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man, you got me thinking about C-3PO with your latest tag spiral and I already have him as my secret weird fav (MY ANXIETY BABY) so I would love to hear any headcanons on him!! I love how bring such depth with these memes and I'd be so interested to see that with this character that's usually just seen as a joke

His memory banks are fragmented, these days—too many decisions he can’t remember making about which files to keep, what metadata has been erased to ensure his internal processes have enough space to run. The result is something pieced together, a disjuncture between what he can remember and why he remembers it. He knows why he kept the audio of Queen Breha of Alderaan—the Princess had begged him, one night on Yavin. I don’t have anything else, she’d said, and though droids cannot feel pity, Threepio had felt it, and allocated the resources.

She’d listened to it, again and again, even though she cried every time, and Threepio had offered to remove the file. He didn’t understand why the Princess insisted on making herself miserable with such a thing, but Artoo had said it was sentient defect.

They always make themselves miserable, Artoo said. It’s all that water, and the hormones.

Others though…Threepio has a single audio file running nearly an hour, a speech from late Republican senator Padme Amidala; but the metadata has been largely stripped, and he cannot remember why he keeps it, except he always has. (There is a fragment of a file, something half-remembered—if droids were capable of that sort of ambiguity of process—someone saying it was important, that she’ll rule the galaxy, you’ll see.

Or there is a full visual holo-file of a woman with dark hair, weathered features and a tiredness in her smile, saying, hello, welcome to the world. Threepio does not even know her name.

(“Does this place seem familiar?” Threepio had asked Artoo, as they trundled across the sand of the unknown desert planet. His casing is still rattling from the impact of the pod’s crash, but he looks up at the sky, and then around, at all the sand. “I could swear…”)

It's Goin' Down

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Summary: Peter Pans daughter goes to The Isle of the Lost and meets Harry Hook

A/N: I kinda combined Descendants and OUaT (thought I haven’t watched the last 2 seasons so…) 

“All it takes is one swing and I’ll humiliate him

Matter of fact, make one wrong move and I’ll debilitate him

And if he even starts to slip, I’ll eliminate him

All it takes is one long look and I’ll-“

“Oh my God, we get it chill.” You stood behind Mal leaning against the railing a bored look on your face as you rolled your eyes looking at your nails. Everyone stopped and looked at you, the VKs and Lonnie smirking while Umas crew looked at you in disbelieve, they couldn’t believe you had interrupted the boy with the fake hook. You looked up at him, challenging him to say something.

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Lightning Court ⚡️

My absolutely gorgeous wife, Ellie @mayhemories was inspired by @fiery-feyre and @darlingfireheart‘s Sky Court (which I am happy to be Emissary for) and we have decided to make our own.

The Lightning Court is open for all who want to join so send either me or El a message or comment what role you would like to fulfill in our Court.

Positions already taken:

High Ladies: @mayhemories and @aelin-and-feyre aka Gustel aka September and August ;)

Third: @fiery-feyre 

Positions available:

  • First
  • Second
  • Emissary
  • Ambassador
  • Spymaster
  • General
  • Healer
  • and if you have another idea for a role in our court, let us know!

(just as a clarification, I did check with Katie first, so I am not stepping on any toes by making a post a lot like hers, in case anyone was wondering)

tagging some people who might be interested: @rowanismybae @rhysand-and-rowan @sugarcoated44 @2-bookmaster-2 @destiny14444 

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The last episode made me cry so much! It's unfair that Pascal's mother was killed by that snake. But it was so special to see how Pascal meet Rapunzel, to me it was one of the best episodes of the series so far. The interesting thing is that Rapunzel's hair was cut at the end of the movie, and in the episode floor there isn't any rest of hair. I'm confused with that. You know what scene i'm talking about?

I don’t know that I’d say that it’s unfair that Pascal’s mother died. I mean… circle of life. Predators eat prey. That’s how it goes. (I would like to know why that cobra was so hellbent on killing chameleons, though.)

As for Rapunzel’s cut off hair… I have no idea why you didn’t see it, because it’s literally everywhere:

I think seven screencaps’ worth is enough examples to prove my point.

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If you could have a super power, which would you like to have? And what role would you like to use: hero, villain, antihero or just someone who is not interested in the society that is dedicated to categorize people?

[hes basically just anxiety in that cartoon of thomas sanders when it comes to this:

“Oh look, I’m the bad guy”

“Don’t worry, everybody loves the villain”

you seeing my point here? also this is LITERALLY just an excuse for me to talk about sanders sides so do me a favor and DONT FUCKING LOOK AT ME]

hey everyone i was thinking about making a survey to get a better feel for my followers demographics and all that
it would be entirely voluntary, but what kinds of things would yall be interested in knowing about each other? i was gonna do basic things like age, country of origin, race, orientation identity, gender identity, religion, physical disability, age of identify as current identity, past identities, etc
if theres anything else you want to see, please let me know. its mostly out of curiosity to see any commonalities in the community with certain identities etc, but im not even sure if im gonna do it yet, so lmk if thats something yall are interested in?

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Hi! Just a quick question--my character has his heart stopped (the scenario has advanced technology, but they're basically using adenosine modified to keep the heart from restarting on its own). He's also being suffocated at the time. How long would it take for him to pass out, and what would it feel like? (Thank you so much for everything you do! This blog is a lifesaver!)


My best guess would be about 20 seconds. Adenosine typically has a 6-10 second “sinus pause” – a transient period of asystole that makes people feel like they have a tornado in their chest – but the heart picks up before most of them pass out. 

As for what it feels like – patients hate adenosine. Despise it. [Over on HealthBoards, a user named Timber had this to say about it]: 

For me, I can feel the effects of the drug flowing over my entire body, building to a peak and then being washed away. For the first second or two after having it injected, I feel nothing but then a bizarre cramp moves throughout my body, especially in my head and legs, like everything is squeezing. It makes my head hurt, I can’t breathe, I feel confused and as if I’m going to lose consciousness, and at its peak I feel my heart thudding to a stop and then starting again. The sensation that I feel all over myself is intense and strange, like my entire body is being taken over by the drug.

The saving grace is that it’s over quickly. You feel terrible, but only for a few seconds. It’s really frightening and unpleasant for me.

In your scenario, I would imagine that this would intensify, not fade, and overwhelm the character into unconsciousness. (Also, SVT patients can feel their heartbeat stop if the adenosine causes the sinus pause.) 

I have had people tell me that they think they’re going to die, that something is squishing their chest, that they have a tornado in their chest, and descriptions similar to the one above. 

As for the suffocation portion, it’s going to depend on how they’re being suffocated and for how long. Suffocation’s first effect is to increase carbon dioxide levels, which elevates heart rate and respiratory rate and causes panic. 

One thing to realize. It sounds a lot like this is a torture scenario, and while I am certainly not an expert on this topic, my friend @scripttorture has often said that torture usually isn’t so scientific or advanced. Torture is usually a lot simpler – in this scenario, manual strangulation or a plastic bag held over the face would be more likely. Something to keep in mind if accuracy is your deal! 

But I hope this answered your question and gave you a jumping-off point for getting this scene going! 

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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Azula’s safety tips for the eclipse

Hi everyone, it’s your rightful Fire Lord / Deity / Subject of all your wet dreams, Princess Azula.

As you well know, An eclipse is visible in parts of your planet at this current moment.  But with all things that are slightly interesting, an element of danger is involved.

So I have some safety tips for you to follow during the eclipse.

1) Never look directly at the sun.  You will go blind.  You will also go blind from looking directly at me. However looking at the sun is safer because the sun will only burn your retinas where as I would burn you to death.

2) Go into your basement.  Water tribe attacks are most likely to occur during the time of an eclipse.  Make sure you are no where near your usual haunts so that they cannot find you.

3) Bring Di Li agents.  Your fire bending will be compromised.  It is a good idea to have some benders of other elements around to provide security.

4) Be careful with flame generating materials.  You will have to rely on other means to light things on fire during the eclipse.  Liquid accelerates, matches, flame throwers, and cigarette lighters are all viable options.  Please read the instructions carefully on these fire starters to avoid burning yourself as you burn your enemies and all they hold dear.

5) Gather intelligence ahead of time.  This is best done with a cosplay costume and a small elite team of warrior chicks as you infiltrate Ba Sing Se.  Being prepared is the number one way to keep yourself safe.

6) If in doubt, use sexual tension and emotional torture.  If your enemies do attack you and try to kill your father, use manipulative tactics to get them to waste time as the eclipse passes overhead.  This only works if you are physically attractive and played by a talented voice actress, but if you are as stunningly awesome as me, it can be a life saver.

Stay safe everyone!



hey guys ! i’m low on funds and in a bit of a pinch with my college textbooks ! more specifically, i can’t afford them right now ;;; so i’ve decided to take on some quick sketch commissions ! 


- fan art
- oc art
- romance-y type stuff ( i’m a sucker for that tbh ! )

- nsfw
- mecha
- animals 

- not sure what else to put, so just ask beforehand and i’ll confirm y/n !

if you’re interested, please pm or contact me at: ! and  even if you can’t buy one, a reblog would be greatly appreciated !

thank you all so much !! 

The Queen's Justice | Another Jonerys rant

I thought I couldn’t be more overwhelmed by this ship after the cave scene, but then 😍😍😍…the epic boat scene came along, and I’m spoiled for life! I literally can’t stop thinking about it, and that’s a pretty big deal for me considering that I only got onto the ship after the ‘The Spoils for War’.

One major reason why I never even considered Jon and Dany coming together, aside from the fact that my sole focus would always be the bigger mysteries and whether or not my favorite characters would survive was, admittedly, the incest. Even after knowing the thing about incest and GoT, the creepy Cersei/Jaime relationship was off putting enough for me to feel physically sick at the thought of any more of it, especially with two of my favorite characters. So yes, even though I was interested in seeing them team up and take on the Night King together, I was not necessarily invested in them being romantically involved, in fact the opposite of invested, I was opposed to them getting romantically involved.

But then boom! I’m on the ship, and I’m on it for life! So since I can’t stop thinking about it anyway, I’m going to endlessly write about them until the next week’s episode, because I gotta do what I gotta do man🤷🏻 Anyway, the Big Meeting, right as they met and the way Jon looked at her the first time, I knew that meant something.

At the same time, it was at that moment that the distance between the two characters truly struck me (and I loved the way their first meeting was shot, laying stress on the distance between them which was slowly covered until they were finally together!).

Not only do these two embody their familial conflicts, they are opposing in so many other ways as well. She’s focused on her enemies aka the South, while Jon Snow is consumed with the Night King aka the North. They are not just strangers, they’re strangers with seemingly no common ground, they’re strangers so distant that they are more likely to be hostile. She hates his father for helping Robert usurp her family’s rightful crown, while he obviously resents her father for killing his own family members.

The distance was just so vast I could barely comprehend it all. And I think it was then that my interest in this ship started building, because where would they go from here? If this is indeed to be canon, how would they get to that point?

And then there were the gradually softening scenes between them, when Dany talks about losing her brothers and allows Jon to mine the much-needed dragon glass. That would have been it. He could have thanked her and gone on his way. But he stops, and he looks back, (while she’s not looking at him! Idk but the whole looking at someone when they’re looking away just gets me too mushy for words 😍💖😂),

and his tone is just so pleading when he says, “So you believe me then, about the Night King and the Army of the Dead?”, like it’s important to him that she believes him. She just handed him the dragonglass along with any needed resources, but our boy Jon wants to know whether she actually trusted him. Why does Jon have to be so earnestly cute at times man! 😂

But apart from Jon’s neverending cuteness, what I took away from that scene was how they were gradually moving closer (not just physically).

Before, during the courtroom scene, Jon looked at her as woman of nobility, who’s laying claim to a kingdom as if it’s a game, uncaring of the people living in it, far above their struggles and simply interested in wearing an undeserved crown. He saw a proud woman, who demanded what she wanted solely because she felt she had a right to it, (and Dany was definitely not being anything less than regal in that scene with the harsh tone and the constant ‘bend the knee’).

It was obvious in his tone, in his words, in the way he looked at her (after that first look!):

that this was a woman barely different from Cersei; he could hope to get nothing from her, which is why he had admitted defeat so easily.

But when she gives him the dragonglass, there’s a shift. You can see it in his eyes. He didn’t expect this. He looks at her as if he’s suddenly seeing her in a new light, like he can’t believe she would give him something without it benefiting her in any way whatsoever. And that’s obvious in this look he gives her.

Dany, for her part, may be beginning to realize she had been unreasonably harsh to him, believing him to be an usurper, just like his father. She had, in fact, been guilty of the very crime she had warned him against. Judging the son by the crimes of his father. She looked at this man, this self-declared King in the North, and what she saw was a man no different than Cersei (ironic! 😂), taking advantage of the war plagued Kingdoms, to take what was rightfully hers simply because there was no one to stop him.

But as Ser Davos spoke, she realized that she had judged him wrongly, and even later, while speaking to Tyrion, she understood that this was not a man hungry for power, this was a man dedicated to a cause, a man who cared for the survival of his people above his own, putting himself at risk for them, and it was this, this that made her give him the dragonglass even though she didn’t believe him.

This scene managed to convey so much to me (especially since I rewatched it!) regarding how two people worlds apart could begin to come closer together, by realizing they had much more in common than they had previously assumed.

And of course, the obvious parallels of:

echoed well in this scene because both of them started off by judging the other by their father’s actions.

And I felt this was important, because once they realized this and disregarded their prejudices, they moved closer to understanding the other, and to me, the gradual journey of realization, is the kind of ship I would die for!

So yes, Jonerys may seem rushed, but I feel the buildup to it has been really interesting to watch. How two strangers span this huge distance between them and come to know, trust and love each other, my God!

The beauty of this ship is going to kill me, I know it!

I have no followers but

If i were to make a dan and phil discord server, would people be up to join? Just a chill place to talk about dnp, your day, other interests??? It would be open to join so anyone that would like to join can join!!! Follow me, send me an ask, message me if you think it’d be a good idea! Get in contact with me somehow so I know!!

Would anyone be interested in taking part in a Christmas writing challenge???

I would be willing to do this, but I would need a decent amount of people, so please let me know <3

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So, I went to an eclipse event in the next town over; in West PA, we got about 80% coverage of the sun, and they had sun-filter telescopes set up, and gave out free eclipse glasses for us to watch.

One of the telescopes was set up to a computer and was chrome-casted onto a large monitor; this was about the max it got–

There was a noticeable dimming/cooling down when it hit 80%, nowhere near as intense as it would have been in totality, but still noticeable.

So, yes, an interesting time, and I’m hoping for a chance to see totality when 2024 rolls around!

The other day I was looking through my old sketchbooks and found quite a few pictures that I thought would be interesting to show. 

Their is a lot of anime art that I did in high school and shortly after high school. 

So I’m mainly wondering if you guys are okay with seeing a BUNCH of old art of mine?

What do you think?

I kind of hope this new tribe is evil

Well, not Viggo and Ryker evil, but evil in the sense that they are not allies. 

The riders already have Mala’s ninja triba as allies and they spend more time protecting them than Mala spends helping the riders. Don’t get me wrong, I liked the Defenders of the wing episodes, they just don’t seem like very helpful allies of they need saving all the time.

What if this tribe, unlike Mala, cannot be persuaded to join forces against the Dragon Hunters? They have talked so many people around (Mildew, Dagur, Mala) and it would be fun to see them failing for once. I personally think a tribe that is neither good nor evil could create a more interesting story. 

 Black and white can become grey so easily after all…

(To joss my own little theory: the hunters ride singetails now so the riders are going to want allies in the sky. Like women carried by young razorwhips.) 

I guess we’ll have to wait a few more days before we know.

My opinion on The newest episode of The Strain.

As you’ll soon find out, I fucking love this series. I love the books, the comics and crappy spin off comics. I also love the show.. As hard as its been in its last season.. I told you guys I would have rambles about things. So, I’m starting here.. with this episode “Tainted Love”.. (I’ll circle back to last weeks episode too… don’t get me started on that mess).(I don’t plan to explain any characters to new people.. this is a rant specifically for the fans of the strain.. so.. skip this post if you have no interest in this show.. comics.. books.. cause you’re in for a long post.. also SPOILERS)

The Strain is a good series.. Good.. not great.. Its a good TV show if you like vampires, moderately cheesy dialog and a fun cast who all seem to blend together well. This episode was chalk full of humor between characters like Quinlan and Fet.. Eichorst(who is my favorite character) does things.. like being a bad ass and driving a truck shooting at a plane..(which also comes off cheesy in some ways). The main things I wanted to touch on though for this episode of scenes related to Quinlan and Zach.(I hear your groans already. but hear me out..)

Zach this season is more bratty and horrible and we’re starting to see him break down in some ways.. Which is actually pretty awesome.. When Abby is being killed he is seen holding his head and trying to block out what is happening. The books mention him having OCD rituals and anxiety problems due to The Master’s care.. Seeing that part of him freaking out was  a nice touch. But it was also a nice touch seeing something so real happen in the series.. I told friends why the scene was hard to watch.. But in a not cringy way.. in a “This hurts on levels only some people will understand”. Its a very real scene of what happens to many people now and days. Zach reacts to rejection like many people have lately.. Abby becoming the victim to that reaction.. I can not tell you how many times I or friends have heard the lines.. “I was nice to you. You were nice to me. I gave you things. Why can’t I be you significant other? You better like me or else”. While.. we all saw her character’s death from a mile a way.. It still stuck out to me. Its one death that will probably stick with me for some time. I’ve been in a dangerous situation where being nice to someone got me hurt because they thought something simple like holding their hand so i don’t fall meant.. “Take me now”.. We hear lots of things on the news or social media of victims being hurt due to someone “rejecting” their love. Abby herself even says “I don’t owe you anything. Thats not how this works”. I loved it.. It was a great scene. So if there’s some one you’re crushing on hard.. If they don’t feel the same way.. please don’t murder them or hurt them.. 

Now on to Quinlan. This character is drastically different from his other counter parts in the comics and books. Quinlan pretty much doesn’t talk till book 3.. I expect changes to the TV show version. They have to make him super cool and stand out from the others.. They want him to seem mysterious and cold.. Which.. I know that show writers.. stop hammering that into my head. Last week’s episode and this week we learned more about his back story.. Which.. I will literally rant about this for hours on end about why the changes to his background just fall flat and don’t work.. Last week we were introduced to Louisa and daughter. The TV show counter part to Tasa and her daughter.. Like many book fans.. I didn’t like this… (I’m expecting a visit from a certain “critic” for writing this). Louisa is seeking out Quinlan.. because he brother is dying or now dead.. and its the stupidest shit show ever.. (I told you.. i hate it). The flash backs are written like a bad fanfic.. Like.. a bad knock off fanfic. I know I’m suppose to care about this cute child set in a time period I love so much.. But I don’t.. She’s not mentioned or hinted at like Quinlan’s family in the books and comics. She has no tragic back story like Tasa and her daughter.. There’s no real drama or conflict to make me care for them. Tasa was a slave like Quinlan and something they had in common. In the spin off comics we see Quinlan rescuing Tasa and her child while his people are raiding her village.. We’re pretty much set up to care about these characters from the get go. Louisa and her child are well to do. Their story isn’t tragic or set up to make me care about them. She paints Quinlan up(don’t get me going on this make up and wig…) to look human and they… Umm.. I guess have sex? I don’t know what to call the love scene really.. It made me feel.. embarrassed.. I was embarrassed for watching one of my favorite show. Maybe if I wasn’t watching with other people.. I’d feel less embarrassed.. I doubt it.

Anywhoo.. Quinlan fights Papa Master and doesn’t win.. Papa kills not wife and child and Quinlan just sighs and releases his “family”. There’s no heart or soul to these scenes. There’s no drama or heart ache.. It falls flat. In the comics Quinlan is tricked and runs home to Tasa and their child who are now turned and attack him. He’s taunted and has to slay his family.. Its more heart breaking because there’s more of a build up. We grow to like these characters for a few brief moments and really get to see Quinlan grow more as a character. We get to see him “act “ human with out having to be painted human. He is loved for himself and has earned this family. We see them act like a family and Tasa sings to him. We see him being taken care of in the comics by her(the spin off comic)..  Louisa’s daughter is seen playing with Quinlan in this episode but It feels stiff. I don’t get the sense of this being a family. We aren’t showed a montage of them being more family like.. or them growing more.. We don’t get to see how close they have gotten. When he says “I have to go fight the master”. Louisa is upset and slaps him.. “What about us” I eye rolled faster than Eichorst dodging bullets. Nothing really feels at sake.. she guilt trips him into her death.. I don’t feel a sadness for these characters.. The only thing that will keep their memories alive is fans going, “You guys remember that awful sex scene?”. I understand many show watchers may not feel this way due to the fact they’ve never read the books.  But those who have.. (the many I’ve talked too) do feel that way,

Also, can we talk about what a bad ass Charlotte is? She’s in my new top favorites for the show. She’s a strong female character who can actually defend herself and handles people like a champ. She’s not mean or cold towards Quinlan. She’s the reason they get out of there because she stuck around to fight off Eichorst. She’s not stupid and knows what she wants and how shes going to survive. I’m sad we probably wont see her ever again. But I really did enjoy the character. Her explaining to Fet she wasn’t coming with was one of my favorite parts of the episode. The Strain doesn’t have very many strong female characters at this point.. I don’t count Dutch, her character is awful.. (I have a rant about that later). Sorry let a person gush about a new refreshing character.

Also, when did Eichorst have time to heal from being burned? Gentlemen, I do believe he was on fire.. I know he’s a vampire and all.. but I don’t feel like he had time to heal that fast and go find Quinlan and company out in no where land. I know he had some burn marks.. but.. like.. We skipping where he was ON FIRE?

Welp, I’m going to wrap up this post here. I already know people are going to hate this a lot. But, I welcome the discussion and hate.I know there’s a certain “critic” making her rounds to these things.. So I’m expecting her to appear. 


I rant about shit.. and say stuff i like. 

I’ve been out I think (or at least I feel) every night for a long time now.

Maybe if I’m out again tomorrow night I could go on a Tinychat and catch up with everyone? 😁

If jess isn’t around (because I know she wouldn’t want to and she’s too poorly to) and people are interested I’ll set one up maybe tomorrow about 7pm GMT?

I’d want to do a YouTube live stream but I know my parents have said that they’re not comfortable yet with me doing that 😫 I hope they’ll let me soon. It would be so cool.

So Tinychats will have to do for now 😝

So I attended kcon and saw various panels and stuff. I made sure to attend the ‘Asian America in Hollywood,’ panel and I have to say i was kind of disappointed at the turn out. I had an inkling that not as many people would come to that panel because I guess it’s not the most interesting panel there is because it’s not the beauty and skin care etc. The part that bothered me most is that there were basically ONLY Asian people there. I don’t recall seeing anyone that wasn’t Asian (besides my friend who I kind of dragged there), but I think as part of a community that supposedly supports and praises Asian cultures, why weren’t they here for the Koreans in America/the Asians in America? I’m not trying to force you into caring more about Asian Americans but when you constantly consume culture that isn’t your own, you’d think you’d care about the people behind them as well.

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Lumi after you're done with the ant concepts if you drew a leaf cutter any in their fancy leaf clothes I would die because oh my god that's so good

of course!
as soon as I’m over this weird phase where I feel like no one cares about me as a human being I’ll start working more and more on what’s happening and how things are. for example I’m coming up with new and mildly interesting ideas about the ants being able to retract their claws like cats and such. I’m also trying to tie in threads of the original hk, so like the sugar ants are heavily (and I mean HEAVILY) based on god tamer. Look at her(?) after i post it and you’ll see what I mean.

for now I’m gonna design the sugar ant colony and cry myself to sleep because of my abysmal feelings and unwillingness to work due to my imagination telling me that I’m a fucking awful person and that you guys hate me, despite none of that being true it probably is tbh