that would be one hell of a team

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buck if the avengers were animals what animals would they be???? thank you

i assume you mean based on personality, and not which avengers have been turned into which animals lately.
what has happened to my life that that is even a question i have to ask??

anyway, steve would be a dog. everyone is right on the money on that one; hed be big, fluffy, loyal as hell, appetite the size of rhode island and love to play fetch. and also have the bite power to sever a mans hand if he was so inclined. you would trust him with a baby but also to eat the face off anyone who threatened that baby. well. maybe not EAT. he does have SOME standards. theoretically.

tony would be a raven. reputation associated with death, but personality of a class clown–likes pranks, messing with people, and trying new stuff. dedicated to family and intelligent as hell. chatty. tool user. did you know ravens can people-talk? if they couldnt, im sure tony would figure out how anyways.

nat would be a swan. beautiful, graceful, but at the top of the do-not-fuck-with list in most animals books. mates for life and more loyal than you would think, with a take no shit and no prisoners attitude. i have a healthy terror of swans, as does any sane human being.

clint would also be a dog, but not like steve. hed be one of those scrappy little terrier mutts that descend from a working breed that are supposed to do things like kill rats. just as loyal and smart and fun-loving as the big guys, but makes up for lack of size with pure tenacity. and so scruffy its cute.

bruce would be an elephant. smart and social, with strong emotional bonds, generally calm and compassionate, but never something you want to be standing in front of when it gets pissed. also really enjoys peanuts?

thor would be a lion. content to chill out most of the time, and more social than most cats, but also totally down to throw down on a moment’s notice. pretty smart but not somebody you ever wanna cross. majestic as anything. 

i would be a bear. likes a lot of food in large quantities, and i would love to sit in a river and let dinner fling itself into my mouth. asleep like half of the time. big and badass but generally pretty chill, and smarter than you might think. also a faster runner than you might expect (that’s not really about me, bears can just run at like 35 mph which is a thought to keep you up at night.) and if theres one thing everyone knows about bears, it is that you do not mess with what they are protecting.
also they are opposed to forest fires?? not sure what that has to do with anything, but i guess i can get behind it



I feel like this team would collapse in itself if they didn’t have their tsukkomi team-mom  Captain Tsukinaka to keep them in line….

…either that or they purposely torture him to keep from being bored.

(  ̄▽ ̄ ;)

I honestly find it ridiculous how conditioned general audiences are to Marvels way of making movies. I mean it’s not like ensemble movies have been being made for decades, but I guess they needed stand alone films for every character so the audience could care about what happens to them. Does every X-Men character need their own movies to make them good? The Oceans franchise? Fast and furious? Movies like The Hateful Eight and The Magnificent Seven? Lord of the Rings? Star Trek? What about Rogue One? Hell even Guardians of the Galaxy made a group film work without solos.

Justice League only has three of its main characters who haven’t had their own movie, half of the team will have already been in at least two movies before JL comes out. And you fucking know that if dc had done individual films first everyone would just be bitching about how they’re copying Marvel.

And honestly having the Justice League early on makes a shit ton more sense business wise because if you look at marvels box office, most of phase 1 and the latest origin films are the ones that make the least amount of money. But, if say Antman had come out after his appearance in Civil War, you can bet that it would have made a considerable amount more money. People would have already seen him in a huge movie that everyone was going to see no matter who was in it. Like it’s such an easy concept, you have a huge group movie, that people will see just because it’s an event film, give characters super cool moments and make them really likeable in the group film and then people are more likely to want to see the character in theatre when their own movie comes out.

Marvel is great at what it does, there is no denying that. But can we stop trying to make everything the same? That’s how superhero fatigue starts. If every single superhero movie that comes out is the exact same tone and format as the others people are going to get bored eventually. At the moment we have such a wide array of styles but people just can’t seem to accept any differences. Why do people constantly need to tear one universe down to prop another one up?

  • Blake: ... *Blake sat in her comfy chair reading one of her favorite books with in the house she, her girlfriend Yang, and the rest of team RWBY shared and has a random thought.* I wonder if I should get one of those virgin killer sweaters to tease Yang with?... Wait Why the hell would I even think that?
  • Yang: *Suddenly the door burst open revealing Yang ironically wearing said sweater hiding something moving with in it before with a teasing smile said to her girlfriend.* Blake. I'm pregnant. You're the father.
  • Blake: Ah, it was an omen. *Blake thought to herself before going back to her book.* Yang. Picking up a stray cat does not make them our baby. Now go take them to the animal shelter so they can get a good house.
  • Yang: Aw but Blakey. She is so cute. Look. *Yang then reach inside of her backless sweater and processed to turn it around revealing before the black cat with blonde stripes and her breast to which made Blake's face instantly blush as a warm feeling rose between her legs.* See, She is adorable. Can we keep her? Please?
  • Blake: I...duh... uh... *Is all Blake could say as she stared at Yang wanting nothing more then to pounce on her. Unfortunately for her self control she then watched as the began to make itself comfy between her girlfriend's chest pillows causing her to slam her book shut, throw it on the table as she stand up, march over to her girlfriend, Snatch the cat from Yang, placing it on the ground, and before Yang could speak Tackle her onto the couch.*
  • Yang: Whoa! Blake? What are you-Hmmmph!~<3 *Yang trying to question before holding back a moan as Blake nuzzled her breats, her cat ears tickling her.*
  • Blake: Fine. We can keep the cat if Ruby and Weiss are okay with it. However, She stays off my favorite cuddle pillow. Deal. *Blake said as she stared up at Yang growing lustfully face as she teased her.*
  • Yang: ~Deeeeal.~<3 Butt first, *Yang panted with a smirk and she reached down Blake's back, slipping her hand underneath her pants and undies causing her girlfriend to yip in surprise.* Lets go up to our room with you can cuddle and I play my belladongos.<3
  • Blake: Oh yes please. *Blake smiled giving Yang a kiss and laughed as Yang lifted her up and carried her up to their room as the cat watch and then fall a sleep on the couch.
  • ~Later~
  • Weiss: *Weiss sat at the stand of counter reading her scroll sipping her coffee when she had a random thought.* I wonder if they have those sweaters with the opening in the chest in my size... Wait Why the hell would I even want one of those lewd things!?
  • Ruby: *Suddenly the door burst open revealing Ruby ironically wearing said sweater hiding something moving with in it before with a teasing smile said to her girlfriend.* Weiss. I'm pregnant and you are the father.
  • Weiss: What are the odds? And why does my girlfriend have to be bigger then me in the two areas I wish I was? *Weiss thought to herself.* Ruby. Aside from the fact that we can't have kids through normal sex. What is in your shirt?
  • Ruby: *Then right on cue, Zwei's head popped out of the opening of Ruby's sweater as Ruby grinned.* Our son!~<3
  • Weiss: ... *Weiss then set her scroll and mug down, stand up, walk over to her girlfriend and there dog, and processed to cuddle them both.* And what an adorable son and mommy you two are.~<3 Oh yes you both are.~<3
  • Ruby: Hehehehe Love you too Weiss. *Ruby smiled as she cuddled back.*

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Hi. I love your blog. :) I was wondering if you would write something for Andreil. Where in the future Andrew and Neil play for different teams and Neil gets triggered in the middle of a game. Thank you:)

Hello Nonnie!! I’m so sorry for how long this took but I had to take a break for a while but now I’m back!!! Here’s your request!!
It’s no secret that Neil Josten was one hell of a mess. The burns and cuts serve as a reminder. Neil had managed to piece himself together. Bit by bit. If the constant lingering of Andrew helped, he didn’t say.

There was a saying about broken things. They could never truly be fixed. A hole there, or a scrap here. It didn’t matter how much glue was used or how careful people were with it from there on, accidents happen. Or in this case, pure and utter vileness.

Neil had managed to score three points during the match. Not bad for the first half, he would of thought if the one in the goal that night wasn’t Andrew. He was frustrated beyond belief at the midget of a man. He wasn’t even attempting to close the goal. In fact, it seemed that Andrew was flat out ignoring any shot made by Neil. Both teams were feeling the strain of the game. Probably why one player got in his face and knocked him down.

“Oh, that felt good.” Fiona Michaels crouched down in front of him, “Tell me, did daddy shove you about like this. Or was he to busy with knifes?”

Neil was dazed. Fiona smiled with all her teeth and to much like Lola. He flinched hard when she reached out. She wasn’t Lola, that would be impossible. Lola had been shot dead in front of him. Fiona wasn’t Lola, but the grin was. There was panic in his veins, a distant thump telling him to get on his feet and run. He should rip the woman’s hand from his collar, drop his racquet and leave.

Not again. No, no, no.

He could feel her hands. The knife. The car lighter. He was back in his fathers basement. There was blood. His blood. Neil’s throat felt raw. Each breath burned and all he could smell was gasoline and burnt flesh. He was trying to swim with a weight around his ankle.


Fiona was yanked back by her collar so hard she gagged. Neil hardly payed attention because soon all he could see was Andrew. He had removed his gloves on his way down court and was already making quick work at removing Neil’s helmet. Andrews face never shifted from the cold, blank expression. The emotion showed in how tense his shoulders were, that his fingers didn’t so much as brush the hair on Neil’s head.

“Breath.” Andrew said, hand pushing on the back of his neck guard, “Abram, breath.”

Neil wasn’t aware that he had stopped. Oxygen tore down to his lungs. It was easier with the weight there. Andrew, the one who had given him his life back with a key and was as screwed up as him, kept the others away with a wave of his hand.

“What’s your name?” Andrew asked.

“Neil Josten.” Neil answered immediately.

“Where are you?”

Neil answered every question. He was in Montana, playing an away game. He signed with the grizzlies three months ago and no Andrew I don’t want chocolate. Betsy taught them the steps to bring each other back, over the years the questions tended to get less serious near the end. By the time a referee stalked up to them, Neil was rolling his eyes at anything that came out of Andrews mouth.

“If it’s alright with you two, we have a match to play.” The man ground out.

Andrew kept him from standing with the narrowing of his eyes.

“You’re a moron, get off the court.” Andrew said.

He wanted to fight, wanted to stay on court. Coming out of the game in the first half because of a panic attack didn’t sit well with him. Then he took in his shaking hands and the fact that his body felt drained from fighting his internal battle.

“Fine, but you’re joining me for a night jog.” Neil smirked.

If Andrew spent the rest of the game trying to give Fiona Michaels a concussion, Neil didn’t mention it.

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Call me petty but next time I see someone bitch that Harry isn't doing anything right and that no one cares anymore and he's gonna flop I'm literally gonna direct them to the absolute pandemonium of this afternoon lmao. He's been silent so that there would be an impact like this because he isn't stupid and his team isn't stupid. They went about this in the most incredibly devastating way and trended immediately and sent the internet into a fucking tailspin. He's gonna be fine y'all 😂😂

like i am just honestly drunk as hell but….,,,. i think the universe is speaking thru you

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I would just love one of those ficlets with everyone's reaction to the kiss! Phichit being all fanboy and taking photos. Chris like "finally!" Yakov and Yuri not showing anything but being secretly relieved/happy that all this nonsense is over and Viktor's happy. Russian team in general. Detroit family in general. Skaters in general in a mix of "when the hell did that start" and "my god, they're adorable together." And Hasestsu all like "look at Yuuri all grown up and kissing hot foreigners!"

I’ll put it on my list of things to write!

Raise Hell (Part 1)

Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 1420

Warnings: mention of nightmares, brief violent language, kissing, angst.


Most mornings, you woke up alone. Being the only one of the team who liked sleeping in on your days off had its disadvantages, but you needed your sleep. Cas stayed with you through most of the night, calming you from frequent nightmares and sleeplessness. But by the early morning hours, he would join the boys doing research… or whatever else they did.

This morning was no different. The spot beside you in bed was empty and neatly tucked in. You smiled as you listened to the murmurs of the boys through the open door. Cas’s was slightly louder than the others. You closed you eyes as you absorbed his gravelly voice.

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Gajevy Week 2017: A Surreptitious Suitor

Summary: Library and book-related hijinks, and a secret admirer? Connected stories following Gajeel and Levy’s relationship written for Gajevy Week 2017. All chapters rated T for language, innuendo, and paranoia playing it safe ;-)

(Author’s Note: This is my first time writing for Gajevy week, or any ship week for that matter. Fairly certain I’ve lost my mind.)

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                                            Day 1 Prompt: Matching

No one in Fairy Tail—hell, no one in Fiore—was surprised when Levy McGarden began volunteering at the local library in Magnolia. Truth be told, she would’ve loved a part-time job either there or at Book Land, but being a Fairy Tail mage came with a rather irregular schedule, between jobs with her team and miscellaneous villains bent on world domination or destruction. But volunteering worked just fine for her, enabling her to spend time surrounded by her much-loved books as well as giving back to the community that had been so supportive of their guild.

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hq!! team reactions to seeing bugs

(i wondered how it was like for how the teams would each react to seeing a gigantic cockroach during practice or something and here they are)


  • the first person to spot the bug is yachi
  • it’s after practice and everyone is hanging out + very unsuspecting 
  • she screams that there’s a bug and everyone eventually spots the giant roach crawling across the floor 
  • all hell breaks loose 
  • hinata literally jumps on kageyama
  • kiyoko and yachi are huddled together 
  • the only people who aren’t the least bit fazed by the situation is probably tsukishima and daichi
  • the gym is huge and most of the team is huddled up on one side of the gym
  • suga suggests they try to kill it with the equipment they have inside the club rooms and everyone fails each time
  • eventually tsukishima just steps on it and he doesn’t understand why he’s getting absolute praise for killing a tiny little cockroach
  • daichi proceeds to get everyone to calm down and that the bug is dead
  • now that it’s dead tsukishima decides to pick it up and chase after everyone else with it


  • everyone is more calm and collected toward these things except yaku and kenma
  • when kenma spots a bug he would sprint the other direction either to lev and kuroo
  • yaku will immediately beg lev to kill it
  • “i will not participate or step anywhere near that court unless someone kills that bug i swear to god”
  • lev wants to take over the job of killing it so kuroo and yamamoto let him but when he gets close he just freezes and everyone is wondering why he’s taking so long
  • “just kill the damn bug!” “i’m trying!” “you haven’t even moved since you got closed to it- NOW IT’S GETTING AWAY!”
  • it’s a fast one so it takes like almost half an hour running after the bug and trying to step on it
  • kenma and yaku are far, far, away in the gym - you’d probably find them standing at the entrance because they really despise bugs
  • when the bug is finally killed it’s hilarious how kenma and yaku actually left the gym for the several minutes the others spent getting rid of the bug and came back soon after


  • oikawa has a strong no bug policy in the gym during practice
  • everyone on the team strongly understands and respects this policy
  • so the minute one makes it’s way in he flips
  • everyone is alert 
  • the entire situation is equivalent to a 911 emergency because oikawa really hates bugs
  • hanamaki, matsukawa, and iwaizumi are immediately on the bug’s tail and practice instantly stops
  • it does not resume until the bug is certainly dead and away from the court
  • iwaizumi picks it up with his bare hands and kills it like it’s nothing
  • bugs are harmless to him
  • which is why oikawa turns to him whenever there’s a bug every chance he gets 
  • iwaizumi likes to chase him around with the dead bug because of his reaction and how he screams for iwaizumi to stop or he won’t talk to him for three weeks


  • bokuto doesn’t hate bugs, he’s bug-friendly
  • he’s rather the opposite
  • akaashi is not the opposite
  • so whenever bokuto sees one he points it out like 
  • akaashi is displeased and the minute he lays his eyes on the bug he runs away from it or hides behind bokuto quietly demanding he kill it
  • “please step on it”, “but akaashi look!” “bokuto-san
  • sometimes bokuto would let it crawl onto his hand and he’d try to show akaashi that it’s completely harmless but akaashi is not having any of it
  • he would step two feet away from bokuto shaking his head whenever bokuto convinces him to get a closer look
  • he never really kills the bug
  • he would let it free somewhere that is not in the gym and akaashi would get mad at him for not stepping on it
  • once he didn’t talk to him for a day because bokuto tried to put one on his shoulder 

Ooooh, but if the theory is true that Mirio was supposed to become All Might’s successor and he trained under him… plus the fact that so much of his body language reminds of All Might… and counting on the fact that my bad feeling will probably prove wrong and it turns out that he is a complete sweetheart…

Then I really, really want him to become good friends with Izuku. The supposed successor and the real successor. All Might’s fanboys. The aspiring young heroes who can wreck their enemies when they turn serious.

Not only would they be one hell of a tag-team, they would also drive at least Endeavor and perhaps Aizawa and Bakugou up the wall by how similar the two of them are to All Might. XD

You know, like… Mirio starts with a loud, “Don’t worry!”

And Izuku recognizes it and joins in, “Why?”

Before they finish simultaneously, “Because we are here!”

(Somewhere in the background, you can hear someone whisper, “Look at these dorks.”)

BTS: Save me (Gang AU)

Character profile


Chapter 1/ 2/ 3/ 4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12/13/14

Chapter 15


  Park Jimin, since young, he and Taehyung has been together through thick and thin. They both were taken in by a child slave organisation, CS. They took care of each other in the organisation as they have only one another. Their brotherly bonds is unbreakable. The organisation recognised this bond between them and enjoy watching young Jimin watch young Taehyung get abused and vice versa. However, the two child are as strong-willed as they can be. Seeing the potential in them, they was later sent to undergo various tough trainings to rise as hunters. Jimin was kidnapped when he was a few months old and taken into the organisation. They trained and imparted him on various fighting skills from shadow boxing to wingchun. He was sent on various missions to hunt. In this case, “hunting” is a term used to express a form of murder in the underground world. However, before he was trained to hunt, he was once a child slave. He was abused repeatedly by people who are sick in the mind and willing to pay for a session to de-stress themselves. Jimin hatred for the organisation is unthinkable but was willing to bear with all the unfairness to survive and maybe take revenge in the later days to come. When he was transferred to being a hunter, he gladly accepted. He soon became famous in the underground world and people pay him to do their dirty work. Yoongi took notice of him and invited him to join BTS in hopes to gain a talented figure. Jimin, invited along Taehyung who then entered the Top7 as the last 2 members. 

  “Hey tae! Remember when we were little?” Jimin laughed, taking another shot.

  “What about it?” Taehyung replied.

  “I always wondered. When would i die. I was almost sick of life. Until i met you. Remember the promise we made?” Jimin reminiscence, there was nothing but pain in their memories, until they had each other.

  “I won’t forget. I was so glad we had one another and even i am thankful for these hell that decend upon us. Without it i think i wouldn’t meet BTS.” Taehyung sighed, before downing his whiskey.

  “Hyungs. I am totally not glad that you have to encounter such situations. But it’s good to have you all in the team. Really.” Jungkook, smiled lightly.
  The maknaes of top7 , continued to drink to their heart’s content. Which left taehyung time to think.
What was it that made him love BTS so much ?
What was it that made BTS bulletproof?
What was wrong with him in the first place to even think of betraying his brothers.

  “Jimin-ah, jungkookie. Thank you.” He said it to a sleeping jimin and a snoring jungkook before reaching for his phone.

  “Hyung. I have something to confess.” Taehyung informed.

  “Alrights. You sound so serious. Meet me in my office whenever you are free.” Namjoon instructed.

Meeting room

  “Guys. Are you all okay with the change of plans ? I know it’s a little rush but i want to see zero mistakes. I trust in every single one of you and your abilities and even your men.” Namjoon announced.

  “Thank you everyone. I promise to not disappoint you all.” Taehyung replied almost shyly.

  “Yah. No need to thank us. Just be glad you are with BTS.” Jin joked.

  “Exactly. Your ass, may have end up dead if you didn’t tell us about it.” Suga added.

  “Thank you for trusting us too.” Jhope squeezed taehyung on his shoulders.

  Together,they gathered, putting their palms together before shouting, “Bangtan!bangtan! Bang. Bang. Tan.”


  You were typing your resignation letter. You didn't  want to be a inspector anymore. Not because you didn’t like your job but because you were never a good inspector to begin with. What happened to the oath you made when you graduted from the police academy?
You didn't  deserve the promotion  and neither were you suppose to not get caught by the arms of justice. Maybe heaven was giving you a second chance, so why not use it.

  You also typed a letter to jongsuk.

  Dear Jongsuk,
  Thank you for being such a good and capable subordinate when you are working with me. I am so glad to have a right hand man like you. And i believe you would do a lot better than me in my position. I wish you all the best in your interview and i have left a testimonial for you on your table.
Lastly. Thank you for being there till the end.


  You left it on his table and decided to find the top7 since they invited you to celebrate with them. It's  also time for you to tell Namjoon that you are not going to continue doing the things you did for them and just maybe you would like to tell Hoseok how you feel before leaving. You clutched the box in your left pants pocket tightly, hoping to give you the strength you need.

DOPE Private room

  “Guys! It's  time to celebrate! ” Namjoon cheered, bringing in bottles of beer to champage.

  “You all have done really well. Though we have more or less wiped out the Got7. They are alot weaker now, losing their leaders. But we have to guard ourselves against other gangs too.” Namjoon continued.

  “Okay. Enough. It's  time to party isn't  it?” Jin interrupted.

  “Yeah!” The boys echoed.

  The boys were all relieved and enjoying the time of their life. It's  as if they were all little boys and not men who knew the evils of the world.

  “Jungkookie. How’s the alcohol? You shouldn’t drink too much baby.” Jimin teased.

  “How i wish you went to hell too.” Jungkook rolled his eyes.

  “Shut up kids. Like use your mouth to drink. Not talk.” Yoongi joked, sarcastically.

  “Yahyahyah. Taehyung ah. Stop clinging onto me.” Jhope spoke, trying to push taehyung away.

  “Uhh-ah. No. I don’t care.” Taehyung whined, grabbing hoseok’s leg.

  “Okay tae. let go. i need to talk to hoseok. I will return him to you later. Hobi and yoongi meet me outside?” Namjoon beckoned.

DOPE back alley

  “Hope. I Heard from you that (Y/n) is leaving after she helps us with the Got 7 am i right?” Yoongi questioned.

  “Yes.” Hope replied.

  “Did you not succeed?” Namjoon interrogated.

  “I don’t know.” Hope replied, uncertainly.

  “Care to explain?” Namjoon waited patiently.

  “I don’t know if she love or even like me enough to stay and continue to help us.” Hope replied, scratching his head.

  “But our great need of her. Why did you and taehyung have to fail this. I task you with this after that taehyung failed, i trusted you to do this well hope. I am really disappointed.” Namjoon shook his head.

  “Joon, why not just let her go. We will find some other ways. Isn’t it too cruel to trick her again and again?” Hoseok questioned.

 “(Y/n).” Yoongi spoke, getting up from the wall.

Where it all begin, there it shall end.

A/n: woo. i wrote a chapter finally. if you all think it’s ending soon then you are wrong. Or maybe i shouldn’t tell you that. keke. Manymany sorry to those who want me to update my Lies fanfic. I never touched that for weeks so next week i will update that alrights!

And again if you want to know what hope and tae are doing.


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I just don’t understand why they’re casting Caitlin aside.

I mean, if they were going to cast her aside like this, then why did they even give her her powers in the first place?

Team Flash could teach Caitlin to overcome her Alter Ego and use her powers the way she wants them to. It’s not something they can’t do, it’s just they don’t - for some reason. I mean c’mon, Caitlin’s powers could be a lot of help in the future and maybe if they chose to teach her how to defeat her Alter Ego, she could be one hell of a superhero. She could also help the team with Iris’ death in the future. 

I just don’t get it, if you put Caitlin Snow in the show of Flash, give her powers, WHY WOULD YOU FORCE HER INTO BECOMING A MINOR CHARACTER? If she was to be a minor character since the very beginning, why did they change her character arc and made her become Killer Frost? They didn’t need to give her ice-powers after Barry changed the timeline.

She’s walking around the lab with that (what kind of science even is that) necklace, not even doing her job as a scientist, at least we don’t see her do it. Just, make Caitlin Snow and her powers useful because you gave them to her and you can’t just undo it now with a damn necklace.

Forshadowing Beths’ return!







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Thea Queen

General Opinion: REMOVE | Dislike | Eh | Okay | Like | Love | WOULD FOLLOW INTO HELL | if she punched me in the face I would thank her | champion arm wrestler | would run into a burning building on a dare for $0.82
Best Trait: Crushes it at life.
Worst Trait: Honestly? I can’t think of a single one.
OTPs: Thea/Roy.
OT3s/OTNs: Thea/Netflix/time to rest.
BroTPs: Thea/Team Arrow and esp Oliver.
Characters I wish they’d interact with more: Ollie always.
Characters they should stay away from: Malcolm. I do not Trust him.

Being Peter’s girlfriend, and meeting the Avengers would include…


  • The team not reacting too well when Peter tells them that he has a girlfriend
  • “What’s her name?”
  • “What’s her foot size?”
  • “How tall is she?”
  • “How did you meet her?”
  • “When did you meet her?”
  • “Why didn’t you tell us?”
  • “How the hell did you get her to agree to date you?”
  • Peter having to try to persuade the team to meet you for weeks
  • “Come on, guys, she’s awesome. You’ll love her!”
  • But their all pretty hesitant, especially since their afraid you’ll faint or scream something
  • Peter forgetting to tell you that he’d be introducing you to the Earth’s mightiest heroes on the day he was meant to take you to the Avengers Tower
  • So he just blindfolds you and tell you that it’s a ‘surprise’“You’ll love it, I promise.”
    “Peter, I swear to god, if you are about to dunk me in a slime tank like the last time, I will slap you into next week.”
  • The team being sceptical when Peter walks into the Tower with a blind-folded girl
  • “Please don’t tell me you kidnapped her off the street, Parker. You don’t have to lie to us that you have a girlfriend, it’s okay.”
  • And when he takes off your blindfold, you just stand there, staring at the team, your jaw hitting the ground
  • Everybody expecting you to just cry and fangirl at Steve, or faint at the sight of Tony Stark or Thor, but you just-
  • Oh my god, Black Widow, holy shit, it’s an honour, wow, oh my god.”
  • The team standing and watching, confused, as you continue to freak out over Natasha, who honestly doesn’t know what to do in this situation
  • Introducing yourself once your finished fangirling
  • “I’m Y/n, hi.”
  • Tony being his usual rude, sarcastic self when you first introduce yourself
  • “Alright, well, Parker, it was nice meeting your lady friend, but I’m going to go down to the lab now.”
  • But you wouldn’t take that crap from anybody, not even Tony Stark
  • “Yeah, just go down to your man-cave and have a nice little play-date with your robots, Mr. Stark.”
  • Which helps you gain instant respect from Clint, Natasha, Steve and Bruce
  • The team being surprised that you’re dating Peter
  • “I always thought you’d end up dating your Star Wars poster, Parker.”
  • Asking every Avenger for a high-five, successfully completing a task on your bucket list
  • Ending up spending the entire day at the Tower
  • Running around the many levels, checking out all of Tony’s expensive rich people stuff
  • “You have a kitchen in the bathroom?! Wow.”
  • “Wait, no, Thor you don’t throw the milk at the wal-”
  • Spending most of the time having petty arguments with Tony, since both of you are both too stubborn to admit defeat
  • “Blue is an awesome colour, Mr. Stark. It’s the best colour, even better than red, in fact.”
  • “Red will always win, and you’re stupid.”
  • But at the end of the day, the billionaire actually starts to warm up to you
  • “Your girlfriend’s not too bad, Parker. Any chance we can replace you with her?”

anonymous asked:

The more I think about it the more it upsets me. Barry was saying he wants to spend every moment with her a couple of episodes ago. Barry was being honest and working together as a team to save her a few episodes ago. The musical comes and now it's "we need space" 😑

EXACTLY!! he literally says “you’re the first person i wanna see when i wake up, the last person…” like what the hell boy???? this is all for that musical cause kar*mel are going through shit and now they wanna drag WA with them for one episode?? in no world would barry ever do this. i mean i know they’ll be fine and he’ll realize he’s a fool. but this is so unnecessary. 

but honestly one of the scariest demigod trios at camp half-blood would be hermes x hephaestus x hecate. but honestly

• the child of hermes coming up with a brilliant plan that’s definitely against the camp rules

• the child oh hephaestus having the skill to build whatever they need

• and the child of hecate misting the shit out of everything

• honestly those three would dominate

• need a phone that doesn’t attract monsters? They figured that out months ago and are running a black market for them behind hermes cabin

• who cares who’s aligned with who for capture the flag? Those three win together anyways and if one of them is on the opposite team they just sabotage it

• hermes kid would be the ring leader without question

• though the hecate and hephaestus kids would definitely be the reason he pulls of the most successful pranks

• let’s not even broach the chariot races. There would be no contest

• but hell if you mess with one of the trio, you’d better be ready to freaking run for your life

• the morally questionable group

• but no one seems to figure out its them pulling all this shit

• if they do, the hecate kid takes care of that crap

• can you tell I’ve thought a lot about this