that would be great ahaha


“You know, you don’t get to decide what I am.”

Sarah // my favourite new character from Season 2 of The Man in the High Castle (I love her and am always here for more badass resistance ladies! \o/)


that last one is purely for educational purposes, seriously!! i swear! 

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR KIND WORDS, ANON <3 I’m glad it gives you life! MLB gives me so much life too huhu

DO I WATCH GRAVITY FALLS, YOU ASK? Do you mean that super cute show about these adorable nerdball twins named queen cutie and mister grumpy who defeat the swankiest triangle villain I have ever seen with their dorky grunklestan and hella rad fambam? Then, yes, I do watch it.

I had such a huge thing for human!Bill Cipher and I have a couple of sketches of him lying around. Lucky for you anon! Here’s my rendition. (Well, one I’m proud of at least.) I drew this a couple of months ago tbh ahaha (Glad you think it would look great in my style )

BONUS: The said nerdball twins :3c

Note: I can’t take requests right now. Because I have a lot of work to do atm and I might not be able to give y’all that kind of thing HUHU BUT!!! If I’ve drawn it before and someone asks for it, I don’t mind posting it.

ALSO, Sorry for the delay in getting to these asks omg :( I’ll try to get to them all when I can!

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u exist!!!! thats great!!!! there would be a hole in my whole life (ahaha pun) if u didnt

AWH!!! bless you- you are literally soo sweet????????????

(also ahahaha nice pun bro)

AU where Louis has come to America to do a bunch of nature shit and he’s in Colorado and wants to go on a hike. And he gets to this park and he doesn’t know where the trailhead is, so he’s about to go up to the ranger and ask except this tall, dark haired man gets there first and asks his exact question. So Louis listens in and finds out about the trail. And the ranger is like “oh do you have a question too, sir?” And Louis says “nope, it was the same as his!” So they are both awkwardly walking toward the same secluded trailhead together, about five feet apart. When they get to the start of the trail they both stand there uncomfortably until Louis finally says “well, we can do this together… Or I can walk about a hundred yards behind you, like a creeper! Your choice!” And Harry, as Louis finds out his name is, laughs very hard and invites Louis to accompany him for the entire 12 mile hike. By the time they finish, Harry has already found a huge-trunked tree to back Louis up against so he can kiss him. And it’s love. Forever.


boardwalk empire meme: [5/10] quotes

Russian grammar porn.

I was explaining stuff about the hard sign and soft sign to Stars, and that’s when I realised. I SHIP IT. And now, let’s ship together like we’ve never shipped before.



“Harder!! Oh, fuck.. please!.. harder!” - Soft Sign moans.

“You’re so….soft…” - Hard Sign croons, thrusting relentlessly.

“Wanna hear you do it…wanna hear you sharpen that letter.. make it… sound so.. haaard!..” - Soft Sign pleads, shaking all over.

Объём… съёжиться.. сверхъестественный...” - Hard Sign groans, moving faster and faster.

Портфель!.. Гильотина!.. Спрячьте!.. Декабрь!” - Soft Sign cries out as he writhes in sweet agony.


That is all. I apologise for any damage I’ve caused to everyone’s brains.

Lance and Keith are dating and whenever Lance does something stupid the whole crew looks at Keith with the LOOK you know what I mean the
“Why the fuck are you dating him” type of look
And he kinda just shrugs and is like
“I don’t even know”

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do you want to see colin morgan as a third holmes brother?

Urmm nope. Actually there are four more Holmes brothers. 
Third is

Fourth is

the youngest is

and the last one is adopted 

Ahaha. Sorry. Yes, Colin would be great. He has the cheek bone. And I think Nicholas Hoult would be great as a younger Holmes too.


100 Theme Drabble Challenge featuring HopeLight

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starvation; au. also nsfw

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We found them girls and are going to adopt them into the family because the owner are going to throw them out to the streets.

So my family are discussing for a name for each girl and I proposed the name:

Kurona and Nashiro



Of course you don’t have to ahaha o(-( but it would just be great if I can show the support from this lovely community to my family for this name :))))