pain in the ass

i would shut that shit off every night idgaf what he says LMAOOO that’s a waste of money and his ass can get another blanket like you said. ole don’t touch my thermostat ass.

I really spent more time on that than it deserved, when I could have been doing something more productive like… Ah, hell, I dunno. Timing how long it takes to dry paint. Measuring how fast grass grows. Practicing juggling.

Basically anything would have been more productive than wasting time on that.

Seriously, though, looking at some of them… well. One of the web videos? 1174 views when I went to it. 2 likes. 1 comment.

It’s a 6 year old video on Vimeo.

The only way they would have found that, I reckon, is going to the tvtropes page for asexuality. Where it’s listed. Because “There’s No Such Thing As Notability”.

Other things on that list, which those 35 characters were taken from, and which they comprise… 10, 15% of? Pokemon! Robots! Aliens! Etcetera! The point being that many of them are not asexual because that’s an orientation, but because they are entities or characters who do not make sense to have an orientation! Namekians, which are listed there, as an example, reproduce via mitosis or something? I mean, sure, asexual, but…

The point I’m trying to make there is that making characters like that asexual isn’t necessarily a recognition that the orientation exists, it may well be more along the lines of “Well why would the terminator be attracted to humans at all anyway?”

The irony really is that many of the things which have the characters explicitly made clear to be ace and/or aro are made by people who had a-spec character representation specifically because it is so lacking.

So when they’re cited like that it’s just… What are you even doing, you’re just embarrassing yourself.