that would be so interesting to me

i know we’re all freaking out and im so sad for sana she is probably heartbroken right now and thinks they’ll never be together 

BUT this is very interesting though! like this is 1000x more interesting than any yousef x sana x noora storyline would ever be! especially because sana has been assuming things about yousef this entire time, just like people assume things about her (classic skam though and also very realistic). and the fact that this happens in the end of ep3 makes me like 98% certain they’ll be endgame. 

ADD YOUR OWN DEMONGO! An idea inspired by @rotodisk and @chairosaki ’s Samurai Jack collaborations. I’ve got one suggestion for those who’d like to draw and add on to the work: I think it would be fun if everyone could draw Demongo in some sort of pose! Let him show off that body~ 

When Loreweaver was a bittybab toddler, he was a nightmare.  Not because he was a particularly evil child or anything, no.  Bittybab Lore was a nightmare because he was smart, and because he didn’t understand boundaries.

At two years old, I escaped from my house twice.  The more interesting of the two times, I had undone the deadbolt lock on the door (installed specifically to keep me in and protect would-be burglars from me) but discovered that the damned thing still wouldn’t open very far because it had a chain lock up top.  So, I pondered, and then I went and grabbed a chair and a couple milk crates, made it up to the top of the door, unlocked it, and made my escape.

My parents woke up some time later and discovered that I was gone.  Instead of breathing a sigh of relief and pretending the little whirlwind had never existed, like any sane human being would have done, my father ran outside and went up and down the street looking for me.  He couldn’t find me, passerby couldn’t find me, and nobody knew what had happened to poor little bittybab Loreweaver.

Loreweaver knew what had happened to poor little bittybab Loreweaver.  Poor little bittybab Loreweaver hadn’t stepped one single foot outside.  Poor little bittybab Loreweaver had wandered down to an apartment down the hall, opened their door, and had helped myself to their toddler’s toys, where our neighbors found me and then returned me to my parents a couple hours later.  You know, once they’d had some time to stew.

If karma exists, my children are going to pull some Houdini shit on me that makes me look like a witless dullard who couldn’t escape a wet paper bag with pre-perforated lines.



Several of you have asked me when I would open commissions again, and the time has come at last! I will (FINALLY) find myself with a lot of free time and a lot of stress gone from my frail body very soon, so I think this is the perfect opportunity to offer my humble services.

  • no spot limits (obviously I’m only human, but I don’t have a set goal)
  • mostly waist-up portraits (as shown), can adapt to a more detailed scene (bottom right example)
  • any fandom, any character
  • unique 30€ price (+5€ for a second character), using Paypal only

Please contact me at

Even if you don’t intend to commission, any signal boost would be appreciated, thank you so much! And to those who do intend to commission, thank you for your interest, I look forward to working with you <3

Masque Ink - Opening May 9th

Location: Cleft of Shadow, Orgrimmar City, Durotar

Hours: By appointment, which can be set during any time of day. Doors will also be open when she is inside**.

Prices: Tattoos -

   Cost of a tattoo piece will vary based on design, color, and time needed. Minimum price of 50 gold.

Piercings -

   Ear piercings: 25 gold

   Facial piercings: 40 gold

   Navel piercings: 50 gold

   Genital piercings: 65 gold

   Dermals: 70 gold

The inside of the shop is decorated with a few glass pieces - a dragon, some glass flowers, and an interesting, impish candelabra. All crafted by the talented Zayneth. ( @glass-phoenix )

OOC Information

**While it’s mostly by appointment, it is possible Zhrianaa would be in the shop working on some things. So feel free to send me a message through Tumblr if you want to do something like a walk-in for some info or a piercing.

The prices are strictly In Character funds. I do not want real gold from you.

On my page, there is a link on the side, Masque Ink, with some examples of what she’s done and what she could do. Also under the tag   #IC Tattoo Parlor

This is my first time trying something like this, so please go easy on me. I had a lot of help from a number of people. Lain helped with the logo design and the name of the shop was his input when I sent out a list of possible names. I know I asked Iloam, Trisandrah, Rae, Dice, and Vasden a lot of things and their input was appreciated, too. ( @lainduskhollow @desolatedangel @trisandrah @raerys-rosewood @turning-through-the-never @vasdensoultreader )

you know what would be wonderful and would make my hair stop falling from my skull? It would be REALLY great if everyone got through their thick skull that Zayn is not interested in big sales and doing things to please people. Now, don’t get me wrong, of course we want Zayn to do well and be successful so that he can keep doing what he loves. And I’m sure Zayn does to. But honestly I’m tired of the whole why won’t Zayn promote/perform blah blah blah discoure y’all have been yipping about ever since pillow talk was announced. Like a LOT happened since then and we learned a lot about Zayn as an artists and the struggles he has to put up with. So can we just fucking chill about the whole Why Won’t Zayn Suck My Ass And Do Things How I want Them To Happen So That I Can Win Petty Fights On The Internet Against Stans of Zayn’s Ex-Colleagues And Ex-Fiancé mentality? Like seriously, Zayn said he wants to do music he feels good about and that we as fans can appreciate. He’s not here to sell himself so that people can abuse his name time and time again for the sake of leisure. Last point but!!!!!!! it’s a vital!!!!!! one! Zayn isn’t fit yet to perform. He suffers from anxiety and has been working on it for months. LET! HIM! DO! THAT! God!!!! This fucking toxic fandom and it’s awful entitlement!!!! Like where do you get off demanding things like they’re owed to you when you’ve proven to be such shitty people all around? Honestly, check yourself!

  • Suzaku: *stares at C.C. emerging from the capsule* That's not poison gas... What is it?
  • Lelouch: [voice muffled by gas mask, deadpan] It's CLEARLY. NOT. a girl. You moron.
  • Suzaku: Hm, I think she's competition.
  • Lelouch: ...What?
  • Suzaku: I would be jealous of her if she ended up as your love interest, and jealousy IS poisonous, so maybe...
  • Lelouch: *takes off gas mask* Forget it. I'm risking the fumes.
  • Suzaku: Well, there's no poison gas anyway.
  • Lelouch: ...Could you not hinder my dramatics, Jealousuzaku?
  • Suzaku: Only if you bump me up to prime love interest. Equivalent exchange.
  • Lelouch: Wrong anime.
  • Suzaku: Oh. Uh. The only ones who should kill are those prepared to be killed.
  • Lelouch: Hey, that's MY line! And by spouting it randomly with no set-up, you're hindering my dramatics! AGAIN!
  • Suzaku: Oh. Uh. Any ends gained through contemptible means aren't worth anything.
  • Lelouch: It falls flat without context.
  • Suzaku: Really? I think it sounds philosophical and poetic.
  • Lelouch: Argh, we're arguing like an old married couple. FINE. You can be my prime love interest.
  • Suzaku: Wait, the series is already written without taking that into consideration--
  • Lelouch: I'll use my Geass on the the show writers to sprinkle in some serious shipping hint tweaks.
  • Suzaku: I suppose that's better than nothing.
  • Lelouch: Geez, Suzaku, I can't work miracles YET.
Creepypasta #1112: The Most Disturbing Late-Night Snack

Length: Medium

Something happened in my city. I won’t say the location, because I don’t want to start a mass frenzy or panic among you guys. Maybe it’s just my imagination. Maybe years of alcohol has finally turned my brain into mush, just as my mom said it would. Or, maybe I’m just going crazy. Fuck, I don’t know. But I need to tell someone.

For starters, I never have anything interesting happen to me. I’m not used to things veering from the regular daily functions. That being said, my experience may not be as wild as some on here, but it should give you a fair warning. There’s no reason for me to believe that this won’t be happening in other cities. So, be careful.

I live in a pretty populated city. It’s not packed like New York, but it’s not small either.

Like a large town, the hustle is at full blast during the daylight hours. The streets are loaded with cars, horns blaring. At night, it turns into one of those quiet towns in the country where everyone is at home before nine at night. I liked that, considering my alcoholic ass enjoys a nice, lonely stroll home from the bar at that time.

Last night was no different. I had just finished up my last few glasses of beer, and waved the bartender goodbye as he not-so-subtly reminded me of my growing tab. I wasn’t drunk. I was barely even buzzed, but I had work the next morning so I decided to take the high road and call it a night pretty early on.

As I left the bar, I noticed the street lights were dimmer than usual, making any dark spaces even darker. About a mile up, I could see the headlights of multiple cars, and one rather large truck with a box trailer on the back. My curiosity got the best of me, and ignoring the nagging feeling in my stomach, I stepped towards the commotion.

I acknowledge, I’m a fucking idiot.

As I got closer, I noticed the cars were parked in a circle, closing in around the truck. Something told me I was watching something I shouldn’t be, so I tried to duck behind one of the brick buildings, poking my head around the corner. Having lived in this town for years now, I knew the building they were parked directly in front of. It was the police station.

I could see about ten men walking in a straight line, being guided towards the truck. Now, is when I noticed the hitched trailer begin to rock back and forth. Something drummed around from inside, like it was being knocked about and hitting against the sides. My body shivered, and I stepped to shield myself even more behind the building. If I was smart, I would’ve turned around and booked it home without looking back.

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anonymous asked:

Do you do commissions? I mean from YOI, if a person would like Victor and Yuri in a specific set-up would you be interested in doing that kind fo work? (of course with at least half of the cost being paid before you even start working on it so you wouldn't be afraid of being conned)

Ah! :D
Currently my commissions are not open ^^;;
But in a month when I am out of school I will open them up :D
My prices and things will be listed in a post when they open :3
Thanks so much for your support!!!
It makes me happy you like the art enough to want to commission me ;w;

there’s about a 95% chance I won’t reblog something if it’s basically shaming me into reblogging it. It’s really offensive, as if me being white, cis, etc., means that I would otherwise have 0 interest in reblogging something unless someone from a marginalized group told me to do so. As if I’m so stuck in my own privileged bubble that posts like that issues of race, gender, class, etc., are apparently not even on my radar unless someone puts them on my radar. Fuck off with your bullshit.

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The thing with Sana not being allowed to be with a non-Muslim and Yousef still going after her is what's bothering me!!!! Why would he do that? He surely must be aware of that.

i think he is aware of it too. it’s certainly off, isn’t it? like,, this whole time everything’s been going so smoothly, he’s shown a lot of interest in her. so what’s the deal here? is he intentionally leading her on or is it like a “i cant stay away even though i should” thing? because the second option is a STRONG PARALLEL to season 3

so i recently hit a huge follower milestone and wanted to give y’all something to say thank you! since i can’t make cc i asked if anyone would be interested in me opening sim requests, and loads of you said i should, so!! here we are!!

i’ll be opening 5 slots to begin with, and to apply all you need to do is send me a message off anon (via ask/submit/im, whatever’s easier)

you can include a description of what you want your sim to look like, or their personality, and any specifics of what you want them to include. go wild! i don’t mind how long it is.

if you have any questions feel free to ask! i will be using minimal cc (hopefully), and the cc i do use will be linked in the post.


1. @soft-almond
2. @annaisntcreative
3. @tinybittoxic
4. @nebula-simms
5. @tickledsims

ID #31299

Name: Ben
Age: 18
Country: Australia

I’m a Uni student, studying Bachelor of Education (Ancient History and Society and Culture). I really want to learn German, the first of a few languages on my list. However German is first so I would like someone to talk to (in both German and English, as good as Duo-lingo is it can’t do everything). So if you’re interested please drop me a line.

Preferences: 16-20

Shape of You (2)

GUYS. I just love writing this. I’ve got an idea of where I”m gong and I cannot wait until all the drama and angst unfolds. Here’s chapter two. Thanks for the love =)


Chapter 2

We spent an hour hammering out the details. We got the story down, both of us telling it without faltering. He was right, that would be the leading story, the thing everyone kept asking us once we got to the house. So we made it real, believable considering I didn’t do anything but work and sleep. So we met at the book store, which of course would’ve been oh so romantic if I truly believed in romance.

As we sat there and talked I realized that Cassian wasn’t horrible. I could’ve been his friend, before everything happened. Before I closed myself off. I could’ve laughed at his corny jokes and his stupid comments. I might have even been interested in him if the world hadn’t hardened me into this girl I barely recognized.

Cassian was actually sweet and charming. I had to remind myself a few times that he wasn’t actually my boyfriend.

The waitress told us we were cute when she brought the check. Luke watched us the entire time, especially whenever Cassian would reach across the table and touch me. I didn’t fight it, I let his skin touch mine to get used to it. I had a feeling he was going to push the PDA things. I could already see how much of a challenge this was going to be.

“See the waitress already believes us,” he said as he paid for my coffee and his piece of cake. I fought him, I told him I could pay for my own food. But he told me it was the least he could do since he was about to making more money than he should’ve off of me.

We were standing outside the diner, awkwardly wondering how to say goodbye. I sighed loudly and then stood up straighter. I had let a bubble surround us while we were sitting at that table. Somehow I had forgotten my walls and Cassian’s charm and infuriating laugh got to me. I pushed it away and put up my guard once more.

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i REALLY hope sweet lala didnt lose her baby, that would be so tragic and i cant imagine how allison would feel, like she ripped a baby away from another

I’ll give a spoiler since it’s going to take me a while to set up the rest of my scenes today, but Lala doesn’t lose the baby, even though the pregnancy is high risk. She’s already been through enough, poor thing. Anyway, the accident will reveal something very interesting that maybe some of my readers might have picked up on…I’ve been putting hints about it but don’t know if the hints were strong enough, lol. 

GUYS I FEEL LIKE STREAMIN IDK…….. WOULD ANYBODy be down to watch me play with some random household 4 the plantsim challenge???? i haven’t done it yet and i rly want to ;o; but like idk if anyone would be interested. i might start on the sim requests too WE JUST DONT KNOW

only thing is i wont be able 2 talk because my parents will whoop my ass if they knew i was streaming 2 “””””strangers on the internet””””””” etc etc

so ya


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I would just like to say, I'm a gay man and I think the categories are fun and it's really interesting to see what fictional characters are twinks or otters

For real tho.
Like I’m so open to anyone giving me their opinions on this stuff.
Like I honestly feel like Chekov would drag with Kirk for the fun of it.
Like one day the topic of drag randomly come up and they both have an interest in it. One thing lead to another Uhura is called to help with make up and then Bones is yelling at them while Spock is confused and Scotty and Sulu don’t know whether to laugh or join the fun

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NAC: I really, really, really want an Echoes version of Genealogy of the Holy War. I love that game to bits, but I honestly don't like emulators very much and the fan translation can be a bit inconsistent (though eternal props to the people who made it for free!). I would love to play that game without janky emulator controls, and hear a modernized version of the A+ soundtrack that game has! It would be like Pokémon HG/SS for me haha

I feel the same way you do. 

Ive never played it though but im super interested. I just really dont like emulators. The reason Binding Blade got so low on the replayability of my chart is because i would have to play it on an emulator.

Reasons Why I’m Going to Hell

Okay story time.

 So the SIM card that I have for my mobile was previously owned by some middle aged dude who apparently forgot to inform a couple of his friends that he had turned his number in. So now, on random days I get random calls from random people and there are hardly times where I understand what they’re saying (note that I’m from India and different people speak different languages) 

So to make things more interesting, I decided that the next time I get a call from an unknown number whose voice I don’t recognise I would start quoting Doctor Who or Supernatural to them. So yesterday I got another call from an unknown number:

 Them: Hello?

 Me: Yes, who’s this?

 Them: Can you hear me?

 *So at this point I realised that I’ve never heard the voice before and since they spoke pretty good English I knew that I was going to have fun*

 Me: Yes this is the Doctor. How may I help you? 

Them: I - I don’t understand. Who are you? 

Me: I’m the one who gripped you tight and raised you from perdition. 

 Them: I’m sorry I don’t -

 Me: No listen to me. Don’t blink. Blink and you’re dead. They are fast. Faster than you can believe. Don’t turn your back. Don’t look away. And don’t blink. Good Luck.

 Them: I really don’t understand what’s happening.

 Me: oh don’t worry it’s just wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff. Oh and have you seen a big blue police box around here anywhere? I’m stuck in 1969. It’s a tad inconvenient 

 Them: Ma'am please. I would like to talk to [my name] 



Them: Are you still here? Do I have the wrong number?

 Me: *in a shaky and squeaky voice* um you’re talking to her 

Them: Okay so this is [my name]? 

Me: Yes 

 Them: Okay [my name], my name is [their name] and I’m your mentor from the Career Counselling program that you’ve chosen to attend. I got your number from your parents who asked me to contact you about when your session with me will be held…