that would be lovely~

Lars of the Stars

Having Tawnypelt be leader of Shadowclan would be so much better and dynamic for the series - she would have to deal with her brother being the leader of ThunderClan which has and probably always will be ShadowClan’s rival, her bias between her brother and her own clanmates - constantly walking the line so she neither favours Bramblestar nor ignores him.

and what about her own legacy ? The gossip of not one but two of Tigerstar’s kin being leaders at the same time and the weight of what that all means being on Tawnypelt and Bramblestar’s shoulders.

+ It would make sense that the two cats that went to find the new territories would take over as leaders to watch over them

hc that Patton and Logan sometimes play a game in which they take turns in giving a hypothetical situation for the other to propose a solution for (such as upsetting a friend, or adopting a pet). As they’re normally at odds, the game is a good opportunity to work through future problems and listen to each other’s advice, and often they find they can reach a good compromise.

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Does soft friend like pancakes?

She does like pancakes!!

Some soft, cuddly Bakushima for tonight.

Imagine you and Woozi having a movie date at the Seventeen dorm and although you originally planned to have the whole thing just be the two of you, the night slowly progressed with the boys one by one joining you two in the dorm living room, all watching the movie you had played on the television screen.


yesterday’s beach photoshoot was so much fun omg! this was after we changed out of our costume because it was hot af 

idk if the pictures turned out good because the light was pretty bad and I was sweating my whole face off but it was fun to roll around the beach (literally) in my lance cosplay 

I might soon go back to the beach and take some beach au pictures because this was very last minute so I only had my actual cosplay

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do you have your own style? like how would you describe it?

hmmm… It’s a bit difficult for me to recognize my own style since it’s a bit generic and it changes a lot (though my friends and a few fans can recognize my “style” which is magical because I probably can’t lmao), but I made a meme of the general styles I draw :0

tag yourself

//there’s like a lot more and sometimes i combine them but that’s the general idea;;;; a lot of artists usually stick to their own “default” style and it’s like their signature thing, but I don’t think I have that ahaha;;; it just changes too much depending on my mood OTL but lemme know if you find something that screams “paluumin’s art” because I’d love to know ;O; <3