that would be such a beautiful ending for her

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hi! can i please have a gif reaction of the hyung line when theyre fighting/arguing with their girlfriend but suddenly start thinking she looks hot when shes angry and they get turned on? i feel like they all would do this xD thank u!

I think they would too x) 

Rapmonster/Namjoon“Aish fuck this ! *grabs her butt and kisses her wildly*” [grgr]

Jin/Seokjin“YAH ! Um.. *bites lip* I never told you that you were beautiful when you were angry ? *smirks*”

J-Hope/Hoseok “Wanna fight some more ? Come here sexy *deep voice* *turns her around when she walks toward him and kisses her deeply*”

Suga/Yoongi “What should I do y/n-ah ? We’re fighting and I just find you super hot and I don’t know what to do ! *ends up pinning her and kissing her against the nearest wall*”

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things the signs have told me and smashed me into pieces
  • ARIES:I'm drunk and you're drunk too and I have no idea what's happening and what are we doing but please stay here with me. okay?
  • TAURUS:your sadness is destroying you, and yet, I've never seen a smile as beautiful as yours, and I'm still trying to figure out how's that possible.
  • GEMINI:I thought being with him would be better than being alone. I was wrong. and I'm sorry.
  • CANCER:everywhere I look, all I see is her eyes. those goddamn eyes will be the death of me.
  • LEO:I love her so much that sometimes I wish I've never met her.
  • VIRGO:when will you stop running away from your happy endings?
  • LIBRA:what made you think that kissing a boy who looks like him will make you feel better? you could've stabbed yourself as well, it would hurt you less.
  • SCORPIO:well, I fucked it up badly and I really need you, wanna hang and drink until we puke and cry on each other's shoulders?
  • SAGITTARIUS:oh honey, he's dead inside. there's nothing left there to love.
  • CAPRICORN:we lost each other and I don't think that I want to find you again.
  • AQUARIUS:you really think that she doesn't know how much he loved you? she's terrified of you. she should be.
  • PISCES:you know that photograph, where you’re standing in the sun, and your smile is wider than your face? what happened to that girl? bring her back to me. please. I miss her.

No I didn’t meet taylor, no I didn’t make it to loft 89, this is basically the story of how taylorswift became my idol and how I ended up loving her so much. It all started in 2011 when for some strange reason I stared hearing her old songs , I’ve always heard her music in the past but I was never really into it , just like when you hear random music in the radio but it never grasps your attention . Anyhow my husband , at the time my boyfriend would always be like “Taylor’s so hot , omg she’s so beautiful her music is so nice ” so I started listening to her fearless album , then the speak now album , then I started lurking her in YouTube and noticed her sweet, down to earth, cool as hell and funny personality , the more I heard it the more I fell in love, then THE RED ERA began , OMG DID I love this era!! I loved it so much that I decided to get tickets to her show, by the way WORST SEATS possible, all the way at the top, on the standing zone , I took my coworker who is also a BIG taylor fan , and when “ STATE OF GRACE ” came on , I remember seeing her beautiful smiling face, from the big screen TV I was Kiel THIS IS IT, this is the taylor that I’ve grown to love over the past year OMG. I danced so much, and cried so much urging sparks fly, begin again . I had the time of my life. Since then that year 2012-2013 I would always play the red album on my way to work, or anywhere , everyone at work would know me as the taylor swift fangirl. Then 1989 happend , AND I DIED AND CAME BACK because I will attend the tampa Florida show OCTOBER 31st. Let me tell you 1989 had changed my life in so many ways, it’s celebrating friendship, love, feminism, in all the ways and forgetting about what people think of you , YOU ARE who you are, and you are beautiful and unique in everyway and 1989 has made me felt like this each day , THANK YOU TAYLOR for being YOU that’s all. I’m sure I just wasted 3 minutes writing all this but whateves !! ❤️❤️❤️ - izzy from miami taylorswift

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Could you please recommend me 10 books? Just good books, books you like, books you think are classics or any criteria you want.


OKAY FUN. I’m not gonna over-think it though.

1. The Remains of the Day- Kazuo Ishiguro 

Probably won’t shock you that it’s one of my favorite books given my fandom interests. The themes, the characters, the writing, the structures. FUCK it’s so beautiful.

2. The Aleph -Jorge Luis Borges -I finally read this not too long ago. Mind mendy short fiction brilliance. Enjoy. 

3. Tiger Lily -Jodi Lynn Anderson -If you like Peter Pan stuff at all, this is a must. You’ll cry your fucking eyes out and it’s so beautifully written.

4. Cat’s Cradle - Kurt Vonnegut -You know, if you want to freak out about the end of the world and huddle up into a corner with me fearing Ice 9 that would be cool. 

5 . The Ground Beneath Her Feet -Salman Rushdie -Weirdly this is the only Rushdie I’ve read. I loooove it. Rock and roll and post-colonial angst and a weird clashing of universes and a twist on the Orpheus myth, it’s amazing.

6. Howard’s End -E.M. Forster -”Only connect.”

7. The Magicians -Lev Grossman -If you haven’t gotten to it yet. Narnia + Harry Potter + early 20′s ennui. Good times.

8. Brideshead Revisited -Evelyn Waugh -Because I don’t want to be the only one to have suffered. 

9. Love Medicine -Louise Erdrich -I haven’t read it in a long time but I remember it being wonderful. I need to read more Erdrich. Bingo Palace was great too.

10. The Elegant Universe -Brian Greene. String theory is fun.

Bonus: READY PLAYER ONE! Ernest Cline. Which I read in a day. It’s like binging on a giant pile of candy- it is such a good time.

My lovely spirit animal, this is the day an angel was placed on earth. Anyone that is lucky enough to have you in their lives are truly blessed. It is the most beautiful thing to see how passionate you are about things that matter and mean the most to you. I believe with everything in my heart that you would defend me to absolutely no end. I hope you understand that I would also do the same. I love when we watch the news and come across an issue that’s important to you and you speak on how you want to be the one to start some sort of movement by taking action and changing the world for the better. I see and have come to understand your desire for people to respect and value one another. I find it refreshing and admirable seeing a young beautiful women utilizing her platform in creating an awareness for something much greater than herself. You have such a phenomenal way with words and I seriously can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you. I want you to remember that whatever it may be that you are blessed with is specifically for you and no one can ever take it away. I thank you for always supporting me and being my outlet when in times I felt like my voice wasn’t being heard. I can’t imagine riding on this wild roller coaster without you. It brings me comfort knowing that whatever the situation may be that you’ll be right next to me. I love you to no end 😌 I’m waaaay up I feel blessed to have you in my life lol HAPPY BIRTHDAY beautiful creature #19 @laurenjauregui by normanikordei

Rainy Day
  • Rainy Day
  • Yasuharu Takanashi
  • Naruto (Road To Ninja)

Just listen to the song and imagine Kakashi and Sakura talking about life, love and war underneath Sakura’s cherry tree, the cherry tree she sought to hide and cry in silence. 


Katara Week Day 2 | Beauty or Power

You know what would really capture Katara’s majestic beauty and power? A statue. I basically refuse to accept that she doesn’t have one, so I gave her one! Read more for additional info/headcanon + a face shot <3

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A quick picture of the shirts a friend and I made to go to our local Pridefest today. With her a lesbian, me a bisexual, and having a friendly bond over the game Life is Strange we figured these shirts would be something fun to make. After one failed test run and several hours of stenciling and cutting out letters to look somewhat like the game’s logo… we ended up with these beauties.

Sadly I don’t have any pictures of us in the shirts because two hours into Pride the event had to evacuate due to an oncoming thunderstorm and possible tornado. Still, it was amazingly fun and people were celebrating the Supreme Court’s ruling yesterday.

I hope everyone’s Pride month is going fantastically. <3

so I watched Carrie (2013) tonight

and does anyone else wish that Carrie would have escape far away, changed her name and then lived of sewing by day// was a telekinesist superhero/vilan by night venging bullied kids or something?

I would have loved that.

so I was thinking about how Capheus called Kala beautiful when he first saw her and now I reckon he would consider all four of his cluster girls the most beautiful creatues and would always tell them that

so when the girls have a sleepover night Capheus just sort of ends up getting invited and the other three guys feel really left out because Capheus is just being adored by Kala and Riley and Nomi, and even Sun tends to smile a lot more when he’s around

I just need a sensate girl sleepover with bonus Capheus there along for the ride and loving every minute like the sunshine child he is okay

JeanMarco Week Day 6: Summer Loving

The approaching summer brought with it waves of heat that seemed to burn uncertainty into Jean’s mind. But he kept moving forward, because there was no other way. He moved forward with the knowledge that whatever the future held, it was possible to overcome it. He could.

And he was sure that somehow, with Marco beside him, he would.

- A Different Song (Chapter 19)

(It totally counts for the prompt because Marco’s wearing his Hawaii crown) 

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Kiyoko is awesome at knitting things. She makes tiny charms and sometimes even gloves for her team. Once Yachi joins the team, Kiyoko spent weeks knitting a beautiful scarf with a crow holding a heart with its beak at the end of the scarf for her. When they start dating, Yachi would wear the scarf proudly, and even takes knitting lessons to give something back to her beautiful and talented gf. (Moss anon)

Hold On (Calum Hood) Imagine Part 2|Anon Requested

Anon:Hey, can I request something? Idk, cute daddy Calum where she is giving birth at home and he is cute and caring with her while the deliver and you can take from here, please? Just cute and fluffy, lots of daddy Calum feels rn lol

Part One


About half an hour had passed before you heard the familiar jingle of keys in the front door, your contractions had gotten closer and the pain was at the point of unbearable, the only thing getting you through this was the thought that at the end of this you would be getting a beautiful baby.

There was a lot of scampering around the house, multiple footsteps from all around before a rather puffed out looking Luke appeared at the door, his whole face filled with relief as his eyes landed on you, splayed out on the floor, an unattractive sweaty whale.

“She’s in here!” Luke called into the hallway bringing more thunder stomps from all around, Luke had rushed to your side and grabbed your hand before realising he had no clue what he was doing and just watched you squirm in pain.

“Are you sure its labour?” He asked gently, recieving a death glare from you. Never before had you wanted to punch the giant breadstick that nearly cried when he walked in on you changing once, but, questions like that aren’t exactly making your situtation better.

“OFCOURSEITSFUCKINGLABOUR” You screamed, you watched the colour run from Luke’s face and heard the gulp as he swallowed down his terror. You felt bad but couldn’t help the steam from practically pouring out of your ears.

All of a sudden, Calum’s little puppy face appeared at the door and your contraction seemed to fade a little. You were so happy he was here to stop you from ripping poor Luke’s face off. He ran to you and crouched by your side, taking your other hand in his and kissing it repeatedly.

“I am so sorry, Y/N, I knew I shouldn’t have left, I’m so sorry, its gonna be okay, we’ll get you to a hospital and-” Calum was cut off by the nasty laugh escaping your lips. He looked at you quizically before you looked up at him.

“Calum there’s no time! I’m having this baby noooow!” You threw your head back to the feeling of the baby moving around, your toes curling at the feeling and your knuckles turning white from squeezing so hard, surley breaking both Luke’s and Calum’s wrists.

“W-What? Sure you can! C’mon, Luke, grab her shoulders and on the count of three, we’ll pull you up” Calum had become rather pale at the thought of a home birth and you weren’t too happy about it either but it seemed to be what the baby wanted. You felt Luke’s arms snake around your shoulders before sending a terrifying glare at Calum.

“Calum Thomas Hood, you listen to me right now, this baby is coming and its coming now. When I say there is no time, I mean there is no time and I refuse to give birth in a car, this baby is coming out here whether you like it or not” You said calmly and quietly to Calum but everyone could feel the bite in your statement, especially Calum, you’ve only ever called Calum by his full name once before and that was when you were in the middle of a really heated argument, you said it so dark it scared him so much to the point of him apologising instantly even if he still had some fight in him.

“Okay baby, can we at least go into the living room? I don’t want dropping food on the floor to become one of my biggest fears” He chuckled softly and rest his forehead against yours, relaxing you instantly, you nodded your head as he wrapped his arms around you as best he could, beckoning the other boys, who you didn’t notice were standing in the doorway the whole time, all four of them pulling you out of the pickley, watery mess you were in and accompanying you to the living room.

They placed you down on the couch gently, Ashton placing endless amounts of cushions behind you, asking if you needed more after every single one, although ignoring your requests for him to stop and shoving more down your back. Michael was under instructions to find blankets and towels while Calum was sat holding your hand and breathing with you. Luke was cowering on the love seat, biting his lip ring in nerves.

“C-Call my mum” You managed to pant out making Calum’s eyerows furrow.

“Why?” He asked slowly, afraid you’ll yell again. Apparently that feeling was mutual between Cal and Luke as he had grabbed a cushion to bury his face into.

“She’s a nurse, sh-she can help” Although your mother wasn’t a midwife, she was a nurse and you knew that she knew what to do, she loved babies and often watched birthing programmes on the TV, resulting in her gaining a lot of knowledge in the area.

Calum was hesitant but agreed. Him and your mum never quite saw eye to eye, while she hated the fact he was in a band, wore countless ripped skinny jeans and not to mention the Snapchat incident. She was never really a fan. He did grow on her for a while when she managed to look past the lyrics, such as, ‘Drinking all the way to third base. princess getting naked, falling on their faces’ or ‘She’s got a naughty tattoo in, a place that I want to get to‘ and saw the sweet, kind and gentle puppy you did… But when she found out about a baby being born out of wedlock, things became unsettled again.

As he left to make the phone call, he ordered Michael and Ashton to look after you, not mentioning Luke who was burried so deep in the cushion he was almost inside it. Ashton sat on the edge of the couch and held your hand, rubbing your thumb with his and making shushing noises, actually calming you down as the feeling started creeping up again. You squeezed his hand, indicating another contraction and scrunched your eyes shut.

“Does it hurt?” Michael asked with a giggle as a few whimpers fell from your lips, you could almost hear the other two silently cursing him for asking such a stupid question.

“YESITFUCKINGHURTS” You squealed without breath as the pain was starting to reach its peak, for some reason the pain wasn’t fading away slowly like it used to and you were left as a lump of hurt on the couch.

“She’s on her way” Calum yelled, vaulting the sofa you were lead on, his body flying over yours, nearly kicking Ashton in the face. Calum’s hand found yours again, nudging Ash’s hand away leaving him to lean back into Mikey, rubbing his hand in pain. Your grip was a little stronger than you thought.

“I can’t hold on much longer Cal” You moaned as your head flew back, colliding with the armrest.

“I know princess but just try and hold on otherwise one of us will have to put oursleves at the buisness end of a birth and, to be honest, no one wants that. Ashton would pass out, Luke would die and I promised myself I would never let Michael anywhere near you.” Calum laughed softly, his attempt at a distraction was working slightly, you were too focused on Michael’s offended face to even think about the tiny human trying to shoot out of you right now.

“W-why can’t you do it?” you asked, your desparation for relief clearly showing.

“Why can’t I do it!?” Michael asked, his hurt and shock making his voice squeak.

“Because I don’t trust myself, I don’t want to hurt you or the baby. I feel guilty for simply being the reason you’re doing this right now, I don’t think I could be down there telling you to put yourself in more pain” He kissed your knuckles as a warm feeling ran across your cheeks before he turned to Michael “And I know you well enough to know that you wouldn’t take it seriously. And ever since day one, you wouldn’t stop saying how hot my girlfriend was and how you couldn’t believe she was still with me when you were here. You’re seeing nothing!”

For a moment you thought Calum was being too harsh on Michael, accusing him of such things but Michael simply giggled making Calums glare break into a grin.

“Dude she’s in labour, watching a human head coming out of there isn’t gonna give me anything but nightmares” Michaels laughter was soon cut off by an intense scream coming from you as the biggest contraction of the morning made its way shooting throughout your system. You buried your head into Calum’s chest, his rapid heartbeat banging against your forehead as his hands travelled down your back in a soothing manner.

“It’s okay, she’ll be here soon” Calum whispered into your hair after placing a butterfly kiss on the back of your neck. “But in the mean time she gave us some things to do okay?” He asked into your hair, you nodded your head slowly before he placed another kiss in the same spot.

He sat you up to reveal your pale sweaty face before shuffling on his knees towards Ashton and Michael who were sat at your feet. He shooed them away before throwing a blanket over your body and pulling your pyjama bottoms and panties off from underneath. As he tossed them aside you heard a small ‘ew’ come from Calum as he balled the soggy pyjama bottoms up.

You closed your eyes for a moment but they flew back open as a cool wave of wind swept over your legs, looking down you realised Calum had disapeared beneath your blanket, coming back out looking rather pale

“Cal?” Mikey waved his hand over Calums spaced out face.

“Y/N I don’t know how you’re doing this but its gross” He stared you dead in the eye, completely serious. You couldn’t help the small snort of laughter escaping your lips as his eyes were filled with some kind of trauma from what he saw down there.

“Not helping” You cried out in a sing-songy voice. He nodded his head and bounced back to you, replacing the blanket over your knees. He resumed his position crouched next to you as you regained stability in yourself as yet another contraction had started wearing off very slowly. You took a deep breath and stared up at the white cieling. This wasn’t going to get much easier was it?

Orihime believes in Ichigo....

Ah….Tell me do you all remember this scene? How powerful it was? How beautiful?

Ichigo was losing against Grimmjow, he was being pushed back and he would have ended up very bad, if Orihime hadn’t called out to him. 

Just a few words of her, and Ichigo is back to his A-game, his resolve is back and he is ready to kick Grimmjow’s ass.

I know we all remember it and I am sure, you all enjoyed this scene as much if not more than me. It was a powerful moment and a very emotional one, flawless in my eyes as opinions differ.

There is one thing I wish to add though. For some reason people are claiming that Orihime doesn’t belief in Ichigo, because she asked him not to get hurt. Because she didn’t cheer him on, like Nell said she should.

What the…In which universe is wishing someone to be okay, not wanting to see a loved one get hurt a lack of faith? Believing in someone does not equal watching them get hurt.

I belief in my  brothers, I belief they can handle any fight just fine, does that mean I want them to always fight? I will watch them fight and be alright with it?

Hell no, I used to drag them away when I felt a fight would be pointless. I love my brothers, I belief in them. I don’t want them hurt.

Orihime has proven over and over again that she beliefs in him, hell a few chapters later Orihime experienced just what blind faith can do to a person. 

See….It was because she always believed that he would win, that he would be alright that she broke down like that, that she didn’t know what to do when he ended up losing against ulquiorra.

So, I don’t understand where that idea came from. Orihime beliefs in Ichigo, it isn’t blind faith anymore, and that is good. Blind faith is dangerous and can cause a lot of pain and suffering, the Lust arc was the prime example of that.

Sweet Angel // Pietro x Reader

Request: Anon-Can you do a one shot of (nerdy) reader who has a really big crush on Pietro but he’s an asshole and ignores her. But then when Stark throws a ball everyone is on the dance floor and suddenly the reader walks down the stairs and she looks absolutely beautiful and she ignores Pietro and only talks to everyone else.. Which he tries to get over her but he can’t. So over time he starts to fall for her and realize what a big douche he was and would do anything to get her. .. Too detailed?

A/N: Your request is just perfect! I loved writing it, especially the end! Here you go, sweetheart! *”inger dulce” translates to “sweet angel” in Romanian*

Warning: None!

Word Count: 2984

Tonight was going to be your night, the night you’d forget all about the one boy who clearly did not feel the same way towards you–Pietro Maximoff. Tony was one of your closest friends, more of a father figure to you than anything else, and he could clearly see how Pietro treated you every time you were around. “I’ve got the perfect idea,” Tony smiled as you and Bruce sat back on your stools in the lab, “I’m going to throw a ball Saturday night and help you forget all about that road runner,” Tony stated, causing Bruce to clap in agreement as you slightly doubted him; of course, Tonys wise words made you soon agree with him.

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No nervous nonnie here, but i'm worried about that quote, what if Emma uses love as a weapon on Killian/to make Killian do something? I don't want them to fuck up CS, they're the one good thing about the show for me.

I do understand your worries, because i’ve had those fleeting thoughts myself. But at the end of the day (and no matter how much they messed up with 4x11) A&E have written CS to be one of the most beautiful parts (if not THE most beautiful part) of the show, and i find it hard to believe that they would mess it up in such a way.

CS is about healing each other, not hurting each other. It’s been that way from the beginning for them. They have a fine line to walk with Emma too - they can’t make her go so far as to render her unlikeable.

I have no doubt that there’ll be angst, but i find it hard to believe that they would go so far as to ruin CS by destroying the healing foundation of their relationship. Hang tight :) there’s stormy seas ahead but our ship will sail it together!


Saint Dymphna (ORA+PRO+NOBIS). A patron of those suffering with mental illness, for it brought about her own martyrdom. After the death of Dymphna’s mother, her father suffered with intense grief. His counselors pressured him to remarry, but the king would only consent if he could marry someone as beautiful as his former wife. In his madness, he began to desire his daughter, who in her saintliness refused to be party to such evil. For her unwillingness her father cut off her head, ending her saintly life. For many years after she was invoked for the healing those with mental illness successfully. On account of this she was canonized.

What makes me happy the most about Calvin’s relationship with Taylor is that he found someone as amazing as he is. They’re similar in so many ways, its too soon to say it but its like they’re meant to be. Its such a beautiful thing watching these two make time for each other despite their super hectic schedules. And if they make it til the end of her tour, be sure Calvin IS going to propose to her. And I couldn’t be happier for him cos Taylor is a lovely human being and I know she would make him very happy!

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Au prompt: Regina is Emma's teacher. Regina is sad, maybe her dog died or something? Or something even worse? Emma notices her sadness but doesn't say anything, not wanting to intrude. Then something reminds Regina of her sadness and she breaks out crying in front of the class, and Emma immidiately stands up to hug Regina, and takes her to the bathroom to clean her up and comfort her? Possibly a kiss?

Thank you for the prompt!  

Emma doodled as she tried to take a glimpse of her teacher’s eyes. The normally serene woman had arrived later that day and the soft brown eyes of Regina had looked darker and rimmed with red.

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