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Okay okay I'm all for Dean slowly realising that Cas is in danger and going to rescue him but how the FUCK would Dean not know from the previous convo that that wasn't CAS? I mean, Cas left the previous convo really bizarrely that Dean dropped everything and his hurried to the bar in a frenzy. And now CAS says he's fine? Really?

I’m not saying he doesn’t know something is fishy but really all I’m doing is saying I’m not gonna go mad if the next ep starts with him like hm that was weird, sam being like dude he’s a grown angel don’t coddle him so they move on.

It just seems a wasted opportunity not to have Asmodeus masquerade as Cas some more given it’s a big season theme so far you know?! And he can’t do that if Dean already KNOWS. Suspects is one thing but knows means asmodeus doesn’t even start off with potential?! I just think that’s lame and doesn’t work story wise! Why set this up if not to use it?!

BTS Reaction: Fight

request: making you cry because of a fight and leaving them @anon

Kim Seokjin

You couldn’t believe what you had just heard. Seokjin had never raised his voice at you like that, you weren’t even sure anymore why you had started to fight. He seemed to realize his mistake as soon as tears welled up in your eyes, making their way down your cheeks.


You shook your head, not wanting to hear his apologies, at least not now. You needed a clear mind first. You turned around without another word, leaving the male lone in the now dreadful silence that was spreading through your apartment, while all he could do was stare in shock.

Min Yoongi

Yoongi normally wasn’t one to scream at you and waste energy on a stupid fight. Sure, he would raise his voice some times, but never had he said anything bad about you directly. He didn’t even notice at first, only when he was finished with his rant did his eyes fell on you.

Tears were streaming down your face mercilessly and you didn’t even try to hide how hurt you were. He couldn’t believe himself either, getting so worked up over something he had forgotten the second he saw your scared expression. He had no chance to catch up before you were already out the door, leaving him alone to deal with his blurry mind.

Jung Hoseok

You knew Hoseok could be stressed sometimes, but that was no excuse to unleash his anger on you and call you a clingy nuisance when all you wanted to do was help. Maybe you were too emotional, but his accusation had hurt.

You knew he didn’t mean it like that, but you couldn’t help the tears forming. He only really acknowledged his mistake when he came home to a cold ans empty apartment, a small letter left on the fridge to tell him ‘you needed time for yourself, away from him’

Kim Namjoon

Normally he didn’t really mind when you visited the studio, though he had been in a bad mood all day already.

The second you had opened the door he was already barking at who ever dared to interrupt him, not even knowing it was you. When he turned around, you had expected an apology but instead he glared at you, wanting to know ‘what the fuck was so important that you had to bother him with it’

The harshness of his voice made you tear up already, but you didn’t want to bother him with it, leaving him alone in the studio within seconds.

Park Jimin

You knew Jimin could get jealous easily, though you never thought it could get so bad that he would accuse you of cheating. He wouldn’t even listen to your voice, too caught up in his own rant to even notice the way you were looking at him.

Scared, Angry, a lot of emotions were going through your mind, you couldn’t even say which one had caused you to cry, but you definitely wouldn’t stay in the same house with him and let him insult you any longer.

Kim Taehyung

He could only watch after you, dread and regret filling him when you disappeared from his sight. He could remember the way you just silently listened to him and took his insults. He could remember hearing that adorable little sniffle, though this time it only made him feel sick.

He didn’t even remember why he had been so angry at you, the same anger now turned on himself. He couldn’t believe he had gone so far as to making you cry, even making you feel so bad that you just straight up left the building without any word. He was scared that this also meant you left him.

Jeon Jeongguk

Jungkook was impulsive when he got angry. He wouldn’t watch his mouth, his mind clouded with fury. You had never seen him so angry before, and you didn’t even knew the reason for his actions. He wouldn’t even had to speak.

The death glare he was giving you after his rant was enough to make the tears finally fall, and he only sensed his mistake when it was too late. You were flinching away from his arms, not wanting to be anywhere near him at the moment.

He had lost you.

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ok but.... what about Mary???

Well I mean, I was kind of glad we didn’t get to see her because I’d have been angry to “waste” an episode on her when she would basically just stand around, doing nothing because the plot was super convoluted as it is. The point is to rescue her which is what motivates Sam and later Jack and that happens later in the season, so anything she could have done in the AU was just… lurking around and throwing snarky remarks at the other protagonists? Not to be dismissive of Mary, but I feel like a whole lot of this episode was just set up for later episodes, with moving characters around, introducing “new” characters and promising the return of others… So I hope we’ll see her soon in an episode that is actually kind of focused on her where she can do stuff! 

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aside a several impulsive decisions, light generally has the patience of a saint. idk. it's just that when i imagine a high maintenance genius like him surrounded by people like ryuk, misa, and L 24/7, i think they will just go yolo and kill them asap because screw the consequences they'll have their peace right now.

Aside from the fact that he uses it exclusively for efficiency in mass murder, Light’s patience is one of his most admirable qualities, that is true.

Please don’t shop today

This is just the view from my tiny window in the human experience, but Black Friday is a monument to capitalist waste and excess; the ‘doorbusters’ you are being offered are at great prices because they are shoddy products rushed to market for this not-holiday. Nonetheless I don’t have a choice in working at my retail job today - YOU have the choice to get your bargains online, if you simply must shop, but ideally I would love to people to realize how much personal misery is involved for every one of us getting you that cheap shitty 4k TV. I’m running on five hours of sleep after working all of last night, and I’m one of the lucky ones.

I know most people don’t care what retail workers think, but if you care about us as people, stay home today. Be with those you care about. Build non-material-good-based relationships. Don’t contribute to human misery the way this “holiday” now does for all of us.

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how does alicorn intake affects the children that's born from alicorn addicted parents?

Given how potent Tonics are, I’d assume it could cause infertility after being used so much, so Addicts can’t have children even if they’d tried; they’d just miscarry and males would simply be rendered sterile. A child born to someone who started using Tonics while pregnant could be born premature with a whole slew of health problems, problems they’d have slim chances of surviving, some of which include tissues not developing properly, weak organs, malformation, brain damage, or just outright terminating the pregnancy.

Hell maybe that’s part of why Mistral’s falling: a drop of children born and a high infant mortality rate due to so many of the citizens being addicted to alicorn, thus essentially rendering them unable to have children. And this would lead Celestia to conduct more kidnappings of children from the Equestrian Wastes (which makes “the ground below” all the more aware that something is out there kidnapping folks, but they don’t know who or how. Kinda like the Institute from Fallout 4), just so they can have a steady supply of “alicorn factories” at hand. Could also be part of the reason why Orphans would be assaulted but not violently; citizens so desperate to have a child to raise that they’d resort to kidnapping an Orphan, so Guardians end up attacking not just the completely junked out Addicts but “regular” citizens as well in the Orphan’s defense.

  • Remus Lupin + “First kisses.”

“What do you mean you’ve never been kissed?” Remus asked, eyes narrowed in confusion and head cocked sideways.

“I mean,” you said tiredly, “I’ve never been kissed.” The two of you were doing your bi-weekly prefect rounds near the kitchens and somehow the topic had strayed from your friends James and Sirius charming all of the books in Ravenclaw tower to sprout eagle wings to how experienced the two of you were.

Remus had some under his belt- innuendo intended -you however, in all your sixteen years, had none. Which, due to fancying him, you were slightly embarrassed to let him find out.

Marlene had once said boys don’t like inexperienced girls, that “Why would they want to waste time teaching them when they could have already gotten it on with someone who knew what they were doing.”

"I-I can’t believe that,” Remus scoffed. “You’re bloody beautiful, how haven’t you snogged anyone yet?”

Your cheeks felt hot as blood rushed to them. “I-” you breathed, “I guess cause I’m scared so I just keep putting it off.”

Remus stuffed his hands in his pockets as the two of you turned left; “What do you mean scared?”

“I mean I’m worried that I’ll fob it up and then whoever I’m snogging will be all like ‘Bloody hell that’s not how you properly snog, haven’t you ever been snogged before’ and I’ll be left feeling like an idiot.”

"Well you shouldn’t be,” Remus said softly, “Only a git would make fun of you for never having snogged before-and besides, I’m sure you’d be great at it.”

You raised an eyebrow, “You’re sure I’d be great at it?” You repeated. “How can you be so sure?” Despite the moon being your only light you could tell that Remus’ usually pale cheeks had become a flushed pink tone.

"Your lips,” Remus said after a moment, “They have a nice shape and they look like they’d be great for snogging.” You snorted, you knocked out shoulder into his, a fond grin stretching across your face.

“Spend a lot of time looking at my lips Moony?”

“Yes,” he blurted. Your eyes snapped to his, which were already looking at you, and your lips, you’re ‘Great for snogging’ lips, parted in surprise.

“Really?” The two of you, without seeming to realise it, stopped walking.

“Sort of, I don’t do it in a creepy way or anyth-”

“Do you want to be my first kiss?” The words had just tumbled out of your mouth before you had any chance of stopping them. “I mean, it lets me get my first kiss out of the way and you get to see if you were right-about my lips being good at snogging.”

For a moment Remus is quiet and you’re sure you’d messed six years of friendship up but then, with a small smile, he nods. “Alright.”

“You’re sure?” Remus bobs his head up and down. You couldn’t help but smile as your heart thumps loudly against your ribcage.

Remus takes a step towards you, his shoes knocked against yours and one of his hands settled on your waist while he placed the other on your jaw.

Despite it being the end of November you felt hot, in a good way. Like you were burning from the inside out.

“Put your hands on my shoulders,” he breathed. You did as he instructed and placed your palms flat against his shoulders.

He lowered his head so his lips hovered over your own, and then in quick swoop, they were connected. Your fingers curled around the material of his jumper and his knees bumped into your thighs as he tilted you head up so he could move his lips against your own more easily.

With a cloudy mind you pushed him up against the stone wall and his hand traveled from your waist across your hip, until it settled on the small of your back.

Opening your mouth and letting your tongue swipe across his lower lip just came natural. Remus parting his lips and gripping you against him as if his life depended on him seemed like something that had been done a hundred times before.

And pulling away for gulps of air, being in his arms and staring into his sparkling eyes seemed like second nature. It seemed right. Like being trapped in his arms, against his bony chest was where you belonged.

“There’s no way you’ve never been snogged.” You couldn’t help but tilt your head back and laugh.

Okay people, I need your help

Do any of you know any Spotify playlists or any individual songs that are Christmas themed and not too awful? I have to organise a Christmas party for our department and I’m CLUELESS. Any suggestions are appreciated!

Since we are people of very different origins (Germany, Greek, China, Spain, Croatia, Egypt, India and many more), English ones would be best but it doesn’t really matter. We all have nothing in common despite being scientists so no genre is right or wrong.

Edit: it will be a party with alcoholic drinks and standing tables. We think to start more christmas-y and turn it into a regular party then, but I have no idea about that so.. The people range from people that get wasted (lots of alcohol provided) to anti-party people like me.

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I’m a first year student and I just got my marks back from my first economics test. I was so happy and confident in the test I only didn’t understand around 10 concepts max and I thought I would get around a 80% I get my test back today and I got a 57% I don’t know what to do I feel so useless and such a failure I studied so hard and I had so much confidence but it was all a waste?..

Hey! I think a lot of people who are first-year students experience this. I believe it is quite common for students to get lower than expect marks as they transition into university marking. This post might help though. Honestly, marks are tough and I totally get how awful the disappointment can feel. Try to figure out what went wrong rather than dwelling on the mark. The real ‘failure’ is not learning from your mark and not recognising the areas that need improving x 

Raymond having a crush on you would include…

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-This robot boi literally short circuiting when he first sees you like WOW! Poor Shannon and Darrell don’t know what’s wrong with him.

-Raymond thinking it’s just some silly crush and that it will pass but he literally can’t stop thinking about you even after he’s rebooted himself 20 different times and he’s like OH NO

-Raymond knowing boxdad wouldn’t be happy if he wasted time trying to win your heart but then doing it anyway because he doesn’t care what the consequences are HE WILL HAVE YOU!

-Raymond literally dropping out of the sky in his rose ON YOUR DOORSTEP to tell you how nice you look today (he’s so extra help him)

-Raymond getting on his knee to read you poetry he wrote about you

-Shannon and Darrel agreeing to help Raymond ask you out because if you can’t beat him you might as well join him

-Raymond trying to flirt with you but he gets too nervous and messes it up

-Raymond leaving TONS of roses where you can find them throughout the day

-Raymond putting on outfits he think you’d like

-Shannon and Darrell desperately trying to rein their brother in but to no avail because he’s like a runaway train and can’t be stopped

-Raymond making a big show out of asking you out, but really he feels like he’s going to fall into pieces while he’s doing it

-Raymond then ACTUALLY falling apart when you say yes

-Poor poor Shannon and Darrell having to put Raymond back together again

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“Why does the thermometer always disappear when I want to take your temperature?” seems like SUCH a Yakov to Yurio line~

This totally fits them so well lmao.

Yakov glares at the pale teenager currently trying to sit up in bed without toppling over. “Why does the thermometer always disappear when I want to take your temperature?”

Yuri fixes him with an unsteady look of annoyance, trying and failing to hide his obvious dizziness. “Probably because I’m never actually sick and you’re just wasting time that I could be using to practice,” he mutters irritably, swallowing hard against a sudden surge of nausea. He doesn’t bother to mention his increasing queasiness to Yakov, though. Doing so would defeat the entire purpose of his not-sick facade.

“So you’re not sick, right,” Yakov grunts, pressing a hand to Yuri’s forehead to manually assess his temperature. He lets out a low whistle at the heat he feels radiating off the skin usually covered by Yuri’s hair, almost searing his palm. “You’re just always so clumsy that you fall down the stairs on the way to breakfast, almost giving yourself a concussion on top of the fever you’re already running. And you normally feel like you’re cooking in your own skin.”

The Russian punk pouts, folding his arms across his chest and bracing himself against a wave of shivers. “It’s not that bad.”

“Right.” Yakov dismisses his feeble protest with a wave of a hand. “I’m going to go fetch a cold compress and some medicine, and try to track down that thermometer.” He fixes Yuri with a stern look. “You are to stay here in bed and try not to injure yourself again, or I’ll put Lilia in charge of your recovery.” At that threat, Yuri immediately stops trying to wriggle out from under the blankets, a look of slight horror on his face.

Yakov isn’t gone for long-maybe ten minutes, tops-but when he returns, Yuri is leaning halfway out of the bed and retching feebly over the opulent rug. He deposits the medicine, compress, and thermometer on the dresser and rushes forward to steady the boy, making note of the sizable puddle of vomit on the floor already. “Still going to claim that you’re not sick?” he asks, helping Yuri sit up and slump back against the pillows when he’s finished.

Fully worn out, Yuri responds with the tiniest shake of the head, face scrunched up and eyes shut tight against the dizziness and the nausea. “I really don’t feel good, Yakov,” he murmurs. “Want grandpa.”

The fever must really be getting to Yuri if he’s being so emotional. Yakov brushes his hair back from his sweaty, sticky forehead soothingly, placing a cold washcloth on the overheated skin. “How about you take a little medicine and rest for a bit, and we’ll give your grandpa a call when you wake up?” Yakov suggests, his voice unusually gentle.

“Promise?” Yuri asks, green eyes pleading, sounding much more like the little boy that Yakov used to teach than the talented fifteen year old skater that proudly represents Russia.

“I promise,” Yakov replies, popping a couple of pills out of the packaging and passing them to Yuri along with a glass of water. “Get some rest. You’ll feel better when you wake up.”

For once, Yuri obeys without hesitation or protest, automatically sinking back against the pillows and letting his eyes fall shut. Yakov has to rescue the cup from his shaking hands before he drops it.

Yuri dreams of skating Agape perfectly for his grandpa and all the world to see, of winning the Grand Prix Finals in his first year in the senior division and making a name for himself. He wants to get better so badly, and to practice. But for now, he’ll just have to wait.

He wakes up several hours later to warm soup and a FaceTime with his grandpa. Afterwards, lying in bed and listening to Yakov and Lilia bustle around the house, Yuri almost finds the noise comforting for once. He could almost get used to living here, he thinks, before drifting off into dreams once more.


listen i wasted half an hour of my life doing these screenshot redraws and im just imagining how different things would have been if Kaworu was as grumpy as Keith is and I dont have the energy to write it but it will haunt me if i dont 

If you’re one of the people upset about Mark wasting all that food then it would probably make your head spin about how much good, unused food is thrown away every single day at restaurants. If this is actually an issue you are passionate about, why not stop complaining about a silly YouTube video and actually go to your local food establishments and see if there is anything they could do about all of their actual food waste.

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do you ever just sit and think about the SLs Magnus would be having if he was the protagonist or had a much bigger role/focus in the show and all the possibilities and awesomeness and wasted potential and just cry sighhhhh (not that we are not getting Magnus SLs but no matter what screen time restrictions is always playing against him) instead we are stuck with Clary and Jace

lol yeah 😖 biggest mistake they made… that’s why i’m hoping with edom being the focus and magnus’ father coming into the picture the narrative will be aimed more towards magnus in season 3 so i could actually enjoy the main plot for once heh

I’m so upset. I joined a dating site last night, and after wasting a few hours answering questions, I found a filter that lets me see who would “be okay dating someone who is transgender”.

Six people.

Six people in 100 fucking miles on this [very popular and supposidly inclusive] dating site and I don’t see myself with any of them. I’m near DC for goodness sakes! There should be dating options for me here.

I accidentally found a free art thread where FGF was asking someone to draw one of her “pride dragons” and the user was really enthusiastic and inspired about it, but… I feel like I should warn them that FGF’s an aphobe and an asshole before they waste their time drawing something for her. Except, how weird would it be to randomly get a message from a stranger with receipts on another random user?

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Do you ever wonder about your shipping choice? I just have this really deep moment and was thinking "Did i make the wrong choice? Should i stop and go with the crowd?" Which is sad because I've been shipping these two for almost a year and it feels like I've been wasting my time. I still love Levihan but how do i stop feeling like I've made a mistake?

Look. The FANDOM isn’t forcing you to stick around to the ship. Just do what your heart desires. Ship who you ship! and we’ll let other’s ship who they ship! there’s nothing wrong with that. But if you think you’ve been wasting your life, for 2 years, I would like to say that, you DIDN’T wasted your time. Maybe you just don’t realize but, the ship may be the cause why you have purpose! it’s like the sun you’re looking for even tho you know it’s raining. it’s not wasting. it should be what you would call, happiness. And we would be glad if you stick around and continue shipping the ship for many years! we wouldn’t know but, the ship may be the cause why you’re smiling right now. lol have a great ddaaayyy~

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